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------------------------------------------------------------------- | NAME EARLIEST RECORD ASSOCIATION | -------------------------------------------------------------------
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UUU ------------------------------------------------------------------- | NAME EARLIEST RECORD AFFILIATION | ------------------------------------------------------------------- UUU U Ti Yu see Guess, U Ti Yu Uceta see Hirrihugua Udd, Cristina 1710 GER Ugliest Man in South Pass see Ewing, Jesse Ugly Fingers 1890 FrL/OnL Ugly Head Chief 1788 KUT/Low/AkK Ugone Cardinal1330 ITA Ukimaekehkehk see Atokien Ukoomoos see Paul, Threse Akomos Ulele f 1513 TIM Ulibari, Juan de 1686 SPN>NSP/NMX>COL> Ulloa, Francisco de 1519 SPN>MEX/CAL> Ulrich, Jo-Anne 1949 ALB Ulrika Queen 1688-41 SWE Umbe see also Ambo Umbe Mamin see Eagle Feathers Umbe Ska Nenoe 1825 BPw Umbe To Wiyan f 1821 SwG>Pes/TZC>TZC Umbe Wakawkine 1819 SwG>Pes/TZC>TZC Umbe Wakawkine, Anna 1846 TZC Umbe Wakawkine, Mazaogeye () 1824 Pes/TZC>TZC Umbe Wakawkine, Mazemun () 1825 Pes/TZC>TZC Umbe Wakawkine, Susan 1839 Pes/TZC>TZC Umbe Wiyan see Ambo Wiyan Umbe To Wiyan Umbiska Nehnoe see Umbe Ska Nenow Umfreville see also Humfreville Umpherville Umfreville, Canot 1786/41 Sas/Was>TrM/COL> Umfreville, Edouard see Umfreville, Edward Umfreville, Edward 1751 ENG>YkF>FRA>QUE>Nip Umfreville, Mrs. Edward () c1771- NIP>Sas>FtE Umfreville, Hannah (Turner) 1804 Sip/Was>OPa Umfreville, Lisette see Umfreville, Louise Umfreville, Louise c1786-49 Was/Sas>FtE Umfreville, Marquerite (Machinas)798- COL/SAL> Unfreville, Marie Anne 1787 Was/Sas>FtE Umfreville, Sarah 1822-82 OPa>CuH>CuH/FCo>MET Umfreville, Thomas 1802 Sas/Was>OPa Umla see Hamlin, Alex Umoe f 1808 SwG>Pes>Msk/TZ*>Sam Umpherville, Angus 1924 SK>ENG Umpherville, Baptiste 1930 Umpherville, Betty Mae 1990 Umpherville, Brenda Mae 1990 Umpherville, Bud see Umpherville, Oliver Baptiste Umpherville, Canot see Umfreville, Canot Umpherville, Cara 1990 Umpherville, Clara () 1926 ALB>BC>ALB/HiR Umpherville, Colin 1924 SK>ENG Umpherville, Edouard see Umfreville, Edward Umpherville, Eileen 1930 SK Umpherville, Irene 1930 SK Umpherville, Florence 1930 SK Umpherville, Lillian 1920 JaS Umpherville, Merle 1930 SK Umpherville, Oliver Baptiste 1920-96 SK>ENG>ALB>BC>ALB/HiR Umpherville, Rikki 1950 ALB>BC> Umpherville, Robert 1924 SK>ENG Umpherville, Wayne 1960 BC> Umphreville see Umfreville Umpherville Umphrieville see Umfreville Umpherville Unborn Calf see McKay, Alexander Uncas myth MAH Uncas Chief 1617 IRO/MOH Unci see Unchi Unchi 1808 DAK/Ogl/Mat Uncle Bill see Hamilton, William T. Uncle Dudly see Land, Harry Uncle Smith see Smith, John Under Making Noise 1850 KAI Under Springtime see Atami A Miyos Kamik Unestina see White Calf Ung, Johnathan Wai Kan 1980- C&E u/k964CBB09 1948 CAR/Bab Unipahaos see O Nipahew Unipauhaos see O Nipahew Unipouheos see O Nipahew Unwin, Sam see Unwin, Sidney Unwin, Sidney 1886 >ALB Upham, Hiram 1845 USA>MNT/BLK Upson, Gad E. Com.I.A.1835/65 USA>MNT/BLK>DC Upturned Nose 1900 PaK Uranus God myth GRE Uriewici see Tendoy, Jack Urnberg, Frank 1882 >ALB Urquhart 1853 >MAN Urquhart 1870 >ALB Urtebise, Marin see Heurtebise, Marin Use Him as Charger 1854 DAK Uses Both Arms see Atawepton Uskooskoosish 1820 Was Ussher Bishop 1660 Ussher, John Tannat 1857 BC>Kam Ustah 1870 FLA Utah 1900 USA>UTA>SK Utana, Agnes () 1960 INU/Ilu Utana, Robert 1960 INU/Ilu Ute 1862 ARA/Sou Uther see Pendragon, Uther Utiniwasis see Grant, Atin Awas Asis Utinowatum, Bella () 1901 FtV/Tal Utinowatum, Norbert 1994 FtV/Tal Utiyu see Guess, Utiyu Uttum see Atim, Captain ------------------------------------------------------------------- | NAME EARLIEST RECORD BAND | ------------------------------------------------------------------- VVV
Vachon 1642 FRA>QUE Vadenais 1783 CAN>FCh Vadenais, Maria 1811 FCh Vadenais, Richard see Vadnais, Dick Vadnais see also Vadenais Vadnais, Dick 1890 Vail see also Veille Vail, Electra 1845 USA/OHI Vail, James 1840 USA/OHI>MNT/BLK> Vaillant see also Faillant Vaillant, Registe 1800/22>ALB/FCh>NWT Valad see also Valade Valad 1852 FtE Valade see also Valad Valade, Prince 1784 CAN>Sas/FtE Valade, Rene 1790 CAN>RMH>TrM/ORE>ONT Valdivia, Pedro de 1520 SPN>SA/CHL Valentine, Manson 1945 >BAH Valentine, Patricia 1978 PBa Valerian Emp 238 ROM Valette see also Valle Vallette Valette, Joseph 1900 >ALB Valette, Rosie (Chalmers) 1900 Sam/MET Vallade see Valade Valle see also La Vallet Lavallee Valad Vallee Valle 1789 CAN>MIS>MNT> Valle Sr. NWC 1770 CAN>RMH>TrM/ORE Valle Jr. NWC 1790 CAN>RMH Valle, Alexis 1758 CAN>MAN Valle, Andre see Vallee, Andre Valle, Augustine NWC 1758 CAN>Sas/FtE> Valle, Eustache 1778 MET/MAN>RdR Valle, Louis NWC 1764 CAN>MIN/RdL Vallee see also La Vallet Lavallee Valad Valle Vallee 1800 >RdR Vallee 1886 >ALB/StP Vallee, Alphonsine 1930 ALB Vallee, Andre 1790 CAN>NWY>ORE Vallee, Angelique 1826 >Pes/TZC>LSA Vallee, Antoine Vallee, Eustache 1778- MET/MAN>RdR Vallee, Helen 1930 ALB Vallee, Joseph see Valette, Joseph Vallee, Louise 1840 MIN>MuS Vallee, Marianne 1805 >LSL>Jsp Vallee, Rosie (Chalmers) 1900 Sam>MET Vallee, Suzanne Vallee, Victoria 1930 ALB Vallette see also Valette Valle Vallee Vallette, Karen 1960 ALB Vallie see Vallee Valouch, Fred 1930 ALB Van c1750 USA/VIR>KTY Van 1855 USA/KTY>MIS Van Bibber c1750 USA/VIR>KTY Van Bibber 1855 USA/KTY>MIS Van Blaircom, Connie (Caldwell) 1970 Caw Van Driel see Vandreuil Van Driel, J. C. see Vandreuil, Jacques C. Van Enns, Arlyn Rev. 1970 >FCh> Van Gough 1878 FRA Van Hazendonk, Antoinette () c1920- PIK/NoP Van Heemskerck, Jacob 1574 HOL>NOR>RUS> Van Horne, Cornelius see Van Horne, William Van Horne, Willliam 1850 ONT>ALB>BC>ONT Van Linschoten, Jan H. 1570 HOL>NOR>RUS> Van Netten 1940/10c>FtV>BC/Van Van Netten, Daniel 1980 >FtV>BC/Van Van Netten, David 1979 >FtV>BC/Van Van Orsdale, John Lt. 1855 USA>MNT Van Patten, David 1950 MET>DET Van Patten, Mary (Chonkolay) c1950- DET/Bus Van Slice 1750 NWY>ONT Van Slice, Magdalene 1770 ONT Van Somer, Arthur 1930 >BC/CAR Van Somer, William 1930 >BC/CAR Van Wetten Fr. 1860 BLG>ALB/StP>BLG Vanass see also Annance Venne Vanass, Nancy 1860 ALB Vanasse, Baptiste see Annance, Jean Baptiste Vancouver, George Capt. 1757-98 ENG>BC Vandal see also Vandale Vandal 1988 Pas Vandal, Angelique (Indian) 1780 CHI/Ath Vandal, Antoine 1771- RdR>Ath Vandal, Antoine 1795- CHI/Ath Vandal, Benjamin 1850 RdR>FtE Vandal, Catherine 1860 >AsW/Kis>Was Vandal, Charlotte (Hughes) 1790- RdR> Vandal, Charlotte (Zastre) 1799- CHI/Ath Vandal, Frederick 1830 CHI/Ath Vandal, Joseph 1798- CHI/Ath Vandal, Joseph 1810-85 CHI/Ath Vandal, Julie (Monroe) 1875 PIK/NoP>CRE/AsW>FtE>MET Vandal, Marie (Charette) 1804- RdR Vandal, Marie Virginie (Vermette)835 CHI/Ath Vandal, Marie Mistah??? 1864 EdS Vandal, Norman 1856- RdR>FtE>MuS>Was>EdS/LSA/MET Vandal, Pierre 1785- CHI/Ath Vandal, Pierre 1860 FCh>SK/Bat Vandal, William 1858 CHI>SK/Bat Vandale see also Vandal Vandale, Peter 1935 Sas Vandalie, William see Vandal, William Vanedale Fr.OMI 1875 >Hob/MaW> Vandel see Vandal Vandeloh, Irene (Coultis) 1920 MET/CHP>MET Vandenberghe Fr.OMI 1830 >ALB/StA> Vanderbilt, Cornelius 1875 ARA/WiR Vanderburg, Jerome 1890 FLA Vanderburg, Louie 1920 FLA Vanderburg, Louis Grizzly 1835 FLA Vanderburg, Victor 1865- FLA Vanderburg, William H. 1805 USA>FLA Vanderlip, J.R. 1876 USA>ALB> Vandermere, Cindy (Boruck) 1980 ALB Vandermere, Stan 1980 ALB Vandersteen Fr.OMI 1860 >ALB Vanderzwan, Neil 1949 ALB Vandreil see also Veaudreil Vandreil, Jacques C. 1770 >SoB> Vandreuil, Jacques C. see Vandreil, Jacques C. Vane, Raymond 1940 ALB Vaness see Venne Vankoughnet, Larwence Min.IA 1860 OTN/Ott Vannatter, Cheryl 1990 Vanoss see Vanass Varennes see also Gauthier, Pierre Varennes, de la. Mons. 1704 FRA>ACA/NS Varin 1860 >ALB/LSA> Varnes, Pierre Gaultier de see Gauthier, Pierre Varughese, Siby 1986- ALB/Edm Veaudette 1784 CAN>RdR>TrM/COL Vecchi Maj 1842 ITA/SAR>ALB> Vedan, Richard 1975 SHU/Nes Veefkind 1880 >ALB Veenhuyzen, Hans 1929- SMT Vegreville, Valentin Fr.OMI 1832/03 QUE>CdL>LSA>Was Veille see also Leveiller Vail Vielle Veille, Crazy Francois see Vielle, Francois Veille, Francois see Vielle, Francois Veillette see also La Valle La Vallet Lavalle Vallette Veillette, Daniel 1943 LLB Veillette, Donna 1963- LLB Veillette, Irene () 1947 LLB Veillette, Louison Bro. 1889 >FCh Vendette see also Veaudette Vendette, Francois 1784 CAN>RdR Veness see Annance Vaness Venne Veniard see Venyard Venier Venier see also Venyard Venier, Joseph 1825 >OKA Venier, Marie Aioe (Laguivoise) 1787- IOW/ILL>TrM/ORE/StP Venne, Baptiste see also Annance, Baptiste Venne, Baptiste 1845 >TCr Venne, Emile Chief 1936 MuL Venne, Joseph 1756 CAN>RdR Venne, Marie (Charette) 1804- RdR Venne, Marie 1824- RdR Venne, Mary 1978 LLR Venne, Muriel 1937- ALB Venne, Myles 1978 LLR Venne, Napoleon 1877 >PaK Venne, Oliver see Annance, Oliver Venne, Pierre 1776- RdR>FtE>RdR Vent de Bout see Atin O Watam, Margaret Ventine 1830 >CAL Venus, Adele 1950 BC>ALB/HiL>BC Venyard see also Venier Venyard, Etienne, de Bourgmont 1680-30 FRE>QUE>MIC/Det>LOU>FRA Veracocha, Trideste INC Verbel, Peter 1780 NWY>ORE Vercheres, Sieur De see Jarret, Jean Baptiste Verey, George Dr. 1845/81 ENG>ALB/Cgy>StA/FtE Verhaeg, Joe 1974 Edm Vermet see also Vermette Vermet Bro. 1874 >OnL Vermette see also Vermet Verrette Vermette, Louis Malaterre 1780 CAN>RdR Vermette, Marie Virginie 1835 CHI/Ath Vermilion, Basil 1938- Ota Vermilion, David Anthony 1976- Ota Vermilion, Donna Laurie 1963- Ota Vermilion, Dorothy Virginia 1942- Ota Vermilion, Emily Rosie 1949- Ota Vermilion, Fred James 1940- Ota Vermilion, George 1942- Ota Vermilion, Joseph 1943- Ota Vermilion, Karen Joy 1972- Ota Vermilion, Laura 1943- Ota Vermilion, Lawrence John 1939- Ota Vermilion, Linda 1967- Ota Vermilion, Magloire 1907- Ota Vermilion, Margaret (Tuccaro) 1960 Ota Vermilion, Maria see Vermilion, Marie Vermilion, Marie 1916- Ota Vermilion, Norma Jane 1946- Ota Vermilion, Roy 1960 Ota Vermilion, Tricia Mary 1973- Ota Vermilion, Vince Roy 1969- Ota Verrezzano, Giovanni de 1490 FRA>NA> Verne, Jules 1860 Verney, Celestin 1827 >ORE/WAS/Wal Vernon, M.J.H. 1879 >ALB/FMc> Vernon, Silas 1878/62>ALB>BC>ALB Verrette see also Vermette Verrette, Joseph 1835 CAN>USA/MIC Verrette, Maude 1940/63c USA/MIC Verrezzano, Giovanni de 1500 FRA>NA>FRA Versailes see also Versailles Versailes 1700 FRA>QUE>FRA Versailles see also Versailes Versailles, Louis 1764 QUE>EnR> Verstraete, P. Augustin 1980 BLG Vertefeuille, Jean Baptiste 1784 CAN>NWC/DTh> Vertfieulle, Francis 1800 CAN>WIS/PDC Vertfieulle, P. 1800 CAN>WIS/PDC Vesina see Vezina Vespasian Emp. 100/79BROM Vespucci, Amerigo 1470 ITA>SPN>SA Vestreaud, Marie 1785- QUE Vetch, Samuel Gov. 1690 FRA>NFR/NS> Veudrieul see also Vaudrieul Vandreil Veudrieul, C. 1770 QUE>PeR> Vezina, Donalda (Bigraw) 1960 CRE Vezina, Jean Baptiste 1835 MIC/Mic Vezina, Mary Mathilda (Giroux) 1840 CHP/Mic Vezina, Zotique 1960 CRE Vice, A.A. RMR 1860 >ALB Vick, Edgar 1881-52 ENG>CAN/ALB Vickers, Roderick 1946 ALB Victor Hd.Chf.c1790-70 FLA/Vic Victoria Queen 1800 ENG Victoria, Elizabeth see McDougall, Victoria Elizabeth Victorio Chief 1840 APA/WmS/Vic Victory All Over Woman 1840 KAI Vidgar God myth NOR Vidler see also Fidler Fiddler Vidler 1837 ENG>PaK Vielle see also Leveiller Vail Veille Vielle, Francois 1846 MET>KAI Vien, Pierre see Venne, Pierre Vieux Chasseur, Adel see Lechaseur, Adele Vieux Frene see Frene Vigar 1988 Pas Vigeant, D. 1865 >SK/Reg Vigneau, Antoine 1675 QUE Vigneau, Madeleine (Pichet) 1675 QUE Vigoureux, O. 1942 >FCh Vilas, W.F. Sec. 1865 USA/DC Vilebrun see Villebrun Villa, Panchu 1895 MEX Villard see also Villiard Villard, Rene see Valade, Rene Villasur, Pedro de see De Villasur, Pedro Villebrun 1854 PeR/Dun Villebrun, Brigitte 1805- RdR Villebrun, Isidore 1930 FCh Villebrun, Louis 1780- QUE>RdR Villebrun, Louis 1805- RdR Villebrun, Louise (Collin) 1820- RdR Villebrun, Marian (Indian) 1785- RdR Villebrun, Marie c1938- FCh Villeneuve 1850 >ALB/LSA Villeneuve 1876 >StP Villeneuve 1920 FSi Villeneuve, Adelaide () 1862- LSA/Ath Villeneuve, Albert 1930 Villeneuve, Alphonsine (Vallee) 1930 Villeneuve, Edward 1860- LSA/Ath Villeneuve, Francois 1930 ALB Villeneuve, Francois 1930 ALB Villeneuve, Frederic 1870 ALB/Edm Villeneuve, Helen (Vallee) 1930 ALB Villeneuve, Joseph Marie 1960 ALB Villeneuve, Simone 1985 CRE Villeneuve, Victoria see Vallee, Victoria Villiard NWC 1790 >TrM/COL Villieu, Charles Claude de see De Villieu, Charles Claude Vimy 1845 CAN>USA/NEB Vincent, Anthony 1945 OJI/Mat Vincent, Jean 1726 QUE>MIC/Mic Vincent, Jean () 1776- JBy Vincent, John 1787- JBy>RdR Vincent, John 1796- JBy>RdR Vincent, Thomas 1771- JBy Vincent, Thomas ADeac 1820 MET/ONT/JBy Vinnings, Lily Armson 1880 PeR>LSA Vinson, Laura 1947 Edm Vinson, Thomas 1928 >Jsp Vinson, Yvette () 1928 Jsp Vipasina Agrippina see Agrippina, Vipasina Visitor, Oliver 1977 Wem Vital 1830 MET/RdR>TrM/COL Vital Chief 1895 THL/FtR Vital, J. Bishop 1845 >StA> Vital, John 1925 DEH/Nah/ACh Vitale see Vital Vivaldi 1220 ITA/GEN> Vivasur see Vavaseur Vivian, Brian 1970 ALB Vivian, Josephine 1984- CRE/Edm/IPo Vivier see also Viviers Vivier Fr.SJ 1750 QUE>ILL Vivier, Gustav 1878 >OnL Vivier, Mary Mathilda Ursula () 1909- Keh Viviers see also Vivier Viviers, Marguerite 1900 ALB Vivina see also Vivian Vivier Vuvina 1796 RdR Vivina, Joseph 1816- RdR>FtE Vivina, Mary () 1821- RdR>FtE Vizzini, Don Calogero 1899 ITA/SIC Vlad Drakul HUN Vlad The Impaler see Vlad Drakul Vladimir Gr.Pr. 950 RUS/KIV Vogel, Hilda (Geertsma) 1951 ALB Vogel, Lester 1950 ALB Vogel, Philander 1853 USA/MNT Voice 1867- >RoB Voice, George 1880 USA/MNT Voit, Otto Pvt. 1856 USA>MNT Volkers, Diane 1971 ALB Voller, Caroline 1851-17 RdR Voller, David RCMP 1975 ALB/Cgy Volney, C. Count 1755 FRA>EGY>FRA Volodymyr see Vladimir Von Berhnorst, Joahnn Georg 1796 GER Von Clauswitz see Clauswitz Von Fromhold, Willi Odin 1980- BeL> Von Grodzki, Kiermonyus Michaeli1796 GER Von Hammerstein, Alfred 1900 >ALB>FMc> Von Kalckruch, August F.A. 1796 GER Von Marwitz, Friedrich A.K.L. 1796 GER Von Tonow, Otto Wilhelm K.F. 1796 GER Von Vitetzvar, Joseph F.S. 1796 GER Von Wurttemberg, Adam K. Prince 1796 GER/WUR Von Zepelin, Konstantin G.L. 1796 GER Vos, Dirk 1940 >HiL Voss, John Capt. 1880 BC/Van>FIJ Voudrie, Toussaint see Vaudreuil, Toussaint Vowell Com. 1880 BC Voyageur see also Manger de Lard Voyageur, Benjamine 1914- Ota Voyageur, Benjamine Ernest 1941- Ota>CHI/Ath Voyageur, Bernadette c1953- Ota Voyageur, Charles 1932- Ota>CHI/Ath Voyageur, Edward Frank see Voyageur, Frank Edward Voyageur, Frank Edward 1948- Ota>CHI/Ath Voyageur, Isadore 1912- Ota>CHI/Ath Voyageur, Janet c1944- Ota Voyageur, Maria (Houle) 1924- Ota Voyageur, Mary see Houle, Maria Voyageur, Therese 1915- CHI/Ath Voyageur, Wilfred A. 1944- Ota Vrain see also Frain St. Vrain Vrain, Andrew 1800 CAN>WIS/PDC Vreeland 1850 USA/MIC Vreeland 1850 USA/NWJ Vreeland 1920 USA/MIC Vreeland 1920 USA/NWJ>MIC
------------------------------------------------------------------- | NAME EARLIEST RECORD BAND | ------------------------------------------------------------------- WWW
W?j???, Roger 1875 LLB Wa Pahaska see White Cap Waa Na Taa see Wanaton Waakas see Wakas Waanibe see Sining Wind Waatyanath see Horse Capture Wabamun 1988 Pas Wabanassew see Wapinesew Wabasca see also Wabisca Wabasca 1988 Pas Wabasca, Doreen 1955 Sad/Pas Wabasha see Wape Sa Wabasse see also Wapisew Wabasse, Cornelius 1974 CHP/Web Wabi see also Calahison, John-Jean Wabi Wape Wapi Wabie, Brenda 1974 ALB/LoP Wabigakak 1900 OTT/MIC/StP Wabimas Koah see Bernard, Alexis Wabisca see Bernard, Jean Baptiste Blondin, Antoine Dion, Pierre Dion, Rosalie Wabasca Wapiscaw Wabishkeepenas see Wapis Tepenas Wabiska see Dion, Pierre Dion, Rosalie Wapiscaw Wabiskaskawan see Kaskawan Piche, Jean Baptiste Wabiskaskawan see Kaskawan Piche, Jean Baptiste Wabiskow see Wabasca Wabisca Dion, Pierre Wabistikwan see Richards, Marguerite Wapi Ostikwan Wabistikwanis see Richards, Sophie Collen Wabogene, Jaco 1900 OTT/MIC/StP Wabunmashue see Wapinesew Wacape see Wachape Waccen see Boucher, Jean Baptiste Wachak see also Achak Wachak Ahkop see Ahtakakoop Wachak Ahkopits see Star Blanket Wachak Akoopits see Star Blanket Wachak Akop see Ahtakakoop Wachak Takoopits see Star Blanket Wachak Wiyan see Achak Wiyan Wahchaw Winyan Wachanepawas 1812 LSL Wachanepawas, Lisette 1832 CRE/ Wachanepawas, Makatawak () 1818 LSL Wachanepawus see Machanepawas Wachape Sr. Chief 1741/82 DAK/Ogl/Siy Wachape Jr. Chief 1762 DAK/Ogl/Siy Wachape Ota f 1850 LBB/CTK Wachask see also Machask Wachak Wachask 1827 Pes>Kis>Sip>Chp>LiP>Pou Wachask Ochikwan 1796 >SwG>Pes/TZC> Wachask Ochikwan, Hannah 1816 SwG>Pes/TZC>TZC Wachask Ochikwan, Poboktan () 1800 SwG>Pes/TZC> Wachask Ostikwan see Wachask Ochikwan Wachaskocikwan see Wachask Ochikwan Wachekan see Wackakan Wachien 1815 >FtE Wachis see also Little Mountain Wachis 1766 MiN/ILC Wackakan c1770- NoH Wachter, Christian Jacob 1797 GER>RdR Wachter, Fred 1844 USA/VIR>ALB/KAI Wachter, Lloyd 1912-05 ALB Wachter, Marie A. (Cadieux) 1803 RdR Wachusk see Wachask Wacon see Wakan Wocan Wadabjidjack see White Crane Wadden see Waden Waddens, Jean Etienne see Waden, Jean Etienne Waddington 1840/61>BC Waddler see Sisip Pimotewiw Waddles see Sisip Pimotewiw Waddon see Waden Wade 1760 QUE Wade, Charles H. Stuart 1879 >ALB/FtV> Wade, Jack 1866 >AK/Dye>YK> Waden, Jane see Waden, Josepha Waden, Jean Etienne 1752/82 SWI>USA>SK>CuH>ILC/LaR Waden, Josepha 1750 OJI Waden, Mary see McKay, Mary Wadin Wades in the Water 1925 PIK/SoP Wades in the Water, Julia () 1925 PIK/SoP Wadin, Mary see McKay, Mary Wadin Waditaka, Archie 1923- DAK/Wah/RoP Waditaka, John 1903 DAK/Wah/RoP Wadsworth, Annie (Moon Calf) 1890- KAI/ Wadsworth, J.J. Insp. 1850 >NWMP/ALB Wadsworth, Kitty (Healy) 1920 KAI Wadsworth, T. see Wadsworth, Thomas Wadsworth, Thomas I.A.Insp1860 >ALB/FtE> Wadsworth, William c1880- KAI Wafeokeseen see Wageokesin Wage, William Chief 1856 IRO/Moh Wageokesin 1806 SwG>Pes/TZC Wageokesin, Agnes 1826- Pes/TZC Wageokesin, Tonchongedoobe () 1811 SwG>Pes/TZC Waggon Box Julia 1860 KAI Waghorn, Walter 1869 >ALB Wagimaza Chief 1770/08 DAK/Bru Wagmiza see Wagimaza Wagner 1187 GER Wagner, Ground Diving Woman () 1868- KAI/FiE>PIK/SoP Wagner, Jack 1868 >ALB>KAI/FiE>PIK/SoP Wagner, William 1855 >SK/Qu' Wagpumna Wasiku 1813 FRE>ChT>TZC Wagpumna Wasiku, Benjamin 1846 TZC Wagpumna Wasiku, Jacob 1844- TZC Wagpumna Wasiku, James 1840- TZC Wagpumna Wasiku, Sarah c1833- TZC Wagpumna Wasiku, William 1837- TZC Wagpumna Wasiku, Yoomoo Wiyan ()1818 ChT>TZC Wagpumnawaseegu see Wagpumna Wasiku Wagpwennawaseegu see Wagpumna Wasiku Wah He Muzza see Wahin Maza Wah La Loo see Guess, Walaloo Wah La Ne Tah see Guess, Wahlanetah Wah Nis Stow see Wanistow Wah Pais Ti Quan see Cardinal, Oliver Wapi Ostikwan Wahbiscaw see Wapeskaw Wapiskaw Wahbiskaw, Pierre 1876 Keh Wahchaw Winyan 1750 DAK/Bru>Ogl/Mah Wahchawin see Wahchaw Winyan Wahe Maza see Wahin Maza Waheenee f 1910 HID Wahemuza see Wahin Maza Wahhejoetasseeneen see Wasechun Tasinin Wahhemuza see Wahin Maza Wahhpaisha see Wapaisa Wahin Maza Chief c1775-40cJat Wahin Numpa Chief 1760 DAK/Kuy Wahkegseekoot 1846 Sip/Sik>Oni Wahkeun see Blue Thunder Wahlaloo see Guess, Wa-la-loo Wahlanetah see Guess, Wa-la-ne-tah Wahlitits 1860 NEZ/WhB Wahnaton see Wanaton Wahnistow see Wanistow Wahnitch see Wanich Wahomenin f 1814 WPT>Pes>Kis>Chi Wahonkeza see Walsh, James M. Wahonzagajane see Wakanzagaja Wahoomnin see Wahomenin Wahoommnin see Wahomenin Wahpaisa see Wapaisa Wahpaistequan see Cardinal, Ollivier Richards Richards, Sophie Wapi Ostikwan Wahpaiytuskkewasis see Wapi Taskew Awasis Wahpanace, George 1934 Sau Wahpe Hayo see Wapi Pihew Wahpe Moostoosis see Wapi Moostoosis Wahpee Hayo see Wapi Pihew Wahpee Moostoosis see Wapi Moostoosis Wahpeehayo see Wapi Pihew Giroux, Felix Wahpeemakwa see Wapi Maskwa Wahpei Hayo see Wapi Pihew Wahpei Moostoosis see Wapi Moostoosis Wahpei Muskwa see Wapi Maskwa Wahpeihayo see Wapi Pihew Wahsatnow 1870 MaK>Sad Wahsatnow, Thomas 1899- Sad Wahsatnow, Winnie () 1899- Sad Wahshee, James Chief 1950 DEN/DET Wahtakaw Iskwew see Watakaw Iskwew Wahtukawisk see Watakaw Iskwew Wahwahkeekat 1868 BgB>Ima Wahwahtahkeepew see Wawa Takipew Wahwas Hi Katew Chief 1810 FtU/WMt/Waw Wahwakeekat 1885 CRE/ Wahwas Hi Katew Chief 1810 FtU/WMt Wahwaskasee see Wawaskesew Wahwee Kahotamahhote see Strikes Him Wahweekahnichkaooahmahhote see Strikes Him Wahweekahnichkaotamahote see Strikes Him Wahweekahnik Kahootamahot see Strikes Him Wahweekahootahmahote see Strikes Him Wahwis Hdm. 1856 Chp Wahwishacautee see Wahwas Hi Katew Wahwishakautee see Wahwas Hi Katew Waines, Theodor 1890 >ALB/PeR Wainewright, Griffiths Maj. 1840 ONT>MAN>ONT Wainhouse 1955 USA/CAL>ANG> Waite 1910 >SK/BgR Waite 1988 Pas Waite, William C. 1830 USA Waiting Woman 1875 KAI/FiE Wajwaslasee see Wawaskesew Wakaas see Wakas Wakan Chaga 1815 CAN>SwG/LSA Wakan Chaga, Anne 1839- SwG/LSA Wakan Chaga, Louisa 1842- SwG/LSA Wakan Chaga, Niyenchak Masinatin1822 FtE>SwG/LSA Wakan Chaga, Niyenchakmusinatin see Niyenchak Masinatin Wakan Chaga, Paul 1836- SwG/LSA Wakan Chaga, Thamien 1846 SwG/LSA Wakan Esen f 1828 Pes/TZC>Lap Wakan Goze 1823 Pes/TZC>BPw>TZC Wakan Goze, Agiknagoon () 1826 WPT>BPw>TZC Wakan Goze, Agnes 1846- BPw>TZC Wakan Goze, Jane 1843- BPw>TZC Wakanchaga see Wakan Chaga Wakanzagaja f 1826 TZC Wakaokan see Waskahikan Wakas f 1823 TwD>Msk>See Wakazakaja see Wakanzagaja Wake, Veronica 1960 Wakeman, Joseph 1794 USA/NWY>ORE Wakes Up Last 1883 PIK/SoP Wakes Up Last, Pretty Blanket ()1883/03 PIK/NoP>SoP Wakeya see Blue Thunder Wakimawayan 1817 Pes>Kis>Chi Wakimawayan, Antoine 1845- Kis>Chi Wakimawayan, Isabelle 1840- Pes>Kis>Chi Wakimawayan, Nancy 1843- Pes>Kis>Chi Wakimawayan, Nipi Kayamik () 1823 Pes>Kis/Chi Wakimawayan, Therese c1837- Pes>Kis>Chi Wakimawayan, Wahomenin () 1814 WPT>Pes>Kis>Chi Wakonchaga see Wakan Chaga Wakongoze see Wakan Goze Wakongooze see Wakan Goze Wakonisn see Wakan Esen Wakontchaga see Wakan Chaga Wakonzagaja see Wakanzagaja Wakonzagajane see Wakanzagaja Wakowush see Whippoorwill Wakpatonwan 1821-24 NAK/CTK Walaloo see Guess, Walaloo Walcott, Charles 1880 USA>BC>USA Walcott, Mary (Vaux) 1880 USA>MNT>ALB>USA Waldeck Prince 1860 GER>SK>GER Wales Prince 1875 ENG>ALB>ENG Walker Major 1840 USA>WYO Walker 1988 Pas Walker, Belle 1889 USA/KTY Walker, David 1975 USA/WAS Walker, Howard 1978 SK Walker, James Dustin Michael see Mountain, James Dustin Michael Walker, James F. Col. 1845 >MAN/NWMP>ALB Walker, James 1959 >BeL> Walker, John 1947 ALB/Hob Walker, Johnston 1855 >ALB/FtE Walker, Joseph Reddeford 1813 USA>CAL>WYO>NEV>CAL Walker, Ken 1980 Walker, William HBC 1762 SCO>CRE/Chu>SoB> Walker With Out-Turned Feet 1846 FtP/Sip Walking see Pe Moteyasiw Walking Alone 1885- CyH>RoB Walking Bear see also Maskwa Ka Pi Motew Walkingbear Walking Bear 1824 Msk/MsI Walking Bear Head Ch.1800 P'D Walking Bow HdChf c1745-35cNAK/WPT Walking Buffalo see also Ta Tanka Mani Walking Buffalo Sr. Chief 1890 DAK/Mde Walking Buffalo 1900 YeX Walking Buffalo Jr. 1910 DAK/Mde Walking Buffalo Woman see Crawler, Florence Walking Coyote 1853 MET/P'D/FLA Walking Crow 1821/41 KAI Walking Crow Chief 1850 GWI/Vun Walking Eagle see also Beaver, Morley Walking Eagle 1850- WMt>RoB Walking Forward Chief 1850 PIK/NoP Walking Iron see Mazemun Walking Like a Duck see Sisip Pimotewiw Walking Man see Mister Musho Papamootewin Walking Moose see Moose That Walks Walking Sekelton see Maloolek Walking Spirit see also Manito Pwat Wandering Spirit Walking Spirit 1850/70 Was Walking Spirit 1870 Was Walking Sun see Caraconter, Louis Kwaragkwante Walking Wind see Pemoteyasiw Walking With A Scalp 1872 SIK/Mot Walking Bear, Winston 1975 SK Walks Like a Duck see Sisip Pi Motewiw Walks Underneath 1900 PIK/NoP/BDS Walks Upright see Kasimatotew Wall, Frank 1910 ALB Wall, Hap see Wall, Frank Wall, Mary (McMullen) 1910 ENG>ALB Wall, Peter 1900 >PeR/GrP Wallace 1900 >LAB/INU/Nas Wallace, R.A. 1863 >HiR Wallace, T.A. 1870 >HiR Wallace, William PFC 1890 USA/NWY>ORE>QUE Wallawalla, Catherine c1810- WAL>CRE/RdR Waller Cpl.NWMP1875 >ALB/Let Walling, English 1880 USA/ILL>ALB> Walling, Willoughby 1880 USA/ILL>ALB> Wallowing Bull see also Wallowingbull Wallowing Bull, Fred 1895 ARA Wallowing One f 1831 SOT/Pem>BgB Wallowingbull, Kenneth Sr. 1956 ARA/SHO/WiR Wally, Ronald Corp. 1923 ALB Walmsley, Charles 1859/79>MNT Walpole, Roland 1863 >SK> Walrond, John Capt.Sir1860 ENG Walsh 1988 Pas Walsh, James M. Col. 1844-05>NWMP>ALB>SK> Walsh, Mike 1852 USA>MNT>ALB>MNT Walter, John see Walters, John Walter, Marlene Bear 1996 PIK/ Walters SSgt. 1870 NWMP>SK/Qu'> Walters, John 1849-20 ORK>Sip>FtE Walters, John, Mrs. (Collin) 1865 FtE Walters, Madge Hardin 1910 USA/CAL>ALB/KAI>CAL Walters, Raymond 1921 ALB Walters, William T. 1835 USA Walton 1896 >ALB Walton 1925 ALB Walton, Gary 1945 ALB Walton, John Rev 1853 >ALB/Vic> Wambdi Sapa Chief 1830 DAK/San/Wap/Ink/ Wambdiska see Wambdi Sapa Wambli Hokshi 1860 DAK/San Wambli Okiye 1762-95 DAK/Ogl/Mat Wambdisapa see Wambdi Sapa Wamiquash, John 1840- OTT/MIC/StP Wammi Hokshi see Wambli Hokshi Wan Tengri see Prester John Wanagi c1770- DAK/Ogl/Mat Wanahow 1796 >SwG>Pes/TZC Wanahow, Jane 1825 SwG>Pes/TZC>Pes>Dum>Pig Wanahow, Nambe Esnun () 1796 SwG>Pes/TZC> Wanapin 1785 DAK/Siy Wanapin f 1874 CTK Wanaskokasis 1860 Sas/Ver Wanatch, Marie see Wanutch, Marie Wanaton Hd.Ch 1792/48 YNK Wanderer see Pesew Piche, Louis Joseph Wandering Spirit see also Manitou Pwat Walking Spirit Wanderingspirit Wandering Spirit WrChf 1845/85 Was/SnP>Sip/Chi>JkF>Pap>BgB Wanderingspirit see also Spirit Wandering Spirit Wanderingspirit, Allan Gordon 1959- Ota Wanderingspirit, Amap 1902- Ota Wanderingspirit, Gabriel 1970 Ota Wanderingspirit, Helen 1959- Ota Wanderingspirit, Joseph 1906- Ota Wanderingspirit, Lena 1956- Ota Wanderingspirit, Madeline 1908- Ota Wanderingspirit, Margaret 1955- Ota Wanderingspirit, Marie () 1935- Ota Wanderingspirit, Mary Ann () 1900- Ota Wanderingspirit, Mary Ann () 1916- Ota Wanderingspirit, Mathew 1959- Ota Wanderingspirit, Thomas 1932- Ota Waneta (Lewis) 1830 DAK/ Waniandy 1820 IRO/NAK/Jsp/SwG Waniandy, A. 1978 Edm Waniandy, A. 1978 Edm Waniandy, Adam 1854- Jsp/GrC>LSA Waniandy, Adam Ignace 1863- Jsp/GrC>LSA Waniandy, Anne (Cardinal) 1880 Jsp/SwG/Pau>Ase Waniandy, B. 1978 Edm Waniandy, Baptiste 1843 Jsp Waniandy, Caroline () 1910 Jsp Waniandy, Danny 1917- Ase Waniandy, David 1978 Edm Waniandy, Eneas 1800 IRO>NAK/Jsp/SwG Waniandy, H. 1978 Edm Waniandy, Ignace Nawanionthe 1793 IRO>Ath>Ase Waniandy, James Walter 1927-00 Jsp Waniandy, K.M. 1978 LSL Waniandy, Kusta 1801/21 IRO/NAK/Jsp/SwG Waniandy, L.F. 1978 Edm Waniandy, Laura () 1978 Edm Waniandy, Lizette (Courteoreile)1849 LSA>Jsp/GrC Waniandy, Lizette 1863 Jsp Waniandy, Lizzie (Letendre) 1890/16 Pas/LSA Waniandy, Louis Ignace 1832 IRO/NAK>Jsp/SwG Waniandy, M. 1978 Edm Waniandy, Marie 1839 IRO/NAK/Jsp/SwG Waniandy, Martha see Gladue, Martine Waniandy, Martine (Gladue) 1880 Jsp Waniandy, Modeste 1927- Jsp Waniandy, Nancy Ignace 1852- Jsp>LSA>MET Waniandy, Onyadna Wiyan f 1824 IRO/Jsp>Pes/TZC>Chi Waniandy, Pierre 1870 LSA Waniandy, R. 1978 LSL Waniandy, Thomas 1940 Ase Waniandy, Wallace 1978 Edm Waniandy, Walter 1982 Ase Wanihandi, B. 1978 Edm Wanihandie, D. 1978 GrP Wanich see also Wanutch Wawanich Wanich 1850/70 Was Wanistow Chief 1810/48 TSU Waniyande see Waniandy Waniyandi see also Waniandy Waniyandi, Lucy () 1914 Ase Waniyandi, David 1965 Ase Wankanto Chief 1834 NAK/ Wanutch, Marie 1820 IRO/CRE/LSL Wao Kezatoon c1818- >Pes>TZC? Wao Kezatoon, Jane 1842- Pes>TZC? Wao Kezatoon, Mankagaweez () 1818 Pes>TZC Wao Kezatoon, Susan 1839- Pes>TZC? Wao Kezzatoon see Wao Kezatoon Wap Ohoo see Larocque, Felix Wapa Iskwew see Ouabankikoue, Marguerite Wapacuc 1934 CRE/ Wapahaska see White Cap Wapaisa see Wape Sa Wapanase, Archie 1934 Sau Wapaniskwew see Ouabankikoue, Marguerite Wapasa see Wapasa Sa Un Wapasa Sa Un Chief 1760 DAK/Wps Wapaskaw see also Bernard, Jean Baptiste Wapaskaw, Augustin 1860- Was>Kis Wapaskaw, Joseph 1840 Was>Kis>MaW Wapaskaw, Otiskwawin (Laposse) 1846 Was>Kis>MaW Wapaskaw, Suzanne (Roberts) 1865 >Kis> Wapasoo see Swan Wapinesew Wapass, Delbert 1978 SK Wapasu see Swan Wapinesew Wapatonask see Wapi Tonisk Wapatoni see Wapi Tonisk Wapatonis see Wapi Tonisk Wapaya 1860 NoB Wapazoze see Wawapaza Wiyan Wape see also Wapi White Wape Akos Piyesis see Wapi Akos Piyesis Wape Hayo see Wapi Pihew Wape Maskwa see Wapi Maskwa Wape Mostos Asis see Chatelain, Antoine Wape Mostosis see Chatelain, Antoine Wape Ohoo see Larocque, Felix Wape Pihew Chief 1879 LSL/Gro Wape Sa 1695 DAK Wape Sa Chief 1758 YNK/TtC Wape Sa, Grey Cloud f 1778 YNI/TtC> Wape Sa, Oubachas f 1715 DAK Wapeestiquan see Wapi Ostikwan Wapenesew see Wapinesiw Wapepkeyou see Wapi Piyew Wapesenew see Wapinesiw Wapesiw see Wapisiw Wapeskaw see also Blondin, Antoine Dion, Pierre Pe Wapiskaw Wabasca Wapaskaw Wapeskaw, Pierre see Dion, Pierre Wapestokwa see Wapi Ostikwan Wapgpumnawaseegu see Wakpamna Wasiku Wapahno see Rider, Jonas Wapi see also Wape White Wapi Akos Piyesis 1780 YNK/NAK>CRE>AsW/TwD>Lar Wapi Iskwew 1866 CRE Wapi Kaskawan 1866 Pig>Sam Wapi Kaskawan, Mary 1886 Pig>Sam Wapi Kaskawan, O Misima 1887 Pig>Sam Wapi Kaskawan, O Wa () 1872 Pig>Sam Wapi Kikawakes f 1834 FtE/Lap Wapi Kikwakes see Wapi Kikawakes Wapi Komanikok 1820 AmW>PCh>Kis? Wapi Komanikok O Kasisa 1838 AmW>PCh>Kis? Wapi Maskwa see also Bernard, Alexis Bernard, Joseph Whitebear, Alexis Wapi Maskwa Chief 1844 Kat/MMt/WpM Wapi Moostoos see White Buffalo Chatelain, Wapi Mostos Wapi Mostosis Chatelain Chief 1789 SoB>Str Wapi Mustus see White Buffalo Chatelain, Wapi Mostos Wapi Ostikwan see also Collin, Jean Baptiste Collin, Pierre Wapi Ostikwan 1788- RdR Wapi Ostikwan 1800 LSA/LSL>LSA/Pas Wapi Ostikwan, Charlotte Wapi Ostikwan, Chiskin () 1829 >LSA/Pas>Lap Wapi Ostikwan, Daniel see Cardinal, Daniel Wapi Ostikwan, Jane (Indian) 1790- RdR Wapi Ostikwan, Jean Baptiste see Collin, Jean Baptiste Wapi Ostikwan, Marguerite c1820 LSA/LSL>LSA/Pas Wapi Ostikwan, Olivier Cardinal 1859- Pau/Niy>Pas>Lap> Wapi Ostikwan, Pierre Collin 1818 Pas/FtE Wapi Ostikwan, Sophie Collin 1815- Jsp/LSL>LSA/FtE/Pas Wapi Ostikwan, Susan 1846- Pas Wapi Ostikwan, Wenamaten (Berland824 IRO/Jsp/SwG>Pas/FtE Wapi Ostikwan, William 1843- LSL>Pas Wapi Piyesis see also Giroux, Alexis Giroux, John Larocque, Fred Wapi Piyesis Larocque, Wapi Piyesis Piyepichikwanam Wapi Piyesiw Wapi Piyew Wapi Piyesiw see also Giroux, Alexis Giroux, John Larocque, Fred Wapi Piyesis Larocque, Wapi Piyesis Piyepichikwanam Wapi Piyesis Wapi Piyew Wapi Piyew see also Giroux, Alexis Giroux, Felix Giroux, John Piyepichikwanam Wapi Piyesis Wapi Piyesiw Wapi Piyew 1756 >TwD>Pes Wapi Piyew, George c1835- Pes>Kis Wapi Piyew, Hannah (Okimaw W.) 1775 TwD>Pes>Kis/TZC>Pig> Wapi Piyew, James c1837- Pes>Kis Wapi Piyew, John c1839- Pes>Kis Wapi Piyew, Joseph 1800/67 TwD>Pes>Dum>Pig>Msk Wapi Piyew, Moses 1776 TwD>Pes>Kis>Pig Wapi Piyew, Nancy 1834- Pes>Kis Wapi Piyew, Paul c1830- Pes>Kis Wapi Piyew, Peter 1847- Pes>Kis Wapi Piyew, Stephen Kichayis 1825 Pes>Dum>Pig>Msk Wapi Taskew Awasis f 1869 LuB>Sam Wapi Taskew Awasis, O Ka Sisa 1 1884 LuB>Sam Wapi Taskew Awasis, O Ka Sisa 1 1885 LuB>Sam Wapi Taskew Awasis, O Ka Sisa 1 1886 LuB>Sam Wapi Taskew Awasis, O Misima 1886 LuB>Sam Wapi Tonisk see also White Mud Wapi Tonisk f 1821 Pes>FtE/LSA Wapigaskawin see Wapi Kaskawan Wapiimoosetoosus see Wapi Mustusis Wapikiyaw see Wapi Piyew Wapikiyew see Wapi Piyew Wapikiyin see Wapi Piyew Wapikomanikok see Wapi Komanikok Wapikomanikap see Wapi Komanikok Wapikomanikop see Wapi Komanikok Wapikomunikap see Wapi Komanikok Wapinesiw Hd.Chf.c1700-80cAmW/Wap Wapinesiw O Ka Sisa 1750 AmW Wapipiyas see Wapi Piyesis Wapi Piyew Wapipiyes see Wapi Piyesis Wapi Piyew Wapipiyesw see Wapi Piyesis Wapi Piyew Wapipiyew see Wapi Piyesis Wapi Piyew Wapipyas see Wapi Piyesis Wapi Piyew Wapis see Sutherland, Sally Wapis Tepenas 1810 CHI Wapisiw see also Wapinesiw Wapisiw 1685 Yrk/MiN/Ota Wapisiw 1839 FtE Wapishetekowan see Collin, Peter Wapi Ostikwan Wapishoo see Wapisiw Wapiskasay Kipatow see Minde, Daniel Wapiskaw see also Bernard, Joseph Blondin, Antoine Dion, Pierre Dion, Rosalie Pe Wapiskaw Wabasca Wapiskaw f 1799 FtE Wapiskaw, Pierre see Dion, Pierre Wapiskaw Awas Asis -1821 FtE Wapiskawan see Piche, Jean Baptiste Wapiss see Sutherland, Sally Wapistawis see Janvier, Wapistawis Wapistikwan see Wapi Ostikwan Wapiyesis see Giroux, John Wapi Piyesis Wapiyeew see Giroux, John Wapi Piyew Wapoakos Piyesis see Wapi Akos Piyesis Wapoos see also Rabbit Rabbit Eye Sutherland, Sally Wapoos 1830/47 AsW/FtE Wapoos 1850 Vic Wapoos f 1877 Wes>RoB Wapooscou see Bernard, joseph Wapoose see also Rabbit Wapoos Wapoose Hdm. 1879 Wab/BgS Wapoose, Brandon 1998-99 LRR>FtV Wapoose, Edward 1980 LRR>FtV Wapoose, Monica () 1982 LRR>FtV Wapoose, Reatha 1950 LRR>FtV Wapoose, Sophie 1998 LRR>FtV Wapoosean, Gayleen 1987 SK Wapoosh Ka Pemotst see Wapos Ka Pemotesit Wapoosis 1890 Was Wapoosisitis see Giroux, Louis Wapos see also Wapoos Wapos Iskwew see Sutherland, Sally Wapos Ka Pemotesit, Justine 1834 AmW/Sas Wapos Wiyas, Charlot 1840 CRE Wapos Wiyas, Suzanne 1860 CRE>BiC Waposakos Piyesis see Wapi Akos Piyesis Waposakospiyesis see Wapi Akos Piyesis Waposh see Wapoos Wapoose Wappanassew see Wapinesiw Wappenessew see Wapinesiw Wappis see Sutherland, Sally Wapstikwan see Quinn, Jean Wapi Ostikwan Wapucuc see Wapoosis Wapusasitis see Giroux, Louis Wapoosisitis Wapusis see Wapoosis Wapuyah 1830 >ThC Waquan, Archie Chief 1947- Ota Waquan, Brian Patrick 1966- Ota Waquan, Flora () 1926- CHI/Ath>FtC>Ath Waquan, George 1959 Ota Waquan, John James 1902- Ota Waquan, Marie Celestine 1953 Ota Waquan, Mary Rose () 1922- Ota Waquan, Simon 1950 Ota Waquan-Mercredi, Marie Celeste see Wauquan, Marie Celeste Waquan-Mercredi, Stanley L. 1975 Ota War Eagle see Redbreast, Michael War Eagle That Flies in the Air 1840 DAK/Hun Ward 1865 FtE/Wrd>AsW/Kis>MNT Ward 1862 FtE/Wrd>AsW/Kis>MNT>Pas Ward 1871 FtE/Wrd>AsW/Kis>MNT Ward 1988 Pas Ward, Adelaide 1857-70 Wrd Ward, Adelaide 1863 Wrd>FtP>MET Ward, Albert 1939 Lap>ENG>Lap Ward, Alexander 1849- AmW/Wrd>LSL>MET Ward, Alexis 1847- Wrd>MET Ward, Alfred J. 1867 u/k Ward, Angelic see Bruyere, Angelique Ward, Angelique (Bruyere) 1780- IRO>Jsp>AmW>Wrd Ward, Angelique 1842- Jsp/AmW>Wrd>RdR>Kat/CyH/WMt>MET Ward, Ann see Ward, Nancy Ann Ward, Arthur 1876 u/k Ward, Barney 1965 Lap Ward, Bethsey see Turcotte, Betsy Ward, Betsy (Turcotte) 1825 AmW>Wrd Ward, Betsy 1861 Wrd>AsW/Kis Ward, Bison () 1836- >Wrd Ward, Buffalo see Ward, Buffalo Pound Ward, Buffalo Pound 1845 Wrd Ward, Catherine (Bruneau) 1837 FtE/AmW>Wrd>AsW/Kis>PIK>MET Ward, Catherine 1843- Wrd>MET Ward, Charles F. 1865 u/k Ward, child -1827 AmW Ward, Clark J. 1973 Lap Ward, Clifford 1963 Lap Ward, David 1945 INU> Ward, E. see also Smith, E. Ward Ward, Efe see Boucher, Eva Ward, Eliza 1866- AmW/Wrd>MET Ward, Elizabeth (Turcotte) 1824 AmW>Wrd Ward, Elizabeth (Dumont) 1857 RdR>WMt/Fro>MET Ward, Emilie 1875-79 Wrd Ward, Emilien 1865- Wrd>MET Ward, Eva (Boucher) 1866 FtE>AsW/Kis> Ward, Eva (Boucher) 1861- FtE>Wrd>AsW/Kis>MET Ward, Felix 1864- AmW/Wrd>AsW/Kis>CyH>MET Ward, George 1817 MET>AmW>Wrd Ward, George 1820/70 AmW/Wrd Ward, George 1835-70>AmW/Wrd Ward, George 1862- Wrd/Lap>MET Ward, George Jr. 1876 >MET Ward, Gerald 1981 Lap Ward, Gervas 1860 Wrd>AsW/Kis> Ward, H.A. M.P. 1863 LLB Ward, Henry 1839- >AmW>Wrd Ward, Henry 1898 Lap>ENG>Lap Ward, Isabelle 1859 Wrd>AsW/Kis>PIK>MET Ward, Jacob Joseph 1867- Wrd/Sad>MaW>MET Ward, Jacques see Ward, John Ward, Jack see Ward, John Ward, James Sr. 1831 AmW/Wrd>AsW/Kis>PIK>MET Ward, James Jr. 1851- AmW/Wrd>AsW/Kis>CyH>MET Ward, James 1865 u/k Ward, James 1872 RdR/Wrd>AsW/Kis/CyH>MET Ward, James 1876 LSA>MET Ward, Jane (Lapotac Morin) 1840 Lap>MET Ward, Jane () 1854 LSL/Wrd Ward, Jane 1861-80 Wrd Ward, Jane (Minatoch) 1866- LSL/Ati/Wab>Dun>LLB Ward, Jean Baptiste 1864-70 Wrd Ward, Jean Baptiste 1868- Wrd/LSL/Pas>MET Ward, Jeanne see Lapotac, Jane Morin Ward, John 1778-27 IRE>Sas>AmW>Wrd Ward, John 1837-72 AmW>RdR>CyH Ward, John 1848 Wrd>LSL>MET Ward, John Henry 1856 RdR> Ward, John 1862- Wrd/RdR>CyH>Kis>MET Ward, John 1866 Wrd>LSL>MET Ward, John 1870/70 Wrd Ward, John 1871-76 Wrd Ward, John 1876 LSA>MET Ward, John James 1879- AsW/Kis>MET Ward, John 1934 Lap Ward, John 1910 LRR>FtV Ward, Jonas 1862- Wrd>MET Ward, Joseph 1847 Wrd>Oon/Sad Ward, Joseph 1869-75 Wrd Ward, Joseph Louis Chief 1878 Wrd>Lap Ward, Julien 1879- Wrd>Lap>MET Ward, Kenneth 1975 Lap Ward, Kitty 1843 Wrd Ward, Laurent 1882- Wrd>Lap>MET Ward, Lori Ann 1975- Lap Ward, Louise Sikak 1860- Wrd>MET Ward, Lucie 1877-78 Wrd Ward, Magaline () 1866- RdR? Ward, Marguerite (Ducharme) 1825- RdR>Wrd/AmW>CyH>Kis>MET Ward, Marguerite 1830- AmW/Wrd>RdR/Bra/TuM>MET Ward, Marguerite 1835- AmW/Wrd>RdR/Bra/TuM>MET Ward, Marguerite 1859- RdR/Wrd>AsW/Kis/CyH>MET Ward, Marianne 1861- RdR/Wrd>AsW/Kis/CyH>MET Ward, Marie Anne 1859-70 Wrd Ward, Marie 1867-70 Wrd Ward, Marie Anne (Giroux) 1900 Dpl/LSL/Pas>Lap Ward, Mary 1840- Wrd>MaW Ward, Mary (Hunter/Onachaw Minah1852 Oon/Gdf>Lap/Sad>MET Ward, Mary Anne (Mauson) 1876 LSA>MET Ward, Mary Jane 1897- LSL/Wrd>MET Ward, Marie Anne (Giroux) 1900 Dpl/LSL/Pas>Lap Ward, Nancy Ann 1800- Sas>AmW/FtE>RdR>MET Ward, Nancy 1826- FtE/Wrd>Sip>MET Ward, Nancy 1844- AmW/FtE/Wrd>MET Ward, Norman 1875- AmW/Wrd/AsW/Kis>PIK>MET Ward, Oliver 1957 Lap Ward, Peggy 1858 Wrd>FtE>MET Ward, Peter 1840- AmW>Wrd>MET Ward, Peter 1869- RdR/Wrd>AsW/Kis/CyH>MET Ward, Pierre 1838- AmW/Wrd>MET Ward, Pound see Ward, Buffalo Pound Ward, Robert 2000 Lap Ward, Rosalie Menewi Ost.(Bisson)843- LSL>Wrd>MET Ward, Samuel 1863-70 Wrd Ward, Samuel 1878/78 Wrd Ward, son 1799 Sas>AmW/Wrd Ward, son 1805 Sas>AmW/Wrd Ward, Veronique (Gladue) 1870 Pas>MET Ward, Victorine 1880-01 Kis>FLA Ward, Vitaline 1872-91 Wrd>AsW/Kis> Ward, Vitaline 1879 CRE/Kis>CyH/PIK>MET Ward, W.A. M.P. 1865 ONT Ward, William Chief 1837 Wrd>Wrd/Lap>MET Ward, William 1854 RdR Ward, William 1883 Wrd/Lap Ward, William Jr. 1900 Lap Wardill, William c1930- ALB Wardrobe, Selena Lynn 1980 Wardrop, Katie () 1885/16 ALB Wardrop, William 1885/15 ALB Ware 1940 OSG Ware, G. 1863 MAN>ALB Ware, James see Warre, James Ware, John 1845-05 USA>ALB Wark, Angelique (Bruyere) 1780- IRO>Jsp>AmW>Lap Wark, Jack see Ward, John Warlo, Carol c1946- ALB Warlo, Gordon c1948- ALB Warne, Brent Col. 1975 BC Warner 1988 Pas Warner, Amos 1883 USA/MIN Warner, E.H. 1874 >ALB Warner, Lewis 1800 ONT>ALB/Vic>ONT Warner, Matt 1850 USA/UTA Warner, W.P. 1874 >ALB Warr see Warre, H. James Warre see also Ware Warre, H. James Lt. 1819-98 ENG>QUE>MAN>ORE>QUE Warren Const. 1879 >NWMP>LSL> Warren 1925 >BC>SEK/CAR Warren, G.K. 1835 USA>SD> Warren, Gabriel 1930 ARA/NoA Warren, Mary (Schaffer) 1861-39>MNT>ALB Warren, Richard 1600 ENG>USA/MAS Warren, William 1885 >ALB Warren, William 1880 >ALB Warson, Alice see Watson, Alice Warthand, Charles George 1873 >ALB Warwick, Arthur J. 1879 >ALB> Wasa see also Washaw Wasa Chief 1660 Mtn/EaH Wasa f 1825 WPT>BPw/TZC Wasacase, Joey 1985 Was Wasach 1839 FtE Wasae see Wasa Wasakachak see Whiskeyjack Wisakachak Wasamungun see Wesamungun Wasechu see also Sakapatwe Wesikan Wasechun Tasanin Chief 1828 SwG/TZC Waseekootooskwan see Collin, Jean Baptiste Waseega see Hiedoo Wesikan Waseequssuwisk see Waskiwasaw Iskwew Washa see Wasa Washaw Washakie Chief 1810 SHO/WiR Washaquonasin see Grey Owl Washaw see also Wasa Washaw 1900 OTT/MIC/StP Washburn, Stanley 1870 >ALB> Washesoo Iskwew see Cocking, Agathas Washington, George Pres. 1725 USA Washkaatay see Waskotew Washy Joe see Sakapatwe Washy Lee, (Mrs.) 1864 FtE/EdS Washy Lee 1880 >FtE Washy Lee, Nancy Lemay () 1863 EdS Washy Lee, O Misima 1879 FtE/EdS Wasicu see Wasechun Wasiko Wesikan Wasicu To Kapa see Wasiko To Kapa Wasicutokap see Wasiko To Kapa Wasikasawis see Waskisew Iskwew Wasikasaw Iskwew see Waskisew Iskwew Wasiko see also Sakapatwe Waseechun Wesikan Wasiko 1827 MET>Pig/Dum Wasiko 1868- WPT Wasiko Otoskwan see Collin, Jean Baptiste Wasiko Tasanin see Wasechu Tasanin Wasiko To Kapa spirit myth NAK Wasiko To Kapa 1859 FPk Wasiko To Kapa 1869 CTK Wasikotoskwan see Collin, Jean Baptiste Wasikoochchow Wiyan 1846 YeX Wasiku Tasanin see Wasechu Tasanin Waskahat 1876 FrL Waskahat 1891 FrL Waskahat 1988 Pas Waskahat, Agnes () 1906- FrL Waskahat, Archie 1896- FrL Waskahat, Peter 1929- FrL Waskahat, Rayne 1978 FrL Waskahikan see House Waskaikan see House Waskahtahpayquaymow see Waskatapekwemow Waskatapekwemow 1863 >Sam Waskatapekwemow O Ka Sisa 1 1887 Sam Waskatapekwemow O Ka Sisa 1 1886 Sam Waskatapekwemow O Misima 1 1887 Sam Waskatapekwemow O Misima 2 1886 Sam Waskatapekwemow O Misima 3 1885 Sam Waskataw see also Waskotew Waskataw 1839 FtE Waskeacase see House Weskesew see also Kaskitew Waskesew Red Deer O Waskesew Waskesiw Iskwew see Cocking, Agathas Waskewich see also Waskewitch Waskewich, August 1916- Sas Waskewitch see also Waskewich Waskewitch 1895 Sas Waskewitch 1988 Pas Waskewitch, Glen 1974 OnL Waskewitch, Mary 1907 Sas Waskiakun see House Waskimawayan see Makimawayan Waskisew Iskwew f 1827 Pes>Msk>Kis>Sam Waskoche Peyies see Leclair, Waskochiw Piyew Larocque, Francois Waskochepeyies see Leclair, Waskochiw Piyew Larocque, Francois Waskochi Piyew see Leclair, Waskochiw Piyew Larocque, Francois Waskota see Waskotew Waskote see Waskotew Waskotew 1846 Sip/Dum Waskotew, Josephte 1838 Sip>Ale>Kis>MET Waskoti see Waskotew Wasonaunequa Chief 1750 OJI/Pil Wasp see Amoo Wasu 1794 DAK/Ogl/Mat Wasugya see Hiyedoo Watakaw Iskwew (#53Pas>#97Lap)f 1867 Ale/Pas>Lap Watchapese, Caroline 1932- CRE>CdL Watchful Fox SAK Watchmaker 1863 Keh Watchmaker 1988 Pas Watchmaker, George Jacques 1861 Keh>Kis Watchmaker, Jerry 1929- Keh Watchmaker, John 1929- Keh Watchusk see Wachask Watelle, Alphonse Fr.OMI 1900 >LSA> Water, John see Walter, John Water Bird 1840 KAI/Nit>FiE Water Bird 1845- >RoB Water Bird 1896 PIK/NoP Water Bull 1900 KAI Water Chief see also Waterchief Water Chief H.Chf 1875-45 SIK Water Chief, Albert 1924 SIK Water Chief, Annie (McMaster) 1924 SIK Water Chief, Lorraine 1960 SIK Water Chief, Mary () 1910 Water Chief, Sarah 1944-05 SIK Water Chief, Stanley 1980 SIK Water Chief, Sylvie 1965 SIK Water Chief, William 1905 SIK Water Spider Woman 1896 PIK/ Waterchief see also Water Chief WaterChief, Albert 1924 SIK Waterchief, Eric 2000 SIK Waterchief, Erica 2000 SIK Waterchief, Ernest 1960 SIK Waterchief, Francis Evan 1943-00 SIK Waterchief, Horrace 1985 SIK Waterchief, Joanne 1980 SIK Waterchief, Larry 1980 SIK WaterChief, Lorraine 1960 SIK Waterchief, Marie () 1952 SIK Waterchief, Mario 1985 SIK Waterchief, Marion 1960 SIK WaterChief, Mary () 1910 SIK Waterchief, Natasha 1980 SIK WaterChief, Sarah 1944- SIK Waterchief, Stacey Many Heads 2000 SIK WaterChief, Stanley 1980 SIK WaterChief, Sylvie 1965 SIK WaterChief, William 1905 SIK Waters, John see also Walters, John Waters, John 1900 TSU/YoB Waters, Lydia 1760 DAK Waters, Sallie 1760- DAK Waterspout Chief 1858 DAK/Ogl/Wsp Watie, Stand 1821 CHR Watjess see Wachis Watkins 1835 >ORE/WAS Watkins 1841 Watkins 1885 >ALB Watkins, E.C. Insp. 1855 USA/DC Watkins, H.G. 1905 >LAB> Watoten Chief 1815 ARA Watogla 1855 DAK/Hun Watson f 1858 >NEB> Watson Const. 1900 >ALB/APP Watson, Alice 1846- NWT>ALB Watson, Clementine 1820 USA>ONT Watson, Laura 1846- NWT>ALB Watson, Louis 1847- MET>BLK/KAI?>MET Watson, Mary 1873- ALB Watt, George 1974 GdL Watt, Gordon AFS 1927 >ALB Watt, Peter Chief 1977 GdL Watt-Cloutier, Sheila 1984 INU Watters, Duane Dr. 1940/77 USA/MIC Watts 1890 >ALB Watts, Barry ConRCMP 1976 ALB Watunee, Winston see Wuttunee Watzaga 1915 CHI/Ath Watzaga, Archie 1929- CHI/Ath Watzaga, Louis 1933- CHI/Ath Waugh I.Agt. 1870 USA>ND/TMt Waupisoo see Swan Wavey, Robert Chief 1977 FxL Wawa Aiyihowin see Dressy Man Wawa Takipew 1860 MaA/Ale/Pas> Wawakachin 1930 O'C Wawanich see also Wanich Wawanich 1860 Sip/Bfd Wawapaza Wiyan f 1815 SwG>Pes/TZC Wawapazawee see Wawapaza Wiyan Wawasehoween see Dressy Man Wawasehowin see Dressy Man Wawaskasew 1867 MaA/Ale/Pas>Lap Wawaskasew, (wife) Wawaskasew, O Ka Sisa 1 1884 Pas>Lap Wawaskasew, O Ka Sisa 2 1885 Pas>Lap Wawaskasew, O Ka Sisa 3 1887 Pas>Lap Wawaskasew, O Misima 1887 Pas>Lap Wawatakipew see Wawa Takipew Wawee Kahotamahote see Wawi Ka Ota Maote Waweekanik Kahotamahote see Strikes Him Wawgian Hoksi see Wildman, Daniel Wawhnaybe 1845 Gst/ChT/Bgy Wawi Ka Ota Maotew Hdm. 1855 PaK Wawichakatew see Wahwachi Katew Wawiyeyapis 1828 TwD>Msk>GdF Wawonjegwon Chief 1774 RdL Waychukun see Cardinal, Louison Batoch Wayers, Misa f 1783- RdR>Jsp Waymiah Hdm. 1875 THL/Wul Wayne, Anthony Gen. 1769 USA Waynes, Gina (Howe) 1980 CRE/MET Waysit Kawaykis see Wesit Kawekis Waywasecapow see Wewas Hi Kapaw Waywayseepooweyin see Wewesipooweyin Wazoozoo Keyabin f 1828 Pes/TZC We Trade see Wetrade Weapon X see Logan Weare, Portus 1842- USA/MIC>ILL/Chi>MNT Wearing a Tailfeather Headpiece see Wadsworth, William Wears the Red Headdress see Wapasa Sa Un Weasel see Weaselhead Weasel Bear 1870 ARA/NoA/PaI Weasel Bull Chief 1855 KAI/MyT Weasel Calf Chief 1851 SIK/BPB Weasel Calf 1875 KAI/Hrn Weasel Child, Alice 1936 SIK>CRE/MaW Weasel Child, Donna Joy Catface 1950 SIK Weasel Child, Joseph 1980 SIK Weasel Fat see also Weaselfat Weasel Fat 1890 KAI Weasel Fat 1960 KAI Weasel Fat, Beth 1920 KAI Weasel Fat, Dan 1920 KAI Weasel Fat, Fred 1920 KAI/Hrn Weasel Fat, Kate 1924 KAI Weasel Fat, Katherine 1920 KAI>PIK Weasel Fat, Serena (Big Crow) 1966-01 TSU/Ute Weasel Foot Woman 1890 KAI/Cho Weasel Head see Weaselhead Weasel Horse see Ermine Horse Weasel Moccasin 1875 KAI/KnO/Hrn Weasel Moccasin 1850/78 PIK Weasel Moccasin (Mrs.) 1880 KAI/ASh>KnO Weasel Tail 1857 PIK/Inu? Weasel Tail 1859-50 KAI Weasel Tail, Hate Woman () 1865 KAI Weasel White Calf see Weasel Calf Weasel Woman see Pita Makan Weaselfat see also Weasel Fat Weaselfat 1960 KAI WeaselFat, Serena (Big Crow) 1966-01 TSU/Ute Weaselhead 1850 KAI/SiN Weaselhead, Charles 1930 KAI/Hrn Weaselhead, Evelyn (Catface ?) 1930 SIK Weaselhead, Frank 1944 KAI/ Weaselhead, Frederick 1952 KAI/ Weaselhead, Marcel KAI/TSU Weaselhead, Patrick 1890 KAI/Apu/SiN Weather Bird see Pachaskahan Weatherwax, J.D. 1855 >MNT>ALB> Weaver, C.Y. Col. 1910 >ALB Weaver, Charlesy Riley 1879 >ALB> Webb 1850 >ALB Webb 1900 >PIK/SoP Webb 1940/60>NWT/Nah Webb, Eddie (Edith?) M. 1920 PIK/SoP Webb, Edith 1920 PIK/SoP Webb, Glenn 1950 ALB Webb, James 1947 >Sau>LRR> Webb, Luther E. I.A. 1834 USA>CHP> Webb, Nellie 1890 >ALB Weber, Frank Shorty 1887- GER>BC/SEK/FtG Weber, Shorty see Weber, Frank Webster, Daniel Sec.S 1815 USA/DC>ORE>DC Webster, Milo NWC 1784 >ONT/Kam Wechan 1865 FrL/Oni Wechekan see Cardinal, Louison Batoch Wecheyan f 1816 SwG>Pes/TZC>TZC Wedderburn Countess1795 ENG Wedderburn, Andrew see Colvile, Andrew Weeahe Ju Thin see Crawler, Deanna Weecheewaysis see Wi Chiwew Asis Weed, George M. 1875 >ALB> Weehashoosayyin see Wikaskew Ki Peyin Weekask, Winston Chief 1977 ThC Weekaskoo Keepeyin see Wikaskew Ki Peyin Weekaskookeepayin see Wikaskew Ki Peyin Weekaskookesayin see Wikaskew Ki Peyin Weeks, Charles 1763-84 USA/MD Weeks, John 1790 USA/NWY>ORE Weeks, Stephen 1785 USA/NWY>ORE Weemisticooseahwasis see Mistikoos Weemisticoseahwahn see Mistikoos Weenie, Ada (Atchenum) 1910 Was Weenie, Annie 1933 Was Weenie, Alexander 1909 Was Weenie, Benjamin 1985 Chp Weenie, Betty (Chachees) 1895 Was Weenie, Charles 1930 Was Weenie, Eugene 1930 Was Weenie, Gabriel 1933 Was Weenie, Harriet (Atimyod) 1915 Was Weenie, Jane 1939 Was Weenie, John 1899 Was Weenie, John 1933 Was Weenie, Joseph 1930 Was Weenie, Lawrence 1939 Was Weenie, Lloyd 1933 Was Weenie, Lloyd 1933 Was Weenie, Louis 1933 Was Weenie, Louisa 1907 Was Weenie, Mary (Mustus) 1910 Was Weenie, Mary 1939 Was Weenie, Normand 1933 Was Weenie, Sarah 1933 Was Weenie, William 1903 Was Weenie Mahon 1890 Was Weenusk, Anita c1976- OxH Weenusk, Thomas c1977- OxH Weepaskaw see Wapiskaw Weepuskow see Bernard, Jean Baptiste Weeteekoowkkeahmawoo Hdm. 1855 PaK Weeyeskaskapew see Wiyas Kaskapew Wegner, Lawrence 1970-99 Was Weiker, Lowell Gov. 1915 USA/CON Weinard, Philip 1862 >ALB/HiR Weir 1885/08>NWT/Nah Weir, Isabella (Sutherland) 1820 CRE>AUS Weir, J.B. Capt. 1852 USA>NEB> Weir, John Macdonald 1818 CRE>AUS Weir, John 1970 Weise 1945 >RdL Weise, Jeff 1990/05 RdL Weitzel, Henry c1890- RUM>SK>CRE/MiN/CrL Weiyokanaze 1815 CAN>Pes>SwG>TZC>Oke Weiyokanaze, Emma 1843 ChT>TZC>Oke Weiyokanaze, George 1845- TZC>Oke Weiyokanaze, Jane 1843 ChT>TZC>Oke Weiyokanaze, John 1843 ChT>TZC>Oke Weiyokanaze, Leah 1835- ChT>TZC>Oke Weiyokanaze, Louisa 1838- ChT>TZC>Oke Weiyokanaze, Luke 1837- ChT>TZC>Oke Weiyokanaze, Niya Gikwen Wiyan()1821 SwG>TZC Weiyokanaze, William (1) 1838- ChT>TZC>Oke Weiyokanaze, William (2) 1843 ChT>TZC>Oke Weiyokanaze, Wiyan () 1830 TZC>Oke Wekapaw see also Hi Kapaw Wekapaw 1826 FtP Wekaskokiswyiniw see Wikaskoo Ki Peyin Wekekasawanak Hdm. 1845 Sip/BgB Wekekasawanuk see Wekekasawanak Wekimawayan see Gladue, Wikimaweyinow Wakimawayan Welch Const. 1855 >NWMP>ALB Welch, Charles Sgt. 1855 USA>MNT> Welch, Howard 1900 USA/NMX>MNT>PIK/SoP/Mot Welch, Howard Mrs. (Henkel) 1909 PIK/SoP/Mot Welch, Hugh Eugene 1935 PIK/SoP/Mot Welch, Lora Sue 1960 PIK/SoP/Mot Welch, Mary 1909 USA/NWY/BLK? Welch, Mary Lynn 1960 PIK/SoP/Mot Welch, Norman see Welsh, Norman Welch, Robert 1977 FPk Welch, Roberta Joy 1960 PIK/SoP/Mot Welch, Sheri Lee 1960 PIK/SoP/Mot Welch, Wanda Joy 1939 PIK/SoP/Mot Welcome see Makes Room Welde, Laura 1974 NSG/Git Weldon, R. ConNWMP 1865 >NWMP>ALB Welkey see Wilkie Well Dressed Man see Dressy Man Well Off 1871- >MNT/RoB Welles see also Wells Welles, Jean-Baptiste NWC 1784 CAN>MAN/LkW Wellington, Duke of Duke 1770 ENG Wellman, Mrs. () 1865 ONT>ALB Wellman, Francis Lorn 1883- ONT>ALB Wells see also Welles Welsh Willis Wills Wells 1860 >MuS> Wells 1988 Pas Wells, Abraham 1880 YeQ/RdR>MET Wells, Albert 1940 CRE Wells, Alexander 1879- LPo/MMt>RoB Wells, Alexander 1880 YeQ/RdR>MET Wells, Alexander 1930 NoB>BC Wells, Alexander 1965 MET/ALB Wells, Amelie 1829 RdR Wells, Annie (Crooked Body) 1920 >CRE Wells, Arthur 1940 CRE Wells, Bobby Lee 1970 CRE Wells, Clara () 1881 QUE>BC Wells, Darwin 1958 SOT/Gor Wells, Dennis Wolfe 1989 MET/ALB Wells, Dyck 1940 CRE Wells, Edith Ada 1940 CRE>SIK Wells, Eleanor Anne (Big Snake) 1970 SIK>CRE>SIK Wells, Eleanor () 1965 MET/ALB Wells, Emma 1940 CRE Wells, Forrest 1878 QUE>ALB>YK>BC Wells, Harriet 1940 CRE Wells, Helen 1940 CRE Wells, Ida 1970 CRE Wells, Isaac 1880 YeQ/RdR>MET Wells, James 1892 ALB Wells, James 1900 KAI Wells, James Sr. 1920 CRE Wells, James 1935 KAI Wells, James Jr. 1940 CRE Wells, John see also Welsh, John Willis, John Wells, John 1788- ENG>SK/SoB Wells, John Sr. 1800 >RdR Wells, John Jr. c1820- RdR>NoB Wells, John Jr. 1849 RdR>YeQ/PoP Wells, John III 1880 YeQ/RdR>MET Wells, Josephte (Grant) 1816 Wap>RdR Wells, Josephit see Grant, Josephte Wells, Julie (Tanner) 1849- SOT/YeQ/PoP>MET Wells, Katie 1913- KAI Wells, Laurence 1940 CRE>SIK Wells, Louise 1940 CRE Wells, Marie Athalia 1880 YeQ/RdR>MET Wells, Mary (McKay) 1835 RdR Wells, Mary 1882- LPo>RoB Wells, Mary 1940 CRE>SIK Wells, Mary Ann () 1940 CRE Wells, Mary Jane 1940 CRE Wells, R. see Wills, R. Wells, Robert 1940 CRE Wells, Rocky 1980 ALB Wells, Rosalie 1853- RdR Wells, Roseline 1940 CRE>SIK Wells, Salomon 1880 YeQ/RdR>MET Wells, Samuel NWC 1784 >LkW>RdR Wells, Sheldon 1875/11 QUE>ALB>YK>BC Wells, Stephen 1885- LPo>RoB Wells, Victoria 1989 MET/ALB Welsh, John 1828 FtE Wen Amon c2500B ISR Wenacoma see Quinn, Wenakoma Wenakoma see Quinn, Wenakoma Wenamatan see Berland, Wenamatan Wendigo Chief 1875 LSL/SuC/Bld Wensel see Wentzel Wentzel see also Wenzel Wentzel, Alexander 1832 CHI Wentzel, Charles 1880 MET Wentzel, Emilie 1822 CHI/Ath>EnR>RdR>MET Wentzel, G.F. see Wentzel, Willard F. Wentzel, Willard F. 1779/32 GER>CRE/LRR>KAW/THL Wesamungun f 1830 TZC/BPw Weselake, Veda 1978 SK Wesikan 1870 >Pou Wesikan, John 1890 Pou Wesikan, John dtr. 1910 Sip/Opw/Pou Wesit Kawekis 1856 Pas Wesit Kawekis, wife 1863 Pas Wesit Kawekis, son 1885 Pas Weskapaminakus see Sourichaude, Charles Weskaskosiwapiw 1824 >FtE/Lap Weskaskosiwapiw, Charles 1844 >FtE/Lap Weskaskosiwapiw, Kawanichaskawak () 1829 FtE/KaM>Sip>Swt Weskenape 1827 FtE>Msk Weskanape, John 1841- FtE/Msk Weskanape, Kiya () 1826 >Msk Weskenaape see Weskanape Weskimawayan see Gladue, Wikimaweyinow Wakimawayan Wesley see also Wesley-Beaver Wesley Chief 1974 Cat Wesley, Alice 1912 YeX Wesley, Andrew 1885 Alb Wesley, Anne YeX Wesley, Anthony see Wesley, Tony Wesley, Barry 1960 BgH Wesley, Belva () 1960 >GSt Wesley, Buddy YeX Wesley, Charles 1715 USA/GEO Wesley, Clara 2005- Ksh Wesley, Corey 1990 CHP/ONT Wesley, Ernest Chief 1950 GSt Wesley, Esther (Powderface) Chi Wesley, Everett YeX Wesley, Flora 1821/46 NoH Wesley, Helen () 1960 >Gst Wesley, Ira 1980 Gst Wesley, Jared 2001- Ksh Wesley, John 1715 USA/GEO Wesley, John 1885 Alb Wesley, John 1960 Gst Wesley, Jolanna (Kaquitts) 1980 Gst Wesley, Laurie 1974 CHP/Aro Wesley, Lawrence 1930 Gst Wesley, Lazare 1935 Gst Wesley, Lazarus Rev. 1975 Gst Wesley, Lenny 2000 Gst Wesley, Leslie 2000 Gst Wesley, Lilly () 1970 Gst Wesley, Lora (Stevens) 1940 BPw>GSt Wesley, Mabel 1940 Gst Wesley, Marjorie (Abraham) 1930 BgH>Gst>MaW Wesley, Mary 1865 MoF>Alb Wesley, Mary () 1908 Gst Wesley, Mary Jane 1940 Gst Wesley, Michael 1940 YeX Wesley, Moses Sr. 1899 Gst Wesley, Paul 1920 Gst Wesley, Peter Ta Ota Chief 1853-36 Gst>BgH/Wes Wesley, Peter Mark 1893-89 BgH Wesley, Peter 1940 Gst Wesley, Rose 1940 >Gst Wesley, Susan 1924 Gst Wesley, Teanna 2000 Gst Wesley, Thomas 1947 BgH Wesley, Tony 1980 Ksh Wesley, Una Chief 1964 BPw Wesley, Viola 1940 >Gst Wesley, William 1940 Gst Wesley-Beaver see also Beaver Wesley Wesley-Beaver, Doreen -1991 Gst/BgH Wesley-Beaver, Ike see Wesley-Beaver, Isaac Wesley-Beaver, Isaac 1946-97 Gst/BgH Wesley-Beaver, Judea c1926-80 Gst/BgH Wesley-Beaver, Mary (Poucette) c1930-94 YeX>Gst/BgH Wessican see Wesikan West Dr. 1874 >ALB> West, B. 1900 ALB West, John Rev. 1795 ENG>YkF> West, L.S.S. 1862 USA/DC West, Naomi () 1948 ALB West, Rev. see West, John West, Richard 1948 ALB West, Tex 1948 ALB West, William 1865 FtE Westaway, Frank 1865 >SK Westerman, Floyd Red Crow 1944 DAK Westin see also Weston Westin, Marie () 1862- >MaW Westin, Mois 1851- >MaW Westlake 1785 USA/NWY>ORE>IDA>MIS Weston see also Westin Weston 1905 >BC/CAR Wetah, Andare Drygeese Chief 1833/13cTHL/Wul Wetherill, George 1868/88 USA/COL Wetherill, Richard 1868 USA/COL Wetrade, Charles 1974 THL/RaL Wets It see Wetsit Wetsit Chief 1860 Jat Wetsit, Joshua 1900 Jat Wetzel see also Wentzel Wetzel 1850 USA>MNT Wewas Hi Kapaw Chief 1850 SOT/FEl/WeI Wewas Ikapaw see Wewas Hi Kapaw Weweshanshis Chief OJI/SyL Wewesipooweyin Hdm. 1856 Swt Wewije, Louise 1915-70 OJI/Kam Wey, Joseph 1855 >MNT Weyah see Wiyan Weyahtekawpayo see Laughing Man Weyatechupao see Laughing Man Weymouth, George 1570 ENG>NUN/HBy> Weyth, Nathaniel see Wyeth, Nathaniel Wezo 1850 Was/SnP Whalen, Adam 1985- Edm Whaley, Wanda 1855 ALB Wharry, Steve 1990 Edm/KKr Wheat 1988 Pas Wheatley see also Wheatly Wheatley, George 1926 >Hob>ENG>FRA>Hob Wheatley, Paulete 1985 Hob Wheatley, Ruth 1868- ALB Wheatley, William 1926/44 Hob>ENG>FRA Wheatly see also Wheatley Wheatly, Fanny 1800 IRE Wheeler 1817 USA>WYO>MNT Wheeler, Arthur O. 1855 >ALB> Wheeler, O.A. see Wheeler, Arthur O. Wheeler, William F. Marsh. 1847 USA>MNT Wheels see Fromhold, Joachim Whelan, Rose 1875 LSA Wheth, Arthur D. 1849-57>LLB Whillans, James 1884/55 ONT>ALB Whinecup, Jeremy see Whincup, Gerald Whincup, Gerald 1971- Edm/IPo Whip see Big Plume, William Todd Whipple 1880 >ONT Whippoorwill Chief 1840 SOT/RdR Whirlwind see also La Main Qui Tremble Whirlwind Chief 1830 DAK/Ogl/Tru Whirlwind Chief 1854 NAK/ Whirlwind Bear Chief 1855 DAK Whiskey, Jane (Garneau) 1825 CHP/StM Whiskey, John Chief 1820 OJI/StM Whiskey Jim 1910 KUT Whiskey Lyons see Lyons Whiskeyjack, A??? 1857 Vic/Oon/Lap Whiskeyjack, (wife) 1863 Vic/Oon/Lap Whiskeyjack, Annie 1918- Sad Whiskeyjack, Ben 1921- Sad Whiskeyjack, James 1918- Sad Whiskeyjack, Nicole 1986- Sad>Edm/IPo Whiskeyjack, Philip 1911- Sad Whiskeyjack, Philomene 1906- Sad Whiskeyjack, O Misima 1 1877 Vic/Oon/Lap> Whiskeyjack, O Misima 2 1878 Vic/Oon/Lap> Whiskeyjack, O Misima 3 1879 Vic/Oon/Lap> Whiskeyjack, O Ka Sisa 1879 Vic/Oon/Lap>Gdf Whispering Cliff Faulk see Faulk, Clifford Whistle see Zola Whistler, Joseph N.G. Lt.Col. 1850 USA>MNT>ND Whistling All Night 1896 PIK/NoP/BDS Whitaker, Mary Tobi 1997 CHP/ White see also Wape Wapi White 1900 >Sad White 1988 Pas White, Alfred Speechly 1880 >ALB/FtV> White, Alicia 2000 RdL White, Allen Dr. 1935 ENG>ALB White, Anthony 1974 OJI/#37 White, Bret 1882/02>ALB White, Calvin 1968- FMc>Kik White, Catherine 1833- RdR>FtE White, Cornelius Leblanc see Leblanc, Cornelius White, David 1870 >ALB White, Frank 1862 ONT White, Frederick CompNWMP1862 >SK> White, Genevieve (Black Crow) 1809 NAK> White, George 1869- FtE White, Glorial Alice (Napope) 1950 Edm White, Harold 1953 FMc>Kik White, Henry Leblanc see Leblanc, Henry White, James 1823- NAK>RdR>MET White, James DLS 1864 ONT>ALB>ONT White, John 1842 >MNT>IDA> White, John M.P. 1864 ONT>ALB> White, John R. 1924 ALB White, Joseph 1803 >NAK> White, Leona (Thompson) 1946-73 LLG>Kik>FMc White, Mabel () 1960 Kik White, Maggie () 1873- FtE White, Marcella 1960 Kik White, Marlene () 1945 Kik White, Mary Louise 1936 >Alx White, Michel 1918- Sad White, Nelson P. 1976 ARA/SHO/WiR White, Orville 2000 RdL White, Oscar 1930 ARA/Nor/WiR White, Patrick 1947 Edm White, Philip 1958 Kik White, Regan 1972- FMc>Kik White, Richard 1719 ENG>YkF>ENG White, Thomas Min. 1860 ONT/Ott White, Thomas 1958 Kik White, Velma 1915- Sad White, W.G. 1879 >ALB>LSL> White, William 1600 ENG>USA/MAS White, Genevieve (Black Crow) 1809 NAK> White, James 1823- NAK>RdR>MET White, Joseph 1803 >NAK> White, Marlene () 1947 Kik White, Michel 1918- Sad White, Orville 2005 RdL White, Philip 1945 Kik White, Velma 1915- Sad White Antelope CHY White Antelope Chief 1840 KAI/Isi White Badger Face see Weasel Fat, Fred White Bear see also Bernard, Alexis Morrison, William Wape Maskwa Whitebear White Bear spirit myth MIQ White Bear KIO White Bear 1853 OJI>FtV White Bear 1821 EaH>Pou White Bear That Goes Out see Mato Inpa White Beard see Abraham (Nak) Little Beard (Hid) White Bird see also Wapinesiw White Bird Chief 1845/82 NEZ/WhB White Bird 1860 DAK/Hun White Braid see Minde, Daniel White Buckskin 1860 KAI White Buffalo see also Le Boeuf Blanc Wapi Moostoosis Wanistow White Buffalo Hd.Chf. 1770 KAI White Buffalo Chief 1780 PIK White Buffalo 1868 >Sam White Buffalo, O Wa () 1874 >Sam White Buffalo Chief 1874 CRE/ White Buffalo Chief 1870 KAI White Buffalo Child see Wapi Moostoosis White Buffalo Robe see White Buffalo White Buffalo Woman see Ptesanwin Pte San Winyan White Bull see also Ice Wapi Moostoosis Weasel Bull White Buffalo White Bull Chief 1765 COM/Yam White Bull 1840 KAI White Bull Chief 1856/76 DAK/Hun/Cro White Bull Chief 1856 DAK/Min White Bull, James 1910 KAI White Bull, Joseph see White Bull White Bull Child see Wapi Mostosis White Calf see also Wapi Mostosis White Calf Hd.Chf. 1821-76+PIK/ApA White Calf Hd.Chf. 1845 KAI/Mar White Calf 1873 NoB White Calf 1910 >O'C/Sun White Calf, James c1850-65 PIK>KAI/ApA White Calf, Two Guns Chief 1900 PIK/ApA White Calf Child see White Calf White Calf That Disappears Chf 1839 KAI White Calf That Ran Up..Chief 1837 SIK/WCR White Cap see also Whitecap White Cap Wr Chf 1860 SIK White Child see Mikow Awasis White Chief With One Eye Open see Strange, Thomas White Circle Man BLK/Sin White Clay see Wapi Tonisk White Cloud see also Laurie, John Piche, Jean Baptiste White Cloud 1900 DAK White Cow Walking 1860 DAK/Hun White Crane Chief 1750 CHP/LaP White Crane, Madeleine Kwesewen 1770 CHP/LaP> White Crow Chief 1864 DAK White Dog Chief 1845/87 NAK/Sou/FBe White Dog 1870 KAI White Dog 1860 DAK/Hun White Eagle see also Giroux, Alexis Wapi Piyew White Eagle Chief 1835 KAI White Eagle Chief 1851 SIK/Hit White Eagle Chief 1855 DAK/Hun White Eagle Chief 1856 DAK/Sis/WMt White Eagle 1885 DAK/Hun/LoD White Eagle 1935 SIK White Eagle, Debbie 1975 SIK White Eagle, Michael 1955 SIK White Elk 1856 KAI/Sca White Elk, Arthur 1960 SIK White Elk, Mary () 1915 SIK White Elk, Richard 1909 SIK/ White Eye 1859 NEZ/WhB White Eye 1860 DAK White Face 1855 NAK/KMM White Feathers, William 1900 KAI White Feet Chief 1830 DAK/Hun White Fish see Atikamik Kenoseyo White Flying f 1800 ARI White Fog see Wapi Kaskawan White Forehead Chief see Walsh, James M. White Girl see Fromhold-Mountain, Jennifer Lynn White Governor HBC 1792 YkF White Grass see also Whitegrass White Grass 1835 ATS White Grass Chief 1860 PIK/BuD White Great Chief see White Governor White Guts 1859 DAK White Hair see Cardinal, Oliver Crawler, Hector Kanuktutam Wapi Ostikwan White Head White Hat see Clark, William White Head see also Cardinal, Oliver Wapi Ostikwan Whitehead White Head 1789 PIK/LeB White Headed Chief 1880-40 SIK/EaE White Headed Chief, Angelene 1934 SIK White Hip, Jerome 1975 CRO White Hollow Horn Chief 1846 DAK/Min White Horn see Many Chiefs, John White Horn 1850 KAI White Horse see also Horse, John White Horse 1855- >RoB White Horse Rider Woman see Sunkangan Wiyan White Leggings see Spear Chief, Harold White Little Bull see Wapi Mostosis White Little Dog see White Pup White Lodge Pole see Clarke, Malcom White Man see Mills, Napekwan Monias Moniaw Moonias Wasiko White Man 1878 KAI White Man 1880 PIK/HTK White Man, Stanley 1990 >SIK White Man Left, Jim 1927 KAI White Man Running Around 1920 KAI White Man Runs Him 1856 CRO White Man's Dog 1849 PIK/Nit White Man's Horse 1850/72 PIK White Mountain Sheep Woman see Yanhe Kiska Wiyanshan White Mud Eye see also Wapi Tonisk White Mud Eye 1868 Kis>Kis/Sam White Mud Eye, Betsey () 1847 MaA/Ale/Pas>Lap>Sam White Owl see Hinhan Larocque, Felix White Owl Woman 1890 KAI/Cho White Partrige see also Wapi Pehew White Partrige 1767/93 TZA/LiG White Plastering His Home see Fox, Stephen White Pup Hd.Chf 1845/02 SIK/Bit White Pup, Andrew 1910 SIK/Bit White Pup, Helen () 1910 SIK/Bit White Pup, James Sr. 1926-05 SIK/Bit White Pup, Peter 1910 SIK/Bit White Pup, Willie 1910 SIK/Bit White Quills, Bernice 1964 PIK/SoP White Quiver Chief 1875 PIK/SoP White Raven see Kangi Ska White Robe see Kangi Ska White Shield Chief 1840 ARI White Shield 1850 DAK White Sioux see Walsh, James White Sky 1856- TMt>RoB White Sky, Susan () 1858- SK>RoB White Star 1865 Pia White Star, Mabel () 1886- Pia White Striped Dog Chief 1855 KAI/FiE White Swan see also Old Swan White Swan Chief 1856 CRO>USA/VIR White Tailfeathers, Raymond 1977 DAK/NAK/FPk White Thunder Chief 1830 DAK/Sih White Thunder 1850 DAK/Hun White Thunder Woman 1800 DAK/Ogl White Tooth c1856- DAK/Bru White Topknot 1871 KAI White Whiskers 1850 DAK/Hun White Wine Chief 1875 KAI White Wine () 1880 ONT>KAI White Wolf see also Rainy Chief White Bull White Wolf Chief 1780 HID/Wlf White Wolf 1815/40cCRO White Wolf 1835 KAI White Wolf 1855 KAI/FiE White Wolf, Stole First f 1875 KAI/FiE White Wolverine see Wapi Kikawakes White Woman 1837- Snu>FPk White Young Bull see Wapi Mostosis Whitebear see also Bernard, Alexis Wapi Maskwa White Bear Whitebear 1920 Erm Whitebear, Alexis Whitebear, Louie 1841- >Kis Whitebear, Nancy () 1845- >Kis>Erm Whitebear, Trudy 1983 Sam Whitebird, Dennis Chief 1977 CHP/Rol Whitecap see also White Cap Whitecap Chief 1840 DAK/SAN/MoW Whitecap, Ansel 1924 DAK/MoW Whitecap, Charles 1977 ShL Whitecap, Denny Chief 1977 ShL Whitecap, Edith 1978 ShL Whitecap, Joanne 1985 DAK/CRE/MoW Whitefeather see Grandjamb, Georgina Whitefish see Kenoseyo Whitefish, George Chief 1956 BgR Whiteford see Whitford Whitegrass see also White Grass Whitegrass, M.D. MCpl 1984 >MAN Whitehand, Joseph see Meachum, Joseph Whitehat, William 1885- Sak Whitehead see also Wapi Ostikwan Whitehead, Albert 1926- Ota Whitehead, Andrea (Gray) 1979/99 Ati Whitehead, Bernadette 1952- Ota Whitehead, Christine 1914- Ota Whitehead, Daniel 1925- Ota Whitehead, Edward James 1980 Ota Whitehead, George 1974 CHP/Web Whitehead, John James 1932- Ota Whitehead, Joseph Chief 1937 KUT/Akm Whitehead, Joseph Sr. 1954 Lub Whitehead, Joseph Jr. Chief 1974 Lub>Wdl Whitehead, Katy () 1932 Ota Whitehead, Lester 1979/99 Ati Whitehead, Louise c1938- Ota Whitehead, Mary () 1884- Ota Whitehead, Norah () 1940- Ota Whitehead, Robert Chief 1965 YeQ Whiteknife, Adeline () 1931- Ota Whiteknife, Alex 1923- Ota Whiteknife, Andrew 1939- Ota Whiteknife, Annie () 1935- Ota Whiteknife, Edward 1944- Ota Whiteknife, Emily Mary () 1908- Ota Whiteknife, Jimmy 1927- Ota Whiteknife, Kenneth Maurice 1967- Ota Whiteknife, Lawrence John 1957- Ota Whiteknife, Mary Maggie Irene 1952- Ota Whiteknife, Willie 1935- Ota Whiteknife, William James 1949- Ota Whiteknife, William Albert 1952- Ota Whiteknife, William Douglas 1973- Ota Whitelaw, T.H. Dr. 1870 >ALB/Edm Whitelock 1870 >ALB Whiteman, Channis 1976 CRO Whiteplume, Jake 1920 ARA/NoA/WiR Whitequill, Ernest 1965 CRE Whiteshirt, May 1920 ARA/SoA Whitfield, George 1715 ENG>USA Whitford 1865 Gdf>MAN/RiM Whitford 1870 Vic>MnL>O'C Whitford 1988 Pas Whitford, Alec 1930 O'C Whitford, Alexander 1843 RdR Whitford, Andrew 1839 RdR>WAS/Wal>CRE/Vic>Gdf Whitford, Andrew 1882- Vic/MaW>MET Whitford, Ann 1841 RdR Whitford, Ann 1865 Vic/Sas>Alx Whitford, Ann 1875-19 Vic/Sam/TCr>MET Whitford, Ann 1879- TCr/Sam/Vic Whitford, Anna () 1950 SIK Whitford, Annie see Whitford, Ann Whitford, Archibald 1874- >MaW Whitford, Archie 1877- Gdf/Vic/Pig>MuS Whitford, Betty 1940 SIK Whitford, Brenda 1940 SIK Whitford, C.L. 1865 FtE Whitford, Catherine (Joke) 1800- RdR Whitford, Catherine 1820 CRE/ Whitford, Catherine E. 1885- Vic/TCr/Sam/Vic>MET Whitford, Charles 1838 RdR>Gdf/Vic>TCr>Kis Whitford, Charles 1850 Gdf/Vic>TCr>Kis Whitford, Charles Dtr. 1870 Gdf/Vic>TCr>Kis> Whitford, Charles 1873-73 Vic/Sam>MET Whitford, Chassidy 2000 O'C Whitford, Christina (Spence) 1800- Was>RdR Whitford, Christy 1834 RdR Whitford, Cindy 1990 SIK Whitford, Clayton 1990 SIK Whitford, Colin 1862-43 Gdf/Vic>LLB>MET Whitford, Daniel 1843-37 RdR>Vic>TCr/Sam/Vic>MET Whitford, Dennis -1985 SIK/ Whitford, Donald 1840-27 RdR>Vic>TCr/Sam/Vic>MET Whitford, Donald 1843- RdR>Vic>Pig>Sam>Vic Whitford, Donald 1990 SIK Whitford, Eddie see Whitford, Edward Whitford, Edith 1920- Sad Whitford, Edward Gdf/Vic>MET Whitford, Elizabeth (Anderson) 1859- Gdf>Vic Whitford, Elizabeth 1870 RdR>Vic>TCr/Sam/Vic Whitford, Elizabeth 1875 Gdf/Vic/Pig>MuS Whitford, Elizabeth 1883-52 Vic/TCr/Sam>MET Whitford, Elizabeth 1898- Sam/TCr/MET Whitford, Ellen 1893-51 Vic/TCr/Sam>MET Whitford, Emma 1823 RdR Whitford, Esther (Erasmus) 1911- Gdf> Whitford, Eva 1920 LLB Whitford, Flora 1875-63 Vic/TCr/Sam>MET Whitford, Florence (Ladouceur) 1919- LLB>Vic/Gdf Whitford, Francis see also Whitford, Francois Whitford, Francis 1845/83 RdR>Vic>Pig>MuS Whitford, Francis () 1855- Vic Whitford, Francois 1796- FtS/GoH>Was>YkF>Was>RdR>Pas Whitford, Frank 1876-70 MnL>O'C Whitford, George 1795- RdR>TrM>Vic Whitford, George 1888-56 Vic/Sam/TCr>MET Whitford, Gilbert 1857- RdR>Vic>MaW>MET Whitford, Harriet () 1880 MaW Whitford, Henry 1920 Sas Whitford, Ida B. () 1889-74 LLB Whitford, Isabella 1849 RdR Whitford, Isobel 1903- Sad Whitford, Jack 1900/50 MnL Whitford, James Peter Sr. 1764/18 SCO>FtS>GoH>Was>YkF>Was>RdR Whitford, James Peter Jr. 1795- FtS>GoH>Was>FtE>RdR>WAS/WLW>Vic Whitford, James 1828 RdR>Vic Whitford, James 1833- RdR>WAS/Wal> Whitford, James 1858- RdR>Vic>Kis>MET Whitford, James 1871-89 Pig/Vic/Sam>MET Whitford, Jane 1808 RdR Whitford, Jane (Anderson) 1850 Gdf>Vic>Pig>MuS Whitford, John 1822-33 RdR Whitford, John O Machisk Chf 1824- RdR>FoP>FtE/LSA>TrM>LSA>Wah>Sad Whitford, John 1846- RdR Whitford, John 1875-75 Vic/Sam Whitford, John C. 1882-67 LLB Whitford, John 1909-97 BeL Whitford, Joseph 1965 Whitford, Joseph 1969/08 Edm Whitford, L. 1865 FtE Whitford, Lily (Erasmus) 1883- Gdf>Vic>MET Whitford, Lola () 1990 SIK Whitford, Louisa see Whitford, Louise Whitford, Louise 1886-43 Vic/Sam>MET Whitford, Magnus 1831- RdR Whitford, Marcelline (Dion) 1864- LSA>Vic>MaW Whitford, Margaret 1841 RdR>WAS/Wal> Whitford, Margaret Peggy (Cayen)1853-38 TZ*>Pig/Sam>TCr>MET Whitford, Margaret Peggy (Samson)853-38 TZ*>Pig/Sam>TCr>MET Whitford, Margret () 1853- Wes>TCr/Sam/Vic Whitford, Marguerite Peggy 1796- FtS/GoH>Was>YkF>Was>RdR Whitford, Maria 1985 Whitford, Marie Charlot(Gladue)c1805- RdR>FtE/Pas Whitford, Marie (Spence) 1808 RdR>Vic Whitford, Marie () 1839 RdR>Vic>MuS> Whitford, Marie Kakotistaw(Piche)856- Dum/Keh>Sip>MET Whitford, Marie (Lebret) 1874- Kis>MET Whitford, Marie (Spence) 1892 RdR>WAS/Wal>Vic Whitford, Marie (Cardinal ?) 1895 MuS/Hob Whitford, Mary 1848- RdR Whitford, Mary J. () 1865- Vic/Sas>Sad Whitford, Mary 1880- Gdf/Vic/Pig>MuS Whitford, Mary 1950 Gdf>BeL Whitford, Nancey see Whitford, Nancy Whitford, Nancy Ann 1801- FtS/GoH>Was>RdR Whitford, Nancy 1848 RdR>WAS/Wal>RdR Whitford, Nancy 1895-74cVic/Sam>MET Whitford, Nancy (Cardinal) 1900/74cVic/Sam>MET Whitford, Nellie 1870 Sad/Gdf Whitford, Peggy see Whitford, Margueite Peggy Whitford, Peggy (Cayen) 1853-38 TZ*>Pig/Sam>MET Whitford, Peter 1785- FtS/GoH>Was>RdR>WAS/Wal>Vic Whitford, Peter 1833 RdR>WAS/Wal>CRE/Vic>Gdf Whitford, Peter Jr. 1836 RdR Whitford, Philip 1828- RdR>Vic/Oon>FtE>MaO Whitford, Philip 1857 Vic>MnL>O'C Whitford, Rachel Hildegard () 1850- Vic>Oon>FtE>MaO>MaO>MnL>O'C Whitford, Raymond 1927-97 SIK Whitford, Robert 1889-51 LLB Whitford, Robert 1937 SIK Whitford, Robert 1956- RdD Whitford, Rose 1897- Vic>Gdf> Whitford, Sally 1836 RdR>WAS/Wal> Whitford, Samuel 1845 RdR>Vic Whitford, Samuel 1855- RdR>Vic Whitford, Samuel 1884 >Sad Whitford, Samuel 1890-74 Vic/Sam/TCr>MET Whitford, Sarah (Indian) 1775-45 FtS>GoH>Was>YkF>Was>RdR Whitford, Sarah Jane (Erasmus) 1887- Gdf/MET> Whitford, Simon Sr. 1826- RdR>ALB>Vic Whitford, Simon Jr. 1849- RdR/Vic Whitford, Steve 1905- >Gdf Whitford, Tim 1990 SIK Whitford, Wesley 1911- Sad Whitford, William 1834 RdR>WAS/Wal>CRE/Vic Whitford, William 1881-89 Vic/Sam>MET Whitford, William 1901- Vic/Sam/MuS/TCr>MET Whitford, Willson 1912 Vic/GdF Whitley, Stock Chief 1835 SAL/Cha Whitman, Marcus 1810 USA>WYO>WAS/WAL Whitman, Narcissa () 1815 USA>WYO>WAS/WAL Whitney 1990 TSU Whitney, Charles 1875 ONT Whitney, Colleen () 1980 TSU Whitney, Robert Sgt 1850 >MAN/NWMP>ALB Whitney, D.J. NWMP 1898 >ALB/Let Whitney, Eli 1793 USA Whitney, Flora 1980 TSU Whitney, John Lawrence 1980 TSU Whitney, Joyce 1980 TSU Whitney, Kathy 1980 TSU Whitney, Larry 1980 TSU Whitney, Lee 1980 TSU Whitney, Loyal 1980 TSU Whitney, Lucy 1980 TSU Whitney, Lynne 1980 TSU Whitney, Pat 1980 TSU Whitney, Marge 1980 TSU Whitney, May 1980 TSU Whitney, Monica () 1980 TSU Whitney, Robert Sgt 1850 >MAN/NWMP>ALB Whitney, Roy Sr. 1944 TSU Whitney, Roy Jr. Chief 1964 TSU Whitney, Susan 1980 TSU Whitney, Vicky 1980 TSU Whitney, William 1980 TSU Whitstone, Henry 1938 OnL Whittacker 1970 SIK Whittacker, William 2000 SIK Whittick, Guy 1895 >ALB Whittington, Andrew 1909 >NWT/FtS Whittlesey, Asaph 1834 CHP/StM Who Goes After Them see Lussier, Onacha Minahew Asis Who is Struck in the Back 1865 Msk>StH Whooper, Sally CRE Whymper, Edward 1839- ENG>SWI>ALB> Whymper, Josia Wood 1819 ENG Whyte Lt. 1835 USA>ND Whyte, Catherine () 1930 >ALB Whyte, Peter 1930 >ALB Wi'llikni'lsik see Timu, Michel Wianda see also Waniandy Wianda 1805 IRO/NAK/Jsp/SwG Wicha Wastaka Chief 1855 CyH Wichawastaka see Wicha Wastaka Wichewesis see Wichiwasis Wichiwasis Chief 1879 LSL Wichiwasis, Henri 1880 LSL Wichiwasis, Nancy (Giroux) 1884 LSL/Dpl> Widdicombe, Harry 1878 >ALB/Cgy Widow see Mountain, Irene Wiebe, Jackie see St. Cyr, Jaqueline Wieberg 1940 SK Wiese, Jeffrey see Weise, Jeff Wife see Marie Ni Wa Ni Wacap Wife Stealer see Taylor, Harry Wigg 1950 ALB Wiggins, Jack 1950 ALB Wihaskokiseyin see Wikasko Kipeyin Wihmunke Wakan see Laguivoise, Marie Aioe Wijunjon ee Iyozanzan Wikaskew Kipayin Chief 1815-76 CRO/FLA/CRE/Sip>Swt Wikaskokiseyin see Wikasko Kipeyin Wikimaweyimow see Gladue, Wikimaweyinow Wakimawayan Wikiwam Ka Masina Hi Katew Chief1830 FtE/AmW Wikiwam Kamusenaikata see Wikiwam Ka Masina Hi Katew Wikkimaweyimow see Gladue, Wikimaweyinow Wakimawayan Wilby, A.C. 1910 ENG>ALB/Jsp Wilcox, Walter Dwight 1870 >ALB> Wild 1955 ALB Wild Bob see Murray, Robert Wild Bonoparte see Chat Ka Wild Cat see Piche, Alexis Piche, Louis Wildcat Wildcat Wild Child see Imasees Wild One see Watogla Wildcat, A. CRE/ Wildcat, Clara 1978 Erm Wildcat, Clarence 1983 Erm>USA>IRA>Erm Wildcat, Jolie 1981- Erm Wildcat, Joseph Andrew 1840 Pes>Msk>Vic>Sam Wildcat, Lawrence 1940 Erm Wildcat, Louis Piche 1839- Pes>Kis>EdS>Erm> Wilde, W.B. Sgt. 1857/96>NWMP>SK>ALB Wilder, B. 1865 >ALB/HiR Wildman, Bert 1925 BPw Wildman, Daniel c1840- BPw Wildman, Daniel 1889 BPw Wildman, Daniel 1980 TSU/NAK/BPw Wildman, Earl 1925- BPw Wildman, Enoch 1873 BPw Wildman, Eva 1920 YeX Wildman, Jeannette 1950 YeX Wildman, Jessie 1945 BgH Wildman, Jo-Lee (Simeon) 1980 TSU/NAK/BPw Wildman, Joshua 1909 YeX Wildman, Kimberly (Big Plume) 1984 TSU/Bld>NAK/BPw Wildman, Lionel 1984 TSU/NAK/BPw Wildman, Mary () 1920 BPw Wildman, Murphy 1943-85 BPw Wildman, Ramona (Powderface) 1960 Chi>BPw Wildman, Vidal 1950 BPw Wiley, J.A. 1863 >ALB Wilhelm Kaiser 1888 GER Wilke, Madeleine see Wilkie, Madeleine Wilkes, Charles Cap.USN 1835 USA Wilkey see Wilkie Wilkie 1840 TMt Wilkie 1978 TMt Wilkie, Albert 1930 SOT/TMt Wilkie, Alexander 1774 ENG>RdR>Pes>Dum>RdR> Wilkie, Amable (Azure) 1800 AsW>RdR Wilkie, Bat see Wilkie, Baptiste Wilkie, Baptiste 1820 RdR Wilkie, David 1865 RdR>MNT Wilkie, Jean Baptiste 1800 >Pes>Dum>RdR Wilkie, Madeleine 1840-86 AsW>RdR>Was>MET Wilkie, Marie 1805- RdR Wilkie, Marie 1830 Pes>Dum>RdR Wilkie, Marie 1837 RdR Wilkie, Marie C. 1840 Dum/RdR Wilkins, F.E. 1875 >ALB Wilkins, Fred DLS 1860 >ALB> Wilkinson 1885/06cSCO>NWT/Nah Wilkinson 1910 >ALB Wilkinson Cpl.EPS 1985 ALB/Edm Wilkinson, Anne (Biddle) 1763 NSP/MIS Wilkinson, Charlotte (Montreuil)1820 Wilkinson, James Gov. 1763 NSP/MIS Wilkinson, John c1815-18c Wilkinson, John 1883 >ALB Wilkinson, Mahlon Com.I.A.1840 USA/MIS>DC Will, George P. 1835 USA/SD>ND> Willard 1988 Pas Willcock, Francis 1850 >ALB William 1820 FtE William II King 1669 ENG William Chief 1810 SHU/WmL William (Pas #28) 1862 Pas> William, Betsy 1820- RdR William, Harry Richard see Chapman, Harry Richard William, Paddy see Paddy, William William, Roger Chief 1978 TSL/Xen William, Thomas 1784 >Dau> William of Orange King >ENG William of Paris Gr.Inq. 1280 FRA William One Eye 1847 YeX William The Conqueror King 1040 FRA>ENG Williams 1841 USA/MNT>ALB> Williams 1843 >ALB/Vic> Williams Col. 1860 ONT>ALB>ONT Williams Insp 1870 >NWMP>ALB Williams 1880 ENG>LSA Williams 1923 ALB Williams, Alfred Chief 1949 CHP/HoW Williams, Bill see Williams, William Williams, C.L. 1880 >ALB Williams, Carrie Ellen () 1900 PIK Williams, Catherine M. (Erasmus)1885- Gdf/MET Williams, Charles 1862- FtE Williams, Daniel T. 'Nigger Dan'1835 >FtE>COL>PeR/FSJ Williams, Daniel Prem. 1955 NFLD Williams, Dorothy (Coultis) 1920 MET/CHP>MET Williams, Edith 1915 MET/ALB Williams, Elizabeth Katheren 1900 NW Williams, Ezekiel 1791 USA>COL/ARK Williams, George 1915 MET/ALB Williams, Henry 1842 >FtE Williams, Jean 1980 DAK Williams, Joseph 1948 SOT/Sak Williams, Lily 1915 MET/ALB Williams, Mary 1915 MET/ALB Williams, Nola Estelle 1920 PIK Williams, Oscar 1900 PIK Williams, P.J. I.A. 1868 SK/NoB Williams, Pearl (Fiddler) 1906- StP/Peg Williams, Shirley 1980 Kas Williams, Thomas 1600 ENG>USA/MAS Williams, Thomas 1866/87>YK Williams, Thomas 1892 ALB>GrP Williams, W.H. 1862 ONT>MAN Williams, William "Old Bill" 1787-49 NSP/MIS>OSG>MNT>NMX>IDA/MNT/WYO Williams, William Gov.HBC 1795 ONT/FtW Williams, William Fenwick Sir 1830 ENG>ONT> Williams, Winnie () 1885 LSA Williamson Gov. USA/PEN Williamson, Bryan 1977- Edm Williamson, Rhonda (Payou) 1990 StL Williamson, Ted 1976 PIK/SoP Willier see also Wolf-Willie Willier 1940 Dpl Willier 1988 Pas Willier, Angelique see Gladue, Angelique Willier, Brenda 1960 LSL Willier, Francis A. 1974 SuC Willier, George 1981- LSL Willier, Gordon Coun. 1979 OnL/Pas Willier, Julienne 1900 LSL Willier, Lisette (Gladue) 1806- LSL>MaA/Ale/Pas> Willier, Mathew 1974 SuC Willier, Nakesik 1806 LSL Willier, Raymond 1974 SuC Willier, Roderick 1974 SuC Willier, Rosemarie (Chonkolay) 1945 DET>CRE/LSL Willier, Stacie 1975- LSL Willier, Steve 1974 SuC Willis see also Welsh Wells Wills Willis 1818 USA/MIC Willis 1941 USA/ND Willis, John Sr. XYC 1775 >SoB> Willis, John Jr. 1805 SoB> Willis, Michael Peter 1982- Edm Willis, R. see Wills, R. Williscraft, John see Williscroft, John Williscroft 1988 Pas Williscroft, John 1865/85>FrL Williston 1843 >ALB/Vic> Willock HBC 1790 >Sas>TrM/COL Willoughby, Hugh Sir 1520 ENG>NOR> Willow, Amy 1880 ARA/NoA/WiR Wills see also Wells Willis Wills 1790 ENG>YkF> Wills 1900 MAN Wills, Alexander 1877- CyH Wills, Eliza Mary 1865- RdR Wills, Emily 1842-18 RdR Wills, Harriet 1848- RdR Wills, John see also Willis, John Wills, John Sr. XYC 1775 >SoB> Wills, John Jr. c1820- RdR Wills, John 1847-10 RdR Wills, Josephite see Grant, Josephte Wills, Josephte (Grant) 1790- Wap>RdR Wills, Mary (McKay) 1820- FEl>PoP/WHP/RdR Wills, Mary 1855-56cRdR Wills, Moses Fisher 1862- RdR Wills, R. 1870 CRE>Asi? Wills, Rebecca 1872- RdR Wills, Rosalie see also Wells, Rosalie Wills, Rosalie (McKay) 1860 RdR>CyH> Wills, Rosia RdR Wills, Sidonia RdR Wills, Solomon RdR Willson see also Wilson Willson, Carolyne Napope-White ()967- Edm Willson, Cheryl Ann see Willson, Carolyne Wilmore, Norman Min. 1930 >ALB Wilson see also Willson Wilson 1841 ONT>BC>IDA>BC> Wilson Const. 1861 >NWMP>ALB/FMa Wilson Insp. 1870 >NWMP>SK/DuL Wilson 1895 ALB Wilson Judge 1905 BC Wilson 1930 ALB Wilson 1950 USA>ANG> Wilson, Barbara 1976 HAI Wilson, Bessie see Wilson, Elizabeth Wilson, Bonnie 1950 ALB Wilson, Charles 1883 SCO>ALB Wilson, Daniel 1823 >ALB/FtE Wilson, Dora c1893- ALB Wilson, Edgar 1865 >AK/Dye Wilson, Edna 1885 ALB Wilson, Edward see also Wilson, Thomas, Edward Wilson, Edward 1905 ALB Wilson, Edward 1870 >MuS> Wilson, Elizabeth 1895 ALB/MET Wilson, F.D. HBC 1879 >FtV> Wilson, George see Wilson, Thomas Wilson, Gilbert L. 1890 USA>HID> Wilson, H.C. Dr. 1860 >ALB/Edm Wilson, Heather (McDonald) 1955 ALB Wilson, Henrietta 1893 >ALB> Wilson, Herb 1865 FtE Wilson, James I.A. 1865 >KAI> Wilson, John 1895 ALB/MET Wilson, Leonora () 1869- ALB>MuS/Duh Wilson, Lois 1937 BC>ALB Wilson, Minnie (McDougall) 1860 MET/ONT>ALB/YeX> Wilson, Peter I.A. 1804 USA>MAN> Wilson, Rene 1895 ALB/MET Wilson, Robert N. I.A. 1865 >NWMP>ALB>KAI> Wilson, Stanford 1969-95 Lap Wilson, Terry 1920 ENG>NIG Wilson, Thomas 1860 USA>ALB>NAK/NIP Wilson, Wendy c1947- ALB Wilson, Wilma c1946- ALB Wilson, Woodrow Pres. 1880 USA/DC Wiltse, Anna () 1873 USA/IOW>CAN/ALB Wiltse, Charles Lynn Sr. 1868 USA/IOW>CAN/ALB Wiltse, Charles Lynn Jr. 1888 USA/IOW>CAN/ALB Wiltse, Fred 1888 USA/IOW>CAN/ALB Wiltse, Harrison 1887 USA/IOW>CAN/ALB Wiltzen, Leslie c1967- FCh Wimar, Charles 1838 >ND> Wimunke Wakan 1787- IOW>ILL>ORE/StP/SOT Wincanahe see Winchanae Winchanae 1853 ChH/InK Winchaxa Tonga see Kaquitts, Winchaxa Tonga Winchona 1775 Beh Wind Chief 1871- >RoB Wind Child see Atin Awas Asis Winda, Danielle K.L. 1990-06 SIK Winda, Don 1975 SIK Winda, Kurt 1975 SIK Winda, Lonnie 1975 SIK Winda, Natalie (Big Old Man) 1975 SIK Winda, Perry 1970 SIK Winder 1855 >ALB Winder, Julia () 1857 >ALB Winder, W. Capt 1850 >NWMP>ALB/FMa Windigo see also Witiko Windigo, Peter 1896- Muk Windolph, Charles Pvt. 1856 USA>MNT> Windsor, Earl 1925 NFL Windsor, Joshua O.B.E. 1905 NFL Windy Boy 1952 RoB Windy Boy, Alvin 1976 RoB Winegarden, Darren Justice 1970 SK Wing Woman 1861- Msk>WPT Winger, Debra 1963- USA Wings 1880 KAI/Hrn Winiandi see Waniandy Winifred 1940 >ALB> Winjunjan see Iyozanzan Winkte c1780- DAK/Ogl/Mat Winn 1890 ENG Winn, Alfred 1915 ENG Winn, Evelyn 1915 ENG Winn, Marion () 1935 ALB Winn, Rex 1930 ENG>ALB Winne, Lucie 1965 Ksh Winnie 1920 IRO/GrR Winning Man see Paskeyakewenin Winningham, Mare 1967- USA Winslow, Edward 1600 ENG>USA/MAS Winslow, Gilbert 1600 ENG>USA/MAS Winsor, Jack 1935 NFL>ALB/FtV Winter see Waniandy Winter, W. Roland Judge 1870 >ALB/Cgy Winters, Johnathan 1950 USA Wintke see Winkte Wintsaxatonga see Winchaxa Tonga Wintsonha see Winchona Wintzel see Wentzel Winu f 1812- PAW>DAK/Ogl/Mat Winyanktecha see Winkte Wipes His Eyes 1875 PIK/SoP Wis-ca-a-che see Wiscahache Wiscahache 1780 NoH Wiscoup see Le Sucre Wise, Don Chief 1978 TSL/Yun Wishart, Benjamin 1859- RdR>ALB/BLK Wishart, George 1836 RdR>ALB/BLK Wishart, Herbert H. 1857- RdR>ALB/BLK Wishart, Joseph 1860 RdR>ALB/BLK Wishart, Mary Elizabeth RdR Wisicow 1900 CtL Wisikat c1871- Sas/Sip Wismer, Anna (Yong) 1860 USA/PEN Wismar, Charles 1855 USA/PEN Wismer, Gertrude 1880 USA/PEN Wissler, Clark 1860 >ALB> Wister, Owen 1850 USA Wistilpo Chief 1810 FLA Witapaw Winyan 1794 DAK/Tok Witapawin see Witapaw Winyan Witaskimakan 1805 TwD>Dum>Pig Witaskimakan, Amos 1823 TwD>Dum>Pig>Msk Witaskimakan, child -1847 Dum/Pig Witaskimakan, Isaac 1845- Pig>Msk Witaskimakan, James 1830 TwD>Dum>Pig>Msk Witaskimakan, Jane 1830 TwD>Dum>Pig>Msk Witaskimakan, John 1830 TwD>Dum>Pig>Msk Witaskimakan, Marianne (Chat Ka)1830- WTP>Pig>Msk Witaskimakan, Sakichakaw () 1808 >TwD>Dum>Pig Witaskimakan, Sophia () 1833 >Dum>Pig>Msk Witaskimakan, Susette 1842 TwD>Dum>Pig>Msk Witchewesis see Wichewesis Witeger, C.E. Rev. 1876 >NUN> Witherill, George see Wetherill, George Witigo see Witiko Witiko see also Wendigo Wittago Witiko 1876 Muk Witiko Chief 1876 Wab/Pee Witiko, Margaret 1900 Alx Witiko, Peter 1896- Muk Witikokan 1880 CHI/CdL Witikokan, French Woman () 1880 MAN>CHI/CdL Witikokan, Lazarus 1900 CHI/CdL Witikos 1900 USA/MAS Witikos, Barbara 1930 USA/MAS Witikos, Jeannette 1910 USA/MAS Witrich Wittago see also Witiko Wittago 1896 FMc>Ota Wittago, Ernest 1931- Ota/FCh Wittago, Helen () 1924- Ota/FCh Wittago, Vitaline Veronique 1965- Ota/FCh Wittikow see Witiko Wiwapaza see Iwapaza Wiyaka 1811 DAK/Bru/MiS Wiyan f 1820 ChT/TZC Wiyan f 1829 SwG>TZC>Oke Wiyas Kaskapew 1855 >EdS Wiyas Kaskapiw see Wiyas Kaskapew Wo'A See Cha Wr. Ch. 1830 Wat Wocan 1808 CAR/SLk Woden see also Waden Woden god myth GER Woga see Grasshopper Wokin see Okin Wolf see also Big Wolf Cayen, Joseph Mahikan Mahikan Mahikan Asis Maikins Mark Quinney, Edward Saietta, Ignazio Wolfe Wolf 1864 >Sam Wolf 1878 TSU/Alo Wolf, Agnes () 1903- Sad Wolf, Ernest 1978 OnL Wolf, Isadore Hdm. 1856 MuL Wolf, Joseph 1900 PaK Wolf, Kikohos Hdm. 1856/85 MuL Wolf, Lawrence see Wolfe, Lawrence Wolf, Linda see Wolfe, Linda Wolf, Maxime 1905- >Sad Wolf, O Ka Sisa 1 1884 Sam Wolf, O Ka Sisa 2 1885 Sam Wolf, O Ka Sisa 3 1886 Sam Wolf, O Ka Sisa 4 1887 Sam Wolf, O Misima 1887 Sam Wolf, O Wa () 1871 >Sam Wolf, Samuel 1900 Pak Wolf Boy 1873 BgB Wolf Bull Chief 1860 KAI/Isi Wolf Calf c1790-90 PIK Wolf Chief see also Big Wolf Wolf Chief 1860 HID Wolf Chief 1880 PIK/SoP Wolf Chief 1885 SIK Wolf Child see also Arcand, Mahikan Asis Big Wolf Big Wolf Child Fromhold, Willi Odin von Mahikan Asis Wolf Child 1810 KAI Wolf Child 1810 PIK/NoP? Wolf Child 1842 SIK Wolf Child 1860 KAI Wolf Child, Albert 1901 KAI/Hrn Wolf Child, Elk Woman () 1848 BLK Wolf Child, Guy c1880-73cKAI Wolf Child, Mark 1880 KAI Wolf Child, Sarah 1862-01pKAI>CRE/Kis/MaW>MET Wolf Child, Victoria (Scraping W1910 KAI Wolf Collar see also Wolf Collar, Silas Wolf Collar Chief 1850 KAI/Nit Wolf Collar, George 1915 KAI Wolf Collar, Elizabeth () 1860 SIK>Bit>EaE Wolf Collar, Marie (Running Bird)915-06 SIK/EaE>KAI Wolf Collar, Nora () 1929 SIK/EaE/Bit Wolf Collar, Paul 1909 SIK/EaE/Bit Wolf Collar, Silas 1853-28 SIK/Bit>EaE Wolf Collar, Victoria 1940 SIK/EaE/Api? Wolf Come Into View see Mark Wolf Coming Into View see Mark Wolf Eagle 1855 PIK/SoP Wolf Eagle, Feather Woman () 1862 PIK/SoP Wolf Ear 1822 WPT>BPw Wolf Ear, Hector 1851 BPw Wolf Gun 1905 KUT Wolf Head Chief 1853 PIK/SoP Wolf King Chief MUS Wolf Leg see also Wolfleg Wolf Leg 1870 SIK/EaE Wolf Leg, Allan 1979 SIK Wolf Leg, Francis c1890- SIK/EaE Wolf Leg, Frank Many Guns 1974- SIK Wolf Leg, Mark 1999 SIK Wolf Leg, Marvin Rev. 1974 SIK Wolf Leg, Rosaria (Many Guns) 1980 SIK Wolf Moccasin 1824 ARA Wolf Old Man see also Scraping White, William Wolf Old Man 1830 KAI Wolf Pillow 1822 WPT>BPw Wolf Plume 1870 KAI/AkP Wolf Plume 1875 PIK/HTK Wolf Plume, Charles 1900 KAI Wolf Robe 1890 KAI/FiE/OnS Wolf Robe, Alfred 1896 KAI/FiE/OnS Wolf Shirt 1880 KAI Wolf Shoe, Cecilia (Raw Eater) 2004 KAI/SIK>KAI Wolf Sitting Down 1869 KAI/FiE Wolf Sitting In View see Mark Wolf Sitting On The View see Mark Wolf Tail legend. BLK Wolf Tail Hd.Chf. 1760 CRO Wolf Tail 1860 PIK/Api Wolf Teeth see also Kaquitts, George Wolf Teeth 1850 Msk Wolf Viewing on a Hill see Mark Wolf's Son see Arcand, Mahikan Asis Wolfchild see also Wolf Child Wolfe see also Big Wolf Mahikan Mark Quinney, Edward Saietta, Ignazio Wolf Wolfe, Brenda Wolfe, Dennis Wells 1989 MET/ALB Wolfe, Kelly 1978 Erm Wolfe, Kenneth 1947 Erm Wolfe, Lawrence 1950 CRE/ Wolfe, Linda 1951 CRE/ Wolfe, Maurice 1978 Erm Wolfe, Patricia Wolfe, Peter 1925 Erm Wolfe, Thelma (Moosemay) 1965 CRE Wolfe-Willier 1988 Pas Wolff, Kenneth 1950/86 ALB Wolfindin, David 1950 ALB Wolfindin, Hal 1920 ENG>ALB Wolfindin, Keith 1947 ALB Wolfleg see also Wolf Leg Wolfleg, Fran 1974 SIK Wolfleg, Mark Sr. 1915 SIK Wolfleg, Nicole 1980 Sad Wolfleg, Ruby 1980 Sad Wolford, Jeannie (Deans) 1900 ALB Wolford, James 1873/18>ALB Wolfskin Around His Neck Chief 1840 ATS Wolfskin Man SIK/BrD Wolki, Esther 1990 INU/Tus Wolsley see Wolseley Woolsey Wolseley, Garnet Gen. 1830 ENG>BUR>RUS>IND>CHI> ENG>QUE>MAN>ENG> EGY>ENG Wolstenholme, Joanne 1947 ALB Wolverine see Atspu Ignace, William Jones Logan Wolverine 1858 PIK/Inu Wolverine, Nokoa see Nokoa Wolverine, Piks Aki () 1864 ATS>PIK/Inu Woman see also Aki Iskwesis Iskwew Wiyan Woman Chief see also Okimaw Iskwew Woman Chief Chief 1815-54 ATS/CRO Woman Who Comes Out First/Anna 1870 DAK/Hun/CrK Woman Who Lives in a Bear's Den see Oojeenaheha Woman's Dress DAK/Ogl/Smk Womhatchiskayoo see O Machiskayoo Wonacott, George 1854 >NWMP> Wong, Kunit 1900 CHI/Tri Wong, Shan () 1920- CHI/Tri Wong, Stephen 1972 VAN/Tri Wong Tai 1870 >BC Wonsmol, Andrew 1895 ALB Wood see also Woods Wood Rev. 1845 >MAN> Wood I.A. 1855 >MNT> Wood Insp. 1860 >NWMP>ALB/FMa Wood 1885 Sad Wood, Artemus 1908- Sad Wood, Bella 1912- SCO/ORK Wood, Charles E.D. 1856 >NWMP>ALB/FMa Wood, Charles Erskine Scott 1857 >MNT> Wood, Charles Chief 1938- Sad Wood, Frances 1955 SCO/ORK Wood, Harriet () 1903- Sad Wood, James 1881 >ALB> Wood, James Edward 1886 ALB Wood, Jocelyn Margaret Desjarlais986-04 Sad Wood, John S. I.A. 1850 USA>MNT/BLK> Wood, Kerry 1940 ALB Wood, Leo Desjarlais see Desjarlais, Leo Wood, Leslie 1853 >ALB Wood, Margaret (Coulter) 1900 ALB>BC/Van Wood, Nellie (McDougall) 1863 ONT/NIP>CRE/Vic>RMH>FtE> Wood, Robert 1799 >ALB Wood, Sabrina 1834 ALB Wood, Shane Desjarlais see Desjarlais, Shane Wood, Shannon (Desjarlais) 1951- Sad Wood, Susan 1955 SCO/ORK Wood, Thomas 1884 ALB Wood, W.S. Lt. 1875 USA/ND>MNT> Wood, William see Wood, Leslie Wood Boss see Lawrence, E.J. Wood Chief Woman f 1865 PIK/SoP Woodhouse, Garnet Chief 1980 Pin Woodbridge 1988 Pas Woodcock, Edward 1860 >SK/Bat Woodcock, J. 1766 ENG>NA>SA>AS>AFR>ENG Wooden Ears 1790 EaH>Sou Wooden Leg see Woodenleg Woodenleg Chief 1841 CHY/Nor Woodley, Roy 1896 >ALB Woodling, Geoff see Girard, Frederick Frances Woodling, Goff see Girard, Frederick Frances Woodpecker see Quinn, John Gladue Woods see also Wood Woods, Angeline see Many Horses Woods, Angeline 1881 DAK Woods, Frances see Wood, Frances Woods, Isaac Dr. 1670 ENG>YkF> Woods, John DLS 1875 >ALB> Woods, Maria 1785 USA Woods, Pat 1978 SK Woods, Susan see Wood, Susan Woods, William 1940 ALB Woods Nakoda Woman see Sakapatwan Woods Person see Sakatow Woods Stoney Woman see Sakapatwan Woodsand, H.L. 1935 USA>NUN>NWT>USA Woodward 1863 >ALB Woodward, Charles Chunky 1970 ONT>BC Woodward, Chunky see Woodward, Charles Woodward, Eileen 1950 FMc Woodward, Rocky 1990 >Edm Woodworth, Charles M. LLB 1860 >ALB/Edm Wool, John Gen. 1830 USA>ORE Woolley, Herman 1878 >ALB> Woolrich, Julia 1800 QUE Woolsey see Wolseley, Garnet Woolsey, Thomas see Red Bank Woolsey, Thomas Rev. 1830 >FtE>Vic> Woolsley, Thomas see Woolsey, Thomas Woolworth, Arthur 1905 ARA/SoA Woolworth, Eugene Chief 1910 ARA/SoA Wooly One see Moyami Wopun 1860 MnL>Bfd Word see Ward Wore White Leggings see Spear Chief, Harold Work, Betsy 1825 RdR Work, John 1803 >ALB>TrM/COL Working see O Taskewin Worm 1820 DAK/Ogl/Crz Worm, Jordan 1989- Kaw Worsley, Gump see Worsley, Lorne Worsley, Lorne 1929- QUE Worthen, Asa 1870 USA Worthen, Hannah (Titcomb Noyce) 1870 PIK>USA Worthington, George 1903 ALB Worthington, Myrtle (Bignell) 1906- ALB Worthington, Regina 1930 ALB Worthess One see Collin, Henry Worthy One see Cheechak Wossidio, Georg Christian Fromhold790 GER Wotapashikisikok see Ota Pashi Kisikek Wovoka Chief 1860 PAI Woze 1790 DAK/Ogl Wrangle, F.P. 1805 >BC>TLI> Wrapped Up see Chief Calf, Albert Wray, Fay 1910 USA>ALB>USA Wrede 1876 >BC>SEK/BrL Wren see also Rain Wren 1835 Was Wriggly, J. Com. 1875 >ALB/FCh> Wright 1757 USA>Sas/EaH> Wright 1815 ONT Wright I.A. 1845 >MNT/PIK> Wright 1860 ONT Wright, George H. Col. 1835 USA>ORE>WAS/Wal Wright, James 1864 >BC> Wright, Philemon 1875 USA>ONT/QUE/Ott Wright, Robert Capt. 1835 MIS>ND>MIS Wright, W.F. 1855 >SK/Qu'> Wrigley 1908 >NWT/Nah> Wrinkleside, Lydia 1836 DAK Writer Woman see Masinas Iskwew Writing Woman see Masinas Iskwew Wtrich, Martin 1940/63>NWT/Nah Wuchean see Wackacan Wullren, Brenda see Wullren, Doris Wullren, Doris 1994- USA Wunnestou see White Buffalo Wureth 1740- USA Wurttemberg, Paul W. von Duke 1800 GER>USA>GER Wusiko see Wasiko Wusindja Knetnera see Pinto Bear Wusinja Ainknui see Bearhide Coat Wusinja Knetnera see Pinto Bear Wusindzahainknui see Bearhide Coar Wuttunee 1850 RdP Wuttunee, James 1900 RdP Wuttunee, Winston 1950 RdP Wutunee see Wuttunee Wuwasihooweyin see Dressy Man Wyatt see also Wyeth Wyatt 1845 >MNT Wye 1854 >MNT>ALB/BLK> Wyeth, Nathaniel Jarvis 1821/56 USA/MAS>NWY>MIS>IDA/ ORE/WYO/MNT/ND> Wylie, Anne (Flett) 1885 Ota> Wylie, Harold 1979 FCh Wylie, Horace 1922 FCh Wylie, Jack 1892 >FCh Wylie, James 1930 FCh Wylie, Kenneth 1960 FCh Wylie, Lilian () 1891-93 FCh Wylie, Theresa () 1930 FCh Wylie, Walter 1940 FCh Wylie, William Sr. c1873- SCO/ORK>FCh> Wylie, William Jr. 1910 FCh> Wynkoop Col. 1845 USA>ARK Wynne 1820 ONT/Pen Wynne, David George 1885 Alb Wynohrodnyk, Maria (Whitford) 1985/05 MET Wynohrodnyk, Peter 1980 Wynter, Andrew 1980 SIK Wynter, Paulina 2006 SIK Wynter, Polly (Medicine Shield) 1980 CRE/SIK v.01.01.10
------------------------------------------------------------------- | NAME EARLIEST RECORD BAND | ------------------------------------------------------------------- XXX Xavier, Pierre Francois 1682-61 FRE>QUE>WIS> Xavier, Antoine Hdm. 1856 CHI>CdL Xenophon 430-344BGRK>LYD Ximenez, Fortun 1514/34 SPN>MEX>CAL Xisothros King SUM ------------------------------------------------------------------- | NAME EARLIEST RECORD BAND | ------------------------------------------------------------------- YYY
Y???, Edouard 1875 LLB Ya Keyabe see Yaha Keyabe Yachakomo see Yechekenew Yachimo see Yachomo Yachomo f 1821 >Pes/TZC>TZC Yaeskatayen 1820 Pes/TZC>Chi Yaeskatayen, Nancy 1840 Pes/TZC>Chi Yaeskatayen, Onyadna Wiyan () 1824 >Pes/TZC>Chi Yaeskatayen, Susan 1846 Pes/TZC>Chi Yaha Keyabe f 1839 TwD>TZC Yaha Pabe see Yakoopabe Yaha Sapa see Black Rock Yaha Wiyan see also Yanha Wiyan Schaffer, Mary Yaha Wiyan f 1816 TwD>SwG/ChT Yahe Keyabe see Yaha Keyabe Yahe Weha see Yaha Wiyan Yahyahkasches see Saddleback, Yaya Kasches Yakeleya, Gordon 1978-08 KAW/Sat/Tul Yaketon 1867 TZA/GrP Yakoopabe 1810 SwG/ChT Yakoopabe, Mary c1830- SwG/ChT Yakoopabe, Saka () 1815 SwG/ChT Yakoopabbe see Yakoopabe Yakwemoo 1896 Wab Yale HBC 1785 CAN>FCh>RdR>Van Yalowica, Shawn Michael 1986/06 Edm Yamakapo f 1838 LSL Yanhe Kyichka Wiyenshan 1850 BPw Yanhe Wihan see Yanhe Wiyan Yanhe Wiyan see also Yaha Wiyan Yanhe Wiyan 1853 AsW/Kis>YeX/BPw Yanik, Lawrence 1906 >FCh Yard, Mylor C. 1820/40 ONT Yarmuch 1988 Pas Yarn, G. 1950 BC>AK>NWT>NUN> Yarn, George NWC 1784 >LcF Yassiwis see Sarcee Yataseekoo see Yatasikew Yatasikew f 1816 LSL/LSA Yates, Emily 1940 NWY>ALB> Yates, Francis Mary (Johnson) 1942 ALB Yates, John 1888 >ALB/Jsp Yates, Leslie Diane Stubbs 1962- ALB Yatoose Chief 1880 TZA/FSJ Yatsallie 1794 DET Yatsallie, Annie () 1934- DET Yawassaney see Leclair, Awas Inew Yawonek myth KUT Yaya Kasches see Saddleback, Yaya Kasches Yayahtooway Hdm. 1846 MuL Yayakootyawapos 1820 >BgB Yayataskinin see Belanger, William Year see Waniandy Yechekenew 1820 FtE Yehonsumonska see Sand Bar Yellow see also Osawa Yellow Bear 1848 ARA/Sou Yellow Bear 1865 Oni Yellow Belly see also Cardinal, Francois Yellow Belly Chief 1800 CRO/YlB Yellow Bird see also Bruneau, Jean Baptiste Yellowbird Yellow Bird 1791 TwD Yellow Bird c1864- DAK/San/SpE Yellow Bird f 1870- CHY Yellow Bird 1878 TMt Yellow Bird, Albert 1967 CRE/MaW>KAI Yellow Bird, Myra () 1967 CRE/MaW>KAI Yellow Bird Woman see also Scalplock, Linda Ann Yellow Bird Woman 1860 PIK/Kut Yellow Black Fox 1855 DAK/Bru Yellow Blanket 1857 AsW/Msk>RdP>Pou Yellow Blanket f 1886- Kat>RoB Yellow Body see Cardinal, Francois Yellow Buffalo Stone Woman 1850 KAI/AkP Yellow Bull 1848 NEZ/Jos Yellow Bull Chief 1870 KAI Yellow Bull, Mike 1890 KAI Yellow Calf see also Caldwell, George Yellowcalf Yellowcalf 1850 Pas/YCf Yellow Calf Chief 1864 YCf/O'S Yellow Child see Stewart, William Osawa Awas Asis Yellow Crane see Fafard Yellow Creek 1890 KAI/FiE Yellow Dog Chief 1857 DAK Yellow Eagle Chief 1830 DAK/Ogl Yellow Eye Chief 1900 Sun Yellow Eyes, J. Chief 1914 Sun Yellow Eyes, Thomas 1925 Sun Yellow Face see also Yellowface Yellow Face Chief 1930 O'C Yellow Fish see Rose, Charles Yellow Fly see also Yellowfly Yellow Fly Chief 1968 SIK/ Yellow Fly, Art 1960 SIK Yellow Fly, Carmen see Medicine Shield, Carmen Yellow Fly, Cecile () 1940 SIK Yellow Fly, Emma Jane 1960 SIK Yellow Fly, Ernest 1960 SIK Yellow Fly, Gibbon 1960 SIK Yellow Fly, Gordon 1960 SIK Yellow Fly, Jane (Boy Chief) 1915 SIK Yellow Fly, Keith see Yellowfly, Keith Yellow Fly, Kenneth 1960 SIK Yellow Fly, Noel 1960 SIK Yellow Fly, Percy Chief -1968 SIK Yellow Fly, Percy 1928-05 SIK Yellow Fly, Theodor 1898-50 SIK Yellow Fly, Virginia 1960 SIK Yellow Forehead 1784 Ass Yellow Goose see Ka Osawa Niskew Yellow Hair see also Belanger, Osawacoup Custer, George Decoigne, Francoise Hamelin, Solomon Hatsinston, Pierre Osawinasew Tete Jaune Solomon, Moses Sutherland, "Yellow Hair" Wasonaunequa Yellow Face Yellowhair Yellow Hair 1910 ARA/Sou Yellow Hair, Gus 1910 ARA/Sou Yellow Hair, Mary () 1910 ARA/Sou Yellow Hair Woman see Hinziwin Yellow Head see also Tete Jaune Yellow Face Yellowhead Yellow Head Chief 1810 SOT Yellow Horn see also Yellowhorn Yellow Horn 1836 KAI Yellow Horn Hd Chf 1855 PIK/NoP Yellow Horn Hd Chf 1900 PIK/NoP Yellow Horn, Albert 1920 PIK/NoP Yellow Horn, Clayton see Yellowhorn, Clayton Yellow Horn, Joanne (Watechief) 1978 PIK/NoP Yellow Horn, John Hd Chf 1920 PIK/NoP Yellow Horn, Peter Hd Chf 1960 PIK/NoP Yellow Horn, Thomas 1978 PIK/NoP Yellow Horse see also Yellowhorse Yellow Horse Hd Chf 1835/25cSIK Yellow Horse 1850 DAK/Hun/StB Yellow Horse, Charles SIK Yellow Horse, Emile 1950 SIK Yellow Horse, Eunice 1900 SIK Yellow Horse, Jo-Anne SIK/ Yellow Horse, Neil 1890 Kat Yellow Horse Rider see Weasel Moccasin Yellow Kidney 1849 PIK/Nit Yellow Kidney, Buster 1942 KAI Yellow Knee see Yellowknee Yellow Lodge see also Yellow Tipi Yellow Lodge 1868-23 TSU/Bld Yellow Man see Le Grande Jeune Homme Yellow Mink see Otakai Yellow Mud Blanket see Yellow Blanket Yellow Old Man see Creely, William Yellow Old Woman 1870 SIK Yellow Old Woman, Adrian 1960 SIK Yellow Old Woman, Betty () 1936 SIK Yellow Old Woman, Betsy see Yellow Old Woman, Betty Yellow Old Woman, Darlene 1930 SIK Yellow Old Woman, Darlene Chf. c1954- SIK Yellow Old Woman, Debbie (Wh.Eag)975 SIK Yellow Old Woman, Edward Sr. 1930 SIK Yellow Old Woman, Edward Jr. 1950 SIK Yellow Old Woman, Eve 1950 SIK Yellow Old Woman, Fred 1960 SIK Yellow Old Woman, Gordon 1950 SIK Yellow Old Woman, Jenna (Medicin)960 SIK Yellow Old Woman, Kyfer 1989-06 SIK>CRE/Nik Yellow Old Woman, Melvin 1969 SIK Yellow Old Woman, More Than A Hand60 CRE/SIK Yellow Old Woman, Sylvia () 1960 SIK Yellow Old Woman, Tyrone 1950 SIK Yellow Old Woman, Theresa () 1950 SIK Yellow Old Woman, Vicky () 1950 SIK Yellow Old Woman, Vincent 1901 SIK Yellow Old Woman, Vincent 1950 SIK Yellow Old Woman-Munroe, Darlene see Yellow Old Woman, Darlene Yellow Oldwoman see Yellow Old Woman Yellow Painted Lodge see also Yellow Lodge Yellow Painted Lodge 1845 KAI Yellow Plume 1867 Sip Yellow Quill see also Yellowquill Yellow Quill Chief 1840 SOT/YeQ Yellow Robe 1896 PIK/ Yellow Rock see Osawa Asini Sah Sabik Yellow Serpent Chief 1827 CAY/WLW Yellow Sky Chief 1846 JkF>YSk>Moo Yellow Sky 1857 >Pou Yellow Snake 1871/86 KAI/Sca Yellow Star 1880 KAI Yellow Stone see Osawa Asini Sah Sabik Yellow Tail 1860- >RoB Yellow Thunder 1839 DAK/Hun Yellow Tepee see Yellow Tipi Yellow Tipi see also Yellow Lodge Yellow Tipi Hdm. 1860 NAK/Sou Yellow Wolf Hd.Chf. 1811 CHY Yellowbear, Craig see Auger, Dwayne Yellowbird see also Bruneau, Jean Baptiste Yellow Bird YellowBird 1791 TwD Yellowbird Chief 1949 Sam YellowBird, Albert 1967 MaW>KAI Yellowbird, Dwayne see Auger, Dwayne Yellowbird, Edith 1949 MaW/SBy Yellowbird, Lydia 1950 Yellowbird, Mark 1949 MaW/SBy Yellowbird, Marvin Chief 1978 Sam YellowBird, Myra 1967 MaW>KAI Yellowbird, Norman Chief 1939 Sam Yellowcalf see also Yellow Calf Yellowcalf Hdmn. 1850 Pas Yellowcalf, Amelia 1910 MaW Yellowdirt 1956 Ale Yellowface see also Yellow Face Yellowface, Billy see Yellowface, William Yellowface, James 1900 O'C Yellowface, Lawrence 1994 O'C Yellowface, William 1970 Sam Yellowface O'Chiese Chief 1820 MAN>CyH/LBB>O'C Yellowfly see also Yellow Fly Yellowfly, Carmen (Medicine Shie)980 CRE/SIK Yellowfly, Keith 1980 SIK Yellowhead see also Tete Jaune Yellow Face Yellowhead Cardinal 1850 Alx/Pau>MaA>PCr>Kee Yellowhorn see also Yellow Horn Yellowhorn, Clayton 1992 PIK/NoP Yellowhorn, Joanne () see Yellow Horn, Joanne Yellowhorn, Thomas see Yellow Horn, Thomas Yellowhorse see also Yellow Horse Yellowhorse, Charles 1970 SIK Yellowhorse, Jo-Anne (Many Guns)1970 SIK Yellowknee 1967 Wab>FtV>LSL Yellowknee 1988 Pas Yellowknee, Adrian 1974 Wab Yellowknee, Albert 1925 CRE/ Yellowknee, Charlene c1989- FCh/Ota> Yellowknee, Gurlie 1910 FCh Yellowknee, Lorraine (Cardinal) 1967 FtV>Wab>LSL Yellowknee, Ricky Sr. 1964 >Edm Yellowknee, Ricky Jr. 1984- Edm Yellowknee, William 1950 ChL Yellowquill, Peter Chief 1970 LoP Yellowstone Kelly see Kelly, Luther L. Yellowtail, Thomas 1938 PIK Yeast Powder Bill 1855 >MNT>ALB> Yeoman 1924 ALB Yeoman, Bill see Yeoman, William Yeoman, James 1865 Gdf Yeoman, William 1960 FtV Yewell 1885 >ALB Yeywahoaw 1845/65 SnP Yide, Amandau 1955 MAL/FUL Yogananda, Paramahansa Swami 1930/52 IND>USA Yohin, Charles c1898- DEH/Nah/ACh Yong, Anna see Young, Anna Yoomoo Wiyan f 1818 ChT>TZC Yoomoowee see Yoomoo Wiyan Yooya, Moise 1978 CHI/Des/BlL York 1785 USA>MIS>MNT>ORE>MNT>MIS York, Edith 1970 FCh York, James 1825 >FtE> York, Nancy (Beaudoin) 1827 FtE>LSA Yorkton, Charlotte 1806- MIN>ALB/MuS>Ale>MET Yorkston, Charlotte see Yorkton, Charlotte You see Niya You Are A Pine Tree see Ka Minahikas You Are A Waiting Man see Kiya Chi Iskwa Napew You Are Good Lookig see Ki Nakowa Na Chinawak You Have a Good Soul see Lacombe, Albert You Have Many Eagle Feathers see Ka Michet O Kehew-wak You Pray see Niya Chage You Will Be In The Dark Woman see Ka Nipewin Iskwew You Will Be Sleeping Woman see Ka Nipewin Iskwew You Worship see Niya Chage Youmans, James see Yeoman, James Young see also Younge Young Dr. 1844 ONT>MAN/RdR>ONT Young 1904 ALB/Stu Young, Adelia 1888-60 ONT>ALB Young, Agent see Young, John Young, Alfred 1960 SIK Young, Allen 1850 >NWT>NUN> Young, Anna 1860 USA/PEN Young, Anne 1880 LLB>FtE Young, Annette (Oldfield) 1870-47 ONT>ALB Young, Archibald 1871 Young, Birdie 1877- Mor/Cgy>LLB Young, Bish see Young, Young, Brigham 1820 >UTA Young, Cam AFS 1930 ALB Young, Charlotte () 1803 IRE>ONT Young, Connie () 1960 SIK Young, Earl 1920 ALB Young, Edward George 1968- CaL Young, Egerton R. Rev. 1865 >ALB> Young, Etta 1890 ONT>ALB Young, Florence 1920 ALB Young, George Rev. 1855 >RdR Young, Gilbert 1960 SIK Young, Harrison Stevens HBC 1850/06>FtE>LSL>Mor/Cgy>LLB>FtE Young, Hilda Edith (Sundberg) 1888 USA/WAS>ALB Young, Hugh 1870 ONT Young, James 1865-32 ONT>ALB Young, Jane () 1850 CRE/ONT/Swa Young, John 1803 IRE>ONT Young, John I.A. 1857 USA>MNT/PIK> Young, Joseph 1845 ONT Young, Joseph Victor 1888 ONT>ALB Young, Kenneth Chief 1974 CRE/MAN/AFN Young, Laurie Anne 1990 SIK Young, Libby (McDougall) 1858 ONT>NIP>Vic>RMH>FtE> Young, Lillian 1908-20 ALB Young, Louise 1960 SIK Young, Madeline 1978 ShL Young, Major see Young, John Young, Mark 1980 MAN/Wpg Young, Neil 1943- MAN/Wpg> Young, Norman 1908 ALB Young, Richard Bish. 1850 >FtV> Young, Thomas NWC 1784 >FtE> Young, Trent 1993 Sam Young, W.B. 1865 >ALB> Young, Walter 1750 >NUN> Young, Wilson 1920 ALB Young Arrow Maker 1859-79 PIK/SoP/RBT Young Bear Chief Chief 1855 PIK/SoP/Kut Young Beard HBC 1670 MAN Young Big He Bird see Wildman, Daniel Young Black Crow 1849 DAK/Hun Young Blackfoot see Ka Michet O Kehew-wak Young Boy see also Little Boy Little Child O Simimiw Awasis Small Boy Small Child Young Boy 1871 CRE/ Young Buffalo see Crawler, Hector Mark, Paul Young Bull Head see Bull Head Jr. Young Cayewa see Brazeau, Joseph Young Chief see Maski Pitonew Okemaisis Onachaw Minahew Asis Youngchief Young Chipeewayan see Young Chipewyan Young Chipewyan Chief 1856 Chp>ThC Young Cree see Miskwa Mayew Young Eagle 1849 DAK/Hun Young Eagle Child 1922 PIK/SoP Young Evergreen see Little Pine Young Gauche Chief c1800-38 WPT Young Girl see Iskwew Asis Little Girl Young Grass see Uskooskoosish Young Gull see Kiaskoosis Young Ignace see La Mousse, Ignace Young Indian see Miskwa Mayew Young Kiowa see Brazeau, Joseph Young Lefty see Young Gauche Young Magpie see Okeeweehow Young Man see Ayoungman Koskach Le Grande Jeune Homme Skinawa Youngman Young Man Afraid of His Horses see Ta Sunke Kopipapi Young Man With Short Chin 1832 TwD>Msk Young Man With Six Fingers 1832 TwD>Msk Young Medicine Man 1818/40cNAK/FtE Young Medicine Man 1854/72 KAI/BeP Young Pig see Kokosis Thompson, David Young Pine see also Little Pine Young Pine Chief 1850 KAI/AkP Young Pine, Joseph c1900- KAI/AkP Young Preacher see McDougall, John Young Premier 1801 NAK/Low/Jat Young Shingoose see Shingoose, Young Young Sun Chief 1850 KAI/BeP Young Sweetgrass see Nahpesis Young Thunder spirit myth BLK Young White Bull see Wapi Mostosis Young White Man 1834 >KUT/AkN> Youngchief see Okemaw Asis Onacha Minahew Asis Youngchief 1890 FtP Youngchief, George 1928- Keh Younge see also Young Younge, Peter 1855 USA>ALB Younger, Cole 1855 USA/IOW Youngman see also Ayoungman Koskach Le Grande Jeune Homme Maski Pitonew, Youngman Skinawa Youngman 1850 Msk>WMt>TMt Youngman, Alma (Crowchief) 1935 SIK Youngman, Arthur see Ayoungman, Arthur Youngman, Eleanor Anna(Big Snake1970 SIK>CRE>SIK Youngman, Jason 1998 SIK Youngman, Leo see Ayoungman, Leo Youngman, Louise see Pretty Young Man, Louise Youngchief 1911 Sas/Keh Youngchief, George 1928- Keh Younker 1988 Pas Youpe, Louis Allen NAK/Sou Your Husband see Kisenim Yours see Noskiye Yourself see Niya Niyas Youtnah Peewin see Kaquitts, Frank Yowa Naze 1817 WPT>BPw>TwD>Pes>TZC Yowa Naze, Anne 1845- TwD>Pes>TZC Yowa Naze, David c1837- WPT>BPw>TwD>Pes>TZC Yowa Naze, George 1842- TwD>Pes>TZC Yowa Naze, Kapeya Chaya Mita Akwasiw () 1823 TwD>Pes>TZC Yowa Naze, Mark c1837- WPT>BPw>TwD>Pes>TZC Yowanaze see Yowa Naze Yowwanaze see Yowa Naze Yuen, Charles 1875 >ALB Yuen, Jim see Yuen, Nep Yuen, Nep 1860 HNK>BC Yussuf, Hassan 1980/05>ALB/Edm Yutinowatum see Utinowatum Yuyan 1811 SwG>Pes/TZC>TZC Yuyan, James 1839- Pes/TZC>TZC Yuyan, Leah 1 1831- Pes/TZC>TZC Yuyan, Leah 2 1833- Pes/TZC>TZC Yuyan, Susan 1835- Pes/TZC>TZC Yuyan, Teyaknawinde () 1820 SwG>Pes/TZC>TZC Yuyan, Wecheyan () 1816 SwG>Pes/TZC>TZC Yuza c1803- CRO>DAK/Siy>Ogl/Mat Yuzikapi, Alvin 1974 DAK/StB Yves, Jacques 1947 FRA>ALB>
------------------------------------------------------------------- | NAME EARLIEST RECORD ASSOCIATION | ------------------------------------------------------------------- ZZZ Zacharias, Mousie c1977- FtV Zahn, F.B. 1895- MET/DAK/Hun/Yan Zahn, William 1856 USA>DAK/Hun/Yan Zama Chief 1900 DET/Asu Zamora, Ralph 1860 UTE Zanyeo f 1825 SwG>TZC>Pes> Zaptze Tapitapiw see Sitting on an Eagle Tail Zariku Prince 2230B ASS/Asu Zastre, Charlotte 1799- CHI/Ath>RdR Zeno 1370 SCO/ORK>GRN> Zeno, Antonio 1975 SCO/ORK>GRN> Zepelin, Konstantin Gottlieb L. 1785 GER Zephryn 1900 ONT/Bis Zeus God myth GRK Zima, Carol c1951- ALB/HiL> Zimmerman,Robert 1947 USA Zimmerman, Tim 1977 CHP/CRE/TMt/LiS Zink, Dionys 1975 GER Zinkham Const. 1869 >NWMP>ALB/KAI> Zola 1785 DAK Zolar 1940 USA Zombie see Turkey Head Zopyrian Gen. 410/330BMAC/GRK Zosee 1831 CHI/Buf Zuzueca see Zuzuecha Zuzuecha Chief c1750- DAK/Kiy/M'd Zwodesky, Gene Min. 1975 ALB
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