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by arrangement only Specialized and personalized tours: advise us of what you are looking for. Costs vary by location, duration and size of group Arranged and conducted by a regional historian with degrees in Archaeology, Anthropology and History and Native staff. First archaeologists to work in the Alberta Rocky Mountains and on lower the Peace River. A lifetime working in Native communities and in northern communities. Experienced mountaineer and wilderness river canoeist. Former Class A hunting guide, trail ride operator and outfitter. Past Cultural Director and Pow-Wow director to various organizations. Please note that we contract for the route guiding, logistics and community study and interpretation aspects only. Contracting parties are responsible for providing their own safety and medical specialists as may be deemed necessary. Historical/Archaeological Tours of Alberta Moundbuilder/Temple Mound Sites Donalda Buffalo Jump
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CAUTION Throughout North America there are a number of "Indian" tourism oriented operations that are merely White-Man's commercial ventures capitalizing on Indian Culture - the "Indian Industry". They are NOT NATIVE OWNED or operated, and have no connection with a Native organization. In Alberta these include: BAR C RANCH, Cochrane, Alberta Tipi rentals; pow wows; Not Native, but hires Native dancers and has passable relations with the local Native community. BRAGG CREEK TOURS, Bragg Creek, Alberta "Traditional Native Eco-tours" (whatever that is). Non-Native; Non-Traditional BUFFALO NATIONS TRIBAL DAYS, Luxton Museum, Banff, Alberta Native organization with inter-tribal Board of Director, though limited grass-roots membership. Buffalo Nations Tribal Days operates the Luxton Museum and sponsors annual celebrations. Genuine & worthwhile. ELK VIEW ADVENTURES, Red Deer, Alberta (aka. WAPITI TIPI VILLAGE) An Indian Village/Tipi camp with Indian cultural content. Not Native but some attempts to have Native involvement; Tipi accomodation; Don't expect Natives on site but will attempt to arrange for Native speakers or dancers on request. LITTLE PEMBINA VENTURES, Edson, Alberta Tipi rentals; unfurnished; firepits, sweatlodge, canoe rentals; Non-native as far as we know. Traditonal sweatlodges are a sacred spiritual undertaking, not a tourism gimmick. Have no traditional or Native authorization to operate a sweatlodge. HEAD SMASHED IN BUFFALO JUMP, Ft. Macleod, Alberta Owned & operated by Parks Canada; Tipi rentals; interpretive tours; Some co-operation with local reserve; Gift Shop not Native; Parks Canada has a record of not responding to applications by qualified Natives for employment as Parks Interpretive staff. Parks Canada have a generally limited relation with Native people. MOUNTAIN PEOPLES CULTURAL SOCIETY Blackfalds, Alberta RAFTER 6 GUEST RANCH, Seebee, Alberta Pow-Wows; Native artefacts gift shop. Hires Native dancers, actively involved in Native cultural/tourism development (Buffalo Nations Society [see above] & involvement with Luxton Museum). SUNDANCE TIPI VILLAGE, Kananaskis Lakes, Alberta Overnight accomodation in painted tipis. Not authentic painte tipis. Designs used without proper authorization or acquistion. WAPITI TIPI VILLAGE (see Elk View Adventures) Return to Tourism/Visitor Page ========================================= ALPHA FLIGHT COMICS - Michael Twoyoungmen ========================================= While on the topic of ripping off; here is an entry from the Heritage Databank files: TWOYOUNGMEN, Michael, Dr. aka. Shaman Twoyoungmen...Michael...Elizabeth Comic Book character. Appears in ALPHA FLIGHT comics. Supposedly a Tsuu T'Ina (Sarcee) Medicine Man and Surgeon in 1983. Twoyoungmen is actually a Nakoda family name from Morley, Alberta, who are descended from Nakoda chiefs. It is a Sarcee name. No Sarcee - not Canadian Indian in general - would use the term SHAMAN as a name, but rather a name in their own language. Note also that in 1983 there were no Native surgeons at all in Canada - an precious few University graduates at all. In the comic version SHAMAN is depicted dressed in quasi-Indian costumes that have absolutely no relevance to the Tsuu T'Ina or to Northern Plains at all and perhaps have more in common with Conan type S & S outfits. He is commonly depicted with long flowing hair, which is not a Tsuu T'Ina trait, braids being the common contemporary expression of Sarcee identity. Has a daugheter, Elizabeth, who is supposedly a Tsuu T'Ina Medicine Woman (aka. Talisman) who gets her powers from a headband and hates her father. Alpha Flight comics are an apparent attempt to claim a market niche by presenting a Canadian comic with Canadian heroes - or what the American writers think is Canadian, eh?. Writers & artists for the comic have no actual knowlege of Canada or Canadians, which creates some serious gaffes. ARCHIE COMICS does better research on it's Canadian visits. For that matter, GROO has better historical accuracy. Return to Tourism/Visitor Page