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Sa'pang 1950 TOR Saakowaikanasoyi see Water Chief, Sarah Sabatini, Gabriela 1978- Sabawina see Sawabina Sabine, Edward Gen. 1810 ENG>CAN/ONT>RSA>AUS>IND>IRE Sabistain see Sebastian Sabit, Grace SOT/FiL Saboorin, Baptiste see Sabourin, Baptiste Sabourin, Baptiste 1921 DEH/Ech/Pro Sabourin, Catherine Sis. 1942 >FCh Sabourin, Cecile Lafontaine 1868 RdR/CyH>MuS/MET Sabourin, Cecile LaFournaise 1868 RdR/CyH>MuS/MET Sabourin, Floyd 1974 OJI/PcM Sabourin, Samuel 1984 OJI/PcM Sac A Tout Mettre Hdm. 1775 Sas/BeR Sacagawea see Sacajawea Sacajawea c1790-84?SHO/Leh>CHP>HID>SHO Sack for All Things see Sac A Tout Mettre Sack to Put All Things In see Sac A Tout Mettre Sackaney, Peter 1885 Alb Sackenreuter 1895/51>ALB Sackenreuter, Rosa Maria 1930 ALB Sackrider see Sackenreuter Sacred see also Holy Natoiyas Natos Sacred Buffalo Stone see Natoiyas Siskim Sacred Dagger 1890 KAI/Cho Sacred Otter see Natoiya Mon Sacred Woman 1810 KAI/FiE Saddleback 1940 Sam Saddleback 1988 Pas Saddleback, Abraham 1930 Sam Saddleback, Alfred 1950 Sam Saddleback, Asia 2008- Sam Saddleback, Bapt. Kehewnam Chf 1923 Sam Saddleback, Bert 1950 Sam Saddleback, Candice 1980 Sam Saddleback, Claude 1973 Sam Saddleback, Denise () 1950 Sam Saddleback, Eddie 1980 Sam Saddleback, Elishia 1993 Sam Saddleback, Evan 1990 Sam Saddleback, Flora 1950 Sam>Mnt Saddleback, Gregory Marshall 1985- Sam Saddleback, Joseph 1950 Sam Saddleback, Kyle 1987- Sam Saddleback, Linda Ann (Scalplock)949- Sam>SIK Saddleback, Linda (Mirriam) 1950 SIK>CRE/Sam Saddleback, Linda 1950 Sam Saddleback, Maureen see Saddleback, Noreen Saddleback, Melvin 1970 Sam Saddleback, Myra 1967 CRE/MaW>KAI Saddleback, Noreen 1985 Sam Saddleback, Roderick 1977 Sam Saddleback, Toni 1984 MaW Saddleback, Vernon 1967 Sam>KAI Saddleback, Yahyahkasches see Saddleback, Yaya Kasches Saddleback, Yaya Kasches 1925 Sam Saddleback, Yvonne 1950 Sam Saddleman, Josie 1975 OKA/UNi Saga see Saka Sagapature see Sakapatwe Sagard, Gabriel Bro. 1602 FRA>QUE>HUR Sage, Rufus 1822 >NMX>COL>UTA> Sage Hen 1875 TMt Sagiscanap, Annie 1947- CHI/Ath Sagiscanap, Elizabeth 1914- CHI/Ath Sagiscanap, Esther 1897- CHI/Ath Sagiscanap, Joseph Philip 1940- CHI/Ath Sagiscanap, Julian Mark see Adam, Julian Mark Saguingoira see Gauthier, Jean Baptiste Gauthier, Joseph Saguinguira see Gauthier, Jean Saguriou see Gauthier, Jean Baptiste Gauthier, Joseph Sah Awkoki Napi see Back In Sight Sah-car-gar-we-ah see Sacajawea Sah Sabik 1870 OJI/BgO Sahapichikanam see Piyepichikwanam Sahcargarweah see Sacajawea Sahsahkamoos see Sakamoos Sahsahkoomoos see Sakamoos Sahiela Winyan 1770 CHY>DAK/Mat Sahielawin see Sahiela Winyan Sahiye see also Cree Sahiye Huste 1857 NAK/Upp>FtB Saia see Cree Said, Bargash King 1850 ZAN Said, Majid King 1836 OMN/ZAN Said, Sayid King 1805 OMN/ZAN Said, Thuwein King 1836 OMN Saietta, Ignazio 1885 IRA/SIC>USA/NWY/MAF Saiha Wian see Yanhe Wiyan Saiha Wiyan see Yanhe Wiyan Sail see Wells Sailor see La Fleur, Pima Asiwin Saini, Dilesh 1978- Cgy St. Amant, Joseph 1794 CAN>ORE St. Amour de L'Assomption 1732 QUE>Mac St. Andre, Louis 1729 QUE>Mic St. Andre, Pierre 1729 QUE>MIC St. Andrew Bobola 1637/57 POL St. Ange 1704 QUE>KAN>ARZ> St. Angela Merici 1535/50 St. Arnaud see Arnault St. Arnault St. Arnauld see St. Arnault St. Arnault, u/k 1810 FRE>FtE St. Arnault, Aniskaypimooghtayoo see St. Arnault, Aniskepimoktayew St. Arnault, Aniskepimoktayew 1867 LSL St. Arnault, Benjamin Sr. 1830-70>Cal St. Arnault, Benjamin Jr. 1860-70 Cal St. Arnault, Bonaventure 1798- QUE> St. Arnault, Constance 1898 LSL St. Arnault, David 1870 Cal St. Arnault, Ellen see Noskiye, Ellen St. Arnault, Genevieve (Contre) 1817- NWT St. Arnault, Helene (Callihoo) 1846 Cal> St. Arnault, Louisa (Gladue) 1867- Pas>LSL>MET St. Arnault, Marianne (Centsous)1816 Cal St. Arnault, Marguerite (Gladue)1872- LSA/Pas>Cal St. Arnault, Marie 1840 Cal>RMH>AsW>LSA St. Arnault, Marie 1870 Cal St. Arnault, Mary 1898 LSL St. Arnault, Xavier 1870 Cal>MET St. Arsene Sis. 1874 >Hob> St. Bernard of Clairveaux 1098 FRA>JER/Temp St. Bernadette -1879 FRA St. Bernadette of Sienna -1440 ITA St. Brenan The Navigator 540 IRE St. Burah see St. Pierre St. Castin Baron 1650/07 FRA>NS>ABN St. Castin, Bernard Anselmd 1660 ABN/MET St. Castin, Jean Vincent 1670 ABN/MET St. Castin, Marie-Mathilde () 1650 ABN St. Castin, Marie 1670 ABN>FRA St. Catherine Laboure -1873 St. Catherine of Sienna 1600 ITA St. Charbel Maklouf -1898 LEB St. Clair see also Sinclair St. Clair, Agnes 1940 SOT/TMt St. Clair, Louis 1940 SOT/TMt St. Clair, Rognavoldl see Sinclair, Rognavold St. Clair, Rollo see Sinclair, Rognavold St. Coeur de Marie Sist. 1870 >Hob> St. Cyr see also Cerre Cyr Sinclair St. Cyr Chief 1870 SOT/TMt St. Cyr 1960 >HiL St. Cyr, Allain 1978 ALB/Edm St. Cyr, Andre S. 1978 ALB/HiP St. Cyr, Arthur DLS 1867 >ALB> St. Cyr, D. 1978 ALB/Edm St. Cyr, Edmond 1978 ALB/HiP St. Cyr, Elsie (Cummings) 1805- Dau> St. Cyr, Francois Rouillard 1735- QUE>Tim St. Cyr, I. 1978 ALB/Edm St. Cyr, J. 1978 ALB/StA St. Cyr, J.B. 1821 CRE/ St. Cyr, J.B. 1870 Ota St. Cyr, J.B. DLS 1870 >ALB> St. Cyr, Jacqueline Wiebe 1960 MAN>ALB St. Cyr, Jean Baptiste 1766- CAN>ALB/Mac>TrM/COL>CRE/FtE St. Cyr, Jean Baptiste 1860 CHI/CRE>CRE/LRR St. Cyr, Joseph see Cyr, Joseph St. Cyr, Julie (Mercredi) 1790- D'O> St. Cyr, K. & K. 1978 ALB/Edm St. Cyr, Karen () 1978 ALB/Edm St. Cyr, Lori 1978 ALB/HiP St. Cyr, Louis Francois 1720 CAN>Tim St. Cyr, Louis 1797- CAN>ORE>CRE/FtE St. Cyr, N. 1978 ALB/Edm St. Cyr, Nancy () 1799- FtE/Sas St. Cyr, Noel Francis 1978 ALB/HiP St. Cyr, P. 1978 ALB/HiP St. Cyr, Paul 1978 ALB/Edm St. Cyr, Rene 1978 ALB/HiP St. Cyr, Rene 1978 ALB/HiP St. Cyr, V. 1978 ALB/HiP St. Cyr, Valery 1978 ALB/HiP St. Cyre, Jean Baptiste see St. Cyr, Jean Baptiste St. Denis see also Junchereau, Charles Paquette, Marguerite St. Denis 1810 ONT>BC> St. Denis, Francois 1767- CAN>RdR St. Denis, Francois 1787- RdR St. Denis, Guillaume 1860 >Kis> St. Denis, Lisette (Indian) 1770- RdR St. Denis, Marguerite Paquette see Paquette, Marguerite St. Denis, Marie (Nipissing) 1860 SwG/Pau>Kis>MET St. Duthac 1200 SCO St. Elizabeth Fromhold 1207 GER/THU>POL/SIL St. Francis Xavier -1552 St. Friole, Jean 1756 CAN St. Germain, Angelique 1788- Ath/Mac>RdR St. Germain, Baptiste 1770 CAN>ONT/Mch St. Germain, Buffalohead 1755 CAN>Ota> St. Germain, Francoise 1770- RdR St. Germain, Francoise 1790- CHI/Ath/Mac>RdR St. Germain, Joseph 1796- CAN>StM St. Germain, Kurt MCpl 1975 MAN St. Germain, Lemaire 1770 CAN>ONT/Mch St. Germain, Marguerite 1824 MiN> St. Germain, Marie (Cadotte) 1800- StM St. Germain, Paul 1755 CAN>Ota> St. Germain, Pierre 1750 CAN>CHI/Ath/Mac St. Germain, Pierre 1865 >FtE>MET St. Germain, Venance 1764 QUE>Sas/Sip St. Germaine see also St. Germain St. Germaine Fr. 1855 >WMt> St. Germaine, Charles 1980 MET/ALB/PaP St. Germane see St. Germain St. Girinaux 1841 MET/RdR>CyH>RdR St. Goddard, Archie 1976 PIK/SoP St. Goddard, Bernard 1976 PIK/SoP St. Goddard, James 1976 PIK/SoP St. Grasse, Jacinto 1770 >MIS> St. Ignes Sist. 1873 >StP> St. Jaccou, Hippolyte Mary 1784 CAN>Ath St. James 1775 CAN>MAN>RdR/Ass> St. Jean, Real 1957 LLB/Ath St. Joan of Arc St. John of the Cross St. Josaphat -1623 St. Laurent 238/58 ROM St. Laurent, Louis P.M. 1920 ONT St. Lazare 1704 QUE>KAN>ARZ> St. Louis, Grant 1851- RdR>ALB/Cgy St. Luc, Alexander 1890- LSA St.-Luc, Peter 1865 >FtP>LSA St. MacLou Bro. 540 IRE>NA> St. Margaret Piast Fromhold 1200 POL/SIL St. Marie, Buffy 1970 Pia St. Marie, Francois Marie 1685 CAN/Det St. Martin, Antoine 1784 CAN>LLB/DTh St. Martin, Archange 1768 MIC/Det St. Martin, Joseph 1784 CAN>EnR>TrM/ORE/CHN St. Math, Angelique (Letenore) 1805 NWT St. Math, Martin 1798- NWT St. Math, Paskostikeyanis 1849 TuL> St. Mathe see St. Math St. Michel, Louis 1791 >MIS>SD>WYO>IDA>ORE St. Olivier Sist. 1872 >OnL St. Omar see De St. Omar, Geoffrey St. Onage, Jean Gareau see Gareau, Jean St. Pascal Baylon St. Patrick Sist. 1874 >OnL> St. Paul, Captain Chief 1840 SHU/Kam St. Peter, Margaret 1876- ONT/Pen St. Pierre see also Gauthier de La Verendrey, Pierre La Pierre St. Pierre Chief 1860 KUT/Low St. Pierre 1775 CAN>MAN>RdR/Ass> St. Pierre, Angelique (Bruneau) 1770- RdR/Ass St. Pierre 1785 CAN>SEK/HuH St. Pierre, Anna 1863 EdS St. Pierre, Baptiste 1784 CAN>Rat St. Pierre, Charles 1727 QUE>ONT St. Pierre, Francois 1768- CAN>RdR/Ass St. Pierre, Francois 1795- RdR/Ass St. Pierre, Gabriel 1948 CHI/Hat St. Pierre, Jacques Legardeur see Legardeur, Jacques, Sieur de St. Pierre St. Pierre, Jean Baptiste 1784 CAN>RdR St. Pierre, Le Gardeur De see Legardeur, Jacques, Sieur de St. Pierre St. Pierre, Louis 1784 CAN>RdR St. Pierre, Madeline () 1948 CHI/Hat St. Pierre, Marguerite (Houle) 1785- RdR St. Pierre, O Misima 1877 EdS St. Pierre, O Misima 1879 EdS St. Pierre, Roger 1976 RoB St. Remy 495 >FRA St. Rita of Cascia -1490 ITA St. Saveur, Edward 1859- Sip>FtE>CyH/LoL>MET St. Saveur, Marie () 1845 Sip St. Saveur, Marie (Laframboise) 1861 FtE>CyH/LoL>MET St. Saveur, Pierre 1839 FRE>Sip St. Sperandia -1270 St. Stanislas Sist. 1872 >OnL>Hob St. Stanislaus see St. Stanislas St. Vrain see also Frain Frayne Vrain St. Vrain, Cerain see St. Vrain, Ceran St. Vrain, Ceran 1781 CAN>MIS>COL/WYO/ARA St. Vrain, Felix 1811 MET/ARA>MIS St. Vrain, Marcellais 1815 MET/ARA Saito, Dosan Daimyo 1514 JAP Saiya see Cree Saka see also Crow Eagle, Sukey Saka f 1815 SwG/ChT/TZC Saka Koosin 1755 OTT>SOT>RdR Saka Kamik see Sac a Tout Mettre Saka Kumis see Sac a Tout Mettre Saka Okimaw see Lawrence, E.J. Saka Pwat Wiyan see Sakapatwan Sakachuweskam see Budd, Henry Sakahikan Upp Sakaistan see Heavy Shield Many Spotted Horses Sakamoos Hdm 1834 Was/Atk Sakamotana 1860 EaH/Pou Sakanakee see also Saukamapee Sakanakee, Jean Baptiste 1775 NIP>AsW/TwD>StP Sakanakee Jr. 1795 >AsW/TwD>StP Sakapatwan f 1815 TwD>Pes>TZC Sakapatwe 1900 YeX Sakapuran, Catherine 1870 >MET Sakatow Hd Chf 1710 PIK/Inu Sakawajaea see Sacajawea Sakaweman, Francois 1852 EdS Sakaweman, (wife) 1868 EdS Sakaweman, O Misima (1-4) 1879 EdS Sakaweman, O Ka Sisa(1-4) 1879 EdS Sakemay Chief 1850 SOT>CRE/Kak>Sak Sakepatwan see Sekas Patwan Sakestlon 1845 TZA/Dun/GrP Saki Ookimauw see Lawrence, E.J. Sakichakaw see Sekas Chakaw Sakimes 1899/19 OnL/MkS Sakingoara see Gauthier, Jean Sakipatwan see Sekas Patwan Sakipok, Therese 1843 Wab Sakipwatwan see Sekas Patwan Sako Waitsai see Last Diver Sako Waitsosin see Last One To Swim In the Willows Sakoiniski 1820 PIK/NoP>Inu Sakoye Aotan see Heavy Shield Sakowaetsosin see Last One to Swim in The Willows Sakowaistai see Last Diver Sakpu 1825 PIK/NoP/Mik Saladin 1164 LEB Salahome, Agatt 1812 >Jsp Salahome, Agatt 1825- Jsp Salahome, Ignace 1784 CAN>FtE>TrM/ORE>FtE Salaway 1760 FRE>NEZ Salaway/Salois 1780- NEZ Salaway, Frank 1828- NEZ>DAK Salaway, Rough Face see Rough Face Salcis see Salois Saliahone see Salahome Saliohony see Salahome Sally 1830 Was Salo, Helka Mary 1875 FIN>USA>CAN Salois see also Leblanc, Salway Salaway Soulier Salois 1720 QUE Salois 1760 MET/CHP>CRE/TrM>NEZ Salois 1780- NEZ Salois 1800 QUE Salois c1800 QUE>USA/MAS Salois 1800 QUE>ALB>MNT Salois 1828 >FtE Salois 1841- FtE Salois, Abraham 1823 Du?>FtE Salois, Angele (Dumont) 1851- LSA/Dum/Pas>MET Salois, Angelic (Lussier) 1800-79 Sas>Pes>FtE>LSA>MET Salois, Angelique see Lussier, Angelic Salois, Antoine 1853- LSA/MuS>Kis>MNT>FtE>MET Salois, Augustina (Auger) 1831- PeR/LSL/MaA/Ale>LSA Salois, Basil Soulier 1795 CAN>ORE>Jsp>FtE Salois, Caroline (Deschamps/Desjarlais/Malaterre/Morin) 1854- MIN>FtE/LSA/Pas/MuS>Kis>MNT>MET Salois, Caroline (Dumais) 1866- LSA>MET Salois, Eliza (Leveille) 1880 RdR/CyH> Salois, Emilien 1895 LSA>MET Salois, Frederic Salois, Iosette (Gladue) 1810 LSL>LSA/Pas Salois, Iosette 1820- >FtE>MET Salois, Jean Baptiste 1784 CAN>Ath>TrM/ORE>ONT Salois, Johnny 1881-81 Pas/MuS/Duh Salois, Joseph Abraham I 1785- CAN>LSL/Pas>MET Salois, Joseph Abraham II Hdm 1823- Du?>LSA/MuS>Kis>FtE>LSA>MET Salois, Katrine c1832- ONT>LSL>MET Salois, Laurent 1851 LSA/Dum>MET Salois, Louison 1895 LSA>MET Salois, Marguerite Soulier 1815- >ORE>Jsp>FtE Salois, Marguerite (Brabant) 1815- FtE>Pes>RMH>LSA>MET Salois, Marguerite 1845 FtE>RMH>LSA Salois, Marie Susanne Dumais 1880 LSA Salois, Mary c1835- ONT>LSL>MET Salois, Noel 1880 RdR/CyH> Salois, Peter see Phelis, Peter Salois, Roger 1927 CHP/TMt/LSh Salois, Rough Face 1777 MET/CRE/NEZ>DAK Salois, Sara 1883- AsW>MNT>MET Salois, Solomon 1867- LSA>MET Salois, Susanna () 1814- Du?>FtE/Pas Salois, Susanne (Bouvette) 1828- FtE/LSA/MuS>Kis>FtE>MET Salois, Sylneshe 1841- LSA> Salomon see also Solomon Salomon, Arnold 1975 OJI/GaR Salomon, Moses see Solomon, Moses Salonisen, Paul 1948 USA>ALB> Salopree, Roy 1990 DET/MeR Salors, Abraham see Salois, Abraham Salt Holder see Siwi Asiw, Louis Salter, Caroline (Lightning) 1883- Kis>MT>MET Salter, Mark 1979 >AsW Salsaway see Salaway Salois Soloway Salway see Salois Salzl 1895 OST/HUN>ALB Sam Chief 1875 TSL/Ale Sam, Sarah 1896- SHU/Xat Samandre, Francois 1799/22>NWT Samant, Joseph see Samatte, Joseph Samatte see also Johnston, Samuel Lone Man Samatte () f 1870- PIK>CRE/CyH>RoB Samatte, Baptiste 1870- CyH>RoB Samatte, Joseph 1791 >ORE Samatte, Joseph 1802 >AsW Samatte, Marie 1841 AsW>BLK Samis, Adoniram 1892 >ALB>FtE> Samis, Adoniram 1892 >ALB>FtE> Samis, Alfred 1892 >ALB>FtE> Samis, Frank 1892 >ALB>FtE> Samis, Grace 1870 >ALB>FtE> Samis, Herbert 1886 >ALB>FtE> Samis, Isabelle () 1892 FtE Samis, James Rev. 1858 >ALB>FtE> Samis, John 1860 >ALB Sammy, Hunter 1990/10 NOO/Aho Samora see Zamora Sampietro, Carlotta () 1886-30>ALB/LLB Sampietro, Emilio 1882-49>ALB/LLB Sampietro, Ronald 1935 LLB Sampietro, Sal () 1937 LLB Sampietro, Wanda 1959- LLB Sample, Ace see Sample, Asa Sample, Asa 1852 USA>MNT>ALB> Sampson see also Samson Sampson 1807 USA/TEN>MIS Sampson 1810 ENG Sampson 1831 USA>OHI>MIS>IDA Sampson 1918 USA/MIS Samson see also Beaver, Samson Malaterre, Samson Sampson Samson King 1071/71BISR Samson 1786 CAN>PeR/Dun Samson Kanatakasew Sikachim Chf.1833/98 TwD>Msk>Pig>Kis>Chi>Pig>Sam Samson 1865 >HiR Samson 1880 Sam>Sad Samson, Irene 1935- Sad Samson, John S. Kehew Hi Ka Paw Cf925 Sam Samson, John S. Kana Takasew Chf1925 Sam Samson, Joseph Soosay WrChf 1847 Pig/Sam Samson, Joseph Napeyew AwasisChfc853-42 Pig/Sam Samson, Joseph Soosay Chief c1853-42 Pig/Sam Samson, Kanatakasew Sikachim Chf1833/98 TwD>Msk>Pig>Kis>Chi>Pig>Sam Samson, Katherine (Piche) c1820- Pes>Kis>Msk/Vic>LuB Samson, Louis Natchewasis 1860 Sam Samson, Marguerite Peggy (Cayen)1853-38 TZ*>Pig/Sam>TCr>MET Samson, Noah 1833 Msk/Pig Samson, O Wa see Chian, Samson O Wa Piche, Samson O WA Samson, Samson O Wa (Piche) 1840 Pes>Kis>Sam/Pig Samson, Samson O Wa (Cayen) 1850 Pes>Msk/Tz*>Sam Samson, O Ka Sisa 1 1886 Sam Samson, O Ka Sisa 2 1887 Sam Samson, O Misima 1 1884 Sam Samson, O Misima 2 1885 Sam Samson, O Misima 3 1886 Sam Samson, O Misima 4 1887 Sam Samson, Peggy see Cayen, Marguerite Peggy Samson, Soosay see Samson, Joseph Soosay Samson, Susan 1890- Sad Samson, Suzi see Samson, Joseph Soosay Samuel Judge 1051/30BISR Samwell 1758 ENG>SA>NA>AS>ENG San Martin, Jose De 1780 SA/ARG>CHI>PER Sancho 1800 TZA/FSJ Sand 1906 >SnP Sand, Antoine 1926- SnP Sand Bar f 1820 DAK Sandable, Joseph 1852 FtE Sande, Bessie 1920 ALB Sande, Hannah 1908- ALB Sande, Irene 1920 ALB Sande, Johanna (Person) 1888 >ALB Sande, Louise () 1888 >ALB Sande, Peter 1801 NOR>USA/WIS>ALB Sande, Samuel 1801 NOR>USA/WIS>ALB Sande, Selma 1920 ALB Sande, Sigvart 1801 NOR>USA/WIS>ALB Sanders see also Brown Shawl Woman Many Horses Sanders, Angeline Cessan 1872 DAK/ Sanders, Gilbert E. LtCoNWMP1860 >ALB> Sanderson 1865 Was Sanderson 1865 ALB Sanderson 1900 FtV Sanderson, Annie 1880 CHI/Den Sanderson, Bella 1880 CHI/Den Sanderson, Carol 1972 SK Sanderson, Charles 1880 CHI/Den Sanderson, Clarence 1940 FtV Sanderson, David 1807 RdR Sanderson, Donald 1893- SnP Sanderson, Elizabeth 1755- Indian Sanderson, Elizabeth (Manager de)844- CHI/Buf>Den>MET Sanderson, Ellen 1880 CHI/Den Sanderson, Francois 1880 CHI/Den Sanderson, George 1790- RdR Sanderson, George 1879 Cha/KaT Sanderson, George 1880 CHI/Den Sanderson, Henry 1836 MET>CHI/Den>MET Sanderson, James 1750- MAN Sanderson, James 1786- RdR Sanderson, James 1794- RdR Sanderson, James 1880 CHI/Den Sanderson, John 1909 >NAH Sanderson, Ka Tipiskawat Chief 1850 Sip/BgB>Cha>KaT> Sanderson, Margaret (Louis) 1806-66 RdR Sanderson, Maria 1854- RdR>CyH/LLo Sanderson, Marie 1880 CHI/Den Sanderson, Marie 1992 DuL Sanderson, Nancy Ann (Whitford) 1801- FtS/GoH>Was>RdR Sanderson, Nancy 1808- RdR Sanderson, Robert 1785- RdR Sanderson, Robert 1796- RdR Sanderson, Sally (Indian) 1787- RdR Sanderson, Saul Chief 1980 LLR Sanderson, Steve 1983- STO/Mat Sanderson, Terry Chief 1977 FSIN Sanderson, Thomas 1865 Was Sanderville, Richard 1920 MET/PIK Sandfly see Pikos Sandham 1855 QUE Sandison, James see Sanderson, James Sandoval, Isadore 1819 LOU>ND/FtU> Sandoz Fr. 1860 >MAN> Sandrion see Gladue, John Dorion Sands, Robert 1960 >NWT> Sandulac 1905 >ALB>FMc> Sandypoint, Billy 1948 CHI/DeS/BlL Sandypoint, Paul 1948 CHI/DeS/BlL Sanford, John F.A. I.A. 1800 >MIS>ND/FtU>MIS Sangray see also Sangre Sangrey Sangray, Frank 1868- Was/PaK>RoB Sangray, Josephine () 1874- FtE/Sad>Was/PaK>RoB Sangray, Ralph see Sangrey, Ralph Sangre see also Sangray Sangrey Sangrey see also Sangray Sangre Sangrey 1912 >Sad Sangrey, Margaret () 1932 Sad Sangrey, Ralph 1932 Sad Sangrey, Violet Chief 1952- Sad Sangue see Sangray Sanguez Sanguez, Gabe see Sanguez, Gabriel Sanguez, Gabiel 1974 DEH/JMa Sanguez, Harold 1974 DEH/JMa Sanguez, Jonas 1974 DEH/JMa Sanguinet, Charles 1770 QUE>MIS>ND>NMX> Sani, Sandeep 1985- Edm/ Sanno Maj. 1872 USA>MNT Sanoffsky 1924 >MAN Sans Chagrin see Sejourne, Alexis Sans Facon see Sansfacon Sans Soucie, Pierre NWC 1785 CAN>RyL Sanschagrin see Sejourne, Alexis Sansambin see Abraham Sansfacon, Francois NWC 1790 CAN>TrM/COL/SAL Sansfacon, Joseph NWC 1785 CAN>RyL Sansom see Sanson Sanson, Cloe (Chapman) 1815 KTY Sanson, Comfort 1835 KTY Sanson, James 1815 KTY Sanson, Michel NWC 1794 >ORE>FtE Sanson, Norman J. 1862-49>ALB Sanson, R.D. Dr. 1873 >ALB Sansquatier NWC 1784 CAN>Ota Sansregret, Jean Baptiste NWC 1763 CAN>RdR Sansregret, Marguerite 1780- RdR Santakoma'nam see Ksantaaka'nam Sanwick 1900 OTT/MIC/SPe Sap, William see Sapp, William Sapapistatisaki see Spear Woman Sapatenokinewap see Many Eagles Sitting Sapatanenokinewap 1835 KaM Sapiasinau 1890 PIK/NoP/BDS Sapin, Joseph see Campion, Joseph Sapin, Nancy see Campion, Nancy Sapo Kisiska Payiw 1837 Wab Sapo Kisiska Payiw, Adelaide 1857- Wab>LLB/Ath>CaL Sapo Kisiska Payiw, Julie 1860 Wab>Pas Sapo Kisiska Payiw, Therese () 1843 Wab Sapokisikeypeuo see Sako Kisikew Piyew Sakokisikeypeyew see Sako Kisikew Piyew Sapoo Max Sikes see Crowfoot Sapoo Maxsika see Crowfoot Sapoomaxican see Crowfoot Saposta Hikan 1850 LiP Sapostahikan see Saposta Hikan Sapp, Allan 1956 RPh Sapp, Audrey 1955 CRE Sapp, William 1910 LiP Sapwatan f c1818- Pes>TZC/BPw Sapwetan see Sapwatan Sapwtan see Sapwatan Sarah see also Chat Ka, Sarah Sarah 1815 Wes Sarah f 1828 Pes/TZC>BPw/TZC Sarbach, Peter 1877 SWI>ALB Sarcee 1827 FtE/Msk Sarcee, Jack 1878 TSU/Ute Sarcee, Josette 1770 NWC>TZA>CRE>Pes>Dum Sarcee, Marguerite 1779- TSU>CRE/AmW Sarcee, Marguerite 1854 TSU Sarcee, Marie Anne Otinaw see Lapointe, Marie Otinew Sarcee, Mrs. Gabriel Dumont Jr. 1805 TSU>CRE/TwD Sarcee Woman see also Sasi Iskwew Sarcee Woman 1900 TSU/Ute Sarcy, Marguerite see Sarcee, Marguerite Sarcy, Marie Anne Otinew see Lapointe, Marie Otinew Sasakamoos 1865 CRE/ Sasewahum 1878 CRE/ Sasakwino see Quinn, Samuel Sasawasew 1842 LSL>Chp/Pig Sasiw Iskwew f 1810 TSU>CRE/TwD>Pes>Msk Saskatchewan, Albert 1977 Sam Saskatchewan, James 1920 MaW/Sam Saskatchewan, Johnny Chief 1855 Sas/Sip/OnL Saskatoon 1830 FtE Sasqueeino see Quinn, Samuel Saswapew Chief 1900 CRE/ Saswee, Henry Poitrat see Poitras, Henry Sasswei, Henry Poitrat see Poitras, Henry Sata 1824 PIK/Nic Sata, Adele 1846 PIK/Nic Sata, Antoine 1846 PIK/Nic Sata, Marie 1846 PIK/Nic Satank Chief KIO Sati 1869 DAK/Hun/RIF Satoch see Quinn, Edward Kwenis Satooch see Quinn, Edward Kwenis Satyrus King 330/09BGRK/BOS Saucier see also Soulier Saucier 1785 CAN>PeR/HuH Saudison, Robert see Sanderson, Robert Sauge Mauqua see Paquette, Marie Jeanette Sauka, Eva Sist. 1940 FCh Saukamapee see also Sakanakee Saukamapee 1710 CRE/Nip/OPa>PIK Saukamapee No Tawe 1690 Nip/OPa Saukimas see Sakimes Saul King 1095-28 ISR Sauls, Marcus 1981 SHU/Nes Sauls, Roger 1976 SHU/Nes Saulteaux see also Sauteau Saulteaux 1988 Pas Saulteaux, Bernice 1948 CTK Saulteaux, Bethsy see Saulteaux, Elizabeth Saulteaux, Catherine 1801- SOT/WIS Saulteaux, Charlotte 1794- SOT/NWT Saulteaux, Crystal 1979 Pau Saulteaux, Elizabeth 1783- >RdR>FtE Saulteaux, Francis 1940 Erm Saulteaux, James Cody 1984- O'C Saulteaux, Jessie () 1912- CTK Saulteaux, John 1973- Pau Saulteaux, Josephte 1783- >RdR Saulteaux, Julie 1834 SOT>OPa Saulteaux, Margarite 1805- SOT/NWT/LPt Saulteaux, Marguerite 1790- SOT>TrM/ORE> Saulteaux, Marguerite 1800- Sip/Sas>Jsp>RdR>MET Saulteaux, Marie 1787- >RdR Saulteaux, Marie 1800- RdR Saulteaux, Marie 1800- >LSL Saulteaux, Marie Athanase see Sauteaux, Marie Athanase Saulteaux, Mary see Demeurant, Mary Saumier, Anjelique LaJeunesse 1818 QUE Saunders Dr. 1885 ONT/Ott Saunders, Allan Lesley 1900 >ALB Saunders, Ann 1807- RdR? Saunders, Bertha 1910 >ALB Saunders, Blanche 1910 >ALB Saunders, Bryce DLS 1879 >ALB Saunders, David 1779- RdR? Saunders, E.T. 1862 >ALB Saunders, Elen May 1910 >ALB Saunders, Eric 1940/92 ALB/HiL Saunders, Eric Chief 1977 YkF Saunders, Flora (Hope) 1820- NWT/LLB? Saunders, Jack 1797- NWT/RdR? Saunders, James 1825 ENG>NUN>ENG Saunders, Mary () 1805 RdR? Saunders, Richard 1910 >ALB Saunders, Rosa Maria (Sackenreuter) 1895 >ALB Saunders, Sophie () 1805- RdR? Saunders, William 1799- RdR? Saunders, William Henry 1885 ONT>ALB Saunders, William Lloyd 1910 >ALB Sauteau see also Saulteaux Sauteux Soto Sauteau 1781 WPT/Jat Sautesse, Susan 1765 RdR Sauteaux see also Saulteaux Sauteu Soto Sauteux, Catherine Anastasie 1725-48 SOT/Mic Sauteux, Marie Athanase Iskwew 1708- SOT/Mic Sauteux, Mouus 1725 OJI/ Sauvage see also Savage Sauvage, F. 1718 QUE>RdR Sauvage, Marie 1790- CHP/NIP Sauve see also Suvee Sauve NWC 1776 CAN>RdR Sauve 1988 Pas Sauve, Baptiste 1870 >MET Sauve, Helene Soldat (Cardinal) 1870 >MET Sauve, Jean GovG 1940 ONT/Ott Sauve, Marie 1900 MET> Savage see also Sauvage Savage, George 1920 ALB Savage, John 1928 ALB/HiL Savage, Philippe, Du Lac 1720 QUE>Tim Savage, Selma (Sande) 1920 ALB Savage, Thomas 1868 ENG>Yrk>Chu> Savage du Lac, Philippe see Savage, Philippe Savard see also Savoyard Souver Savard 1842 RdR>CyH>RdR Savard, Alexander Sr. 1835- Ath/Jsp>FtE>Sas>MET Savard, Alexander Jr. 1851- LSA/FtE>MET Savard, Antoine 1799 CAN>LSL>Jsp Savard, Antoine 1819- Ath/Jsp/LSL>StP Savard, Emerance () 1869- Ath>Sas/StP Savard, Isabelle 1867- AsW/Kis>FMa>StA Savard, Joseph 1869- ALB>LSA Savard, Josephte 1819- LSL/Ath/Jsp>LSA>MET Savard, Julian 1854- FtE>LSA Savard, Lucille 1873- NWT>FtE Savard, Marguerite () 1820- Ath>Sas/StP Savard, Marianne (Vallee) 1805 >LSL>Jsp Savard, Marie 1826- Ath/LSL>Cal Savard, Mary (Plante) 1865- LSA Savard, Mary () 1870- NWT>LSA Savard, Nastor 1857- ALB>StA Savard, Suzette 1828 LSL>LSA/FtE Savard, Theodore 1858- Ath>LSA>>StP>MET Savard, Therase () 1863- NWT>LSA Savard, Therese () 1827- Ath/Jsp>FtE>Sas>MET Savery see St. Vrain Savoie see also Lavoy Savoy Savoie, Clara 1900 MET/ALB Savoy see also Lavoy Savoie Savoyard 1842 RdR>CyH>RdR Savoyard, Archange Genevieve 1814- RdR>Lar>Sip>LSA>MET Savoyard, Caroline 1870 >MET Savoyard, Francoise (Boucher) 1869 LSL Savoyard, Joseph 1863 LSL Savoyard, Marguerite () 1800 RdR Savoyard, Melanie 1883- LSL Savoyard, Pierre Berthelet 1794 CAN>RdR Sawaats 1844 KUT/Aki Sawabina Chief 1800 FOX Sawan see also Nippissing, Thomas Swan Sawan, Baptiste 1844 LSL/Dun Sawan, Bessie see Swan, Bessie Sawan, Eliza (LePretre) 1844- Dun>LLB>LSL>PeX>LSL/Dun Sawan, Gerald 1985 LSL Sawan, James 1965 LSL Sawan, Lily Joan (Cardinal) 1985 LSL Sawan, Louise () 1965 LSL Sawan, Margaret 1869 Gdf Sawan Iskwew see also Sawan Sawin Sawan Iskwew 1780 Sas/FtE/Stw>TwD Sawan Iskwew 1847 Wes Sawan Kisik see Steinhauer, Henry Bird Sawanigabo, George 1950 CHP/SOT/Kiw Sawasemu see Sawasimo Sawasimo f 1810 Sas>Pes Sawasisis see Gladue, Pierre Sawin 1870 Wes/Pig? Sawistokwakas 1861 >Sam Sawistokwakas, Mo Iskwew f 1865 >Sam Sawpain, Joe 1867 >Sam Sawpain, O Wa () 1873 >Sam Say see also Says Sais Say 1795 USA>MIS>NEB>ARK> Saya see Cree Sayyeaw, W. Sayagamat Chief 1809 Sas/Say Sayaketmat see Sayagamat Sayazie, Linda 1948 CHI/DeS/BlL Sayazie, Martin 1948 CHI/DeS/BlL Sayeh see Cree Sayyeaw, W. Sayer see also Cerre Sayers Sayer, Archange (Arcand) 1853- Sip/Ale>Kis>MET Sayer, Edouard 1853- Sip/Ale>Kis>MET Sayer, Edward see Sayer, Edouard Sayer, Elizabeth (McPherson) 1786 >YNK Sayer, Guillaume see Sayer, Pierre Guillaume Sayer, Henry 1800 YNK Sayer, James 1800 YNK Sayer, John 1750- QUE>MIN/CHP/YNK>Lee>FDL>QUE Sayer, John Charles 1800 YNK Sayer, John 1865 >FtC Sayer, Joseph 1865 >FtC Sayer, Joseph 1881-90 Sip/Ale>Kis Sayer, Josephte (Frobisher) 1795- CuH> Sayer, Margaret 1800 YNK Sayer, Margaret 1883-90 Sip/Ale/Kis>MET Sayer, Marguerite see Sayer, Margaret Sayer, Obemauunoqua 1778 CHP/YNK Sayer, Pierre Guillaume 1779- LeL>RdR Sayer, Pierre 1803- CHP/YNK/RdR Sayer, Pierre 1841 YNK Sayer, St. Pierre 1890 Kis Sayer, William see also Sayer, Pierre Guillaume Sayer, William 1796- NWT Sayers see also Sayer Sayers 1860 RdR/Ass>Was/FtC Sayers 1988 Pas Sayers 1994 OJI/ Sayers, Allan 1950 ALB Sayers, Guillaume see Sayer, Pierre Guillaume Sayers, John see Sayer, John Sayers, Lyle 1975 OJI/GdR Sayers, Marie 1955 ALB Sayin, Robert 1958- DEN/FtR Sayis see Says Saynis see Kaquitts, Jane Sayos see also Says Sayos f c1828- RdR/SOT>BgB Says, Alexandre see Dusome, Alexandre Says, Angelique 1821- RdR/SOT>ToH>FtE>Kis>MET Says, Joseph 1820 Mac Sayswaykus 1876 PaK Saywaykuans Widow see Sawakwans Mo Iskwew Sayyeaw, W. 1870 AsW? Scab Child 1840 Was Scabby Bull Chief 1812 KAI/ScB Scabby Dried Meat see Bad Dried Meat Scabby Robe 1900/39 SIK Scaife see also Scarf Scalp Lock see Scalplock Scalp Robe 1825 KAI/FiE Scalplock 1910 SIK Scalplock, Aaron see Medicine Shield, Aaron Scalplock, Alex 1930 SIK Scalplock, Alex 1945 SIK Scalplock, Anthony 1929 SIK Scalplock, Candy () 1950 SIK Scalplock, Irvine 1980 SIK Scalplock, Laura () 1950 SIK Scalplock, Linda Ann 1949-05 SIK>CRE/Sam Scalplock, Mary Ann (Bearhat) 1935 SIK Scalplock, Mary J. see Bearhat, Mary Ann Scalplock, Mirriam 1960 >SIK Scalplock, Paddy 1965/73 SIK Scalplock, Ruth (Many Bears) 1955 SIK Scalplock, Ruth 1976 SIK Scalplock, Sheldon 1950 SIK Scalplock, Verna (Medicine Shield955 SIK Scamander God GRK Scani see Scanie Scanie see also Skani Scanie, Francis Chief 1933- CHI/CdL Scanie, Harvey Francis see Skani, Harvey Francis Scanie, Marvin 1963 CHI/CdL Scanie, Nicole 1977- CHI/CdL Scanie, Francis Chief 1994 CHI/CdL Scanie, Marvin 1981 CHI/CdL Scanie, Nicole 1977- CHI/CdL Scanliu, Emilia 1877- ONT/Pen Scanliu, Percival 1875- ONT/Pen Scanliu, Rebecca 1855- >ONT/Pen Scanliu, Wellington 1879- ONT/Pen Scanlon, Thomas Fr. 1835 >MIS>ND> Scar Cheek Fr. 1825 >BLK>ATS>BLK> Scar Face see Scar Cheek Scarf see also Scarfe Scarth Scarf 1730 ENG>IRE Scarf 1760 IRE Scarfe see also Scarf Scarth Scarface see also Scar Cheek Scarface legend. BLK Scarfe, Caroline 1974/95 ALB/FtV Scarfe, Gary 1952 ALB/FtV Scarfe, Kathleen 1977 ALB/FtV Scarfe, Reginald 1942 >FtV Scarlet Point see Inkpaduta Scarlett, Samuel 1864 >ALB Scarth see also Scarf Scarth 1872 >SK Scarth, Isabelle (Gunn) 1790 SCO/ORK>YkF>RdR>Alb>MoF>ORK Scarth, John 1788 SCO/ORK>YkF>RdR Schader, Fred 1882 >ALB Schaeffer see also Schafer Schaffer Schaeffer, Charles see Schaffer, Charles Schaffer, Charles Dr. 1860 >ALB> Schaffer, Mary Townsend S. () 1861-39>MNT>ALB Schafft, Charles 1854 >ALB/KAI> Schafer see also Schaeffer Schafer 1988 Pas Scharff see Scarf Schimacoche see High Lance Schimakopi see High Lance Schlamp 1988 Pas Schlosser, Monica 1860/62 ONT Schmid, Theodor Fr. 1890 >SK/DuL> Schmidt NWC 1800 >Ath/Mac/FtC>RdR Schmidt, Alfred Rabasca 1859 Ota>FtP Schmidt, Alfred (Mrs.) 1865 FtP Schmidt, Jacob B. Rev. 1835 >CRO> Schmidt, Louis 1844- FCh/Ota>CuH>RdR>QUE>RdR>DuL Schmuhl 1850 GER>USA/MIC Schmuhl 1922 USA/MIC Schmuhl 1963 USA/MIC Schnake 1947 USA>NAM>USA Schneider 1770 ENG Schock, ??? 1865 GER>NA/USA Schock, Aaron 1985 ILL Schock, Anna 1923/94 MET/GER Schock, Betty Mae 1990 ALB/BC Schock, Blair Anfield 1945 >ALB Schock, Cara 1990 ALB/BC Schock, Christian c1872- CAN/RdR>GER Schock, Christiana 1880 GER>USA Schock, Fritz 1918-43 MET/GER Schock, Magdalene (Klein) 1877/52 CAN/CRE/RdR>GER Schock, Martha c1916- GER Schock, Mina 1924- MET/GER>ALB Schock, Otto 1924 MET/GER>USA>GER Schock, Rikki (Umpherville) 1950 ALB>BC> Schock, Rosemarie c1912- MET/GER>USA>CAL Schock, Rose Marie (Trazz) c1945-10>ALB Schock, Wilhelmina 1880 GER>USA Schofield 1988 Pas Schofield, Jane (Kerr) 1883 ALB/Cgy Schoolcraft, Henry Rowe 1800 USA Schoonover, Bernard S. I.Agt. 1839 USA>MIS>ND>MIS> Schrader, Al 1880 >ALB Schrader, Fred 1890 >ALB Schrader, Jack 1880 >ALB Schraeder see Schrader Schreiber 1863 >ALB>Cgy Schreubner, Brandon 1984 Pau Schreubner, Jeanelle (Bird) 1984 Pau Schreyer Gov.Gen.1950 >ONT/Ott Schubert see also O'Hara Schubert Schultz, Albert 1932-98 ALB Schultz, Frederick NWC 1772 >RdR>ONT/Nip Schultz, James Willard 1859-47>PIK Schultz, John 1850 RdR Schultz, John Christian Dr. 1840-96>MAN Schultz, John 1963 >NWT> Schultz, Martin 1895 SK/DuL Schurz, Carl Min. 1850 USA/DC Schwan 1988 Pas Schwartz see also Swartz Schwartz f 1930 ALB Schwarz, Margaretha 1764 GER Schwatka, Frederick 1858 >NUN> Schweig, Gregg 1978 MAN Schweikert see Schock Sck Apoyaka see Royal, Annie Scollen, David see Two Chiefs Scollen, Catherine 1891 Kis>MET Scollen, Constantin Fr.OMI 1841-02 IRE>CRE>LSA>Kis>MaW>ARA Scollen, Edward 1891 Kis>MET Scollen, John 1891 Kis>MET Scollen, Marguerite (Ward) 1859- RdR/Lap>CyH>Kis>MET Scollen, Mary 1884- Kis>MET Scollen, Patrick 1881- Kis>MET Scollen, Peter 1891 Kis>MET Scollen, Thomas 1882- Kis>MET Scollen, William 1859 CAN>Kis>MET Scollen, William 1879/79 Kis>MET Scomiak, James Chief c1797-92 SNG Scomiak, Mary () 1836-04 SNG Scomiax see Scomiak Scopasis King 533B SCY Scoresby, William 1760 ENG>GRN> Scorpion King 3300B EGY Scotney, Florence ENG Scotney, Walter de ENG Scotseye Chief 1769/99 TSM Scott 1836 USA>ND/FtU> Scott 1860 >ALB/FtE Scott Judge 1865 >ALB/FMa Scott 1882 USA/COL>BC/SEK Scott 1910 >ALB/PeR>GrC Scott, A.S. 1950 ALB Scott, Andy MinInAf 1980 ONT Scott, D.L. Judge 1865 >SK Scott, Dewey see Dewey, Scott Scott, Duncan Campbell DirInAf 1862-47 ONT Scott, George Pvt. 1856 >MNT Scott, Hugh L. 1880 USA>ARA/Sou> Scott, J.M. 1908 >LAB> Scott, James IGB 1862 >MNT>ALB Scott, Julia 1880 >FtV> Scott, Louisa () 1872- ALB Scott, Malcom Rev. 1860 >FtV> Scott, Nellie 1920 ARA/Nor Scott, R.W. Hon.Sec.1850 USA/DC Scott, Robert Falcon 1885 USA>ANT> Scott, Samuel 1880 Alb Scott, Thomas 1765 USA Scott, Thomas 1850/70 ONT>MAN/RdR Scott, Thomas 1865 >SK Scott, Thomas 1875- >ALB Scott, Thomas 1892 PIK/NoP Scott, W. Robertson see Robertson, W. Scott Scout see also Calf Robe Night Scout Tonweya Scout, Elizabeth 1940 SIK Scoville, Michael 1987- Edm Scow, William Chief 1900 KWA/Kkw Scrapeck, Candy 1953 ALB Scraper see Payapaskwahan Payapaskwaham Miskwaw Iskwew Scraping see Kaskawan Scraping Hide see also Ayewana Scraping Hide 1860 PIK Scraping Hide 1910 KAI Scraping White 1866-45cKAI Scraping White, Victoria 1910 KAI Scraping White, William 1877 KAI Screaming Owl Chief 1810 PIK/SoP/ScO Screaming Owl, Ekum Makon see Ekum Makon Screaming Owl, Katoya () see Katoya Screaming Owl, Pakap Se see Pakap Se Screech Owl see Eagle Plume, William Low Horn Screaming Owl Screech Owl Man see Eagle Plume, William Low Horn Screaming Owl Scruggs, Gordon DLS 1920 >ALB> Scullen, Marguerite see Ward, Marguerite Scullin see Scollen Scyles King 480B SCY Scythe see La Faux Se'enpimot see Sehespimot Se-es-pi-mot see Sehespimot Seaman 1890 >ALB Seapotakinum see Cree, Seapotakinum Sears, D. 1900 >ALB Searson, Tammy () see Cook-Searson, Tammy Seaton, Laura 1960 SIK Seaton, Tyler see Medicine Shield, Tyler Seattle Chief 1825 SQA Seattle, Angeline Prncs. 1870 SQA Seax Chief 1757 TSM Sebastian, George 1840- LSL Sebastian, Mary () 1822 LSL Sebastian, William 1820 >LSL> Sebekhotep Phar. EGY Sebezzo 1858 >MNT> Sechelmeld 1820 FLA/P'D Secomo Mukon see Running Crane Secomomuckon see Running Crane Secord 1875 >ALB/FtE Secord, John 1860 >NWT Secord, Richard 1879 FtE Sedillot, Adrien 1646 FRA See See Wa Hum see Sisiwaham Seekahskootch see Sikaskotch Seeley 1939 MIQ Seeley, Michael 1979-06 MIQ Seeley, Theresa () 1959 MIQ Seeming Glad see Meminowatow Seemoos see Simo Seen By Her Nation f 1863 DAK/ Seen From Afar Hd.Chf. 1810-69 KAI/FiE Seenam Chief 1802/44 Sas>Oon/See Seenam, James Pakan Chief 1842- Oon/See>Gdf Seenam, Mary () 1837- Oon/See Seenam, O Pime () 1820 Sas/Oon/See> Seenam, Peter 1841- Oon/See Seenum, Simon 1902- Gdf/Sad Seenam, Tetwes () 1820 See>MCh Seenam O Ka Sisa 1832 Oon/See>Gdf Seenam O Misima 1832 Oon/See Sees Before Hd.Chf. 1840 PIK/NoP Sees Black see Three Stabs Sees Far see Seen From Afar Sees Before Seeseekwanis see Siskiwanis Seeseequan, Patsy 1987 LRR Seeseequanish see Sisikwanis Seeseequasis, Joseph 1886- PaK/DuL Seeseewahum see Sisiwaham Seespimot see Sehespimot Seewahskwan see Seewaskwan Seewaskwan Chief 1855 Swt>Siw>OnL/Sik Seeweeasoo see Siwi Asiw Seyahkeemat see Sayagamat Seeyea 1901 PIK/SoP/HTK Segher, Charles ABish. 1865/86>MNT>AK>YK Seglorin, Beata 1678 SWE Sehespimot 1810 LSL Seiderquist, Joseph 1905 ONT/Bis Seicha myth ARA Seigneley see De Seigneley Seivwright NWC 1796 >RdR Seiyokanaze see Weiyokanaza Sejourne, Alexis Sans Chagrin 1704 QUE>AZ/COL/NMX Sejourne, Marie Angelique 1760 MIC/Det Sek'eglinan Hdm. 1869 THL/Wul Seka Kinyan see Skunk Skin Sekaquaptewa, Helen 1968 HOP Sekas Chakaw f 1808 >TwD>Dum>Pig Sekas Patwan f 1815 TwD>Pes>TZC Sekas Patwe 1900 YeX Sekas Pwatan see Sapwatan Sekepatwab see Sekas Patwan Sekipaow see Sekas Patwan Sekipatwan see Sekas Patwan Sekipatwaw see Sekas Patwan Sekomo Makon see Running Crane Sekomomakon see also Running Crane Sekomomakon 1830 PIK/Inu? Selam prehis. AFR/ETH Selby, Henry DLS 1890/10>ALB Selby-Smythe, E. SirM.Gen1850 ENG>MAN/NWMP> Self, Mahala see Tewell, Frances Self Offering 1890 SIK Self-Rising William 1856 MET>FMa Selkirk see also Wedderburn Selkirk, Earl Of see Douglas, Thomas Selkirk, Lord see Douglas, Thomas Selvais see also Salois Selvais 1850 RdR>MuS/Duh Selwyn, Alfred R.C. DLS 1840 ENG>ONT>ALB>BC>ONT/Ott Semagamis see also Chimakanis Semagamis, Helen 1978 CRE Semakan see Chimakan Sematataw Iskwew f 1810 LSL Sematutawisk see Sematataw Iskwew Semple, Robert Gov. 1790 QUE>MAN/RdR> Senan see Seenam Seneca 30 ROM Senem see Seenam Seniantha, Archie 1970 DET Senloescom see Leloescum Senna see Le Sonnat Sennacherib Emp. 725B ASY Senneville, Baptiste 1729 QUE>Mic Sepenama 1880 PIK/SoP Sepp, Alphonse Andre 1946- Ota/FCh Sepp, Leon 1934- Ota/FCh Sepp, Soloman 1900- Ota/FCh Sepp, Victoria () 1906- Ota/FCh Sepp, Yvonne Vina 1935- Ota/FCh Sequin Chief 1607 WON Sequoia see Guess, George Sequoyah Chief 1760 CHR Seraphine, Josephine see Dumont, Seraphine Serpent, Francoise 1791- CRE/ Serna 1700/24 NMX>WYO Serpent see also Snake Serpent, Francoise 1791- SHU/Jsp Service Sgt/NWMP1872 >SK Servius Tulius King 594/10BROM Seti I Pharaoh 1336B EGY Seton Maj. 1830 ENG>MAN/RdR> Seton, Alfred 1791 NWY>ORE Seton, Ernest Thompson 1885 USA>NWT> Settee, George 1785- NWT>RdR Settee, James 1820 Swp>RdR Settee, Pierre Chief 1977 CuH Setter, Andrew 1791- SCO/ORK>MAN/RdR Setter, Florence 1850 RdR Setter, George see Settee, George Setter, Margaret (Spence) 1790- RdR Setting on an Eagle Tail see Sitting on an Eagle Tail Seutus III King 500B GRK/Thr Sevard see Savard Seven Bulls 1820 CHY Seven Fields see Fields, Seven Seven Heads 1827/47 PIK Seven Puppies see Fields, Seven Severite see also Seivwright Severite, Gordon 1970 TSU Severytt 1815 ONT Sevier, John Gen. 1760 USA>NC Seward 1988 Pas Sewekwans, Mo Iskwew f 1870 >Sam Sewekwans, O Misima 1 1885 Sam Sewekwans, O Misima 2 1886 Sam Sewekwans, O Misima 3 1887 Sam Sewell see also Sewl Tewell Sewell, Faye 1979 TSU Sewepagaham 1988 Pas Sewepakaham, Johnson Chief 1960 LRR Sewl see also Sewell Sewl, Rosie 1925 KAW/Sat/Del Sewormicha Chief 1839 PAI/UTE/UMt Sexsmith, John 1863 >ALB/HiR Seyespimot see Sehespimot Seymour 1799 >MIS>NEB>WYO> Seymour, Charles 1859 MET/BC Seymour, Ed 1948 STO/Chm Seymour, Greg 1948 STO/Chm Seymour, Isaac 1899 SEK/FtW Sha-gin see Shagin Shabogamik, Sam 1974 CHP/Aro Shackleton, Ernest 1880 USA>ANT> Shacopay see Shakopew Shade, Duncan 1890 KAI Shade, Hank see Shade, Henry Shade, Harold Istapataw Mahikan 1950 KAI Shade, Henry see also Shade, Harold Shade, Henry 1974 KAI Shadow 1820/40 CRE>PIK/EaS Shadow Boy 1840- CRE>PIK Shadow In The Night 1839 CRE>PIK/EaS Shadow On The Water Chief 1864 Was Shagaashnemun see Shagasnemun Shagahnansheenee Shagasnemun 1809 WPT>BPw>Oke Shagemuto 1820 MET/SwG>Pes/TZ* Shagemuto, Tubasee () 1825 SwG>Pes/TZ* Shagen Chief 1795 WPT Shagenosda 1811 SwG>Pes/TZ*>Dum/Pig Shagenosda, Betsey () 1816 >Pes>Pes/TZ*>Dum/Pig Shagenosda, Hector c1840- Pes/TZ*>Dum/Pig> Shagenosda, Intoobesin () 1818 SwG>Pes/TZ*>Dum/Pig Shagenosda, Job c1831- Pes/TZ*>Dum/Pig> Shagenosda, Kate 1841- Pes/TZ*>Dum/Pig> Shagenosda, O Wesichan () 1825 Pes/TZ*>Dum/Pig Shagenosda, William 1833- Pes/TZ*>Dum/Pig> Shagenosta see Shagenosda Shaggy 1897 KAI Shaggy Hair Woman 1865 KAI/FiE Shagin see also Sargon Shagwawkoosink see Saka Koosin Shah, Nadir Prnc. 1716 IND Shahaka see Big White Man Shahwahnegezhik see Steinhauer, Henry Bird Shak Haka 1758-12 DAK Shakaka see Shak Haka Shakespeare, Adam 1920 ARA/Nor Shakespeare, Nickerson 1910 ARA/Nor Shakespeare, Thomas 1930 ARA/Nor Shakespeare, William 1940 ARA/Nor Shakopee Chief 1840 DAK Shakopew (The Six) Chief 1795 SOT/FDL/Six Shakopew O Ka Sisa 1812- SOT/FDL/Six Shalamanaser III King 875B ASY Shaman MedM see Twoyoungmen, Michael Shamgar King 1325B SYR/Edo Shamosin see Beaver, Samson Shampoo, Peter John see Champoux, Pierre Jean Shamshi Adad I King 1834B ASY Shanacappo, George 1938 SOT Shanawdithit 1809 Beo Shand see Harvey, Shan Shandro, Andrew 1899 UKR>ALB Shandro, Nikon 1877 UKR>ALB Shandro, Sidor 1877 UKR>ALB Shandro, Stefan 1877 UKR>ALB Shank 1988 Pas Shanland, William 1904 >ALB Shannon, Earl of see Boyle, Lord Shannon, David 1860 >ALB Shannon, Ida 1953 HiL Shannon, Michael 1825 >Vic>RdR Shannon, Thomas 1954 HiL Shantz see also Shatz Shantz, Jacob Y. 1870 RUS>ALB Shapka, James 1979- ALB/Edm Shapousetung's First Son see Otamakooewin Sharp 1862 >ALB Sharp 1915 >SIK Sharp 1923 ALB Sharp, Annie (Royal) 1915 SIK Sharp, Robert 1947 ALB Sharp Ears 1825 PIK/Api Sharp Eyes 1867 KAI Sharp Head see Chipos Ostikwan Sharphead Sharp Horn Bull 1879 YAN Sharp Knife see Jackson, Andrew Sharp Nose Hd.Chf. 1860/00 ARA/Nor/Spu Sharp Nose, General Crook 1870 ARA/Nor/Spu Sharp Nose, Mint () 1860 ARA/Nor/Spu Sharp Nose, Winnie () 1860 ARA/Nor/Spu Sharpe Dr. 1861 >ALB Sharpe, Wannetta 1893 >ALB Sharphead see also Chipos Ostikwan Sharphead 1860 ChO/Pig>Pau Sharphead 1875 ChO/Pig> Sharphead 1900c PiL>Lap Sharphead B19 f 1857 >ChO Sharphead B21 1860 >ChO Sharphead B25 1866 >ChO Sharphead B24 1867 >ChO Sharphead B26 1868 >ChO Sharphead B27 1869 >ChO Sharphead B18 1871 ChO Sharphead B17 f 1880 ChO Sharpehad B22 1882 ChO Sharphead B23 f 1882 ChO Sharphead B20 1883 ChO Sharphead, Harry N. Chief 1974 Lap Sharphead, John 1920 ChO>Lap Sharphead, Robert Chief 1949 Lap Sharps 1830 USA Shatz 1875 GER/RUS>ALB Shave Head 1869/89 DAK Shave Tail 1890 Kat Shaved Head 1735 PIK/BlB Shaved Neck see Rossade au Con Tout Pique Shaw, Ambrose 1876/33 FiR>ALB/MET Shaw, Angus 1764 SCO>Sip/Sas>MiN>LSL> Shaw, Angus 1855 LSL Shaw, Antoine 1822 LSL>FtE Shaw, Arthur Rev. 1850 >FCh> Shaw, Brian 1945 ALB/Edm Shaw, C.L. 1869 Edm>EGY>Edm Shaw, Caroline 1855 LSL Shaw, Charles Aeneas DLS c1847- ONT>MAN>ALB> Shaw, Emma 1855 LSL Shaw, Ernest 1896 FiR>ALB/MET Shaw, Frederick D. Dr.SSgt.1850 >NWMP>ALB Shaw, Ida Jane 1896-76 FiR>ALB/MET Shaw, Jane () 1880 FiR>ALB/MET Shaw, John Capt. 1830 USA>MIS>ND>MIS Shaw, John Robert 1855 LSL Shaw, John 1855 ENG>ALB Shaw, Leslie 1910 FiR/ALB/MET Shaw, Maggie 1888-42 LLB Shaw, Marguerite (Nisantawe) 1819- LSL>MET Shaw, Maude 1900 FiR>ALB/MET Shaw, Mrs. Angus () 1774 Sip/Sas>MiN>LSL> Shaw, William 1740 >QUE Shaw, William 1819 MiN>LSL Shaw, William 1855 LSL Shaw, William 1866 SCO>MoF Shaw-Gwa-Koo-Sink see Saka Koosin Shawkoway 1880 OTT/MIC Shawnee Jake 1855 SHA>CAL>IDA/SHO> Shay Hnan see Rollinmud, Sharon She is Always Looking At see Kakiyew Wapamit She Keeps House see Ka Niwapesew She Mau Kaw see Chimakan She Stands Holding It Nicely see Moniyaw Hi Ka Paw She Wins see Paskeyak Shea, Michael 1790 NWY>ORE>MIS Shearer, James 1865 >SK/NoB Shearer, John see Shearer, James Shears 1855 >MNT>ALB> Shebbach 1928/48>NWT/Nah Shecappio, Isaac Chief 1920 Mis Shecappio, Matthew Rev. 1915 Mis Sheehy Fr. 1851 >MNT Sheekoosh 1740 Sou/Low Sheena OKA/ Sheep Old Man Chief 1845 KAI/FiE>Sca Sheepskin, Jack 1908- WhB Sheets, Audrey 1910 ALB Sheldon, Robert 1818 >NUN> Shelfer, James R. 1865 >MNT Shemagnis see Rowand, Pierre Chimakanis Shemaukan see Chimakan Shenakshoo Chief 1880 INU/Aiv Shenuckshoo see Shenakshoo Shepherd, Bernard Chief 1977 CRE/ Shepherd, Charles NWMP c1861- >SK/WMt Shepherd, Mel see Sheppard, Melvin Sheppard, H.A. 1865 >ALB/HiR Sheppard, Joseph HBC 1910 ENG>SK/MiN Sheppard, Melvin 1883 >ALB Sheppard, Orman 1885 >ALB Sheran, Nicholas 1847/82 IRE>USA>MNT>ALB/Let Sheridan, Phillip Gen. 1820 USA/WAS>MNT Sheriff, Charles 1865 >SK/NoB Sherman, William Tecumseh Gen. 1830 USA>MIS>WYO>MIS Sherman, William 1880 >ALB> Sherrington, Peter 1960 ALB Sherwood, F.E. NWMP 1886 >SK Sheshepaskut Chief 1768 CHP/RdL Sheshonq I Pharaoh 970B EGY Shewaybick, Cameron 1974 CHP/Web Shewwquenap Chief 1760 OJI/Osn Shield 1850 KAI/FiE Shield 1867 DAK/Hun Shields 1945 ALB Shields, Caleb Chief 1972 YNK/FPk Shields, Jack 1866 >ALB/HiR Shierholtz, William 1920 ALB Shikellamy Chief 1800 IRO/Ona Shines in the Night 1892 KAI Shiney see Wasiko Shingle, John Pvt. 1856 >MNT Shingoose see also Little Pine Shinguacouse Shingoose, Alfred 1923 CRE Shingoose, Audrey 1960 CRE Shingoose, Denty 1960 CRE Shingoose, Doreen 1960 CRE Shingoose, Herbert 1960 CRE Shingoose, Lloyd 1960 CRE Shingoose, Marilyn 1960 CRE Shingoose, Olive Mary () 1923-06 CRE Shingoose, Ross 1960 CRE Shingoose, Sally 1960 CRE Shingoose, Shirley 1960 CRE Shingoose, Young 1968 SOT/Wew Shinguacouse 1771-54 OJI/GaR Shining Beak see Delany, Archibald Shining Double 1867 PIK/NoP Shining Man see Enakasew Inew Iyozanzan Shish see Leblanc, Francois Shirt, Akina 1995- Sad Shirt, Cathy see Shirt, Vivian Kathleen Shirt, Edna 1923- Sad Shirt, Eric see Shirt, Ralph Eric Shirt, Felix 1913- Gdf>Sad Shirt, Jean 1975 Sad Shirt, Kathy 1950 Sad> Shirt, Leona 1940 Gdf/Sad Shirt, Louisa () 1916- Gdf>Sad Shirt, Mary 1922- Sad Shirt, Mary 1950 Sad Shirt, Nathaniel 1907 Gdf/Sad Shirt, Peter 1860 PIK>CRE>Gdf>Sad Shirt, Peter 1886- Gdf>Sad Shirt, Peter N. 1920- Sad Shirt, Ralph 1909- Sad Shirt, Ralph Eric 1960 Sad Shirt, Vivian Kathleen 1960 Sad Shiva god myth IND Shiyo Hushte see Sahiye Huste Shoe see also Old Shoe Shoeder, Catherine Sophia 1896-48>Chp Shoemaker 1920 MET/DAK>ALB Shoemaker, Laura 1948 MET/DAK Shofley, Arthur 1955 CHP Shondell, Troy 1944- USA Shonowana, Ignace 1780 IRO>Jsp>TrM/KUT/FLA/COL Shooting Through see Sapostahikan Shooting at a Mark Stoney see Indanooga Shooting Eagle see Kehew Atiapimwat Shoots at Close Range 1850 KAI/MaT? Shoots In The Air Hdm. 1885 PIK/SoP/SoE Shoots In The Water Chief 1839 CRO Shoots Them see Alvarez, Nicholas Shore see Hiyedoo Short Maj. 1860 >SK> Short 1880 >ALB/Edm Short 1988 Pas Short, Bethsey see Saulteaux, Elizabeth Short, Bethsy see Saulteaux, Elizabeth Short, Elizabeth (Saulteaux) 1783- SOT/RdR>FtE Short, Isabel see Short, Isabelle Short, Isabelle 1800- NWT Short, J.W. 1860 ALB/HiR Short, James Sr. 1767- SCO/OKR>RdR Short, James Jr. 1820 SOT/RdR>FtE/Pas Short, Marie C. (Gladue) 1820 Pas Short, Nancy 1856 Pas Short, Sarah 1795- SOT/RdR>FtE Short, William Mayor 1875 ALB/Cgy>Edm Short Bull 1848-69 DAK/Hun/SiB Short Bull Chief 1878 DAK Short But Stout White Man see Hunter Short Cut see Kiskiyew Short Gun SIK Short Knife see Cut Knife Short Leg see also Short Legs Short Leg, Baptiste 1858 Ale Short Leg, Baptiste (Mrs.) 1864 FtE>Ale Short Leg, Baptiste O Misima 1 1878 FtE/Ale Short Leg, Baptiste O Misima 2 1879 FtE/Ale Short Leg, Cha???ma??chin 1850 Ale Short Leg, Cha???ma??chin (wife)1850 FtE>Ale Short Leg, Henry Osawa Imasis 1839 Ale Short Legs see Short Leg Short Man see also L'Homme Court Maka Shortman Stevens, I. Short Man Fr. 1827 >BLK> Short Robe 1880 PIK/SoP Short Tail see Kiskiyew Short Woman 1865 SIK Shortback 1988 Pas Shortess, Robert 1819 USA>MIS>WYO>ORE Shortliff Maj. 1867 >ALB Shorting, Hector Chief 1974 CHP/LiS Shortman, Eddy Allen 1961- Ota Shortman, Gloria c1953- Ota> Shortman, Madeline 1907- Ota Shortman, Mary () 1920 >Ota Shortman, Shirley 1957- Ota Shortman, Soloman 1905- Ota Shortneck, Alexander 1951 BgH/MaW Shortneck, Anette 1930 MaW Shortneck, Baptiste 1909 MaW Shortneck, Dana 1930 MaW Shortneck, Emily 1930 MaW Shortneck, Joe 1924- MaW>BgH Shortneck, John Star 1985/05 BgH Shortneck, Marjorie (Abraham) 1930 BgH>Gst>MaW Shortneck, Mary 1930 MaW Shortneck, Philip 1930 MaW Shortneck, Rose 1930 MaW Shortneck, Sheila (Beaver) 1950 YeX Shortneck, Sophie (Crane) 1910 Hob Shortneck, Sylvia (Crane) 1935 Hob>Yex Shorting, Hector Chief 1977 CHP/ Shorts 1832 >FtE Shorts, Thomas Dolman 1950 BC Shorty see also Baldy Macleod, James F. Maka Young Boy Shorty 1947 >HiL> Shorty Jim 1930 Wch Shorty White Grass see also White Grass Shorty White Grass Chief 1860 PIK/BuD Shot see Fousseneuve, Louis Shott Shot Both Sides see Shot on Both Sides Shot Close see Crowfoot Red Crow, Frank Shot Many Times 1890 CRE Shot On Both Sides Hd Chf 1873- KAI/AkP Shot on Both Sides, Jim Hd.Chf. 1900 KAI/AkP Shotgun Charlie see Christodoulou, Charlie Shotridge, George Chief 1870 TLN Shott see also Fousenouve Shott 1900 FMc Shott, Clara (Boucher) 1900 FMc/FMy Shott, Louis Fousenouve see Fousenouve, Louis Shottanana, Pierre Chief 1921 KUT/Aki Shoulder see Hinyete Hiyedoo Shouting Buffalo see Kakitowi Mustus Shoutout see Shoutoux Shoutoux 1850 >ALB/TCr Shukweweetam see Almighty Voice Shulgi BAB Shunka Hugaho 1869/89cWPT Shunka Kayank 1869 CTK> Shunka Naji 1845/95cLBB>CTK Shunka Sapa 1859- WaP Shurtliff, A. 1857 >ALB>SK> Shurtliff, Julia () 1857 >ALB> Shuttle see Maschos Shutz, Frederick see Schultz, Frederick Shuwahtungah Skadih see Francis, Jensen Si Nakosew 1867 >Sam Si Nakosew, O Ka Sisa 1887 Sam Si Nakosew, O Misima 1 1886 Sam Si Nakosew, O Misima 2 1887 Sam Si Nakosew, O Wa () 1873 Sam Siagi see Siyagi Sibbald, Andrew 1833-34 ONT>ALB>NAK/YeX Sibbald, Edward HBC 1895 >LSA> Sibbald, William I.Agt. 1880 >OnL> Sibbeston 1920 FSi Sibeqsy 1880 OTT/MIC Sibley 1780 >LOU> Sibley, F.W. Lt. 1855 USA>MNT Sibley, Henry Hastings Gen. 1820 >MIS>MIN Sicha 1800 DAK Sickly see Akosiw Siddon, Al 1885 ONT>ALB Siddon, Anne 1902 ONT>ALB Siddon, Becky 1902 ONT>ALB Siddon, Charles 1886 ONT>ALB Siddon, Frank 1885 ONT>ALB Siddon, Ida 1902 ONT>ALB Siddon, James 1886 ONT>ALB Siddon, Mary Ellen 1902 ONT>ALB Siddon, Olive 1902 ONT>ALB Siddon, Robert 1859/21 ONT>ALB Siddon, Thomas 1902 ONT>ALB Siddon, Thomas Min.IAf 1970 ONT/Ott ## Sidorof, Gloria 1950 >HiL Siebert, Fred DLS 1894 >ALB> Siemens, Benjamin 1940 >FtV> Siemon, Howard see Simeon, Howard Sierstadt, Anne see Coultis, Anne Siffton, Clifford see Sifton, Clifford Sifton, Arthur Prem. 1895 >ALB Sifton, Clifford Min. 1856 ENG>ONT/Ott Sigana, Michelle -2005 Sigismund III King 1590 HUN Sigurdur, Clara 1971 Lap Sigurdur, David 1955 ALB Sigurdur, Einnar 1925/05 ALB/LLB Sigurdur, Johann 1923- >ALB Sigurdur, Joseph 1950 CRE/ Sigurdur, Marko () 1955 ALB Sigurdur, Mary () 1925 ALB/LLB Sigurdur, Michael 1949 CRE/ Sigurdur, Mike 1955 ALB Sigurdur, Nancy 1955 ALB Sigurdur, Phillip 1955 ALB Sigurdur, Rose 1955 ALB Siha Pshukaka see Solomon, Moses Sihasabe see Rolling In The Mud, Isaac Siheye see also Cree Sahiya Siai Siheye f 1825 Pes>TZC Sihkan see Sikan Sija see Swampy, Jacob Sik Apoyaka see Royal, Annie Sik Okskitsis see Charcoal Sika see Sikak Sikachim 1812/37cTwD>Msk Sikachim, Joseph Soosay Chief see Samson, Joseph Soosay Sikachim, Pepas () 1820 TwD>Msk>Pig>Sam Sikachim, Samson Kanatakasew Chf1833/99 TwD>Msk>Pig>Kis>Chi>Pig>Sam Sikak see also Auger, Emma Black Plume, Robert Cardinal, Jacob Joseph Piche, Louis Sikak Sikachim Sikuk Skunk Skunk Cap Skunk Skin Sikak f 1806 Pes>SwG/Jsp Sikak f 1831 Pes>Dum Sikak 1847 CeL Sikak, John 1860 LSA/Msk>Lap Sikak, Louise see Ward, Louise Sikak Sikak Inyan see Skunk Skin Sikan, Anne 1840- Pes/TZC>TZC Sikan, George 1820 Pes/TZC>TZC Sikan, George 1843- Pes/TZC>TZC Sikan, Louisa 1846- Pes/TZC>TZC Sikan, Louise Makwakich Wiyan ()1823 Pes>TZC Sikan, Paul 1827- Pes/TZC>TZC Sikan, Sally 1837- Pes/TZC>TZC Sikaskootch Chief 1840/85 Sip/Sik/OnL Sikitsowa Aki see Water Chief, Sarah Sikitsowaaki see Water Chief, Sarah Siknin see Sikan Siknin, Louise see Makwokich, Louise Sikak Sikski Aki see also Beverly Hungry Wolf Sikski Aki f 1885 KAI/AkP Siksika Koan see Jackson, William Siksika Kwan see Jackson, William Siksikakwan see Jackson, William Sikuk see Sikak Silas see Abraham, Silas Silliboy, Arnold 1982- MIQ/Esk Silly see also Kiskwew Ka Nipew Tosesta Silly 1830 WPT>BPw Silly Man 1891 FtP/OnL Siloux, Alex 1843 LSA Silver Rose 1845 >Wsk>PCh Silvest 1820 >ONT/Pen Silvest, Henry c1853- ONT/Pen Silvest, Mary c1851- ONT/Pen Silvest, Rose () 1820- ONT/Dru>Pen Silvest, Rose c1846- ONT/Pen Silvy, Antoine Fr. 1660 FRA>MAN/YkF> Simaganis see also Bernard, Chimakanis Rowand, Alexander Simaganis Rowand, Pierre Simagnis Simaganis, Alec 1905- LiP Simakwa 1865 CHI/SOT/TMt Simcoe, John Graves Lt.Gov. 1760 >ONT> Simeon/Simon Sam>NAK/TSU Simeon, Angela see Simeon, Angeline Simeon, Angeline 1970 TSU/Ute/Alo Simeon, Anita 1980 TSU/Alo Simeon, Audra 1970 TSU/Alo>SIK Simeon, Bruce Howard Mtn. Child 1949-97 TSU/Alo Simeon, Buffy Dawn (Kaquitts) 1979-96 GSt Simeon, Caylem Bruce 1980 TSU/Alo Simeon, Chad 1995 GSt Simeon, Chico Howard see Noel-Simeon, Chico Howard Simeon, Colin 1970 YeX Simeon, Harriette 1950 YeX Simeon, Howard 1998 TSU/Alo Simeon, Isabele see Big Plume, Mary Isabele Simeon, James Grasshopper Chief 1908-97 TSU/Alo Simeon, Jason 1980 TSU/Alo Simeon, Jo-Lee 1980 TSU/Alo>NAK/BPw Simeon, Joseph 1998 TSU/Alo Simeon, Josephine 1974 TSU/Alo Simeon, Judi see Simeon, Judy Simeon, Judy 1970 TSU/Alo Simeon, Kimberley 1980 TSU/Alo Simeon, Mary Isabele (Big Plume)1933/90 TSU/Bld>NAK Simeon, Mia see Simon, Mia Simeon, Patricia 1998 TSU/Alo Simeon, Sally 1970 TSU/Alo Simeon, Trisha 1980 TSU/Alo Simeon, Urban 1950 YeX Simeon, Virgil 1980 TSU/Alo Simiond 1898 >ALB/LoL Simmons, A.J. I.Agt. 1851 >MNT Simmons, Grizzly 1908 NWT/Nah Simo 1816 WPT>BPw/TZC Simo, Apaesno Wiyan () 1822 WPT>BPw/TZC/Pes Simo, Chian () 1816 WPT>BPw/TZC Simo, John 1837- WPT>BPw/TZC Simo, Mary 1836- WPT>BPw/TZC Simon/Simeon Sam>NAK/TSU Simon see Allen, Simon Simon, Dale 1977 Sam Simon, Howard see Simeon, Howard Simon, James 1977 Sam Simon, Jerry 1960 NAK Simon, Joseph see Simeon, Joseph Simon, Mia 1906 >Chi Simon, Patricia see Simeon, Patricia Simon, Paul 1945 USA Simon, Rene Chief 2005 INU/Bet Simon, Wilfred 1978 CHI/Den/FtR Simonin, Gustav Fr.OMI 1875 >ALB/StP>LSA>Hob> Simonson RCMP 1965 >ALB>FtV> Simpson 1821 USA>WYO>COL> Simpson, Mrs. () 1855 Sas/FrL Simpson, Aemilius 1825 FCh> Simpson, Alexander 1825 FCh> Simpson, Ann Foster 1828 QUE Simpson, Ann () 1885 ALB Simpson, Archie 1917- Ota Simpson, Bart myth Simpson, Catherine (Craddock) 1830 SOT/StM>Pen Simpson, Catherine (Mondion) 1832- Sas/Sis/FrL>Sip>Pas>Lap>MET Simpson, Cecelia 1927- Ota Simpson, Charles 1830 >FtE Simpson, Charles 1948- Ota Simpson, Christine 1956- >Ota Simpson, Cookie 1955 FCh Simpson, Frances () 1818- QUE Simpson, George Gov. 1787-60 SCO>Ota>RdR>QUE Simpson, George 1864 >ALB> Simpson, Homer myth Simpson, Isidore see Simpson, Marvin Isidore Simpson, J.W. 1833 QUE>RdR> Simpson, James K. "Mr. Jim" 1825 >Sip>FtE>Was>Pas>Lap Simpson, James O Ka Sisa 1879 Pas>Lap Simpson, James 1960 ALB Simpson, James Justin McCartney 1877-72>ALB Simpson, Jimmy see Simpson, James Simpson, Joanne 1977 SK Simpson, John 1782 CAN>WIS/PDC Simpson, John 1825 >FtE Simpson, John 1865 MAN>ALB Simpson, John c1967- Ota Simpson, Johnathan 1994 LLR Simpson, Jno. see Simpson, John Simpson, Lisa myth Simpson, Maggie myth Simpson, Marcia 1988 Simpson, Margaret (Taylor) 1805 Yrk>FCh>RdR Simpson, Marge (Bouvier) myth Simpson, Maria 1820-38 OxH>RdR>TrM Simpson, Marvin Isidore 1958- Ota Simpson, Mary (Keith) 1810 FCh Simpson, Minnie see Simpson, Winnie Simpson, Nora see Simpson, Therese Nora Simpson, Pauline () 1916- Ota Simpson, Ralph Davidson 1951- Ota Simpson, Robert 1970-04 Edm/Ban Simpson, Stanley 1865 CRE Simpson, Stanley (Mrs.) 1855 Sas/FrL Simpson, Stewart c1944- Ota Simpson, Therese Nora 1940- Ota Simpson, Thomas 1817 QUE>SK>ALB>NWT> Simpson, Vernon 1951 Ota Simpson, William 1820 ONT/StM>Pen Simpson, William 1910- Ota Simpson, Winnie 1893 >ALB/Cgy Sims, Refines Cpl. 1922 USA/PEN>BC>YK>USA Sina Ska MedM. c1701- DAK/Ogl/Mat Sinam see Seenam Sinas 1820 ONT/LeP Sinaska see Sina Ska Sinbad 1080 OMN Sincire see St. Cyr Sincire, Francois see St. Cyr, Francois Sinclair Earl 865 >ORK Sinclair 890 >FRA Sinclair 1046 FRA>ENG Sinclair HBC 1840 FtE Sinclair 1988 Pas Sinclair, Adeline (Hunter) 1862- Oon>Gdf>MET Sinclair, Agnes Lucy 1840 RdR>TrM/ORE Sinclair, Albert George 1881- Gdf>MET Sinclair, Alexander 1808-32 MIS>NMX>WYO Sinclair, Alexander 1834-34 RdR Sinclair, Alexander 1910 GrL/ILC>MET Sinclair, Alfred Chief 1975 OJI/Wsh Sinclair, Alvina () 1924 SIK Sinclair, Angelique () 1853 Gdf Sinclair, Ann () 1775 ORK Sinclair, Anne c1796-61 YkF>OxH>ONT Sinclair, Archie 1870 RdR>Vic> Sinclair, Arlee see Sinclair, Arlin Sinclair, Arlin Dale Randal 1958-05 SIK Sinclair, Benjamin Sr. 1822/84 MET/NoH>Pig>Gdf Sinclair, Benjamin Jr. 1865- Gdf Sinclair, Betsy see Sinclair, Elizabeth Sinclair, Caroline (Pruden) 1833 Was>RdR Sinclair, Catherine 1795-81 OxH>ORK Sinclair, Catherine c1824- OxH/TrM/COL Sinclair, Catherine 1910 GrL/ILC>MET Sinclair, Charlotte (Indian) 1790- Sinclair, Christine 1851 Gdf>Pas Sinclair, Cindy c1987- Edm Sinclair, Colin 1818- OxH>ENG> Sinclair, Damien 1983- Edm/IPo Sinclair, Dennis Chief 1976- Edm/Rdd Sinclair, Elizabeth 1802- OxH>YkF> Sinclair, Elizabeth (Bird) 1810/45 Sas/FtE>RdR Sinclair, Elizabeth () 1851 Gdf>Sip>Gdf>FtE Sinclair, Elizabeth 1869 Gdf Sinclair, Emma 1843-43 RdR Sinclair, Ephraim c1842- NoH>Pig>Gdf Sinclair, Etta 1869 Gdf Sinclair, Flora 1910 GrL/ILC>MET Sinclair, George 1884- Gdf>MET Sinclair, George 1910 GrL/ILC>MET Sinclair, Hannah (Cummings) 1810 >OxH Sinclair, Harriet 1830- RdR Sinclair, Henry Earl 1370 ORK Sinclair, Iskwesis () 1850/65 Gdf/Pas Sinclair, J. 1865 ALB/Cgy Sinclair, J. 1871 ALB/Edm Sinclair, J. 1872 ALB Sinclair, Jack 1881 AUS>ALB Sinclair, James c1805-56 NoH>RdR>TrM/CAL>RdR>TrM/ORE Sinclair, James "Mr. Jim" 1842- NoH>Pig>Gdf>MET Sinclair, James 1852- >Gdf>MET Sinclair, James Nicol 1861 ILC Sinclair, Jane c1798- OxH>RdR>FtE Sinclair, Jane Margaret 1839 RdR>TrM/ORE Sinclair, Jarl Earl 865 >ORK Sinclair, Jemima (Kittson) 1840 RdR>FtE>TrM/SHO>FtE>ONT Sinclair, Jessica c1840- RyL>FtE>NoH>TrM/SHO/FtH>ORE Sinclair, John 1807-18cOxH>ORK Sinclair, John 1838- NoH>Pig>Gdf>Sip>FtE Sinclair, John 1869 Gdf Sinclair, John 1910 GrL/ILC>MET Sinclair, John 1918 SIK Sinclair, Josephte (Durocher) 1861 GrL>ILC>MET Sinclair, Kimberley 1988- Edm Sinclair, Lorna () 1970 SIK Sinclair, Lottie () 1903 SIK Sinclair, Louisa 1840-43 RdR Sinclair, Magened see Sinclair, Margaret Sinclair, Margaret N. (Holden) 1780 YkF>OxH>RdR Sinclair, Margaret (Roussain) 1795- NWT>RdR Sinclair, Margaret () 1828 NoH>Pig>Gdf Sinclair, Margaret 1827- RyL>RdR Sinclair, Marguerite see Roussain, Margaret Sinclair, Maria 1835-56 RdR>TrM/ORE Sinclair, Maria Anne 1883- Gdf>MET Sinclair, Mary () 1786- >RdR Sinclair, Mary () 1798 YkF>ORK Sinclair, Mary Waden (McKay) 1804- >NoH>TrM/COL>RdR Sinclair, Mary 1811- OxH>RdR Sinclair, Mary (Campbell) 1823- Dun>FMc>RdR>TrM/ORE Sinclair, Mary Whitford 1848- RdR Sinclair, Nahovway see Holden, Margaret N. Sinclair, Peter 1790- NWT>RdR Sinclair, Phoebe c1804-48 OxH/NoH>Yrk>RdR Sinclair, Rena (Ayoungman) 1944 SIK/ Sinclair, Robert G. 1845 ONT>RdR>ALB Sinclair, Rognavold Chief 890 VIK/ORK>FRA Sinclair, Rollo see Sinclair, Rognavold Sinclair, Rosa 1910 GrL/ILC>MET Sinclair, Thomas 1795 ORK>YkF>ORK Sinclair, Thomas c1809- OxH>RdR Sinclair, Thomas 1869 Gdf Sinclair, Veronique () 1865- Gdf/Vic Sinclair, Warren 1970- MAN/Wpg Sinclair, Wendel Chief 1977 OJI/Bro Sinclair, Wilfred 1977 Puk Sinclair, William 1045 FRA>ENG>SCO Sinclair, William Sr. 1760-18 ORK>Yrk>OxH>RdR Sinclair, William Jr. 1794-68 OxH>RdR>OxH>ENG>NoH> RyL>RdR>FtE>TrM>FtE>Ont Sinclair, William John Lambert 1851- RdR>FtV>FCh>FtV Sinclair, William 1870 Gdf Sinclair, William 1898 Gdf Sinclair, William 1938 SIK Sinclair, William 1965 >FtV Sinclair, William J. 1971 ALB Sindaykaphea see Englishman, John Singer 1828 >BgB Singer 1870 BgB>FrL Singer 1980 FMy Singer, Frances 1848- LLB Singer, Margaret () 1852- LLB Singer, Sarah () 1923- FrL Singer, William 1920- FrL Singing After 1876 ARA/Sou Singing Along see Dog Chief Singing Back Singing Back 1835 KAI Singing Before Woman see Already Singing Woman Singing Earth f 1880 AsW Singing First see Already Singing Woman Singing In The Water f 1920 KAI Singing Man see Singer Singing Wind f 1817 ARA Singleton, Howard 1927 >ALB/PeR Sinipawksoyissi 1890 TSU Sinktoredza Bahanompe see Mark Sinopa 1901 PIK/HTK Sinopew see Bird, Sally Sinte 1780 DAK/Bru/Min>Ogl/Siy/Wac Sintogedza see Wolf Ear, Hector Sintoredza see Wolf Ear, Hector Sintoredza Bahanompe see Mark Siouse, Marguerite 1758 CAN/DAK/MIC/Det Sioux see Pwanes Sioux Speaker see Quinn, Thomas Sipays Chief 1827 COL Sipi see also Sipays Sipi Tokapwat see Nipi Ko Ka Paw Sipikwas Kakapaw see Sipikwas Ko Ka Paw Sipikwas Kakapwi see Sipikwas Ko Ka Paw Sipikwas Kokapaw f 1830 Pes>Dum Sipikwaskokapaw see Sipikwas Ko Ka Paw Sipitakanep see Blue Quills Sipsip see Sisip Sirdaw see LeBlanc, Francois Sire, Joseph A. 1820/57 MIS>MNT>MIS Siringo, Charles 1860 USA/NEB Siseanjute Chief 1835 SHU/Bon Siserah Gen 1325/85BCNN Sisikwas Kakapwi see Sipikwas Ko Ka Paw Sisikwanis see also Patenaude, Baptiste Seeseequan Seeseequasis Thomas, Mary Sisip f 1802 TwD>Msk Sisip f 1845/59 FtE Sisip, Rose 1957- OJI/SmF Sisip Pimotewiw Chief 1660 KUT/CRE/Kaw/AsW/SsP Sisip Pimotewiw O Koma 1630 KUT/Kaw/CRE/Asw Sisip Pimotewiw O Tawiyaw 1640 CRE/AsW>KUT/Kaw Sisip Pimotewiw O Wikitow 1665 AsW>KUT/Kaw/Ats>SsP Sisip Steinhauer see Piche, Sisip Sisiskis 1826 >Oon/Msk Sisiskis, Siya Maskamikwak () 1830 Oon/Msk Sisiskis, Susan 1846- Oon/Msk Sisitauwi see Sisip Pimotewiw Sisitawi see Sisip Pimotewiw Sisiwahum Chief 1852 BiR Sisiwit see Pesisiwit sistawau see Bird Rattle Sistoitsima 1880 PIK/SoP/Nit Sistsi see Bird Sit Down see Apistak Sita 1830 Dum/Pig Sitakap Aki f 1830 PIK/NoP/BDS Sitakapoki see Sitakap Aki Sitkahmose f 1539 BC EGY Sits Beside Him Woman see Pitak Iskwew Sits By The Door see Istapichkape Sits By The Door f PIK/SoP Sits Green on Earth f 1862- CyH>BgB>RoB Sits in the Middle see Little Dog Middle Sitter Sits With His Chest Out KAI Sitsoaki see Water Bird Sitting at the Door f 1862 Oni Sitting Badger Chief 1780 FtP Sitting Bull 1810 KAI Sitting Bull Chief 1830-90 DAK/Hun/StB Sitting Bull 1865 ARA/Sou Sitting Bull 1870 ARA/Nor Sitting Bull Crowfoot 1876 SIK/Moc Sitting Bull The Good Chief 1855 DAK Sitting Eagle see also Apistew Kehew Eagle Sitting Down Hunter, John Laurie, John Samson, John S. Sitting Eagle Chief 1848/78 NAK/FPk Sitting Eagle Chief 1870 SIK/EaE/StE Sitting Eagle, Anton 2005 SIK Sitting Eagle, Elton 1990 SIK Sitting Eagle, Gerald 1950 SIK Sitting Eagle, Hutch 1996 SIK/ Sitting Eagle, Jasmene () 1990 SIK Sitting Eagle, John 2005 SIK Sitting Eagle, John Anthony 1970 SIK Sitting Eagle, Justin Brett 1988- SIK Sitting Eagle, Shelly (Hunt) 1975 SIK Sitting Eagle, Simon 1950 SIK Sitting Earth f 1842- ALB/BgB>RoB Sitting Green on Earth see Sits Green on The Earth Sitting Hawk see Samson, John S. Sitting Horse 1865 Sip Sitting In Lodge Long Time see Makapi Apotsi Sitting In The Doorway see Sitting At The Door Sitting on an Eagle Tail Chief 1847 PIK/NoP/EaT Sitting On Earth 1845- >RoB Sitting On Earth f 1847- >RoB Sitting Right 1884- >RoB Sitting Squaw see Sitting Woman Sitting Still f 1780 Sas/Sip> Sitting Weasel f 1870 Oni/BgB Sitting White Buffalo see Red Crow Sitting Wind see Kaquitts, Frank Sitting Woman W.Ch. 1814 ATS/Sit Sitting Woman Chief 1834 ATS/Sit Siva God myth IND Siwap Iskwew 1835 SHU/NoT>CRE/AsW Siwi Asiw, Jane (Minatoch) 1866- LSL/Ati/Wab>Dun>LSL>LLB>MET Siwi Asiw, Louis 1866 Dun/LSL Sixapo see Black Plume Sixepe 1876/96 KAI/Cho Sixkiller 1885 DAK Sixkiller, Araminta 1905 DAK Sixkiller, Gu-U-Ne-Ki (Guess) 1885 DAK Siya 1826 LSL Siya Maskamikwak f 1831 >Oon/Msk Siyagi c1825- TZC/BPw Siyakask 1827 FtE/KaM/Lap Siyakask, Nipi Tesimo () 1832 FtE/KaM/Lap Siyakask, Peter 1847- FtE/KaM/Lap Siyakikwanep see Bruneau, Jean Baptiste Siyeh see Mad Wolf Siyikas see Siyakask Siyikus see Siyakask
Skadsem, Louis 1880 >ALB Skaley, Freda Marie 1936- ALB/MET Skaley, Velma Grace (Howse) 1905-84 MET/Gdf> Skanasane see Cries Early In The Morning Skanderbeg see Kastioti, Gjergj Skani see also Scanie Skani, Amable 1917- CHI/CdL Skani, Annette () 1903- CHI/CdL Skani, Corrine () 1904- CHI/CdL Skani, Francis see Scanie, Francis Skani, Harvey Francies 1951- CHI/CdL Skani, Jason 1990 CHI/CdL>Edm Skani, Jerome 1909- CHI/CdL Skani, Mary Jean () 1929- CHI/CdL Skani, Marvin see Scanie, Marvin Skani, Thaddeus 1901- CHI/CdL Skeboss, John 1904- PoM Skeels, Frank Edward 1855- ILL>MNT>WAS>ALB Skeels, Nelson 1835 ILL>MNT>WAS Skelton 1914 >ALB/FMc Skene 1893 >ALB/Cgy Sketchy Andy see McIntyre, Andrew Skinawa see also Skinnes Skinawa Chief 1870 SOT/TMt Skinaway, Clifford OJI/Mis/SyL Skinner 1872 >ALB Skinner 1880 USA/WYO Skinner, Alanson 1888 USA>NoH/YkF>Sip>USA Skinner, Enoch 1855 ONT>ALB/Vic Skinner, William 1930 SOT/TMt Skinnes see also Skinawa Skinner Skinnes, Alice Smith c1886-61 SIK/KAI>CRE/AsW/Kis/HiR>MuS>MaW>Vic Skinnes, Orval H. Buck Smith 1849-31>ALB>SIK/KAI>CRE/HiR/Kis>MuS> Skinnes, Sarah Pachimi(Wolfchild)862-01 SIK/KAI>CRE/Kis/MaW>MET Skinny see Sikachim Skinny Cree see Shiyo Huste Skinny Man see also Kawakatose Lean Man Sikachim Skinny Cree Skinny Stoney Skinny Man Chief 1864 CRE Skinny Stoney see also Kawakatose Lean Man Sikachim Skinny Cree Skipper, George Chief 1660 NOT Skocdopole, Fern 1884 >ALB Skomiak see Scomiaks, James Skomiax see Scomiaks, James Skookum Jim Mason see Mason, Skookum Jim Skookum Joe 1864 KUT/Akm Skrastin, Alfred 1959 ALB Skrine, Agnes S. (O'Neill) 1880 >ALB Skrine, Henry Duncan 1845 ENG Skrine, Walter 1865 ENG>ALB/HiR Skull, Isaac 1948 CHI/DeS/BlL Skull, Moise 1948 CHI/DeS/BlL Skully, u/k 1920/41 ALB Skunk see also Black Plume, Robert Sikak Sikachim Skunk Skin Skunk 1848 ARA Skunk, Agnes () 1922- Sad Skunk, Edmond Lawrence 1914- Sad Skunk, Julienne () 1912- Sad Skunk Cap see Bercier, Jacques Skunk Skin 1808 AsW/Msk?>SnP>RdP Skuti-la Hd.Chf. 1741/00cFLA/Tun Skwesipi see Little Girl Sky Bird see King Bird Sky Blue Heron Sitting Down Turning Around On A Chair 1854 Vic Sky Child see Godin, Kisikaw Awasis Godin, Marie Kisikaw Awasis Kisikaw Awasis Sky Overhead see Ota Pasikisikak Skychild see Godin, Kisikaw Awasis Godin, Marie Kisikaw Awasis Kisikaw Awasis Skye, Eugene 1930 IRO/GdR Skye, John 1856 HoW Skye, Margaret () 1856 HoW Skye, Mary 1876 HoW Skywater, Henry Chief 1977 DAK/BTl Slap Mouth 1892 KAI Slapped in the Face 1845 Msk Slater HBC 1760 ENG>YkF>CuH> Slater, James HBC 1777- SCO/ORK>YkF> Slater, Julia 1880 USA/NWY Slater, Mary () 1780- MET Slatter, William 1866 >SK/ToH Slattern, Andrew 1927 >ALB/Jsp Slattery, Adelaide 1855- MET/SK/Bat Slave Girl 1750 >BLK>CRE/YkF Slave Woman see Thanadelther Slavic Johnny 1916 >SK>CHI/BlL Slay see also Sleigh Slay, Clare 1985 Slay, Gary 1950 Slay, Robert 1950 Slayer see Buffalo Slayer Buffy Slayer Napahase Sleeman, Wm. 1795 ENG>IND> Sleeping Woman see Iyok Aki Sleeps On Top see High Sleeper Sleigh Med. 1900 SIK/Api Sleigh 1900 TSU/BrG Sleigh, John 1990 SIK Sleigh, Leona () 1990 SIK Sleigh, R.B., Const. NWMP 1864/85>CRE/Sip>Was Slem Hak Kah see Charlo Slidell, John 1835 USA>CSA>ENG> Sliding Down 1865 KAI>NAK/Sou Slim Jim 1860 >SK/CyH Slippery, James 1982- ALB/IPo Slippery Andy see Andy Slippery Annie 1880 >ALB/MeH Slippery Dick Johnson see Johnson, Liver-Eating Slit Ear 1870 KAI Slofstra, Anne () 1930 Slofstra, John Edward Sr. 1930 Slofstra, John Edward Jr. 1960 Slofstra, Kyra 1982 Sloping Bank 1844 Msk Slow see Sitting Bull Slow Bear 1850 DAK/Ogl Slow Bear, Carrie (Red Cloud) 1850 DAK/Ogl/BdF Slowpoke see Kiya Chi Iskwa Napew Sluka c1790- DAK/Oka/TaT Slukila see Sluka Slumak 1859 SAL/SQA Smaaslet, Ludwig 1928 >BC>SEK/FtW Small see also Apischiw Apisitiyas Little Stewart, Joseph Small, Amelia 1845/48 Was Small, Ahsis see Small, Asis Small, Arcas CRE/ Small, Asis 1845 Sas>Sip Small, Caroline 1835 Was Small, Cecile 1826 ILC>Wes>Was> Small, Charlotte 1785-60 ILC>RMH>SAL>QUE Small, Charlotte 1834 ILC>Wes>Was> Small, Eliza 1845 Was Small, Four Eagles () 1876- ALB>RoB Small, Joseph c1882- >RoB Small, La Louise CRE/ Small, Little Girl () 1888- >RoB Small, Maria 1845 Was Small, Nancy 1790 ILC>FtE>RMH>RdR>RMH>TrM/ORE>FtE Small, Nancy (Hughes) 1800 Sas>Was Small, Nancy Jr. 1814-74 Sas/FtE>RdR Small, Patrick Sr. 1763 SCO>QUE>ILC>Sas>Was>ENG Small, Patrick Jr. 1788/46 ILC>Sas>Was Small, Patrick 2 dtr 1810 Sas>Was Small, Patrick son 1810/23 Sas>Was Small, Robert 1965 Erm Small, Willie 1875 >RoB Small Ankles 1855 HID Small Back Sides see Little Buttocks Not Good Small Bear see Apistakos Maskwa Asis Tonweya Small Bear Cub see Apistakos Small Body see Stewart, Joseph Small Boy see Apisisiw Napesis Littlechild Nahpesis Napesis Osimimiw Awasis Smallboy Small Buffalo, Bryson 1988 Sam Small Buttocks see Small Back Sides Small Eyes see Gros Ventre Boy Smalleyes Small Child see Apisisiw Awasis Osimimiw Awasis Small Face see also Smallface Small Face 1862- SK>RoB Small Face f 1880 PIK/BDS Small Face, Davy 1973 PIK/TSU/Bld Small Face, Joseph Big Plume 1993- PIK/TSU/Bld Small Face, Lynne (Big Plume) 1978 PIK/TSU/Bld Small Faced Woman 1910 KAI Small Grizzly Bear see Charlo Small Gull see Kiaskoosis Small Gut 1870 KAI/Sca Small Horse see Apistatim Small Leggings 1870 PIK/SoP Small Legs, Connie 1999 TSU Small Legs, Devalon 1955 PIK/NoP Small Legs, Florence 1928-05 PIK/NoP Small Legs, Joan 1950 PIK/NoP Small Legs, Nelson Sr. Hd. Chf.1928 PIK/NoP Small Legs, Nelson Jr. 1950/76 PIK/NoP Small Magpie 1862 BgB Small Mouth see Monfwi Small Mouth, Francis 1948 SOT/TMt Small Priest see Dousette, Fr. Small Turtle Shell see Kehala Small Woman see Apitas Iskwew Smallboy see also Apisisis Awasis Apisisis Napesis Little Boy Littlechild Nahpesis Napesis Osimimiw Awasis Smallboy, Donald 1955- Erm>Sml Smallboy, Joseph Chief 1965/95 Erm>Sml Smallboy, Robert Chief 1897- Erm>Sml Smallboy, Robert Chief 1960 Erm>Sml>Erm Smallboy, Simon 1885 MoF Smalleyes see also Gros Ventre Boy Smalleyes, Jane (Bear) 1919 Wes/YeX Smalleyes, John 1914 Wes/YeX Smalleyes, Rose (Dixon) 1970 EdV Smalleyes, Susan 1940 Wes/YeX>BPw Smalleyes, Susan () 1940 Wes/YeX Smalleyes, Wallace 1934-05 Wes/YeX Smallface see also Small Face Smallface, Alphonse 1836-34 BeL Smallface, Clema -1977 BeL Smallface, Clement 1894-76 BeL Smallface, Ida Rose 1825 BeL Smallface, Isabella 1900- BeL Smallface, Laurette 1944- BeL Smallface, Lauretta see Smallface, Laurette Smallface, Marie Rose 1902-88 BeL Smallface, Rose see Smallface, Ida Rose Smallface, Marie Rose Smallhand 1835/60cSwt>StH/Swt Smallpox 1861 SIK Smallwood, Donald 1970 >ALB Smallwood, J.A. 1863 >ALB/MHt Smart 1865 >SK Smart Child f 1870 PIK/NoP/BDS Smart Woman f 1890 PIK>KAI Smaus, Hank 1930 >ALB Smith 1764- Nip Smith 1810 MAN Smith Capt. 1830 >ORE Smith 1833 >BC/SHU/Kam Smith 1850 >MNT/PIK Smith 1860 >SK/WMt> Smith 1862 >ALB/FMa Smith Const. 1877 NWMP>SK Smith 1885 >ALB/Cgy Smith 1890 >ALB Smith 1950 FtV Smith, A. 1870 >ALB/Cgy Smith, A.E. Lt. 1855 USA>NEB Smith, A.G. Chief 1866 IRO/ Smith, Adam 1890 AsW/Kis>MET Smith, Albert 1948 ALB Smith, Alexander 1789- MET>RdR Smith, Alexander 1845 Vic Smith, Alexander 1884 Keh Smith, Alice Skinnes c1886-61 SIK/KAI>CRE/AsW/Kis/HiR>MuS>MaW>Vic Smith, Almer 1900 >ALB Smith, Aloysuis Stanley 1908-67 OJI/MiL Smith, Arthur 1886 ENG>ALB Smith, Asa Rev. 1870 >IDA Smith, B. 1827 >FtE Smith, Beatrice (Moberly) 1950 FtV Smith, Benjamin 1900 >ALB Smith, Billy 1843 NoH>Vic Smith, Buck see Smith, Jasper Smith, Orval H. Smith, Catherine 1890 AsW/Kis>MET Smith, Cedric 1978 ALB/Cgy/HeA Smith, Charles "Dutch" 1852 NOR>ALB>MNT Smith, Christopher 1942 ALB Smith, Debbie (Pretty Young Man)1998 SIK Smith, Delbert 1948 ALB Smith, Donald A. 1820- SCO>LAB/NAS/EsB>RdR Smith, Donald 1942 MET>ALB Smith, Durwyn 1950 FtV Smith, Dwight 1998 SIK Smith, E.W. Capt. 1850 USA>MNT Smith, E. Ward 1885 >YUK> Smith, E. Willard 1819 >COL> Smith, Edward NWC 1796 >CHI/FCh>DEH>NAH> Smith, Edward L. 1850 MNT>ALB/AsW/HiR/Kis Smith, Edward P. Com.I.A.1850 USA/DC Smith, Edward 1886 ENG>ALB Smith, Eliza () 1873 ALB>RoB Smith, Ernest "Smoky" 1923 >ITA> Smith, Felicite (Lizotte) 1868- FtV Smith, Francis 1725 ENG>NUN/HBy>ENG Smith, Frank 1880- SIK/KAI>CRE/Kis/MuS>MET Smith, Fred 1900 >LLB Smith, George 1882 >ALB Smith, George 1880 USA/MIC>ALB Smith, Hanna Leeman (Clay) 1858 USA/MIC>ALB Smith, Harriet 1820 SK/RdR/PoP Smith, Henry Hdm. 1856 JaS Smith, Henry 1886 >ALB Smith, Howard Dr. 1870 >ALB>BC> Smith, Isabelle 1873- CHI/MET/GSL>FtV Smith, Isobel (Hardisty) 1839 CRE>LAB/EsB/Nas>RdR Smith, J.J. I.A. 1857 >MNT Smith, Jack 1860/64 CHY Smith, Jack 1890 USA/MIN>ALB Smith, James Chief 1850 JaS Smith, James 1885- CyH>RoB Smith, James 1875 SK Smith, James 1920 FtV Smith, Jasper "Buck" 1839- USA/CAL>ALB/HiR>MuS Smith, Jean 1869- FtV Smith, Jedediah 1804/31 ONT>USA/MIS>IDA>CAL>ORE> Smith, Jefferson 1810 >ND/HID>MIS Smith, Jessica c1978- FtV Smith, John Capt. 1585 ENG>USA/MAS Smith, John S. 1810-71 KTY>BLK>CHY Smith, John Chief 1846 SOT/SoB/JoS Smith, John Q. Com.I.A.1850 ONT/Ott Smith, John 1860 >SK/DuL Smith, John Capt. 1860 >FCh Smith, John 1930 FCh Smith, John 1948 ALB Smith, Joseph HBCo 1735/65 ENG>YkF>CuH/Nip>ALB Smith, Joseph 1820 MRM Smith, Joseph 1850 MAN/SK Smith, Joseph 1909- FrL Smith, Leonard 1947 FtV>HiL Smith, Leonard 1959 FtV Smith, Liard see Smith, Thomas Smith, Lillian 1870 USA/CAL> Smith, Lorn 1948 ALB Smith, Louise (Wewiji) 1915- OJI/MiL Smith, Louise 1890 AsW>MET Smith, Madeleine (Lizotte) 1849- FCh>FtV>RdR Smith, Margaret 1875 DuL Smith, Marie 1890 AsW>MET Smith, Marie Marguerite 1890 AsW>MET Smith, Marshall 1900 USA/MIN>ALB Smith, Mary () 1835- ALB>RoB Smith, Mary C. 1855 USA/IND>MIS Smith, Michael 1872- ALB>RoB Smith, Monique (Dumais) 1855- RMH>AsW>MET Smith, Moise 1890 AsW/Kis>MET Smith, Morning Star () 1860/38 CHY/DAK Smith, Nancy (Sanderson) 1808- RdR Smith, Nancy 1849 Was Smith, Orval H. "Buck" 1849-31>ALB>SIK/KAI>HiR/Kis>MuS> Smith, Paul 1852- ALB>RoB Smith, Paul 1855 >RMH>AsW/Kis> Smith, Peg Leg see Smith, Thomas L. Smith, Peter Hd. Chf.1943 PIK/NoP Smith, Ramon Alberton OJI/ Smith, Robert Pvt. 1858 USA>WYO Smith, Rose c1870- USA/MNT>PIK/NoP Smith, Rosemary (Crawler) 1960 Wes/YeX Smith, Sarah Pachimi (Wolfchild)1862-01 SIK/KAI/BiW>CRE/Kis>MET Smith, Smoky see Smith, Ernest Smith, Stanley 1865 >FtP> Smith, Stanley 1935 FtV Smith, Thomas see Vaughan, Thomas Smith, Thomas 1778- Nip>Pes/Dum>Nip Smith, Thomas Peg Leg 1801- USA/KTY>NMX Smith, Thomas 1844 >BC>ALB> Smith, Thomas Sr. 1847 RdR>FtV>RdR Smith, Thomas 1852 RdR Smith, Thomas 1855- ONT>ALB/Cgy Smith, Thomas Jr. 1867- FtV>RdR Smith, Thomas "Liard" 1900 >NAH/NaB Smith, Thomas 1926 FtV Smith, Tom see Smith, Thomas Smith, Valorie 1950 ALB/Cgy Smith, Veronica 1940 SIK/ Smith, W. 1863 >ALB/Cgy Smith, W.H.S. M.P. 1860 ENG Smith, William 1785 Nip>SoB>LLB> Smith, William Robert Sr. 1847 RdR>GSL>FCh>FtV Smith, William c1849- RdR Smith, William Robert (wife) 1850 GSL>FCh>FtV Smith, William Robert Jr. 1871 GSL>FCh>FtV Smith, William 1884-51 SCO>ALB/Ase Smith, William 1888 OnL Smith, William 1887 USA/MIC>ALB Smith, William 1970 ALB/Edm Smithsian, Marter Smitty, Aloysuis Stanley see Smith, Aloysuis Stanley Smoke see also Old Smoke Smoke, Ernest Smoke Chief 1804 DAK/Ogl/Smk Smoke, Ernest Chief 1978 DAK/Dak Smoke, Zak 1930 OJI/Mss Smoky see Smith, Ernest Smooth Eyes c1862- CRE/SOT>RoB Smyl 1889 >ALB/StP Smyrnington, Dinger see Smyrnington, Herbert A. Smyrnington, Herbert A. 1890 >SK Smyth 1865 Smyth, E. see Selby-Smyth, E. Smythe, F.S. 1927 >BC> Snake see also Serpent Zuzuecha Snake, Albert Sominis 1870 Chp>SnP>Atk Snake, Alfred Chief 1916- Chp Snake, Elizabeth c1903 Atk Snake, Emma (Omamis) 1846 Lap/Oon/See>Chp Snake, Jemima (Ahtakakoop) 1890 Atk Snake, Joseph ONT Snake, Rose (Bird) 1890 Atk>SnP>Atk Snake, Victoria 1908- LiP Snake Indian Woman f 1785 SNK>CRE/Sas>Pes>FtE Snake People Woman f 1881 KAI/FiE Snake Woman Chief 1820 KAI/FiE> Snake Woman f 1860/78 SHO>KAI Snake Woman f 1865 PIK/SoP Snarud, Bessie (Sande) 1920 ALB Snarud, John 1920 ALB Sneaky, Gordon 1974 OJI/GrN Snell, George 1977 NAK/ATS/FtB Snelling Capt. 1840 USA>MNT> Snideman, Charles 1886 USA/IND>ALB Snideman, Charlotte () 1890 USA/IND>ALB Snideman, George 1886 USA/IND>ALB Snider see also Snyder Snider Sgt. 1920 BC>ENG> Snixter 1837 USA/NWY>KAN>UTA>IDA Snow 1870 ChO/Pig>Gst Snow, Andrew 1960 GSt Snow, Bruce 1975 Gst Snow, Candace (Fox) 1975 Gst Snow, Clara Ruby 1960 Gst Snow, Deanna (Amos) 1960 BPw/EdV>GSt Snow, Deanna (Crawler) 1990 BPw/EdV>GSt Snow, Delphine 1990 Gst Snow, Eldon 1990 Gst Snow, Elmer Pvt. 1856 USA>MNT Snow, Francis 1975 Gst Snow, Glenda (Crawler) 1975 Gst Snow, Hank 1914- NS>USA Snow, Hank 1975 Gst Snow, Iona (Beaver) 1975 Gst Snow, John Chief 1935 Gst Snow, John 1975 Gst Snow, Lana 1990 Gst Snow, Margaret 1975 Gst Snow, Marianne (Fox) 1975 Gst Snow, Raindrop 2005/05 Gst/BPw Snow, Ruby Ann 1975 Gst Snow, Thomas Chief 1949 Gst Snow, Verna 1975 Gst Snow, Violet 1975 Gst Snow, Wally 1975 Gst Snow, William 1900 Gst Snow, Winnie 1975 Gst Snow Clouds see Snow Snowbird see Marten, Napoleon Snowball see Kolausok, Johnny James Snowcloud see Snow Snuff Chief 1869 TAT/CHI Snyder 1847 RdR>Gdf> Snyder, A.E. Insp. NWMP 1865 >ALB> Snyder, A.I. 1847 RdR>GdF>Vic So, Johnathan 1985- C&E Sobata Chief 1850 UTE/Cap Sobeknefru f Phar. 1780/55 BEGY Soberman Chief 1818 FPe/Sob Sobotar see Sobata Soft Woman 1870 PIK/SoP Sogz, Merv 1940 >CAR> Sohappy, David -1991 USA Sohon, Gustavus 1835 USA>MNT> Sokaskamitukinam see Gladue, Constance Sokumapi W. Ch. 1720 PIK Sokwapance, John 1984 LiP Sokwintoo 1816 CAN>ChT/TZC Sokwintoo, James 1836 ChT/TZC Sokwintoo, Wiyan () 1820 ChT/TZC Soldat see also Battailleur Bernard, Chimakanis Cardinal, Joseph Chimakan Le Petit Soldat Simakan Soldier Wankanto Soldat 1790 CAN>Sas>Sad Soldat, Ann Cardinal 1870 >MET Soldat, Helene Cardinal 1870 >MET Soldat, James Cardinal 1870 >MET Soldat, Joseph Cardinal 1790 Sas>Sad Soldat, Josephte (Daigneau) 1806 Sas>Sad Soldat, Louise () 1810 Sas/Sad Soldat, Marguerite Cardinal 1870 >MET Soldat, Mary 1851 FtE>NoP> Soldat, Norbert Cardinal 1830-76 Sad Soldier see also Battailleur Bernard, Chimakanis Cardinal, Joseph Chimakan Le Petit Soldat Simakan Soldat Wankanto Soldier, Annie (Crawler) 1950 Wes/YeX Soldier, Martina () 1960 YeX Soldier, Vicky 1975 YeX Soldier, Woodrow 1960 YeX Solis, Juan de 1494/16 SPN>ARG Solloway see also Soloway Solway Solloway, Georgina () 1945 >SIK/NAK/YeX Solloway, Melvin 1940 SIK>NAK/YeX Solois see Salois Soloman, Moses see Solomon, Moses Solomon King 994B ISR Solomon 1920 CHI/JEW/EnR Solomon, Arnold Chief 1978 TSL Solomon, Ezekial see Solomon, Ezekiel Solomon, Ezekial 1743 QUE>MIC>CuH> Solomon, Ezekiel 1812- ONT/Dru Solomon, Gabriel NWMP 1856 MET>CyH Solomon, Johnston Chief 1982 Ksh Solomon, Lewis 1821-00 ONT/CHP/CRE/Pen Solomon, Louis see also Solomon, Lewis Solomon, Louis c1857- ONT/Pen Solomon, Louisa (Indian) 1820- ONT/Dru Solomon, Mary () 1821- QUE>ONT/Pen Solomon, Mary Ann c1848- ONT/Pen Solomon, Moses 1828- >MNT>ALB/NAK/CyH Solomon, William 1800 ONT Solomon, William c1855- ONT/Pen Solloway, Melvin 1940 SIK>NAK/YeX Solloway, Georgina () 1945 >SIK/NAK/YeX Solon Judge 614B GRK/Ath Soloway see also Salaway Soloway, Adam Hd.Chf 1930 SIK Soloway, Helen 1960 SIK Solway see also Soloway Solway, Andrew 1950 SIK Somebody Who Calls From The Sky see Young Chipewyan Something that is Given Away see Sistoitsima Sometimes Glad see Meminowatow Somiax see Scomiaks, James Sominis see Snake, Albert Son-In-Law see Winchanae Winchonaie Winchaxa Tonga Son of Kutenai see O Ka Sisa Kutenew Sonabaweminno see Caldwell, Quesesis Song, Alec see Song, Alex Jae Song, Alex Jae c1977- Edm Song, Jese 1977- Edm Sonfrere, Daniel Chief 1950 DEH/HyR Sonnant see Ka Michet O Kehew-wak Sonowane, Ignace see Shonowane, Ignace Soosay, Alyssa 1995- Sam Soosay, Christian 1987-08 Sam Soosay, Joseph Sikachim Chief c1853-42 Pig/Sam Soosay, Joseph Samson Chief c1853-42 Pig/Sam Soosay, Joseph Lee Francis 1980- Sam Soosay, O Ka Sisa 1 1886 Sam Soosay, O Ka Sisa 2 1887 Sam Soosay, O Misima 1887 Sam Soosay, O Wa () 1866 >Sam Soosay, Phillip 1947 Sam Soosay, Rex 1994- Sam Sophia 1831 OxH Sophia 1828 Pig Sophia 1834 TwD>Msk Sophia 1844- OxH Sophia 1848 NAK/Wes Sophia 1850 Kis>BPw Sophie 1850 CRE/ Sophie from Victoria 1865 Vic>EdS Sophie from Victoria, O Ka Sisa 1879 Vic>EdS Soquawapinace, John see Sokwapance, John Soquintoo see Sokwintoo Sorele, Marie Genevieve 1763 QUE Sorge, Keith F. Rev. 1980 ALB Sorrel Horse see also Big Sorrel Horse Sorrel Horse 1857 >PIK/Inu Sorrel Horse Chief 1880 SIK/WeW Sorrel Horse 1910 KAI Sorrel Horse, Violet () 1910 KAI Sorrell Horse see Sorrel Horse Sosigenes 80B ROM Soso see Payew Sosohkan see Payew Sotanow see Rainy Chief Sotenah see Rainy Chief Sotkonung see Olaf Sotkonung Soto see also Eyesa (Nakoda) Larocque (Cree) Soto 1730 SOT>USA>WAS>SAL Soto c1750- SOT/SAL Soto 1826 Was Soto, Francis 1940 Erm Soto Strange Man see Larocque Soto Strange People see Larocque Soto Strangers see Larocque Sotwo see Soto Souilliere see Soulier Soule, Edith 1950 SHU/Nes Soule, George 1600 ENG>USA/MAS Soulier see also Salois Soulier 1765 CAN/FtE Soulier Chief 1780 HID/MAN Soulier 1785 CAN>PeR/HuH Soulier, Camerade a 1785 Sas/FtE Soulier/Salois 1821 FtE Soulier/Salois 1841- FtE Soulier, Angelic () 1770 >FtE Soulier, Angelique 1800 FtE Soulier, Augustina (Auger) 1831- PeR/LSL/MaA/Ale>LSA Soulier, Basil 1795 CAN>ORE>Jsp>FtE Soulier, Camerade a 1785 Sas/FtE Soulier, Iosette see Salois, Iosette Soulier, Jean Baptiste see also Salois, Jean Baptiste Soulier, Jean Baptiste 1810 CHP/StM Soulier, Joseph 1785- CAN>LSL>MET Soulier, Joseph 1835 CRE/ Soulier, Katrine c1832- ONT>LSL>MET Soulier, Marguerite see Salois, Marguerite Soulier, Marie Genevieve 1815 >TrM/ORE Soulier, Mary c1835- ONT>LSL>MET Soulier, Sylneshe 1841- LSA> Soulinier, Edmond Fr.SJ 1805 >USA/MIS Soulis, William Lord SCO Sound, Yvonne 1950 SwR Sounding Like see Itittakoose, Samuel Sounding Sky, Jean Baptiste see Almighty Voice Sounding Sky, John 1850 SOT/YeQ>1Ar Sounds of Birds' Wings When They are Flapping see Cayen, Alexander Soup, Angelina 1980 KAI/ Soup, Arthur 1960 KAI/ Soup, Austin 1980 KAI/ Soup, Brian 1945 KAI/ Soup, Clara see Soup, Valerie Soup, Clarence 1925 KAI/ Soup, Clarice 1945 KAI/ Soup, Cody 1980 KAI/ Soup, Dolly 1950 KAI/ Soup, Gerri 1980 KAI/ Soup, Holly 1980 KAI/ Soup, Kim Lusena 1980 KAI/ Soup, Loretta 1927 KAI/ Soup, Loretta 1980 KAI/ Soup, Nicole 1980 KAI/ Soup, Richard 1905 KAI/ Soup, Valerie Clara 1960-01 KAI/ Sourichaude see also Suchrown Sourichaude, Andrew see Sourichaude, Charles Sourichaude, Anne see Sourichaude, Marie Sourichaude, Caroline (Calliou) 1870 Cal>LSA Sourichaude, Catherine (Cardinal1859 LSL Sourichaude, Catherine (Gladue) 1844 LSL Sourichaude, Charles 1874 LSL Sourichaude, George see Opihutte, George Sourichaude, George Opihutew 1860 LSL Sourichaude, Louise (Napacham) 1884- LSL Sourichaude, Marie (Napacham) 1838- LSL Sourichaude, Marie Anne 1859- LSL>Stu/Bld Sourichaued, Moise 1884 LSL>Stu Sourichaude, Montagnais 1839 LSL Sourichaude Montagnais see Sourichaude, Montagnais Souris see also Mouse Souris, Raphael Souris 1868/88 TZA/Dun Souris, Angele (Laliberte) 1870 ILC>DoL>ClL Souris, Aubichon see also Obichon Souris, Arthur Lariviere 1900 DoL/ILC/ClL Souris, Charles 1900 DoL/ILC/ClL Souris, Obichon 1900 DoL/ILC/ClL Souris, Raphael 1849- DoL>ClL>MET Sourischaude see Sourichaude Sous, C. 1863 >ALB South Wind see also Sawan South Wind 1781 Jat/WPT Southard 1909 >ALB/PeR>YK/Nah Southerland see Sutherland Southern Skies see Steinhauer, Henry Bird Southesk, Earl of see Carnagie, James Southland, James see Sutherland, James Souver see also Savard Souver, Ellen () 1863- AmW Souver, Jean Baptiste 1857- RdR>ALB/AmW Souzi see Beaulieu, Suzi Sousa Souzie see Sousa Sowan see Sawan Sowayguay see Sowe Iskwew Sowe Iskwew 1748 OJI Soyaksiwakas see Water Spider Woman Soyo Nista see McMaster, Soyonista Soyonista see McMaster, Soyonista Spalding, Eliza () 1818 USA>MIS>WAS Spalding, Henry Rev. 1816 USA>MIS>WAS Spanish Joe see Arana, Joseph Sparkling Eyes see Sparklingeyes Sparklingeyes see also Brighteyes Sparklingeyes 1842 Gdf Sparklingeyes, Emma () 1899- Sad Sparklingeyes, Fanny 1869 Gdf Sparklingeyes, Florence () 1914- Sad Sparklingeyes, Marcus 1909- Sad Sparklingeyes, Mary Jane () 1902- Sad Sparklingeyes, Napoleon 1911- Sad Sparklingeyes, Olivine () 1937- Sad Sparklingeyes, Sophia 1869 Gdf Sparling Rev.Doc 1875 MAN>ALB Sparrow see Pipikisis Sparrow, Edward 1920 MUS Sparrow, Ronald 1970 MUS Sparrowhawk see Pipikisis Sparvier, Mary 1899 Cow Sparvier, Oliver 1905- Sak>MMt Spate 1920 >SK> Spaulding 1863 >ALB/HiR Speaker see Kiya Ki Kasakowew Le Chef Qui Parle Voice Speaks In The Middle see Iron Speaks Our Language see Cree Speaker Man Who Speaks our Language Spear Chief see also Spearchief Spear Chief 1880 KAI Spear Chief, Harold 1890 KAI Spear Woman 1850 KAI>FiE Spearchief, Keegan Troy 1986- KAI>USA>AFG> Speers, C.W. 1883 >MAN Speight, Annie 1933 ALB Spelling, Tori 1981- USA Spence HBC 1790 >CRE Spence, A.B. 1865 FtE Spence, Annabella (McKenzie) 1792- RdR? Spence, Andrew 1789- RdR Spence, Andrew 1837- RdR/Lap>Was>MET Spence, Andrew 1848 NoH>ORK Spence, Archibald 1816 RdR>ORE Spence, Archibald 1834- FtE>RdR>MET Spence, Baptiste 1841 Was>MET Spence, Caroline (Small) 1835 Was Spence, Catherine (Indian) 1791- RdR Spence, Catherine 1820- RdR/Lap Spence, Charles 1876- ALB Spence, Charlotte (Thomas) 1805- MoF>Alb>RdR Spence, Charlotte 1809- RdR Spence, Christiana 1795 Sip>RdR>PoP Spence, Christina 1800- Was>RdR Spence, Eliza 1841- NoH>ORK Spence, Esther J. 1990 CHI/Chu Spence, George 1773- SCO>RdR Spence, George 1790- FtE>RdR Spence, Isabel 1840 RdR Spence, Iscques see Spence, Iskwew Spence, Iskwew () 1765 YkF>CuH>Was/Sip>Sas>RdR Spence, James 1756 ENG>YkF>CuH>Was/Sip>Sas>RdR Spence, James (Mrs.) 1765 YkF>CuH>Was/Sip>Sas>RdR Spence, James 1779- RdR Spence, James 1781- SCO>RdR Spence, James 1787- RdR Spence, James 1792- RdR Spence, James 1867 >FtV> Spence, Jane 1808-02cSip>RdR>Vic/Gdf Spence, Jane 1816- Spence, Jane (Whitford) 1821 RdR Spence, Janet see Spence, Jane Spence, Jean Baptiste see Spence, Baptiste Spence, John 1805 ORK>NoH>ORK Spence, John 1816 RdR>TrM/ORE Spence, John c1846- RdR Spence, Joseph 1773- SCO>YkF> Spence, Joseph 1789- RdR Spence, Lily (Elmore) 1872 FtV> Spence, Magnus 1767 SCO>Sip>RdR>PoP Spence, Margaret 1790- RdR Spence, Margaret (Indian) 1805- RdR Spence, Marquerite (Cayen) 1853- Was>MET Spence, Maria see Spence, Mary Spence, Marie 1808 RdR>Vic Spence, Marie 1828 RdR>WAS/WLW>CRE/Vic Spence, Marie 1892 RdR>Vic Spence, Mary (Indian) 1795- RdR Spence, Mary 1848 NoH>ORK Spence, Murdoch 1780/76 MET/Sip/Sas>RdR Spence, Murdoch (Mrs.) 1800 MET/Sip/Sas>RdR Spence, Nancy Ann (Ward) 1800- AmW/FtE>RdR>MET Spence, Nancy 1842- RdR>Vic>BlQ> Spence, Peter 1803 RdR Spence, Roy Chief 1974 CHP/Web Spence, Samuel 1821 SOT/RdR Spence, Sophia (Indian) 1794- RdR Spence, Stella 1983 Atw Spence, Thomas 1830 >PoP>FtE Spence, William 1790- RdR Spencer see also Spence Spencer 1770 SCO>CRE Spencer Cst.NWMP1865 >SK Spencer 1887 >ALB Spencer, Andrew HBC 1890 >RMH Spencer, Anne (Sinclair) c1796-61 YkF>OxH>ONT Spencer, Bessie 1883 ENG>ALB Spencer, Caroline (Small) 1835 Was>Nip Spencer, Esther 1880 ENG>ALB>ENG>ALB Spencer, George see Spence, George Spencer, James S. 1855- >PeR/Dun>FMc>LLB>FtE Spencer, John 1790- >OxH>ONT Spencer, John 1880 USA/MNT Spencer, Lylie () 1863- FMc>LLB>FtE Spencer, Samuel 1880 USA/MNT Spencer, Sydney 1880 USA>ALB> Spencer, William see also Spence, William Spencer, William 1830 Was>Nip Spenseley 1930 ALB Spenseley, Harold c1949- ALB Spicemaker 1747 >QUE Spicer, F.W. Sgt.NWMP1855 >ALB/FMa Spider see also Ikteh Spider 1865 KAI Spider 1932 KUT/Akm Spider Above myth ARA Spiedel, Donald 1978 SK Spier, Samuel Gen. 1840 USA/NWY/FEN Spirit, Joe see Wanderingspirit, Joseph Spirit, Lena see Wanderingspirit, Lena Spirit Bear see Maskwa Chak Mato Wakan Mato Witko Spirit Boy 1880 Wat/FBk Spirit Going Quickly see Wakan Esen Spirit Hand see Nambe Wakan Spirit Person see Achak Inew Spirit Woman see Achak Wiyan Spiritual Self see Wanagi Spisak, Annie 1900 HUN>CAN/ALB Spitze Omachkan see Cornwall, Duke of Split Ass see Little Shell, Taskwitsit Spock VUL>ALB> Spokane Gerry 1800 SAL/SPO Spoonhunter, Harvey T. 1976 ARA/SHO/WiR Spotted Bear Chief 1800 KAI/Nit Spotted Bear see also Pinto Bear Spotted Bear Chief 1855 DAK/ Spotted Bear 1860- DAK Spotted Bull 1871 KAI Spotted Calf Hd.Chf. 1760 KAI/BuF Spotted Cap see Conrad, Charles Spotted Eagle see also Umbiska Nehnoe Spotted Eagle c1830-07cPIK Spotted Eagle Wr.Chf 1866 DAK/SAN/SpE Spotted Eagle 1905 SIK Spotted Eagle, Beverly (Little Yo)50/99 SIK Spotted Eagle, Darcy 1990 SIK Spotted Eagle, James 1878- DAK/SAN/SpE Spotted Eagle, Lisa 1995 SIK Spotted Eagle, Mary see Little Young Man, Beverly Mary Spotted Eagle, Ruth () 1950 SIK Spotted Eagle, Steve 1945/99 SIK Spotted Elk see also Big Foot Lethbridge, Peter Spotted Elk Wr.Chf. 1814 PIK? Spotted Elk 1920 ARA/Nor Spotted Horse (?) SHO Spotted Horse Chief 1860 ARA/Nor/GrF>WiR Spotted Hot 1850 USA>MNT>ALB> Spotted One 1900/30 SIK Spotted Tail Chief 1835 DAK/Bru/SpT Spotted Wolf see also Amos, Paul Spotted Wolf 1840 KAI Spricenieks, Melissa (Potts) 1986- MaW Spring Chief Chief 1864-27 SIK Spring Chief, Louise 1960 SIK Springsteel, Isis 1908-87 SHO Springsteel, Thomas 1840 SHO Springsteel, Walter 1870 SHO Sproat, Walter I.A.Com 1850 >BC Sprole, Walter 1854 >FtE Spruce see Sita Spurling, J.E. D.L.S. 1890 >ALB Sputos 1830 KAI/HrS Spy see Double Spy Spy Glasses 1873 KAI/MyT Squanick see Cunningham, Squamik Squanto 1595 WAM/Pat>SPN>ENG>USA/MAS/WAM Squasis see Iskwew Asis Squanick see Cunningham, Squamik Squay??? 1857 FtE/EdS Squesipi see Little Girl Squesipi Bouatac see Little Girl Squirrel see also Swampy, Jacob Squirrel Chief 1890 CHI/DeK/FSm Squirrel, Adam 1869 Gdf Squirrel, Crystal 2000 SOT/YeQ Squirrel, Pierre Chief 1870 CHI/DeK/FSm Squirrel Net see Anikochasayap Stabbed Last 1900 SIK Stabbed Many Times see Wachape Ota Stabber see Wachape Stabs Down 1949 KAI Stabs Down, Wallace 1969 KAI Stacey, Joseph NWC 1784 >FDP Stady, George 1930 >ALB Stafford 1988 Pas Stafford, Welter Sir Earl1840 ENG Staffney, June 1977 DAK/NAK/FPk Stagg, Emery Chief 1977 CHP/Dau Stahk'tsi Kyewaksin see Pandros, P.P. Stak'tsi Kyewaksin see Pandros, P.P. Stakkas Chief 1855 PIK/NoP Staley Rev. 1905 >ALB/Mor> Stalking Turkey Chief 1742 CHR Stamik Tsekini see Bull Collar Stamiks Aseieay see Lame Bull Stamiks Osok see Bull Back Fat Stamikso Toosan see Bull Head Stamiscotocar see Bull Head Stamix Aseieay see Lame Bull Stamix Osok see Bull Back Fat Stamix Otokan see Bull Head Macleod, James F. Stamixotokan see Bull Head Macleod, James F. Stamp Fm.Inst.1885 >Gdf Stamp, David 1923- Sad Stamp, Elenor 1869 Gdf>Sad Stamp, Eric 1950 Sad Stamp, Jarid 1999 Sad Stamp, Lorelei 1980 Sad Stamp, Sheryl Lynn 1976-96 Sad Stamp, Silas 1952- Sad Stamp, Violet (Sangrey) 1965 >Sad Stamp, William Kotso 1865 Gdf>Sad Stamp, Zacchaus 1849-63 Gdf>FtL>LLB>Sad Stamyekhsaseieay see Lame Bull Stanau Pat see Bloody Hand Standifer, Jeff 1842 >IDA> Standing, Cyrus Chief 1977 DAK/SAN/Wah Standing Alone 1900 KAI Standing Alone, Andrew Catface 1970 SIK Standing Alone, Carol () 1970 SIK Standing Alone, Henry 1919 KAI Standing Alone, Margaret 1860 PIK/SoP>CRE Standing Alone, Noyiss () 1900 KAI Standing Alone, Ruby 1970 SIK Standing Alone, Theresa 1950 SIK Standing Bear see also Grouard, Frank Maskwa Ka Wa Pawit Standing Bear Chief 1815 StB Standing Bear Chief 1859 PON Standing Bear, Carl see Tewell, Carl Augusta Standing Bee see Naja Tomne Standing Buffalo Chief 1830 DAK/StB Standing Bull see also Ta Nazin Ta Tanka Nazin Tanasin Standing Bull Chief 1830 DAK/Ogl/StB Standing Bull Moose see also Ta Nazin Ta Tanka Nazin Tanasin Standing By The Rock f 1805 Lap>O'C Standing Carefully see Desjarlais, Jean Baptiste Standing Chief 1885 WMt>TMt Standing Chief, Andrew 1950 TMt Standing Christian see Ayamok Ka Mi Pawit Standing Church see Ayamok Ka Mi Pawit Standing Day 1900 ToH Standing Difficultly see Ayamok Ka Mi Pawit Standing Dog see Shunka Naji Standing Elk Wr.Chf 1846 DAK/Bru/StE Standing Elk 1848 ARA/Sou Standing Elk 1868 TMt Standing Erect see O Nipahew Standing Favourably see Ayamok Ka Mi Pawit Standing Fly see Naja Tomne Standing Grizzly Bear Hd.Chf. 1790/54 FLA Standing Holding It Nicely see Moniyaw Hi Ka Paw Standing In A Line see Nipi Ko Ka Paw Standing in Favour see Ayamok Ka Mi Pawit Standing in the Dark see Tipiskaw Ko Ka Paw Standing in the Dark Stoney see Tipiskapaw Pwat Standing in the Day see Bruneau, Jean Baptiste Standing in the Light see Bruneau, Jean Baptiste Standing in the Muskeg see Maskiki Hi Ka Paw Standing In The Road 1980 Mnt Standing in the Water see Nipi Ko Ka Paw Standing Iron see Pe Wapiskaw Ko Ka Paw Standing Large see Misatew Hi Ka Paw Standing Loon see naja Tomne Standing Man see Tastas Kiskewew O Ni Pahew Standing on the Earth see Otamakooewin Standing Rattle 1863- Msk>FPk Standing Reading see Ayamok Ka Mi Pawit Standing Ready see Standingready Tastawits Standing Rock see also Standingrock Standing Rock 1861- >RoB Standing Rock, Duncan 1976 RoB Standing Rock, Russell 1974 RoB Standing Side By Side see Desjarlais, Jean Baptiste Oki Nazi Standing Spirit see Kichi Chichi, Alexis Standing Tirelessly see Dumont, Isidore Standing Together see Desjarlais, Jean Baptiste Oki Nazi Standing Upright see Chaschaskiskwas Wewas Hi Ka Paw Standing Water see Nipi Ko Ka Paw Standing Wolf see Mahikan Hi Ka Paw Standingready, Edward Chief 1977 Swt Standingready, Marion 1974 NAK/OcM Standingready, William Chief c1915- WhB Standingribbon, Rufus see Payou, Rufus Standingrock, Russell see Standing Rock, Russell Standingwater, Richard 1940 Was Standish, Miles 1600 ENG>USA/MAS Standley, Frank 1849/69 USA/MIS>MNT Stands see also Standing Stands Alone, Margaret see Standing Alone, Margareet Stands Shining see Arthur, Chester Stanford, Edward 1840 ENG Stanier, Jack 1888 BC>FtG>LiR/Nah Staniland, Steve 1955- USA Stanley 1823 USA/MIC Stanley 1850 ENG>AFR/ZAN> Stanley 1922 USA/MIC Stanley, Agnes 1925- FrL Stanley, Angus 1915- FrL Stanley, Charles 1876 Oni>Gdf Stanley, Donalda 1974 FrL Stanley, Florency Sybil (McKay) 1876- Stanley, George Chief 1858- Oni>FrL Stanley, Jacob 1850 Oni>Gdf Stanley, Jean Baptiste 1919- FrL Stanley, John Mix 1830 USA>ND>MNT> Stanley, Kayla 1989- Surrey, B.C. Stanley, Mary 1865 Gdf Stanley, Mary Emma 1927- FrL Stanley, Michael 1988- InS/Van>Edm Stanley, Peggy 1876 Oni>Gdf Stanley, Simon 1869 Gdf Staphne, Andrew 1894 >ALB Star see also Achak Achak Inew Achak Wiyan Achakas Achakaw Achakow McGillis, Star Shortneck, Joe Star Starr Wachak Star Chief 1758 NAK/Stw/SwG Star, George 1845 MET/MNT Star, Isabelle 1864 MET/ALB/FMc Star, Thomas 1942 MeL>ITA> Star Blanket see also Ahtakakoop Starblanket Star Blanket Chief 1847 SoB>Str Star Blanket, Antoine 1867 CRE Star Blanket, Mary Agnes see Starblanket, Mary Agnes Star Chief MdM 1870 KAI Star Child 1854 KAI/MyT Star Man see Thompson, David Star of the Blanket see Ahtakacoop Star That Sets Over The Hill 1885 PIK/NoP/BDS Star Woman see Achak Wiyan Starapat see Bloody Hand Starblanket see also Star Blanket Starblanket, Irvin Chief 1977 Str Starblanket, Jemima 1880 Atk Starblanket, Mary Agnes () 1892- LBB>Str Starblanket, Noel Chief 1976 Str Starchild see Star Child Stark HBC 1830 >FtE Stark 1924 BC>ENG Starke, Jack 1878 >BC>Nah Starkey, H.M. 1860 >CyH>USA/WAS Starlight 1921 TSU/Ute Starlight, Anthony 1978 TSU Starlight, Bruce 1964 TSU Starlight, Deanna (Pretty Young M978 SIK>TSU Starlight, Dick see Starlight, Richard Starlight, Elizabeth 1978 TSU Starlight, Ernest 1978 TSU Starlight, James 1902 TSU/Ute Starlight, Jeannette 1978 TSU Starlight, Kevin 1978 TSU Starlight, Richard Sr. 1901 TSU/Ute Starlight, Richard Jr. 1964 TSU Starlight, Shelly 1978 TSU Starlight, Sidney 1978 TSU Starlight, Twyla Auger 1970 CRE/Sad/TSU Starr, Adeleide () 1925 Str Starr, Allan 1925 Str Starr, Angus Chief 1957 CHP/SyB Starr, Eyagu see Guess, Eyagu Starr, George see Guess, George Starr, Irvin Chief 1969 Str Starr, John Wilfred 1940- CHI>Ath Starr, John 1947 KUT/AkN Starr, Joseph see Guess, Joseph Starr, Victor Chief 1913- LBB>Str Starving Bull 1840 Was/FPe Starving Young Buffalo see Starving Bull Starving Young Bull Starving Young Bull 1843 Msk Statley, Roman 1980 CHP/RdL Stayner, Betsy Kichicho(Cocking)1775-35 CuH>Sip>Chu>RdR Stayner, Thomas 1770- ENG>Yrk>Sip>Chu>ENG Stays In Different Lodge see Sitakap Aki Stealing Different Things f 1945 KAI Steam Boat see Old Steam Boat Steawrs, Robert NWC 1780 ENG>EnR> Stebbing, Elsie 1957 CRE/ALB/Edm Stedman, T.H. 1865 >ALB/FMa Steed 1862 >ALB/FMa Steel see also Steele Steel 1840 >MNT Steel 1850- KAI Steel Dr. 1880 >ALB/LSA Steel, G.P. III Com. 1930 USA>NUN>NWT>AK>USA Steel, Mike 1960/92 KAI Steel, Minnie c1905/85cKAI Steel, Robert c1902- KAI Steele see also Steel Steele 1850 >MNT Steele Lt. 1863 USA>MNT Steele 1865 ONT>ALB/Edm> Steele, Frederick 1860-30>ALB/FMa>MAN Steele, Louis J. 1879 >ALB Steele, Richard NWMP 1854 MAN>ALB/FtE Steele, Samuel B. Spt.NWMP1850 MAN>NWMP>ALB>YK Steell, George Maj. 1865 USA>MNT/PIK Steffen, Anna (Bone) 1815 GER Steffen, Anna (Mueller) 1733 GER Steffen, Elizabeth (Heck) 1842 USA/KTY Steffen, Julia 1859- USA/KTY Steffen, Mathias 1740- GER Steffen, Margaretha (Schwarz) 1764 GER Steffen, Nicolaus 1720 GER Steffen, Nicholas 1820- GER>USA/KTY Steffen, Peter 1782- GER Steinbruck, John 1766 GER>QUE>Ota>FCh/Ath Steiner, Christian Wilhelm 1800 GER Steinhauer, Abigaile 1851-71 OJI/NoH>Gdf>Vic Steinhauer, Alice (Cardinal) 1945 Sad Steinhauer, Arthur 1852 OJI/NoH>Gdf>Sad Steinhauer, Augustine () 1911- Sad Steinhauer, Betsy () 1905- Sad Steinhauer, Betsy 1905- Sad Steinhuaer, Chrissy 1940 Sad Steinhauer, Clara () 1908- Sad Steinhauer, Clifford 1915- Sad Steinhauer, Dorothy () 1922- Sad Steinhauer, Douglas 1917- Sad Steinhauer, Egerton 1869 Lap/Gdf>Sad Steinhauer, Eliza 1940 Sad>FMc Steinhauer, Eugene Chief 1945 Sad Steinhauer, Eunice () 1917- Sad Steinhauer, Eva 1869 Lap/Gdf>Sad Steinhauer, Florence () 1915- Sad Steinhauer, Harry 1899- Sad Steinhauer, Helen Margaret () 1921- Sad Steinhauer, Henry Bird Rev. 1818-85 OJI>NoH>Gdf>Lap/Gdf Steinhauer, Herbert 1911- Sad Steinhauer, Isobel () 1905- Sad Steinhauer, John 1912- Sad Steinhauer, Justine () 1905- Sad Steinhauer, Lawrence 1917- Sad Steinhauer, Louis 1917- Sad Steinhauer, Maria 1909- Sad Steinhauer, Marie 1901- Sad Steinhauer, Maggie 1912- Sad Steinhauer, Minnie () 1924- Sad Steinhauer, Nancy 1869 Lap/Gdf>Sad Steinhauer, Ralph Gavin 1905- Sad Steinhauer, Raymond 1982 Sad Steinhauer, Robert 1869 Lap/Gdf>Sad Steinhauer, Roland 1968 Sad Steinhauer, Ruby 1930 Sad Steinhauer, Samuel 1875 Lap/Gdf>Sad Steinhauer, Sharon 1978 Sad Steinhauer, Sisip (Meminowatow) 1830 Mem/Lap>Gdf Steinhauer, Vincent 1978 Sad Steinhauer, William 1904- Sad Steinhauer, Winnifred () 1910 Sad Stelfox, Henry 1883-74 MET Stemme, Gladys 1900 USA/MIN Stenerson, Julia Stenton, James 1925 ALB Step And A Half c1900- Ase Stephanson see also Stephansson Stephenson Stephanson, Mary 1836 >SOT/RdR/Peg Stephansson see also Stephanson Stephenson Stephansson, Gudmundsson Stephansson 1879/27 ND>ALB Stephansson, Stephan G. see Stephansson, Gudmundsson Stephansson, Stephanny 1900/40 ALB Stephansson, Waldur 1900 ALB Stephen see also Stephens Stevens Stephen see Kichayis Stephen 1825 Sip Stephen 1949 >FtV Stephen, Charles 1885 Alb Stephen, George Lord 1860 ONT Stephen, Mary 1838- Sip Stephen, Patrick 1885 Alb Stephen, Stephen 1846- Sip Stephens see also Stephen Steven Stevens Stephens, Audley 1960 BPw Stephens, Barbara 1960 BPw Stephens, Bella (Bear) 1910 >BPw Stephens, Darcy 1960 BPw Stephens, Flora () 1880 BPw Stephens, Fred c1868- USA/MIC>ALB>YeX Stephens, Glen 1960 BPw Stephens, Harold 1947-01 BPw Stephens, James Dixon see Dixon, James Stephens, John see Stevens, John Stephens, John L. 1820 USA>MEX/MAY/Uxm> Stephens, Lucy 1925 BPw Stephens, Myrna 1980 BPw Stephens, Nora () 1880 BPw Stephens, Paula () 1960 BPw Stephens, Philomene see Stevens, Philomene Stephens, Ralph 1960 BPw Stephens, Retilla 1980 BPw Stephens, Sherman 1980 BPw Stephens, Stanley Chief 1974 CoL Stephens, Tilda () 1960 BPw Stephens, Tracey 1960 BPw Stephens, Trina 1980 BPw Stephens, Virgile 1960 BPw Stephenson see also Stephanson Stephansson Stephenson, Charles 1848 >FtE Stephenson, George 1881 >PeR> Stephenson, Mary 1836 >SOT/RdR/Peg Stepping Over 1856- >MNT/RoB Sterling 1988 Pas Stevens see also Stephen Stephens Stevens 1878 >BC>NWT/Nah Stevens 2005 Ksh Stevens, Alexander 1908 KAI Stevens, Flora () 1880 BPw Stevens, Frank see also Many Guns, Frank Stevens, Frank 1955 SIK Stevens, Frank 1974- SIK Stevens, Fred see Stephens, Fred Stevens, Harold see Stephens, Harold Stevens, Henry 1935 SIK Stevens, Irene 1940 SIK Stevens, Isaac Ingall Gov. 1830 USA>WAS Stevens, James Dixon see Dixon, James Stevens, James 2000 EdV Stevens, John 1865 >ALB>USA>PAN Stevens, John 1930 YeX/BPw Stevens, Lora 1940 BPw>GSt Stevens, Lorraine (Bullbear) 1940 SIK Stevens, Maude (Verrette) 1940/63cUSA/MIC Stevens, Michael 1940 SIK Stevens, Michel 1890 FLA Stevens, Nora 1920 BPw Stevens, Patrick 1935 SIK Stevens, Philomene Chief 1977 NAK/Wes/YeX Stevens, Ralph 1940/63cUSA/MIC Stevens, Ralph 1940 BPw Stevens, Richard 1812 >RdR Stevens, Rosaria (Many Guns) 1960 SIK Stevens, Stacy 1960 SIK Stevens, Theresa 1960 SIK Stevenson see also Stephenson Stevenson, Betsy 1830- RdR Stevenson, Edmund 1810- >RdR Stevenson, Elizabeth (Clarke) 1890 CyH>FiR Stevenson, John 1903- FiR/CyH>Cow Stevenson, John James 1883 FiR Stevenson, Louis Chief 1974 Int Stevenson, Louis J. Chief 1977 Peg Stevenson, Mina 1890 Peg Stevenson, Nancy 1830 Was>FCh? Stevenson, Rebecca c1880- BLK/CRE Stevenson, Sussette (Cadotte) 1820- PeR?>RdR Stevenson, Winona 1978 SK Steward see also Stewart Stuart Stewart DLS 1860 >ALB> Steward, David 1942 ALB Stewart, John H. 1860 >ALB Steward, Lena 1950 CuH Stewart see also Steward Stuart Stewart OKA/ Stewart SgtNWMP 1860 >SK Stewart ChfPol 1865 ONT>SK>ONT Stewart Dr. 1870 >SK/DuL> Stewart 1988 Pas Stewart, Ajibe 1981-05 ONT/Crp Stewart, Alexander HBC 1779 ORK>FtE Stewart, Alexander 1830 ENG>NUN>ENG Stewart, Andrew 1796- SCO>RdR Stewart, Andy 1903 SCO>ALB Stewart, Archibald 1900 >ALB Stewart, Audrey 1978 SK Stewart, Brackett E. 1861/81 MNT Stewart, Charles 1865- FtE>Vic Stewart, David see Stuart, David Stewart, Duncan 1894 >ABL Stewart, France see Thomas, Francise Stewart, Francise (Thomas) 1795- MoF>Alb>RdR Stewart, Francoise see Thomas, Francise Stewart, Frank 1863- FtE>Vic Stewart, G.A. see Stewart, George A. Stewart, George A. DLS 1860 >ALB/Cgy Stewart, H.A. Dr. 1880 >SK> Stewart, Jake 1900 ALB Stewart, James 1861- FtE>Vic Stewart, John see also Stuart, John Stewart, John Capt. 1850 ENG>ALB Stewart, John H. 1860 >ALB Stewart, Joseph Apisitiyas 1855 >Sip>FtE> Stewart, Koitit 1885 Sip>FtE>MET Stewart, L.B. 1865 >ALB> Stewart, Lisette (Berland) 1841 FtE Stewart, Louisa 1885 Sip>FtE>MET Stewart, Margaret 1831- FtE>Vic Stewart, Marguerite Kisikaw Asis1855- Sip>FtE>MET Stewart, Marvin 1976 CRO Stewart, McLeod 1860 ONT Stewart, McLeod 1900 ALB Stewart, R.A. 1940 USA>AK>NUN>USA Stewart, Samuel 1885 ONT Stewart, Sophie 1885 Sip>FtE>MET Stewart, Veronique 1885 Sip>FtE>MET Stewart, Virginia 1940 FCh Stewart, William 1694 ENG>Yrk>Chu> Stewart, William Drummond 1780/71 SCO>USA>WYO>SCO Stewart, William Osawa Awas Asis1824 Sip>FtE Stick, Duncan 1892-02 SHU/Alk Stick, Joseph 1948 OnL Stickney, Benjamin 1857 USA/MIS Stiettiellotso see Tjolizhitzay Stiff, William Capt. 1855 >FtE Stiff Fingers see Pace, Fred Still, Joe 1890 O'C Still, John NWC 1780 >NIP Still Smoking 1834/54 PIK Stillday, Thurlene 1995/05 RdL Stilley 1920 CHO Stilley, Elalou f 1940 CHO/OKL>LOU Stillman Maj. 1800 USA>ILL Stillson, Jerome 1855 USA/NWY>MNT>NWY Stillwater f 1730 CRO Stimson 1880 SIK Stimson, Adrian Chief 1980 SIK Stimson, Betty () 1950 SIK Stimson, Colin 1950 SIK Stimson, Deborah 1975 SIK Stimson, Dennise 1980 SIK Stimson, Doris 1950 SIK Stimson, F.L. see Stimson, Fred S. Stimson, F.S. see Stimson, Fred S. Stimson, Fred S. 1857 QUE>ALB>NAK/YeX Stimson, Henry Min. 1911 USA/DC Stimson, Justine 1950 SIK Stimson, Kayla Bearhat 1995 SIK Stimson, Keevin 1980 SIK Stimson, Lorna Daisy (Catface) 1944-96 SIK Stimson, Norma 1950 SIK Stimson, Ralph 1944 SIK Stimson, Ray Lorne 1980 SIK Stimson, Roy Sr. 1930 SIK Stimson, Roy Jr. 1960 SIK Stimson, Roylene 1980 SIK Stimson, Sandra 1980 SIK Stimson, Shirley 1950 SIK Stimson, Tammy Doris 1980 SIK Stimson, Teesha 1980 SIK Stinson f 1898 >ALB Stivers, Thomas Pvt. 1856 USA>MNT Stobart 1856 >ALB/StA Stobbs, Varnado Garfield 1978 ALB/Edm Stober, Gerald 1945 ALB Stockade see Clark, Walter Stockall, Kenneth 1940/63 NWT/Nah Stocken Rev. 1880 >ALB/SIK Stockstchi see Stokstchi Stockton Rev. 1940 >ALB/SIK Stokes, Frank 1878 IND>ALB> Stokes, Whitley Vicer 1840 ENG>IND>ENG Stokes, William H. 1875-37 IND>ALB>ENG>BC Stokimatis see Little Drum Stokstchi Chief 1840 PIK Stolberg 1929 >BC>SEK/FtW Stole First 1876 KAI/FiE Stolen Person Chief 1837 KAI>ATS>KAI Stomick Onesta see Bull Calf Stomik Onesta see Bull Calf Stone see also Asini Assini Assiniskaw La Roche Larocque Okotok Oomusinah Soowawsinee Pierre St. Pierre The Stone Yaha Yana Stone 1880 >Sad Stone, Anne see Stone, Mary Anne Stone, Clarence Chief 1977 NAK/Mos Stone, Irvine 1901- Sad Stone, Jay 1857 USA>MNT> Stone, Julia () 1922- Sad Stone, Mary Anne 1851- RdR>Sad> Stone Boy see also Rocky Boy Stonechild Stone Boy 1780 MET>CRE Stone Child see Rocky Boy Stonechild Stone Dog Chief c1844- DAK/Ogl Stone Person see Yaha Keyabe Stone Quill 1862 BgB Stone Spirit see Manitou Pwat Stonechild see also Rocky Boy Stonechild 1865 >Keh Stonechild 1980 CRE Stonechild, Neil 1980/99>Was Stonechild, Richard 1954- Edm Stonechild, Stella (Bignell) 1965 OnL>Keh Stones see Larocque Stoney see also Anketell, Thomas Assiniboin Assiniboine Firingstoney Larocque Nakoda Pwat Stoney 1920 LSL>PeR/HiL Stoney 1988 Pas Stoney, Alphonse 1960 LSL>PeR/HiL Stoney, Anna 1864 NAK>LSA>EdS 1850 Stoney, Anna O Misima 1879 EdS 1864 Stoney, Bill see Stoney, William Stoney, Deanna 1990 Stoney, Garry 1920 Erm Stoney, James (#11 Pas>#113 Lap)1849 MaA/Ale/Pas>Lap Stoney, O Ka Sisa 1 1873 Ale/Pas>Lap Stoney, O Ka Sisa 2 1874 Ale/Pas>Lap Stoney, O Ka Sisa 3 1875 Ale/Pas>Lap Stoney, O Misima 1875 Ale/Pas>Lap Stoney, wife 1855 >Pas>Lap Stoney, John 1830 Alx>Pau? Stoney, John 1910 ChO> Stoney, Maria 1940 LSL Stoney, Marie (Arcand) 1830- MaA>MCh>Ale>Pas>MET Stoney, Pat 1969 Stoney, Paul Firingstoney WrChf 1860 ChO/Pig>Erm Stoney, Peter 1960 LSL>PeR/HiL Stoney, Sarah 1935 CaL Stoney, ThoPas#65>Alx#76>Lap#1291867 Pas>Ale/Pas>Lap Stoney, Thomas 1869 Ale/Pas>Lap Stoney, Thomas 1900 LSL Stoney, Thomas 1909 LoP Stoney, William 1919 Lap>ENG>Lap Stoney Medicine Man 1860 YeX Stoney Paul see Stoney, Paul Stoney Squaw 1860 YeX Stoney Wiyan 1865 MKw>EdS> Stony see Stoney Stony, Sarah see Stoney, Sarah Stony Paul see Stoney, Paul Stony Whyan see Stoney Wiyan Stooping see Looks For Home Storicum Const. 1864 COL Storm see Arcand, Adelaide Marie Kisi Atin Storm Bird Chief 1855 DAK Stove Woman see Cornnoyer, Caroline Stover, Frank 1868 >ALB> Strabo 70B ROM Strachan 1871 >ALB/Edm> Straight Feather c1811- SHO/PAW/Pen/Taw Straight Feather's Father 1781 SHO Straight Feather's Mother 1796 COM/PAW/Pen/Taw>SHO Straight Tongue see McLean, William Strain, Harry 1940 ALB Strand, A. 1964 >AK>NWT>NUN> Strand, Diana 1978 GWI/C&A Strandberg, Edward 1929 BC>Fin/PeR Strange, Alec 1862 >ALB Strange, Elinor () 1855 ENG>ALB> Strange, Florence (McCorrister) 1935 Peg Strange, Henry 1860 >ALB Strange, Thomas Bland Gen. 1831- IND>ENG>QUE>ALB Stranger see Ayocho Strange, Florence Petit Couteau, Michel Stranger From Across the Water see Minatoch, Louis Strangled Wolf see Strangling Wolf Strangling Wolf Chief 1846 KAI/MyT Strangling Wolf 1848 PIK/Mot Strangling Wolf 1880 PIK/SoP Strangling Wolf 2004 SIK/ Strangling Wolf, Benjamin 1900 KAI/MyT Strangling Wolf, Spy Glasses 1873/86 KAI/MyT Strangling Wolf, Susie 1940 SIK Strathcona Lord see Smith, Donald A. Strathmore Earl of SCO Strawberry CHP/ Strawberry 1977 Sam Strawberry, Alice Chief 1976 O'C Strawberry, Andrew 1930 O'C Strawberry, Anne 1915 O'C Strawberry, Cameron 1980 O'C Strawberry, Frank 1930 O'C Strawberry, Gordon 1977- O'C>Edm Strawberry, James 1930 O'C Strawberry, Johan 1880 O'C Strawberry, John 1849-60 O'C Strawberry, Jonah 1880 O'C Strawberry, Josie 1925 O'C Strawberry, Melvin 1980 O'C Strawberry, Simon 1930 O'C Strawberry, Susie 1890 O'C Streeper, Woods 1907 BC>FSJ Street, George W. Ens. 1854 >SK/Qu' Street, James 1850 >BC Stretch-Strang, Dianne 1985 CRE/Edm Stribble Cst.NWMP1869 >ALB Stribble Const 1869 >NWMP>ALB Strike A Light see Hunka Chaka Strike Him On The Back see Strikes Him On The Back Strikes Him see Strikes Him On The Back Strikes Him on The Back Chief 1830 Msk>Sip>StH Strikes on Both Sides f 1860 PIK/SoP/HTK Strikes on Top f 1865 PIK/SoP Strikes The Ree Chief 1830 YAN Strikes The Ree, Mary Heyoka Wiya860 YAN Strikes With An Axe 1870 KAI Striped Bear 1850 KAI Striped Bird 1865 ATS Striped Dancer Chief 1860 CyH Striped Eagle 1830 PIK/NoP/BDS Striped Face 1848 PIK/Nit Striped Gopher 1876 Upp Striped Ground Snake see Zuzuecha Striped Wolf 1870 KAI/MyT Strohm 1950 MNT Strohm, Stella (Fleury) 1950 MNT Strome, Harry Prem. 1930 ALB Strong see also Maskow Muscow Strong 1988 Pas Strong, Frank 1878 >ALB Strong, James 1980 Pau Strong, Teresa Rosa 1955 Edm Strong Arm 1884 PoM Strong As Buffalo see also Strong Buffalo Strong As Buffalo 1850/69 DAK/Hun Strong Bow Chief 1815 ARA Strong Buffalo see also Strong As Buffalo Strong Buffalo 1870 PIK/NoP>ENG>ALB Strong Eyes 1873 BgB Strong Hands Chief 1860 DAK/Hun Strong Head see Cardinal, Oliver Strongbow see FitzGilbert, Richard Strongeagle 1898 SOT/Psq Strongeagle, Augusta (Grey) 1900 SOT/Mus Strongfeathers see Morin, Maskowakan Strongman 1980 Mnt Strongman, Darren 1990 MaW Strongman, John 1920 MaW Strongman, Karl Blair 1980- MaW Strongquill see Morin, Maskowakan Strongquill, Mary 1936- SOT/VaR>Kee Stroud, H. 1925 ALB>FMc> Struck By The Ree Chief 1804-88 YAN Stuart see also Steward Stewart Stuart 1830 >MNT Stuart, Alexander 1783 SCO>Sas>TrM/COL>SAL/Spo Stuart, Andrew see Stewart, Andrew Stuart, Charles A. Jdg. 1880 >ALB Stuart, David 1775 SCO>PeR>ORE>OKA>QUE Stuart, Donald 1825 Was>LSL>SCO Stuart, Duncan Maj. 1885 >ALB> Stuart, France (Thomas) 1795- MoF>Alb>RdR Stuart, Granville 1838 USA/UTA>MNT Stuart, J.E.B. Gen. 1840 USA>CSA Stuart, James 1838 USA>UTA>MNT Stuart, John 1780 SCO>PeR/LRR>BC/SEK> TrM/ORE>CRE/Ota>Was>LSL Stuart, John 1843 >MNT Stuart, Robert 1785 >PeR>TrM/ORE>WAL>IDA>USA/MIS Stuart, Robin see Stuart, Robert Stubbs, Leslie Diane Yates 1962- Stud Horse, Fred 1920 SIK Stumickosucks see Bull Back Fat Stump 1851-51 SIK Stump, Flossy 1974 TSL/Ana Stump, Leslie Chief 1978 TSL/Ana Stump, Mary Chief 1978 TSL/Ale Stump, Stanley 1974 TSL/Ana Stumpy Stoney 1827 NAK/Wes Stuntz, Joseph 1960/75 DAK/PiR Sturgeon see Gladue, Francois Namew Sturges see also Sturgis Sturges 1945 >LLB Sturges, William 1779 >HAI> Sturgis see also Sturges Sturgis Dr. 1840 USA>MNT/PIK Sturgis, Blue Grass Woman () 1850/79 PIK/BPM Sturgis, Joseph see Sturgis, S.D. Sturgis, S.D. Col. 1850 USA>MNT> Sturms 1859 >MNT Stutfield, Hugh E.M. 1875 >ALB> Stuyimi 1840 PIK/Ipo Suaine see Swain Subblette see Sublette Sublett see Sublette Sublette, Milton G. 1802/36 USA/MIS>MNT/WYO> Sublette, William J. 1805/45 USA/MIS>MNT/WYO> Suchrow see also Sourichaude Suchrow, Hackland H. 1898- MuS/TCr> Suchrow, Marie () 1872- MuS/TCr> Suchrow, William 1895- MuS/TCr> Sucier, Angelique see Soulier, Antelique Suckley Dr. 1830 USA>ORE/WAS Suconyawutany see Heavy Shield Little Dog Sucre see Le Sucre Sudawgado see Iron Cutter Sue-Ye-Ga-Yah-Kei see Many Heads Sugar see Le Sucre Sukangan Wian see Sukangan Wiyan Sukangan Wiyan 1870 BPw Sukarno Pres. 1925 IDO Sukeman see Misketo Sukey see Crow Eaglw, Sukey Suliere, Jean Baptiste see Soulier, Jean Baptiste Sullivan, James Pvt. 1865 MAN>ALB>MAN Sullivan, John W. 1835 ENG>SK>ALB>ENG Sully, Alfred Gen. 1825 USA/MIN>MNT Sully, Thomas 1820 USA Sumake 1872 KAI Sumat see Johnston, Samuel Lone Man Summer Fur see Nepinawa Summer Wolverine Chief 1870 SOT/TMt Summerhay, Jack 1976 ALB Sumner, Allan Chief 1974 Int Sun see also Ki Soum Kisikaw Achak Natoos Natous Old Sun Sun Chief 1670 YkF Sun Chief 1750 SIK/Cld Sun Chief 1828 SIK/Bit Sun, Joseph 1952 KAI Sun Calf see also Medicine Calf Sun Calf 1873- SIK Sun Calf 1890 KAI Sun Chief see Eagle Plume Natosin Sun Child see Sunchild Sun Child, L. see Sunchild, L. Sun Old Man see also Ki Soum Shot On Both Sides Natoos Old Sun Sun Old Man 1819 KAI/AkP Sun Shoes, James 1910 SIK/Wes Sun With Her c1886- RoB Sun Yat Sen 1891 CHN Sunchild Chief 1870 FrM>Sun Sunchild 1884 ThC Sunchild, Bruce 1976 RoB Sunchild, L. Chief 1904 Sun Sunchild, Norman 1914- ThC Sundance Kid see Longabaugh, Harold Sunday, Freda 1907- Sad Sunday, Johnny Cardinal 1876 Sad Sundberg, Annie Augustine () 1870 USA/WAS>ALB Sundberg, Andrew John 1868 USA/WAS>ALB Sundberg, Hilda Edith 1888 USA/WAS>ALB Sundown, Ernest Chief 1977 JoB Sunihanble 1785 DAK/Ogl/Mat Sunk Tanka see Sunka Tanka Sunk Tochcha Iska see Kaquitts, George Sunka Hugaho 1889 NAK/ Sunka Kanyank 1889 NAK/ Sunka Naji 1880 NAK/ Sunka Sapa 1859 NAK/ Sunka Tanka 1785 DAK/Ogl/Mat Sunktaka see Sunka Tanka Sunktanka see Sunka Tanka Sunktochca Iska see Kaquitts, George Sunrise Chief 1875 DEH/Hay Sunrise Chief 1988 DEH/Hay Sunset see also Ka Mikowa Waskanak Sunset, Donald 1947 ALB Sunset, Orin 1947 ALB Sunshine, Cory Leonard 1976- StL Sunshine, Ron 1980 SwR Supernant see Supernault Supernant, Alexis see Supernault, Alexis Supernant, Ambroise see Supernault, Ambroise Supernant, Baptiste see Supernault, Baptiste Supernant, Madeleine see Supernault, Madeleine Supernant, Marie see Gladue, Marie Louise Supernault, Marie Anne Supernault, Alexis 1821 LSL Supernault, Ambroise 1845 LSL/Pas/FtE Supernault, Baptiste 1822 LSL>FEl>ALB> Supernault, La Louise see Gladue, Marie Louise Supernault, Madelaine 1853 LSL Supernault, Marie 1832 FtE Supernault, Marie 1840-70 LSL>ChT/Alx>MET Supernault, Marie Anne () 1825 LSL Supernault, Marie Louise (Gladue)851- MaA/Ale/Pas>Wab>LSA Supernent see Supernault Supernow see Supernault Supunger 1844 INU/Cop Surchow, Hackland H. see Suchrow, Hackland H. Surchow, Marie see Suchrow, Marie Surchow, William see Suchrow, William Sure Chief 1896 PIK Sure Shott see Foussenouve Surprenant, Ambroise see Supernault, Ambroise Surprenant, La Louise see Gladue, Marie Louise Susa see also Sikachim, Joseph Soosay Soosay Susa Chief 1930 DET/Asu Susan u/k 1865 EdS Susane, Tah ?????? 1861 Oon/Keh>EdS Susane, O Ka Sisa 1879 Oon/Keh>EdS Susane, O Misima 1879 Oon/Keh>EdS Susane, O Misima 1879 Oon/Ken>EdS Susceewisk see Sasiw Ikswew Susette (#70 Pas>#106 Lap) 1864 MaA/Ale/Pas>Lap Susette, O Ka Sisa 1 1885 Pas>Lap Susette, O Ka Sisa 2 1887 Pas>Lap Susette, O Misima 1 1884 Pas>Lap Susette, O Misima 2 1885 Pas>Lap Susette, O Misima 3 1887 Pas>Lap Susette 1902 KUT/Aki Susi see Samson, Joseph Soosay Soosay Susugawahkan see Kaquitts, Thomas Sutherland 1760 QUE Sutherland HBC 1777 >MAN/BHo Sutherland HBC 1794 RdR Sutherland 1830 MET/FtE Sutherland Const. 1854 >NWMP>MAN>ALB/FMa Sutherland 1890 ALB Sutherland 1907 >SEK/FtN Sutherland 1984 Peg Sutherland 1988 Pas Sutherland, Alexander 1780 SCO> Sutherland, Andrew 1760 SCO>YkF> Sutherland, Angus 1898 >FMc Sutherland, Ann 1862 >RdR>Kis>FtE>MET Sutherland, Christina 1845- RdR>FtE Sutherland, Curly Hair 1839/70 PaK Sutherland, David 1760 SCO>CRE/SK Sutherland, David 1910 ALB Sutherland, Donald HBC 1795/80cSCO>CRE/EaH/SoB>SCO Sutherland, Elise () 1870- LSA Sutherland, Elizabeth 1910 ALB Sutherland, Emily () 1834 RdR>TrM/ORE Sutherland, Genevieve 1801- RdR Sutherland, George 1759 SCO>FtE>Was>FtE> Sutherland, George 1770 SCO>SoB Sutherland, George 1860- SCO>ALB/Ota Sutherland, George 1910 ALB Sutherland, Hugh 1845- ONT>MAN>ALB Sutherland, Isabella 1820 EaH/SoB>SCO>AUS Sutherland, Jack 1915 >FCh Sutherland, James HBC 1751-97 ORK>Chu>YkF>Alb>Osn>RdL>BrH Sutherland, James 1755- SCO Sutherland, James 1777- SCO/ORK>Was/SoB Sutherland, Jane (Flett) 1785- Was/SoB Sutherland, Jean 1910 ALB Sutherland, John 1768- SCO>BHo> Sutherland, John HBC 1870 >FCh Sutherland, Joseph NWC 1780 >NIP> Sutherland, Joseph 1910 ALB Sutherland, Julie 1969 Peg Sutherland, Lydia 1976 RoB Sutherland, M. 1863 >ALB Sutherland, Margaret 1817 NIP>LAB/EsB/Nas Sutherland, Margaret () 1864- Ota>FtE Sutherland, Marie 1790- RdR Sutherland, Marie 1832 Was/PaK Sutherland, Mary 1775- Sutherland, Peter 1776 SCO Sutherland, Peter 1770 MET/RdR Sutherland, Peter 1866- LSA Sutherland, Pierre 1796- SCO> Sutherland, R.L. 1875 >YK Sutherland, Robert 1780 SCO> Sutherland, Roderick 1834 RdR>TrM/ORE Sutherland, Sally Wapis () 1799 EaH/SoB> Sutherland, Sarah 1777- Eas>RdR> Sutherland, Sarah 1805- SCO Sutherland, Sarah 1805- EaH>SoB> Sutherland, Thomas 1871- ALB/MET>MNT Sutherland, Yellow Hair 1839/70 PaK Sutherlin 1845 MNT Suve see also Sauve Suvee 1988 Pas Suwa Tonga Skadi see Francis, Jensen Suyvpvnana see Young White Man Suzanne 1810 BLK/Mot>CRE/LSA Suzanne, Lea see Lee, Suzanne Suze see also Beaulieau, Joseph Samson, Joseph Soosay Soosay Suze 1860 YeX/BPw Suzette u/k 1863 EdS Suzette, O Ka Sisa 1878 EdS 1863 Suzette, O Ka Sisa 1879 EdS 1864 Suzi see Samson, Joseph Soosay Svensson, Orm 985 VIC/GRN Swaan, Geri 1978 SK Swain see also Swaine Swain, Alexander 1840/60 RdR/WHP Swain, Elizabeth 1820- RdR Swain, James 1797- RdR>YkF Swain, James 1799- RdR Swain, James 1885 JBy Swain, Jerry 1947 CRE/ALB Swain, Margaret 1802- PeR Swain, Marguerite (Racette) 1810- MET/RdR Swain, Nancy (Henry) 1806- NWT Swain, Thomas 1775 >PeR/FtV> Swaine see also Swain Swaine, Charles 1725 ENG>NUN>ENG Swamp Nakoda see Potts, Marie Susanne Maskiki Pwat Swamp Stoney see Potts, Marie Susanne Maskiki Pwat Swamptree 1823 Msk Swampy see also Muskago O Muskago Swampy 1940 Sam Swampy, David 1977 OJI/Sag Swampy, Jake Sija 1902 Wes Swampy, Ronald 1977 OJI/ Swampy-Gadwa, Harold 1992 LoL/Pau Swampy Nakoda see Potts, Marie Susanne Maskiki Pwat Swampy Stoney see Potts, Marie Susanne Maskiki Pwat Swan see also Big Swan (Blackfoot) Mahghaska (Ogalala Sioux) Mesamax (Blackfoot) Old Swan (Blackfoot) Swaan Wapesenew (Cree) Wapisew (Cree) Wapisiw Swan 1750/94cSIK/BdG Swan 1875 >Kis Swan Chief 1802 SIK/ Swan, Bessie 1875 CRE Swan, Betsy (Boucher) 1875- Kis>MET Swan, Catherine (Thiebert) Swan, Charles Swan, Francois Xavier Swan, Frank 1930 USA/MNT Swan, John 1910 O'C/Sun Swan, Margaret Chief 1980 CHP/LMn Swan, Marie Vitaline (Berland) Swan, Xavier see Swan, Francois Xavier Swan, William 1910 O'C/Sun Swannell, Frank C. 1877 ONT>BC>Fin> Swanson see also Swanston Swanton Swanson 1927 >HiL Swanson, Frank Rev. 1870 Swanson, Gordon 1948 HiL Swanston HBC 1861 >NWT/Pro Swanston, John see Swanton, John Swanston, Thomas HBC 1822 ONT/Mic>FtE>NWT Swanston, Thomas (Mrs./Keith) 1826 ONT/Mic>FtE>NWT Swanton see also Swanson Swanston Swanton, John HBC 1813 ONT/Nip>RdR>FtE Swartz see also Schwartz Swartz 1939 ALB>KAI>NAK/Alx> Sweat Chief 1866 DAK/ Sweat Chief 1846 DAK/Ogl Sweet 1855 USA>NEB Sweet, Charles 1812 >DAK Sweet, Mary (Campbell) 1820 DAK/MET>ND/FtU Sweet Bird Chief 1855 DAK Sweet Grass see also Sweetgrass Sweet Grass 1900 KAI Sweet Pine see Katoya Sweetaple, John 1673 ENG Sweetgrass see also Pshan Shaw (Arik) Sweet Grass Wikaskew Kipayin (Cree) Sweetgrass Chief 1830 CRO/FLA/CRE/Sip>Swt Sweetgrass, Charles 1845- Sip>Swt Sweyn I Forkbeard King 975/14 DEN Swidzinski, Brad 1985 ALB/Cgy Swier, Leslie (Boruck) 1980 ALB Swier, Michael 2000 ALB Swier, Peter 1980 ALB Swift, James Lewis see Swift, Lewis James Swift, Lewis James 1872/40 ENG>Jsp>GrC Swift, Suzette (Chalifoux) 1876 Jsp/LSA>Jsp>GrC>MET Swift Bear 1860/76 DAK/Hun/CrK Swift Ermine Chief 1835 PIK/SwE Swift Ermine 1876 DAK Swift Hawk 1865 DAK/Hun Swift Runner 1855/79 See/Gdf/BlQ Swift Wings 1847 >RoB Swift Wolf Chief 1837 PIK/Ipo Swift Wolf Chief 1837 SIK/SwW Swimmer Chief 1910 Swt Swimmer, John 1936 Swt>Sau Swimmer, Lawrence Jones 1965 Swt>USA Swimmer, Samuel 1950 Swt Swineford, A.P. Gov. 1860 USA>AK Sybille 1823 USA>NEB Sydness, Kenneth 1940 ALB/PeR>HiL> Syille, John 1814 CAN>WYO Sykes, Beth 1950 ALB Syliboy, Ben Gr.Chf 1975 MIQ Sylla, Anton Fr.OMI 1900 >ALB Sylneshe see also Salois Soulier Sylneshe 1841- Pas>PeR>Sas Sylneshe, Augustina (Auger) 1831- PeR>Pas>Sas Sylva, Daniel 1984 Edm Sylvestre, Eugene 1948 BiN Sylvestre, John 1860 Sylvestre, Lambert 1948 BiN Syrette, Champ see Syrette, Vernon Syrette, Vern Chief 1975 OJI/Bac
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