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New Cree and History Publications
Below is the DIRECTORY to over 2,000 CREE INDIAN BAND files available on the HERITAGE CONSULTING DATABANK Bulletin Board and publications.


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Search ============================================ | HERITAGE CONSULTING | ============================================ HERITAGE DATABANK CONSULTING is the Main researcher and information source on Western Canadian Native/Fur Trade History and maintains more information on file than any other source. We specialize in Western Canadian Native and Historical information, but maintain files on over 1000 tribes. Our Bulletin Board maintains the most comprehensive on-line files on the history of Indian Tribes. In addition, our files are expanding into broader areas of world history and tribal peoples. How to get more detailed information ************************************************************* Because the Government of Alberta has in the past two years has tried to shut down our site by setting up a competing site with government funding (which, incidntally, is having trouble getting off the ground to provide information), your help is greatly appreciated in helping us keep this site on line and getting letting it grow once again. We are now also able to answer questions and inquiries on line or confidentially by e-mail. To help support our efforts to bring more knowlege of the early Aboriginal and Fur Trade History into the public domain, please see our Questions and Sponsorship page.
************************************************************* The following is a listing of CREE Indian Bands identified as having existed historically at one time or another. This information is made available for public use. It is Copyright information, and we request that any use credit the source. An attempt has been made to standardize some of the Cree Names, for convenience, identification and, cataloguing purposes using as the standard the Plains Cree Orthography, as developed by Mathilta Brerretton, of Saddle Lake, Alberta. This has not been entirely successfull due to several factors. Firstly, the historic records frequently mis-spelled a name in as Many ways as possible, to the point where might have Little relation to the actual name, such as Peyasie's name (Peenaysis, Peewaysis, Peuesies, Pewesis, to name a few) and KanahaChapew's name (CanahaChapew, Canahhachapeu) or Maskepetoon's name (Mackipic- toon, Mackikptoon, MUSCOWPTUNG, Maskipitonew), to name Only a few. The other is that Cree is an extreme dialectic language, with virtually each Cree community pronouncing (and hence spelling) words somewhat different - to the point where Eastern Cree dialects are initially impossible for Western Cree to understand. ********************************************************************* * * * HISTORY NOTE * * * * STEELE's SCOUTS RE-ENACTMENT, 1885 REBELLION MILITIA * * * * Steele's Scouts Commemorates the Only combatant force guilty * * of barbarisms and war crimes in the rebellion!!! * * * * - on the wounding and capture of Memnook, Steele's Scouts tied * * his hands, tied a rope Around his neck, and dragged Frightens * * through the bush and Meadows until his skin had had worn off * * and the rope Cut into his neck, according to the reports of * * the priest who requested release of the body for decent burial * * - at Loon Lake Steele's Scouts indiscriminately fiRed into the * * camp and Lodges of a Cree Indian camp including women, Children* * and captives. * * - at Loon Lake Steele's Scouts fiRed indiscriminately at women * * and Children trying to flee across shallows in the Lake, * * killing several infants. According to captive Elizabeth McLean,* * Steele's Scouts did not stop shooting until she removed her * * hat and the Scouts saw her blond hair. One infant was killed * * while being carried by Ms. McLean. * * - According to Indian Tradition at Frog Lake, after the end of * * hostilities the government forces came to the community and * * massacRed a number of People, dumping them into a mass grave. * * Steele's Scouts were known to have visited the community after * * the end of hostilities. * * * * STEELE's SCOUTS RE-ENACTMENT GROUP, of CALGARY, ALBERTA, CA. * * COMMEMORATE A GROUP GUILTY OF WAR CRIMES * * * *********************************************************************


AAA Abel McLeod's, Abitibi Indians, Abitibiwinni, Achakaw's, Achaskoos Takoopit's, Auchagah's Ahahtowishkinesic's, Ahatowishkinsik's, Ahchasakoo Takoopit's, Ahchasakootakoopit's, Ahimasees', Ahpistekaihew's, Ahpiste Kehew's, Ahtakakoop's, Ahtahkakoop, Ahtukakup's, Ahtukukkoop's, Ahuahtuskumikimanm's, Ahyahtuskumikam's, Ahyahtuskumikimum's, Ahyapesis' Akicita Societies, Akitsita Society Albany, Albert Carrier's, Albert Flett's, Alexander Arcand's, Alexander Cadieux's, Alexander Cayen's, Alexander F.N. (#134), Alexander's (# 134), Alexis, Alexis Papasschay's, Alexis Paspasche's, Alimbegouek Indians, Alimibequek Cree, Almighty Voice's, Alpha Lafond's, Always', Always Flying Around's Amisk Wachi Wininiwak, Amiskwatciwiyiniwak, Amos Charles' Andrew Lafond's, Antoine Dion's, Anzac Apaychoos', Apischis Kankanakis, Apischis Kehew's, Apistakos', Apistekaihe's, Apistew Kehew's Arcand's, Archie Waquan's, Arolalnd Aseniwuche Winewak, Asini's, Asini Asis', Asini Larocque's, Asini Wachi's, Asini Wachi Wininiwak, Asinskau Wininiwak, Askis Sakamaw, Askis Sakimew, Assinieau River I.R. # 150R, Assini's, Assini Wachi Wininiwak, Assiniboin River, Assiniskaw's, Assiniwahsis', Assissipi, Aswapew's Atahkakophp's, Atahkakoop's, Atahkakop's, Atakakohp's, Atakakoop's, Atawepton's, Athabasca Cree, Athekamac Eenou, Atik Asis', Atim's, Attawapiskat, Atukakoo Takoopit's, Atukakoop's Ayachiniwak, Auapaskwa Wininiwak Ayimasees', Ayimises', Ayimisis' Search BBB Back Fat's, Backwards Dance Society, Bad Child's, Bad Meat's, Bad Men Society, Badger's, Bald Hill, Ballantyne's, Baptiste Lafleur's, Baptiste Patenaude's, Baptiste River, Bascoutton Cree, Battleford, Bauscoutton Cree, Battle River Cree Bear Dance Society, Bear Foot's, Bear Hills People, Bear Lake, Bear Spirit's, Bear Star's, Bear's Ears', Bear's Head's, Beardy's, Bearskin, Bearskin's, Beauval, Beaver Hills People, Beaver Lake # 130 (Alta), Beaver Lake (Sask), Beaver Lake F.N., Beaver Ranch # 163, Beaver River Cree, Belanger's, Bell's, Beren's River, Bertrand's Search CCC Cache Lake, Cadieux's, Cadotte Lake, Calahison's, Caiheewine's, Calahoo's, Calais I.R. # 154a, Calihou's, Calistrois', Calling Lake, Callihoo's, Calstock, Canahachapew's, Canahhachapeu's, Cannington, Canoe Cree, Canoe Lake, Canoe Lake Cree Nation, Capote Bleu's, Captain Atim's, Captain Corn's, Captain Pasko's, Captain Pusko's, Captain Uttum's, Captain's, Carcajou, Carcajou Cemetery # 187, Caribou Lake, Carlton Agency, Carrier's, Carrot River, Catschistahwayskum's, Cauahhachapew's, Cayen's Cedar Lake Cha Chukew's, Chacachas', Chachakew's, Chakachas, Chakache's, Chakachas', Chakachase's, Chakagin's, ChakastaPaysin's, ChakastayPaysin's, Chapleau Cree, Charles', ChaschasKiskwis', Chatique's, Cheechak's, Cheepi R., ChekastaPaysin's, Chemawawin, Chemawawin Cree Nation, Chemawawin F.N., Chibougamau Cree, Chibougamau Eenou, Chicken Dance Society, Chief Bird Society, Chief Child's, Chief O.K.'s, Chien Fou's, Child's, Chimakan's, Chimakan's, Chimaskos', Chimawawin, Chimaza's, Chipa Kanak Society, Chipeewayan's, Chipewyan Lake, Chipewyan's, Chipie R., Chipoayan's, Chisasibi, Chocab's, Chokab's, Chokap's, Christina Lake, Churchill River Cree, Churchill Factory CipiwIyIniwak Clear Lake, Clearwater Bay, Clearwater River #175, Clown Dance Society Cococh's, Cokah's, Cold Lake F.N.s, Cold Society, Constance Lake, Cote's, Coteau Des Prairies, Cowboys Society, Cowesse's, Coyotes Crazy Cow's, Cree, Cree-Assiniboin, Cree-Kutenai, Cumberland House Bands, Cumberland House Cree Nation, Cut Arm's, Cumberland House # 101A, Cut Nose's Cypress Hills Bands Search DDD D'Or's, D'Ours', David Greyeyes', David Lafond's, Dawson Bay Band, Day Star's, Deep Lake, Deer Lake, Desjarlais's, Dion's, Dore Lake Cree, Dore Lake Eennu, Downstream Cree, Downstream People, Driftpile, Drunken Cow's, Duck Lake Agency, Duck's, Dumont's, Duncan's, Duncan Tastawit's, Dunvegan Search EEE Eagle Hills Cree, Eagle's, East People, Eastern Cree, Eastern Woodland Cree, Eastern Woods Cree, Eastmain, Edmonton Bands Emile Venne's Eenou Either Eye's Elk Dance Society End Mountain, English Chief's, English River, English River F.N., Enoch's, Entaminahoos' Erect Man's, Ermineskin's, Ernest Mike's Eskwesis', Espimhiccakitoot's, Espimikakitoot's Excell's Eyes In Front and Behind's, Eyes on All Sides', Eyes On Both Sides's, Eyes on Each Side's, Eyes on Either Side's, Eyes Open's, Eyetinowuk Search FFF Felix Giroux's File Hills Cree, Fine Day's Fish's, Fisher River, Fishing Lake Flat Ham's, Flash in the Sky Boy's, Flet's, Florimaux', Flying Around's, Flying Dust, Flying in a Circle's, Flying Post Foothills Ojibway Band, Foremost Man's, Forest Cree, Forest People, Fort A La Corne, Fort Albany, Fort Alexandria, Fort Assiniboin, Fort Carlton, Fort Charles, Fort Chipewyan, Fort Chipewyan Lake, Fort Colville, Fort des Prairies, Fort Edmonton, Fort Edmonton Woods Cree, Fort Hope, Fort La Corne, Fort La Reine, Fort McMurray, Fort Nelson, Fort Pitt, Fort Pitt Woods Cree, Fort Qu'Appelle, Fort Severn, Fort Union, Fort Vermilion, Four Portage I.R. # 157C, Four Sky Thunder's, Foutreau's, Fox's, Fox Lake, Fox Point I.R. 157D & E, Foxchild's Francois Cardinal's, Francois Desjarlais', Frederick Lafond's, French Leader, Freeman I.R. # 150B, Frightens's, Frightens Him's, Frog Lake Cree, Front Man's Search GGG Gabriel Cote's, Gabriel Dumont's, Gambler's, Gang's, Garden River, Garden Hill, Gauche's General's, Gens de Canot, Gens de Filles, Gens de Gauche, Gens de Orignal, George Greyeyes' Ghost Lodge Society Gilbert Bird's, Gilbert Ledoux's, Girl's, Giroux's God's Lake F.N.s, God's River, Goodfish Lake, Goose Lake I.R. # 154B, Gordon House, Gordon's Grand Council of the Crees (of Quebec), Grand rapids F.N., Grand Soteau's, Grandes Pagnes Indians, Grandmother's Lake, Great Whale Lake, Green Lake, Gregoire Lake I.R. # 176, Greyeyes's, Grimaceau's, Grizzly Bear's Head's, Grosse Tete's, Grouard Gull River Search HHH Hair Hills State, Hairy Legs Society. Hairy Man's, Halcro Lake I.R. 150C, Half and Half's, Half Blackfoot Chief's, Handsome Leg's, Harry Lafond's He Excell's, He Flies Around's, He Has a Beard's, He Has Many Eagle Feather's, He Holds His Head Up's, He Is Always Flying in a Circle's, He Is Bearded's, He Is Pointed's, He Is Striped, He Shoots Bears With Arrows', He That Flies Around's, He Who Has Eyes Behind, Head Upright's, Heart Lake High Bush Cranberry's, Him That Flies Around's Hobbema, Holds His Head Up's, Home Indians, Horn's, Horny's, Horse Hills, House People, House River Cemetery # 178 Hulse House Search III IchoPomIshish's, Iemecease's, Ile A La Crosse, Ile-a-la-Crosse, Imasee's, Immitation Ghost Lodge Society, Immitation Witiko Dance Society, Indian Band # 439, 461, Indian Birch F.N., Indian Pear Island, Indian Reservation # 1, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 17A & 17 B, 19, 20, 20A, 20B, 20C, 203, 21, 21A, 21B-K, 22, 22A, 29, 29A, 31, 32, 33, 39B, 43, 44 & 44A, 60A, 61, 61A, 65-65E, 66, 67, 68, 70, 71, 72, 72A, 73, 74, 74A, 75, 79, 80 & 80A, 81, 82, 83, 83A, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 91, 91A, 95, 96, 97, 99, 100, 100A, 101 & 101A, 102, 103, 104, 105, 1O5A, 106, 106A, 106B, 107, 108, 112-112D, 113 & 113B, 113A, 114, 115-115C, 116, 117, 118, 119, 120, 121, 121A, 122, 123, 124, 125, 128, 129-129C, 129A, 130, 131, 132, 134, 135, 136, 137, 137A, 138, 138A, 138B, 139, 140, 141, 150, 150A, 150B, 150C, 150D, 150E, 150F, 150G, 150H, 151A, 151H, 151K, 153, 154, 154A, 154B, 155, 155A, 156, 156A, 156C, 157 & 157A, 157B, 157C, 157D & E, 157-157B, 161, 162, 163, 165, 166, 166A, 166B, 166C, 166D, 173 & 173A, 175, 176 & 176A, 176B, 178, 183, 187, 191, 202, 203, 203A, 215, 218, 219, 220, 221, 222, 223, 224, 225, 474, Ininiwak, Iron Buffalo's, Iron Bull's, Iron Child's, Iron Crow's, Iron Ringing's, Iron's, Isadore's, Isidore's, Island Lake, Island Lake I.R. # 22, Island Lake I.R. 22A, Isle A La Crosse, Ipsimik Kakitoot's Search JJJ Jackhead, Jackfish Lake, James Bay, James Bay Cree, James Bird's, James Robert's, James Seenum's, James Smith's, James Smith Cree Nation Jean Baptiste Bruneau's, Jean Baptiste Desjarlais', Jean Baptiste Gambler's, Jean Baptiste Lafond's, Jean D'Or, Jepormansish's, Jepormasish's John Iron's, John Smith's, John Whitford's, Johnny Saskatchewan's, Joseph Bighead's, Joseph Greyeyes', Joseph Ledoux's, Joseph Kaupsekonew's, Joseph Toma's Julien Ratfat's, Justin Marten's Search KKK Ka Awais', Ka Kenawap's, Ka Kewistahaw's, Ka Kichiwew Wininiwak, Ka Michet O Kehew-wap, Ka Minahikas', Ka Miyokin's, Ka Miyostowesit's, Ka Niyo Kisi Kopanis', Ka Osawaskayew's, Ka Peyak Wasoomen, Kache Weskewate's, Kachistahwaskam's, Kagici Wininiwak, Kahapayak Wasoomain's, Kahapaywasoomain's, Kahmeechetookehewap's, Kahmeeschetookeewup's, Kahmeegistoowaysit's, Kahmeeyesoowaysit's, Kahmeeyistoowaysit's, Kahneeokeesikopanis, Kahpahpahmahchatieway's, Kahpayakwahskoomun's, Kahpayyak-Wahskoonum's, Kahpeiakwaskoomum's, Kahseematapoo's, Kahseemutapoo's, Kahtapiskowat's, Kahtipiskowhat's, Kakake's, Kakakew Larocque's, Kakakew's, Kake-Kake's, Kake Wasa Kahaw's, Kake Wistahaw's, Kakeesheway's, Kakeenawup's, Kakenawap's, Kakenawup's, Kakewistahaw's, Kaki Chiwew Wininiwak, Kaki Chiwew's, Kaki Wistahaw's, Kakichiway's, Kakichewe's, Kakichi Wininiwak, Kakici Wininiwak, Kakiiwistahaw's, Kakishiway's, Kakiwistahau, Kakuwistahaw's, Kamanistiquia Cree, Kameyistowesit's, Kanahachapew's, KanakaToose's, Kanawapa's, Kaneonuskatew's, Kapapa Machatiwe's, Kapapamahchakwew's, Kapaweno F.N., Kapeyak Washoomain's, Kapusekonew's, Kapitiko's, Kasabonika Lake, Kashe Weskewate's, KasiMatapoo's, Kaskatayo's, Kaskitew Maskoo Maskwa's, Kastitchewanuk's, Kataguskebinoa's, Katchistah-Waskam's, Katepwe Sipi Wininiwak, Katepoisipi-wiinuuk, Katesepoi Sipi Wininiwak, Katepwewcipi Wiyiniwak, KatschistahWaskum's, Kaupois Society, Kawacatoose, Kawahachapew's, Kawahkatosuwi Pwat's, Kawakatoose's, Kawasuskohopatisk's, Kawkewistaha I.R., Kawpois Society, Kawyance's, Kaya Kaskitew Inew's, Kayajieskebinoa's Kee Yew Wah Ka Pim Want's, Keeahkeekasacooway's, Keeakeekasakooway's, KeeasKoosis, Keeheewin's, Keekeewin's, Keelisteno, Keenoosayo's, Keenooseyo's, Keenooshayo's, Keenoostayo's, Keeoowahaw's, Keeseekoose's, Keeseekoowenin's, Keetaskino F.N., Keetaskeenow F.N., Keethisteno, Keetoowahan's, Keetoowahaw's, Keetoowayhaw's, Keewainowi Okimakanak, Keewaywin, Keeyew Wahkapimwat's, Keeyeuahtiahpimwaht's, Keeyewin's, Kehew Atiyapimwat's, Kehew Wakapimwat's, Kehewin, Kehewin I.R. # 123, Kehewin's, Kelly Lake Cree, Kenogami River, Keokapamot's, Ketchemoot's, Keywaywin Ki Lapotaque's, Kiakikasakooway's, Kiaskoosis, Kiaskusis Kichi Catschistawaskum's, Kichi Kahmewin's, Kichi Katchistahwaskam's, Kichi Kawahchak's, Kichi Koose's, Kichi Maskwa's, Kichi Waskahikan, Kichi Weskewate's Kid Fox Society Kihewan's Kiisicawahchuk's, Kiishikouse's, Kikischaway's Kilapoutkue, Kilistino, Kilistinons of the Nipisiriniens, Killer's King's, King Bird Society, Kingfisher, Kingfisher Lake F.N., Kinistino's, Kinoosayoo's, Kinosayo's, Kinuso Kischakami Treaty Council, Kisekawachak's, Kisekaw Wachak's, Kisikawachak's, Kiskaquin's, Kisikaw Wachak's, Kiskayo's, Kiskatayo's Kiskayuw's, Kiskiaw's, Kiskion's, Kisketew Maskoo Maskwa's, Kiskiyaw's, Kiskiyew's), Kit Fox Society, Kitchikahmewin's, Kitopwe Sipi Wininiwak, Kito Wehew's, Kitoowahan's, Kitopwe Wi Iniwak, Kitowehow's, Kitsakie I.R. # 156B Kiya's, Kiya Ki Kasakoowe's Kokamanakiwiw, Kominakoos', Koominakoos', Kontawonda's, Koosahwanaskayo's, Koosahwaskway's, Kootoowahan's, Kopahawakemum's, Kopatawakenum's, Kosekosewayanew's Kuiskuiskaw Kapoohoo's, KuiskuiskowCapoohoo's, Kuskayim's, KuskeetewMuscooMusqua's, Kusketew Muskoo Maskwa's, Kutoowahan's Search
LLL L'Homme Noire's La Bras Casse's, La Chef Qui Parle's, La Corne, La Grosse Tere's, La Grosse Tette's, La Jambe's, La Lance's, La Patat's, La Pointe, La Robe Noire's, La Roche's Lac Cardinal (# 151H), Lac La Biche Band # 126, Lac La Biche Cree, Lac La Loche, Lac La Nonne, Lac La Plonge, Lac La Ronge, Lac St. Anne Cree Lafleur's, Lafond's Lance's, Landless Indians of Montana Lapatak's, Lapotac's, Lapataque's, Larocque's Last Mountain, Last Mountain Lake I.R. # 60A Le Capote Bleu's, Le Enfant Du Fer's, Le Petet's, Le Petit Soldat's, Le Plume Caille's, Le Premier's, Le Sonnat's, Le Tout Pique's, Lean Man's Ledoux's Leech Lake Lefleur's, Left Hand's Leg's Leonard Ledoux's Les Gens de Canot, Les Gens des Filles, Lesser Slave Lake Bands, Lesser Slave Lake Tribal Council Like A Pine Tree's, Little Bad Man's, Little Bear's, Little Beef's, Little Bird Band, Little Black Bear's, Little Black River, Little Boy's, Little Buffalo, Little Buffalo's, Little Captain's, Little Chief's, Little Child's, Little Chipewyan's, Little Dogs, Little Eagle's, Little Fox's, Little Girl's, Little Grand Rapids, Little Gull's, Little Hills I.R. # 158-158B, Little Island Lake, Little Hunter's, Little Hunter who Frightens Him's, Little Man's, Little Mountain's, Little Pine & Lucky Man I.R. # 116, Little Pine's, Little Poplar's, Little Rattle's, Little Ravens, Little Red Fox's, Little Red River, Little Shell, Little Soldier's, Little Stick's, Little White Bull's, Little Wolf's Lone Man's, Long Lodge's, Lookout's, Loon Creek, Loon Lake, Loon River, Loud Voice's, Louis Arcand's, Louis Bull's (# 130A), Lower Plains Cree, Lowland People, Lubicon Lake, Lucky Man's Lynn Lake Search MMM Mache Wheseab's, Machinesak Society, Mackinaw's, Mackipictoon's, Mackikptoon's Magpies Mah min ah watah's, Mahikansis', Mahkayo's, Mahkayoo's, Mahminahwatah's, Mahsette Kuinab Makai Ahsis', Makaiahsihs', Makaoos', Makayew's (# 120), Makayoo's, Makeo's, Making Ready The Bow's, Makoose's, Makoye's, Makoyee Kohkin's, Makoyee Kokin's, Makwa, Makwa Sahgaiehcan Mamakichi Wininiwak, Mamihkiyiniwak, Mamiki Wininiwak, Mamikininiwug, MamikInIniwuk, Maminawataw's Man Who Gives The War Whoop's, Man Who Wins', Manchester House Bands, ManghPeeya Owate Hoshi's, Manigotagas River, Manito Lake Bands, Manowan, Many Brave Feather's, Many Coup Feather's, Many Eagles' Maple Creek Marten's Martin Falls, Martin's Mashquegon Cree, Maskegon Indians, Maskegatik's, Maske Gwatik's, Maske Kwatik's, Maskekowan Wininiwak, Maskepetoon's, Maski Pitonew's, Maskwa Atik's, Maskwa Chahk's, Maskwa Chies Wininiwak, Maskwa Hi Ka Kiniyatos' Maskwa Ikapawit's, Maskwa Kakenoot's, Maskwa KamosEnakiatah's, Maskwa Kahwapahweet's, Maskwa Kapawes', Maskwa Kwatik's, Maskwa Sakahikan, Maskwa skwan's, Maswachies Wininiwak, Masnipi, Masquigon, Master's, Matachewan, Mataikeok's, Mataitaikeok's, Matawa Kirinowak, Matcanesak Society, Matchie Whewab's Matejach Kiokenas', Mathias Colomb Cree Nation, Mathias Colomb F.N. Maumaukirinouek Maza Kangi's, Maza Usna's McDowell Lake, McKenzie's, McLeod's Meadow Lake, Meadow Lake Bands, Mean Boy's, Mechkaddewikonaie's, Mechkadettinnah's, Medicine Hat, Medicine People, Medicine Rattlers Society, Meekcoo Moosoos', Meekoo Moostoos', Meemay's, Meesookaminookapow's, Meketin's, Mekitin's, Meminowataw's, Meminowatow's, Merde D'Ours, Metal Ringing's Michael Calihoo's, Michel Calahoo's, Michel Calistrois', Michel's, Michinipi Cree, Middle Cree, Mighty Voice's, Mike's, Mikisew, Mikwa Moostoos', Minahekwosis', Minahequosis', Minahikosis', Ministikwan Lake, Minstanask's, Misookamin Ikapaw's, Missanabi Cree Nation, MisseMinahik's, Misshenepih Cree, Misshenipee Cree, Missinipi Cree, Mission, Missouri River Bands, Mista Minahik's, Mistahe Asini, Mistahe Asini's, Mistahe Awasis', Mistahe Maskwa's, Mistahaya's, Mistahi Asini, Mistahi Asini's, Mistahi Maskwa's, Mistahi'Muskwa's, Mistahimaskwa's, Mistasini's Band, Mistassini Cree, Mistassini Eenou, Mistawasis', Mistikoos', Mistissini, Mistowahsis', Mistowasis', Mitewewin Society, Mitchell's Moberly Lake, Monkonsko, Monsauni Indians, Monsoni Indians, Monsoni's, Monsounic Indians, Montana, Montreal Lake, Montreal River I.R. # 158-158B, Moosapik's, Moosahtik's, Moose Cree, Moose Dung's, Moose Factory, Moose Lake Cree Nation, Moose Lake F.N., Moose Mountain, Moose Mountain Bands, Moose People, Moose Woods, Moosomin's, Moosomin F.N., Moososinew, Moostoos', Mooswa Atik's, Mosquito Country, Mosquito's, Mosquitoes, Moulting, Mountain Cree, Mountain Mill, Mountain People's Cultural Society, Mucketoo's, Muddy Bull's, Mukatai's, Muscagoe Indians, Muscopetung's, Muskagoe Indians, Muskeg Lake, Muskeg River, Muskegoe Indians, Muskegan, Muskegwatik's, Muskoday, Muskowkwan's, Muskrat Lake, Muskwa Kahkenoot's, Muskwa Kauepawit's, Muskwa Kawapahweet's, Muskwa's, MuskwoiKakenut's, MuskwoiKauepawit's, Mustus', Mustus Sakahikan Wininiwak Search NNN Nahpaysis', Nahpesis', Naka Wininiwak, Naka Wiyiniwak, Nakawininiwak, Nakka WininIniwak, Nakka Wininiwak, Napahase's, Natimiwiyiniwak, Natimi Wininiwak, Natiwishesek's, Neesnetasis', Neestooyan Post, Neesuetasis', Nehiapwat, Nehiyapwat, Nelson House, Nelson River Bands, Nemaska, Nemeigusabins Lake, Neoskweskau, Neoweskaau, Nepahase's, Nekaneet, Nemeigusabins, New Post, Ni Eyetawis Kisik's, Nichekun, Nikaneet F.N., Nipawin, Nipigon, Nisibourounik, Nisichawayasihi F.N., Nitchigoun, Niyas', No Eenou', North Spirit, North Spirit Lake, North Battleford Bands, Northern Chieftainship, Northern Cree, Northern Manitoba Bands, Northern Real Cree, Norway House, Nut's, Nutimi Wininiwak Search OOO O.K.'s, O Kichita Societies, O Macheesk's, O Maskekowak Cree, O Paskwayak, O Pitikea Hanapiwiyin's, O'Chiese (# 203), O'Chippeywan's, O'Kane's, O'soup's Ochagach's, Ochapowace F.N., Ochapowace's, Ohyastukkumikinnum's Okanes Reserve, Okanes Cree Nation, Okanese F.N., Okemasis', Okemaisis', Oekmaw Asis', Okimah Piyesoo Society, Okimaw Piyesiw Society, OKisikaWayan's, OKisikaWiyan's Old Factory, Old Fort I.R. # 157B, OMacheesk's, OMaskekowak Cree, Onachaw Minahew Asis', Onahastays, Onchaminahoos', Onheepahao's, One Arrow's, One That Walks on Four Claws', One That Sits Like An Eagle's, One Who Calls From The Sky's, One Who Sits Like An Eagle's, Oneepahao's, OneepoHayo's, Oneepowhayo's, Onespowhay's, Onipahew's, Onipawihew's, Onion Lake Cree Tribe, Onion Lake F.N., Only Man's, Onneepow Hayo's, Onocha Minahew Awasis' Band Oomatakmeemahoos', Oonahatmenahoo's, Oonahtameenahoos', OonipowHayo's, Ooneepowhayoos, Ooneepowohayoo's, OopeetooKerahhanaPeeWeeyin's, OopeetooKorahaira-Peweeyin's, Ooskooskoosish' O Paskwayak, Opaskwayak, Opaskwayak F.N., Opeteca HanaWaywin's, Opwam's, Oskquisaquaimai, Oskwi Sakamew, Oskwi Sakimew, Osoyis Sipisis Wininiwak OtaPaskwa Wininiwak, Otapikakaw's, Otcapawes, Otcapawes Reserve, Otiskun's Ouckidoat's, Ouenebigonhelinis, Ouje-Bougoumou Cree, Ouje-Bougoumou Cree Nation, Ouje-Bougoumou Eenou, Ouje-Bougoumou Village, Owtahpeekakaw's Oxford House F.N. Search
PPP Pahpahstayo's, Pahspaschase's Paiahan KahmiKoosit's, Paint Creek House, Painted, Painted Lodges, Paipashekwonail's Pakashan Reservation #150D, Pakan's Pap-Pa's, Papaschase's, Papasche's, Papasschay's, Papastew's, Papaway's, Papawes', Papiwiyin's, Pappa's Parkland People Pasakaw Wachi Wininiwak, PaschakaWakis', Paskeakewenin's, Paskeweyen's, Paskiakiwenin's, Paskokopa Wi Iiniwak, Paskokopa Wininiwak, Pasko's, Paskoos, Paskuhkupawiyiniwak, Paskwa Mostos Society, Paskwa Wi Ininiwak, Paskwa Wininiwak, Paskwawininiwug Paspasche's, Paspaschase's, Paspeekeesis', Pasqua's, Pasquayah Village, Pasqwa Mostos Society, Passpasschase's Patenaude's Paul Cree, Payakahmikoosit's, Payapwat's, Payepot's, Payeskiekan, Paymotayasoo's, Payfrahmuskumickinum's, Paypahmuskumiknium's Pe Miye Yitam Atit's, Pe Moteyasiw's, Pe Sikan's, Pe Wapiskaw Awasis' Peace Hills Indian Agency, Peace Point, Peace River Cree, Peace River Crossing Bands Pecca's, Peccan's, PecheseiChak's, Peeyasis' Peechee's, Peenaysis', Peepeekeesis', Peerless Lake, Peewaysis', Peeyahan Ka Mikosit, Peeyahan Kahmikoosit's, Peeyahankahmikoosit's, Peeyahankahnichkoosit's, Peeyahankahnihkoosit's, Peeyakahmihkoosit's, Peeyasee Wahkawachakoot's, Peeyaseewahkahwechakoot's, Peeyaseewawechakoot's, Peeyaysees', Peeyesi Wahkahweichakoot's, Peeyesie Chak's, Peeyutayweetum's Peguis' Pehmotehasoo's, Pe-Ho-This', Pehotis', Pehpahmuskumiknium's, Peiseikan, Peisiekan, Peiteikwakwei's, Peiweisis' Pelican Lake, Pelican Narrows, Pelican's People of the Hair Hills, Peoples of the Interior, Peoples of the North Sea Pepachekwonei's, Pepamaskumikniam's, Pesew's, Pesu's Petakehan Apeeweean's, Petekwake's, Peter Ballantyne's, Peter Chapman's, Petequacey's, Petequakey's, Petit Boeuf's, Petocahnowapiwin's, Petokahanapeweyin's, Petokahnowapiwin's Pewapisk Moostoos', Pewapiskaw Asis', Peweisi Wakahwaichahkoot's, Pewesis', Pewesiwahkahweichakoot's, Pewepkwoi Ahsis', Pewesis', Pewobkwoi Ahsis' Peyasees', Peyasis', Peyesie Chak's, Peyesichahk's, Peyesihchahk's, Peymotayasiu's, Peyesiwak Awechakoot's Piapot F.N., Piapot's, Piapwat's Piche's, Pichette's, Pichikop-Wachis', Pictured Pieapot's Pigeon Lake, Pigeon Lake I.R. # 138A, Pigeon's Pine Bluff, Pine Fort Bands, Pine Tree's Pischakawakis', Piskakauakis', Piskakawakis', Piskauakis', Piskawakis', Pisqua's Piwappiskwawasis' Piyahan Ka Mikoosit's, Piyapew Pwat's, Piyasiechak's, Piyasimak's PiyesehiChak's, Piyesimak's, Piyesies, Piyesiw Wakawechakoot's, Piyesiwak, Piyesiwak Chak's, Piyesiwak Wichekat's Plain's, Plains Cree, Plumet Caille's, Plusiers Des Aigles Point Bleu, Pointed's, Poitras', Poisson Blancs Indians Polar, Police's Poor Man's Poplar River, Port Nelson, Portage La Loche, Portage La Prairie Potato River I.R. # 156A, Poundmaker F.N., Poundmaker's Powder's Prairie Chicken Society, Prairie Cree, Pretend Ghost Society, Pretend Witiko Society, Prairie People, Prairie River People, Prince Albert, Prince Albert Bands, Prince Albert Grand Council Puckeechkeeheewin's, Pusakawatciwiyiniwak, Pusckeechkeeheewin's, Puscoos', Puskeahkewin's, Puskeakewenin's, Puskeekeeheewin's, Puskeeahkeeheewin's, Puskeeyahkayweyin's, Puskeeyahkeyweeyin's, Puskiakiwenin's (# 122), Pusko's Search QQQ Qu'Appelle, Qu'Appelle People, Qu'Appelle River Bands RRR Rabbitskin Cree, Rassade Au Cou, Ratfat's, Rattler Society, Rattler's Ready Bow's, Red Bull's, Red Buffalo's, Red Earth, Red Fox's, Red Moose's, Red Pheasant First Nation, Red Pheasant's, Red River Cree, Red Sucker Lake, Reindeer Lake Richard Greyeyes', Ringing Iron's, Ringing Metal's, River Cree, River People, Robert SmallBoy's, Robert's, Rocher River, Rock's, Rocky Boy's, Rocky Mountain Cree, Rocky Mountain House Bands, Rocky Mountain People, Rod King's, Rolling Mud's, Rope Untier's, Rosehip's, Rossade au Con Tout Pique's Ruanaway People, Runaways, Rupert House Search SSS Sac a Tout Mettre's, Sachigo Lake, Sack for All Things', Sack to Put All Things In's, Saddle Lake, Sahsahkamoos', Sahsahkoomoos', Saint Francis Regis, Saint Ignatius, Saint Theresa Point, Saka Wininiwak, Saka Wiyiniwak, Sakawithiniwuk, Sakamoos', Sakbwatsak Wininiwak, Sakemay's, Sakimay's, Sakitawa Wininiwak, Sakitawahk Eyiniwuk, Sakittawawintiniwug, Sakpwatsak Wininiwak, Samson's, Sand Hills Bands, Sandy Bay, Sandy Lake, Sandy Point, Sapotaweyak Cree Nation, Saskatchewan Cree Bands, Saskatchewan's, Saskatoon, Saskatoon Bands, Saswapew's Saukimes' Savannah, Savanois, Sawridge Sayagamat's, Sayakemat's Seapotakinun Cree's, Seekaskootch's, Seenam's, Seenum's, Seeseekwahnis', Seeseekwanis', Seewahskwan's, Seewaskwan's, Seeyahkeemat's, Senam's, Senna's, Senum's Sgamat's Shadow's, Shadow on the Water's, Shamattawa, Shaved Neck's, Shellbrook Bands, She Mau Kaw's, Shemaukan's, Shibogama F.N. Council, Shesheep I.R., Shoal Lake # 39, Shoal River Cree Nation, Shoal River F.N., Shooting Eagle's, Short Cut's, Short Tail's Sikaskootch's, Sioux Lookout Bands, Sipi Ininiwak, Sipi Wininiwak, Sipi Withiniwuk, Sipi's, Sipitapanek's, Sipiwithiniwuk, Sisikwanis', Sisip Pimotewiw's, Sisitawi's, Sitting Badger's, Sitting Eagle's Skinny Man's, Skinny Stoney's Slayer's Small Gull's, Small Boy's, Small Ravens, Smallboy's, Smoky Lake Cree Snake, Snake Plain, Sneak's, Sneaker's Soberman's, Soldier's, Somebody Who Calls From The Sky's, Sometimes Glad's, Sonnant's, Sounds of Birds' Wings Flapping When They are Flying's, South Branch House Bands, Southend Band, Southern Cree Sparrow's, SpArrow Hawk's, Speaker's, Split Lake Cree First Naiton, Standing Bear's, Standing Erect's, Stanley I.R. # 157-157A, Standing Man's, Starblanket's, Stone's, Stonechild's, Stoney Knoll I.R. # 107, Stony Knoll I.R. # 107, Stony Plain, Strikes Frightens's, Striped, Striped Dancer's, Strong Woods Cree, Strongwoods Cree, Sturgeon, Sturgeon Lake (Sask), Sturgeon Lake (Alta), Sturgeon Landing Sucker Creek, Sucker River I.R. # 156C, Sudbury Bands, Sun's, Sun Child's, Sunchild Band Swan River Bands, Swan River, Swamp People, Swampy Cree, Swampy Cree Tribal Council, Sweet Mouth Indians, Sweetgrass', Swimmer's Search TTT Ta Chikis', Tacchigis', Tail Creek People, TailFeather's, Takoot's, Takootch's, Talking Smart's, Tallcree, Tahkootch's, Tapasiw Wininiwak, Tastas Keeskway's, Tastaoosts', Tastawit's, Tawpisim's Tcimaskos', Tcipakanak Society, Tcipoaian Wininiwak Teepee Hoska's, Teequaysay's, Teeteekwasay's, Teeteequaysay's, Temamacouene Indians, Terre Blanche, Tete De Boule Cree The Awkward's, The Bell's, The General's, The Leg's, The Man You Strike on the Back's, The Pas Bands, The Pas F.N., The Pas Indian Band, Thick Woods Cree, Thickwood Cree, Thompson Bands, Thunder's, Thunder Chief's, Thunder Child's, Thunder Companion's, Thunder Spirit's, Thunderbird Mountain, Thunderbird's, Thunderchild F.N., Thunderchild's, Thundering Spirit's Tisdale Tomagami, Toma's, Toostoos Keeskway's, Touchwood Hills Bands, Touchwood- File Hills-Qu'Appelle Agency, Transmontane Cree, Treaty 4 Bands, Trout Lake Tulibee Desjarlais', Turtle Lake, Turtle Lake F.N., Tutaskwayalt, TustuKeeskwahs', Tustus Keeskway's, TustusKeeskwan's Twatt's, Twin's, Twin Wolverine's, Twinn's, Two And Two's, Two Child's, Two Dog's, Two Rivers Search UUU Unipaohaos', Unipouheos', Upland Cree, Upper Athabasca Valley Elder's Council; Upper Plains Cree, Upriver Cree, Upstream Cree, Upstream People, Uses Both Arms', Utikuma Lake, Uttum's VVV Venne's, Vermilion River Bands, Victoria Bands, Vieux Hommes Indians, Visitors, Voice's Search WWW Wa-Pii-Moos-Toosis I.R. 83A, Wabanasew's, Wabasca, Wabaskaw, Wabus Wininiwak, Wachak Ahkop's, Wachak Ahkopits', Wachak Akoopits', Wachak Akop's, Wachak Takoopit's, Wachi Wininiwak, Wachis', Waddle's, Waddler's, Wagoshig, Wahpe Hayo's, Wahpe Maskwa's, Wahpee Hayo's, Wahpee Moostoosis', Wahpeehayo's, WahpeeMakwa's, Wahpei Hayo's, Wahpei Moostoosiis', Wahpei Muskwa's, Wahpeihayo's, Wahpi Moostoosis', WahpiimooseToosis', Wahpoos Wininiwak, Wahsatanow, Wahsetna, Wahwas Hi Katew's, WahweeKahnich Kahooahmahote's, Wahweekahnik Kahootahmohot's, WahweeKanik Kaotamahote's, Wahwishakautee's, Wallace Tawpisim's, Walking's, Walking Like A Duck's, Walking Wind's, Walks Like A Duck's, Wanderin Spirit's, Wape Maskwa's, Wape Moostoosis', Wape Pihew's, Wapekeka, Wapenesew's, WapiiMoosetoosus', WapiiMoostoosis, Wapiti Dance, Wappenessew's, WapucWayanak, Waquan's, War Lake, Ward's, Wahsatanow, WaskaGamak, WaskaGanish, Waskahigan Wininiwak, Waskahikan Wininiwak, WaskahikanwIyIniwak, Waskatenau, Waswanipi, Waswanipi Eenou, Watchi Wininiwak, Waterhen Lake F.N., WawaKapewin, WawichaKawte's Weecheewaysis', Weehashoosayyin's, Weekaskoo Keepayin's, WeekaskooKeesayin's, WeekaskooKesayin's, Weemisticooseahwasis', Weemisticoseahwahn's, Weenusk, Wegg's House, WekaskokiseyIniw's, Wendigo Dance Society, Wendigo's, West People, Western Cree, Western Cree Tribal Council, Western WoodlandS Cree, Western Woods Cree, Wewanitowuk, Weymontachie Whapmagoostui, White Bear F.N., White Bear's, White Buffalo Child's, White Buffalo's, White Bull Child's, White Little Bull's, White Partridge's, White Rump Society, White Young Bull's, Whitefish Lake, Whitefish People, Whitford's Wihaskokiseyin's, WihtikokanCimuwin Society, Wikasko Ki Peyin's, Wikiwam Ka Masina Hikatew's, Wikiwam Kamosesenakiatan's, Wikiyuwam Kamusenaikata, Wikyuwamkamusenanikaata, Wild Child's, Wildcat's, Willow Cree, William Charles', William McKenzie's, William Peetutayweetum's, William Twatt's, Willow Lake, Wininiwak, Winipik Wininiwak, Winning Man's, Winnipeg River, Winterburn, Winterburn I.R., Witchekan Lake, Witigo Dance Society, Witiko Dance Society, Witikokan Dance Society, Witikokan Chimawin Society Wolf Child's, Wolf Lake F.N., Wolf Society, Wood Partrige Society, Wood Mountain Bands, Woodland Cree, Woodland Cree, Woodpecker's, Woods Assiniboin, Woods Cree, Worthless Society, Worthless Ones Society, Worthy One's Wunnumin, Wuttunee's Search XXX Xatsu'll F.N. YYY Yahyahtahkaskenin's, Yayatakaskenin's, Yayatakaskenin's, Yayatakuskinin's Yellow Quill's, Yellow Sky's, Yellowhead Tribal Council, Yetaweskezhick's York Factory, York House, Yorkton Bands, You Are A Pine Tree's, You Have Many Eagle Feather's, Young Blackfoot's, Young Chief's, Young Chipeewayan's, Young Chipewyan's, Young Dogs, Young Gauche's, Young Grass', Young Gull's, Young Left Hand's, Young Lefty's, Young Ravens, Young Sweetgrass', Young White Bull's ZZZ Search How to get more detailed information Continue to a listing of Bands/Nations Return to Heritage Databank Homepage Return to Native Studies directory Return to Native Tribes listings Return to Native Bands listings Continue to History Bibliography Continue to History directory Continue to Historic photos Continue to Books for sale Continue to Collectibles for sale Continue to HDB On-line Museum Search HERITAGE CONSULTING 718 T0M 0J0 CANADA