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Below is the DIRECTORY for KAINAI INDIAN BANDS files available on the HERITAGE CONSULTING DATABANK Bulletin Board.


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============================================ | HERITAGE CONSULTING | ============================================ HERITAGE DATABANK CONSULTING is the Main researcher and information source on Western Canadian Native/Fur Trade History and maintains more information on file than any other source. We specialize in Western Canadian Native and Historical information, but maintain files on over 1000 tRibes. Our Bulletin Board maintains the most comprehensive on-line files on the history of Indian TRibes. In addition, our files are expanding into broader areas of world history and tribal peoples. How to get more detailed information ************************************************************* Because the Government of Alberta has in the past two years has tried to shut down our site by setting up a competing site with government funding (which, incidntally, is having trouble getting off the ground to provide information), your help is greatly appreciated in helping us keep this site on line and getting letting it grow once again. We are now also able to answer questions and inquiries on line or confidentially by e-mail. To help support our efforts to bring more knowlege of the early Aboriginal and Fur Trade History into the public domain, please see our Questions and Sponsorship page.
The following is a listing of KAINAI INDIAN BANDS identified as having existed historically at one time or another. This information is made available for public use. It is copyright information, and we request that any use credit the source.


Ahkai Sumiks, Ahkai Kichipimew Otas, Ahkaik Sumiks, Ahkai Pokaks, Ahkotosa Aiyiks, Ahkotashiks, Ahkotoshiks, AhkwonIstsits, Akai Kicipimiw Otas', Akai Sumiks, Akai Pokaks, Akka Kicipimiw Otas', All Brave Dogs Society, All Short People, All Tall People, Anepo, Apaw Awakosow's, Apaw Stamix's, ApawAwakosow's, Api Kaiyiks, Apikaiks, Apikaiyiks, Aputosi Kainah, Atskiniak Society, Attistah Macan's, Atttistah Macan's, Ayestipis Simat's Bachkseene's, Bachksine's, Bad Head's, Bad People, Baggy Underwear Society, Bear People, Big Corner Post, Big Feather's, Big Plume's, Big Snake's, Big Swan's, Bite Throats, Black Bear's, Black Blood, Black Elks, Black Faces, Black Seizers Society, Black Soldiers Society, Blackfoot Old Woman's, Bow's, Brave Dogs Society, Braves Society, Buffalo Followers, Buffalo Child, Buffalo Rising Up, Buffalo's Child's, Bull Bacfat's, Bull Back Fat's, Bull Collar's, Bull Horn's, Bull Shield's, Bull Turn Round, Bull Turning Around's, Bull Turns Around's, Bull's Back Fat's, Bulls Society, Bungeling Idiot's, Button Chief's Calf Chief's, Calf Shirt's, Calf Tail's, Captive's, Captured Person's, Captured The Gun Inside's, Catchers Society,, Chesterfield House Bands, Choking, Crazy Dogs Society, Crop-Eared Wolf's, Crow Carriers Society, Crow Eagle's, Crying Bear's Day Chief's, Day Light's, Daylight's, Duncan Shade's Eagle Bear's, Eagle Head's, Eagle Rib's, Eagle Shoe's, Ekas Kine's, Emitah ApisKinne's, Ermine Horse's, EtsKainah Society, Everyone Talks About's Father of All's, Father of All Children's, Father of Many Children's, Feather's, Fine Young Man's, First Thunder Society, Fish Child's, Fish Eaters, Followers of The Buffalo Grass Dance Society, Great Rain's, Great Swan's, Gross Blanc's Hair Shirts, Hairy Shirts, Heavily Whipped's, Heavy Collar's, Heavy Shield's, Hind Bull's, Horns Society Ichkunakatsiiks Society, Ikunikatsi Society, Indian Reservation # 148, # 148A, Inipoyee, Inneocose's, InuhkSoyi Stamiks, Iron Collar's, Isisokasim Aiyiks, Isisokasimiks, Istsi Kainah, Itskina Aiyiks Society, Itskinaiks Society, Iyaksin's Kaispak Society, Kaka Aiyiks Society, Kakuiks Society, Kayapemayskanao's, Kayo Siksinam's, Ki Soum's, Kissoum's, Kit Fox Society, KitsipOnista's, Knife Owners, KiyoSiksinum's Lately Gone's, Lately Tom's, Le Bouef Qui Boit's, Left Hand's, Lone Fighters, Long Tail Lodge Poles, Long Tall Lodge Poles, Low Horn's, Lower Kainai Magpies Society, Makoye Kin's, Makoye Makan's, MakwayaMakan's, Mameoua, Manistapo's, Manistoko's, Many Brown Weasels, Many Buffalo, Many Children, Many Children's, Many Dust's, Many Fat Horses, Many Lodge Poles, Many Shot's, Many Spotted HorseS', Many Tumors, Many White Horses', Marrows, Maste Pita Kaiyiks Society, Mastopatakayiks Society, Medicine Calf's, Medicine White Buffalo's, Medicine White Calf's, Medicine Sun's, Mekaistoe's, Mekastoe's, Mikske Moteskina's, Miskemekin's, Moon's, Morning Paper's, Morning Writer's, Moto Kaiyiks Society, Motoki Society, Motokiks Society, Motokix Society, Mule People Natos Api's, Natos Onista's, Natose Onistors', Nattossonista's, Netah Kitei Pimew's, Nitiks Kaiyiks, Nitikskiks, North End Bloods, Not Afraid of The Atsina's, Not Afraid of The Gros Ventre's Old Bull Horn's, Old Shoe's, OmakEpee Mulkeeyeu's, OmakSi Pokah's, OmuxPokah's, One Spot's, One Spotted Horse's, Onistah Pokah's, Onista Senekwe's, Onistay Saynahque's, Only Spot's, Orphans, Owns Different Horses' Painted Feather's, Pakap Otokan's, Parted Hairs Society, Peenaquim's, Pigeons Society, Pinukwiim's, Pita Otokan's, Pita Otiskin's, Pita Siksinum's, Pitah Otocan's, Pitah Otokan's, Pitah Otiskin's, Plume's, Pokapiw Otoian's, Potsoki Rainy Chief's, Raven Bearers Society, Raven Carriers Society, Red Belt Society, Red Crow's, Rocky Mountain House Bands, Running Antelope's, Running Rabbit's, Running Wolf's Sakaistan's, Saksi Nahmaka Aiyiks, Saksinahmayiks, Scabby, Seen from Afar's, Sees Far's, Seizers Society, Shade's, Shooting Up, Short Bows, Short Men, Short People, Shot Both Sides', Shot on Both Sides', Siksahpuniks, Siksi Nokaks, Siksi Ponoka Aiyiks, Siksi Puna Aiyiks, Sinopah Society, Sioux Society, Sitting White Buffalo's, Six Mouths, Skinny People, Skunks, Sotanow's, Sotenah's, Southern Bloods, Spotted Calf's, Spotted Bear's, Stamiks Osaki's, Stamiks Osok's, Stamix Osok's, Stamix Otakapiw's, Stolen Person's, Strangling Wolf's, Sun Calf's, Sun Old Man's, Sun's, Swan's The Great Swan's, The Swan's, Three Bears', Thunder's, Thunder Chief's, Two Suns' Upper Kainai, Upper Settlement, Upriver Kainai, Uspoki Omiks Weasel Bull's, Weasel Horse's, White Buffalo's, White Bull's, White Calf's, White Calf Child's, White Eagle's, White Striped Dog's, White Wine's, White Wolf's, Wolf Bull's, Wolf Collar's, Wunnestou's Yellow Bull's, Young Pine's, Young Sun's How to get more detailed information KAINAI How to get more detailed information Return to Heritage Databank homepage Return to Native Studies directory Return to Native Tribes listings Return to Native Bands listings Continue to History Bibliography Continue to History directory Continue to Historic photos Continue to Books for sale Continue to Collectibles for sale Continue to HDB On-line Museum Search HERITAGE CONSULTING 718 T0M 0J0 CANADA