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============================================ | HERITAGE CONSULTING | ============================================ Copyright 1994 by J. Fromhold If you would like to have our complete BBS files available ON LINE to help you in your research. HERITAGE DATABANK CONSULTING is the Main researcher and information source on Western Canadian Native/Fur Trade History and maintains more information on file than any other source. We specialize in Western Canadian Native and Historical information, but maintain files on over 1000 tribes. Our Bulletin Board maintains the most comprehensive on-line files on the history of Indian Tribes. In addition, our files are expanding into bRoader areas of world history and tribal peoples. How to get more detailed information If you would like to have our complete BBS files available ON LINE to help you in your research. ************************************************************* Because the Government of Alberta has in the past two years has tried to shut down our site by setting up a competing site with government funding (which, incidntally, is having trouble getting off the ground to provide information), your help is greatly appreciated in helping us keep this site on line and getting letting it grow once again. We are now also able to answer questions and inquiries on line or confidentially by e-mail. To help support our efforts to bring more knowlege of the early Aboriginal and Fur Trade History into the public domain, please see our Questions and Sponsorship page.
The following is a listing of ASSINIBOIN INDIAN BANDS identified as having existed historically at one time or another. This information is made available for public use. It is copyright information, and we request that any use credit the source. Search


AAA Abraham's, Aegitina, Agency, Agina's, Akitcita Society, Alberta Bands, Alberta Beach, Alexander's, Alexander Arcand's, Alexis' Alexis Indian Band # 133, Amos', Anokasan's, Antelope's, Aran Nazi's, Arm People, Assaboach, Assan Zanna's, Assapaskan, Asini Wachi's, Assinipoual Indians, Assiniboin Agency, Assiniboin I.R., Assiniboin of the Woods, Assiniboine Chief's, Assiniboine Agency, Assiniboines of the Meadows, Assiniboins of the Forests, Assiniboin Spirit's, Assinibouels of the Woods, Atawepton's, Atsina-Assiniboin, Atsina Chief's BBB Bad Animal's, Bear Society, Bear's, Bear's Ears', Bear's Head's, Bear's Paw's, Bearspaw's, Beaux Hommes, Beaver's, Behansa, Benjamin's, Big Devil's, Big Frank's, Big Hand's, Big Road's, Big Trail's, Bighorn, BigStoney's, Birch's, BizeBina, Black Bear's, Blue Thunder's, Boar Bear's Head's, Boeuf Blanc's, Boggy Hall, Bonaparte's, Bone Cleaners, Bone Chippers, Bone People, Brandon Bands, Bras Fond, Brechu's, Broken Arm's, Broken Hand's, Nuck Lake # 133C, Buffalo Hip, Bush Assiniboin CCC Cahi'a Iye'Skabin, CahiaIyeskaBin, Camp Moves To The Kill, Canhdada, CanheWincasta, Canknuhabi, Cannington, Canoe, Canoe People, Canoe Paddlers, Canoe Nakoda, Canum Mentulae, Canupawakpa Dakota F.N. Carry The Kettle Nakoda, Carry The Kettle's Cepahubi Chabin Nakoda, Chakagin's, Chan He Winchasta, Chan Tonga Nakoda, Chane Winchasta, Chanhandabi Nakoda, Chandada, Chanewinchasta, Chantonga Nakoda, Chantree Assiniboin, Chat Ka's, Chat Kah's, Chatique's, Chatonabine Cheechak's, Cheepoostikwan's, Cheepoostequahn's, Chekakin's, Cheneka's, Chien Fou's, Chinequay's, Chiniki's, Chiniquy's, Chiniquay's, Chipoostikwan's, Chipos Ostikwan's, Chipwaw Ostikwan's Chocab's, Chubby Nakoda's, Chuwikauaka's Clown Society Cohan's, Condor's, Conjourers, Conjouring Old Man's, Contrary People, Cooskanoombabe's, Crawler's, Crazy Bear's, Cree Assiniboin, Cree Speaking People, Cree Speaker's, Cree Speakers, Cree Talkers, Crooked Arm's, Crow's Dance's Cunktcebi, Curlew, Cut Throats Cypress Hills DDD David Bearspaw's, Dog, Du Gauche's, Duffield, Duke of Wellington's, Dumont's EEE Eagle Assiniboin, Eagle Brich, Eagle Eyed Indians, FFF Face Anything's, Far Away Nakoda, Fat Smokers, Father Eagle's, Feather's, First Fly's, First To Fly's, Fishing Lakes, Flash in the Sky Boy's, Fool Bear's, Fool Society, Foolish Bear's, Foot, Foot People, Fort Alexandria Bands, Fort Assiniboin, Fort Belknap Bands, Fort Belknap I.R., Fort Carlton Bands, Fort Edmonton Bands, Fort Peck Bands, Fort Peck I.R., Fort Pitt Bands, Fort Union Bands, Foutreau's, Fox's, Francois Cardinal's, Frank Kaquitt's, Frere du Chien Fou's GGG Gauche's, Gens De Canot, Gens De Feuilles, Gens De Gauche, Gens De L'Age, Gens Des Bois, Gens Des Bois Forts, Gens Des Filles, Gens Des Montagnes, Gens Des Osayes, Gens Des Roche, Gens Du Bois Fort, Gens Du Canot, Gens du Lac, Gens Du Large, Gens Du Nord, Gens Du Pied, George McLean's, Girl's, Gophers, Good Hand's, Goodstoney, Goodstoney's, Grand River, Great Road's, Great Stoney's, Great Trail's, Grey Eye's, Grizzly Bear's Head's, Gros Francois', Growing Thunder's HHH Half Cree, Half-White-Man's, Hays, He That Speaks Cree's, He Who Holds the Knife's, Headcutters, HeBina, Hector Crawler's, Henatonwanbina, Highwood River, Hohe, Hoke, Hoohoosis', Horned Thunder's, HudesaBina, HuhuGanebabi, Huhumasmibi, Huncajuka's, Hunka Juka's, Hunter's, Hurry Up's III IaeaumBina, IcheaBine, In The Light's, Indian Reservation # 133, # 133A, # 133B, # 133C, # 142, # 142B, # 143, # 144, # 144A, # 216, # 216A, IndoghWincasta, Ini' U'mbi, Inihan Kinyen's, Ininaumbi, Inninaonbi, Insnaombi, Inyantonwanbin, Inyantonwanbina, Iozanzan's, Iron Arrow Point's, Iron Crow's, Iron Ringing's, Ironhead's, Isindzawstiha's, Istagon's, Itscheabine, Iyeskabi, Iyozanzan's JJJ Jack's, Jacob's, Jacob Bearspaw's, Jacob Bigstoney's, Jacob Goodstoney's, Jacob KichiPwat's, JatonaBine, Jerry Atsina Chief's, Job Beaver's, John Snow's, Johnny Bearspaw's, Jonas Benjamin's, Jonas Goodstoney's, Jonas Rider's, Joseph's, KKK Ka Osawaskayew's, Ka Ota Toan's, Kahotadohan's, Kakwits', Kanacatoose's, Kaquitts', Kanahachapew's, Kandada, Kapasiwin # 133B, Kaskitew Maskew Maskwa's, Kawahkatosuwi Pwat's, Kawakatoose's, KawasasKohopatisk's, KawasasKotrepahik's, KawasusKohopatisk's, Keeskeecheechi's, Kehewin's, Kenistino Tribe, Kesekkananbabbe's, Kichi Pwat's, Kichipwat's, Kichipwot's, Kiska Wapta, Kiskichichi's, Kiskitew Maskoo Maskwa's, Knife Holder's, Kootenay Plains, Kopahawakemum's, Kopatawaeknum's, Koosahwanaskayo's, Koosahwaskway's, Koska Noom Babe's LLL La Main Gauche's, La Main Qui Tremble's Lac La Nonne, Lac St. Anne, Lake of the Woods, Lapatak's, Large Organs Le Boeuf Blanc's, Le Croup De Pheasant's, Le Grand Diable'sl Le Gross Francois', Le Grosse Francois', Le Pere Du Grimaceu's, Le Petit Soldat's, Le Premier Qui Vole, Le Robe de Vent's, Lean Man's, Leaves, Left Hand's, Left Handed's, Lefty's, Les Gens De Bras, Les Gens De Canot, Les Yeux Gris' Light's, Lightning's, Like a Fish, Little Black Bear's, Little Chief's, Little Dogs, Little Girl's, Little Mountain's, Little Owl's, Little Rock Mountain People, Little Round Man's, Little Soldier's Lodge Pole's, Lonely Dogs, Long Lodge's, Longview I.R. # 216A, Looking Like A Ghost, Lower Assiniboin MMM McLean's, Mad Bear's, Magna's, Mah-min's, Man Who Took The Coat's, Manghpeeya Owate Hokshi's, Manito Napewak, Manito Uitkatt's, Manitoba Focus, Manitoba Indian Brotherhood, Manitoba Metis Federation, Manitoba Warriors, Manitoba Bands, Manitou Potte's, Manitou Pte's, Manitou Pwat's, Manitowak Pwat, Mantannes, Mantawapowak, Manto Uitkatt's, Masgaahsid's, Masgwa Ahsid's, Mashquegon, Maskekwatik's, Maskwa Ahsid's, Maskwa Asid's, Maskwa Kwatik's, Maskwa Misit's, Masquegon, Master Bow's, Matejach Kiokens', Mato Witko's, Mau To Weet Ko's, Mautoweetko's, Maza Kangi's, Maza Usna's Me'na U Hi'nah's, Meat Bag, Meat Hunter's, Medicine Coulee, Mekesue Indians, Menahuhina's, Menatoba's, Metal Ringing's, Methodist Mina Yuhen's, Minayougha's, Minayuhen's, Minneshenakato, Minisantonwabi, Minishinakato, Minishinayen's, Minisose, Minisose Sunkcebi, Misketo's, Mission, Missouri River, Missouri River Dogs Moldy People Montmartre, Montmartre Reserve Moose Mountain, Moose Woods, Moosekiller's Morley Nakoda Bands Moses Bearspaw's, Mosquito's, Mosquito-Grizzly Bear's Head's Mouldy People, Mountain Assiniboin, Mountain, Mountain People, Mountain Poets, Mountain Village Muskegwatic's, Muskekwatic, Musketwatic NNN Nakoda Spirit's, Napeshin Society, Narrows, Narrows Indian Reservation, Nation of the Boeuf, Naywatame Poet, NehiaPwat, Nesoauasis', Neuter, Niso Kinikew's, Nisokinikew's, Nisoskinikiw's, North Battleford Bands, North People, Northern Bands, Northern Nakoda OOO O Masina Soowasinee's, Oak Lake, Oatopabine, Ocean Man's, Ocean Man Nakoda, Old Star's, Old Tabeau's, One Eye's, One Who Holds The Knife's, Ones That Carry Their Wood, Ones That Go To The Dance, Ones Who Stay Alone, Onze Sansen, OomuoinahSoowawsinee's, Oomusinah Soowawsinee's, Oseegah, Osincha Stia's, Osnibi, Otaobine, Otaopabine, Otopabine, Otter Robe's, Ouckidoat's, Our Woods, Our Tall Timber, Owners of Sharp Knives, Ozanzan's
PPP Paddlers, Paddlers who Live on the Prairie, Paddling, Parfleche, Parkland Nakoda Paskoyah Village, Pasquayah Village Paul's, Paul Amos' Peace Hills Pelican's People of the Cold, People of the Hair Hills, People of the North, People of the Woods, People of the Woods Nakoda, People from Wood Mountain Peter Wesley's Pheasant Rump's Pigeon Lake, Pitikopew Pwat's Plains Nakoda, Plains People Pointed Head's, Poor Man's Ptegabina, Pw Sym A Wock QQQ Qu'Appelle Bands, Quiet People, RRR Rabbit, Rattlers Society, Rattlesnake's Rebels Red Bear's, Red Bottom, Red Buttocks, Red Butt, Red Dog's, Red Pheasant's, Red River, Red River Indians, Red Root, Red Stone's, Red Water People Rider's, Ringing Iron's, Ringing Metal's Roamers, Robe De Vent's Rock, Rock People, Rocky Assiniboin, Rocky Mountain Assiniboin, Rocky Mountain House Bands, Rocky Mountain People SSS Sahiya Iyeskabi, Sahiyaiyeskabi Saka Pwatsake Wi Iniwak, Saka Pwatsak Wininiwak, Sakbwatsak Wininiwak, Sakpwatsak Wininiwak Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Nakoda Sharphead's, Shagen's Si Chanankaska, Si Chanski, Sichonski, Sihabi, Sitconski, Sitting Eagle's Skinny Man's, Skinny Stoney's, Skull Mountain, Skull Mountainette, Skwesipi Pwatak, Snow's, Snugabi, South Branch House Bands, Southern Assiniboin, Speakers of Cree, Spirit Bear's, Spotted Wolf's, Squesipi Bouatac, Standing Spirit's, Star's, Stone, Stone Assiniboin, Stone People, Stone Spirit's, Stone's, Stoney Indians, Stony Indian Band # 142, # 142B, # 143, # 144, # 144A, Stony Indian, Strangers, Strongwoods Suicide Society, Sukeman's, Sunkcebi Swamp People, Swampy Ground TTT Ta Mina Pebina, Ta Nidabi, Ta Tanka Mani's, Tabault's, Tabeau's, Tah to'ka nah, Tahtokanah's, Tah-tuka-nah's, Tall Timber, Taminapebina, Tanezebechagge's, Tani Zibe Chage's, Tanidabi, Tanindabin, Tanintauei, Tanintauey, Tanzebachage's, Tanzebeshan's, Tatanka Mani's, Tatogan's, Tatotan's, Tayhan Nakota Tcanxe Wintcacta, Tcanxtad, Tchakta's, Tchatka's, Tchineke's Teepee Hanske's, Teepee Hoska's, Tehan Nakota, Thcatka's, The Condor's, The Light's, The Man Who Took The Coat's, The One Who Fetched The Coat's, The Ones Who Stay at Home, The Stone's, Thickwoods, Thomas Kaquitts', Those Who Have Water For Themselves Only, Those Who Have Water Only For Themselves, Those Who Propel Boats, Those Who Stay Away, Thunder's Tokah's, Tokah Keanonot's, Tokahe Inowan's, Tokanbi, Tokumpe, Tom Kaquitts', Took The Coat's, Touchwood Agency Bands, Touchwood Hills Bands, Tourbillon's, Towan Hudan Trembling Hand's, Trickster Tschantoga Assiniboin, Tshanhandabing Assiniboin Turtle Mountain, Turtle Mountain Sioux, Two Child's, Twoyoungman's UUU Unskaha, Upper Assiniboin, Upper Nakoda, Upper Missouri River, Upper Saskatchewan, Uses Both Arms' VVV Victoria, WWW Wabamek Sakykanik, Wabamun # 133A Waciazihyabin Wadopabina, Wadopahnatonwan Wah He Muzza's, Wahe Maza's Wahhejoetasseeneen's, Wahhemuzza's, Wahkeun's, Wahpei Maskwa's, Wahpei Muskwa's, Wahsatanow #126, Wahsatenow, Wahsatnow Indian Reservation #126, Wahzeap, Wakpatopahnotonwanpin, Wakeya's Walking Bow's, Walking Buffalo's, Walking Eagle's, Walking Spirit's, Walking Stones Wandering Spirit's, Wankanta's, Wankanto's Wasatenow, Washa's, Washatanon, Wasinazinyabi, Waskatenau Wata Pabine, Wata Pahanda Tonwan, Watopabin, Watopabina, Watopabine, Watopachnato, Watopahandato, Watopanaton, Watopapinah, Watopappena, Watopaxnatonwan, Watopaxnatun Waupatonwan Wawasseasson, Wazeab, Wazia Wintcacta, Waziah, Waziya, Waziya Winchasta,Waziyamwincasta, Wecheeappenah, Weepers, Wesley, Western White Bear's, White Buffalo's, White Buttocks, White Dog's, Whirlwind's Wichawostaka's, Wichiyabin, Wichi Yabina, Wiciyabina, Wijunjon's, Winjunjan's, Wild Bonaparte's, Wirciyabin, Witikokan Society Wokpanbi, Woman's, Wo'a See Cha's, Wood Mountain Bands, Wooded Mountain Bands, Wooded Mountain People, Woods Assiniboin, Woods Band, Woods Nakoda, Woods People XXX Xe'Bina, Xebina, Xe'Natonwan, Xenatonwan, YYY Ye Xa Ya Bine, Yeskabe Nakoda, Yeskahbe Nakoda, Yetzkabi Indians, Yeux Gris', Young Blackfoot's, Young Dogs, Young Girl's ZZZ How to get more detailed information Return to Heritage Databank homepage Return to Native Studies directory Return to Native Tribes listings Return to Native Bands listings Continue to History Bibliography Continue to History directory Continue to Historic photos Continue to Books for sale Continue to Collectibles for sale Continue to HDB On-line Museum Search
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