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Below is the DIRECTORY for SIKSIKA INDIAN BANDS files available on the HERITAGE DATABANK Bulletin Board.


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============================================ | HERITAGE CONSULTING | ============================================ Copyright 1994 by J. Fromhold HERITAGE CONSULTING is the Main researcher and information source on Western Canadian Native/Fur Trade History and maintains more information on file than any other source. We specialize in Western Canadian Native and Historical information, but maintain files on over 1000 tribes. Our Bulletin Board maintains the most comprehensive on-line files on the history of Indian Tribes. In addition, our files are expanding into broader areas of world history and tribal peoples. The following is a listing of SIKSIKA INDIAN BANDS identified as having existed historically at one time or another. This information is made available for public use. It is copyright information, and we request that any use credit the source. How to get more detailed information ************************************************************* Because the Government of Alberta has in the past two years has tried to shut down our site by setting up a competing site with government funding (which, incidentally, is still having trouble g etting off the ground to provide information), your help is greatly appreciated in helping us keep this site on line and getting letting it grow once again. ************************************************************* We are now also able to answer questions and inquiries on line or confidentially by e-mail. To help support our efforts to bring more knowlege of the early Aboriginal and Fur Trade History into the public domain, please see our Questions and Sponsorship page. *************************************************************


Aisik-Stukis, Ak Ko Maki's, Aki Maki's, All Brave Dogs Soc., All Comrades Soc., All Medicine Men, All Powerfull Medicine Men, Apaw Onistaw's, Api Kaiyiks, Apik Aiyiks, Apikayiks, Attista Haes', Bad Guns, Bear, Bear's Hip Bone's, Bear Shield's, Big Eagle's, Big Crow's, Big Crow's Foot's, Big Parfleches, Big Pipes, Big Plume's, Big Provisions Bags, Big Swan's, Big Wolf's, Bite Throats, Biters, Black Arrow Soc., Black Elks, Brave Dogs Soc., Bulls Soc., Bumblebee Soc., Bull Back Fat's, Bull Elk's, Bull Head's Calf Bull's, Calf Child's, Calf Robe's, Captive's, Captured's, Chapo Mexico's, Chief Bull's, Cold's, Crazy Dogs Soc., Cree, Crow Carriers Soc., Crow Eagle's, Crow Indian's Big Foot's, Crowfoot's Dogs Naked, Duck Chief's Eagle's, Eagle Calf's, Eagle Rib's, Eagle Ribs', Eagle Robe's, Eagle White Calf's, Early Finished Eating, East End People, Ekas Kine's, Ekuskene's, Emitahpahk Saiyiks, Emitahpahk-Siyiks, Emonissi's, Ermine Tail's Fast Eaters, First Thunder Soc., Fish Eaters, Flat Bows, Fort Vermilion Bands, Front Man's Going To Bear's, Great Crow's Claw's, Grizzly Bear, Gros Blanc's Heavy Shield's, Heavyshield's, High Eagle's, Hit In The Face, Horns Soc. Ikonuhkatsi Soc., Ikunikatsi Soc., Indian Reservation # 146, Iron Shield's, Isapo Muxica's, Itskina Aiyiks Soc., Itskinaiks Soc., Iyaksin's Kakakiyawsit's, Kayapemayskanao's, Kaye Tapo's, Kayo Okosis', Kayo Tapo's, KitsipOnista's, Kootane Appee's, Kootenai Man's, Kootenai Old Man's, Kutenai's, Kutenai Api's Liars, Little Horn's, Little Walker's, Lone Chief's, Low Horn's Main Tent Pole's, Many Children, Many Medicine Men, Many Medicine, Many Names', Many Swan's, Maste Pita Kaiyiks Soc., Mastopatakayiks Soc., Matapi Kamotziw's, Middle Blackfoot, Moccasin, Mikske Miksoasimi's, Motah Tosiks, Motahto-Siks, Motatosa Aiyiks, Moto Kaiyiks Soc., Motoki Aiyiks Soc., Motokiks Soc. Naked Dogs, Nahtoos', Natoos', Natosin's, Natous', North Blackfoot, North Camp Okrani Kateni's, Old Big Wolf's, Old Kootenai Man's, Old Sun's, Old Swan's, Old White Swan's, One Gun's, One that Sits In His Tent and Never Goes Out's, Onistah's Painted Feather's, Penacoam's, Perched Eagle's, Petope's, Pigeons Soc., Pita's, Pita Ane's, Pita Onista's, Pita Pikis', Pita Siksinum's, Pitach Pikis', Pitah's, Pitah Anne's, Pitah Onista's, Pitah Pekis', Pitah Siksinum's, Ponoka Stamix's, Ponokah Stamix's, Puhksi Nahmaka Aiyiks, Puhksinahmak-Kyiks Rabbit Carrier's, Rabbit Runner's, Raven Bearers Soc., Raven Carrier Soc., Ridge's, Rocky Mountain House Bands, Runner's, Running Rabbit's Saiyiks, Sapoo Max Sikes', Sapoo Maxsika's, Sapoomaxican's, Satoye Aotan's, Sepomukesekow's, Siksinoakaks, Sik-Sinokaks, Sitting Eagle's, Skunks, Slapped Faces, Sorrel Horse's, South Blackfoot, South Camp, Spring Chief's, Stolen Person's, Strong Ropes, Sun's, Swan's, Swift Wolf's The Ridge's, Three Bears', Three Bulls', Three Suns', Tsiniksis Tsoyiks, Tsiniktsist-Soyiks, Tsiniktsists Aiyiks, Weasel Calf's, Weasel White Calf's, West End People, White Cap's, White Calf That Ran Up The Hill's, White Eagle's, White Headed Chief's, White Little Dog's, White Pup's, White Swan's, Wolf's, Yellow Horse's How to get more detailed information Return to Heritage Databank homepage Return to Native Studies directory Return to Native Tribes listings Return to Native Bands listings Continue to History Bibliography Continue to History directory Continue to Historic photos Continue to Books for sale Continue to Collectibles for sale Continue to HDB On-line Museum Search HERITAGE CONSULTING 718 T0M 0J0 CANADA