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------------------------------------------------------------------- | NAME EARLIEST RECORD ASSOCIATION | -------------------------------------------------------------------
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M????, Antoine 1HEE EdS M????, Mrs. Antoine (Baptiste) AHFC EdS M????, O Ka Sisa 1 1HG7 EdS M????, O Ka Sisa 2 1hGH EdS M????, O Ka Sisa 3 1HG9 EdS M????, O Misima 1 1hGH EdS M????, O Misima 2 1HG9 EdS M????, L. 1I00/18>RdD M???ias, Mary AHFE >Pas Ma Falun Chief 1ID5 UBO Ma Ki Pa Sta Wisk see Star Blanket, Mary Agnes M'Clure, Robert see McLure, Robert Ma Ni To Pi Si Qua Qua see Favell, Lillian Maanikapi see Sinclair, Arlin Dale Randall Maanitail see Manitail Maaske Teteman see Broken Shoulder Maber, Samuel Com. HHHH ONT>ALB>ONT Mac An-T Sagairt see Ross, Fearchar MacAlpine, Alistair 1HH0 IRE>ALB MacAree, John AHFG >ALB Macaron 1GH4 CAN>FtE> MacArthur see also McArthur MacArthur AHFO >FtE MacArthur 18I0 ALB/Edm MacArthur, James J. see McArthur, James J. MacArthur, Peter 1HEE >MAN/Wpg Macatadawagoosk 1I00 OTT/MIC/StP Macaulay see MacCaulay McAuley MacAulay, Ian 1I09 >DEH>FtL MacBain see also McBain McBean MacBain, John c18CH- WAS/Wal MacBeth, R.G. AHFE >MAN>ALB>MAN Maccagno, Kathy 1ID8 ALB/LLB MacCarthy, Albert ACC 1HI3 USA>BC>ALB>BC MacCaulay see also MacAulay McAuley MacCauley, Matthew 1HG3 >Edm MacDermot see also McDermot McDermott MacDermot, Myles O'C. AHH0 >LSL MacDonald see also McDonald MacDonald ab50 SCO/McD/Dun MacDonald, Lord of the Isles acEB SCO/McD/Dun MacDonald AHC0 FtE MacDonald AHFO FtE MacDonald AHFE >MaW> MacDonald AIHH Pas MacDonald, A. 1HG6 MacDonald, Agnes () Lady AHH0 ENG MacDonald, Alex 1HG5- Ath>LLB Macdonald, Allan I.Agnt 1HF1 SK MacDonald, Angus NWC 1GH4 >RdR MacDonald, Anita AIBC SOT/ MacDonald, Archibald see McDonald, Archibald MacDonald, Bart AID8 CHI/DeS/FDL Macdonald, Billy see Macdonald, William MacDonald, Caroline AHFO >MET MacDonald, Caroline () 1HG5- >LLB MacDonald, Charles de Wolf AHFE >ALB/Edm MacDonald, Charles AIEE >ALB/HiL> Macdonald, Chief 1I03 SCO>ALB Macdonald, Chuck see Macdonald, Charles MacDonald, Coyote see MacDonald, Chalres de Wolf MacDonald, D.H see McDonald, D.H. MacDonald, Dean de Belleville AHC0 Macdonald, Donald 17ID- FtE>BLK/PIK>FtE>RdR MacDonald, Donald 1HF9- FtE Macdonald, Donald AIFJ >ALB/HiL> Macdonald, (Donald) infant 18VC StW/FtE MacDonald, Dorothy see McDonald, Dorothy MacDonald, Elizabeth (Calder) 18JM- RdR>FtE MacDonald, Emma () AHC3- FtE Macdonald, George Dr. AHFO >ALB/Cgy MacDonald, Harry HBC AIAF >ILC> Macdonald, Heather AIEE ALB MacDonald, Ilene () MacDonald, James 15GH SCO MacDonald, James AID0 MET/Kik MacDonald, James Carter AIRH CRE/ Macdonald, Janette (Beaudry) 17IF- StW>FtE>RdR MacDonald, John see also McDonald, John Leborgne Weir, John Macdonald MacDonald, John "of Garth" c1gG1-FF SCO>SoB>FtE>RMH>TrM/COL>QUE Macdonald, John AHHB >Bra Macdonald, John A., Sir BHAR-CJ ONT/OTT MacDonald, John HBC 1HF1 >FtV> MacDonald, John Archibald HBC AHFE >Q'u MacDonald, John A. 1HG5 ALB MacDonald, John Chief AIgG CHP/CrR MacDonald, John Walter AIVC-01 ALB MacDonald, Joseph see also Donald, Joseph McDonald, Joseph MacDonald, Joseph AHC6-AF RdR>FtE>Jsp/LSA>FtE/EdS MacDonald, Kenneth Sr. 17IF- SCO>FtE MacDonald, Kenneth Jr. 1hBI- FtE Macdonald, Larose AII0 CRE/ Macdonald, Ludovic 1I09 >DEH/FtL MacDonald, Magloire AID8 CHI/DeS/FDL Macdonald, Malcom AHFE FtE>FtP MacDonald, Margaret (Fraser) 18CH- Jsp>LSA/FtE MacDonald, Marilyn BNAD OnL MacDonald, Patricia C. (Dumont) AIRH-JF CRE/ MacDonald, R. Rev. AICJ >FCh> MacDonald, Robert AIEH MET/Cas MacDonald, Ronald AID8 MET/BC>ALB/HiL> MacDonald, Shirley AHBD ALB Macdonald, William ## AhEC MET/BC>ALB/HiL> Macdonald, William 1IFE MacDonald, William AIGJ Lub>Wod Macdonell see also Macdonnell Macdonell see MacDonnell, Alexander MacDonell, Betsey () 1HF8- MaW MacDonell, John Sr. NWC MGFD/EJ NWY>CAN>RdR>Ota>ILC>LSL MacDonell, John Jr. NWC 1GH4 RdR>GSL Macdonell, Mapiyak Nahiyaye Wiyan see Poitras, Magdeleine Macdonell, Magdeleine see Poitras, Magdeleine Macdonell, Miles Gov. MGFG-BG NWY>CAN>RdR MacDonell, Sarah Marguerite () 1gG0 DAK/NAK>RdR> MacDonell, William AGEF- QUE>MaW MacDonnel see also MacDonell MacDonnell MacDonnel AHC5 SCO>USA/MIN MacDonnell see also MacDonell MacDonnel MacDonnell InspNWMPAHFG >SK/Reg MacDonnell, Alexander Scotus MGFF SCO>QUE> Macdonnell, Alexander A.InspNWMPAGEA >SK/WMt> Macdonnell, Catherine see McDonnell, Catherine Macdonnell, F.R. NWC MGI0 >FtE/Sas> Macdonnell, George Maj. MGI0 QUE MacDonnell, John see Macdonell, John MacDonnell, Michael 1GH8-DD ONT/Pen Macdonnell, Red George see Macdonnell, George MacDougal see also MacDougall McDougall MacDougal, Alexander NWC 1gG4 MacDougall see also MacDougal McDougall MacDougall, Anita Margaret c1iCD- TSL MacDougall, J.A. see McDougall, J.A. MacDougall, James see McDougall, James MacDougall, James 1gG9 SCO>Ota>OKA MacDougall, John AHC5 OKA MacDougall, John 1HG0 >ALB/KAI> MacDougall, William see McDougall, William MacDowell see also McDowell Macdowell 1HG0 >ALB MacFadden, Bella 18GH- MuS/TCr MacFadden, William 1HI8- MuS/TCr Macfarland see also McFarlane Macfarland, Joseph AGEI >ALB/FMa Macgregor see also McGregor Macgregor, James Mortimer 1HF1 Machachkayap see Machakwap Machakoes see Andrews, Nabaise Machakwap MGI0 FtE>Lap Machakwap, Emma AHC5- FtE>Lap Machanchekos see Machan Chikos Machan Chikos 1HF1/HB Chp>StH>LiP> Machan Chikos, Mary 1IJJ CRE/ Machan Chikos, O Ka Sisa 1HG0 Chp>StH>LiP>Pap/LPo Machan Chikos, O Misima 1HF1 Chp>StH>LiP>Pap/LPo Machan Chikos, O Misima 1HG0 Chp>StH>LiP>Pap/LPo Machard, Michel 1GH4 CAN>RyL Machask f 1hB6 Pes/FtE>Lap Machatis, Benwah 1CJ7- CdL Machatis, Delphine () AIBH- CdL Machatis, Norah () AIB1- CdL Machatis, Victor 1CJ9- CdL Machawanogkew 1hB1 FtE Machawanogkew, Lizette aGCA FtE>PeR Mache Manito Mache Wheseab see Ka Michet O Kehew-wak Macheesk see Whitford, John Macheikas 1hB7 TwD>Msk>Gdf Machekwap see Machakwap Machemetow AGDD FiH/Cot/CyH Machenam 1hB5 BLK>CRE/Sip Machesis see Machi Asis Machett 1HG0 ALB Machett, Ida 18I0 ALB Machi Asis 1hB0 AmW/Sas>Msk Machi Asis, Daniel AGDD AmW/Sas>Msk Machi Asis, James AGDD AmW/Sas>Msk Machi Kisew Iniw MGI0 FtE Machi Pagos see Cardinal, Joseph Machiikas see Macheikas Machikisew Inew see Machi Kisew Inew Machikiseyiniw see Machi Kisew Inew Machinas see also Collin, Henry Machiwew Inew Machinas MGGH >COL>SAL> Machinas 1hB5 >Msk/Sas Machinas, Marguerite Marie MG98- COL/SAL> Machinawe Du Chien Fou Hdm. 1gd3 Low/ChF Machinaws see Machinas Makinaw Machipakos see Cardinal, Joseph Machipinas 18GH CRE/TMt Machipinas, Thomas 1IJM TMt Machisis see Machi Asis Machiwanoghkew AHJJ LSL Machiwanoghkew, Lisette 1hB0 LSL Machiwanoghkew, Lizette AHC4- FtE>PeR>LSL>MET Machohikes see Macheikas Machoskis Machoskis 18VC TwD>Msk>See Machoskis, Itawapiw () AHC0 Msk/Gdf Machoskis, Jane cAGDD- Msk/Gdf> Machoskis, Louisa c1HD8- Msk/Gdf> Machray Bish. AICJ >RdR> Machura, Peter 'Argo Pete' AID0 >HiL> Machusk see Machask MacFarlane see also McFarlane MacFarlane, Roderick see McFarlane, Roderick MacFarlane, Walter DLS AHH5 >ALB> MacGillivray, Duncan see McGillivray, Duncan MacInnisand, Jeff 1IFE >NUN/NWT> MacIntosh see also Mackintosh McIntosch MacIntosh Capt. AIBJ >SK>BC MacIntosh, Angus see Mackintosh, Angus MacIntosh, Archange (St. Martin) see St. Martin, Archange MacIntosh, Donald see McIntosh, Donald MacIntosh, William 1GH2-DB SCO>LSL>FtV>FSJ>NeH>CuH>Dun>RdR Mack, Gerald 1IFE MNT Mackay see also McKay Mackay, Alexander see McKay, Alexander Mackay, Aline Katherine AHH0-EB Mackay, Daisy see Mackay, Margaret Rothney Mackay, Donald see Mckay, Donald Mackay, Elizabeth AHC6-HB Mackay, Elkanah D. Rev. AHC5 USA/MIS>MNT> Mackay, Florence Sybil Stanley 1HG6- Mackay, Gertrude Helen Hope 1HG3-EB Mackay, Helen (Holmes) AICJ-14 Mackay, Helen AHFE-DB Mackay, Hugh 1HF1 ONT Mackay, Isabella 1hB4- Mackay, James see McKay, James Mackay, Jane 1HD2-FJ Mackay, John Alexander ADeac. 18CH-VC MoF>RdR>Was> Mackay, John Norman Ross AHH3- Mackay, Joseph HBC 1HF1 >ALB/GrP> Mackay, Joseph William 1hBI-I0 Mackay, Kenneth Mouat 1HF4-CJ Mackay, Lilias Mabel Hankin 1HG1-51 Mackay, Louisa 18AF-gG Mackay, Louisa 1HG0-EE Mackay, Margaret (Drever) 1HD7-AA RdR>Was> Mackay, Margaret c18VC-HB Mackay, Margaret Rothney 1HG9-36 Mackay, Maria AICJ-AB Mackay, Mary (Bunn) MG98-73>Yrk>Mis>RdR Mackay, Mary Fletcher AHC1-10 Mackay, Mary Agnes Porter AHFC-46 Mackay, Mary AHFG-CE Mackay, Mathilda -AHC3 Mackay, Nancy cAHC1-FG Mackay, Robert Thomas AHC5-HI Mackay, Sarah () AICJ USA/MIS>MNT> Mackay, W.N. Dr.HBC AICJ >DEH/FtS>Edm Mackay, William see also McKay, William Mackay, William MG93-gd Alb>Mis>RdR> Mackeinzo AIBE KAW/Sat/Del Mackenzie see also Mackeinzo McKenzie Mackenzie AH5J SCO/Mul Mackenzie ConNWMP 1HG7 SK/Reg Mackenzie AHH5 SK>SnP> Mackenzie AI36 ALB/PeR Mackenzie, Albert AIEJ ALB/PeR Mackenzie, Alexander see also McKenzie,Alexander Mackenzie, Alexander Sir MG63-BJ SCO>CuH>ILC>FCh>QUE Mackenzie, Alexander P.M. AH5J ONT/Ott MacKenzie, Alexander AHFE/85 ALB Mackenzie, Alexander HBCo AHFO >PeR Mackenzie, Andrew 1GH3-09 MET/CuH>ILC>Ota>FtV Mackenzie, Angelique () 1GH4- Mackenzie, Benjamin HBC 18JF-CG FCh>QUE> Mackenzie, Charles see McKenzie, Charles Mackenzie, Daniel see also McKenzie, Daniel Mackenzie, Daniel 1gG3 >FCh>FtE>FCh> Mackenzie, David see McKenzie, David Mackenzie, Donald see McKenzie, Donald Mackenzie, H. J. Foxy 1HG6 >ALB MacKenzie, Henry 1HA0/32 MacKenzie, Henry wife (Bethune) 18AF MacKenzie, James see also McKenzie, James Mackenzie, James 1GH3-49 MET/CuH>ILC>Ota>Pem>Rat Mackenzie, Kenned Douglas Col. AHC5 ENG>CAN> Mackenzie, Kenneth see also McKenzie, Kenneth Mackenzie, Kenneth NW/HBC>CFC/UM1GH3- MET/ILC>FCh>Pem>MIN>ND/FtU/LOW Mackenzie, Marguerite AHJJ MET/FCh/Ota> Mackenzie, Maria 1GH9- MET/FCh/Ota> Mackenzie, Marie () 1GH7- Pta>Pem>Rat Mackenzie, Morris AID6- ALB/PeR Mackenzie, N.A. Rev. AHBD ALB Mackenzie, Owen AHC5/63 FtU Mackenzie, Roderick NWC MGFG/DD SCO>Mic>FCh>QUE Mackenzie, Roderick 1gG2- Mackenzie, Roderick Sr. HBC c1gG6- >PeR>ILC> Mackenzie, Roderick 1GH3- Mackenzie, Roderick Capt. MGI0 Mackenzie, Roderick HBC MG98- FtE> Mackenzie, Sarah (Sutherland) 1GH0 Mackenzie, T.S. 18I0 ALB/Let Mackenzie, W.P. Rev. AHFE >ALB Mackenzie, William SirCNR 18EB ONT Mackid, H.G. Dr. AHFC >ALB/Cgy Mackid, Stewart Dr. AICJ ALB/Cgy Mackinaw see also Makinaw Turtle Mackinaw AID0 Erm Mackinaw, Augustine see Makinaw, Augustine Mackinaw, Chassidy see Whitford, Chassidy Mackinaw, Paulette (Wheatley) AID0 >MaW Mackinaw, Shawn AI79- MaW Mackinaw, William Russell AIGH- Erm MacKinnon see also McKinnon MacKinnon NWC 1gd0 CAN>ILC Mackintosch, William see MacIntosh, William Mackintosh, Angus MG63 MIC/Det Mackintosh, Archange(St. Martin)1gG0 MIC/Det Mackintosh, Duncan 1GH5- MIC/Det Mackipictoon see Maski Pitonew Mackipitoon see Maski Pitonew Mackriss, John AHH3-36>LLB Mackriss, Melanie () 1IJJ-CE LLB MacLaren, Donald 1HI3- >PeR/Keg MacLaw see MacLou Maclay, E.G. AICJ >MNT Maclean see also McLean Maclean, John Rev. AH5J >ALB/FMa> MacLean, Lachlan 15GH/98 SCO/Mull Maclean, M.P. 1I09 SCO/BAR>CAN/ALB MacLellan see aslo McLellan MacLellan, Archibald see McLellan, Archibald MacLellan, Margaret AHHB ONT Maclennan see McLellan McLennan Macleod see also MacLou McLeod Macleod 1gG0 SCO>CAN Macleod SgtNWMP AHH0 >FtV> Macleod, Donald HBC AH5J >FtE> Macleod, Edward 1HF9 >ALB/HiR Macleod, H.A.F. CPR AH5J >ALB> Macleod, James Farquarson NWMP AHC6-ID ONT>MAN>ALB/FMa Macleod, John AH5J ALB Macleod, John Edward A. AIBJ ALB Macleod, Mary (Drever) 1HD5 ONT>ALB/FMa Macleod, Norman T. 1HD5 ONT>ALB/FMa Macleod, Norman Torquil AHH0-71 FMa> Macleod, Richard see McLeod, Richard Macleod, Roderick AICJ ALB MacLou, Saint see St. MacLou MacMartin, Daniel George AHH5 ONT/Alb MacMillan see McMillan MacMurrough, Dermot Chief AAEJ IRE MacNeal see also McNeil MacNeal, Cecil 1CJ0-FF SK/BgR> MacNeish, Scotty AICJ >ALB>USA/DC Macomb, Alexander Maj. 1HA0 USA/Flo Macon see Masson Macoun, John AHC5 IRE/Dow>CAN/ONT>ALB> Macpherson see also McPherson Macpherson InspNWMP1HG9 >ALB/FMa MacPherson, David Sir AHFO ONT MacPherson, Derek NWC MGI0 >ILC/LLL>FCh>TrM/ORE>ONT MacPherson, Dirk see MacPherson, Derek Macpherson, Isobel (Hardisty) AHC9 CRE>EsB/Nas/LAB/RdR Macpherson, Joseph AHC1 >LAB/EsB/Nas> Macrae see also McRae Macrae, James Ansdell Comm. AHFO ONT>SK>ONT>ALB>ONT Macriss see Mackriss MacTavish see McTavish Mad Bear see also Mato Witko Mad Bear Chief 18JF ARA Mad Calf Chief see Calf Chief Mad Child 1GH5/15 KAI/BuF Mad Indian see Charcoal Mad McKay see McKay, Donald Mad Plume Med AGDD PIK/BPM Mad Wolf Chief c1hB0- PIK/HTK Madam Wong see Wong Shan Maddisonas, Barry AID5 >ANG> Mader, Catherine 1gG5- QUE Madill, Napoleon AID8 CHI/BlL Madonna of the Peace AICJ TZA/FSJ Madwayosh see Caldwell, William Madwayosh Mage 1hB2 TZC>TwD>TZ* Mage, Leah 1HD2- TwD>TZ* Mage, Paul 1HD5- TZ* Mage, Yaha Keyabe () 1hB8 TZC>TwD>TZ* Mageau see Majeau Magee, Robert AIBE ALB Magee, W.D. AHH0 >ALB Magee, William AIB7 ALB Maggie see Papin, Margaret Maginnis see also McInnis Meguinis Maginnis, Martin Rep. AH5J USA/MNT>DC Magiskan, William Chief BNAD CHP/Aro Magna Chief 1HD2 CyH Magnong see L'Esparance, Pierre Magnus King ac34 NOR/SWE Magnus, Albertus AID0 USA Magnus, Carolus see Charlemagne Magnuson, Finnur 18VC SWE Magos AF45 FRA Magpie AGEI CRO Magpie AHFO Pia Magpie AHFO FLA Magpie, Maud () AHFO Pia Magpie, Okeeweehow see Okeeweehow Magrath, Charles Alexander DLS AHFO- >ALB> Magrath, Thomas AHJJ ONT Magruder Capt. AH5J USA>NMX Maguinis see Meguinis MaGuire, Barry AID5 USA Maguire, Rochfort AHC0 ENG>NUN>NWT>ENG Mah 1CJ7 CHN>ALB/FCh Mah, Dickie AIEJ ALB/FCh Mah, Eddie AICJ CHN>ALB/Cam Mah, George AIEJ ALB/FCh Mah, Sammy AIB7 CHN>ALB/Cam Mah, Sheng AICE CHN>ALB>HiL> Mah, Tommy AIBE CHN>ALB Mah Min see Lapatak, Thomas Mamin Meminowatow Tani Zibe Chage Mah Min Ah Wataw see Mamin Meminowatow Mahala Self Tewell c1hB0- DAK/Chy>SiB Mahchahmewis Hdmn. AH5J BeL/Pey Mahchannchekoss see Machan Chikos Mahghaska Hd.Chf AHC0 DAK/Ogl Mahikan see also Arcand, Joseph Mahikan Mahikan Asis Mahikan cAHJJ- TwD>MCh Mahikan, Joseph see Arcand, Joseph Mahikan Mahikan, Anne see Arcand, Anne Mahikan Asis see also Arcand, Mahikan Asis Maikanisin Mahikan Asis AICJ Sip Mahikan Awasis see Fromhold, Willi Odin v. Mahikan Asis Mahikan Hi Kapaw 18AF (TwD>Dum/Mas)? Mahikan Hi Kapaw, Agnes AHC6- (TwD>Dum/Mas)? Mahikan Ikapaw see Mahikan Hi Kapaw Mahikansis see Fromhold, Willi Odin v. Mahikan Asis Maanitail Mahikanisis see Fromhold, Willi Odin v. Mahikan Asis Mahskeetotiman 1HG6 CRE/ Mahkases see Makai Asis Mahkayoo see Makayew Mahkesis see Makai Asis Mahkeskoot see also Wahkegseekoot Mahkeskoot, Jenny 1HF4 EdS Mahkpiyahotowin see Aird, Grey Cloud Mahkwoi Pwoahts see Monroe, Hugh Mah-Min see Mamin Mahminahwataw see Mamin Meminowatow Piche, Pierre Piche, Samuel Mahmus see Mamos Mahone 1HF1 >ALB Mahoney, Brian AII0 ALB Mahoney, Cyril 1CJ4 SK/MiN Mahoney, William 18ID >SK>BiR Mahood, James Capt. AICJ MIS Mahpayways see Mapewes Mahpiya Dinape Chief AH5J DAK/San/BrT Mahpiya Luta see Isna Wahin Numpa Mahpiyahdinape see Mahpiya Dinape Mahskeetotima Hdm. 1HD6 SnP Mahto Chikala see Tonweya Mahtotatonka see Mato Ta Tonka Mai Stoi Siksinaam see Healy, Earl Mai Tuan Chief AIEJ TBO Maifnon, Iskwew Asis () BHAR FtE Maifnon, Iskowassis see Maifnon, Iskwew Asis Maifnon, Jean Baptiste 18JM >FtE Maifnon, Marie 1hB8- FtE Maikan see Mahikan Maikanikapaw see Mahikan Hi Kapaw Maikanisin see also Mahikan Asis Maikanisin AHC4 MaW Maikanisin, Emma AHC4 MaW Maikins CRE/ Maillaux see also Mailleux Maillot Mailloux Maillaux 1GH6 CAN>RdR>PeR/Dun Mailleux see also Maillaux Maillot Mailloux Mailleux, Francois AHFE >FtP> Maillot see also Maillaux Mailleux Maillot Mailloux Millet Maillot, Andre Beauchemin see Beauchemin, Andre Millet Maillot, Judith MGEJ QUE Mailloux see also Maillaux Mailleux Maillot Mailloux MGI0 CAN>FtE Mailloux, dtr AHJ9 FtE Mailloux, son -18VC FtE Mailloux, Charles 1GH4 CAN>LkW Main, Ellen 18I0 MET Main, Harold AIgG NAK/ATS/FtB Main, Henry Wellington 1HG9- MET Main, Isabelle (Star) AHFE MET Main, James 18I0 MET Main, Mary 18I0 MET Main, Orin Sherwood AGEI >MET Main, William T. AIgG NAK/ATS/FtB Main Tent Pole Chief AHC7 SIK/MTP Maineau see also Moniyaw Maineau MGID CAN>Sas>TrM/ORE Mainguy, Jean Baptiste 1gG0 QUE Mair, Charles 1HG5 >PeR Maisoneuve see also Maisonneuve Maisoneuve, Auguste Fr.OMI AEC0 >ALB/LSA>LLB Maisonon see Maifnon Maisonneuve, Auguste see Maisoneuve, Auguste Maisonneuve, Liliane Coutou () AHGE ALB Maitland AEC1 USA/NWY Maize see Wagmiza Majeau AH5J LSA/StA Majeau c18GH- LSA Majeau, Baptiste 1HG0 ALB Majeau, Bernard 19EJ Edm>LLB>Cgy> Majeau, Big 18EB Edm Majeau, Dolphice see Majeau, Dolphus Majeau, Dolphus AGE3- QUE>FtE>LSA Majeau, Elie 1HG3- LSA Majeau, Emelle see L'Hirondelle, Emilie Majeau, Emilie (L'Hirondelle) 1HD8- Ale Majeau, Eva () 1HG6- LSA Majeau, Florestine () 1HG6- LSA Majeau, Jean Elie 18VC FRE Majeau, Joseph AHFO QUE>FtE Majeau, Jules 1GH0 FRA>QUE Majeau, Louis MG93 >ORE>RdR>PeR/Ath> Majeau, Louise Marsen see Lapiere, Marie Louise Marsen Majeau, Marguerite () AHFE- LSA Majeau, Marie L. Marsen (Lapiere1hBI QUE Majeau, Mary (Drainville) 1GH6 QUE Majeau, Octave 1HD3-VC QUE>KAN>FtE/Ale Majeau, P. 1GH4 >ORE Majeau, Vital 1HG7- LSA Maka see also Makaw Shorty White Grass Maka f AHH0 KAI Maka To Chanchon Hd.Chf 1GH0 DAK/Bru Makai Asis Chief 1hB0 Wes/Msk>Kat/Kak Makai Asis AH5J CHI/CRE/CdL/MnL Makak see Flett, Marguerite Makak Makaki Poka see Smart Child Makakipotka see Smart Child Makapi Apotsi 18VC PIK/NoP/BDS Makapiapotsi see Makapi Apotsi Makatahkarjaway see Lapoudre, St. Pierre Makotew Makatawak f 1hB8 CRE/LSL Makaw see also Maka Makaw f AHFE KAI/Cho Makayew Chief 1HG6 Swt>Mak Makayoo see Makayew Makeo see Makayew Makes Big Plans see O Sichamisaws Makes Cold Weather AHH5 PIK/SoP/Brv Makes Room 1HD6 DAK/Min Makesis see Fox Makai Asis Maketoo see Black Powder Maki Si see Chiniquay, Eunice Maki si Makina see Makinaw Makinaw see also Mackinaw Turtle Makinaw AGBE FtE Makinaw AHH5 AsW/Kis Makinaw 19BJ Erm Makinaw Chief AID2 Erm>Mak> Makinaw 19HH Pas Makinaw, Augustine 1IJJ AsW/Kis Makinaw, Chassidy see Whitford, Chassidy Makinaw, Craig 19GH Erm Makinaw, Ida Mary 19CG-JF Erm Makinaw, Shawn see Mackinaw, Shawn Makinaw, William Russell see Mackinaw, William Russell Making Big Plans see O Sichamisaws Making Fire 1HG0 KAI>FiE Making Himself Chief see Drunken Chief Making Ready The Bow see Kanahachapew Makipastaw Iskwew see Star Blanket, Mary Agnes Maklouf, Charbel see Saint Charbel Maklouf Makes Cold Weather 1I01 PIK/ Makes Room Chief 1HF6 DAK/ Makinaw AGBE Pes>Kis Makinaw 1I09 Erm Makinaw AID0 Erm Makinaw Chief 1IF2 Erm>Mak Makinaw, Augustine 1I09 Kis>Erm Makinaw, Chassidy BJJJ Erm Makinaw, Craig 19hg Erm Makinaw, Ida Mary 19CG- Erm>TSU Makinaw, Shawn AHG9- Erm Making Fire 18I0 KAI/ Mako Oyache Wiyan see Chiniquay, Eunice Makokis 1HA4 CAN>Pes>Dum>Pig>Gdf Makokis 19HH Pas Makokis, Alphonse 1CJ8- Sad Makokis, Benjamin AGDD Dum>Pig>Gdf Makokis, Eddy Chief 1hg0 Sad Makokis, Emma AICJ- Pes>Dum>Pig>Gdf Makokis, Eurice 1I04- Sad Makokis, George cAEC4- Pes>Dum>Pig>Gdf Makokis, Georgina 1HF9 Gdf Makokis, Harry 1I06- Sad Makokis, Itawapiw () 1hBI TwD>Msk Makokis, James 1hg2- Sad Makokis, John 1HD5- Dum>Pig>Gdf Makokis, Joseph 1HF9 Gdf Makokis, Lazarus 1HF9 Gdf Makokis, Leona () AID0 Sad Makokis, Louisa 1HD8 Dum>Pig> Makokis, Margaret () 19BJ- Sad Makokis, Marion () 1CJ5- Sad Makokis, Martha 1HF9 Gdf Makokis, Mary Louise 18GH- Sad Makokis, Masonapiskwap () 1HA9 Pes>Dum>Pig>Gdf Makokis, Nellie AIB7- Sad> Makokis, Paul 1HD3- Dum>Pig>Gdf Makokis, Peter cAEC7- Pes>Dum>Pig>Gdf Makokis, Sarah 1HF9 Gdf Makokis, Thomas AGEA Gdf/Sad Makokis, Thomas 1HF9 Gdf Makokis, Tracy 1hg5 Sad>Edm Makokis O Ka Sisa AEC2 Pes>Dum>Pig>Gdf Makookis see Makokis Makoose see also Makus Makayew Makoose 1GH5 >AsW/TwD>Lar Makoose Chief AGE8 CRE Makotew see Black Powder Lapoudre Muckithay Powder Makotew Karchawe see Lapoudre, St. Pierre Makowchi Wiyan AGBE >TZC Makowchiwiya see Makowchi Wiyan Makoye see Wolf Makoye Inasi see Wolf Collar Makoye Kin see Wolf Collar Makoye Kinasi see Wolf Collar Makoye Makan see Running Wolf Makoye Kohkin see Poundmaker Makpeya Wasiku 18JF CAN>SwG>Pes/TZC Makpeya Wasiku, Abraham c1hBI- Pes/TZC Makpeya Wasiku, Hainguscaddy () 1HA0 SwG>Pes/TZC Makpeyewaseegu see Makpeya Wasiku Makpiyahotowin see Aird, Grey Cloud Makrewata Chief 18BJ SAK Maksa Kitapi 1HI6 PIK/NoP/BDS Maksa Kitapi see Maksa Kitapi Makus see Makoose Napacham, Marie Makusiwostikwan see Cardinal, Oliver Makuyokinasi see Wolf Collar Makwa AHJ3/19 FtE Makwa Poats see Monroe, Hugh Makwa Yamakan see Running Wolf Makwa Yokinasi see Wolf Collar Makwaki Chinjan see Makwokich, Louise Makwakichijan see Makwokich, Louise Makwakich Wiyan, Louisa 18VC Pes>TZC Makwayapiy 18I0 NoB Makwoi Poats see Monroe, Hugh Makwokich Wiyan see Makwokich, Louise Makwokichwijaw see Makwokich, Louise Makwokitch, Louise 18VC Pes>TZC Makwokitch Wiyan see Makwokich, Louise Makwokichwijaw see Makwokich, Louise Maland see also Maylan Maland, Judy AID7 ALB Maland, Patricia 19EJ ALB Malataire see also Malaterre Mallatte Meillet Militaire Militeare Malataire, Samson see Malaterre, Samson Malateare see also Malaterre Mallatte Meillet Militaire Militeare Malaterre see also Malaterre Mallatte Martialle Meillet Militaire Militeare Malaterre AGB1 RdR Malaterre, Adele Lenoir 1HG6 Lap/RdR/Bra/TuM>MET Malaterre, Alexis AGBE- RdR>Lap>RdR/Bra/TuM>MET Malaterre, Alexis 1HG6 Lap/RdR/Bra/TuM>MET Malaterre, Angelique (Adam) AHJJ- RdR Malaterre, Caroline (Desjarlais/Morin) CRE/ AGE4- MIN>FtE/LSA/Pas/MuS>Kis>MT>MET Malaterre, Celina 1HG0 Lap/RdR/Bra/TuM>WoM>MET Malaterre, Edouard see Militaire, Edward Malaterre, Elise 18EB- Ale/Pas> Malaterre, Eliza 1HG6 Lap/RdR/Bra/TuM>MET Malaterre, Francois MGCE QUE>RdR Malaterre, Helene Boucher AEC1- Sas/RdR>Ath>Kis>MET Malaterre, Isabelle AEC4 RdR>TuM>MET Malaterre, Jean Baptiste 1GH0- >RdR Malaterre, Jeremie 1HG6 Lap/RdR/Bra/TuM>MET Malaterre, Justine 1HG6 Lap/RdR/Bra/TuM>MET Malaterre, Louis see Vermette, Louis Malaterre, Madeleine (Desrochers) Malaterre, Marguerite (Ward) AEC0- AmW/Lap>RdR/Bra/TuM>MET Malaterre, Marie Marguerite 1HG5-HB Lap/RdR/Bra/TuM>MET Malaterre, Samson 1GH5 CAN>PeR>RdR Malboeuf, Adelaide AGEF CHI/BiC Malcom see also Malcome Malcom III King 1046 SCO Malcom, James 1HD2 RdR>ALB/FtE>BC Malcome see also Malcom Malcome, Moise c19BJ- FCh Malette see Mallatte Malhiot, Francois V. 1GH4 CAN>MIN/LcF Maligne see also Malinge Maligne, R. () 1CJ4 SK Malla?g, A??? see Malette, Anselme Arsine Mallatte see also Mallette Mallatte, Anselme Arsine AICJ- RdR>ILC>FtE>Kis Mallatte, Catherine AGE4- FtE/Lap>Kis>MET Mallatte, Catherine 1HF2- RdR>ILC>FtE/Lap>Kis>MET Mallatte, Francois see also Malaterre, Francois Mallatte, Francois 1gG9 CAN>RdR Mallatte, Joseph AHFC- ILC>FtE>Kis>MET Mallatte, Josephte 18CH RdR Mallatte, Madeleine (Ducharme) AEC0- RdR>ILC>FtE>Kis>MET Mallatte, Marguerite () AGB6 RdR Mallatte, Paul MG15 CAN/ILL>NMX Mallatte, Peter MG15 CAN/ILL>NMX Mallatterre see also Malaterre Militaire Militeare Mallatterre, Francois see Malaterre, Francois Mallatterre, Madeleine see Desrochers, Madeleine Mallet see Mallatte Mallette see Mallatte Mallish, Thomas AFI0 >Alb> Mallory, Thomas aGCA >MNT Malloway, Kenneth AIGJ BC/AbC Malnouri 18CH MET>MAN Malone see also Maloney Malone, Margaret (Nugent) MET/CHR Malone, Moses >CHR Maloney see also Malone Maloney 1IJF YK>BC/FtN Maloney, Daniel AHFO >StA Maloney, Kate AHFE StA Maloolek Chief 1gG0 CAR Maloux, Joseph MGEE CAN>CuH/Nip Malranga 1HG0 USA/LOU/NOr/Maf Malterre see also Malaterre Militaire Militeare Maluie, R.D. 1CJ4 >SK Malzer, Jason 1HG9 >BC/SEK/FtG Mamdrille, Michael see Mandeville, Michael Mamenuwartum, Seeseeb see Meminowatow, Sisip ## Mamin Chief 1HA0 SwG/RMH/TZC/GSt Maminawataw see Mamin Memintowatow Piche, Samuel Meminowatow Maminiwatow see Mamin Memintowatow Piche, Samuel Meminowatow Maminowatowi see Mamin Memintowatow Piche, Samuel Meminowatow Mamongazida 1gd0 YAN/NAK/Lee Mamos AHJJ TwD>Msk Mamso 1HF4 BgB Man see also Eeyinew Napes Napew Napi Man Above see Manabus Man Afraid of His Horses see Ta Sunke Kokipapi Man Child see Manchild Samson, Joseph Man-I-Tiou-Kan see Manitokan Man Of Little People AHH5 BgB Man of the Frozen North see Hendricksen, Frederick Man of the Jack Pines see Kopang Man on the Brow of the Hill see Piert Man on the Hill see Girard, Frank Man Slayer see Stamp, William Man That Took The Coat see Man Who Took The Coat Man Who Gives The War Whoop see Kiya Ki Kasakowe Man Who Plays in the Rapids see Nutachwanasee Man Who Speaks Our Language 1HG0/85 Sip/Pap Man Who Took The Coat Chief cAHJJ- WPT>CTK Man Who Walks Against The Wind see Wesley, Peter Mark Man Who Wins see Paskeyakewenin Man With the Open Shirt Collar see Johnson, Albert Man Without a Hole in His Ear see Deaf Man Man Without Blood AHFE/85 NAK/EaH Manabawaka see Nambe Wakan Manabus Myth ARA Manamine see Le Sucre Manates see Msachos Manchild 1HEE- ALB>RoB Manco Inca see Inca, Manco Mandamina, ??? f AHG3 CHP Mandel, Stephen Mayor AID5 ALB Mandela, Nelson Pres. 1HC5 RSA Mandelbaum, David G. 1CJ0 >SK Mandeville Chief 18JM CHI/Des/FtR Mandeville, Michael Hdm 1HF9 CHI/Des/FtS Mandeville, Michel Hdm. 1IJJ CHI/Des/FtS Mandeville, N.H. AHFE >FtE Mandville see Mandeville Mane see Pretty Blanket Manetho 270B EGY Manga Chief 1HD2 CyH/Man Mangaga Iskwew see Mankaggaweez Manger de Lard see also Voyageur Manger de Lard AGB4 MET>CHI/Buf Manger de Lard, Elizabeth AGDD- CHI/Buf>Den>MET Manger de Lard, Zosi () AEC0 CHI/Buf Mangerde-Lard see Manger De Lard Manghpeeya Owate Hokshi see Payapat Mangiquijique see Mankikiwichikwe Mangekueta see Mark Maniapik, Joanesie 1HC6- INU/Pan Manicque see also Moniyaw Minicque, M. MGhg >WAS Manikala Sapiya AHFE NAK>BgB Manikala Sapiu see Manikala Sapiya Manistapo see Red Crow Manistokos see Bad Head Father of All Father of Many Children Steele, Samuel Manitail 1HF8 >Sam Manitail, O Misima AHH7 Sam Manitail, O Wa () 1HG3 >Sam Manitasth see Manitost Manitioukan see Manitokan Manito Legend. Manito, Bella see Manitost, Bella Manito Asiskiw f AGB1 Pes>PCh>FtE>Lap Manito Pisikwakwa see Favell, Lillian Manito Potte see Manito Pwat Wandering Spirit Manito Pte see Manito Pwat Manito Pwat Chief Wat Manito Uitkatt see Mato Witko Manitoachan see Manitokan Manitoasiski see Manito Asiskiw Manitokan see also Manitost Manitokan f 18BJ RMH/Pes>MaA>MCh> Manitokan AH5J SnP Manitokan, Brenda 19GH SnP Manitoot see also Manito Manitost Manitoot, Bella see Manitost, Bella Manitost, Anne 18I0 Wab/LSL Manitost, Bella AHH0 Wab/LSL Manitost, Benjamin 18I0 Wab/LSL Manitost, Henry 18I0 Wab/LSL Manitost, Jane see Minatoch, Jane Manitost, John 18I0 Wab/LSL Manitost, Joseph 18I0 Wab/LSL Manitost, Leon 18I0 Wab/LSL Manitost, Louis AEC9- Wab>LSL>MET> Manitost, Madelaine 18I0 Wab/LSL Manitost, Marie (Noskiye) AGDD- Wab>LSL>MET Manitost, Marie 1HG5- Wab/LSL>Dun>MET Manitost, Mary Iskwew see Minatoch, Mary Manitost, Nahawwhick () see Nehew Iskwew Manitost, Nehiw Iskwew () AGB6 Wab Manitost, Paul 1HA9 Wab Manitost, Veronique 18I0 Wab/LSL Manitosth see Manitost Manitowais see Manitowis Manitowis AGE8 EdS>Pas>Lap>Ale Manitowis (wife) AHFE EdS>Pas>Lap>Ale Manitowis, O Ka Sisa 1 18GH EdS>Pas>Lap>Ale Manitowis, O Ka Sisa 2 1HG9 EdS>Pas>Lap>Ale Manitowis, O Ka Sisa 3 AHH5 EdS>Pas>Lap>Ale Manitowis, O Misima 1HG9 EdS>Pas>Lap>Ale Manka see also Manga Mankagaweez f c1HA8- Pes>TZC Mankaggaweez see Mankagaweez Mankakaw Iskwew see Mankagaweez Mankaushka see Monkaushka Mankikwichique 1GH4 BrH Mann 1HF2 ONT Mann 1HG4 Mann AICJ ALB Mann, Blanche AHH3 >OnL>Sad> Mann, Charles 18GH SK Mann, Dean William 1IF8- >FtE Mann, Donald Sir 1HF2 ONT Mann, George Gwynne AHFO >OnL>Sad> Mann, George daughter AHH5 >OnL>Sad> Mann, George son AHH5 >OnL>Sad> Mann, George (wife) 1HF6 >OnL>Sad> Mann, Gother Capt. MG68 >ONT/Tor Mann, Judy AID9 ALB Mann, Lillian Maud AHH3- SK>MET Mann, Sandra AIE1 ALB Mann, Sophia (Erasmus) 1HF9 >SK Mann, Stella Jane AHH5- SK>MET Mann, William Allen AHFC ENG>SK Mannamio see Nanawananan Manning, Ernest Prem. Manning, Henry Mark Rev. AGE4 >ALB Manning, Jno. AGDD- USA>FtE Manning, Margarite () AHFE- FtE Mannix, Carol AICJ >ALB Mannix, Fred 1HC5 ALB Mannypenny, George W. Comm. AEC3 USA/DC Mano f AEC2 LSL Mano Mocha Chief 1gG9/09 UTE Manoe-Denig see also Denig Manoe-Denig 1IJJ >USA/NWY Manpatilan Chief 19EE HIN Manqu Inka see Inca, Manco Mansa Mura Chief acJJ MAL Mansell AHH0 >ALB Mansfield, Mike 1CJ0 USA/MNT>JAP Manson NWC AHJ7 >PeR>BC/FtL Manson AH5J Mantal, Fred BNAD THL/RaL Mantea see Mantee Mantee, George 19AB- Pia Mantee, Robert AHG9 Pia Manuel, Arthur Chief AHG6 SHU/Nes Manuel, Beverly 19FJ SHU/Nes Manuel, George Chief AIB1 SHU/Nes Manuel, Nicole 19FJ SHU/Nes Manuel, Phillip AHGE OKA/UpN Manuel, Richard 19gG SHU/Nes Manuelito Chief AICJ NAV Many Bears AICJ SIK Many Bears, Albert AICJ SIK Many Bears, Alice () 19EE SIK Many Bears, Aloysius 19EE SIK Many Bears, Annette 19EE SIK Many Bears, Carl 19EE SIK Many Bears, Cecelia AID5 SIK Many Bears, Clara 19EE SIK Many Bears, Damien AICJ SIK Many Bears, Dorothy AICJ SIK Many Bears, Edmond AICJ SIK Many Bears, Frances () 19EE SIK Many Bears, Francis 19EE SIK Many Bears, Georgina 19EE SIK Many Bears, James 1CJ9 SIK Many Bears, John AICJ SIK Many Bears, Julius 1HC9-JF SIK Many Bears, Linden see Many Bears, Lyndon Many Bears, Lyndon AIBE SIK Many Bears, Patricia () 19EE SIK Many Bears, Peter AICJ SIK Many Bears, Philip AICJ SIK Many Bears, Ruth 19EE SIK Many Bears, Sandee 19EE SIK Many Bears, Theresa 19EE SIK Many Big Swans see Wolf Collar, Silas Many Birds see Kopiyechichimit Many Braided Hair 1IJJ KAI Many Braids Chief 1HD7 KAI/MFH Many Brave Feathers see Ka Michet O Kehew-wak Many Butterflies aGCA ATS Many Chiefs, John 1CJ9/73cKAI Many Chiefs, Raymond AhEC/70cKAI Many Children see Bad Head Ekuskini Father of Many Children Kiche Awasis Michetowas White Calf Many Coup Feathers see Ka Michet O Kehew-wak Many Diving 1HG5 PIK/NoP Many Dust AGE3 KAI Many Eagles see also Ka Michet O Kehew-wak Many Eagles AEC0 PIK Many Eagles Sitting see Ka Michet O Kehew-wak Many Feathers AEC5 KAI Many Feathers, Emma () 1HG0 KAI Many Feathers, John 1HG0 KAI Many Fingers see also Manyfingers Many Fingers f AH5J/HC PIK/SoP>KAI/FiE Many Fingers 1HG5 KAI/FiE Many Fires 1IJJ SIK Many Fires, Bruce 19EJ SIK Many Fires, Cecil 19EJ SIK Many Fires, Mary Ann (Bearhat) 1HC5 SIK Many Fires, Melvin 19EJ SIK Many Fires, Steven AICJ SIK Many Gifts 1HD5 KAI Many Grey Horses 1IJF KAI Many Guns see also Manyguns Many Guns AHH4 PIK/NoP/EaT Many Guns f AHH6 KAI/FiE Many Guns 1CJ5/46 SIK Many Guns, Ada () 19BJ/HI SIK/ Many Guns, Alice 19HD PIK/ Many Guns, Angelica see Little Light, Angelica Many Guns, Bernadine Chief Calf BJJJ SIK Many Guns, Carma Chief Calf BJJJ SIK Many Guns, Carolla Chief Calf BJJJ SIK Many Guns, Ceclie AID5 SIK Many Guns, Chasty Lynn (Bearchief) Many Guns, Clifford AID0 SIK Many Guns, Debra Chief Calf BJJJ SIK Many Guns, Donald Chief Calf BJJJ SIK Many Guns, Doris AIGJ PIK Many Guns, Frank Patrick BNAD-JF SIK Many Guns, Joanne 1hg5 SIK Many Guns, Josette AIBE SIK Many Guns, Kelly 1HH5 SIK Many Guns, Kelly Rosz see Many Guns, Kimberly Rose Many Guns, Kimberley Bearchief 1IFE/95 SIK Many Guns, Kimberly AHG9- SIK Many Guns, Lavina BNAD SIK>PIK Many Guns, Lena Chief Calf BJJJ SIK Many Guns, Leonard Chief Calf BJJJ SIK Many Guns, Marlene AIE7 SIK>CRE Many Guns, Martina 19FJ SIK Many Guns, Matthew AID0 SIK Many Guns, Philip 1CJ5/HC SIK Many Guns, Rosaline see Wells, Roseline Many Guns, Rosanne Chief Calf BJJF SIK Many Guns, Rosaria 19FJ SIK Many Guns, Roseline (Wells) AID0 CRE>SIK Many Guns, Roslyn 19EE SIK Many Guns, Theresa AICJ/FJ SIK Many Guns, Todd see Many Guns, Frank Many Guns, Tom 19BJ SIK Many Guns, William Chief Calf BJJF SIK Many Heads Sueyegayahkei 1CJ0 SIK Many Heads, Andrew 1hg5 SIK Many Heads, Annie (Royal) AID0 SIK Many Heads, Arlene 1HH9 SIK Many Heads, Carol () 1hg5 SIK Many Heads, Cary 1HH9 SIK Many Heads, Cecelia () 1IFE SIK Many Heads, Clifford 1hg0 SIK Many Heads, Davis 1HH9 SIK Many Heads, Delores 1hg0 SIK Many Heads, Douglas AID0 SIK Many Heads, Durwin 1HH9 SIK Many Heads, Dyan 1HH9 SIK Many Heads, Edwin 1hg0 SIK Many Heads, Elizabeth 1hg0 SIK Many Heads, Gail () 1hg5 SIK Many Heads, Gordon 1HH9 SIK Many Heads, Harvey 1HH9 SIK Many Heads, J.W. Dr. AHGE SIK Many Heads, Jackie 1HH9 SIK Many Heads, Jacob 1hg0 SIK Many Heads, Janis () 1hg5 SIK Many Heads, Jasper Sr. AID0 SIK Many Heads, Jasper Jr. 1HH9 SIK Many Heads, Jean () 1hg5 SIK Many Heads, Jenny 1HH9 SIK Many Heads, John Young 1hg5 SIK Many Heads, Josie 1hg0 SIK Many Heads, Kim 1HH9 SIK Many Heads, Lana 1HH9 SIK Many Heads, Levi 1hg0 SIK Many Heads, Matthew 1hg0 SIK Many Heads, Muriel 1hg0 SIK Many Heads, Nancy AIBE SIK Many Heads, Rachel 1hg0 SIK Many Heads, Rebecca () 1hg5 SIK Many Heads, Ron 1HH9 SIK Many Heads, Rose (Breaker) 1hg5 SIK Many Heads, Rose Marie see Many Heads, Rosemarie Many Heads, Rosemarie Rena 19FI-HH SIK Many Heads, Stacey BJJJ SIK Many Heads, Susan () 19HA SIK Many Heads, Ursula Wolf Child 1HH9 SIK Many Heads, Willie 19BJ SIK Many Horses see also Little Dog Many Spotted Horses Many Horses Hd Chf 1GH4 PIK Many Horses Chief AICJ TSU/YBu Many Horses f AGE8/49 DAK Many Horses Chief AIB2 TSU Many Killed f AGE3 KUT/AkN Many Kills f 18GH KAI Many Mules AHFO KAI/FiE Many Names Chief MG95 SIK/MaN/Bit Many Shots see also Manyshots Many Shots Chief 1HD7/72 KAI/FiE>Ber Many Shots 18EB SIK/Hit Many Shots 1IJM SIK/EaE/Bit Many Shots, Elizabeth () 1HC5 SIK/EaE/Bit Many Shots, Silas 19SK-hg SIK/EaE/Bit Many Spotted Horses WrChf AGBE/85 KAI/FMH>Nit Many Strikes AEC6 KAI Many Swan see also Many Swans Many Swan 18GH TSU Many Swans see also Big Swan Old Swan Many Swans 1gG0 KAI Many Tail Feathers 1HEE PIK/SoP Many Tail Feathers AICJ SIK Many Victories see Last Strike Woman Many White Horses Chief 1HG4 KAI/FiE Many White Horses 1HG1 PIK/SoP Many Wounds see Manywounds Manyguns see also Many Guns Manyfingers 1IJJ TSU Manyfingers, Cory see Holland, Cory Manyfingers, Norman Bevis BJJJ Manyguns see Many Guns Manypenny Comm. AH5J USA/DC>SD>DC Manyshots see also Many Shots Manyshots, Malcom 19I0 SIK Manyshots, Natasha (Cutter) 19I0 SIK Manywounds AHH2 TSU/BrG Manywounds, Frances AIGJ TSU/BrG Manywounds, John AIGJ TSU/BrG Manywounds, Peter 1IHB TSU/BrG Manywounds, Peter 1hg0 TSU/BrG Mapewes AGE3 >EdS Mapiya To 1HG2 FtB Mapiyak Nahiyaye Wiyan 1gG0 DAK/NAK>RdR> Maple Tree AGEF DAK/Tet Maples, Daniel Marsh. 1HF2/HG USA/MNT Maquinna Chief MGEE NOT/Yuq Mar??? AGEF EdS Mar??? (wife) AHFC EdS Mar???, O Misima 1 18GH EdS Mar???, O Misima 2 1HG9 EdS Mar???, O Ka Sisa 1HG9 EdS Marcel, Archie AID0- CHI/Ath Marcel, Auguste Fridolin Isaie 19aF- CHI/Ath Marcel, Barbara Ann 1IF6- CHI/Ath Marcel, Benjamine 1I01- CHI/Ath Marcel, Big John see Marcel, John Marcel, Daniel AIBH- CHI/Ath Marcel, David Raymond 1IF4- CHI/Ath Marcel, Frank 1HC9- CHI/Ath Marcel, Freddie AID3- CHI/Ath Marcel, Frederick Chief c19MG- CHI/Ath Marcel, Jeffry Allen 1IF7- CHI/Ath Marcel, John cAIBE- CHI/Ath Marcel, Joseph Marie 1I06- CHI/Ath Marcel, Lilly 1hg3 CHI/Ath Marcel, Margaret AID0- CHI/Ath Marcel, Mary 19BJ- CHI/Ath Marcel, Patrice 1HC9- CHI/Ath Marcel, Peter 1hg0 CHI/Ath Marcel, Philomene AID7- CHI/Ath Marcel, Raymond see Marcel, David Raymond Marcel, Regina AID0- CHI/Ath Marcel, Rita cAIE1- CHI/Ath Marcel, Roxanne Chief 19HH CHI/Ath/CRE/Mik Marcel, Walter 19FJ CHI/Ath Marcellaid see Marcellais Marcellais see also Marcellay Marcellais MGHC- MET>PeR/Dun> Marcellais BHAR/39 CAN>USA/WYO Marcellais 1HG5 FRA>BC/OKA Marcellais, Jean Baptiste MGFG- CAN>RdR>PeR/Dun>RdR Marcellais, Marguerite MGHC- RdR>PeR/Dun>RdR Marcellais, Marie MGHB- RdR>PeR/Dun>RdR Marcellais, Maurice Gilbert 1IJJ OKA>COL/WEN Marcellay see also Marcellais Marcellay-Hyland, Donna AICJ OKA/COL/WEN> Marcelle, Sonia 1IJJ POL>USA/NWY>CAN>USA/NWY Marcellin BHAR/39 CAN>USA/WYO March, Mary AHJJ/BJ BEO Marchand see also Marchaud Marchand AHFO WMt Marchand, Bert AHGE BC Marchand, Felix Fr.OMI AHFE/85>FrL Marchaud see also Marchand Marchaud 18EB RdR>ToH> Marchetteau, Jean Baptiste 1gd1 CAN>Mac Marcoos see Markoos Marcos Fr. aFaF ITA>NSP>ARZ> Marcotte, Francois 1GH4 CAN>FtE Marcotte, Joseph Pvt. AHFE QUE>ALB>QUE Marden, Pallet AGE4- ALB Marduk-apla-iddina Bib AKD Marechal see also Marshall Marechal, Archange () 1HF2 FtE Marechal, O Ka Sisa 1HG7 FtE 1HF2 Marechal, O Misima 18GH FtE AHFC Marechal, O Misima 1HG9 FtE 1HF4 Marechal, Pascal AGE7 >FtE Marest Fr.S.J. AF70 FRA>QUE>YkF> Margaret see also Marguerite Mountabatten, Margaret Margaret Saint acJJ SIL Margaret Queen 1CH0 SWE Margaret u/k AHFE EdS Margary, Herbert HBC AICJ >BC/Col>FtS Margeson, Edmond 1FJ0 ENG>USA/MAS Margry, Pierre 1HF8 FRA/Par Marguerite see also Sarcee, Marguerite Marguerite AGE4 TSU Maria 1HA9 Vic>Pig>Vic Maria O Ka Sisa cAGEI- Vic>Pig>Vic> Mariaggi AHFO JAP>ALB Marianne u/k 1HF1 EdS Marie 1HD6 PIK/Nic Marie u/k 1HF8 >Sam Marie des Anges Sr. 1HF4 >ALB/StA Marie du Crucifix Sr. AHH0 >ALB/StP> Marie-Alphonse Sr. AEC6- QUE>MAN/RdR>LSA>StA> Marin Jr. MG30 FRA>QUE>WIS/GrB> Marinez, Esteban Jose MGEJ MEX>CAL>BC>MEX Marion see also Marin Morin Marion 1gG0 CAN>RdR Marion MGI0 CAN>FtE/AmW Marion, F. HBC 1GH4 CAN>FtE Marion, Jules 1IA0 SK/BiR Marion, Lorna MGI0- RdR Marion, Louis 1HG0 TuM Marion, Louis 1HG5 >1Ar Maristze, Bajiel Hdm. AH5J Was/Kop Maristyo, Banyiel see Maristze, Banjiel Mark cAEC0-85 WPT>BPw>TZC>Pig/Sam Mark War Chief AEC0 WPT>BPw>TZC Mark AHFC Chi/Pig> Mark, Eunice (Chiniquay) AID4 Chi Mark, Georgina (Twoyoungmen) 19FJ Chi Mark, John 19FJ Chi Mark, John 1IF4 Chi Mark, John 19gG Wem Mark, Joshua Chief 1IJJ Chi Mark, Pamela 1IF6 Chi Mark, Paul 1IHB-HB Chi Mark, Peter see Wesley, Peter Mark Mark, Poul 1hg5 Chi Mark, Vera AID0 YeX Mark, Wilfred 1IF4 Chi Mark Peigan Woman 1HD5 PIK>NoP Markhead 1HA9 USA>WYO Markle, J.A. Insp. AHH0 >ALB>ONT Markoos AHFE Dun Marlatt, Lillian (Dixon) 1HC5 ONT Marlatt, Malcom Fraser 1HC1 ONT Marlatt, Marline Joan Dixon AIE1- ONT Marlatt, Patricia A. 19FJ ONT>USA/SC Marlborough Duke of AF80 ENG>EUR>ENG Marleau see also Marlot Marleau, Diane Min. AIGJ ONT/Ott Marlor, Chantelle 19GH SK Marlot see also Marleau Marlot, Etienne MG27 QUE>WIS/GrB Maro, K. 19EJ >NWT>NUN> Maron, Marguerite cAHJ9- RdR>Pem Marquette 1gG0 FRA/Lao Marquette, Jacques Fr.SJ AFCG- FRA/Lao>QUE>ONT>WIS>MIC Marquette, Nicholas aF70 FRA/Lao Marquette, Rose (de la Salle) aF76 FRA/Lao Marquis de Lorne see Campbell, John Douglas Sutherland Marret, Francois AHH4 >ALB Marret, John AHH5/04>ALB Married Man see Wintsaxa Tonga Marriman Fr.OMI 1HI8 >ALB/DET> Marron see Morin Marron, Simon see Desjarlais, Simon Marron Marrow Bone see Two Spears Marsac, Francois see Desrocher, Francois Marsac, Jacob see Desrocher, Jacob Marsaille see also Marseille Marsaille, Francois NWC 1GH4 CAN>EnR Marsden AICJ >ALB Marsden, Marie Louise see Lapierre, Marie Louise Marsen Marseille see also Marsaille Marseille MGGH CAN>BeR/LLB Marsh, Kenneth 18JF USA>MNT Marsh, Thomas J. Rev. MGHC >DEH/Hay> Marshall AHG9 MIQ Marshall, David 19FJ DAK/Sih Marshall, Dean AID7 >ALB Marshall, Denise 1hg0- DET Marshall, Donald AICJ DAK/Sih Marshall, Eliza AHG9- MIQ/Esk Marshall, James see also Marshall, John Marshall, James AGB8 USA/CAL Marshall, Jane 18I0 >ALB Marshall, John AGE3 >MNT Marshall, Joseph 1HG0 >ALB Marshall, William 1IJJ DAK/Sih Marte, Baptiste see Martell, Baptiste Marston, Morrell AH5J >MIN> Martel, Jeffrey 19HI CHI/Ath Martel, Marie see Martell, Marie Martell 1GH0 CAN>Dau>Wap>PeR/Dun> Martell, Baptiste 1GH4 CAN>Sas/FtE Martell, Darren 1HH5 DEH>Hay Martell, Doreen 1hg0 DET Martell, Fred AID8 Wah Martell, Lloyd 19GH SK Martell, Marie 1HD2 RdR Martell, Mary 19EJ DET Martell, Rosie 1hg0 DET Marten Chief MGEJ CHI/Ath>CdL Marten AEC2 KAI Marten 19EE ALB Marten, Alex George AIEH- Ota/FCh Marten, Alice () 19CG- Ota/FCh Marten, Alice () AIE4 Ota/FCh Marten, Alice Harriet AIE1- Ota/FCh Marten, Baby Joe see Marten, George Marten, Cecilia see Marten, Shirley Cecile Marten, Charles 1I09- Ota/FCh Marten, Charles AIBE- Ota/FCh Marten, Christina AID3- Ota/FCh Marten, Christine 1IJM- CHI/CdL Marten, Christine Violet () 1iCD- Ota/FCh Marten, E. c1IJJ- Ota/FCh Marten, Evelyn () AICJ- Ota/FCh Marten, George AIGJ Ota/FCh Marten, Georgina Vitaline 19EE- Ota/FCh Marten, Horace 19VC- Ota/FCh Marten, Humphrey HBCo MG30 ENG>YkF>ENG Marten, Isadore 1HI8- Ota/FCh Marten, John 19BJ- Ota/FCh Marten, John James AHAA- Ota/FCh Marten, John James c1HC2- Ota/FCh Marten, John Donald Malcom AIE1- Ota/FCh Marten, Joseph Victor 19MG- Ota/FCh Marten, Joseph AID8- Ota/FCh Marten, Joseph Brian AHG3- Ota/FCh Marten, Julia cAID9- Ota/FCh Marten, Julia Albertine AIE6- Ota/FCh Marten, Justin Chief AH5J Ota/FCh Marten, Keith c1IF2- Ota/FCh Marten, Keith Russell AHG1- Ota/FCh Marten, Larry Johnston AID9- Ota/FCh Marten, Larry 19FI- Ota/FCh Marten, Lawrence AIE7- Ota/FCh Marten, Louis AHAA- Ota/FCh Marten, Maggie Nora 19EB- Ota/FCh Marten, Malcom see Marten, John Donald Malcom Marten, Maria 1I04- Ota/FCh Marten, Maria AIBE Ota/FCh Marten, Marie Stella AhEC- Ota/FCh Marten, Martin AHBD- Ota/FCh Marten, Moise 1HI9- Ota/FCh Marten, Napoleon 1I03- Ota/FCh Marten, Napoleon 19AB- Ota/FCh Marten, Nora see Marten, Norine Marten, Norine AID8- Ota/FCh Marten, Pallet see Marden, Pallet Marten, Pauline () AHBD- Ota/FCh Marten, Philomen () 19MG- Ota/FCh Marten, Robert James 19EJ- Ota/FCh Marten, Rosalie 1IA0- Ota/FCh Marten, Sal 19EB Ota/FCh Marten, Sarah 19EB Ota/FCh Marten, Shirley Cecile Mary 19FJ-FG Ota/FCh Marten, Simon 1IJM- Ota/FCh>CdL Marten, Snowbird see Marten, Napoleon Marten, Sophy AHH8- Ota/FCh Marten, Stella see Marten, Marie Stella Marten, Suzette AHFO >Kis Marten, Veronique AIB1- Ota/FCh Marten, Viola 19aF- Ota/FCh Marten, Virginia 1IF4- Ota/FCh Marten, William 1HH9 LaR Martens AID0 >FtV/FCh Martens, Lisa AIGJ FtV>Suc Martial see also Martialle Martial, Frederick 1IO8- CHI/CdL Martial, Isabelle AHBD- CHI/CdL Martial, Joseph 1IO3- CHI/CdL Martialle see also Martial Martialle, Francois MGID CAN>ORE Martin AFCJ JBy Martin HBC 18JM ONT>BC Martin HBC 1hBI >BC/SHU/Kam Martin RNWMP 1HG7 SK Martin AHH5 >ALB Martin f 19SK BC Martin, Abraham MGhg- CAN>RdR Martin, Christopher 1FJ0 ENG>USA/MAS Martin, Clara M.J. (Belhumeur) 19BJ-JJ RdR Martin, Eupgrisine (Gariepy) AGBE- RdR Martin, F. 1gG0 CAN>Sas/FtE>RMH>TrM/COL Martin, F. (wife) MGGH Sas/FtE>RMH>TrM/COL Martin, G.B. Com. 1HG0 BC Martin, George 1HF1 >FtV> Martin, George 19BJ CHI Martin, Harriette AGB2- >QUE Martin, Henrietta 1IO7/43>ALB Martin, Irene AHGE CHI/FMy Martin, Irvine MGIO- MET/Sas/FtE>RMH>RdR Martin, J.J. 1HG5 IRE>ALB Martin, J.R. AID9 RoR Martin, J.W. 1HG9 ALB Martin, John PFC MGIO/10 NWY>ORE Martin, John A. Sgt.NWMPAHFO >SK/FtP Martin, Joseph Sr. MGac CAN> Martin, Joseph Jr. MG33 CAN>DAK Martin, Justin see Marten, Justin Martin, Laurence 1hg0 ONT Martin, Long Tom see Martin, Tom Martin, Paul AHG9 CHI/ Martin, Marie Anne MGEJ QUE Martin, Marie Anne 1HA1- ALB Martin, Martin Fr. AGE7 >USA/MNT Martin, Mildred (Eagle) 1HI2 >ALB Martin, Napoleon see Marten, Napoleon Martin, Pallet see Marten, Pallet Martin, Skip 19AF- USA Martin, Snowbird see Marten, Napoleon Martin, Suzette see Marten, Suzette Martin, T. Mower AHFO ONT Martin, Tom AHH1 >ALB Martineau 1GH6 CAN>PeR/Dun Martineau 19HH Pas Martineau, A.L.N. HBC 1HG0 >FrL/OnL>CdL> Martineau, Diana (Blackman) CdL Martineau, Maggie (Delany) AHH0 FrL>OnL>CdL> Martineau, Marguerite (Joachim) AHFE Jsp>Dun Martineau, Shilo 19IO >CdL Martineau, Thomas AHG9 Edm Martinez MGfe NSP/CAL>BC>CAL Marty Fr. see Martin, Martin, Fr. Marx, Frank 1HG2/HB>AK/Dye Mary see also St. Jaccou, Hippolyte Mary Queen of Scots Queen aFFJ/HG SCO Mary () Queen AF63 ENG Mary 18JM TZC Mary u/k AHFE EdS Mary, Big see Farwell, Mary Mary, Pierre Fr.OMI AICJ >DEH/Nah> Mary of Nazareth Sr. AHH0 >OnL> Mary Queen of Scots see Mary Mary, Hipplyte see St. Jaccou, Hippolyte Marzu Hehpra see Snow, Raindrop Masaschos f MGIO LSL Masachos O Kasisa AEC0 LSL Masenaschose 18GH Was Masenga AICJ SHO Masenga, Raymond AIE1 SHO Masenga, Tiki AIE1 SHO Masewaschase see Masenaschose Masgaahsid see Bearspaw, Jacob Masgwa Ahsid see Bearspaw, Jacob Masicotte, Jean Baptiste 1 1GH4 CAN>FtE Masicotte, Jean Baptiste 2 1GH4 CAN>FtE Masinas Iskwew f AEC5 Was>SnP Masito see Massiter Maska see Maskwa Maskakachied see Bearspaw, Jacob Maskaw see Muskow Maske Teteman see Broken Shoulder Maskegon, Lizette see Cree, Rose Maskekostko Iskwew see Cardinal, Lisette Maskokostkoesk see Cardinal, Lisette Maskekwatik see Maskwa Kwatik Maskepetoon see also Maski Pitonew Maskepetoon Chief AHFE Msk/Mus Masketeteman see Broken Shoulder Maski see Petit Couteau, Maski Maski Pitonew Chief 18JF-RH TwD>Pes>Msk Maski Pitonew, Benjamin AGB4-47 TwD>Pes>Msk Maski Pitonew, John 1HD3 Pes>Msk Maski Pitonew, Joseph AICJ- Pes>Msk Maski Pitonew, Joshua cAEC6- TwD>Pes>Msk Maski Pitonew, Kawakachasew () AEC0 >Msk Maski Pitonew, Minis () c1HA0- TwD>Msk Maski Pitonew, Matonowakap () AGBE Pes>Msk Maski Pitonew, O Ka Sisa c18VC- TwD/Msk Maski Pitonew, Papiw () c1HA0-CGcTwD>Msk Maski Pitonew, Peter AICJ-RH Pes>Msk Maski Pitonew, Sasiw Iskwew () 1HA0 TSU>CRE/TwD>Pes>Msk Maski Pitonew, Therese AICJ Pes>Msk Maski Pitonew, Towikawit () AHJ7 >TwD/Msk Maski Pitonew, Wing Woman 1HF1 Msk>WPT Maski Pitonew, Youngman AH5J Msk>WMt>TMt Maskiki Hi Kapaw f AGB1 Pes>MCh>Lap/Oon Maskiki Pwat, ?unchis AHFE >Sam Maskiki Pwat, ?unchis O Misima 1AHH5 Sam Maskiki Pwat, ?unchis O Misima 2AHH6 Sam Maskiki Pwat, ?unchis O Misima 3AHH7 Sam Maskiki Pwat, ?unchis O Wa () 1HG2 >Sam Maskiki Pwat, Andre AHFG Ale/Pas>Lap Maskiki Pwat, (wife) Maskiki Pwat, John 1HF4 >Sam Maskiki Pwat, John O Ka Sisa AHH6 Sam Maskiki Pwat, John O Ka Sisa AHH7 Sam Maskiki Pwat, John O Misima AHH6 Sam Maskiki Pwat, John O Misima AHH7 Sam Maskiki Pwat, John O Wa 1HG1 >Sam Maskiki Pwat, O Misima AHH7 Sam Maskiki Pwat, O Wa () AHFG >Sam Maskiki Pwat, Mary Susanne Potts1IO0 Sam Maskipiton see Maski Pitonew Maskipitonew see Maski Pitonew Maskokesayim see Weewaskoo Kepayin Maskokis see Makokis Maskowakan see Morin, Maskowakan Maskwa see also Bear Bushey, Maskwa Maskwa Asis Muscow Musqua Quinn, John Maskwa Asis Maskwa u/k Ups Maskwa 1HA0 LSL/LSA Maskwa Med. AEC0 RdR Maskwa 1HD3- >RoB Maskwa AHCE FtE Maskwa Jr. AGEA RdR> Maskwa f AGE8- LPi Maskwa, Anne AEC7- LSL/LSA Maskwa, Baptiste 18CH- LSL/LSA Maskwa, George see also Bear, George Maskwa, George AEC1- LSL/LSA Maskwa, Josephine 19BJ-JF FtE Maskwa, Luke AEC5- LSL/LSA Maskwa, Peggy AICJ- LSL/LSA Maskwa, Yamakapo () AGB0 LSL/LSA Maskwa, Yatasikew () 18AF LSL/LSA Maskwa Asid see Jacob Bearspaw Maskwa Asis see also Fitcol, Alexis Little Bear Quinn, John Maskwa Asis AGB6 BgB? Maskwa Asis, John see Quinn, John Maskwa Asis, Lisette see Gladue, Lisette Maskwa Chak Chief BHAR Pes>MCh>Lap/Oon Maskwa Chak, Agnes AEC6- Pes>MCh>Lap/Oon Maskwa Chak, Betsy AICJ- Pes>MCh>Lap/Oon Maskwa Chak, Charlotte AHC2- Pes>MCh>Lap/Oon Maskwa Chak, Jane AEC5- Pes>MCh>Lap/Oon Maskwa Chak, Kanicha Wiyan () AGB2 Pes>MCh>Lap/Oon Maskwa Chak, Maskiki Hi Kapaw ()AGB1 Pes>MCh>Lap/Oon Maskwa Chak, Thomas AEC9- Pes>MCh>Lap/Oon Maskwa Hi Ka Kinatos Chief AEC0 FtE/MsK Maskwa Hi Ka Pawit Chief BHAR FtE/Msk/StB Maskwa Ikapawit see Maskwa Hi Ka Pawit Maskwa Ka Kinatos see Maskwa Hi Ka Kinatos Maskwa Ka Pimotew 1HA8/57 Pes>Kis/Msk>Kis Maskwa Ka Pimotew, Kwachis () AGB4 Pes>Kis/Msk>Kis Maskwa Ka Pimotew, Susan cAEC9- Pes>Kis/Msk>Kis Maskwa Ka Pimotew, Suzet c18CH- Pes>Kis/Msk>Kis Maskwa Kahwapaweet see Maskwa Hi Ka Pawit Maskwa Kahkenoot see Maskwa Hi Ka Kiniatos Maskwa Kakenoot see Maskwa Hi Ka Kiniatos Maskwa Kamikwas see Bear Ground Maskwa Kapeomtat see Maskwa Ka Pimotew Maskwa Kapichotek see Maskwa Ka Pimotew Maskwa Kapipotek see Maskwa Ka Pimotew Maskwa Kwatik Chief 18AF TwD?>Sas>MKw Maskwa Kwatik, Kiya Naskechiw IskHG0 MKw/Sam>Sam Maskwa Kwatik, Louis AHFG MaK>EdS>Pas>Lap Maskwa Kwatik, Mary Anne () AHC7 MKw/Sam>Sam>Lap>Sam Maskwa Kwatik, O Ka Sisa 1 1HG7 MKw/Sam>Sam Maskwa Kwatik, O Ka Sisa 2 18GH MKw/Sam>Sam Maskwa Kwatik, O Ka Sisa 3 1HG9 MKw/Sam>Sam Maskwa Kwatik, O Ka Sisa 4 AHH7 MKw/Sam>Sam Maskwa Kwatic, O Misima AHH7 MKw/Sam>Sam Maskwa Kwatik, child 1HG9 MKw/Sam>Sam Maskwa Kwatik, child 1HG9 MKw/Sam>Sam Maskwa Kwatik, Thomas O Wa 1HG4 MKw/Sam>Sam Maskwa Kweewein AHH5 CRE/NAK/ChO Maskwa Misit see Bearspaw, Jacob Maskwa O Ka Sisa 1HC0 LSL/LSA Maskwa Okosewa see Maskwa O Ka Sisa Maskwa Okosiya see Maskwa O Ka Sisa Maskwachak see Maskwa Chak Maskwakapapotek see Maskwa Ka Pimotew Maskwas see Maskwa Maskwasis see Maskwa Asis Maskwasiw Ostikwan see Cardinal, Oliver Maskya see Maskwa Masomin see also Moosomin Masomin Chief 18IO SOT/TMt Mason see also Masson Mauson Mason Capt AFMG ENG>USA/NWE Mason BHAR ENG Mason, Charles 1HF8 USA/COL Mason, Donald NWC cMGHH- SCO>SEK/FSJ> Mason, Edwin Col. AH5J USA>MNT Mason, James CSA AICJ CSA>ENG Mason, James Skookum Jim 1HG6 TAG/Sko Mason, Kate () AHH0 TAG/Sko Mason, William Rev. 18MG ENG>NoH> Masonapiskwap f 1HA9 Pes>Dum>Pig>Gdf Masonnapeessqup see Masonapiskwap Massalino BHAR USA>COL/UTA Massan Hdm. AGEA SnP Masseria, Giuseppe 18IO/31 ITA/SIC>USA/NWY/Maf Massie, Wiliam R. Capt. AICJ USA>MIS>ND>MIS> Massiot, Marie-Louise MG03-EB QUE>MIC/Det Massioy see Massiot Massiter AID0 >SEK/FtW>KAS Masson see also Mason Mauson Masson, Alexis NWC MGID >ORE>SAL/SPO> Masson, Baptiste see Mason, Jean Baptiste Masson, Francois MG27 QUE>WIS/GrB Masson, Francois 1HG4 CHP/CRE/RdR>OnL Masson, Jean Baptiste MG30 CAN>RdR> Masson, L.R. AGB0 Mastakath 1HG0 KAI Mastatak see also Mostatak Mastatak AICJ Wes Master Bow see Tani Zibe Chage Maste Peta see Crow Eagle Maste Pita see Crow Eagle Masters see Paskeyakewenin Masto Pene AHH0 PIK/SoP Masto Pita see Crow Eagle Mastopene see Masto Pene Mastopeta see Crow Eagle Masuskapew 1HG0 Was/SnP? Mataitai Keok see Ka Michet O Kehew-wak Matakwap see Matikwap Matakwat see Matikwap Matchatis, Nora see Machatis, Norah Matchawanoghkew, Lizette see Machawanogkew, Lizette Matchewan, Jean-Maurice Chief 1HC6 ALG/RpL Matchie Whewab see Ka Michet O Kehew-wak Matchion, Louison MGIA- >Pes Matchion, Marie (Leblanc) MG95- >TwD>Pes> Matchipagous see Cardinal, Joseph Matchuwonoughkay, Lisette see Machiwonoughkay, Lisette Matcose AHH5 CRE Matejach Kiokenas see Mataitai Keok Matejke 1HC5 ALB Mathers, Charles W. 1HF8-EJ>NWT> Mathesis 1HF2 EdS Mathesis, (???kepakwa Asis O Mis)HF6 EdS Matheson 1HC5 >RdR Matheson, Angus 1GH3- RdR Matheson, Catherine AHFO Matheson, Christina (Sutherland)aGCA FtE Matheson, Cormac Chief AB43 SCO Matheson, Donald 1HC5- RdR>FtE Matheson, E.K. see Matheson, Edward K. Matheson, Edward K. Rev. 1HEE RdR>SK/SyL>KAI>SK/Bfd Matheson, Elizabeth Dr. 18IO >OnL> Matheson, J.R. Rev. AHFO >OnL> Matheson, Janet 1HA9- RdR Matheson, John AGB0 RdR Matheson, John R. Rev. AHH0/AF>OnL> Matheson, Ruth AHFO RdR Mathews see also Matthews Mathews, Harriette () AICJ- ALB Mathews, John 1HG0- RdR>ALB Mathews, W.L. AHFE >ALB Mathewson see also Matheson Mathewson AGB0 QUE Mathewson, Boyd 1IO0 ONT/Bis Mathias u/k 1HF8 StA>Erm>Sam Mathias u/k, O Wa () 1HG4 Erm>Sam Mathieu, Francis Xavier AGB0 USA>ORE Mathijssen, Maria 1HG0 NET> Mathis, Pierre Bro.OMI 1HG2 >PeR/Dun Mathison, Angus see Matheson, Angus Matikwap 18AF FtE>Pes>FtE>Lap Matikwap AGB4 Msk Matikwap, Asini Wachi Iskwew () AGB2 AsW/Msk>FtE/AmW/Lap Matikwap, Jane 1HC6- >Pes>FtE>AmW/Lap Matikwap, John cAGDD- Pes>FtE>AmW/Lap Matist, Isobel 1IA4- Sad Matlock, Gideon C. AGB2 USA/MIS>ND>MIS> Mato Chicha Chief AECJ DAK/Hun Mato Chikala see Tonweya Mato Gashane Chief 1HC5 YAN Mato Inapa Chief AHJJ DAK/Sih Mato Maza AHJ6 SwG>Oke Mato Maza, Abraham AGB6 SwG>Oke Mato Maza, Inchagamun () 18AB SwG>Oke Mato Oknes AGEI CRO Mato Pah see Mato Topa Matombanika Mato Sapa 18VC Pes/TZC>BPw/TZC Mato Sapa, Leah AGDD- Pes/TZC>BPw/TZC Mato Sapa, Mary AHC3- Pes/TZC>BPw/TZC Mato Sapa, Noktusin () AGB8 Pes>BPw/TZC Mato Sapa, Sarah () AGB8 Pes/TZC>BPw/TZC Mato Sapa, Sarah AHC6- BPw/TZC Mato Ta Tonka AGE8 HID Mato Topa Chief 18JM- NAK>MAN Mato Topa Chief 1HA0 DAK/2Ke Mato Witkat see Mato Witko Mato Witko Chief 1GH5-EEcWiY Matocikala see Tonweya Matoeenahpa see Mato Inapa Matogenes 1HG0 OJI/Bis/BgO Matombaneeka see Matombanika Matombanika f AGB4 BLK>CRE>Pes>FtE/Lap Matonabbee Chief 1gd4 CHI/CRE/Chu>MiN/CuH Matonnowacap see Matonowakap Matonowakap f AGBE Pes>Msk Matoomaze see Mato Maza Matoosabe see Mato Sapa Matoose see Natoose Matooskees see Berland, Matooskis Matooskis see Berland, Matooskis Matooskun see Matoskan Matose Apiw see Old Sun Matosiba see Mato Sapa Matoskan AGE3 >Sam Matoskan, Alen Osawaskospenin OWaHG3 >Sam Matoskan, O Ka Sisa 1 AHH5 Sam Matoskan, O Ka Sisa 2 AHH6 Sam Matoskan, O Ka Sisa 3 AHH7 Sam Matoskan, O Misima 2 AHH2 Sam Matoskan, O Misima 3 AHH5 Sam Matoskan, O Wa () AGEI >Sam Matotchica see Mato Chicha Matotopa see Mato Topa Matou 1IO9 DEH/TrL Matou, Marie-Catherine AF70 QUE/Mon Matsenamakan 1HG0 TSU Matsinami Aki see No Gun Woman Matsinamiaki see No Gun Woman Matsuitso Aki see Beebee, Ruth Matt AHAA- SK>CrL> Matteson, Sumner W. 1HG6 USA>FtB> Matthew see also Mathew Matthews Kinwoskwanase Matthew Rev. AFgd ENG>YkF>FRA>ENG Matthew, Nathan Chief AIGJ SHU Matthew, Rita 19EE- SHU/NoT/Tek Matthews see also Mathew Matthew Matthews 1IO9 NAH/NaB Matthews, Francis Xavier 18VC USA>ORE Matthews, Gordon HBC 1HI6 CAN>ENG>QUE>NoH>Edm> DEH/Nah>FtW>FtS> Matthews, Kilakotah (Coboway) Matthews, William W. PFC MGIO USA/NWY>ORE Matthey, F. Capt MG97 >RdR> Matthias, Baptiste 19AB KUT/Fla Mattson, Mark 19GH ONT Matula 19HH Pas Matusk see Gladue, Katrine Matwa Ahstinoowegin Hdm AGEF JaS Matwakwap see Matikwap Mau To Weet Ko see Mato Witko Mauatotopa see Mato Topa Maud 1HG5 Chk>Pay Mauger, F. 19FJ >NWT>NUN> Maugras MG03 QUE>RdR Maukautojanjon see Maka To Chanchon Maule, Edward A. Gen. AH5J USA>MNT Maunguadaus see Henry, George Maunsell, Edward NWMP AGE4 >MAN>NWMP>ALB Maurepas Count MG25 FRA>QUE> Maurice see also Meurig Maurice Chief AHFO KUT/Low Maurice, Harry AID5 SK Maurice, Magloire AHH5 ILC Maurice, Ronald 19FJ Mauricii see also Maurice Meurig Mauricius see also Maurice Meurig Mauson see also Mason Masson Mauson, Mary Anne 1HG6 LSA>MET Mautoweetko see Mato Witko Mauvais Male 1GH1 SoB/Low/Jat Maver see Meaver Mawer, C.N. AID0 Cgy Mawer, Theodor AIB7 ALB>HiL Maweseta 18GH FtV Mawki Ena see Wolf Chief Mawki Poka see Wolf Child Mawkoose see Makoose Mawoma see Little Chief Maximilian of Wied-Neuwied, Prin18AB GER>FtU>GER Maxwell, A. AGE4 >SK/FEl Maxwell, Arthur AHC2- IRE>CAN>ALB Maxwell, Eliza (McBride) AHC8 IRE>CAN>ALB Maxwell, Henry HBC 1HA8- >Dun Maxwell, Luxien 1HA0 >ARA> May, Boyd 1IA0 May, Edward 1HF6 >ALB/Cgy May, Eliza (Paice) 1HG2 >ALB/Cgy May, Ernest G. 1HF6 >ALB/Cgy May, John aFIO ENG>CAN/NFL May, Karl 1HG2/AB GER May, Lily (Williams) May, R.F. I.A. AGE4 USA>MNT/PIK May, Richard AHH9- Cgy Mayapiw AECJ FtE/Lap? May, William P. AGB2 USA>MIN>RdR May, Wop 1IO5 ALB Mayates see Miyates Mayapiw AGB7 FtE Maydes King FG0BC SCY Mayham, Gordon Const. 19gG LoP Mayhew, William 1IO0 >ALB/Cgy Mahikanissis see Arcand, Mahikan Asis Mayikatis, Fanny 1HF9 Gdf Mayikatis, Peggy 1HF9 Gdf Maykatahay, Paul see Lapoudre, Paul Maylan see also Maland Maylan, J. AHFE Mayle, Fred 1HG9 >ALB Maymenook see Cardinal, Mi Minahik Maynard, Henry see Menard, Henry Maynardier, Henry E. Lt. 1HC5 USA>MIS>ND Mayndm, Isabelle -18EB FtE Mayotte, Monsieur 1GH0 QUE>MAN/Ass Mayrand see Merand Mayson 1IA4 >SK Maza Chunksuwe f 1HC1 >Pes/TZC>Lap Maza Gipa Wiyan f 18AB SwG>Pes/TZC Maza Mani see Mazemun Maza Ota f 1hBI Pes/TZC Maza Sagiya AHHB DAK/M'D Maza Usna see Ka Michet O Kehew-wak Mazachunksuwe see Maza Chunksuwe Mazageeppawea see Maza Gipa Wiyan Mazagipa Wiyan see Maza Gipa Wiyan Mazakogip f 18MG SwG>Pes/TZC>Lap Mazaogeye f AGB4 Pes/TZC>TZC Mazaote see Maza Ota Mazasagia see Maza Sagiya Mazeagipaaweez see Maza Gipa Wiyan Mazemungi see Mazemun Mazemun f BHAR Pes/TZC>TZC Mazo Oota see Maza Ota Mazogee see Mazogeye Mazogeye cAGB4- WPT>BPw>TZC/BPw Mazogeye, Elijah AGDD- TZC/BPw Mazogeye, Hannah () AECJ TZC>BPw Mazogeye, Hannah AHC7- TZC/BPw Mazogeye, Siyagi () cAGBE- TZC>BPw Mazoo Oota see Maza Ota Mazyogeye see Mazogeye Mazzerberg, Juliet -1HF1 >FtE
McAbee, Edward AHFG >ALB/FMa McAdam, Eben 18GH >ALB>YUK McAleese, Peter Col. AID0 ENG>BOR>CON>ANG> McAllister AHFE MET/SK McAra 1IO9 >DEH/FtS McAree, John DLS AHFG >ALB> McArthur, Alfred 1IO8- CRE/WhB McArthur, James A. Chief 19gG NAK/PhR McArthur, James J. DLS 1HF6 >ALB> McAulay see also McCaulay McAulay, Aulay 1gG5 QUE>RdR McAulay, Daniel AHC8 RdR>Jsp>FtE McAulay, John AGB0 RdR>Jsp>RMH>LSA>MET McAulay, Mary Jane (Brazeau) AHCE FtE>Jsp>RMH>LSA/FtE>MET McBain see MacBain McBean McBain, John see MacBain, John McBean, John McBean see also MacBain McBean, John NWC 1GH0 >SK/FDL>ILC>LLL> McBean, William 1HA0 MET/ILC/LLL>CAR McBeath see also McBeth McBeath, Christiana 1gG0- MET>CuH>RdR McBeath, George AGEJ QUE>CuH> McBeath, Hector AHC2 RdR>FtE McBeath, Hugh AGEF FPe McBeath, Mary AHHB CuH>NoH McBeath, Morrison 1HC9 RdR>ALB>RdR McBeth see also McBeath McBeth, Catherine 18EB-CE RdR McBeth, Kate see McBeth, Catherine McBeth, Mary see McBeath, Mary McBride Capt. AICJ >CAR McBride 18IO BC McBride, Beatrice (Coultis) AIB0 MET/CHP>MET McBride, Benjamin 1HG3 YAN/MET McBride, Eliza AHC8 IRE>CAN>ALB McBride, John C. 1HC1/IO>ND>DAK>SD/YAN McBride, Susan () 18CG DAK/YAN? McCabe, Franklin AHFC >ALB> McCallum AECJ >RdR McCallum 1HG7 >FMc McCallum, Francoise () 1HF2 ILC McCallum, John AGEF ILC>MET McCallum, John 1HG0 >Cgy McCallum, Margaret 1HG6- ILC McCann, Debra 1hg5 McCann, Robert 1HF2 ONT/Rat McCardell, Thomas AHFC >ALB> McCardell, William AHFC >ALB> McCarriateau see McCorrister McCarthy see also Carty McCarty McGarthy McCarthy, Alex 1IO9- Keh McCarthy, D'Alton AHFE >ALB McCarthy, Francois 18IO Keh/OnL McCarthy, Frank 19EJ USA McCarthy, John AGIA-FG ONT/Pen McCarthy, Veronica 1IO7- Keh McCarty see also Carty McCarthy McGarthy McCarty 1HG0 USA/WYO McCarty, Francois see McCarthy, Francois McCarty, Grace (Bilton) 1IO4- CON>ALB McCarty, Walter 1IO4 >ALB McCauley see also Macaulay McAulay McCauley, Dan AHC8 >ALB Mccauley, Christiana c1HG3-JFc McCauley, Matthew 1HF2 >ALB/FtE McChorrister see also McCorrister Mcchorrister, Catherine 1HC3- RdR Mcchorrister, Mary 1HC6-JJ RdR McClarty, Albert AID0 ALB>HiL McClarty, Ernie AID0 ALB>HiL McClellan see also McLellan McClelland McClellan AGIA >SD/ARI> McClellan, George 1HF4 >ALB/RdD> McClellan, Olive AHH4- CRE/PIK/FtE McClellan, Robert 1gG5 >MAN>SD>MIS>SD/ARI McClellan, Robert 1gG5 USA/MIS>ORE>MIS McClellan, Robert 1HF2 >ALB/RdD McClellan, Thomas AHFE ALB McClellan, Tim see McClellan, Thomas McClelland see also McClellan McLellan McClelland AHC8 USA/MNT>ALB>MNT McClelland, William 18GH >ALB>FtS> McClernand, Edward Lt. 1HEE USA>MNT McClingan AHH3 >ALB/OnL> McClintock, Leopold AECJ >NUN> McClintock, Walter AHFO USA>MNT/PIK> McClood see McLeod McClure see also McLure McClure 19FJ >CHI/FMc>Jan McClure, Myrna Shirley (Bouchier19FJ- CHI/FMc>Jan McClure, Robert see McLure, Robert McConnell Pvt. AHFE MAN>ALB>MAN McConnell, A.W. AHFE SK McConnell, John 1HG5 >LSA McConnell, Red 1HF9 >MNT>ALB> McConnell, Richard G. DLS AGE7-46>ALB> McConnell, Victoria (Descoteaux)AHH1 LSA McConnichie, Allan 18IO >ALB> McCook 19SK SEK/FtW McCord, Bud AHH3 USA/TEX>ALB McCord, W.C. 1HF2 >KAI> McCorister, Henry see McCorrister, Henry McCorkell 1HG0 >ALB/Mor McCormick AG58 QUE>Was/EaH McCormick, Kate () 1HI2-gd LLB McCorrister see also Mcchorrister McCorrister, Alexander 1GH3- McCorrister, Carl 1HC5 Peg McCorrister, Catherine see also Mcchorrister, Catherine McCorrister, Catherine (Indian) AGIO- McCorrister, Cathy 1HC5 Peg McCorrister, Conrad 1HC5 Peg McCorrister, Danny 1HC5 Peg McCorrister, Edwin 1HC5 Peg McCorrister, Florence 1HC5 Peg McCorrister, Hazel 1HC5 Peg McCorrister, Henry AHFE >PeR/Dun McCorrister, John 1HC5 Peg McCorrister, Mac Fiddler 1IO2- >Peg McCorrister, Mac (Mrs.) 1IA0- >Peg McCorrister, Mary see also McChorrister, Mary McCorrister, Mary 1HC5 Peg McCorrister, Peter Alexander 1gG7- RdR McCorrister, Thomas 1HC5 Peg McCorrister, William 1HC5 Peg McCowan, Daniel 1IO4 >ALB/Cgy McCracken, Alexander Lt. AHFE USA>AK> McCracken, Hugh 1gG5 >RdR>MAN>RdR McCrae see also McCue McRae McCrae, Thomas AHH3 SCO>ALB McCrea see also McCrae McRea McCrea, William NWC 1gG5 SCO>RyL> McCrimmon, Malcom Comm. AIB0 ONT>ALB>ONT McCuaig, Samuel AGE3- RdR>ALB/FrM McCue 1HG2 >ALB McCulloch AID9 ALB McCutcheon, Robert Sgt.NWMPAGE3 MAN>ALB>SK/FtW> McDermot, A. 1HI3 SK McDermot, Andrew AGHC- IRE>RdR McDermot, Mary AECJ RdR/SOT>TrM/ORE/SPa McDermot, Thomas AGBE RdR McDermott, Myles AHFC >ALB/CHI/HtL> McDervitt, James 1HF2 USA/MNT McDonald see also Macdonald Macdonnell McDonald Gov. 1gG3 ENG>RdR McDonald AGIO USA/NWY>ORE McDonald Gov. 1HA0 ENG>RdR McDonald HBC AECJ FtE McDonald AHC7/30 TZA/Ase McDonald AHH1 CHI/FMc>FMy McDonald 19AB McDonald Capt AICJ SK>BC McDonald AICJ ONT McDonald 19HH Pas McDonald, A. see MacDonald, A. McDonald, Adam 1HC5- McDonald, Alexander 1GH4 LkW McDonald, Alexander AHFE >Kis McDonald, Alexander AHFE >Was McDonald, Allan see Macdonald, Allan McDonald, Allen NWC 1gG0 >Dau McDonald, Allen 1HC2- FtE/Jsp>MET McDonald, Andrew AGEF >FPe> McDonald, Angus Ban 1gd9 SCO>ONT McDonald, Angus AHCE- RMH>Kis>MaW McDonald, Angus 1HF1- FtE/StA McDonald, Anita cAID0- CHI/Ath McDonald, Archibald 'Mor' 1gG2- SCO>ONT McDonald, Archibald AHJ3 SCO>Yrk>ThR>FCo McDonald, Archibald 18AB SCO>FtE>RdR McDonald, Archibald HBC AH5J >FEl> McDonald, Benjamin AGDD- FtE> McDonald, Betty AID1 CHI/Ath McDonald, Catherine AHH2- Kis>MET McDonald, Charles Jonas AHG3- Lap McDonald, Clothilde c1HF1- FtE/EdS McDonald, Crooked Arm 1GH0 >RdR>MNT/ATS> McDonald, D.A. Insp.HonAICJ ONT McDonald, D.H. AHH0 SK/Qu' McDonald, David 1IFE Lap McDonald, Donald 'Mor' 1GH2 SCO>ONT Mcdonald, Donald -AHCE FtE McDonald, Donald AHFE >FtP> McDonald, Donald 1HF9- FtE McDonald, Donald AGE4 SK/Qu' McDonald, Doreen c1HC9- CHI/Ath McDonald, Dorothy Chief 1IFE CHI/FMy McDonald, Duncan 1HC9- RMH>Kis>MaW McDonald, Edwin George McDonald, Elise () 1IO6- CHI/FMy McDonald, Elizabeth (Calder) McDonald, Ellen () AGE4 FEl McDonald, Fenian see McDonald, Finan McDonald, Finan 'Mor' 1GH2-51 SCO>SoB>RMH>TrM/COL>P'D>ONT McDonald, Flora Margaret 1GH6 SCO>ONT McDonald, Frances (Auger) 19EJ Sad Mcdonald, Frederick Alexander McDonald, Gracie cAID4- CHI/Ath McDonald, Hannah AGRH- SCO> McDonald, Harriet AHAA- CHI/Ath McDonald, Heather 19EE ALB McDonald, Helen (McDonnell) AGEE SCO>ONT McDonald, Helen 1HA1- SCO/P'D>FtH McDonald, Hellene see McDonald, Helen McDonald, J.G. Cons.APP1HI7 ALB>FMc> McDonald, James 'Mor' AGIO-63 ONT McDonald, James 1HA1 SCO/P'D>FtH> Mcdonald, James -AHCE FtE McDonald, James AHFE >FtE McDonald, James cAIB0- CHI/Ath McDonald, Jane () 1HA0 FtE McDonald, Jo see Macdonald, John of Garth McDonald, Joch NWC 1gG5 SCO>FtE McDonald, Joe see also Macdonald, Joe McDonald, Joe 19SK Ase McDonald, John of Garth see Macdonald, John of Garth McDonald, John 'Leborgne' 1gG2-28 SCO>ONT>RdR McDonald, John AHHB >BrH McDonald, John Joseph AHH0- Kis>MET McDonald, John cAIB0- FCh McDonald, John AIGJ CHI/Ath McDonald, Joseph see also Macdonald, Joseph Mcdonald, Joseph -AHCE FtE McDonald, Kenneth see Macdonald, Kenneth McDonald, Kenny 19HF Lap McDonald, Keith BJj0 Lap McDonald, LaLouise (Beauvais) AGB1- RMH/FtE>Kis>MaW McDonald, Louise see Beauvais, LaLouise McDonald, Louis 1HC6- RMH/FtE>Kis>MaW McDonald, M. 1HG0 StA McDonald, M. () AHFO EdS McDonald, Margaret AGEF- >Kis/Cgy McDonald, Margaret (L'Hirondelle)HG1 >LSA>Kis McDonald, Marguerite P. (Pend d')7IF P'D>ONT McDonald, Mary () AHC3 RMH/FtE>Kis> McDonald, Mary Isabella AHFG- RdR McDonald, Mathilde Anne 1HF9-JJ RdR McDonald, Miles see McDonnell, Miles McDonald, Murdock AGB0 SCO>RMH/FtE>Kis>MaW McDonald, Nellie see McDonnell, Helen McDonald, Norman ConsAPP 1IO2 ALB McDonald, Peter 1gG0 CAN>LcS McDonald, Rachel () AHFE- Ase>FtE McDonald, Rachel AHG9 Ase McDonald, Robert Lt. 1HEE USA/WYO McDonald, S.L. I.Agnt. 1IO0 >NoB> McDonald, Sandy 18EB FtE McDonald, Victoria () 19aF- CHI/FMy McDonald, Victoria Louise 1HG4-61 RdR McDonald, William 1HEE- >Lap McDonald, William 1IO1- CHI/FMy McDonell see also McDonnell McDonell, A.E. SgtMNWMP1HG0 >ALB/Let McDonell, Aeneas see McDonnell, Aeneas McDonell, Allan see McDonnell, Allan McDonell, John see Macdonell, John McDonnald see McDonald McDonnell 1GH3 McDonnell AGIO CAN>FtE McDonnell NWC/HBC AGIO CAN>SHU/Kam> McDonnell HBC AHFC >Qu' McDonnell, Aeneas 1GH5/10>SK McDonnell, Alan see McDonnell, Allan McDonnell, Alexander AGIO >Qu'>RdR McDonnell, Allan Col. AG68 >Qu'>RdR>FtP McDonnell, Aneas see McDonnell, Aeneas McDonnell, Catherine AG97-FF QUE>ONT/Pen McDonnell, Helen AGEE SCO>ONT McDonnell, Jerry AHH2 >ALB McDonnell, John see Macdonell, John McDonnell, John AGFD/EJ NWY>CAN>RdR>Ota>ILC>LSL McDonnell, Magdeleine (Poitras) 1GH3-70 Wap/RdR>Ota>ILC>LSL>MET McDonnell, Mary see McGillis, Mary McDonnell, Michael see Macdonnell, Michael McDonnell, Nelly see McDonnell, Helen Mcdonnell, Sarah Marguerite () 1gG0 DAK/NAK>CRE/NAK/RdR> McDononyh, James 1HF4 >ALB McDougald see McDougall McDougall AHJJ >Ota> McDougall 18GH >FtE McDougall Mayor 1HF6 ONT/Ott McDougall, A. AGE7 ALB McDougall, Abigaile (Steinhauer)AGEA-71 OJI/NoH>Gdf>Vic McDougall, Anna see McKenzie, Annie McDougall, Anna 1HF8/70 Vic McDougall, Annie (McKenzie) AGEA RdR>Vic>Pig>YeX>FtE McDougall, Augusta 1HF9- Vic>YeX>FtE McDougall, Charles AGE8 YeX>AsW/Kis> McDougall, Charles 18GH- AsW/Kis>MET McDougall, D.M. AHFE >FtE McDougall, Daniel AH5J RdR>QUE>RdR McDougall, David H. AHCE-30 ONT>NIP>CRE/Vic>Pig>YeX>FtE McDougall, Duncan NWC>PFC 1gG0 ONT>GrR>NWY>ORE> McDougall, Eliza see McDougall, Victoria Elizabeth McDougall, Elizabeth (Chantler) AGB4 ONT>NIP>CRE/Vic>FtE McDougall, Elizabeth () AH5J/41>Vic>Pig>YeX>FtE McDougall, Flora AGE8/70 ONT>NIP>CRE/Vic McDougall, Flora 1HF6- Vic>YeX>FtE McDougall, George HBC/NWC AGIO SCO>QUE>CAR/StL>SHU/FtA McDougall, George Milward, Rev. AGB0-76 ONT>NIP>CRE/Vic>FtE McDougall, George AGB2 >LSL McDougall, George Capt. AH5J ONT>ALB/Vic McDougall, George Jr. 1HEE ALB/YeX McDougall, Georgiana see McDougall, Georgina McDougall, Georgina AHFC/70 ONT>Vic McDougall, Gussie see McDougall, Augusta McDougall, J.A. see also MacDougall, J.A. McDougall, James McDougall, John A. McDougall, James NWC 1gG0 SCO>SHU/McL>FJm McDougall, James 1HG0 >Dun> McDougall, Jane see also McDougall, Mary Jane McDougall, Jane AGB4 RMH>FtE McDougall, Jane () AGB8 LSL McDougall, John AGB7- RdR>OKA McDougall, John A. Rev. AHC2-AG ONT>NIP>CRE/Vic>Pig>YeX>FtE McDougall, John A. Mayor 1HG5 >FtE McDougall, John B. 18GH- ALB/YeX McDougall, Libby AGE8 ONT>NIP>CRE/Vic>FtE McDougall, Lloyd 1hg0 INU/Kim McDougall, M. AGB0 LSL McDougall, Marge () AIBE >SEK/FtG McDougall, Margie AID7 SEK/FtG McDougall, Mary c18CH- RMH>FtE McDougall, Mary Jane AHC2- LSL McDougall, Maurice Hd CHf AICJ PIK/NoP McDougall, Minnie AHFO MET/ONT>ALB/YeX> McDougall, Monique (Klyne) AGE7- CyH>AsW/Kis> McDougall, Moses AHFO MET/ONT>ALB/YeX> McDougall, Nancy AHHB CAR/StL/FJm>LSL McDougall, Nellie AHFC ONT/NIP>CRE/Vic>RMH>FtE> McDougall, Roy 1IO5 >ALB/PeR>SEK/FtG McDougall, Ruth AHFG- Vic/Pig>YeX>FtE McDougall, Thomas Capt. AGEF USA>MNT McDougall, Victoria Elizabeth AH5J- ONT/NIP>CRE/Vic>RMH>FtE> McDougall, William L-Gov. 18CH ONT>RdR> McDougall, William 1HF4 >HiR> McDougals, M. see McDougall, M. McDowall, D.H. Hon. AHFO RDR McDowell, Bart 1IFE >ALB> McDowell, Edward AHFO USA/NWY>IRO> McDuck, Downy McDuck, Hortense McDuck, Matilda McDuck, Scrooge McEachern, Allen Justice AID8 BC McEachern, Duncan M. Dr. AECJ QUE>ALB McElhaney, Iolita () AID0 KIO>SoA McElhaney, R.L. AID0 KIO/SoA McElvey, John AGEF >SK> McEvoy, James DLS AHH0 >ALB> McEwan see also McEwen McEwan 19IO Edm/CDr McEwen, Hartley AGDD >MNT>ALB>MNT McEwen, Mary (Gladstone) 1HF4- Kis>MtM>MET McEwen, Peter 1HF4 ENG>Kis> McFadden 18GH >Kis/MuS/TCr McFadden, Bella (Annance) 18GH- Kis>MuS/TCr>MET McFadden, William 1HI8- MuS/TCr>MET McFarland see also McFarlane McFarland AHC8 >ALB/FtE> McFarland, John AGE3 USA/MNT McFarland, John see McFarlane, Robert McFarlane, Roderick McFarlane, Allen NWC 1gG4 >ONT/NIP McFarlane, James AHJJ CAN>WIS/PDC McFarlane, Robert HBC 1HC9 Swp>ILC>FCh McFarlane, Roderick HBC 1HC9 >FCh> McFee, Angus DLS AH5J >ALB>MAN/Wpg McFeeters, Sam 18ID- CHI/CdL McFeeters, Olivine () 1IO0- CHI/CdL McGann, Michael A. Sgt. AH5J USA/SD McGarthy, Albert John see McGarty, Albert John McGarthy, Alex AIBE Keh McGarthy, Betsy () 19AF- Keh McGarthy, Francois AIBE Keh McGarthy, Pierre 19AB- Keh McGarthy, Veronica () AIBE Keh McGarty, Albert John 19CG- Keh>FrL McGavin see Megaffin McGee, D'Arcy 1IO0 ONT McGee, J. AHFO ONT McGee, John J. AHFO ONT McGee, Samuel 18GH >YUK McGee, Willie 19EJ- USA McGibbon, Alex InspNWMP1HEE >ALB McGill, James 1gd4-ac QUE McGill, Jas see McGill, James McGill, John >CHP/CRE McGill, Roddie see McGill, Roderick McGill, Roderick AGRH QUE McGilles see McGillis McGillis see also Giles McGillis AHJJ >MAN/RdR/WHP McGillis AICJ MAN/WHP>WMt McGillis 19HH Pas McGillis, Mrs. Addison McPhersonAH5J Vic/Sad>AsW/Kis>MET McGillis, Adelaide Marie AECJ- RdR/WHP>Was>MuL McGillis, Alexandre BHAR RdR/WHP McGillis, Angus 1gG4- >Dau>RdR McGillis, Annie cAHH3- Kis McGillis, Cuthbert AGB2-01 Dau>RdR/WHP>Was>Sad>AsW McGillis, Daniel 1HF1- RdR/WHP>Was>Sad>Kis>MET McGillis, Donald AG54 >QUE McGillis, Donald Roy 1GH6-AG NWY>ORE>QUE McGillis, Eliza 18CH- DAK/RdR/WHP>Sas/Sad/Sip>Kis>MET McGillis, Eliza 1HG0 McGillis, Hugh NWC AGFG-48>Dau>MIC/FDL>Lee>LSL>RdR/WHP McGillis, Isabella K. (Piche) AGEF- Dum>Kis>MET McGillis, John AHH2- AsW/Kis>MET McGillis, John AIB0 Lap McGillis, Justine (Monroe) AHFO PIK/CRE>Gdf>MET McGillis, Madeleine see McGillis, Marie McGillis, Maggie AHH4- AsW/Kis>MET McGillis, Margaret (Atin O Watam1GH9 Dau>RdR/WHP McGillis, Maria (Campbell) AGB4 DAK>RdR/WHP> McGillis, Marie AHJ4- RdR/WHP McGillis, Marie (Delorme) 18CH RdR/WHP> McGillis, Marie (Brazeau) AGEI- RMH>FtE>AsW>MET McGillis, Mary (McDonell Lindry)AGFJ >QUE McGillis, Paschal AGEI Was>Sad>FtE>AsW McGillis, Robert 1IF7 Lap McGillis, Rosalie AHH4-HI Kis McGillis, Star AHFE >MET McGillis, Veronique AHH2- Kis>RoB>MET McGillis, William Sr. 1HA8 RdR/WHP> McGillis, William Jr. 18EB- RdR/WHP>Kis>MET McGillis, William cAHH5/85 Kis McGillivery see McGillvray McGilvray McGilvrey McGillivray see also McGillvray McGilvery McGilvray McGilvrey McGillivray 1hBI >RdR McGillivray AHC8 LSL McGillivray AHC8 FtE McGillivray AH5J >Vic McGillivray HBC 1HEE >LSA> McGillivray, Alexander Chief AGFJ CRK McGillivray, Andrew 1HG5 FtE McGillivray, Ann AH5J McGillivray, Archibald 1gG0 SCO>ALB/PeR/Dun> McGillivray, Archibald AGB0 CRE/ McGillivray, Duncan 1gG0-JM FtC>Sas>TrM/COL>PeR McGillivray, Edmond AICJ FtE McGillivray, Edward AICJ LSL>FtE>MET McGillivray, Edward Montrose AHFG- LSL>Vic>MET McGillivray, Elizabeth AHJ1- MiN>LSL>Dun>FMc>RdR McGillivray, Harriet () 1HG0- BlQ>MET McGillivray, Isabel () 1HC5- FtE McGilligray, Isabella (Fraser) AICJ Jsp>LSL>FtE>MET McGillivray, Isabella (Linklater18IO FtE McGillivray, John AGFJ SCO>MiN>LSL>Dun>CAN McGillivray, Joseph 1GH0 >Dun>QUE McGillivray, Madeleine () 1gG0 SCO>QUE>SCO McGillivray, Mary AGB6- RdR McGillivray, Philip 1HC2 TPa McGillivray, Ross 1gG0 QUE McGillivray, Simon AGGH/25 McGillivray, Simon AGHB-CJ>FCh>LAB> McGillivray, Simon AHFE- >BlQ>MET McGillivray, Susan (McTavish) AHJJ CRE McGillivray, Therese (Raeffe) McGillivray, Wallace NWC AGEE SCO>QUE McGillivray, William cAGFD-25 SCO>ILC>QUE>FCh>ONT/FtW>QUE McGillivray, William AHJJ >FCh>BC McGillivray, William AHJ6 FtE>PIK> McGillivray, William 19EB CRE McGillvray, John see McGillivray, John McGillycuddy, Valentine T. AH5J USA>ND> McGilvery, Margaret 19EE Sad McGilvery, Mary L. () 19aF- Sad McGilvery, Samuel Chicak AHAA- Sad McGilvery, Simon see McGillivray, Simon McGilvray see McGillivray McGilvrey see also McGillivray McGilvery McGilvrey 19HH Pas McGilvrey-Omeasoo 19HH Pas McGinn, D. AHFE >FtE McGinnis see also McGuinnis McGinnis, Carol AID9 ALB McGinnis, Edward 1HEE- CAN>TSU McGuire, Moses AIB0 SIK McGiverin, Harold B. LLB 1HG6 ONT McGonigal, Carl 19aF >ALB McGonigal, Jack 19aF >ALB McGowan see also Gowan McGowan, Daniel 1IO0 >ALB McGregor, James T. AGE8 >ALB McGregor, William 1HG6 >MNT McGuckin Fr. AHCE >BC>TSL> McGuinnis see also McGinnis McGuinnis, W.A. AHFE QUE>SK>QUE McGuire, Annie (Royal) 1IO0 SIK McGuire, J. AHFE >ALB/Cgy McGuire, Moses 1IO0 SIK McHale, Ruth (Desjarlais) McHugh, Ann (Duckchief) AIE1 SIK McHugh, Clarence Chief AIEH SIK McHugh, Ronald AID6 SIK McHugh, Vicky (Whitney) 1HH7 SIK McIhree see McIllree McIlish Gov. AF95 ENG>YkF>ENG McIllree, J.H. A/CMNWMPAH5J >ALB> McIlrie see McIllree, J.H. McInnes see also McGinnis McInnis McInnes AIB0 ALB>FMc> McInnes, H.L. Dr. 1HG5 >ALB/Edm McInnis see also McGinnis McInnes McInnis, D. AHFO McIntosh see also Macintosh McIntosh, Mrs. (Gladue) AECJ LSL McIntosh, Christy NWC AHJJ LWp>FtW>QUE McIntosh, Donald 1gG3- NWY>LWp>FtW> McIntosh, John AG25- SCO>USA/NWY McIntosh, John HBC 1HA0 >RyR> McIntosh, William see Macintosh, William McIntyre 1IO5 >DEH/FtS> McIntyre, Andrew 'Sketchy Andy' 19HG Edm/DgP McIntyre, Frank Chief AIB2- CHI/EnR McIntyre, Thomas 1IO0 >PeR> McIsaac, John AHG2 ALB>NEP>ALB McIver see also McIvor McIver, William see McIver, William McIvor AICJ Was>TrM/SHU/Kam McIvor, Amelia AHC6- Was McIvor, Bella (Cardinal) AHFO Sas>Was McIvor, Cecile AHCE- Was McIvor, George AHFE/85 Was McIvor, John AHCE- Was McIvor, Marianne (Beaudry) AECJ StW>Was McIvor, William AGBE >Was McJahl, John NWC 1gG5 >LkW> McKameny, Susan Chief AIGJ CAR/Leq McKay see also Mackay McKay 1HC1 RdR>Qu'>RdR McKay c1HC3-CEcRdR McKay AH5J >FCh> McKay Sgt. AHFC MAN>ALB>MAN McKay 1HG4 CRE McKay 18IO >ALB McKay 19EJ ALB McKay, A. AGEF Qu' McKay, Albert see McKay, John Albert McKay, Albertine Rosa 1IF4- Ota McKay, Alexander I AGfe SCO>Dau>Ota>ILC>TrM/Ast McKay, Alexander William AHHB- LkW>QUE McKay, Alexander II 18JF-DB RdR McKay, Alexander III AGB6-GH RdR McKay, Alexander Jr. 1HC9 USA/IDA/WAL McKay, Alexander AHC7-HB McKay, Alexander AH5J PIK McKay, Alexander AHFO McKay, Alexander Dennett McKay, Alexis 1GH4 >Dau> McKay, Alfred 1HF9- ALB McKay, Alfred Ernest cAHH0- McKay, Andrew James 1HF2-DD McKay, Angela see Chonkolay, Angela McKay, Angie see Chonkolay, Angela McKay, Angus AICJ RdR McKay, Angus AGE7-EB MET/RdR>FtP> McKay, Ann see also McKay, Marie Ann McKay, Ann Flora 1HF6-48 RdR McKay, Anne 1HC6 >Pes>Kis/LSA McKay, Archibald Donald AHFC-63 RdR McKay, Arlene c1IFE- Ota McKay, Arthur 1HF9-IO RdR McKay, Bethsy see McKay, Elizabeth McKay, Betsy see McKay, Elizabeth McKay, Bob see McKay, Robert McKay, C. f 1HG4 Ota McKay, Caroline 18CH-VC RdR McKay, Caroline 1HF2-34 RdR McKay, Caroline Ellen 1HF4-DB RdR McKay, Catherine (White) 1HC3- RdR>FtE McKay, Catherine AGEA-34 FPe>FtP>Was>USA/CAL McKay, Catherine 'Kate' AGE4-HFcRdR McKay, Catherine (Anderson) 1HF4-CG RdR>SK/Was McKay, Cecelia AIEH- Ota McKay, Cecilia AHC2-fe RdR McKay, Charles 18JM-73 RdR McKay, Charles 18AF RdR>TrM/ORE McKay, Charles Richard 1hBI-01 McKay, Charles AICJ-AF RdR McKay, Charles Kiyo AH5J PIK McKay, Charles Albert AGE7-BG Was McKay, Charles Edward 1HG0-51 McKay, Chole AHC3- McKay, Clara 1HF1-80 McKay, Colin 1IO0 MET McKay, Daniel AHC7- CuH> McKay, Donald Le Malin 'Mad' AG53-33 SCO>RdR>BrH> McKay, Donald AHJJ BrH>RdR McKay, Donald AGB7 CuH McKay, Duncan 1HF9 Ota McKay, Edward AG95-36c McKay, Edward AGB4-SK McKay, Edward AGBE RdR>CyH>MET McKay, Edward (Mrs.) 1HG5 MET McKay, Edward 1HG5 ALB McKay, Edward Richard AHCE-27 RdR McKay, Elisabeth see McKay, Elizabeth McKay, Eliza see also McKay, Elizabeth McKay, Eliza 18BG-26 RdR McKay, Eliza Esther cAGE3-FF RdR McKay, Elizabeth AICJ RdR McKay, Elizabeth AHJJ-AG RdR McKay, Elizabeth cAHC7-FG RdR McKay, Elizabeth 19FI- Ota McKay, Ellen 1HG3-HC McKay, Ellick see McKay, Alexander McKay, Emma AHFC-45 RdR>CyH>FtW> McKay, Flavie Margaret (Poitras)AHC9- RdR>CyH/Poi>RdR>MET McKay, Florence Annie (Reid) McKay, Florence Sybil Stanley 1IO0 McKay, Francis 1HG0-07 McKay, Francoise (Indian) AHJJ- RdR McKay, Frank see McKay, Francis McKay, Frederick John Richard 1HG0-31 RdR McKay, Gentleman Joe see McKay, Joseph McKay, George 1gG5 >Wap> McKay, George ArchD. AGE4-49 MET>FMa> McKay, George Alexander 1HF1-62 McKay, George Bruce 1HF1-BG McKay, Gilbert AHFO-06 McKay, Harriet (Ballentine) AHJJ- RdR>FEl McKay, Harriet 1HC5-ac FEl> McKay, Harriet aGCA-RH McKay, Harriet AHC7-20 McKay, Harriet AHC9-82 McKay, Harriet () AH5J >FtP/Was McKay, Harriet (McKay) AH5J Was McKay, Harriet Jane 1HF1-EE McKay, Harriet AHFE-36 McKay, Harriet 1HG0 FtP McKay, Harriet Ann 1HG1- McKay, Harriet Anne 1HG2-48 McKay, Harriette (Ballentine) AHJJ- RdR>FEl McKay, Helen (Holmes) AHH0 McKay, Helen 1IO0 McKay, Henry AGEF-36 McKay, Henry AGE4 FEl McKay, Henry Malcom Watt AHFG-06 PoP>Was McKay, Hilda 19GH CHP/FiR McKay, Isabella AHH0 McKay, Isobel cAG97-CEcRdR McKay, J.A. AG95 >TrM/ORE McKay, J.A. 1HF6 >NoB McKay, James AGFG SCO>RdR>MAN>OMA> McKay, James Sr. 1GH8 SCO>RdR>FtE>RdR McKay, James Jr. Hon. 18BG-79 FtE>RdR McKay, James 1HF1-31 McKay, James Q.C. 1HG0 >Was McKay, James Arthur c1HG4-49 McKay, James Albert AHH2-30 McKay, James Sr. AID5 MeL>HiL/DET>Edm McKay, James Jr. cAHG1- DET>Edm McKay, Jane (Amerindienne) McKay, Jane () AGE7- MET/Edm McKay, Jane AHH0 McKay, Jean Baptiste Desportes AGIO CAN>TrM/ORE McKay, Jean 1IO9- Ota McKay, Jemima AGE7-26 RdR>CyH> McKay, Jerry AHFE Was McKay, Jessy () 1HC2 CuH McKay, John see also McKay, John Alexander McKay, John 1gd2/10>QUE>RdR McKay, John Richards AGHB-gG Alb>RdR>FtE McKay, John 18AF-21cFtE>RdR McKay, John Alexander AGB0 McKay, John Dougal AGB7-CH McKay, John H. 1hBI RdR/FEl McKay, John Rev. 1HC1-IA FtE>RdR>ALB>RdR>Was> McKay, John McNab Ballenden 1HC1-07 McKay, John HBC 1HC5 >FEl McKay, John Jr. AHC2-BG McKay, John 1HF1 >ALB/PIK McKay, John James AHFE-75 McKay, John Richard 1HF6-27 McKay, John Alexander Rev. 18GH- McKay, John Norman Ross 1IO0 McKay, John Albert 1IFE- Ota McKay, Joseph -AGEAc McKay, Joseph William HBC 1HC1 RdR>BC/Vic>SHU/Kam McKay, Joseph AHC2-73 FEl/RdR>CyH/Poi/LLo>MET McKay, Joseph 'Gentleman Joe' AGEF-CH>Was>MET McKay, Joseph 1HF4-AB McKay, Joseph AHFE- FEl/RdR/CyH/Poi/LLo>MET McKay, Joseph HBC AHFO >ALB/GrP McKay, Joseph 1HG3- ALB/PIK McKay, Joseph 1HG7-GH McKay, Julia 1HF2-HI McKay, Julie (Chalifoux) 18AB McKay, Karl 1hg5 CHP/FiR McKay, Kate see McKay, Catherine McKay, Le Malin see McKay, Donald Le Malin McKay, Letitia 1HC3-20 FEl>PoP McKay, Lilias Mabel AHH0 MET/BC/Vic>SHU/Kam> McKay, Louisa AICJ RdR McKay, Louisa 1HG0 McKay, Louise 1HG9 Ota McKay, Lyle c1IF4- Ota McKay, Mad see McKay, Donald Le Malin McKay, Madeleine AGBE- RdR McKay, Margaret see Drever, Margaret Gladue, Margaret Poitras, Margaret Rowland, Margaret McKay, Margaret (Gladue) 1HA4 FtE>RdR McKay, Margaret 18BG CRE McKay, Margaret AICJ- CRE McKay, Margaret AGE7-BG RdR McKay, Margaret Rothney AHH0 RdR McKay, Marguerite (Gladue) see Gladue, Marguerite McKay, Maria 1HC1- RdR McKay, Maria 1HEE-EB McKay, Maria AHFG-34 McKay, Marie see also McKay, Mary McKay, Maria 1HG2- RdR/CyH/Poi>MET McKay, Marie Anne 18CH-70c>Pes/Dum>LSA>MET McKay, Marina Josephine 1IF1- Ota McKay, Mary see also Burn, Mary England, Mary Favel, Mary McChorrister, Mary McKay, Mary (Favel) 1gG5/10 Alb>RdR McKay, Mary AG95- RdR McKay, Mary AHJ4- >NoH>TrM/COL>RdR McKay, Mary 1HA0- RdR McKay, Mary AGB0- FEl>PoP/WHP/RdR McKay, Mary Fletcher 1HC1-10 Alb/FtH>MoF McKay, Mary Ann 1HC6-32 McKay, Mary 18EB-BG McKay, Mary cAGE4- McKay, Mary () AGEF Was McKay, Mary Agnes Porter AHFC-46 McKay, Mary 1HG6-HC McKay, Mary Rose 1HC5- Ota McKay, Mary AID4- Ota McKay, Mary 1IF6- Ota McKay, Mathilda AH5J RdR McKay, Murdo AHFE >FCh>PeR/FSJ/Fin> McKay, Nancy cAGDD- RdR McKay, Neil 1gG0 SCO>Wap> McKay, Nellie see McKay, Ellen McKay, Noel 1HC9 Ota McKay, Peggy (Rowand) see Rowand, Peggy McKay, Peter AHFE SCO>AFR/SOA>ALB McKay, Rachel AGEI-CJ McKay, Robert Thomas AH5J RdR McKay, Robert AHFE SCO>AFR/SOA>ALB McKay, Robert 1HG7-GH McKay, Roderick 1HF8-43 McKay, Rosalie AHFO RdR>CyH> McKay, Ross 19aF MET/Wap McKay, Ruth cAID0- Ota McKay, Samuel 1GH2 QUE McKay, Samuel 18EB-32 McKay, Sara (Kimach) 1hg5 CHP/FiR McKay, Sarah AGEI-26 McKay, Sheldon 1hg5/06 MAN/IPo McKay, Simon 1gG9- MET/RdR McKay, Simon AGIO- MET/RdR McKay, Susette (Indian) 1GH0- LkW McKay, Thomas AGIO USA/NWY>ORE>SHU/Kam McKay, Thomas NWC AGIO FdP>FQu McKay, Thomas AHC9-24 McKay, Thomas 18EB >FtP/Was>MET McKay, Thomas 1HG2-ac McKay, Thomas Chief 19gG Shm McKay, Wally see McKay, Walter McKay, Walter Grant 18IO ALB McKay, Walter Chief AIGJ Sch McKay, Walton Pvt. AH5J/70>MNT McKay, Wanda c1IF6- Ota McKay, William 1gd7 >QUE>RdR/BrH McKay, William NWC 1gG5- SCO>LkW McKay, William HBC AGHC- RdR McKay, William AGID- RdR McKay, William AHJ6 McKay, William HBC 1HA8-HC>FtP McKay, William HBC AGB0 >FtE>Wap McKay, William 18CG- SCO>FtE McKay, William HBC 1HC1 FPe>FtP McKay, William Henry AGDD-ac McKay, William 18EB-32 McKay, William S. 1HEE Qu' McKay, William Charles AGE8-32 McKay, William Joseph 1HF4-46 McKay, William AHFE NoB McKay, William Edward 1HF8-CGcBC/Kam McKay, William Dr.HBC 1HF9 >FCh>RdR McKay, William Jr. HBC 1HG0 FPt McKay, William 1HG1- McKay, William Charles -AID4 McKee, Alexander see McKay, Alexander McKee, Maggie E. 1HI3- ONT>ALB McKee, Thomas see McKay, Thomas McKeen Judge 19AB ONT McKeen, John W. AHFE >Was/Bat McKeenan see also McKeenan McKenna McKenney McKeown McKinney McKeenan, Jock 1IA0 >NWT/Yel McKellar, Hugh AHFE >FtE McKelvey see also McKelvie McKelvey, Cecile (Gallneaux) 1HG0 DAK/PiR McKelvey, John Edward 1HG0 >DAK/PeR McKelvie see also McKelvey McKelvie, Robina 1IO0 >ALB/Mor McKenna see also McKeenan McKenna McKenney McKinney McKenna, D. T10 AHH6 >ILC> McKenna, James Andrew J.Com.T8 1HG9 >ALB> McKenney see also McKeenan McKenna McKenney McKinney McKenney 1HG1 >ALB/LSA McKenney, H. AHFE >ALB/StA/FtE McKenney, Thomas L. Col. AGIF USA>MIN/WIS McKenvin NWC 1GH6 >PeR/HuH> McKenzie see also Mackenzie McKenzie 1GH3- >ONT/FMc McKenzie AECJ MET>USA/MNT McKenzie AGEA ONT>MAN/RdR>Vic McKenzie DIAND 19AF ONT McKenzie, Alan see McKenzie, Allan McKenzie, Alexander see Mackenzie, Alexander McKenzie, Alexander the Emperor 1gG0 >PeR>QUE McKenzie, Alexander AHJ4 >ORE McKenzie, Alexander AHC3- MET/PeR McKenzie, Allan 18IO >ALB/RdD McKenzie, Andrew AGIO >ORE McKenzie, Angelique see Mackenzie, Angelique McKenzie, Annabella AGHB- RdR McKenzie, Annie AGEA RdR>Vic>Pig>Mor>FtE McKenzie, Blake AID2/62 NWT/Nah McKenzie, Charles AGGH-54 RdR>MAN>NAK/Pem McKenzie, Daniel see Mackenzie, Daniel McKenzie, David 1GH5 FCh/Ota McKenzie, Donald Fats 1GH3-51 QUE>Sas>TrM/ORE/Ast> NEZ>ALB/FtE>RdR McKenzie, Duncan see McKenzie, Donald McKenzie, Edward AIBH ALB McKenzie, Eliza (LePretre) AGDD- Dun>LLB>LSL>PeX>LSL/Dun McKenzie, Fats see McKenzie, Donald McKenzie, Gilbert AHH0 >ALB McKenzie, Heather cAID9- ALB McKenzie, Hector 1GH8- McKenzie, Henry AGfe SCO> McKenzie, Isaac M. 19GH GrB McKenzie, James see also Mackenzie, James McKenzie, James 1HC5 FtE McKenzie, John AGfe SCO>QUE McKenzie, John AGGH SCO>Ota> McKenzie, Kenneth see also Mackenzie, Kenneth McKenzie, Kenneth 1GH5 QUE>ONT McKenzie, Kenneth Sr. AGBE ONT>MAN/RdR McKenzie, Kenneth Jr. AHC9 ONT>MAN/RdR McKenzie, Kenneth Sr. son AGEA ONT>MAN/RdR>Vic McKenzie, Lizette 19GH RdE McKenzie, Marie see also Mckenzie, Mary Mckenzie, Marie () 1GH7- FCh>Pem>LOW McKenzie, Mary (McKay) see McKay, Mary Mckenzie, Matilda 1HC6- McKenzie, Millie () 1iCD ALB McKenzie, Napoleon AID8 CHI/StR McKenzie, Patrick HBC AGB1 >RMH>FtE McKenzie, Paul Col. AHJJ USA>ND/FtU McKenzie, Peter HBC AGB0 >ONT/LoL> McKenzie, Roderick see also Mackenzie, Roderick McKenzie, Roderick NWC 1GH0 >Nip>RdR>ILC McKenzie, Ronald 19EJ ALB McKenzie, Sarah (Sutherland) McKenzie, Simon McTavish AGIO SCO McKenzie, Thomas 18IO ALB McKenzie, Victor 18IO ALB McKenzie, William Sir see Mackenzie, William McKenzie, William Hdm. 1HG9 PeX McKeown, Robert 18IO >ALB McKeown, William AHFE >SK/Qu' McKernan, James AGE7 >ALB/HyL>FtE McKernan, R. 1HF1 FtE McKicking see McMicking McKilligan 18GH >ALB McKillivray, William see McGillivray, William McKillop, Charles Rev. AHFO/07 ONT/QUE>ALB/Let McKindlay see also McKinley McKinney McKindlay, J. AGEJ >QUE McKinley see also McKindlay McKinney McKinley, Archibald HBC AGB0 >ORE/Wal McKinney see also McKeenan McKenna McKenney McKindlay McKinley McKinney McKinnon McKinney, H. see McKenney, H. McKinney, Louise 1IO0 ALB McKinney, Roy Chief 19gG CHP/SwL McKinnley 1IA0 >ALB/Cgy McKinnon see also MacKinnon McKinnon 19EJ ALB McKinnon 19HH Pas McKinnon 19IO Edm McKinnon, Elizabeth () AGE8- RdR>Cgy McKinnon, Frank AIBE ALB McKinnon, John AHFO >ALB McKinnon, Kathleen BNAD ALB>AUS>ALB McKinnon, M. AHFE >ALB/Cgy McKnight, Robert AGHB USA>UTE McKnight, William 1IF8 >MuL McLachlan, A. Rev. see McLaughlin, A. McLaggan, J.W. AHH0 >ALB/Jsp McLain, John see McLean, John McLaren see also McLaurin McLaren, Catherine cAHJ4- McLaren, Daniel AGBE McLaren, Donald see MacLaren, Donald McLaren, H.W. 1HG9 >FCh> McLaren, Margaret (LaPointe) AGBE McLaren, Margaret Barbara AH5J McLaren, Peter 1HG0 >MtM McLaughlin AGB4 USA/MIS/StL>RdR> McLaughlin AHFO >ALB McLaughlin, A. Rev. AHFO >Vic> McLaughlin, Emma Crow King see Crow King, Emma McLaughlin, James Maj. AHFO USA>ND/StR McLaughlin, John Dr. 1GH5- >Nip>RyL>ORE McLaughlin, John 19FJ ONT McLaughlin, Marie () 1HF6 USA/ND/StR McLaughlin, Ronald cAID8- ALB McLaurin see also McLaren McLaurin, D.F. 1HC5 USA>MIN>FtE>MNT McLean see also Maclean McLean AHC3 >BC/SHU/Kam McLean AH5J BPw McLean 19HH Pas McLean, Agnes (Murray) McLean, Allan 1HEE-HA MET>SHU/Kam McLean, Alice 1hg0 MET/ALB>OST McLean, Amelia 1HG1- >FtP> McLean, Angus AHH3 FtP> McLean, Archie AHFE-HA MET>SHU/Kam McLean, Carol cAIE7- FtV>Edm>FtV McLean, Charles 1HF2-HA MET>SHU/Kam McLean, Daniel AHFE >Qu' McLean, Duncan 1HG7 >FtP> McLean, Elizabeth 1HG0 FtP> McLean, Flatboat AGDD >BC>FtE> McLean, Florence (Crawler) Mclean, Florence Chief BNAD CHP/Int McLean, Freda AHH3 FtP> McLean, George see also Ta Tanka Mani McLean, George AHH3 FtP> McLean, Helen (Bedson) AH5J >FtP> McLean, Helen M. AGE4 >Qu'> McLean, Jacob Hdm. AGEF JaS McLean, James DLS 1HG7 >ALB> McLean, Jennifer (Chonkolay) 19EB DET/HiL>CRE/FtV McLean, John Rev. see Maclean, John McLean, John NWC>HBC 1GH0 >EaH>NoB McLean, John AHC3 RdR>FtE McLean, John 1HG9 >FtP> McLean, John D. Prem. 1IO5 >BC McLean, John cAID5- FtV McLean, Joseph AIB0 OJI/Bis McLean, Kitty 1HG2 FtP> McLean, Lawrence AHH3 FtP> McLean, Leanne (Bernard) 19GH MIC McLean, Lillian AHH3 FtP> McLean, Madeleine AGE8- Pas McLean, Mary Alice Itabiya WiyanAIB2 YeX/BPw McLean, Murray AHH3 FtP> McLean, Reginald cAID4- MET/FtV>DET McLean, Robert cAID5- MET/FtV McLean, Wilhelmina Ann Brough AHFE-47 McLean, William J. aGCA >FtP> McLean, William AIB0 YeX/BPw McLeay, Jody Allen 1hg5 SIK McLeay, Verona (Melting Tallow) 1IFE SIK McLellan see also MacLellan McClellan McLellan, Archibald NWC 1gG5 >RyL>GSL> McLellan, Murdoch AGB4 RdR>NWT> McLellan, R. see McClellan, Robert McLellan, Robert see McClellan, Robert McLennan see also McLellan McLennan AGIO USA/NWY>ORE McLennan, Archibald see McLellan, Archibald McLennan, Murdoch see McLellan, Murdoch McLeod 1JJJ SCO McLeod AGFJ QUE McLeod 1gG0 QUE>Nip> McLeod 1HC4 RdR McLeod 18CG McLeod AHFO >FtE> McLeod (widow) AHFO FtV McLeod 1HG0 >ALB McLeod CplNWMP AHH5 >FSJ>SEK/FtG Mcleod AIB0 >QUE/Mis McLeod 19HH Pas McLeod, Abel Chief AICJ JaS McLeod, Alexander NWC AGFD SCO>QUE>Ota>PeR/Dun>TrM McLeod, Alexander AGIF- ATS/MET/Nip>Dau>Wap>PeR/Dun>QUE/Mon McLeod, Alexander Roderick NWC 1GH0 >PeR/Dun> McLeod, Alexander AHJ4 >TrM/COL> McLeod, Alexander AHFE >FtE McLeod, Anna Bella 1HG5- >FtL> McLeod, Archibald Norman NWC c1gG0- SCO/Sky>QUE>SK/Nip> ATS>CRE>Dau>Wap> PeR>QUE/Mon>SEK/ FMc>QUE/Mon>FCh> FtW McLeod, Archibald Roderick see McLeod, Alexander Roderick McLeod, Carole 19EJ McLeod, Cecille (Lariviere) McLeod, Charles AHH4 MET/NAH/NaB McLeod, Chubby see McLeod, Fats McLeod, Donald AGDD SCO>HBC>FtE McLeod, Donald A. 1HI1- MET/NAH/NaB Mcleod, Donald 19FJ Mis McLeod, Elizabeth (Swain) McLeod, Fats AGRH SCO>QUE McLeod, Flora () 1HF4- FtE McLeod, Frank 1HF8-06 MET/NAH/NaB McLeod, Frederick 18GH- MET/NAH/NaB McLeod, George Albert AHH8- MET/NAH/NaB McLeod, George M. 1IO0 MET/NAH/NaB McLeod, Henry A.F. CPR 1HEE >ALB> McLeod, James Farquarson see Macleod, James Farquarson McLeod, Janesta 1HH7- MET/NAH/GWI>AKL McLeod, John HBC AGID RdR>TrM/SHU/Kam>CRE/NoH>TrM/WAS McLeod, John AGHH- RdR McLeod, John AHJ4 >DEH/FtL>FtS> McLeod, John AGEI- RdR>FtE McLeod, John Tr8 1HG9 >Wab> McLeod, John M. 1HG6- MET/NAH/NaB McLeod, Judy 1HH9 MET/GWI>AKL McLeod, Laura (Collins) AH5J >NAH/NaB McLeod, Malcom cAGB2- GrL>Jsp>TrM/SHU/Kam> NoH>ENG>QUE>BC> McLeod, Marie Anne AICJ >FPe McLeod, Mary AGE4- RdR>SK McLeod, Mary 1HG3- MET/NAH/NaB McLeod, Murdoch cAICJ- SCO>NAH/NaB McLeod, Norman Rev. 18BG NOV>NZ McLeod, Norman 1hg0 CHI/DEH/FPr McLeod, Normand see McLeod, Archibald Norman McLeod, Richard AID7 LLB McLeod, Roderick see McLeod, Alexander Roderick McLeod, Rose AHH3- MET/NAH/NaB McLeod, Suzette 1GH5- Ota>PeR/Dun>TrM/COL McLeod, T. NWMP AGE8 FMa>FtW> McLeod, Teresa AHGE LLR/StM McLeod, W. AHFC >ALB/Cgy McLeod, William AHH4/06 MET/NAH/NaB McLeod, William AID9 NAH/NaB McLernon, William Dep. 1HF8 >AK/Lyn McLoughlin, John see McLaughlin, John McLung, Nellie 1IO5 ALB McLure see also McClure McLure, Robert AGBE >NUN> McMahon AHFO >RMH> McMahon, Michael 19EJ >LSA McMaster 1IO4 SIK McMaster, Ann (Duckchief) AIE1 SIK McMaster, Ann AHBD SIK McMaster, Ashley 19ID SIK McMaster, Audrey 19FJ SIK McMaster, Blair AHGE SIK McMaster, Britney 19ID SIK McMaster, Dayan AHGE SIK McMaster, Delia AHGE SIK McMaster, Donna () AHGE SIK McMaster, Durante AHGE SIK McMaster, Edwin 1IF6-06 SIK McMaster, Faron AHGE SIK McMaster, Gremaine () AHGE SIK McMaster, Harlon AHGE SIK McMaster, Jackie () AHGE SIK McMaster, Jay Katherine 19IO-JF SIK McMaster, Jerome AHGE SIK McMaster, Joyce () AHGE SIK McMaster, Kirsten 19ID SIK McMaster, Lawrence AHGE SIK McMaster, Laverna AHGE SIK McMaster, Leroy AHGE SIK McMaster, Levitt AID6 SIK McMaster, Lydia AHGE SIK McMaster, Mandi AHGE SIK McMaster, Marsha () AHGE SIK McMaster, Mathew 19ID SIK McMaster, Myrna AHGE SIK McMaster, Neil AHGE SIK McMaster, Punky () AHGE SIK McMaster, Renee AHGE SIK McMaster, Ronald AHGE SIK McMaster, Sharon AHGE SIK McMaster, Sonia AHGE SIK McMaster, Soyonista 1IA0 SIK McMaster, Stan AHGE SIK McMaster, Stanley 19ID SIK McMaster, Sterling 19ID SIK McMicken ComPol AH5J >RdR McMicken, Gilbert ComLnd AHC9 ONT>RdR> McMicken, Robert AICJ RdR>BC McMicken, Thomas AICJ RdR>BC McMicking see also McMicken McMicking, Robert see McMicken, Robert McMicking, Thomas see McMicken, Thomas McMilman see McMillan McMillan see also McMullen McMillan 1GH5- McMillan BHAR QUE McMillan, A. AGIO >TrM/SAL/SPO McMillan, Helene 1HA1- FtE/AmW>TrM/FLA>Was McMillan, James AGIO- SCO>AmW/Lap>TrM>Van McMillan, John 18IO ALB McMillan, Josephette (Bellisle) AG95- ORE/StP? McMillan, Margaret (Dease) AGB6 TrM>RdR McMillan, Marie (Letendre) AGIO RdR>Sas/AmW>TrM>Was>MET McMillan, William cAHJ7-HC AmW/Lap>TrM>RdR McMullen see also McMillan McMullen AHCE >MNT>ALB> McMullen AHH3 ENG McMullen, Anne AID0 ALB McMullen, Archibald 1IO5 Edm McMullen, Arthur 1IO6 ENG>ALB McMullen, Bertha (Saunders) AID0 ALB McMullen, James see McMillan, James McMullen, Mac see McMullen, Arthur McMullen, Marie see McMillan, Marie McMullen, Mary 1IA0 ENG>ALB McMullen, Mary-Ann () AHH9 ENG McMullen, May 1HG4- ALB McMullen, Sarah AIBE ALB McMunn, James AHFE >FtE McMurdo, Becky AIBH ALB McMurdo, Donald AIB0 ALB McMurdo, Lloyd AIB7 ALB McMurdo, Mac 1IO0 ALB McMurray, Thomas XYC 1GH0 Dau>RyL>Pic> McMurray, William HBC AGB0 RdR>JkF>ILC>Dun> McMurtry Dr. 18IO >ALB McMurtry, Mary () 1HI6 >ALB McNab see also McNabb McNab AHFE >FtE McNab, Alan AAG AGB0 ONT McNab, Alexander Sandy 18IO SCO>ALB McNab, Claire 19GH Gor McNab, Edna () AHH8- >Gor McNab, Hilliard Chief 19AF- Gor McNab, Isabelle () AHBD Gor McNab, Jenny Jane (Cook) 1GH6 RdR McNab, John Sr. AGFJ SCO>CRE/Alb McNab, John Jr. 1GH0- MET/Alb>SOT McNab, John AHJ3 SOT/RdR McNab, Marie (Saulteaux) 1GH2 SOT>RdR McNab, Marie (Saulteaux) 1HA4 SOT/RdR McNab, Sandy see McNab, Alexander McNab, Sarah AHJ3- SOT>RdR McNab, Thomas Sr. 1GH2- RdR>SOT>RdR McNab, Thomas Jr. 18JM- SOT/RdR McNabb see also McNab McNabb, Brian Austin Chief BNAD Gor McNabb, Bryan see McNabb, Brian McNabb, Hilliard see McNab, Hilliard McNabb, Stu 1IF6 CRE/SOT>ALB/Cgy McNair, Thomas AGhg CAN>WIS/PDC McNamara, Daniel Mag. 1HG7 >ALB/Edm McNamara, Patrick LLB 1HG1 >ALB/Edm McNaughton, Kathleen () AHFO ONT McNaughton, John AHFO ONT McNaughton, Sandra 19EJ- IRO/Akw McNeice, George AHFE >SK/Qu' McNeice, Thomas J. AHFE >SK/Qu' McNeil see also MacNeal McNeill McNeil, A.J. I.A. 18IO SK>MoL>ALB/TSU> McNeil, Christine 1hg0 Edm McNeil, John Gen. 1HEE ONT>USA McNeill see also MacNeal McNeil McNeill see Belaney, Archibald McNeill 1IO9 >DEH/FtS McNeill, A.J. see McNeil, A.J. McNeill, Edward Cree Speaker 1HG6 >KAI McNeill, Hector NWC 1GH2 ENG>ALB/FCh> McNeill, John AGE8- RdR>ALB/Mor McNeill, John E. AHH2- MET/RdR>ALB/Mor McNeill, Joseph AHH6- MET/RdR>ALB/Mor McNeill, Margaret () AHFC- MET/RdR>ALB/Mor McNeill, Mary AHH5- MET/RdR>ALB/Mor McNeill, Sarah AHH9- MET/RdR>ALB/Mor McNichol, J.W. 1HI2 >ALB/Let McNight, Harold 1HI9 >ALB McNiven, J.G. Mayor 1HC3 >NWT/Yel McPhee, Angus DLS 18EB >ALB McPhee, Billy AHFG >AK McPherson see also MacPherson McPherson HBC 18JM >DEH/FtL> McPherson HBC AGB0 ALB McPherson 1HF8 >ALB McPherson AID0 NWT/FtS McPherson, Addison AHC6- VIR>CRE/Sad>AsW/Kis McPherson, Mrs. Ad (McGillis) AH5J Vic/Sad>AsW/Kis>MET McPherson, Charlotte () c18VC- CAN>ORE/COL McPherson, D. AHFO ONT/Ott McPherson, Derek see MacPherson, Derek McPherson, Dirk see MacPherson, Derek McPherson, Duncan AHFC ALB/HiR McPherson, Elizabeth 1GH5 >QUE McPherson, Jack AIGJ MET/TPa McPherson, John see also Macpherson, John McPherson, John 18AF- CAN>ORE/COL McPherson, Scotty 1IO3 SCO>ALB/RdD McQueen, Isaac Brock AECJ- QUE>RdR>BC McQueen, Kenneth NWMP AGE7 >ALB McQueen, Susan (Grant) 1HC6 RdR McQuestern, Napoleon LeRoy ACC AH5J >YUK/FtR McQuirell, S. AGEF- RdR> McRae see also McCrea McRae 18EB SCO/USA/KAN McRae AHFE >ALB/Edm McRae, A.D. AHH0 USA/MIN>CAN/ONT/Ott McRae OKA/ McRae, J. Con.NWMPAHFE >ALB McRae, Terry AID0 ALB/HiL> McRae, William see McCrea, William McReadie AGEJ SCO McTavish HBC 18JM >NoH> McTavish HBC AGB0 >ONT/L2M McTavish HBC AGBE FtE McTavish, A. NWC 1GH4 >TrM/ORE McTavish, Alexander NWC 1GH0 >TrM/ORE McTavish, Cassia () 1HI8 >ALB/FMc> McTavish, Charles NWC 1gG0 >Sas>LSL> McTavish, Charlotte (Thomas) 18JF- MoF>Alb>RdR McTavish, D.C. Rev 1HI2 >ALB/FMc> McTavish, Donald NWC 1gG0/14>EnR/ILC>GrL>LSL>ILC> Dun>ENG>TrM/ORE McTavish, Dugald see McTavish, Duncan McTavish, Duncan HBC AECJ >TrM/ORE McTavish, J.C. see McTavish, John George McTavish, John George 1gG5 SCO>QUE>FtE>PeR/Dun> RMH>ORE>PeR/FCh McTavish, John Com AHFO ONT McTavish, Marguerite (Chaboillez)7EJ McTavish, Simon AGEJ-04 SCO>QUE>CuH>QUE McTavish, Sitting Still () 1gG6 >Sas>LSL> McTavish, Susan 1GH0 CRE>ONT/FtW McTavish, William Gov. AHC8 ONT>RdR> McVay, Heather 1hg0 McVittie 1IA4 >ALB/FMc> McWatch, Wayne BNAD OJI/PcM Me see Niyas Me'Na-u-hi'nah see Chat Ka Meachum, Joseph Crazyfeather 19gG USA Meadow, Angelique Maskotew 1gG3 LkW>ReL>QUE Meadows, Angelique see Meadow, Angelique Meagher, Thomas Francis Gen.Gov.1hBI/FG IRE>AUS/TAS>USA/NWY>MNT Mean Bandolier 18IO KAI Mean Boy see Imasees Meanie, Narchies 1HF1- MaW Means, Russell AIM AID7 DAK Mearnes, John AG68 ENG>NUU> Meat, John 1IO7 SIK Meat Hunter see Ta Tanka Mani Meat Mouth see Bear's Tit Meat Scraper see Wiyas kaskapew Meaver, Annie () 18CH- FtE/EdS Meaver, William 1HC1- SCO>FtE/EdS Mechaawasis see Wawi Kaota Maote Mechawayes see Metchewais Mechenktubenes see Minchintubenes Mechim see Gladue, George Mechkaddewikonaie see La Robe Noire Mechkadettinnah see La Robe Noire Medard, Richard 1HI6-72>LLB Medea GRK/LEG Medicine Bear Hd.Chf AH5J YAN Medicine Bear Med. 1HF9 ARA Medicine Bird f AHJJ MAN Medicine Bonnet Woman f 1HF9 PIK/BDS Medicine Bottle Chief AICJ DAK/MIN>MAN>MIN Medicine Calf AECJ CRO Medicine Calf Chief AECJ/84 KAI/MaT Medicine Fox Woman f cAHFO- KAI Medicine Man Med AGB2/72 ARA/NoA/Ant Medicine Man Chief AECJ DAK/San/Ham Medicine Owl 1IO7/41 SIK Medicine Pipe Man Returning With A Crane War Whoop see Medicine Pipe Stem Medicine Pipe Rider see Calf Robe, Benjamin Medicine Pipe Stem 1HG6/IF KAI/FiE Medicine Prairie Chicken HdChf AECJ CRO/PIK Medicine Rope AHFO >CTK Medicine Rope, Donald AHH5- CRE/CTK Medicine Shield AECJ KAI Medicine Shield, Annie CoconutL 1hg0 CRE/SIK Medicine Shield, Aaron 1hg0 CRE/SIK Medicine Shield, Aaron Shane AIRH-JF SIK Medicine Shield, Carmen 1hg0 CRE/SIK Medicine Shield, Desmond 1hg0 CRE/SIK Medicine Shield, Edith A. (Wells)ID0 CRE>Sik Medicine Shield, Eli Napio 1hg0 CRE/SIK Medicine Shield, Frank 19SK SIK Medicine Shield, George Sr. 1iCD SIK Medicine Shield, George Jr. 19FJ CRE/SIK Medicine Shield, Georgette 19FJ CRE/SIK Medicine Shield, Georgia 19FJ CRE/SIK Medicine Shield, Gerald 1hg0 SIK Medicine Shield, Geraldine () 1IA4 SIK Medicine Shield, Geraldine 19IF SIK Medicine Shield, James 1IA4 SIK Medicine Shield, Jarvis 19FJ CRE/SIK Medicine Shield, Jenna 19FJ CRE/SIK Medicine Shield, Joe 1iCD SIK Medicine Shield, Kym 1hg0 CRE/SIK Medicine Shield, Laura (Seaton) 19FJ SIK Medicine Shield, Lilly 1hg0 CRE/SIK Medicine Shield, Loni 1hg0 CRE/SIK Medicine Shield, Mary 1HC5 SIK Medicine Shield, Melisa (Cattleman)75 CRE/Mnt>SIK Medicine Shield, Nancy (Bird) AICJ- Pes/TZC>RdR>AsW/Kis>RdR>Kis>BLK>MET Medicine Shield, Nikki 1hg0 CRE/SIK Medicine Shield, Polly 1hg0 CRE/SIK Medicine Shield, Rhonda 1hg0 SIK Medicine Shield, Santia BJj5 SIK Medicine Shield, Thelma 19FJ CRE/SIK Medicine Shield, Theresa (Many G)HC5 SIK Medicine Shield, Tia 1hg0 CRE/SIK Medicine Shield, Trevor 1hg0 CRE/SIK Medicine Shield, Tyler Seaton 1hg5/JF SIK Medicine Shield, Verna 19EE SIK Medicine Snake Woman f see Natoyis Siksina Medicine Strikes Woman f 18IO KAI/FiE Medicine Sun Chief AHCE KAI/FiE? Medicine Traveler, Allen 19CG SIK Medicine Traveler, Caroline (Olds)48 SIK Medicine Traveler, Emil 19aF SIK Medicine Traveler, Gary AIE7 SIK/ Medicine Traveler, Harvina (Red Crow)9FJSIK/ Medicine Traveler, Jennie 1hg0 SIK/ Medicine Traveler, Kelly Lauren 19gG-JF SIK/ Medicine Traveler, Raymond 1HC1-04 SIK/ Medicine Traveler, Rita AIB0 SIK/ Medicine Traveler, Virginia (YellID0 SIK/ Medicine Traveler, Wanda (Olds) 1IF4-03 SIK Medicine Weasel Chief AHFO PIK/NoS Medicine White Buffalo see Medicine Calf Medicine White Calf see Medicine Calf Medicine White Horse AHFO KAI/Aka Medicine Wolf 1HI6 PIK/SoP Medicine Woman see Bedson, Helen Medill, W. Com. AGB0 USA/DC Mee-may see Cote, Gabriel Meechim see Gladue, George Meeghwaw Chief 19gG MIQ Meejure see Walsh, James Meek, Joe 1HA9 USA>WYO>MNT>WYO Meeker AGE8/GH USA>COL Meekcoo Moostoos see Miskoo Moostoos Meekmagoon f 1HA8 Pes/TZC>Oke Meeknagan AGB1 SwG>Pes/TZ* Meeknagan, Mi Sinja () AGBE SwG>Pes/TZ* Meekoo Moostoos see Miskoo Moostoos Meekya Api see Calf Robe, Benjamin Meki Api Red Old Man Meemay see Cote, Gabriel Meeminook see Mi Minahik Meencheenktubenas see Minchintubenes Meencheentubenes see Minchintubenes Meenchenktute see Minchintubenes Meenikapas see Minkapas Meenowahchahkway Hdmn. AH5J Atk Meeseenja see Mi Sinja Meesheenja see Mi Sinja Meesookaminookapaw see Misookamin Hi Kapaw Meeting Someone f -1HC9 KAI Meetoon AHJJ/VCcTwD Meeyootahk see Miyotak Megaffin see also McGavin Megaffin, J.H. NWMP 1HG0 >SK/EaH Meginis, Michael see Meguinis, Michael Megose 1gd2 OJI/OTT/MIC>ONT>MAN Megret Fr. 19EJ >CHI/HaL Meguinis, Brian AIGJ TSU Meguinis, Frieda 19hg TSU Meguinis, Gerald 19FJ TSU Meguinis, Josephine (Simeon) BNAD TSU Meguinis, Kevin -1hg5 TSU Meguinis, Mary Patricia () 19hg TSU Meguinis, Michael 19FJ TSU Meguinis, Patricia 1hg0 TSU Meguinis, Patrick 19hg TSU Meguinis, Pernell -1hg5 TSU Meguinis, Robert 19GH TSU Meguinis, Toots May 19hg TSU Meguinis, Violet 19FJ TSU Meguinis, Walter -BNAD TSU Meguinnis, Ann (Big Plume) 1hg0 TSU/Bld> Meguinnis, Brian see Meguinis, Brian Mehowasis see Chatelain, Miyo Awasis Mehsinapew see Lacombe, Francois Meighan, Marie 19EJ ALB Meighan, Sharon AID8 ALB Meighen, Robert P.M. AHFE ONT Meikleson, Ole see Micklesen, Ole Meilet, Catherine see Malette, Catherine Meillet see also Malette Meillet 1GH1 DTh Meindl, Alexander George Doc. 1HG5 >Alb> Meinsinger, James 1HF2 >ALB/HiR Meir, Mary Anna AHFO MAN>ALB Mekesew Inew 1HA4 FRE>Sas/AmW>Pes>Pig Mekesew Inew, LaLouise c1HC4- Pes>Pig> Mekesew Inew, Lisette c1HC4- Pes>Pig> Mekesew Inew, Maria c18CH- Pes>Pig> Mekesew Inew, Sawasimo 1HA0 Sas>Pes>Pig Mekesew Inew O Kasisa 1HC3 Pes>Pig> Meki Api 18IO SIK/ Mekitin Chief 1HI9 CRE/ Melancon AG30 ACA/NS Melancon, Julie aGCA- QUE Melcher see also Melchor Melcher, Greg Min. AIGJ ALB Melchin, Henry AGEF/76 USA>MNT Melchor see also Melcher Melchor, Francois AG26 QUE>WIS/Mic Meldrum, John AHCE QUE Meldrum, Ralph AHBD ALB Meldrum, Robert AHJ7 KTY>MNT/CRO Mellis, R. 1IF6 AK>NWT>NUN> Melting Tallow, Aaron 1IFE SIK Melting Tallow, Allison 19EJ KAI Melting Tallow, Beverly (Little Y)EJ/HH SIK Melting Tallow, Blaine 1IFE SIK Melting Tallow, Brenda 1IFE SIK Melting Tallow, Carla 19EJ SIK Melting Tallow, Casey 19EJ KAI Melting Tallow, David 19FJ SIK Melting Tallow, Dorothy 19EJ KAI Melting Tallow, Evans 1hg5 SIK Melting Tallow, Francine 1IFE SIK Melting Tallow, Francis (Black K)HB5/80 SIK Melting Tallow, Francis Sr. AID3- SIK Melting Tallow, Francis Jr. 1IFE SIK Melting Tallow, Francis AID3- SIK Melting Tallow, Georgina 19EJ KAI Melting Tallow, Gerald 19EJ KAI Melting Tallow, Hayden 19EJ KAI Melting Tallow, Irwin 19EJ KAI Melting Tallow, Kayla 1hg5 SIK Melting Tallow, Marie (Running B)9aF-06 SIK/EaE>KAI Melting Tallow, Marie 19EJ/06 KAI/SIK Melting Tallow, Matthew 1IA4/IF SIK Melting Tallow, Nancy () AICJ/07 SIK Melting Tallow, Nathan 1hg5 SIK Melting Tallow, Rose 19EJ KAI Melting Tallow, Ruth () 19EJ SIK Melting Tallow, Verona 1IFE SIK Melville Viscount1IO0 Membertou Chief aFHA MIQ Memenatawakwap f AGB1 Pes>Kis/TZC>Pig> Memenatowkwap see Memenetawakwap Memenetauquop see Memenetawakwap Memenetowkap see Memenetawakwap Memenetowkap see Memenatawakwap Meminoroutaw see Meminowatow Meminowataw see Meminowatow Meminowatow Chief see Piche, Samuel Meminowatow O Kisim AGE4 Mem/FtE Meminowatow O Kisim, O Wa(Piche)AHFO Mem/FtE Meminowatow O Kisim, O Ka Sisa1 1HG4 Mem/FtE Meminowatow O Kisim, O Ka Sisa2 1HG5 Mem/FtE Meminowatow O Kisim, O Ka Sisa3 1HG6 Mem/FtE Meminowatow O Kisim, O Ka Sisa4 1HG7 Mem/FtE Meminowatow O Kisim, O Ka Sisa5 18GH Mem/FtE Meminowatow O Kisim, O Ka Sisa6 1HG9 Mem/FtE Meminowatow, Amable see Piche, Amable Meminowatow, Anne see Arcand, Anne Mahikan Meminowatow, ??? H.M. AGE3 Kis/Mem/Ale> Meminowatow, H.M. (wife) AGEI >Kis/Mem/Ale> Meminowatow, H.M. O Ka Sisa 1 1HG6 Kis/Mem/Ale> Meminowatow, H.M. O Ka Sisa 2 1HG7 Kis/Mem/Ale> Meminowatow, H.M. O Ka Sisa 3 18GH Kis/Mem/Ale> Meminowatow, H.M. O Ka Sisa4 1HG9 Kis/Mem/Ale> Meminowatow, H.M. O Misima 1 1HG7 Kis/Mem/Ale> Meminowatow, H.M. O Misima 2 18GH Kis/Mem/Ale> Meminowatow, H.M. O Misima 3 1HG9 Kis/Mem/Ale> Meminowatow, H.M. orphan 18GH Kis/Mem/Ale> Meminowatow, Pierre see Piche, Pierre Meminowatow, Pierre Piche AGE8/85 Kis/Mem/Ale>Lap Meminowatow, Samuel see Piche, Samuel Meminowatow, Sisip Piche f AH5J Mem>Gdf>MET Meminowatow, Sophie see Piche, Sophie Memnon King ETH Memnook see Cardinal, Mi Minak Memnook, Edith () 1IA9- Sad Memnook, Helen () 1HI5- Sad Memnook, Paul 1IA8- Sad Menahuhinah see Chat Ka Memberton see Membertou Menake 1HI8 PIK/SoP/HTK Menalaus King GRK/SPA Menard see also Manard Medard Mesnard Menard Fr. AFCE FRA>QUE>ONT/StM> Menard, Charles AHJJ CAN>WIS/PDC Manard, Comfort (Sanson) AICJ USA/KTY Menard, Gerard Fr.OMI AID4 >LSA> Menard, Henry 1HC5 USA/KTY Menard, Joseph 1GH4 CAN>Ath/Ota Menard, Joseph 1HC2 QUE/IRO/Moh Menard, Joseph Charles 19EB- QUE/IRO/Moh Menard, Leo 19CH DAK Menard, Louis AGac QUE>RdR Menard, Marguerite AF80 QUE Menard, Marie J. Menard, Mary see Ausman, Mathilda Menard, Mathilda (Ausman) 1HC6 QUE>IRO Menard, Pierre AGFI CAN>RdR>MAN Menatopa see Manito Pwat Menauhinan see Me'na-u-hi'nah Menaye 1IO0 SEK/Met Menchaca, Eli 19EE DAK/PiR Menchentubenes see Minchintubenes Mendenhall, Jack AHC2 USA>IDA>UTA Mendinueta, P.F. Gov.Col.AG30 NSP>NMX Mendoza, Pedro de Vic. aF10 SPN>SA/ARG>NSP/MEX Meneen, Bernard Chief 19FJ TCr Meneen, Joseph cAHH6-HG Wab/Loo>TCr>FtV Meneen, Roy 19FJ TCr Menes Pharaohc3CH0/80BEGY Menewi Ostikwan see Bisson, Rosalie Menewi Ostikwan Menewistaquan see Bisson, Rosalie Menewi Ostikwan Menish see Minis Mennear, Donald 19aF >ALB Mennear, Guthrie 19aF >ALB Menoah see Menard, Pierre Menoomen see Cardinal, St. Paul Menook see Memnook Menoomen Cardinal, Mi Minak Mentour, Ignace see Montour, Ignace Merand AGB0 FtE/RMH Meraste see also Merasty Meraste, Baptiste 1HI5 ILC Meraste, Basile 1HEE GrL Meraste, Celestin 1HI5 ILC Meraste, Francoise 1HG5-85 GrL>ILC Meraste, Josephte (Durocher) 1HF1 GrL>ILC>MET Meraste, Mary 1HI5 ILC Meraste, Philomene 1HI5 ILC Meraste, Suzanne AHH5 GrL>ILC Meraste, Virginie 1HI5 ILC Merasty see also Meraste Merasty, Hilliard AID8 MoL/LRR Mercator 1EJ0 ENG Mercer see also Mercier Mercer Fr.OMI AHFO >ALB/LoL> Mercier see also Bercier Mercer Mercier, Le Fr.SJ AF30 FRA>QUE Mercier AG04 QUE>COL> Mercier, F. AHJJ CAN>WIS/PDC Mercier, Susi (Morin) see Morin, Susanne Mercredi 1gG0 CHI/Ath Mercredi 1IO0 CHI/Ath Mercredi 19HH Pas Mercredi, Abraham 1HA9- FCh Mercredi, Albert cAIB0- CHI/Ath Mercredi, Alexandre AHH0 CHI/Ath Mercredi, Alphonse Chief 19gG CHI/Fon Mercredi, Andrew AID8 CHI/Fon Mercredi, Antoine 1IO3- CHI/Ath Mercredi, Arthur AID8 FtV Mercredi, Bernice 1IFE CHI/Ath Mercredi, Beryle (Taylor) 1IF2 >GrR Mercredi, Butch see Mercredi, Wayne Mercredi, Charles AID0- CHI/Ath Mercredi, Danielle 1hg2 GrR Mercredi, Donna 1IF4 CHI/Ath>FMc> Mercredi, Eli AID6- CHI/Ath Mercredi, Father see Mercredi, Patrice Mercredi, Gabriel 1IO6- CHI/Ath Mercredi, George AID5- CHI/Ath Mercredi, Germain 1HG9 CHI/Ath Mercredi, Ignace 1IA9 CHI/Ath Mercredi, J.B. 1IO7 CHI/Ath Mercredi, J.V. see Mercredi, J.B. Mercredi, Jean Baptiste 19EJ CHI/Ath Mercredi, Jose 1HA7- CHI/FCh>Fon> Mercredi, Josephine () 19aF- CHI/Ath Mercredi, Julia cAIEH- CHI/Ath Mercredi, Julie AGIO- D'O> Mercredi, Julie AHFE FCh>FtV Mercredi, Lena AIE4- CHI/Ath Mercredi, Louis AhEC CHI/Ath Mercredi, Louise cAID0- CHI/Ath Mercredi, Margaret AIBE FtV>DET Mercredi, Martha c19EJ- CHI/Ath Mercredi, Mike 19GH FCh Mercredi, Norbert cAIB0- CHI/Ath Mercredi, Oliver 1HG9 CHI/Ath Mercredi, Ovide Gr.Chf. AIE6- GrR Mercredi, Patrice Fr.OMI 1IO7-82 CHI/Ath Mercredi, Patrick see Mercredi, Patrice Mercredi, Peter see also Mercredi, Pierre Mercredi, Peter 1HG9 CHI/Ath Mercredi, Pierre 1HF9 CHI/Ath Mercredi, Shelly (Buhay) 19FJ >GrR Mercredi, Stanley L. see Waquan-Mercredi, Stanley L. Mercredi, Susan c19EJ- CHI/Ath Mercredi, Verconique Bernice AIE7- CHI/Ath Mercredi, Victor 19EJ CHI/Ath Mercredi, Victoria () 19aF- CHI/Ath Mercredi, Wayne AID8 FtV Mercredi, Wilfred AICJ FtV Merde D'Or see D'Or Merde D'Ours see D'Or Merer, M. Fr.OMI AHFO >ALB>LoL>OnL>LSA>StA> Merheni, Sidi Mohammed el MOR Meritt Gen. AH5J USA>ARI Merivale Min. AICJ ENG Merlin 80 ENG Merne Ptah Pharaoh AB47B EGY Merneptah see Merne Ptah Merodach-Bladan see Marduk-apla-iddina Merrick, Angus 19CH LoP Merrick, Frank Chief 19CH LoP Merrier 19HH Pas Merrier, Mary Wah 1HC9 FtV Merrill, Sarah AG95 USA>ALA Merriman AHJJ SCO/ORK Merriman, Isabelle Margaret 1IA8 ALB/HiR Merriman, J.B. 1IA8 ALB/HiR Merriman, James Sr. 1HF8 SCO/ORK Merriman, James Jr. AHH8- SCO>CAN/ALB/HiR Merriman, Jean (Harry) 18ID ALB/HiR Merriman, Magness AGB7 SCO/ORK>CAN/Yrk>RdR>ORK Mesaiger Fr.SJ AGJJ FRA>QUE>ONT/Kam Mesamax AHH0 PIK/NoP/BuP Mesawwakop see Misaw Wakopew Meseunekwepan see Mesinikaskwepew Meshate, Stanley BNAD CHP/Aro Mesinikskewepew 1HF2 Oni>FrL Mesiw Nape see Lakcombe, Francois Meskiaggsher King 27JJB SUM/Uru Meskikiw Ikapaw see Maskiki Hi Kapaw Mesnard see also Menard Mesnard, Louis see Menard, Louis Mesqaqun see Morin, Meskakan Messager see Mesaiger, Henry, Fr., S.J. Messer, Donald 1IO9- NWB Messier, Charles NWC 1gG5 CAN>SK/EnR> Messina AHFO ITA/SYC Messina, Rafael AID9-63 ITA/SYC Messiter AHBD SEK/FtG Messiter, Charles A. AHC2 ENG>SK/Was>ENG Messner, Verona (Belcourt) Mestanak, Heli Badger see Badger, Heli Mestanak, Marie (Gladue) Metacom Chief AFEJ NEn Metallic, Gary AHGE MIQ/Lst Metchewais 1HG0 Was>CdL Metchewais, Alex 1IO3- CdL Metchewais, Annie () 1IO6- CdL Metchewais, Pierre 1IO5- CdL Metchewais, Theresa () 1IO6- CdL Metchooyea, Marie (Chonkolay) Metechaeh, Bernard Chief 19HA TZA/Haf Methode see Methot Methodiates Chief AHJJ SEK/Met Methot, Angelique AHJJ- FtE>TrM/SAL/Kal>Was>RdR Methot, Francois 1GH4 CAN>FtE>TrM/SAL/Kal>Was Metia, Elise 1GH5- MET/RdR Metia, Nancy Ann 1GH7- MET/Sas Metis Woman see Apitas Iskwew Opitaskwes Metonawakap see Matonowakap Metzler, William H. AHFO >ALB> Meunier, Mathilda (Beauchamp) 1HG0 >LSA Meunier, Telesphore 1HF8 >LSA Meurig EJ ENG/WAL Mever, Anne AHFE- FtE Mever, Henry 1HG1- FtE Mever, Sarah J. () 1HG0- FtE Mewburn, Frank Hamiltons Dr.NWMPAHFO ONT>NWMP/ALB/Let Mewburn, Frank Hastings see Mewburn, Frank Hamilton Mewsookan f 18BG Pes/TZC>TZC Mexemahuastan see Iron That Moves Mexican see also Arana, Joseph Mexican AH5J/75>MNT>ALB Mexican Charlie AHC9 USA/WYO Mexican Pete see Laframboise, Isidore Meyer, Finnan Mor 1GH2-51>RMH> Meyer, David BNAD SK Meyer, Henry see Meyers, Henry Meyer, Lewis B. 18AB- USA/PEN>MIS>UTA>CAL Meyer, Louis B. see Meyer, Lewis B. Meyers, Henry AICJ >NAK/BPw>Pig> Meyers, Ian see Myers, Ian Meyers, Janice AHG6 RoB Meyers, Lance see Myers, Lance Meyers, Lewis B. see Meyer, Lewis B. Meyers, Lloyd Chief 1IF8 TSL/Yun Meyo Iskwes see Lussier, Miyo Iskwes Meyonaw Hi Kapaw see Moniyaw Hi Kapaw Meyouskus see Lussier, Miyo Iskwes Meyowskwes see Lussier, Miyo Iskwes Meywachimoweyinew see Good News Mezageeppaweay see Mazagipa Wiyan Mezaagippawee see Mazagipa Wiyan Mezabipa Wiyan see Mazagipa Wiyan Mezeguppawea see Mazagipa Wiyan Mezzerberg see Mazzerberg
Mi Chichi 1HA1 AmW/AsW Mi Chichi O Ka Sisa 1HC3 AmW/AsW Mi-ke 1HA9 TZC/Pes Mi-ke, Ekeyabe () AGB0 SwG>TZC/Pes Mi-ke, John c1HC9- TZC/Pes Mi Ko Wa Wa Sis see Mikowa Awasis Mi Minak see Cardinal, Mi Minak Mi Si Ni Ki Sik see Delorme, Ambrose Mi Sinja f AGBE SwG>Pes/TZ* Mian, Hassan Mohammed 1hg5 Edm Mianscum, Clarence AIGJ CRE/ Mianscum, James Chief 19FJ CRE/ Miatis see Miyatis Michael, A. 1HG7 >ALB> Michael, Harry Sr. AID8 Bdy Michael, Harry Jr. 19GH Bdy Michael of the Saints Sis. AGE4 >CHI/FtP> Michakayoo see Michekeyew Michakwan see Michekeyew Michalko 19HH Pas Michard, J.L. DLS AHFE >ALB> Michatowas see Michetowas Michawasis see Wawi Kaota Maote Micheaux 1gG3 USA/DC Michekew see Michekeyew Michekeyew AGB7 FtE Michekwan see Michekeyew Michekwew see Michekeyew Michel see also Callihoo, Michel Michele Michelle Normand, Michel Old Michel Michel AF25 FRA>QUE Michel 1gd1 QUE Michel 1GH2 CAN>TrM/SAL Michel AGB1 IRO>CRE/Sip Michel AGB2 FtE Michel AGB4 LSL Michel, Alison 19HH Pau Michel, Jane AHC2 FtE Michel, John Sir,Gen.AECJ ONT Michel, Okimaw Iskwew ()f AECJ LSL Michel, Pierre 1GH3 IRO>DTh>TrM/FLA/COL Michel, Ronald Chief 19gG PBa Michel, Susan AGDD LSL Michel Keesikow see Bruneau, Michel Joachim Michel Kisikaw Hi Kapaw see Bruneau, Michel Joachim Michel Kisikow see Bruneau, Michel Joachim Michele see Michel Michelin, Robert 1IO0 Nas Michelle Hd.Chf AGIO KUT/Fla Michelle Chief AECJ/FJ P'D Michelle, Pierre see Michel, Pierre Michena, Marguerite Marie see Machinas Michener, Roland Gov. 1IO0 ALB>ONT/Ott Michesis AGB2 >Msk/See Michesis, Daniel AGDD Msk/See Michesis, James AGDD Msk/See Michesis, Wakas () f 18BG Msk/See Michet Awasis 1HA7 >FtE/Msk Michet Awasis, Jane AHC6 >FtE/Msk Michet Awasis O Ka Sisa 18CG >FtE/Msk Michetowas see Michet Awasis Michetuwas see Michet Awasis Michewakan see Michi Wakan Michi Kinikwa Chief AGFJ MIA Michi Kow see Michikeyew Michi Ostikwan 1GH5 Sas/FoP Michi Wakan AECJ Bfd Michichi see Mi Chichi Michikinikwa see Michi Kinikwa Michikiyew see Michekeyew Michikiyoo see Michekeyew Michikwan see Michi Wakan Michimikotan see Michi Mikotan Michipetoton see Mikisiw Mikotan Michitowas see Michet Awasis Mickle, Wheeler AHFE >ALB Micklesen, Ole 1HG7 USA>ALB Middle Bear Hd.Chf. AGFJ TSU Middle Bull Chief AHJ3 PIK/SoP/MiB Middle Bull Chief AHCE PIK/SoP/MiB Middle Calf AICJ SIK Middle Painted Lodge AHJ9/IO KAI/FiE? Middle Sitter see also Little Dog Middle Sitter Chief 18IO KAI Middle Woman see Gladue, Marie Middleton, Charles Maj. AHJJ IRE Middleton, Christopher AGAA ENG>NUN>ENG Middleton, Eugenie (Doucet) 1HC1 QUE>ONT> Middleton, Fanny (Wheatly) 18JF IRE Middleton, Frederick Dobson, GenAGBE-hg IRE>ENG>IND>NZ>CAN/ONT>SK>ALB> Middleton, S.H. ABishop 1HG0 >ALB Mienow see Rowand, Lalouise Mienow Miera Y Pacheco see Pacheco Mieskonen, Alex AID0/FJ>NWT/NaB Miette AGHH >Jsp Mifnon see also Michewakan Mighty Voice see also Almighty Voice Kakeesheway Mighty Voice AHC2- Wes>KaK>RoB Mignedoin, Elochaid 330/EJ IRE Migneron, Louis 1GH5 CAN>RyL Mihk AHJJ WPT>BPw Mihko see Miko Mihkooshstikwanis see Mikowa Ostikwanis Mika Api Chief AGEJ PIK Mika'pi see Mika Api Mikahestow, John see Red Crow Mikapi see Mika Api Mikasto 1GH0 PIK/SoP/BrD Mi-ke 1HA9 TZC Mi-ke, Ekeyabe () AGB6 TZC Mi-ke, John c1HC9- TZC Mike, Ernest Chief AHBD- Bdy Mike, Ernest 19IO Bdy Mike, Flora (Thomas) 1IA0 Bdy Mike, Flora (Gamble) AICJ >Bdy Mike, George AID8 Bdy Mike, Jamie AHG6 INU/Pan Mike, Joseph 1IO4 Bdy Mikeatawakak AHCE CRE Mikisiksipoksapowa see Revenge Walker Mikisimikotan see Mikisew Mikotan Mikisimikootan see Mikisew Mikotan Mikisiniw see Mikisew Inew Mikisiw see also Giroux, Francois Mekesew Mikisiyoo Mikisiw Mikotan AECJ >Kis/Dum Mikisiyinew see Mikisew Inew Mikisiyiw Otanisi see Sawasimo Mikistaki see Mikistaki Ki Sikasow Mikistaki Ki Sikasow Chief 18JF/46 PIK/NoP Mikistuki see Mikistaki Ki Sikasow Mikisyoo 1HG9 Bld Mikmagoon f AECJ >Oke Miko 1GH9 WPT>BPw Miko Awais see Miko Awasis Miko Pesew Iskwew (Piche) 1HA8 Pes>Dum>Pig Mikoi Sapo see Mikoi Sapop Mikoi Sapop Chief 1HG0 PIK/SoP/Ipo Mikoi Sapop, Etomow Aki () AHH0 PIK/SoP/Ipo Mikow Awasis 1HG3 Kak Mikow Awasis, Jack Bob 1HI3- Kak Mikow Pesew Iskwew (Piche) 1HA8 Pes>Dum>Pig Mikowa Akin AH5J Was Mikowa Moostoos see Miskoo Moostoos Mikowa Ostikwanis 1HG9 Stu/Bld>Stu Mikowa Tawakak AHJ6 FtE>Msk>FtE/Lap Mikowa Tawakak, Charles AHCE- FtE/Lap Mikowa Tawakak, Iskwew Chinakos()8AB FtE>Msk>FtE/Lap Mikske Mawastan see Iron That Moves Mikske Miksoasimi see Iron Shirt Mikske Moteskina see also Iron Necklace Mikske Moteskina Chief 18AB KAI Mikskimiksokas see Iron Shirt Mikskimisokasimi see Iron Shirt Mikwa see Mikowa Mikwa Mayew see Kino Kwa-yew Mikwa Moostoos see Miskoo Moostoos Mikwa Ostikwanis see Mikowa Ostikwanis Mikwa Tawakak see Mikowa Tawakak Mikwatahawakak see Mikowa Tawakak Mikwatahwakak see Mikowa Tawakak Mikweyapiy AHAA CRE/ Mikwopwiysiwisk see Piche, Miko Pesew Iskwew Miles DLS 1HF4 ONT>ALB>ONT Miles AIB1 ALB Miles, Clem 18GH >ALB Miles, Nelson Gen. 1HC5 USA>MNT Miles, Robert Seaborn NWC cAHJJ- ENG>Ath>YkF> Milette see Malette Millet Militaire see Malataire Malateare Malaterre Mallatterre Malterre Martialle Militeare Militaire see Malaterre, Samson Militeare see also Malataire Malateare Malaterre Mallatterre Malterre Martialle Militeare, Baptiste AICJ MAN Militeare, Edna (Larocque) AICJ MAN Militeare, Edward AICJ MAN Militeare, Francoise AICJ MAN Militeare, Jean AICJ MAN Militeare, Joseph AICJ MAN Militeare, Louis AICJ MAN Militeare, Marie Louise (Langan)1IO0 MAN Militeare, Melissa 19FJ MAN Militeare, Patrice 1IO0 MAN Millar, Charles AHFE >ALB/HiR Millar, Malcom NWMP 1HF6 >ALB/HiR Millar, Wishard 1IO0 ONT/Bis Millard, H. 1HF2 >ALB/HiR Miller HBC 1GH0 >RdR> Miller 1GH9 USA/MIS>StL>SD> Miller aGCA/73 USA/MNT>SoP>ALB Miller 1HF2 >ALB/FrL> Miller 18IO MAN Miller 19AB SK Miller Dr. AICJ >ALB Miller 19HH Pas Miller, Alfred Jacob 1HA0-gd USA/OHI>MNT>OHI Miller, Ann (Clayton) 1HI7 >ALB Miller, Arthur 1IO4- ENG>ALB Miller, Cincinnatus H. AHC2 >MNT> Miller, Del 19SK >BC/SEK>FtG Miller, Dolphus AHH0 GER>LSA Miller, Edwin AHH7- ENG>ALB Miller, Elizabeth () AGB7 RdR Miller, Eveline 18IO MAN Miller, Glenn AID5 ALB Miller, Jack Three Bulls 1HF1 PIK/SoP Miller, Jackie 19gG DAK/NAK/FPk Miller, James AICJ ALB Miller, Joaquin see Miller, Cincinnatus H. Miller, Joseph PFC 1gG5-71>MIS>ORE Miller, Joseph AGIA MIS>NEB>WYO>IDA Miller, Joseph AH5J/71 CuH Miller, Lloyd 1IO5- MAN Miller, Margaret aGCA- RdR>MET Miller, Natie (Taleson) 1HI7 >ALB Miller, R.A.M. RCMP AHBD ALB Miller, Robert AGB1 SCO>RdR Miller, Samuel Lt. AHFO USA/MNT Miller, Terrace 1hg2-JF Edm/AbW Miller, Theodor AG25 >MAN/BrH>RdR Miller, Tiffany RCMP 19HF >FMc> Millet see also Malette Millet, Andre see Beauchemin, Andre Millet, August AHFE ALB Millet, Jean Francois AH5J FRA Millican, G.W.H. Q.C. 1IO0 ALB/Cgy Mills, Anson Lt. 1HEE USA/MNT Mills, Betty (Poor Eagle) AID6 SIK>KAI Mills, David Hon. AH5J ONT/Ott Mills, David Scabby Bull 1HEE-18>KAI Mills, Harry see Mills, Henry Mills, Henry "Negro Henry" c18JM-GH>ND/FtU>KAI Mills, Henry Black White Man AHH0 KAI Mills, Ike 1IO5 >ALB Mills, Mary AGE4 KAI Mills, Napikwan 1HG7 KAI Mills, Negro Henry see Mills, Henry Mills, Nola Estelle (Williams) PIK Mills, Phillisy () BHAR KAI Mills, Poosa () BHAR KAI Mills, Robert see Miles, Robert Mills, William Sgt. AHFG-71 ONT>SK>ONT Mills, William AID6 KAI Millwood Rev. 1HEE >ALB>Vic/Gdf Miln, John NWC 1gG0 >MAN/Wap Milne, Jack 1IO5 >SEK/FtN Milsens Bro. 1HF8 >ALB/Dun Milton, Albert AID2- FMc>Ota>FMc Milton, Alice 1IA8- FMc Milton, Jeanne cAID1- FMc>Ota> Milton, Viscount Lord AICJ ENG>MAN>SK>ALB>BC> Mimikowas 1IA0 NoB Mimikwas see Mimikowas Mimiquas see Mimikowas Min see Minos Mina Atos see Minatoch, Louis Mina Doogakan cBHAR- >TZC Mina Doogakan, Anna AHC2- TZC Mina Doogakan, John c1HC5- TZC Mina Doogakan, Leah AGDD- TZC Mina Doogakan, Mary 18CG- TZC Mina Doogakan, Ootakemogan Wiya()825 TZC Mina Doogakan, Tonge () 1HA9 >TZC Mina Sala Chief 1GH8 DAK/Sik/MiS Mina Tochi see Minatoch, Louis Mina Yuga see Chat Ka Mina Doogakan Mina Yuhen Mina Yuhen Chief AICJ Wic Minachos see Masachos Minadoogakan see Mina Doogakan Minahekwosis see Little Pine Minahequosis see Little Pine Minahik Asis Mosom c1gG5- Sip/KiK Minahik Awas Asis see Little Pine Minahikosis see Little Pine Minasala see Mina Sala Minascum, Clarence 19EJ Ouj Minascum, James Chief 1HC5 Ouj Minatoch see also Manitost Minatoch, Jane 1HF6- LSL/Ati/Wab>Dun>LSL>LLB>MET Minatoch, Louis Ayachiw NowoskamAHC6 LSL/Ati/Wab Minatoch, Mary Iskwew () 18EB LSL/Ati/Wab Minault aGCA MaW Minault, Harry 1HC5 FtV Minault, Olive () 1HC5 FtV Minayouga see Mina Yuga Minayuhen see Mina Yuhen Minchawan AGB1 FtE/Lap Minchawan, Kwe Sisa () AGB6 FtE/Lap Minchawan, William aGCA- FtE/Lap Minchintubenes 18AF SwG>Pes/TZC Mind, Emma see Minde, Emma Minde, Daniel Chief AHH3-FI Erm Minde, Emma () 1iCD Erm Minde, G. 1hg5 Erm Minde, George Anthony Sr. AIEH Erm Minde, George Leslie 19GH Erm Minde, Samuel BNAR Erm Mindoogakaw see Mina Doogakan Mineault 19HH Pas Mineclier 1gG6 CAN>RdR Minesinger, Mary AGE7- RdR>ALB/HiR Minet, Rene AH5J FRA>AFR/DAH>FRA Minguez, Juan Fr. AGJJ/20 NSP/NMX>WYO Minh, Dou Foo 1IF7/07 ALB/TRI/Cgy Mini Sala see Mina Sala Minie f 1gG4 Wap Minikaknamani c1HC4- CTK Minikaknamani, Wanapin () AICJ CTK Minikapas f AGBE >Pes Minis f c1HA0- TwD>Msk Minishinayen Chief 1HG2 CyH/WMt Mink AIB0 MnL Miniyaw Ikapaw see Moniyaw Hi Kapaw Miniyawikapaw see Moniyaw Hi Kapaw Minatooch see Minatoch Minnestokos see Nenestokos Minnie see also Mean Bandolier Minie Minnie, Gabriel 19FJ ALB Minnie, Sheila AID6 ALB> Minnieonzon see The Minniconjou Minoose 1HG0 HtL>CdL Minoose, Charles 1IO3- HtL>CdL Minoose, Edward 1IO5- HtL>CdL Minoose, Francis BNAR- CHI/HtL>CdL Minoose, Jean Baptiste AHH5- HtL>CdL Minoose, Marie Ellen () AIB1- CHI/CdL Minoose, Sophie () 19ac- CHI/CdL Minoose, Suzette () 1IO6- HtL>CdL Minos Emp. Legend. GRK Minstanask see Badger Mintos see Minatoch Minuit, Peter 1FJ0 HOL>USA/NWY Minville, Marquerite 1GH0- MET Minzer Col. 1HG0 USA/MNT Miot, Paul-Emile AGB7-ID FRA>NFL Miotte see also Myatt Miotte, A. AG18 CAN>RdR> Miron see also Biron Miron, Louis AGB6 StM Mirond see Pelican Mirriam, Linda 1hg0 >SIK>CRE/Sam Mis Nakom see Lacombe, Albert Misa see also Misaw Misay Miskwa Mayew Mistapew Wayers, Misa Misa AGB2 TwD>Msk>Sad Misa, Isaac AHC2- Msk>See Misa Hi Kapew see Misa Wakopew Misa O Kisim AHC7/FG Msk Misah see Misa Misachos see Mischaws Misahegipwemetas see Strikes Him On The Back Misak see Misa Misamisohpski see Cutter, Wallace Misas Kehew Awasis see Giroux, Misas Kehew Awasis Misatew Hi Kapew AGEC >EdS "Standing Large" Misatimwas AHCE FtE>Was/Pou Misaw see Misa Mistapew Misaw Wakopew f 1HC6 LSL Misaw's Relations see Misaw Wakopew Misay, Charlotte AECJ StM Mischaws 1HA7 FtE/Lap Mischaws, Kwesisa () AGB1 FtE/Lap Mischaws, Peggy 18CG- FtE/Lap Mischos see Mischaws Miserable Man 1HEE/85 BgB Mishah see Misa Wayers, Misa Mishatteuoo see Misatew Hi Kapew Mishoo see Miskwa Mayew Misi Jim see Simpson, James Misihaw AHAA CRE/ Misinachapew AHH2 CRE/ Misiskask f AGB4 Pes>Msk Misistapew 1HA0 Sas Misi Kayasew see Missekeeasoo, Paul Misi Nape see Lacombe, Francois Misihaw 1HI1 FtP Misikawawin see Kisikawawaw Misinatchapew 1HF2 FrL/Mst Misinikisik see Delorme, Ambrose Misiskask f AGB4 Msk Misistapew AGIO Sas/FtE Misistaupey see Misistapew Misiw Nape see Lacombe, Francois Miskeme Wastan see Iron That Moves Miskemekin see Mikske Mekin Misketo see Mosquito Miskew Okimaw Iskwew see Cocking, Agatha Miskinak f 1GH1 TwD>Msk/Kis Misko Okimaw Iskwew see Cocking, Agatha Miskoo Kehew see Prince, Henry Miskoo Moostoos 1HG0 StL Miskoo Okimaw Iskwew see Cocking, Agatha Miskookenew see Prince, Henry Miskwa Kwadokwe see Gauthier, Theresia Miskwa Mayew AHC9- Was Miskwakwadokwe see Gauthier, Theresia Miskwamayew see Miskwa Mayew Miso Pashish see Kelsey, Henry Misokamin Hi Kapaw 1HG0 StL Misomin see Little Shell, Thomas Misoo see Miskwa Mayew Misookamin Ikapaw see Misokamin Hi Kapaw Misquonogous AGIO Sas Missalog Chief AHH5 Osn Missekeeasso, Paul 1HG0 FtV Misseminahik see Mista Minahik Mississaugue AGGH ONT/MIS>FtE/Jsp>TrM/COL/StP Missisticoine see Michi Ostikwan Mista AHH0 PIK/NoP Mista Asini see Bigstone Mista Jim see Simpson, James Mista Minahik see Ahtakakoop Mistanbois AGIO Sas Mista???, Marie see Bone, Marie Mistahai Minahik see Ahtakakoop Mistahai'Muskwa see Mistahew Maskwa Mistahe Awasis see Belanger, Mistahe Awasis Kelsey, Henry Mistahew Awas Asis, Gabriel Bela1HC9 SnP Mistahew Awas Asis, Laughing ManAHC7/84 SnP Mistahew Awas Asis, Peggy BelangAGE8- SnP>Keh>Alx/LSA>MET Mistahew Maskwa Chief AGBE-HF JkF>BlP/BgB Mistahik AICJ Pes/TZC>FtE Mistahimaskwa see Mistahew Maskwa Mistak see Giroux, Magloire Mistake see Giroux, Magloire Mistaken Chief 1HF9 KAI/MaT? Mistaken Chief, Philip 19EB KAI/ Mistaken Chief, Rose Beatrie AID8-06 KAI Mistapew 1HA0/70cFtE>Msk Mistapew O Ka Sisa AECJ Sas/FtE>Msk> Mistapew O Ka Sisa AHFG Sas Mistapew O Kisim AHC7/FG Msk Mistapiew see Mistapew Mistapiw see Mistapew Mistapiws see Mistapew Mistapiwto see Mistapew Mistasini see Bigstone Mistassini see Big Rock Mistatik see Niyapskichik Mistatim see also Big Dog Horse Mistatim 1HA0 TwD>Kis>Msk Mistatim 1HG0 Was Mistatim Asis AHCE Sip>BgB/LPi Mistatim Asis AHCE Sip>BgB/LPi Mistatim Awasis see Misatimwas Peemee, Joseph Mistatim O Ka Sisa AECJ Kis>Msk Mistatimois see Misatimwas Mistatim Asis Mistatimwas see Misatimwas Mistatim Asis Mistawasis, Gabriel Belanger 1HC9 SnP Mistawasis, Laughing Man Belanger847/84 SnP Mistawasis, Peggy Belanger AGE8- SnP>Keh>Alx/LSA>MET Mistchin Awake see Mistchin Awaki Mistchin Awaki f AHFE PIK/SoP Mister Jim see Simson, James Keith Mister Musho 1HF9 OJI/Bis Mistickohoe see Bruneau, Pierre Mistikohow Mistik, Marie see Calahison, Marie Mistikohow see Bruneau, Pierre Mistikohow Mistikomin see Rowand, Joseph Mistikomin Mistikoos Chief AECJ Swt>Mak>FrL/Mst Mistikus, Charlotte 1HA1 SOT/Pes/Dum>LSA/Ase>MET Mistina AHH0 PIK/SoP/MdW Mistopasis see Kelsey, Henry Mistahew Awasis Mistosopios AGB2 FtE/Lap Mistosopios, Anna AHC2 FtE/Lap Mistosopios, Isabelle AHC2 FtE/Lap Mistosopios, Kwekwe () 18BG FtE/Lap Mistosopios, Lisette AHC2 FtE/Lap Mistowasis Chief see Mistahew Awas Asis Mistreated see Stewart, Joseph Mistupayoos see Mistapew Misumakoyinmaki see Long Time Pipe Woman Mitain f 1HA0 OMA Mitchewakan see Michewakan Mitchooman Iskwew see Cocking, Agathas Mitchel see also Mitchell Mitchel, Charles BNAD CRE>CHI/Bar Mitchell see also Mitchell Mitchell 1HC5 RdR>ALB> Mitchell AHFE >Was Mitchell 19HH Pas Mitchell, Billy see Mitchell, William Mitchell, Daniel 1HF4- Neh Mitchell, David D. 18AB >MNT/PIK>MIS Mitchell, Frederick Indiana JonesHI7 USA> Mitchell, George Mitchell, George AID5 MIN/AIM Mitchell, Gladys AICJ FtV Mitchell, Hillyard AHFO >PaK Mitchell, J.B. ConsNWMPAGEF >Was Mitchell, John A. 1HF6 >ALB>Sad Mitchell, Joni see Anderson, Joni Mitchell, Joseph AID5 >HiL Mitchell, Mabel (Badger) 1HC1 StL Mitchell, Martin 1HF4- Neh/FPk Mitchell, Mary see Guess, Mary Mitchell, Michael Gr.Chf. 19EE IRO/Akw Mitchell, Oliver Badger see Badger, Oliver Mitchell, Peter AIBE StL Mitchell, Verna Chief 19gG CHP/Pop Mitchell, William BNAR CHP/Bis Mitchem, Elizabeth (Howell) 1HG3 MIS Mitchem, Madge Elizabeth 1HI9-gG MIS>MIC Mitchem, Wiley Martin 1HG0 MIC Mitchum, Madge Elizabeth see Mitchem, Madge Elizabeth Mitdure, Maggie see Mitdure, Margaret Mitdure, Margaret 1HI3 MIS>MIC Miteamegke, Marie AF31 CHP Mithcoocoomanesq see Cocking, Agathas Mithradates Eupator King ac0B GRK Mithridaties see Methodiates Mitotam O Chi Inew see Lawrence, E.J. Mitootam Ooche Eynew see Lawrence, E.J. Mitsuing, Raymond Burtie Chief AIRH MkS Mitsuing, Raymond 19HI MkS Mitwona see Mitwoni Mitwoni f AGB6 BLK/PIK>FtP/Sip Mixed Day f AH5J DAK/Hun/4Ho>SiB Mixeneene AID0 CHP/BlR/SwL Mixeneene, Angelique 1hg0 CHP/BlR/SwL Mixkemoteskinna see Iron Horn Miya Atikos see Miette Miyatis Miyotak Miyatikos see Miette Miyatis Miyotak Miyatis AHJJ Pes>TZ* Miyatis AHJ4 LSL>Pas>Lap Miyaw see Standingready, William Miyew see Gladue, George Miyinaw Ikapaw see Moniyaw Hi Kapaw Mininawakapaw see Moniyaw Hi Kapaw Miyo see Standingready, William Miyo Awasis Hdm. AHC6 Sik>RPh> Miyo Iskwes see Lussier, Miyo Iskwes Miyo Kisik-kaw O Stesa AHC3 Sip Miyo Kisik-kaw O Tawi-ya AECJ >Sip Miyonaw Hi Kapaw see Moniyaw Hi Kapaw Miyotak see also Miyatis Miyotak AGEC >EdS "It/He is Good" Miyow see Standingready, William Miyowesis see Miyo Awasis Mjolsness, Martin 1HI2 >ALB Mnaja Wintko myth NAK Mnisa see Mini Sala Moab see Moad Moad AECJ >FtE Moar, Helena (Campbell) 18BG Dun>FMc>CuH>RdR>TrM/ORE Moar, John Sr. 18BG CuH>RdR>ORE Moar, John Jr. AHC8- CuH>RdR>ORE Moar, Maria Rachel AGE8- RdR Moar, Mary Jane 1HF1-63 RdR Moar, Mathilda 1HEE-CH RdR Moar, Thomas c1hBI-FD RdR Moar, William Thomas 1HC-CJ RdR Moara Ute Chief AGFJ UTE/Mou Moberley see also Moberly Moberley, Joseph 19FJ LRR>FtV Moberley, Maurice Chief see Piche, Maurice Moberly AHFO SwG Moberly, Adolphus Chief AHH2- Jsp/Mob/Ase>MET Moberly, Beatrice 1hg5 Tal/FtV Moberly, Clifford 1hg5 Tal/FtV Moberly, David AHH0 Jsp/Mob/Ase>MET Moberly, Dolphus see Moberly, Adolphus Moberly, Edward AHH0 Jsp/Mob/Ase>MET Moberly, Euphrasine AHH4- Jsp/Mob> Moberly, Ewan AHFE Jsp/Mob/Ase>MET Moberly, Frank AHH0 Jsp/Mob/Ase>MET Moberly, Harry John see Moberly, Henry John Moberly, Henry John 1HC5- ENG>Jsp/FtE>LLB>Jsp>PeR/FtV>FMc> Moberly, John 18GH Jsp/Mob/Ase>MET Moberly, John 1IO7 Mob/Ase>MET Moberly, Joseph see Moberley, Joseph Moberly, Louis 1HG0 Jsp/Mob/Ase>MET Moberly, M.J. see Moberly, H.J. Moberly, Mary-Ann AID7 Tal/FtV Moberly, Paul 19FJ Tal/FtV Moberly, Ralph 19FJ Tal/FtV Moberly, Roy 19FJ Tal/FtV Moberly, Suzanne (Cardinal) c18CG- Pes/Jsp/SwG>LSA/Pau>Sas> Moberly, Walter 18CH ENG>BC>ALB> Moberly, William 18IO Jsp/Mob/Ase>MET Mobuto Pres. AIE4 ZAI Moccasin AHFO/79 PIK/SoP Mocassin, Alexander 1iCD Sau Moccasin, Archie 1HH7 Sau Moccasin, Francis 1HC6 Sau Moccasin, Leo Sr. 1IFE Sau Moccasin, Leo Jr. 1hg5 Sau Moccasin, Star 1HC6 Sau Moccasin Top see Four Horns Moccasin Woman 1IO0 KAI Mochekan f AGEF >EdS "There is Fun" Moe see Ear Moegan see Mahikan Moeun, Sophia 1hg2- ALB/Cgy Moffat, William Jr. 1HG0 Moignon see Mondion Moignon, Margarette see Mondion, Margarette Moise AHJ7 LLB Moise AID2 CRE/CdL Moise 1HC5 CHI/CdL Moise, Alexis see Moise, Moise Alexis Moise, Antoine Chief AICJ FLA Moise, Baptiste cAGBE- LLB Moise, Moise Alexis cAGBE- LLB Moise, Suzanne (Decoyne) AHJ7- LSL>SoB>Jsp>LSL>LLB Mokahas see Mann, G.G. Mokai Sapop see Mikoi Sapop Mokaisapo see Mikoi Sapop Mokakin see Weaselhead, Pat Mokalass see Mann, G.G. Mokoman Asis see Petit Couteau Mokoman Hi Kapaw see Cartier, Mokoman Hi Kapaw Mokomanis see Petit Couteau Moksois AHJJ CHY Mokumanikapiw see Cartier, Mokoman Hi Kapaw Mole 1HEE DAK/ Mollie aGCA NEZ Molony see Mountain, Molony, E. AHFE >ALB/Cgy Mombreuil, Antoine AG30 QUE>Mic Monahseetah f 1HEE CHY Monchamp, Jeanne Sis. AID2 >FCh> Monchamp, Michelle Sis. AID2 >FCh> Monckton, Tobert Lt.Gov. AG26-82 BRI>CAN/NOS Moncton, Tobert Lt.Gov. AG26-82 BRI>CAN/NOS Mondion, 18JF MET Mondion, Antoine aGCA Pes> Mondion, Atasawapak AGB1 Pes> Mondion, Besthey AHH0 MET Mondion, Catherine 1HC2- Sas/Sis/FrL>Sip>Sas>Lap>Met Mondion, Genevieve AGEC Sas/Sip/OnL Mondion, Ibezong 1HA9 Pes Mondion, Ibezong c1HC9- Pes Mondion, John aGCA Pes Mondion, Josef 18AB CAN>Pes>FrL Mondion, Josef c1HC9- Pes Mondion, Kisenim 1HA9 Pes>Lap? Mondion, Margaret AGBE Pes>Kis>Lap Mondion, Marguerite (Courteoreil)8CJ CRE Mondion, Margueritte 1HG0 Sas/Sip/FrL>FCo/Nip Mondion, Marie (Nadeau) 1HA8 >FrL/Sip Mondion, Marie aGCA Pes> Mondion, Mary Dufresne c1IO0- FCo/Nip Mondion, Michel c1HC6- Pes Mondion, Narcisse 1HEE >MET Mondion, Narcisse AHH0 MET Mondion, Nekase see Nekasew Nondion, Nekasew () AGBE Pes Mondion, Nekaso see Nekasew Mondion, Paulette 1HC5 Pes> Mondion, Pierre aGCA Pes> Mondion, Susan see Cardinal, Suzanne Mondion, Susan () AGBE Pes Mondion, Susan c1HC6- Pes Mondion, Suzanne (Cardinal) AGE7- >MET Monet see also Belhumeur Monet Monet Belhumeur Monette Monet, Anne Marie see Forgey, Anne Marie Monet, Marguerite see Monet Belhumeur, Marguerite Monet Belhumeur see also Belhumeur Monette Monet Belhumeur, Andre 18JF- QUE>RdR>Pem>MET Monet Belhumeur, Antoine AGBG- FRA Monet Belhumeur, Clemence 18EB- RdR>CyH>Kat>MoM>Sk>MET Monet Belhumeur, Euphrosine (Desjarlais) AHFO RdR Monet Belhumeur, Francois 1gG0 QUE Monet Belhumeur, Frisine see Desjarlais, Euphrosine Monet Belhumeur, Jean Baptiste AG03 FRA Monet Belhumeur, Jean AH5J RdR Monet Belhumeur, Jeremie 18EB-10 Pem>RdR>MET Monet Belhumeur, Josephte 18JF- QUE>RdR Monet Belhumeur, Josephte (Boissel)34 QUE Monet Belhumeur, Josephte (Mallette)8CH RdR Monet Belhumeur, Lambert AG63- QUE Monet Belhumeur, Madeleine AGVC- FRA Monet Belhumeur, Marg. (Forgey) Monet Belhumeur, Marg. (Grant) 1gG5-FF SwR>RdR>QUE>RdR Monet Belhumeur, Marg. (Morin) cAHJ9- RdR>Pem Monet Belhumeur, Marguerite AHCE RdR>Pem Monet Belhumeur, Marie AG32- FRA Monet Belhumeur, Marie Marguerite7FI- QUE Monet Belhumeur, Marie MadeleineAG61- QUE Monet Belhumeur, Marie-Anne AGB1- RdR Monet Belhumeur, Marie 18BG- RdR>Pem Monet Belhumeur, Martin AG26-RH FRA>QUE Monet Belhumeur, Michel Sr. AGFF-49 QUE>RdR>QUE>RdR Monet Belhumeur, Michel Jr. AHHB- QUE>RdR>QUE>RdR Monet Belhumeur, Olivier 1HC2 RdR Monet Belhumeur, Pierre AGfe QUE Monet Belhumeur, Reine Desnages see Lariviere, Reine Desnages Monet Belhumeur, Reine (Gaboury)AHJ6- RdR Monet Belhumeur, Rose (Liotard) AGJM FRA Monette see also Belhumeur Monet Monet Monet Belhumeur Monette, Clemence see Monet Belhumeur, Clemence Monette, Josephte (Mallette) 18CH RdR Monette, Olivier see Monet Belhumeur, Olivier Money, Alberta AIB7 >ALB Money Chief see Mann, G.G. Money Seeker see Hunter, Edwin Moneyabanow see Maski Pitonew Moneyhead see Cronin, Pierre Monfwi Chief AHH6- THL Mongis, Francois AG26 QUE>Mic Mongrain, Andre AHH2- Alx/LSA>Ale>Sas Mongrain, Angelique (Petit Coutea)57 Alx>Ale>Sas Mongrain, Caroline 1HG9-HC Alx/LSA>Ale Mongrain, Francis 1HG1- Alx/LSA>Ale>Sas Mongrain, Joseph AHH5- Alx/LSA>Ale>Sas Mongrain, Louis see Mongrain, Louison Mongrain, Louison Chief AHFE IRO/CRE/Sas/FrL/Sik Mongrain, Michel Sr. AGEA LSA>Alx>Sas Mongrain, Michel Jr. AHH0- Alx/LSA>Ale>Sas Monias Hdm. 1HEE Pak Monias 1IO0/19 CHI/CdL Monias 1IO5 FrL>HtL Monias, Albert 1IO9- CHI/HtL Monias, Aldine Mary AIBH- HtL Monias, Donald 1IA9 HtL Monias, Eugene Chief 19EJ HtL Monias, Isabelle GrosseTete AHH0/39 CdL/HtL> Monias, Lilly (Cardinal) 1IO7- LLB>HtL Monias, Mary (Gregoir) 1IO0 >FrL>HtL Monias, Mary AIE7 LuB Monias, Morris 19GH HoW Monias, Philomene 1HG6 Ale/EdS Monias, Victor BNAR- HtL Monias Iskwew AHG6 CRE/ Monieau see Monias Moniyaw Moniere, Sieur De 1gd0 QUE>Mic Moniyak, John 1GH6- MAN Moniyak, William AGFF >MAN Moniyas see also Benson, Mel Moignon Monias Monion Moniyak Moniyaw Moniyas Moniyas Iskwew see Mountain, Jennifer Moniyaw see also Benson, Mel Moignon Monias Monion Moniyak Moniyaw Moniyas Moniyaw AGIO CAN>Sas>AsW>TwD/Lar>RMH>TrM/ORE Moniyaw Hi Kapaw f AGB0 MET/Pes/TZ* Moniyaw Kichi Okimaw see White Governor Monk LordGen.AICJ ENG>ONT> Monk Justice AHCE ONT Monkaushka Chief AHJ7 YAN Monkman 1HA7 IRE>ONT Monkman AHC2 >FtE Monkman, Albert AHFC >DuL Monkman, Alexander 1HG9 >GrP Monkman, Allan AHFE >GrP Monkman, Catherine (Boucher) AID0 Monkman, Charles 1HG2- MET/BlQ/Was Monkman, Henry 1HC5- RdR>Gdf/Vic>BlQ> Monkman, James 1gG1- IRE>BrH>RdR/WHP Monkman, Jane AGB0 RdR Monkman, Jane AGB2- RdR Monkman, Joseph AGBE RdR Monkman, Joseph 1IA0 Monkman, Lee AICJ Monkman, Louisa () 1HC6 RdR Monkman, Louisa () 1HG5- Gdf/BlQ Monkman, Mary () 1GH0 BrH>RdR/WHP Monkman, Nancy (Spence) AHC2- RdR>Vic>BlQ> Monkonsko Chief AG30 Swp/Mgo Monokki see Berland, Lizette Monsonoff, Jeanette 1IFE ALB Monro see Monroe Munro Munroe Monro see also Munro Munroe Monroe AGB4 RMH Monroe 1HEE CRE/Kis Monroe, A. 1IO5 Edm Monroe, Adelaide -1HEE CRE/Kis/FtE Monroe, Amelia cAGBE- PIK/Inu> Monroe, Andrew AHJJ USA Monroe, Angus 18IO CRE/Kis>MET Monroe, Apa Aki 1HA4 PIK/Inu>NoP> Monroe, Benjamin 1HG1- PIK/NoP>CRE/Kis>MET Monroe, Caroline AHFO PIK/NoP>CRE/Kis Monroe, Christine (Desjarlais) 1HEE- CRE/LLB/Pey>FtE>Kis>MET Monroe, Emelie 1HG5 PIK/NoP>CRE/Kis>MET Monroe, Felix AGBE-75 PIK/Inu>NoP>CRE/Kis Monroe, Francis 1HF9- PIK/NoP>CRE/Kis>FtE>MET Monroe, Francois see also Monroe, Francis Monroe, Francois c1HA8- PIK/Inu>NoP> Monroe, Francois AHC9- PIK/Inu>NoP>SoP>MET Monroe, Francois 1IO0 CRE/Kis/PIK>CRE/TrM/SPO Monroe, Gladys (Parker) AIB0 Monroe, Hugh AGFJ QUE Monroe, Hugh Sr. 1GH4- QUE>PIK/Inu>NoP> Monroe, Hugh Jr. 1HC1 PIK/NoP Monroe, Hugh AH5J Monroe, Isabelle F. (Lussier) 1HC5- CRE/Pes>FtE>Kis>MET Monroe, James Pres. AGIA USA Munroe, John c18AF- PIK/Inu>NoP> Monroe, John William 1HC5 PIK/Inu>NoP>CRE/Kis>MET Monroe, John W. AHH4- USA Monroe, John Lewis 1IO9- USA Monroe, Joseph 1IO0 FtE>NoP>KAI Monroe, Joseph 1IO0 USA Monroe, Julie AGEI- PIK/NoP>CRE/Kis>FtE>MET Monroe, Justine AHFG- PIK/CRE/FtE>Kis>MET Monroe, Lizzie cAGB1- PIK/Inu>NoP>CRE/FtE Monroe, Louis 1IO0 FtE>NoP>KAI>MET Monroe, Louis 1IO9- Monroe, Louise (Laderoute) AECJ FtE/LSA>PIK/NoP>CRE>MET Monroe, Louise 1HG5 PIK/NoP>CRE/Kis>MET Monroe, Margaret (Standing Alone)8FJ/AFcKAI> Monroe, Marie 18BG PIK/Inu>NoP>CRE/Sas>Was Monroe, Marie 1HG5 PIK/NoP>CRE/Kis>MET Monroe, Marilyn 1HC6 USA/CAL>ALB>USA/CAL Monroe, Mark Piegan Woman AHCE PIK>NoP Monroe, Mary see also Apa Aki Monroe, Margaret Munroe, Marie Soldat, Mary Monroe, Mary c18VC- PIK/Inu>NoP> Monroe, Mary (Soldat) AGEA Sas>PIK/NoP>CRE>AsW/Kis> Monroe, Mary 1HG5- Sas>AsW/Kis Monroe, Olive (McClellan) 18IO USA Monroe, Oliver 1HC4 PIK/Inu>NoP> Munroe, Olivia aGCA PIK/Inu>NoP> Monroe, Percy BNAD Sap Monroe, Phillip 1IO0 FtE>PIK/NoP>KAI>MET Monroe, Philomene 1HG5 PIK/NoP>CRE/AsW/Kis>MET Monroe, Piskun 1HC4 PIK/Inu/NoP>KAI/Nit>CRE/RMH>FtE Monroe, R. 1HG4 KAI/CRE Monroe, Rosalie 1IO0 FtE>PIK/NoP>KAI>MET Monroe, Spence 1IO0 USA Monroe, Sophie 1IO0 FtE>NoP>KAI Monroe, William John AGEA- PIK/NoP>CRE/RMH Monroe, William AGE7- CRE/FtE>Kis>MET Monsoni Chief AGJJ Mon Montagnais 1HG5 >ALB/StP Montagnais, Marie Aimable (Bruneau) Montagnais, Sourichaude see Saurichaude, Montagnais Montana Pete AIBE USA/MNT>ALB/Jsp Montbart, Andre de see De Montbart, Andre Montcalm AG25 FRA>QUE Montendre, Claude see Gouin, Claude Montesquieu AGEE FRA Montezuma Emp. 1EJ0 AZT Montgrand, Ambroise 18IO CHI/BiC Montgrand, Angelique 18IO CHI/BiC Montgrand, Boniface AGEF- CHI/BiC Montgrand, Catherine 18IO CHI/BiC Montgrand, Eliza 18IO CHI/BiC Montgrand, Jacques 18IO CHI/BiC Montgrand, Joachim I 1HC6 CHI/BiC Montgrand, Joachim II 18IO CHI/BiC Montgrand, Jonas 1HI9 CHI/BiC Montgrand, Julie AGB6- CHI/BiC Montgrand, Louis- AHFC CHI/BiC Montgrand, Marceline 1HI9 CHI/BiC Montgrand, Marie () AHC2 CHI/BiC Montgrand, Marie 1HI9 CHI/BiC Montgrand, Patrice 1HI9 CHI/BiC Montgrand, Philomen 18IO CHI/BiC Montgrand, Pierre 1HI9 CHI/BiC Montgrand, Scholastique 1HI9 CHI/BiC Montgrand, Sophie (Herman) 1HF2 CHI/BiC Montgrand, Suzanne (Wapos Wiyas)1HF2 CHI/BiC Montgrand, Therese () 18AB CHI/BiC Montgrand, Ursule (Janvier) 1HG0 CHI/BiC Montman, Joseph see Monkman, Joseph Montmmois, Joseph AGEE CAN>CuH/Nip Montney see Mountain Montois 1045 FRA>ENG Montolosi, Giovanni AGIF ITA/SCI Montour see also Couc, Louis Monture Montour AECJ >MNT Montour, Abraham cAHFE-85 Bat/DuL Montour, Abraham 1HG0 Sas/FrL Montour, Angelique AHJJ- Sas> Montour, Elizabeth 1GH9- YkF> Montour, Elizabeth O Minahemin Is8JJ CuH>FtE Montour, Elizabeth 18JM- >Pes Montour, Elise Elizabeth 18IO Montour, Ian 19GH/JF MaW/Mon Montour, Ignace cAHJJ- IRO>TrM/KUT/FLA Montour, Isadore AHFO Montour, Jean Baptiste cAHFO-85 Bat/DuL Montour, Joseph 19IF IRO Montour, Louis 1GH0 RMH>TrM/FLA Montour, Louise 1GH5-34 Sas>Pes Montour, Margarette (Laframboise) Montour, Margarette (Louis) AI5J Sam Montour, Marie (Laframboise) Montour, Nicholas AG63 QUE>Dau>FtE>RMH>TrM>Sas>TrM/FLA Montreau see Montreuil Montreau, Joseph see Montreuil, Joseph Montreuil, Alenor AHC2- Pem> Montreuil, Alexis 1hBI- Pem> Montreuil, Charlotte Montreuil, Frances AGDD- Pem> Montreuil, Francois AICJ- Pem> Montreuil, Isabella AGBE- Pem> Montreuil, Isabelle (Bottineau) 1HA7- RdR>Pem Montreuil, John 1HC2- Pem> Montreuil, Joseph 18JM- >Pem Montreuil, Joseph AGB4- Pem> Montreuil, Madelaine 18CH- Pem> Montreuil, Marguritte 1HC4- Pem> Montreuil, Mary 1HC5- Pem> Montreuil, P. 1GH4 >FtE Monture see also Montour Monture, Margaret see Louis, Margaret Montour, Margaret Monturem, Margaret see Montour, Margaret Moo Stoo Ka Ni Pa Wit see Mustus Ka Nipawit Moocheweinies, David 1HC5- FrL Moocheweinies, Elmer AIEH- FrL Moocheweinies, Jane (Mountain) 1hg0 BeL>FrL Moocheweinies, Maggie 1IO2- FrL Moocheweinies, Philomene 1IA8- FrL Moodie, Geraldine AGE4-45>QUE/UNG> Moodie see also Moody Moodie, Geraldine () AGE4-45>QUE/Ung> Moodie, J.D. Insp 1HEE RNWMP>BC>QUE>INU/Ung> Moody see also Moodie Moody, R.C. Col. AECJ ENG>BC/Vic> Moody, Sherry cAID7- ALB/Cgy Mooers, Hazen AG95 CHP/MIN Moon see also Ki Soum Kokomikeis Moon 1HG0 KAI Moon, Adeline (Tekatch) 19FJ Moon, Daniel 19IO DAK Moon, Frank AICJ Moon, Helen () 1HC2 Moon, Murray Morrison AI5J-04 Moon, Vera (Campbell) 1HC2 Moon Calf 1HG0 KAI/Sik Moon Calf, Annie 1IO0 KAI/Sik Moon Calf, Bull Shields 1IO0 KAI/Sik Moon Calf, Ernest Brave Rock 1IO0 KAI/Sik Moon Comes Up Chief AGEJ DAK/San/MCU Moon Woman see Bernard, Pesim Iskwew Moonedyahs see Monias Moniaw Moonias Mooney, James 1IO0 USA Moonhavey Wr.Chf. AHC2 SHO/WiR Moonias see also Monias Moniaw Moonias, Jerry BNAD LuB Moonias, Mary see also Monias, Mary Moonias, Mary AID5- Lap Mooniyaw Iskwes see Fromhold-Mountain, Jennifer Lynn Moonookee see Berland, Lizette Moor see also Moore Moor, James 1HC3- IRE>ONT/Pen Moor, William 1gd6-47 ENG>NUN/HBy>ENG Moore see also Moor Moore 1HG0 >SK/Was>ALB/Edm Moore Capt. 1HG0 >SK/Was Moore 1HG2 >ALB Moore 1hg2 CHP/LGR Moore 19HH Pas Moore, Bernard AHFG- >AK/TLN Moore, Bruce c1IF2- FCh Moore, Donovan c1IF2- FCh Moore, Edward BNAR FCh Moore, John Sr. 1gG9 >RdR Moore, John Jr. AHJJ- RdR Moore, John T. AHFC >ALB/RdD Moore, Lisa (Hemus) BJj0 ALB Moore, Max 1IO7 ALB Moore, Nicholas 1HI5 >ALB/FMc Moore, O.S. 'Tillie' 1HG2 >ALB Moore, Samuel AID0 FCh Moore, Thomas H. Ind.Agt.AGBE USA/MIS Moore, Thomas 18BG >ENG>NUN>ENG Moore, Thomas 18IO >ALB Moore, Tillie see Moore, O.S. Moore, William Capt. AHC7 >AK/TLN Moorhead Insp. 1IO0 NWMP>NWT/FtS> Moorman see also Merriman Mooreman Morphy see also Murphy Morphy 1HG0 >ALB Moosahwah see Letendre, Jean Baptiste Mooswah Moosahtik see Mooswa Atik Moosapik Chief AHCE TwD?>Msk>MKw Mooscooee see Prince, Henry Moose see Charbonneau Letendre Meekoo Moostoos Moosewah Moostoos Mooswa Mustus Moose Coat see Capot D'Orignal Moose Dung see also Moosemay Mooswa Meyi Moose Dung Chief AGIO Sih>FtU Moose Jacket see Capot D'Orignal Moose Killer see Peter Wesley Moose Tah Tip see Cardinal, Jacques Moose That Walks AGEJ TZA/HuH Moosekiller see Peter Wesley Moosemay see also Moose Dung Moosemay, Alec 1IFE CRE Moosemay, Allen 1IFE CRE Moosemay, Annie 1IFE CRE Moosemay, Arthur 1HC5 CRE Moosemay, Austin BJj5 CRE Moosemay, Beatrice 1IFE CRE Moosemay, Bertha () AID5 CRE Moosemay, Cheyenne BJj5 CRE Moosemay, Daisy 1IFE CRE Moosemay, Darren 1hg5 CRE Moosemay, Elizabeth 1IFE CRE Moosemay, Emile 1IFE CRE Moosemay, Isabelle 1IFE CRE Moosemay, John 1IFE CRE Moosemay, Kathleen 1IFE CRE Moosemay, Lawrence Craig 1hg5 CRE Moosemay, Lillian Edith 1IFE CRE Moosemay, Linda 1IFE CRE>SIK Moosemay, Mary 1IFE CRE Moosemay, Stephanie 1hg5 CRE Moosemay, Thelma 1IFE CRE Moosepayo, Veronica () 1IO0- LoL Moosepew AHH0 OnL Moosewa Meyi see Moose Dung Moosemay Moosewah see also Letendre, Jean Baptiste Mooswah Mooswa Moosewah AID0 Keh>Sad Moosewah, Christine 1IO5- Sad Moosewah, Ernest AIBH- Sad Moosewah, Ernest AI5J- Sad Moosewah, Leonard 1hg0 Sad Moosewah, Marilyn 1hg2 Keh/Sad> Moosewah, Marilyn 1hg5 Sad Moosewah, Norman AID8- Sad Moosewah, Sarah 1HI5- Sad Moosewah, Vincent BJj5 Sad Mooskwes see Mountain, Irene Mooskwesis see Maskwa Asis Moosomin see also Little Shell, Thomas Masomin Moosomin Chief AHC6 JkF>Moo Moosomin, Joseph 1IA0- Moo Moosomin, Marie () 1HI2 Moo Moostahtip see Cardinal, Jacques Moostoos see also Buffalo Ka Kitowew Mustus Moostos Mustus Tastowits, Louison Moostoos 1HI8 Kit Moostoos Chief AHFE LSL/StL Moostoos, Marcie 19IO StL Moostoos Meyi HdMn AHFE >Sam Moostoos Meyi, O Ka Sisa 1 AHH6 Sam Moostoos Meyi, O Ka Sisa 2 AHH7 Sam Moostoos Meyi, O Misima AHH6 Sam Moostoos Meyi, O Wa () 1HG0 >Sam Moostoosmay see Moostoos Meyi Moostoosmew see Moostoos Meyi Moostos see also Buffalo Moostoos Mustus Moostos 1HF4 FrL Mooswa see also Moosewah Letendre, Jean Baptiste Mooswah Mooswa, Tavish AHH0 TZA/Dun/ClH>PeX Mooswa Atik Chief 18AF TwD?>Msk>MKw Mooswa Meyi see Moose Dung Moosemay Moots, Abraham AGEC >FtP> Moots, Abraham (Mrs.) AGE7 >FtP> Morais, Antoine AGEC CRE/Lap>Kis>PIK>MET Morais, Marie Marianne (Boucher)1HG3- CRE/Lap>Kis>PIK>MET Morales, John 19gG DAK/NAK/FPk Moran see also Morin Moran, Etienne AHFE >FtP> Moran, Heather 19FJ Moran, John J.H. 1HI9- Cgy Moran, Marguerite cAHJ9- >RdR>Pem Moran, Marie 18ID- Cgy Moran, Shirley 1HC9- BC Moran, Sophia 18ID- Cgy>BC Moran, Thomas 1HI6- Cgy Morand, Antoine see Morin, Antoine Morand, Marie (Dubois) see Dubois, Marie Morden, A.R. 18ID >FtV> Mordred 1JJ ENG More see also Moore More, David AHJ3 USA/MIS>ND/FtH> More, Richard 1FJ0 ENG>USA/MAS More Than A Hand 19FJ SIK More Than A Hand, Georgia (Medic)9FJ CRE/SIK Moreau see also Morin Moreau 1GH1 USA/MIS Moreau, Baptiste Kiou 18BG MET>CyH Moreau, Charlotte (Laferville) Moreau, Hyacinthe 1GH4 CAN>EnR> Moreau, Jean Baptiste Sr. AG95- RdR Moreau, Jean Baptiste Jr. AGB4- RdR Moreau, Little Jesus Fr. 1IA0 >EnR> Moreau, Marguerite 1HA0 RdR Moreau, Marie (Venne) AECJ RdR Moreau, Therese 1hBI- RdR Morel see also Morin Morel AG62 QUE Morel, Antoine see Desjarlais, Antoine Morin Morel, Caroline (Desjarlais) see Desjarlais, Caroline Morin Morelle 1gG4 CAN>Pem Moren see also Morin Moren, Arthur Dr. AGEJ ONT>ALB>BC> Morey 19HH Pas Morgan Mayor AHJJ >WIS/PDC Morgan 1IA0 SK/BiR Morgan 19HH Pas Morgan, Elsie () 1HI2 ENG>ALB Morgan, Hannah Elizabeth see Tewell, Frances Morgan, John Hunt Gen. AGB0/FD USA Morgan, John AHH0/FF GUI>ENG>GUI>BC>ALB Morgan, John cAHH7- SHU/Bon Morgan, Joseph 1HF1/HA>MNT Morgan, Lewis Henry 1HC9 USA>MIS>MNT> Morgan, Patrick AID8 ALB Morgana Le Fey 1JJ ENG Morin see also Moreau Morais Morand Morin 1GH0 CAN>FCh> Morin AGID CAN>ORE Morin 18CG RdR>ALB>RdR Morin 18IO ILC Morin 19HH Pas Morin Fr. see Morin, J.B. Morin, Aaron Lawrence 1hg2- Lap Morin, Abbe see Morin, J.B. Morin, Alexis Charles Chief 1HG0-71 Lap Morin, Alfred AHH5 CyH>MMt>MET Morin, Alfred 19CG- MaW Morin, Alvin 1IF1 Lap Morin, Ambrose 1IA0 Lap Morin, Amelia (Yellowcalf) AICJ Pas>Hob Morin Morin, Anstasie AGEF- >WMt>MET Morin, Antoine 18ac CAN>ILC>RdR Morin, Antoine 18ac RdR Morin, Antoine 1HC5 RdR Morin, Antoine AICJ-GH RdR>Ale/Sip Morin, Antoine Morais AGEC Lap>Kis>PIK>MET Morin, April 1hg2 Lap Morin, Arcand f AGEC >EdS Morin, Archange (Arcand) AGEC- Sip/Ale>Kis>MET Morin, Barbara B.Ed. AHGE Lap>TrM/SHU/Nes Morin, Baptiste see Morin, Jean Baptiste Morin, Bethsy 18GH Ale>Kis>MET Morin, Blackbird see Morin, Cajun Morin, Louis Morin, Bruce cAID8- ALB/Cgy Morin, Cajun 1HEE >CyH Morin, Caroline (Desjarlais) AGE4- MIN>FtE/LSA/Pas/MuS>Kis>MNT>MET Morin, Caroline AHFE Lap>AsW/Kis>MNT>MET Morin, Caroline 1HG3- Morin, Charles 1HG0- Lap>MET Morin, Charles 1HC9- MaW Morin, Chery see Morin, Cheryl Morin, Cheryl 1hg0- Lap Morin, Chichimew AHC3 >TuL> Morin, Comtois see Morin, Sieur Comtois Morin, Connie 19EE Lap Morin, Daniel see Lapotac, Daniel Morin, David Lapataque see Lapotac, David Morin, Donald 19GH Lap Morin, Edward AIB0-73 MaW Morin, Edward AID9 Lap Morin, Elisa cAHFE- Lap>BeL Morin, Eliza (Desjarlais) AGE8- >WMt/Mis>MET Morin, Emilian 18GH-82 Ale>Kis Morin, Emma Lapotac see Lapotac, Emma Morin Morin, Enoch Lapotac see Lapotac, Enoch Morin Morin, Etienne see also Moran, Etienne Morin, Etienne Comtois 1gG7- CAN>TSU>CRE/AmW Morin, Fernand AHH4 >ALB>StP Morin, Flora Lapataque see Lapotac, Flora Morin Morin, Francois 1GH1 CAN>RdR>FtE>LSL>CuH> Morin, Frank Kaquitts AIBE MaW>Chi Morin, Frederick AHH5 CyH>MMt>MET Morin, Gary AHEI Lap Morin, Gerald Pres. AIGJ MET/MNC Morin, Harold 1IA4 MiN>GrL Morin, Harold AIE1-IF Lap Morin, Heather see Moran, Heather Morin, Helene (Pelletier) AHFO- Sip>CyH>MMt>MET Morin, Isabel 1HC2- MaW Morin, J.B. Fr.OMI 1HG0 >ALB Morin, J. Blair AHG9 Lap Morin, Jacob AGEJ Lap Morin, James C. AHGE Lap Morin, Jane Lapotac AHC8 Lap Morin, Jean Baptiste AGHH- TSU>CRE/AmW/Lap>RdR>MET Morin, Jean Baptiste 1HA0-AB TSU>CRE/AmW/Lap>MaW Morin, Jean Baptiste AICJ-70 Lap Morin, Jean Baptiste 18IO-73 MaW Morin, Jenny 19gG Lap Morin, Jerome A. 19EE Lap Morin, Job Lapataque see Lapotac, Job Morin Morin, Joanna BNAD Lap Morin, John see also Moran, John Morin, Jean Baptiste Morin, John 1hg0 Lap Morin, John J. see Moran, John J. Morin, Joseph Lapotaque see Lapatak, Joseph Morin Morin, Joseph Lapotac I AGB1/61 AmW/Lap>Vic>Lap Morin, Joseph Lapotac II AHC3-70 AmW/Lap>Lap>Vic>MET Morin, Joseph AHC6- RdR>WMt/CyH>MMt Morin, Joseph 1HG0 Lap>MET Morin, Joseph AHH5 CyH>MMt>MET Morin, Joseph AHAA-HA MaW Morin, Joseph AIB1 Lap Morin, Josephte (Kamistis) 1HA0 AmW>Lar/Pes Morin, Josie 1iCD Lap Morin, Julianan AHG3 Lap Morin, Kelly 19HA Lap Morin, Laura AHG9 Lap Morin, Lawrence AIB1 Lap Morin, Lazarus Lapotac Headmn. 1HEE Lap Morin, Lior AIGJ- Lap Morin, Lora 19IO Lap Morin, Lorne AHG1 Lap Morin, Louis Blackbird 18CG- RdR>MET Morin, Louis 1HF6-70 Lap Morin, Mabel Eileen 1IA4-HB Morin, Mabel () AID0 MaW Morin, Mabel AID0- MaW Morin, Madeleine AHJJ- CRE Morin, Mae AID0 CRE/MaW>TSU Morin, Magloire 1HC4- RdR? Morin, Marguerite see also Fer Casse, Marguerite Moreau, Marguerite Sarcee, Marguerite Morin, Marguerite (Sarcy) 1gG9- TSU>CRE/AmW Morin, Marguerite cAHJ9- >RdR>Pem Morin, Marguerite Moreau 1HA0 RdR Morin, Maria see also Calahison, Maria Moses, Maria Kitema Kenakos Morin, Maria Kitema K. (Moses) AGBE Pig>AmW>Lap>Vic>Lap>MET Morin, Maria (Calahison) AIBE >Lap Morin, Marie see also Arkenese, Marie Beauchemin, Marie Anne Dubois, Marie Cris, Marie Gladue, Marie Lapotac, Marie Moran, Marie Morin, Maria Morin, Marie Comtois AG95- FtE>Jsp>FtE>MET Morin, Marie Anne (Beauchemin) AGB1- CRE Morin, Marie (Fer Casse) AECJ- Sas>AmW/Lap Morin, Marie (Arkenese) AICJ RdR Morin, Marie 1HEE- RdR>ILC>FtE>MET Morin, Marie AHFC- TuL>Was>Kis>Sip>MET Morin, Marie Anne (Landry) 1HG7 PeR>LSA>Lap Morin, Mark AID1 Lap Morin, Mary see also Cecil, Mary Morin, Mary (Cecil) 18IO MaW Morin, Mary 1hg5 Erm Morin, Maskowakan f 1HG4- Lap>Sad Morin, May see Morin, Mae Morin, Meskakan see Morin, Maskowakan Morin, Mesquaqun see Morin, Maskowakan Morin, Nicolas 19FG Lap Morin, Norman 1IA0- MaW Morin, Paskostikeyanis (St. Math) Morin, Paul AIB1-FD MaW Morin, Pelagie (Boucher) AGB0 CRE Morin, Peter 1IA0-45 MaW Morin, Philomene (Meraste) 1HI5 ILC Morin, Pierre AHFE-70 Lap Morin, Rachel 19EB- MaW Morin, Raphael 1HG7 Lap Morin, Robert AHG1 Lap Morin, Rocky 19IO Lap/Edm Morin, Romeo AID3 Lap Morin, Ronald Chief AHG1 Lap Morin, Rosalie AHFO RdR>WMt>MET Morin, Rosalie (Charlo) 1HG5 FLA>CRE/MaW Morin, Rose AI5J- MaW Morin, St. Pierre AHC9- RdR Morin, Shane 1hg5 Lap Morin, Shirley see Moran, Shirley Morin, Sieur de Comtois AG30 QUE Morin, Sieur Comtois 1gG5 CAN>Jsp Morin, Simon Lapotaque see Lapotac, Simon Morin Morin, Simon AID7- MaW Morin, Siour see Morin, Sieur Morin, Sophie AGDD- ILC>RdR>MET Morin, Susanne Lapotac AHCE- Lap>Vic Morin, Susanne AGEF- RdR>MNT Morin, Susie see Morin, Susanne Morin, Suzette Comtois (Godin) 1GH0 Jsp Morin, Therese see Larocque, Therise Morin, Therise (Larocque) 18ac- >ILC>RdR Morin, Thomas see Lapotac, Thomas Moran, Thomas Morin, Trudy (Peacock) 19GH Lap Morin, Veronica AID0 Lap Morin, Victor AID3- MaW Morin, Victoria AID3- MaW Morin, Vincent AID1- MaW Morin, Viola (Peacock) Morin, Virginia () AID5 GrL Morin, Walter G. Calahison AIB6- Lap Morin, Wayne 1hg5 Lap Morin, William AIB2 MaW Morin, William 1IA8 Lap Morin, William L. AHGE Lap Morin-Ahenakew 19HH Pas Morinerie Fr. see Morinie, Jean Baptiste Morinie, Jean Baptist de la, Fr.AG25 FRA>QUE>MAN> Morisetta see also Morissett Morisetta, John aGCA- ND>AsW>RoB Morisetta, John 1HG9- ND>AsW>RoB Morisetta, Louisa AHH4 AsW>RoB Morisetta, Philomena AHFO MIN>ND>AsW>RoB Morison see Morrison Morissette, Betsy AHFO >RdR Morissette, Francois RdR Morley see Bearspaw, Brenna Alma Mormon Mike AGEF MET>ALB Morning see also Ambo Eoken Yeyap Morning Bird 1IO0 KAI Morning Eagle c1HA0-10cPIK/SoP Morning Eagle 18IO MaW Morning Owl 1HG0 KAI Morning Owl, Thomas AIB0 KAI Morning Paper see Morning Writer Morning Plume Chief 1HA0 PIK/NoP Morning Plume Chief AGB0 PIK/SoP/HTK Morning Star see also Apisuahts Morning Star AHFO/CH CHY/DAK Morning Star, Able Chief c1HA0- KUT/Yis Morning Woman see Ambo Wiyan Morning Writer Chief AECJ KAI/ATP Moro see also Moreau Moro, Aldo PM 19EE ITA Moro, Kiou see Moreau, Baptiste Moro, Kayas see Moreau, Baptiste Moro, Kayew see Moreau, Baptiste Morphy see also Murphy Morphy 1HG0 >ALB Morran see Morin Morren see Morin Morrin see Morin Morrin, Francois see Morin, Francois Morris, Alexander LGov. AGB6-HI ONT>SK>ALB>MAN Morris, Elonore AICJ SnP Morris, Mary Christian Paul AHC8 MIC/Cho Morriseau, Norval AICJ OJI Morrison F.O. AHBD CAN/ONT>ENG Morrison, Alan 1gd5-aFcENG>OJI Morrison, Jane see Wadden, Josepha Morrison, Josepha (Wadden) AGfe MET/OJI Morrison, Roderick 1gG5 QUE>ONT/Nip Morrison, William 1GH5 USA/MIS Morrison, William 1GH5- OJI/MET Morrough, Marguerite (Mackenzie)AHJJ FCh> Morrough, Robert Lester AHJJ Morrow, Mont. B. 18ID >ALB Morrow, Patrick AI5J ALB Morrow, S.J. AGEF USA/SD Morrow, William Just. AI5J ONT Morse AHH5 MAN Morse, Jedidiah Sec. AHJJ USA/DC Mortimore AGIO >FCh> Morton, A.J. 1IO0 USA>SK>USA Morton, James 1HF1 >MNT Morven, Herbert Chief BNAD NSK/Git Mosby AICJ USA>CSA Moseemamamos see Young Boy Moses see also Bearspaw, Moses Ear, Moses Fox, Moses Moses Tadowhayamene, Moses Tani Zibe Chage Wapi Piyew, Moses Witaskimakan, Moses Moses 14ECB Bib Moses 18JM YeX Moses AIB0 StL Moses, Amos see Witaskimakan, Amos Moses, Antoinette () 1HI8- Sad Moses, Benjamin AHH4- Sad Moses, Emilienne 18IO Gro Moses, Francis AHG9/HH LSL Moses, Julian 1HI5- Sad Moses, Maria Kitema Kenakos AGBE Pig>AmW>Lap>Vic>Lap>MET Moses, Ola Tinineh AIRH/07 Edm Moses, Philip AIGJ StL> Moses, Preston Willis 1hg4- StL Moses, Sophia see Witaskimakan, Sophia Moses Assiniboin see Tani Zibe Chage Moses Jimmy John Sr. AID3/63cBgH Moses Jimmy John 1IF3- BgH Moseskut, Josephine AHFO LSL Mosomin see Masomin Mosquito Chief AGEJ EaH/Mos Mosquito, John AHH7- >Nik Moss AGEJ ARA/WiR Moss, John Lester AIBE- USA Moss, Patrick AHG6 ARA/SHO/WiR Moss, Pious 18GH ARA/WiR Most AGIO >Sas/FtE Mostatak see also Mastatak Mostatak AHH1 CRE Mostatip see Cardinal, Jacques Mostos see Mustus Mostos Ka Nipawit AHH4 CRE Mosus, Emilienne see Moses, Emilienne Moswa see Letendre Moose Motard, Joseph AG54 FRA>USA>MIS Motecataluna, Giovanni Caboto see Cabot, John Motion, George F. AHFE >SK/Qu' Motokani see Scalp Robe Motokis AGB1/CA PIK Mottgers Moufsette, Narcise see Moussette, Narcise Mougras see Maugras Mouha, Aicha c1IF1- BER/Ait Mouha, Moulay AID0 BER/Ait Mouha, Yatto 1IF2 BER/Ait Moulin Fr. AHFO >SK/Bat Moulin, Celestin Marie Fr.OMI AHH1/EJ FRA>ALB/MaW Moulting see Capotvert, Joseph Chatelaine, Wapi Mostosis Pasikos Moulting Cree see Capotvert, Joseph Mount, Harlan 1HH7 NAK/ATS/FtB Mountain see also Asini (Cree) Asini Inew Fromhold, Joachim Lamonte Mountain Mountain Man Mountain Walker Yaha (Nakoda) Yana (Nakoda) Mountain/Lamonte 1HC1-51cAsW/Pes>Kis Mountain/Wachimi AGEJ Kis>Keh Mountain 1HEE NSG Mountain 19HH Pas Mountain, Adam AHH3 Keh>BeL Mountain, Adam 19GH/JF BeL Mountain, Alfred see Mountain, Noral Mountain, Alvina 19FJ BeL>HtL Mountain, Anna see Mountain, Sheila Mountain, April Carlson c1hg3- BeL Mountain, Archie AID7 BeL> Mountain, Ashley Cardinal cAHG3-HC BeL> Mountain, Boise Leo see Mountain, Leo Mountain, Butchie see Mountain, Elizabeth Mountain, Christine AID5 BeL>SwR Mountain, Christopher Twin 19GH BeL/SwR Mountain, Clarence Rocky 1IFE BeL Mountain, Cory Cardinal 1hg0/JFcBeL Mountain, Crystal 19HG BeL/Mtn>FtE>KAI>CRE/GdF> Mountain, Denise 1hg0 BeL Mountain, Dustin Michael Walker 1hg4- BeL/Mtn> Mountain, Edna Carlson 19FJ-JF BeL>Edm>Van Mountain, Elizabeth AI5J/JF BeL>Edm Mountain, Ernest AI5J BeL> Mountain, Fats see Mountain/Wachimi Mountain, Fatty see Mountain/Wachimi Mountain, Florence Ruby Cardinal19GH BeL Mountain, George c1HC9-ID>BeL Mountain, Gerald AIGJ BeL Mountain, Irene see also Cardinal, Irene Ruby Mountain, Irene Louise Moskwes AIEH-ID BeL/Mtn>FtV Mountain, Irene Shirley Chichew AHEI BeL> Mountain, Irene Ruby Mousie 19GH BeL Mountain, Isidore see Desjarlais, Isidore Mountain, Jade 1hg5 BeL/Mtn> Mountain, Jane 1hg0 BeL>FrL Mountain, Jennifer Lynn 19gG- BeL> Mountain, Jerry see Mountain, Gerald Mountain, Joachim see Fromhold, Joachim Mountain, Joan A. 1IF2-95 BeL>Edm Mountain, Julia (Cardinal) 18ID Keh>BeL Mountain, Katie see Mountain, Kathleen Mountain, Kathleen (Cardinal) 19VC >BeL Mountain, Lawrence Chief AIB0 Keh>Sad>BeL Mountain, Leo AIBE BeL>Kik>BeL Mountain, Leo Boise AIGJ/04 BeL Mountain, Leslie AHGE BeL> Mountain, Lester Cardinal see Cardinal, Lester Mountain, Lisa 19GH BeL>Edm Mountain, Marlene Oopap 19GH BeL/Edm> Mountain, Mary see also Mountain, Maryann Whitford, Mary Mountain, Mary (Whitford) AHE0 >BeL Mountain, Mary Rose 1IA4- Keh Mountain, Maryann cAID4-80 BeL>Edm Mountain, Michael 1IO8- Keh>FMc Mountain, Neil AHG6 BeL/Mtn>Edm>BeL Mountain, Niel AHGE/75 BeL Mountain, Noral Alfred AID0 >BeL Mountain, Norman 19GH BeL>Edm Mountain, Odin see Fromhold, Willi Odin Von Mountain, Paul see Cardinal, Paul Mountain, Phillipe 19EE/HF BeL Mountain, Rema 19EE BeL>LLB>Edm Mountain, Rocky see Mountain, Clarence Mountain, Ruby see also Cardinal, Irene Ruby Mountain, Ruby Irene 1IFE BeL/Mtn>Edm Mountain, Sandra AIGJ BeL>BC Mountain, Sheila AHGE BeL/Edm Mountain, Stacey Twin AIGJ BeL/Mtn>FtE> Mountain, Stanley Ross 19CH-80 Keh>OnL Mountain, Susan (Dion) AGEF Keh Mountain, Tammy Twin AIGJ BeL Mountain, Thomas AHE0 BeL>Edm Mountain, Tidus c19HI- BeL Mountain, Victoria (Tarback) 19HF >BeL/Mtn Mountain Chief see also Rowand, John Young Mountain Chief Mountain Chief Hd.Chf. AGBE PIK/SoP/Mot Mountain Chief 18CH SIK Mountain Chief Chief AHC8-DB PIK/SoP/Mot Mountain Child see Simeon, Bruce Howard Mountain Horse 1HG0 KAI Mountain Horse, Homeward Offering () KAI Mountain Horse, Mike AIB0 KAI Mountain Lion Woman see also Bobcat Woman Pesew Iskwew Mountain Lion Woman KAI Mountain Man see also Fromhold, Joachim Mountain/Lamont Mountain/Wachimi Mountain Man AHFO Keh Mountain Person see Yaha Keyabe Mountain Walker AHH6 YeX Mountain Walker 18IO MaW Mountain Woman see Yanhe Wiyan Mountain-Fromhold, Jennifer Lynn see Fromhold, Jennifer Lynn Mountainman see also Fromhold, Joachim Mountbatten, Margaret Princ. ENG Mountgarrett 10CJ FRA/Nor>ENG Mountjoy Lord aF75 ENG>IRE Mourning Dove 19FJ SAL Mouse see Mousie Souris Mousie see Mountain, Ruby Irene Tuccaro, Andrew Mousseau see also Moussette Mousseau, G. Fr.OMI AIBE >FCh> Mousseau, Louis 1GH4 CAN>FtE>DTh>TrM/KUT>SAL Mousseau, Magloire Alexis AECJ AsW>TrM/COL>WYO Mousseau, Narcise see Moussette, Narcise Mousseau, Richard -BJj5 SyB Mousseau, Wendy 1hg5 SyB Moussette see also Mousseau Moussette, Narcise AGB7 FtE Moustach see Putehin Moustach Joe AHH4 KUT/Aka Moustouche see Moostoos Moutaian Chief AHH0 TZA/Sou/Mou Mouton 1HF1 FtE/Pas Moving Spirit see Walking Spirit Mowa see Mowat Mowat HBC AGIO >NIP>Sas/FtE Mowat, Andrew 1HA9- FtE Mowat, Isabel () 1HC3- FtE Mowat, James c1HF1- FtE/MET Moyah see also Ambo Memoya Namoya Moyah, Alex 1IO7- FrL Moyah, Anna () 1IA8- FrL Moyah, Isadore AGE7 >FtP>FrL Moyah, Isadore (Mrs.) AHFE >FtP>FrL Moyah, Louis see Namoya, Louis Moyah, Louise () AIB1- FrL Moyah, Thomas 1IA9- FrL Moyah, Veronica () 1IO5- FrL Moyami 1IO5 PIK/SoP/HTK Moyanmen see Twoyoungmen, George Moyapi see Mayapiw Moyen, Isidore see Moyah, Isidore Moyes Chief AHFO KUT/SOT/Aki Moyes Hdm. AHFO O'S Moylan, Myles Lt. AHEH USA>MNT Moyopi see Mayapiw Mr. Cook see Three Legs Mr. Jim see Simpson, James Keith Muchachkuyp see Machachkayap Muchahaw, Thomas 1IO0 Was Muchueekas see Macheikas Muchemotow see Machemetow Muchias see Collin, Henry Mucketoo see Black Powder Muckithay see also Black Powder Muckithay Chief AHH0 TZA/Sou/FSJ/Muk Muckle CPR AHFO >ALB> Muddle 19HH Pas Muddy Bull see also Bull Bull, Noah Muddy Muddy Bull, Barbara see Piche, Katrine Muddy Bull, Barbie see Piche, Katrine Muddy Bull, Katrine B. (Piche) c18BJ- Pes>Kis>Msk/Vic>LuB Muddy Bull, Noah see Bull, Noah Muddy Mueller see also Muller Mueller, Angela AID8 ALB Mueller, Anna AG25 GER Mueller, George see Muller, George Muhammed, Hamed bin AGEJ ZAN Muhanna, Mary AHFE Eds Muhikunisis see Mahikan Asis Muhkeechees see Fox Muir 1hBI >BC/Vic Muir, Hellen 19BJ >ALB Muir, Henrietta BNAR ALB Muirhead AHFO >ALB Mukoisapo see Mikoi Sapop Muldoe, George AID2- CAR/Haz Muldoon, Frank Just. AHGE ALB Mulholland 19AG/CE>NWT/Nah Mullen see also McMullen Mullen, John Lt. 18CH USA>MNT Mullen, Tabitha 19gG INU Muller see also Mueller Muller, George 1HG1 >ALB/StA Mullins, John see Mullen, John Mullins, William 1FJ0 ENG>USA/MAS Mullison, John AHH9 ENG>ALB>ENG>ALB Mumford see Mummford Mumm 18IO >ALB> Mummery, A.F. 1HG5/IF ENG>IND/NEP Mummford, John M. 18IO USA/NWY>ORE Mundy, Israel AHJJ ONT Munioik see Moniak Munk, Jens 1FI5 DEN>NUN>MAN/Chu>DEN Munro see also Monro Monroe Munroe Munro AIBE >Jsp> Munro, Benjamin see Monroe, Benjamin Munro, Betsey () 1HA0 ALB Munro, Cody AICJ PIK Munro, Cody 19hg SIK Munro, Darlene (Yellow Old Woman)HC0 SIK>PIK Munro, David 1HA0 ALB Munro, Felix see Monroe, Felix Munro, Francis see Monroe, Francis Munro, Francois ALB Munro, Henry 1GH4 ONT Munro, Hugh see Monroe, Hugh Munro, John see also Monroe, John Munro, John Dr.NWC 1gG0 >ONT/GrP> Munro, John 1GH2 ONT/NIP Munro, John AECJ PIK Munro, John Dr. AGEF >FtE> Munro, John 1HG0 PIK Munro, Margaret (Brass) 18IO MAN Munro, Maria see Mackenzie, Maria Munroe, Maria Munro, Maria (Mackenzie) 1GH9 FCh> Munro, Mark 19EB ALB Munro, Mary see Monroe, Mary Munro, Oliver see Monroe, Oliver Munro, Olivia see Monroe, Olivia Munro, Piskun see Monroe, Hugh Monroe, John Munro, Robert 1GH9 SCO Munro, Tanyss 19GH SK Munro, Theodor RCMP 19hC >TPa> Munro, Thomas AHH4- MAN Munro, William NWC 1gG9 RdR/Pem Munroe see also Monro Monroe Munro Munroe 19FJ Opa Munroe, Cecile Courtnay 19hC-04 Opa Munroe, Diane 19HJ Opa Munroe, Elouise 1HC6- >FtE Munroe, Joseph AHFE- FtE Munroe, Maria () AHH6-IF>BeL Munroe, Milo ALB Munroe, Piskun see Monroe, Hugh Monroe, John Munroe, Wanda AHGE OxH Munsel, Patrice AIBE- Munson AHH5 >ALB Munson, Kenneth AIGJ SK Muntz, H.A. 1HG4 >ALB Murchison, Roderick Sir AGB6 ENG Murdoch 19BJ ALB Murdoch, George Mayor 1HF2 >ALB/Cgy Murdoch, James AHFE >ALB/Cgy Mure, John NWC 1gG5 QUE Murphy, Charles MP AHH5 ONT Murphy, Emily AGEJ/33>ALB/FtE Murphy, Jeremiah Pvt. AGEF USA/WYO Murphy, Mary 19VC- BeL Murray AHFO >ALB/KAI Murray Dr.,I.A.1IA0 >ALB/Mor Murray, Agnes AHH0 ENG>ALB Murray, Alexander Lt. AGCH >NS>QUE> Murray, Alexander H. AGBD SCO>USA>MNT>RdR>USA/AK Murray, Ann (McGillivray) Murray, Archibald AHH0 ENG>ALB Murray, Christine () AHH0 ENG>ALB Murray, George AHH0 ENG>ALB Murray, James Sr. 1HC2-aF ENG>ALB Murray, James Sgt. AGEJ USA/KAN Murray, James Jr. AHH7 >ALB Murray, John AHH7 >ALB Murray, Marie AID8 ALB Murray, Mary Jane (Lockie) AICJ/JM ENG>ALB Murray, Robert Bertram AGE7-CE SCO>MAN>ALB Murray, Robert 'Wild Bob' AHFE >ALB> Murray, Robert AHH7 >ALB Murray, Thomas Sgt. 1HEE USA/MNT Murray, Wild Bob see Murray, Robert Murray, William (Mrs. Warren) AHH7 >ALB Murwick, James AGB5 >FtE> Musakwachack see Whiskeyjack, A. Musallim, Salem Sheik AHGE OMA/BED/Akk Muscow 1HI6 Msk Muscow, Augusta (Grey) 1IO0 >Msk Muscowpetung see Maski Pitonew Masina Wekimaher Hdm. 1HG6 Cha Musinahwekimaher see Musina Wekimaher Musk, Thomas 19gG ALB/MET Muskagopot see Maskiki Pwat Muskako see also Maskiki Maskiki Pwat Muskego O Muskako Muskakweeweein see Maskwa Kwiwein Muskaqwahn see Muskeqwahn Muskeg see also Muskego O Muskako Muskeg, Jacob Sija 1IO0 CRE>YeX Muskeg, John AICJ O'C Muskeg, Nokase AHE0 O'C Muskego see also Muskeg O Muskeko Swamptree Swampy Muskego, Ada () AHH9- OnL Muskego, Antoine 18IO OnL Muskego, Chrissy 19IO CRE/ Muskego, Cyril 19AF- OnL>CdL Muskego, Daleen Kay AHG9-04 OnL> Muskego, Dana 19HJ OnL Muskego, Mary AhC2 CRE/CdL Muskego, Pauline () AHE4 OnL Muskego, Pierre AhC0- OnL>CdL Muskego, Rosie Alma () 1HC1- CdL Muskego, Solomon AhC2- OnL>CdL Muskegapot see Maskiki Pwat Muskego Pot see Potts, Mary Susanne Maskiki Pwat Muskegopot see Potts, Mary Susanne Maskiki Pwat Muskegwatic see Maskwa Kwatik Muskekjakat see Maskiki Pwat Muskeqwahn Chief 1HEE SOT/ToH Muskerry, Lord of 6HJ IRE Muskowekan see Muskeqwahn Muskowekwan see Muskeqwahn Muskowkwan see Muskeqwahn Muskoy see Maskwa Muskoycha see Maskwa Chak Muskrat see Wachask Muskukacied see Bearspaw, Jacob Muskwa see Maskwa Mistahe Maskwa Muskwa Kahkenoot see Maskwa Kakenoot Muskwa Kahwapahweet see Maskwa Kahwapaweet Muskwaskwan see Muskeqwahn Muskwoikakenut see Maskwa Kakenoot Muskwoikauepawit see Maskwa Kahwapaweet Muskwqwahn see Muskeqwahn Muskyapato see Maskiki Pwat Musqua see also Maskwa Musqua, Albert J. Chief AHGE Kee Musqua, Danny 19GH Kee Musqua, Pauline AhC5-IF Kee Musqua, Roy 1IO5- Kee Musquakapemotat see Maskwa Ka Pimotat Musquasis see Maskwa Asis Mussolini, Benito Dict. 1IO0 ITA Mustard, Charles AHH3 MNT Mustard, Sara (Salois) AHH3- AsW>MNT>MET Mustatamus AHFO >Pou Mustus see also Buffalo Buffalo Bull Bull Kakitowi Mustus Moose Moostoos Moostoos Meyi Moostos Mustus 19HH Pas Mustus, Mary 1IA0 CRE/ Mustus Ka Ni Pawit AHH0 Muswagon see also Muswaggon Muswagon, Gerald 19gG NoH Muswagon, Mike 19GH NoH Muswaggon see also Muswagon Muswaggon, George Chief AHGE AMC/KiO Mutakayk see Matikwap Mutsenamakan see Matsenamakan Muttered 1HG0 BgB My Child see Mi Sinja My Husband see Kisenim My Little One see Mi Sinja My Little Husband see Apischiw Kisaynis My Tall Crying Child see Kapeya Chaya Mita Akwasiw My Wife see Niwa Niwacup My Wigwam is White 1GH0 >LSL My Woman see Kayas Iskwew Omwa Iskwew My Younger Brothter Standing see Desjarlais, Jean Baptiste Myachean, Susette () AHFE EdS Myatt see also Miotte Myatt, Joseph AGBJ ENG>YkF> Myer see also Meyers Myers Myer AHH4 >Ver Myers, Cayuse see Myers, Henry Myers, Henry see also Meyers, Henry Myers, Henry Cayuse 18IO >Ver Myers, Ian 19EB HiL> Myers, Lance AHE0 HiL> Myers, Lewis B. La Bonte Mykat, Lynda 19EB- Erm Mykat, Peter Cameron 19GH Erm Myo, Jimmy AID8 Moo Myoewaysees see Miyo Awasis Myron see also Mirond Myron Myran 19FJ CHP/LoP Myran, Albert 18IO Myrddin see Merlin Myron see also Mirond Myran Myron AHE0 LoP Myron, Mervin Black Kettle see Black Kettle, Mervin Myron, Monica (Black Kettle) AHE0 SIK>CHP/LoP>SIK Myron, Robert 19FJ CHP/LoP Myrou, Tanya 19IF Mysterious Woman AHH5 PIK/NoP/BDS NNN
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