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L???, Louis 1875 LLB L???, Marianne see Lameman, Marianne L??? T??? f 1863 EdS L??? T???, O Ka Sisa 1877 EdS L'Aigle Chief 1820 TZA/GrP/L'A L'Amoureux see Lamouroux L'Archeveque see Archeveque, Juan L'Argent see Largent L'Auguvoise see Laguivoise, Marie Aioe L'Echelle, Sieur de 1717 QUE>ONT L'Enfant de Fer see Pe Wapiksaw Asis L'Enfer see Lanphier L'Espagnol, Aleck 1880 OJI/Bis L'Espagnol, James 1900 OJI/Bis L'Esperance 1795 CAN>MAN L'Esparance, Alexis Magnong 1797- QUE>MAN/RdR L'Esparance, Caroline (Boucher) L'Esparance, Margaret (Gounon) 1810 RdR L'Esparance, Marie () 1770- NAK/SoN? L'Esparance, Marie 1853 TLI/Wul L'Esparance, Pierre Magnong 1777 QUE L'Esparance, Pierre Levasseur see La Sueur LaFleche Levasseur L'Esparance, Pierre L'Etang see Brunet, Jean Baptiste L'Goulet see Goulet L'Heureux see also Heureuse L'Herueux La Rue Larue Le Reux Le Roux Lerous Leroux Lerow L'Heureux, Alvin see Lerow, Alvin L'Heureux, Charles 1865 SK/Bfd L'Heureux, Guy 1947 ALB/HiP>HiL> L'Heureux, Jack The Frog 1890 ALB L'Heureux, Jean 1837 QUE>ALB/SIK/Moc>ONT L'Hire Dondaine 1790 LSL/LLB>RMH>TrM/KUT> L'Hirondelle 1841 Ale L'Hirondelle 1845 Ale L'Hirondelle 1988 Pas L'Hirondelle, A. 1977 LSL L'Hirondelle, A. 1977 Edm L'Hirondelle, Adelia 1876- Ale/LSA L'Hirondelle, Alexander 1852 L'H/Ale/FtE L'Hirondelle, Allen 1977 LSL L'Hirondelle, Andre 1850- L'H/Ale>Cal/LSA L'Hirondelle, Andre M 1977 Edm L'Hirondelle, Angelique c1822- LSL>L'H>LSA/Ale>MET L'Hirondelle, Annabelle 1977 LSL/HiP L'Hirondelle, Antoine 1868- FtE L'Hirondelle, Archange c1806-91 IRO/CRE/LSL/L'H>Pes>ONT L'Hirondelle, Arlene 1977 Cgy L'Hirondelle, Augustine 1849- L'H/LSA>MET L'Hirondelle, B. 1977 Atk L'Hirondelle, B. 1977 Edm L'Hirondelle, B. 1977 LSL/HiP L'Hirondelle, Baptiste see L'Hirondelle, Jean Baptiste L'Hirondelle, Bernard 1977 GrP L'Hirondelle, C. 1977 Edm L'Hirondelle, C.A. 1977 Edm L'Hirondelle, Catherine 1793- IRO/CRE/LSL/L'H>LSA/MET L'Hirondelle, Catherine (Loyer) 1829- Pau>Ale L'Hirondelle, Charles 1977 Lap L'Hirondelle, child 1 1876 EdS L'Hirondelle, child 2 1877 EdS L'Hirondelle, Colette 1974 Ale L'Hirondelle, Curtis 1977 Edm L'Hirondelle, D. 1977 Cgy L'Hirondelle, D. () 1977 Edm L'Hirondelle, D.H.J. 1977 HiR L'Hirondelle, Darci 1977 Lap L'Hirondelle, Darcy L. 1977 Edm L'Hirondelle, David J. 1977 Edm L'Hirondelle, Denise () 1977 LSL/HiP L'Hirondelle, Diane 1977 Edm L'Hirondelle, E. 1977 GrP L'Hirondelle, Elenore (Annance) 1876- Kis>MET L'Hirondelle, Elisa see Thorn, Elise L'Hirondelle, Elisa 1863 L'H/FtE L'Hirondelle, Elise see Delorme, Elizabeth L'Hirondelle, Elise (Thorn) 1853- RdR>FtE/LSA>Kis> L'Hirondelle, Elise 1880 Cal>Pas>LSA/Cal L'Hirondelle, Elise 1960 Ale L'Hirondelle, Eliza 1885 >Ale L'Hirondelle, Elizabeth see Thorn, Elise L'Hirondelle, Elizabeth (Delorme)856- Cal/LSA L'Hirondelle, Elizabeth 1950 Ale L'Hirondelle, Emelle see L'Hirondelle, Emilie L'Hirondelle, Emilie 1849- Pau/Ale L'Hirondelle, Emma 1977 Atk L'Hirondelle, Ephiesine () 1875 >Ale L'Hirondelle, Ernest F. 1977 StA L'Hirondelle, Everett 1977 GrP L'Hirondelle, F. 1977 Edm L'Hirondelle, F.P. 1977 Edm L'Hirondelle, Firmien 1977 LSL L'Hirondelle, Fleury Dejong 1929 ALB L'Hirondelle, G. 1977 Edm L'Hirondelle, G. 1977 Lap L'Hirondelle, Gary 1977 Stu L'Hirondelle, Gregoire 1865- Ale L'Hirondelle, Gordon 1977 LSL/HiP L'Hirondelle, H.A. 1977 Edm L'Hirondelle, Howard R. 1977 Cgy L'Hirondelle, I. 1977 Edm L'Hirondelle, Ignace 1820 Ale L'Hirondelle, J. 1977 Edm L'Hirondelle, J.V. 1977 Edm L'Hirondelle, Jacques Chief 1776 CAN/IRO>LSL/L'H L'Hirondelle, Jacques 1806- IRO/CRE/LSL/L'H>Ale L'Hirondelle, James Sr. 1826- L'H/LSL/FtA>Kis> L'Hirondelle, James Jr. 1851- L'H/LSA>Kis>MET L'Hirondelle, James 1977 Edm L'Hirondelle, Janvier 1890 Ale L'Hirondelle, Jean Baptiste 1812- IRO/CRE/Ale L'Hirondelle, Jean Baptiste 1817- IRO/CRE/L'H L'Hirondelle, Jean Bapt. Namoos 1855- Ale>MET L'Hirondelle, J.B. (Mrs.) 1859 EdS L'Hirondelle, J.B. O Misima 1 1878 EdS L'Hirondelle, J.B. O Misima 2 1879 EdS L'Hirondelle, J.B. O Ka Sisa 1 1878 EdS L'Hirondelle, J.B. O Ka Sisa 2 1879 EdS L'Hirondelle, Jean Marie 1862 FtA/L'H>EdS L'Hirondelle, Jeff 1977 Edm L'Hirondelle, John 1850- LSA/Ale L'Hirondelle, John Joseph Sr. 1852 FtE/LSA>Kis> L'Hirondelle, John Joseph Jr. 1881- Kis>MET L'Hirondelle, John 1977 HiR L'Hirondelle, Joseph 1814- IRO/CRE/LSL/L'H>AsW/Kis>MET L'Hirondelle, Joseph 1843- Ale L'Hirondelle, Joseph 1880-99 Kis L'Hirondelle, Joseph 1977 Stu L'Hirondelle, Josephet 1840 Ale L'Hirondelle, Josephet 1843 Ale L'Hirondelle, Josephte (Pilon) 1777 RdR>LSL/L'H L'Hirondelle, Judy 1977 LSL/HiP L'Hirondelle, Julien 1855- Ale L'Hirondelle, K. 1977 Edm L'Hirondelle, Ken A. 1977 Edm L'Hirondelle, Kenneth 1977 LSL/HiP L'Hirondelle, Laurent 1860- Ale L'Hirondelle, L. 1977 LSL L'Hirondelle, L. 1977 Edm L'Hirondelle, L. 1977 StA L'Hirondelle, L.M. 1977 Edm L'Hirondelle, L.N. 1977 StA L'Hirondelle, Larry 1977 Atk L'Hirondelle, Laurent 1860- Ale L'Hirondelle, Lizzie (Thorn) 1880 Ale L'Hirondelle, Louis 1856- LSA>Kis L'Hirondelle, Lucie 1853- L'H/Pau>LSA>MET L'Hirondelle, Lucie 1868- Ale L'Hirondelle, Lucie () 1875- LSA/StA L'Hirondelle, Lucie 1885 >Ale L'Hirondelle, Lucy 1870 Ale L'Hirondelle, Lyanne 1977 LSL/Pev L'Hirondelle, M. 1850- LSA/Ale L'Hirondelle, M. 1977 Atk L'Hirondelle, M. 1977 LSL L'Hirondelle, M. 1977 Edm L'Hirondelle, M. 1977 StA L'Hirondelle, M. 1977 LSA L'Hirondelle, M. 1977 Edm L'Hirondelle, Magdeleine () 1872- >Ale>MET L'Hirondelle, Margaret 1816- IRO/CRE/Ale L'Hirondelle, Margaret 1871 >LSA>Kis L'Hirondelle, Marguerite see Nippising, Marie Marguerite L'Hirondelle, Marie see Nippising, Marie Marguerite L'Hirondelle, Marie M.(Nipissing)780- NPS>LSL>Ale L'Hirondelle, Marie M. O Misima11875 Eds L'Hirondelle, Marie M. O Misima21876 Eds L'Hirondelle, Marie M. O Misima31877 Eds L'Hirondelle, Marie Amable (?) 1835 Ale L'Hirondelle, Marie () 1858- >Ale L'Hirondelle, Marie 1871- Ale/Pau>MET L'Hirondelle, Marie 1875 >Ale L'Hirondelle, Marie Louise 1877-87 LSA/MuS>Kis L'Hirondelle, Mary F. 1831- Ale>Kis L'Hirondelle, Matt 1977 Edm L'Hirondelle, Max 1977 Edm L'Hirondelle, Melvina () 1929-04 ALB L'Hirondelle, Michael 1977 Lap L'Hirondelle, Modeste 1854- LSA>MuS>Kis>MET L'Hirondelle, N. 1977 LSL/HiP L'Hirondelle, Nancy 1859- Ale L'Hirondelle, Norbert 1865- Ale L'Hirondelle, Norma 1977 LSL/HiP L'Hirondelle, P. 1977 Edm L'Hirondelle, Olive 1860 Ale/FtE>Keh L'Hirondelle, Philomenia () 1855- AsW>LSA>Kis L'Hirondelle, R. 1977 Edm L'Hirondelle, Renny John 1973- MET/Rdd/Edm L'Hirondelle, Richard 1977 LSL/HiP L'Hirondelle, Robert 1977 LSL/HiP L'Hirondelle, Ron 1977 Edm L'Hirondelle, Ronald 1977 StA L'Hirondelle, Rosalie 1829- LSL>L'H>Ale>Kis>FtE>MET L'Hirondelle, Rosalie (Parenteau)859- LSA>FtE>MuS>Kis>MET L'Hirondelle, Russ R. 1977 GrP L'Hirondelle, Ryan 1982- MET/Rdd/Edm L'Hirondelle, S. 1977 Edm L'Hirondelle, S. 1977 LSL/HiP L'Hirondelle, Sam 1977 GrP L'Hirondelle, Sam 1977 Lap L'Hirondelle, Sarah () 1873- >Ale L'Hirondelle, Susan c1870- Ale L'Hirondelle, Tyler 1977 Edm L'Hirondelle, V. 1977 LSL/HiP L'Hirondelle, V.L. 1977 Edm L'Hirondelle, Virginia 1910 Ale L'Hirondelle, Wade 1977 LSL/HiP L'Hirondelle, W.J. 1977 StA L'Hirondelle, William Modeste 1878-88 LSA/MuS>Kis L'Homme au Calumet Chief 1763 ATS/L'H L'Homme au Capable 1852 MET/PaK/Was L'Homme Court see Lhommecourt L'Homme Noir see Black Man L'Homme Seule Chief 1780 TZA/Sou/L'H L'Hyrondelle see L'Hirondelle L'Hyroundelle see L'Hirondelle L'Oiseau Rouge see Red Bird Redbird L'Orignal see Charbonneau L'Ouverture, Toussaint 1770 HAI L'Rondelle see L'Hirondelle La Barbue/Le Barbe 1780 IRO>FtE>KUT/FLA La Barge see Labarge La Barthe, Louis 1794 IRO>ORE La Batoche see Batoche Lapotac Letendre, Jean Baptiste La Belle Alice 1870 FCh La Berge see Labarge Laberge La Blanc see Le Blanc Leblanc La Bonne see Beaudoin, Marie La Bonte see also Labonte Meyers, Lewis B. La Bonte 1794 IRO>ORE La Bonte, Benjamin 1784 IRO>RyL La Bonte, Louis see Labonte, Louis La Boucan see also La Boucanne Laboucan La Boucan 1766 CAN>EnR La Boucan 1794 CAN>FtE/Sas/AmW La Boucan, Garry 1972 FCh La Boucanne, Joseph 1830 >Wap La Boucon see La Boucan Laboucan La Bras Casse see Chokap La Breche 1780 IRO>FtE>KUT/FLA La Cardinal 1790 TwD> La Carter, Etisne 1755 QUE/IRO>CuH/Nip La Chapelle see La Chappelle La Chappelle, Andre 1791 USA/MIS>WYO>IDA La Chappelle, Antoine 1861 CAN>ALB La Chappelle, Tony see La Chappelle, Antoine La Chef Qui Parle Chief 1804 FtU La Certe see Lacerte La Chenille 1790 IRO>CRE/Sas/Sip La Conquistadora La Corde see Nadeau, Pierre La Corne see De La Corne The Horn La Corne Seule see One Horn La Corneille 1780 IRO>CRE/AsW/TwD>Lar La Course 1780 IRO>FtE>KUT/FLA La Course, Pierre 1808 IRO>BC La Couture see Couture, Jean Baptiste La Cree, Pierre 1900 CRE/SOT/Sip La Doucour see Ladouceur La Durantaye 1660 QUE>Mic La Faux 1789 FrL La Fave 1855 MET>WMt La Fave, Sherbie Rain In The Fac1875 DAK/Hun/RIF>MET/WMt La Faye see La Fave La Fayette see Lafayette La Flair see also La Fleur La Flair QUE>USA/MAI> La Flair, Alvin O. 1891-50 USA/NWY>ALB>NWT>DEH/Nah La Flair, Edgar O. 1900 USA/NWY La Flair, Jack see La Flair, Alvin O. La Fleur see also La Flair Lafleur Le Flor La Fleur, Baptiste see La Fleur, Jean Baptiste La Fleur, Charles 1878 MET/PaK/Was La Fleur, David 1861- NWT/Mac>ALB/PeR>Sas La Fleur, Francis () 1841- ALB>NWT/Mac>PeR> La Fleur, G. see Lafleur, G. La Fleur, George P.G. 1950 LLB/Kik La Fleur, Jack see La Flair, Alvin O. La Fleur, Jane 1874- PeR>Sas La Fleur, Jean Baptiste I 1755- CAN>Dau>PeR/FtV La Fleur, Jean Baptiste II 1785-75 RdR/CHP>PeR/Dun>FCh La Fleur, Jean Baptiste III 1831- PeR/Dun>NWT/Mac>ALB>PeR>Sas La Fleur, John see also Lafleur, Jean Baptiste La Fleur, John 1865- MET/PeR>NWT/Mac>PeR>Sas La Fleur, Joseph 1910 FtV La Fleur, Lizabeth (Erasmus) 1950- LLB/Kik La Fleur, Louisa 1875- MET/Mac>PeR>Sas La Fleur, Napolian 1885- MET/Mac>PeR>Sas La Forest, Sieur de see Dauphin, Francois La Forte see also Laforte La Fortune 1810 IRO>FtE>KUT/FLA La Framboise see Laframboise La France see Cardinal, Suzanne Lafrance La Frene see Frene La Gamble see Lacombe, August La Gameya, Jacques 1755 QUE/IRO>CuH/Nip La Gasse see La Gassi Legasse Legrace La Gassi 1780/06 CAN>RMH>KUT La Gassia see La Gassi La Gimaudiere see Lagimodiere La Glace Chief 1814 TZA/GrP/LaG La Grace see Legrace La Graisse see Legrace La Grande see also Chalou-Le Grande La Grandeur 1873 >ALB La Grave, Francois 1773 CAN>MAN/Ass>MAN>RyL La Grosse Tette see also Deschamps, Joseph Sanderson, Ka Tipiskowat La Grosse Tette Chief 1766 CHI/CRE/ILC La Guarde, Joseph 1790 IRO>ALB>BC/PeR/FSJ>Cas>FSJ La Gueniere see Hamelin, Charles Francois Hamelin, Jacques La Vallee, Antoinette Sauteux, Marie Athanase La Hirondelle see L'Hirondelle La Jambe see Wawas Hi Katew La Jeunesse see Lajeunesse La Jonquire Gov. 1740 FRA>QUE>FRA La Liberte, Angele 1870 ILC>DoL>ClL La Liberte, Louis 1779 CAN>FtE/Sas>TrM/ORE La Liberte, Pierre 1776- CAN>FtE/Sas/StW La Loge 1784 BrH La Londe see Lalonde La Londette see Laudette La Main Gauche see Chat Ka La Main Qui Tremble Chief 1810 WPT>LBB La Malice see Boucher, J. B. Lamalice La Marche see Lamarre, Antoine La Marque, J.H. 1713 QUE>RdR>QUE La Marteblanche 1700 LoW/RyL La Merde d'Eturgeon 1774 RdR/Ass La Misquet see Carrifelle, Apisasis LaMisquet La Mouche see also de la Moth Gladue, Baptiste Gladue, Bienvenue Gladue, Jean Baptiste Gladue, Mary La Mouche La Mousse Lamouche Lamousse La Mousse see also de la Moth La Mouche La Nouze La Mousse, Antoine 1820 FLA/Ins La Mousse, Charles 1815 FLA/Ins La Mousse, Francois 1815 FLA/Ins La Mousse, Ignace 1770/37 IRO>KUT>FLA/Ins La Mousse, Ignace 1815 IRO/KUT/FLA/Ins La Mousse, Joseph 1815 FLA/Ins La Mousse, Joseph Chief 1895 FLA La Moyne see Le Moyne La Muet 1780 IRO>FtE>KUT/FLA La Naue see Robutel, Zacharie de la Noue La Nause see also La Nouse La Nauze see also La Nouse La Nauze, C. 1920 ALB La Noue see Robutel, Zacharie de la Noue La Nouse 1845 USA/MNT>ALB> La Nouve see Robutel, Zacharie de la Noue La Patac see Lapatak La Patate see Lapatak La Perouse, Admiral de 1750 FRA>YkF> La Perouse, Jean 1756 FRA>AK> La Petit Boeuf see Petit Boeuf La Pierre see also La Roche Lapierre Larocque Pierre La Pierre 1784 CAN>NIP La Pierre 1794 CAN>ORE La Pierre, Antoine 1781- CAN La Pierre, Baptiste 1810 IRO>CAR La Pierre, Catherine (Gagnon) 1890 La Pierre, Eugenia see Lapierre, Eugenia La Pierre, Joseph see Lapierre, Joseph La Pierre, Josephte (Indian) c1785- La Pierre, Louis see Lapierre, Louis La Plante see also Laplante Plante Plante, Rose La Plante, Isidore see Laplante, Isidore La Plante, Joseph see Laplante, Joseph La Plante, Louis see Laplante, Louis La Plante, Madeleine see Laplante, Madeleine La Plunte see Laplante La Pointe see Lapointe La Poretin, Louis 1755 QUE/IRO>CuH/Nip La Porte see Laporte La Prade, Alex see Laprade La Prise Chief 1820 CHI/Ath La Rami see La Ramme La Ramie see also La Ramme La Ramie 1800/23>WYO La Ramie, Jacques 1800 La Ramme see also La Ramie Laramee Laramie Larammee La Ramme 1779 CAN>DTh>PeR/Dun La Ramme, Rosette Josephte 1816 ONT/Pen La Rammer see La Ramme La Rammes see La Ramme La Remme see La Rami La Riviere see also Lariviere Larrivee La Robe Noire Chief c1783- SOT/RdR La Roche see also La Rocque Laroche Larocque Rocque La Roche 1650 QUE>ONT La Roche 1690 MIC/RdR La Roche 1750 NAK La Roche 1778 FRA>QUE La Roche Chief 1834 Sou/FtU La Roche, Asini see Capote Blanc Larocque, Asini La Roche, Joseph see Larocque, Joseph Felix La Roche, Joseph des Grondines 1725 QUE>Mic La Roche, Joseph Rose see LaRoche, Joseph Rose La Rocque see also Larocque La Rocque, Francois see Larocque, Francois Larocque, Francois Antoine La Rocque de Roberval, Jean-Fran1520 FRA>QUE>FRA La Rocque, Joseph see Larocque, Joseph La Rocque, Marquerite de 1524 FRA>QUE>FRA La Ronde see Laronde La Roque 1767 CAN>WIS La Roque 1880 LSA La Roque 1900 LLB La Roque, Baptiste 1815 RdR La Roque, Joseph Felix see Larocque, Joseph Felix La Roque, Mary (Cardinal) 1910 LLB La Rose see Larose La Rue see de LaRue L'Herueux La Rue Larue Le Reux Le Roux Lerous Leroux Lerow La Runse, Basil 1852 FtE La Salle 1658/89cFRA>QUE La Salle, Baptiste 1783 CAN>Dau>Ass/Wap La Salle, Marie-Joseph (Cardinal1740/63 MIC/Det La Salle, Nicolas 1734 MIC/Det La Tendre see Le Tendre Letendre La Valle see Lavalle La Vallee see Lavalle La Vallet 1780 CAN>Wap>PeR/Dun> La Valley see Leveilleur, Pierre La Vega, Garcialso de 1520 SPA>NSP>LOU La Verdure 1725 CAN>ONT La Verdure 1784 RyL La Verdure, Alexis 1745- MET>RdR La Verdure, Alexis 1756- >RdR La Verendrey, Jean-Louis see Gauthier, Jean-Louis La Verendrey, Pierre Gaultier see Gauthier, Pierre La Violette see also Laviolette La Violette, Charles 1887 MET/SK/Bro La Zerte, Milton Ezra 1905 Edm L??? T??? f 1863 EdS L??? T???, O Ka Sisa 1877 EdS Labaddie see also Labatte Labaddie 1755 FRE>NSP/LOU Labbadie 1770 FRE>NSP/LOU>MIS Labarge see also La Berge Laberge Labarge, Emily 1862 USA/MIS Labarge, John B. Capt. 1832 USA>MIS/MNT Labarge, Joseph M. 1824 USA>MIS/MNT Labarge, Joseph 1850 USA/MIS Labatoche see Batoche Giroux, Jean Baptiste Lapatak Letendre, Jean Baptiste Labatte see also Labaddie Labbadie Labatte, Jacques 1784 CAN>EnR Labatte, Michel 1784 CAN>Ath> Labatte, Michel 1826 CHP/ONT/StM Labbadie see Labaddie Labatte Labelle, ??? 1921 NAK/YeX> Labelle, Ada 1940 NAK/YeX Labelle, Alfred E. 1866 QUE Labelle, Alphonse 1865 QUE Labelle, Andrew Kelly (Bearspaw) Labelle, Arlene 1938-98 NAK/YeX Labelle, Arlene Farquharson -2008 NAK/YeX Labelle, Arsene 1865 QUE>ALB>QUE Labelle, Byron 1960 NAK/YeX Labelle, Christine 1938 NAK/YeX Labelle, Doreen 1941- NAK/YeX>TSU Labelle, Elsie 1960 NAK/YeX Labelle, Eva (Hunter) 1940 NAK/YeX Labelle, Eva 1960 NAK/YeX Labelle, Eveline 1936 Chi>Erm Labelle, George 1865 QUE Labelle, George 1940 NAK/YeX Labelle, Gordon 1999 NAK/YeX Labelle, J.B. 1861 Labelle, James 1865 QUE>ALB>QUE Labelle, John 1938 NAK/YeX Labelle, Joseph 1866 QUE>ALB>QUE Labelle, Lana (Snow) 1990 Gst Labelle, Leonce Lt. 1880 ONT Labelle, Linda 1999 NAK/YeX Labelle, Lionel 1985 BPw Labelle, Marie (Morin) 1863- Lap>RdR>MET Labelle, Marty 1960 NAK/YeX Labelle, Marty William 1977-00 Gst Labelle, Napoleon 1904-99 ALB Labelle, Raindrop (Snow) 2005/05 Gst/BPw Labelle, Rose 1960 NAK/YeX Labelle, Scott 1960 NAK/YeX Labelle, Sheila 1980 NAK/YeX Labelle, Sherman 1981-98 NAK/YeX Labelle, Thomas 1855 CAN>FtE Labelle, Troy 1960 NAK/YeX Labelle, Victoria 1883 >YK Labelle, Violet 1860 NAK/YeX Labelle, Win () 1911-03 ALB Laberge see also La Berge Labarge Laberge 1784 CAN>RdR Laberge 1790 CAN>Sas/FtE>RMH Laberge 1876 >CyH/FtW Laberge, Francois 1841- RdR>RdR/Lap Laberge, Louis 1784 CAN>MAN/LWp Labissoniere 1820 MET>MIN/StP Labombarde, Alexis 1852 MET/MNT>ALB/MNT Labombarde, Joseph 1784 CAN>Sas/FtE Labonne, Bazile see Beaudoin, Basile Labonne Labonne, Cecile see Beaudoin, Cecile Labonne Labonne, Marie see Beaudoin, Marie Labonne, Nanette see Cardinal, Nancy Labonte see also La Bonte Labonte, Clarabelle c1887- >LLB Labonte, Emma 1880 >LLB Labonte, Gerard Fr.OMI 1940 >LSA> Labonte, Jean Baptiste 1791 CAN>USA/MIN>IDA Labonte, Joseph 1880 >LLB Labonte, Kilakotah M. (Coboway) 1800/73 SAL/Clt Labonte, Louis Sr. 1791 CAN>USA/MIN>ORE>SAL/Clt Labonte, Louis Jr. 1845 MET/SAL/Clt Labonte, Mabel c1903- >LLB Labonte, Marguerite see Coboway, Kilakotah Marguerite Labonte, Myrtle 1880 >LLB Laborcan see Laboucan Laborde 1755 QUE/IRO>CuH/Nip LaBossiere 1655 QUE>IRO Laboucan see also La Boucan Laboucane Laboucan 1766 MiN/ILC Laboucan 1790 >Sas/FtE/AmW> Laboucan 1830 LSL Laboucan 1876 MET>Sad/Sas Laboucan 1920 MdL Laboucan 1853 MET>MuS/Duh Laboucan 1873 MET/MuS/Duh Laboucan 1988 Pas Laboucan, A. 1875 LLB Laboucan, Adam 1875 LLB Laboucan, Adelaide (Dumont) 1873- Dum/Sip>MuS/Duh/MET Laboucan, Angele (Pineault) 1835 LSL Laboucan, Baptiste 1829 LSL Laboucan, Billy Joe see Laboucan, William Joseph Laboucan, Cecile (Lafournaise) Laboucan, Claudia Clementine 1984/95 LRR Laboucan, Daniel 1874 MET/MuS/Duh Laboucan, Dion 1885 MET/MuS/Duh>Sad/Sas Laboucan, Edouard 1895 LSL>MET Laboucan, Eleonore 1895 LSL>MET Laboucan, Ellen 1895 LSL>MET Laboucan, Elzear 1858 RdR/WhH>ALB/MuS/Duh Laboucan, Eugene Chief 1974 Dpl Laboucan, Francois Lafreniere 1870 >ALB>MuS/Duh> Laboucan, Gabriel 1858 RdR/WhP>ALB/MuS/Duh Laboucan, Gary Fr.OMI 1971 >Sad> Laboucan, Gerome 1847- RdR/WhP>ALB/MuS/Duh>GrP Laboucan, Guillaime 1830- RdR/WhP>ALB/MuS/Duh Laboucan, Guillaime (wife) c1851- RdR/WhP>ALB/MuS/Duh Laboucan, Guillaume 1895 LSL>MET Laboucan, Hope 2002-04 LRR/GaR Laboucan, Jean 1849- LSL>MET Laboucan, Jean Baptiste 1865- RdR/WhP>ALB/MuS/Duh>Sas/Sas Laboucan, Jerome see Laboucan, Gerome Laboucan, Joseph 1835 RdR>SwR Laboucan, Julienne 1895 LSL>MET Laboucan, Justine 1895 LSL>MET Laboucan, Lucie 1895 LSL>MET Laboucan, Mary Anne () 1865- RdR/Wap>ALB/MuS/Duh>Sas/Sas Laboucan, Millie (Petit Couteau)1872- FtE/Alx>MuS/Duh> Laboucan, Paskiyam 1890 LSL Laboucan, Pierre 1858 RdR/WhP>ALB/MuS/Duh Laboucan, Priscilla (Wells) 1880 RdR Laboucan, Rachel () 1847- RdR/WhP>ALB/MuS/Duh>GrP Laboucan, Robert1 1895 LSL>MET Laboucan, Robert2 1895 LSL>MET Laboucan, Rose C. Chief 1964 Dpl Laboucan, Sampson 1890 PeR>MET Laboucan, Sophie (Calahison) 1853- LSL Laboucan, William see also Laboucan, Guillaime Laboucan, William 1841- RdR>MET>ALB/Sad/Sas Laboucan, William 1895 LSL>MET Laboucan, William Joseph 1975 Lab>Wdl LaBoucane see also Laboucan Laboucane 1988 Pas Laboucane, Cecile see Lafournaise, Cecile Laboucanne see Laboucan Labouchere, Henry Minist. 1835 ENG Laboune, Marie see Beaudoin, Marie Labracon, William see Laboucan, William Labrosse, Paul 1729 QUE>ONT/Mic Labroses, Virginie 1850 USA/MIC Lacaille see also Lacelle Lacaille 1918 FCh Lacaille, Cathy c1945- FCh Lacaille, Herbert c1950- FCh Lacaille, James c1950- FCh Lacaille, Marie Rose c1945- FCh Lacaille, Vitaline c1938- FCh Lacelle see also La Salle Lacelle, Agathe 1709-78 QUE/Mnt>MIC/Det Lacelle, Angelique () 1690 QUE/Mnt Lacelle, Jacques 1689 QUE/Mnt Lacelle, Nicolas see La Salle Lacerpe see Lacerte Lacerte 1766 CAN>SK>ALB/Sas/FtE Lacerte 1796 >Qu'>RdR Lacerte, Bonnaventure 1784 CAN>Kam Lacerte, Philippe 1901 CAR/FrL Lachance, Benjamin 1948 FlD Lachance, Charles 1784 CAN>EnR/MiN Lachance, Eva (Gauvreau) 1893 ONT Lachance, Joseph M. 1857-27 USA/MIC>MAI Lachance, Leo 1887 ONT Lachance, Malvina (D'Aoust) 1870 USA/MIC>MAI Lachance, Raymond 1945 ONT Lachance, Vital Chief 1977 CRE Lachance, Zoe (Beaudoin) 1840 USA/MIC Lachapelle, Andrie 1781-81 CAN>USA/NWY>ORE Lacharite, Adolphe NWMP 1857 Lacharite, Francois Lampron 1788 CAN>PeR> Lacharite, Marguerite see Lacharite, Marie Marguerite Lacharite, Marie Marguerite Lamp1807- PeR>QUE Lacharlle, J.A. Fr.OMI 1904 >SK Lachevrotier, Josephte 1815- CAN Lachine, Barbara Elizabeth see Dudevoir, Elizabeth Lackie 1863 >SK Laclair see also Leclair LaClair, Gordon Daryl 1957-05 LaClair, Kevin 1980- LaClair, Kim (Gauthier) 1960 LaClair, Louis 1937 LaClair, Maizie () 1940 LaClair, Mark 1985 Laclede 1740 FRE/LOU>MIS Lacombe c1777-57 CAN>CRE Lacombe, Agatha (Garneau) Lacombe, Albert Fr.OMI 1827-16 QUE>RdR>FtE>QUE>RdR>EUR>ALB Lacombe, Asiskis 1835 Pes>FtE>MaW Lacombe, Auguste c1777-57 CAN>Sas>Pes>FtE? Lacombe, Augustine 1824 Pes?>FtE Lacombe, Christine 1850/85 QUE>LLB>LSA>FtE Lacombe, Ernest Fr.OMI 1925 >LSA>SK Lacombe, Francois 1730 CAN>RdR> Lacombe, Francois Mesi Nape 1835 Pes>FtE>Sip Lacombe, Gaspard 1848 QUE>VIR>KTY>OHI>QUE>Alb>RdR>ALB/LSA Lacombe, Gertrude () 1920 Lacombe, Half The Earth see Lacombe, Mary Lacombe, Marguerite Kisikaw Asis1855- Sip>FtE>MET Lacombe, Marie Ann 1870 >MET Lacombe, Marie Pikwes () 1840 FtE>MaW Lacombe, Mary Half The Earth 1854- FtE>MaW>MET Lacombe, Nanatok O Mina () 1841 Sip Lacombe, Nanatokomin see Lacombe, Nanatok O Mina Lacombe, Oscar 1948 Edm Lacombe, Peter 1858- FtE>MET Lacombe, Pierre see also Lacombe, Peter Lacombe, Pierre 1794 CAN>ORE Lacombe, Red Skin 1800 Sas>Pes>KAI Lacombe, Victoria see Garneau, Agatha Lacombe, William 1920 Lacomble, Augustine see Lacombe, Augustine Lacondomine Lacorde see Etto Lacourte, John 1996- CHI/DEN/FtR LaCouture, Jean Baptiste see Couture, Jean Baptiste LaCouture, Joseph see Couture, Joseph LaCouture, Madeleine see Couture, Madeleine Ladauerier, Benjamin 1870 >Sas>MET Ladauerier, Joseph 1870 >Sas>MET Ladauerier, Mary () 1870 >Sas>MET Ladauerier, Varniek Laderoute, Varniek Laderoote see Laderoute Laderout see Laderoute Laderoute 1762 CAN>BeR/LLB Laderoute 1838 FtE Laderoute 1850 LSA/StA Laderoute 1988 Pas Laderoute, Adelaide (Dumont) 1850- Dum/LSA>Kis>FtE>MET Laderoute, Angelique (Brabant) 1811 CuH Laderoute, Angelique (L'Hirondell)22 LSL>L'H>LSA>MET Laderoute, Emilienne () 1873- >Cal Laderoute, Ferdinand 1840- RdR>FtE Laderoute, J. 1870 Cal>MaW> Laderoute, J., Mrs. (Calihoo) 1870 Cal>MaW> Laderoute, Jacques 1863- Cal Laderoute, Jean 1809- RdR Laderoute, Jean 1831- RdR>FtE/Cal LaDeRoute, Jean Baptiste 1797- RdR Laderoute, Joseph 1873- Cal Laderoute, Josephine () 1880 Cal Laderoute, Louise 1825- CuH>FtE/LSA>PIK/NoP>CRE>MET Laderoute, Lynn see Ladret, Lynn Laderoute, Marcel see Desjarlais-Laderoute, Marcel Laderoute, Marguerite (Sansregret800 RdR Laderoute, Maximillian 1858 Cal>Pas Laderoute, Oliver 1844- RdR>LSA/Cal>Kis>FtE Laderoute, Olivier 1805 CAN>CuH> Laderoute, Olivier 1822 LSL>L'H>LSA>MET LaDeRoute, Philibert 1777 CAN>RdR Laderoute, R. 1860 NWT Laderoute, Rosalie 1816- RdR>FtE Laderoute, Sarah (Calihoo) 1867 Cal> Laderoute, Thibert 1778- CAN>RdR Laderoute, Varniek 1844- Ath/L'H>Sas>MET Laderoute, Virginie (Gladue) 1860- Ale/Pas>Cal Laderoute, Virginie () 1860- FtE Laderoute, Virginie () 1860- NWT LaDiroute see Laderoute Ladoneur 1850 FtE Ladoucer see Ladouceur Ladouceur see also La Douceur Le Doussal Ladouceur 1837 >LLB Ladouceur 1839 MET/RdR>ALB>RdR Ladouceur 1988 Pas Ladouceur, Absolom 1865- LLB Ladouceur, Adam 1843- FtE>LLB Ladouceur, Adam c1880- MET/LLB Ladouceur, Adel -1941 LLB Ladouceur, Alexander 1921-24 LLB Ladouceur, Andrew c1967- FCh Ladouceur, Archie 1892 LLB Ladouceur, Augustin 1858-46 LLB Ladouceur, Augustine see also Ladouceur, Augustin Ladouceur, Augustine 1900-32 LLB Ladouceur, Benjamin 1869- Ath>Sas/MET Ladouceur, Bertha 1931- LLB>Kik Ladouceur, Betsy () 1864- RdR>LLB Ladouceur, Betty (Cardinal) Ladouceur, Catherine 1810- Sas>Pes>Sas/AmW Ladouceur, Charles 1890 Ladouceur, Charlotte 1819 LLB Ladouceur, Delphine 1926- LLB Ladouceur, Doreen 1942- LLB Ladouceur, Doris 1933- LLB Ladouceur, Edgar 1937- LLB Ladouceur, Edmund 1950 FCh Ladouceur, Eli c1955- FCh Ladouceur, Elsie 1941 FCh Ladouceur, Florence 1919- LLB>Vic/Gdf>Kik Ladouceur, Francois 1850 MET/RdR>TCr>Min Ladouceur, Frank c1900- FCh Ladouceur, George Orville 1972- Edm Ladouceur, Georgina 1924- LLB>Kik Ladouceur, Gilbert 1913- LLB>Kik Ladouceur, Isobel c1951- FCh Ladouceur, Ivan c1954- FCh Ladouceur, Jacqueline c1965- FCh Ladouceur, Jean Baptiste 1703 QUE>RdR Ladouceur, Jean Baptiste 1784 EnR/MiN Ladouceur, Jennifer (Fraser) Ladouceur, Joseph Okimaw Iskwew 1784 CAN>Sas/FtE>LLB Ladouceur, Joseph Jr. 1853- Sas>MET Ladouceur, Josephet (Cardinal) 1800 Sas/AmW>FtE>LLB>RdR Ladouceur, Josephte see Cardinal, Josephet Ladouceur, Julie (Auger) 1840 Ladouceur, Lana 1960 LLB Ladouceur, Lois 1970 FCh Ladouceur, Louis 1784 CAN>LaP Ladouceur, Louis 1864- RdR>LLB Ladouceur, Louis 1894-56 LLB Ladoucuer, Louis 1950 FCh Ladouceur, Louise 1820- LLB>LSA>MET Ladouceur, Lucien C. 1929- LLB>Edm Ladouceur, Madeline c1900-71 LLB Ladouceur, Margaret () 1842- LLB> Ladouceur, Margaret () 1857- LLB Ladouceur, Mary Jane (Cowie) Ladouceur, Mary Anne () 1866- LLB Ladouceur, Mary () 1867- LLB/FMc Ladouceur, Mary () 1870- LLB Ladouceur, Mary (Challifoux) 1896 LLB>Kik Ladouceur, Mary () 1915 LLB Ladouceur, Modeste 1890- LLB Ladouceur, Modeste 1940 FCh Ladouceur, Paulette 1850 LLB Ladouceur, Peter see Ladouceur, Pierre Ladouceur, Peter c1944- FCh Ladouceur, Pierre Sr. 1800 FRA>RdR Ladouceur, Pierre Jr. 1841- ONT>RdR>TCr>LLB Ladouceur, Robert T. 1891-72 LLB>Kik Ladouceur, Scott 1984-08 Edm Ladouceur, Simeon 1784 CAN>EnR/MiN Ladouceur, Sophie 1884 LLB Ladouceur, Thomas c1930- FCh Ladouceur, Thomas c1967- FCh Ladouceur, Varnick 1844- Ath>LLB Ladouceur, William 1936- LLB Ladoucher see Ladouceur Ladouseur, Adel see Ladouceur, Adel Ladoux see also Ladue Ladoux, Isadore 1875- Was Ladoux, Napoleon see Ladue, Napoleon Ladret see also Laderoute Ladret, Lynn 1960 Ladriere Fr.OMI 1940 >FCh Ladue see also Laxoux Ladue, Angelique 1873 SK>ND>Cot/CyH>RoB Ladue, Frank 1867- SK>ND>Cot/CyH>RoB Ladue, Isadore see Ladoux, Isadore Ladue, Jean Marie 1900 RoB Ladue, Joseph 1900 RoB Ladue, Louis 1900 RoB Ladue, Margaret 1833- SK>ND>Cot/CyH>RoB Ladue, Marie 1900 RoB Ladue, Napoleon 1872- ND>Cot/CyH>RoB LaDurantaye see La Durantaye Lady Cofitachequi 1520 FLO Lafantaise, Francois 1723 QUE>Mic Lafantaise, Jacques 1780 CAN>USA/NWY>ORE Lafantaisie see Lafantaise Lafayette 1770 FRA>USA>FRA Laferte see also Lafferty Laferte 1922 FCh Laferte, Agathe (St. Germain) Laferte, Anne see Lafferty, Anne Laferte, Jonas see Lafferty, Jonas Laferte, Elizabeth 1884 THL/CHI/Des/FtR>FtV>MET Laferte, Isabelle Laferte, Jean Baptiste -1861 >SK>FtE Laferte, Louis see Schmidt, Louis Laferte, Louis 1799- CAN>RdR Laferte, Louison see Lafferty, Louison Laferte, Maria 1879 THL/CHI/Des/FtR>FtV>MET Laferte, Marie-Anne (Genereux) 1810 FCh Laferte, Modeste 1859 THL/CHI/Des/FtR> Laferte, Napoleon Fr.OMI 1900 FCh>Edm>FCh Laferte, Pierre 1805 FCh Laferte, Sophie (Beaulieu) 1874 CHI/DeK/FtR>FtV Lafeuille see Wape Sa Lafeville, Charlotte 1802- RdR Lafiniere, Joseph 1880 CRE/USA/MNT Lafitte, Jean 1803 USA Lafferty see also Laferte Lafferty 1920 DEH/FtS Lafferty, Aleda 1976 CHI/DEN/FtR Lafferty, Anne () 1912/26 DEH/Nah Lafferty, Jonas 1906 >DEH/Nah Lafferty, Louison 1833 >THL Lafferty, Maria (L'Esparance) 1853 THL/Wul/FRa Laffont Fr.OMI 1880 >FMc> Lafleche see also Le Seur, Pierre Lafleche Fr.OMI 1822 >LSA>ILC>RdR/WHP Lafleche, Joseph 1725 QUE>Mic Lafleche, Pierre 1725 QUE>Mic Lafleur see also La Fleur Lefleur Lafleur 1620 CAN>ONT>MIN LaFleur 1988 Pas Lafleur, Antoine see Fleurine, Antoine Lafleur, Baptiste Chief 1846 TZA/CRE/LSL/Laf Lafleur, Elizabeth 1963 LLB Lafleur, Gabriel 1849- PeR/Laf>StA LaFleur, Jean Baptiste 1785-75 RdR/CHP>Dun/PeR>FCh Lafleur, Joseph Poupard 1727 QUE>ONT Lafleur, Julienne () 1859- PeR/Laf>StA Lafleur, Marie (Miteamegke) 1650 Lafleur, Marie Anne A. (Reaume) Lafleur, Pierre Couc Sr. 1624- CHP/ Lafleur, Pierre Couc Jr. 1690- CHP/ LaFleur, Shayne Cpl. 1984 Lap> LaFleur, Solomon 1921 Lap>ENG>Lap Lafleur, Sundown see Leflare, Sundown Lafon see also Lafond Lafon 1988 Pas Lafond, Alec c1913- MoL/MuL>ENG>MuL Lafond, Alpha () Chief 1940 MuL Lafond, Andrew 1900 MuL Lafond, Beatrice 1910 MuL Lafond, David Chief 1969 MuL Lafond, Charles 1786 CAN>Kam> Lafond, David Chief 1969 MuL Lafond, Frederick Chief 1944 MuL Lafond, Harriet c1900- MuL/DuL>NoB Lafond, Harry James Chief 1970 MuL Lafond, Jean Baptiste Chief 1880 MuL Lafond, Joseph 1786 CAN>FtE>COL>Was Lafond, M. 1799 CAN>ORE Lafond, Mary Ellen 1978 MuL Lafontaine see also Fontain Fontaine Lafontaine 1784 CAN>RdR Lafontaine, Cecile Larournaise see Lafournaise, Cecile Lafontaine, Jacques 1784 CAN>ORE Lafontaine, Jean Baptiste 1799- RdR Lafontaine, Joseph 1784 CAN>NIP Lafontaine, Justine 1871- AsW Lafontaine, M. 1784 CAN>ORE Lafontaine, Madeleine (Morin) 1805 RdR Lafontaine, Maggie see Lafontaine, Margaret Lafontaine, Margaret 1841- FtE>AsW Lafontaine, Marie (Indian) 1800 MAN? Lafontaine, Mary () 1774 Wap Laforest, Sieur De see Dauphin, Francois Laforest, Catherine 1773- MIC/Det Laforest, Genevieve Am. (Favel) 1741- MIC/Det Laforest, Guillaume 1725- MIC/Det LaForme, Harry Hon. 1947- ONT Laforte, Morris 1977 OJI/Sag Lafountaine see Lafontaine Lafourche, Genevieve 1806 Pem Lafournais see Lafournaise Lafournaise, Adele 1850-14 RdR Lafournaise, Caroline (Cook) Lafournaise, Catherine 1789 Sas>Lar LaFournaise, Cecile Sabourin 1868 RdR/CyH>MuS/MET Lafournaise, Elise 1860 RdR>WMt Lafournaise, Emerise 1867- RdR/PoP/WMt>MET Lafournaise, Emilie (Petit Cout)1872- FtE/Alx>MuS/Duh> Lafournaise, Francois 1871 RdR/PoP/WMt>MET Lafournaise, Gabriel 1830 RdR>Was Lafournaise, Guillaume 1850 RdR>Was Lafournaise, Jean Baptiste 1861- RdR/PoP/WMt>MET Lafournaise, Joseph I 1776- CAN>Sas/FtE>Lar Lafournaise, Joseph II 1838 RdR/PoP/WMt>MET Lafournaise, Joseph III 1858-83 RdR/PoP/WMt Lafournaise, Madeleine (Poitras)1838- Wap/RdR>PoP>WMt>MET Lafournaise, Napoleon 1871 RdR/PoP/WMt>MET Lafournaise, Suzanne (Indian) 1780 Sas/FtE>Lar Lafournaise, Suzanne (Collin) 1836 >RdR>Was Lafournaise, William see Lafournaise, Guillaume Lafraise, Jean Baptiste see Cayen, Jean Baptiste Laframboise 1848 MAN>SK Laframboise 1856 MET>USA/MNT/DAK Laframboise 1793 CAN>ORE>AsW>RdR Laframboise, Alexandre 1757 CAN>WIS Laframboise, Alexis 1780/02 CAN>Mac Laframboise, Augustin c1839-85 AsW/Pes>MAN>SK Laframboise, Carolina 1880 Laframboise, David 1883- CyH/FrM> Laframboise, Dora 1884- CyH/FrM> Laframboise, Elise () 1853- >CyH> Laframboise, Francois 1840 USA/SD/DAK Laframboise, Isabella 1889- CyH/FrM> Laframvoise, Isabelle Laframboise, Louis Laframboise, Isabelle (Cardinal)1889 >Sas Laframboise, Isidore 1898 ALB/CyH Laframboise, James 1826- Pes>RdR>CyH> Laframboise, Jean see also Laframboise, John Laframboise, Jean Baptiste Fafard775- QUE>Mic Laframboise, Jean 1875 MAN>WMt/CyH Laframboise, John 1851- WMt>Was/MMt/MuL>CyH>FrM Laframboise, Joseph 1797 CAN>SD/DAK>ND Laframboise, Louis 1889 >Sas/StP Laframboise, Louise 1819/58 Pes>Dum>RdR>Sip>RdR>Was Laframboise, Madeleine (Adhemar)1788 CAN>Mac Laframboise, Margarite see Cayen, Marguerite Laframboise, Margarette see Laframboise, Marie Laframboise, Marguerite 1818 >Pes>RdR Laframboise, Marguerite (Cayen) 1857- Was/MMt/MuL>CyH>FrM>MET Laframboise, Marie 1861 FtE>CyH/LoL>MET Laframboise, Marie 1888- CyH/FrM> Laframboise, Matthias 1950 SOT/TMt Laframboise, Michel 1780 CAN>USA/NYK>ORE>Pes>RdR Laframboise, Patrick 1887- CyH/FrM> Laframboise, Peter 1885- CyH/FrM> Laframboise, Ron 1974 LRR Laframboise, Rose 1891- CyH/FrM> Laframboise, Susie 1862- >ALB/CyH/FrM Laframboise, William 1886- CyH/FrM Lafrance see also La France Larance Lafrance 1755 QUE/IRO>CuH/Nip Lafrance, Alphonse 1865 QUE>ALB>QUE Lafrance, Francois 1860 QUE>NWY Lafrance, Jean Baptiste Sr. 1773 CAN>Wap>MAN>MNT>MAN>RdR Lafrance, Jean Baptiste Jr. 1790- RdR LaFrance, Joseph 1719 QUE>ONT>MAN> Lafrance, Julie see Larance, Julie Lafrance, Louis 1820 IRO/ALB>LSA Lafrance, Louis 1850 IRO/FCh>FtV Lafrance, Moses Sr. 1860 MET Lafrance, Moses Jr. 1880 MET Lafrance, Samuel see Lafrance, Francois Lafrance, Suzanne Cardinal 1790- MET/Ath/LSL>Jsp>RdR Lafranchise, Joachim 1865 QUE>ALB>QUE Lafrele see Defraisse Lafreniere see also Frenier Lafreniere 1775 CAN>Wap>BeR> Lafreniere 1844 >FtU> Lafreniere, Antoine 1780- RdR> Lafreniere, Charles see also Lafiniere, Charles Lafreniere, Charles J. 1760 CAN>MIN/DAK/Sis Lafreniere, Charles 1805 >NoH> Lafreniere, Francois Laboucan 1870 MuS/Duh> Lafreniere, Jean Baptiste Piette1805 Lafreniere, Joseph see Lafiniere, Joseph Lafreniere, Louison 1805 Lafreniere, Marguerite (Houle) 1800 RdR> Lafreniere, Marie (Daigneau) 1850 Lafreniere, Michel 1850 Lafreniere, Millie (Petit Coutea1872- FtE/Alx>MuS/Duh> Lafreniere, Paul see Lafiniere, Paul Lafreniere, Stephen see Lafreniere, Jean Baptiste Lagace see also La Gassie Legasse Legrace Lagace, Charles 1768 CAN>FtE/Sas Laganteuse see Lafantaise Lafontaine Lagarde, Isabelle 1800- FtE Lagardeur see LeGardeur Lagasse see Legrace Lagemodiere see Lagimodiere Lagemonier see Lagimodiere Lagerstrom, Darren John 1980- Rdd Lagimodiere, Arlene 1984 FrL Lagimodiere, Charlotte 1977 FrL Lagimodiere, Cypres 1810- CyH>RdR Lagimodiere, Jean Baptiste Sr. 1758 QUE Lagimodiere, Jean Baptiste Jr. 1778-55 QUE>RdR>QUE>RdR>FtE>CyH>FtE>RMH>RdR>QUE>RdR Lagimodiere, Jean Baptiste 1820 RdR Lagimodiere, Josephte (Beauregard763 QUE Lagimodiere, Josephte 1812- RdR Lagimodiere, Julie Sr. 1822-06 RdR/Pem Lagimodiere, Julie 1850 RdR Lagimodiere, Keith 1984 FrL Lagimodiere, Lisette 1803- NAK/Pem Lagimodiere, Marie Anne (Gaboury1775- QUE>RdR>FtE>CyH>FtE>RMH>RdR Lagimodiere, Marie Catherine 1850 RdR Lagimodiere, N. 1875 LLB Lagimodiere, Pierre 1875 LLB Lagimodiere, Reine Gaboury 1806- RdR Lagimodiere, Virginia 1984 FrL Lagimodiere, Wanda 1984 FrL Lagimoniere see Lagimodiere Lagrace, Antoine see Legrace, Antoine Lagrande see also Chalou-Le Grande Lagrande, Isabelle 1800 >FtE Lagrave, Francois 1784 CAN>EnR/MiN Lagrelle 1910 Sun Lagrelle, Norman 1980 Sun Laguenier see Hamelin, Charles Francois Hamelin, Jacques La Vallee, Antoinette Sauteux, Marie Athanase Laguerche, Antoine 1720 QUE>ONT Laguivoise, Marie Aioe Wimunke 1787-50 IOW/ILL>MIN>ORE>IDA Lagunnier see Hamelin, Charles Francois Hamelin, Jacques La Vallee, Antoinette Sauteux, Marie Athanase Lahontan 1665 QUE>MNT> Laidlaw, Mary Ann (Big Heart) 1820 DAK/Sis Laidlaw, William 1820 >DAK/Sis Laird see also McGillis, Hugh Laird, David Gov. 1850 ONT>SK>ALB> Laird, Walter 1915 SK Lajeunesse 1704 QUE>NMX> Lajeunesse 1784 CAN>FtE/Sas>RMH Lajeunesse, Anjelique (Saumier) Lajimodiere, Reine see Lagimodiere, Reine LaJunairndre, Antoinette 1800- RdR LaJunairndre, Jean Baptiste 1780 CAN>RdR Lajure, Auguste 1948 CHI/FDL Lake see also Sakahikan Lake Capt. 1840 ENG>RdR>ALB> Lake, Harold c1880- SK>ALB/Jsp Lake, John Gov.HBC 1765 ENG Lake, John Rev. 1862 >SK Lake, Louise 1885- Ale/CyH>StA Lake, Lucy (L'Hirondelle) 1870 Niy/Ale>AsW/Kis>CyH> Lake, Thomas Gov.HBC 1685/43 ENG Lake, Thomas T. Sgt.NWMP1855 >MAN>ALB>CyH> Lakeview, Adan 1846- ALB>RdR>Sas Lakeview, Margaret () 1858 RdR>Sas LaLande see Lalond Laliberte see La Liberte Laliberte, 1895 ILC Laliberte, Angele 1870 ILC>DoL>ClL Laliberte, Virginie (Meraste) 1895 ILC Lalire see Lallire Lalivay, Liza L. () 1870- ALB>MuS/Duh Lalivay, Noel 1855- ALB>MuS/Duh Lallire, T.W. 1873 >ALB Lalond 1785 CAN>RdR/Wap>PeR/Dun Lalond, Antoine 1710 QUE>ONT Lalond, Baptiste 1785 USA>PAD/APA>NMX Lalond, Bella (Rowan) 1867- FtE/Pas/Niy/LSL>MET Lalond, Joseph 1867 LSL Lalond, Pierre 1730 CAN>Mac Lalond, Thomas 1977 Lalonde see Lalond Lamalice see also Boucher, J. B. La Malice Lamalice Hdm. 1870 DEH/Klo Lamalieu see Boucher, Paul Lamar see Lamarre Lamarche see also Lamouche Lamarche, Adele 1945 Edm Lamarche, Alice () 1905 >Edm Lamarche, Antoine see Lamarre, Antoine Lamarche, Charles 1784 CAN>LkW Lamarche, Daniel Richard 1945 Edm Lamarche, Denise 1945 Edm Lamarche, Emeliene () 1950 Edm Lamarche, Ernest 1900 >Edm Lamarche, Gerald 1985 Edm Lamarche, Ivan 1945 Edm Lamarche, Laurana 1945 Edm Lamarche, Leonard 1945 Edm Lamarche, Loretta 1945 Edm Lamarche, Lorne 1920-99 Edm Lamarche, Marguerite 1900 QUE>DAK Lamarche, Marie 1945 Edm Lamarche, Mona 1945 Edm Lamarche, Phil 1945 Edm Lamarche, Roger c1916- DAK/QUE Lamarque see La Marque Lamarre see also Lamire Lamarre, Antoine 1783 CAN>Sip>FtE>RMH>AsW/TwD>Lar Lamarre, Seraphim 1796 RMH>Qu'>RdR> Lamazu see Kasciascall Lamb, Deneece 1960 Lambdin, Robert B. 1832 USA>SD Lambert 1650-70 FRA>QUE>MAN Lambert 1796 CAN>FtV Lambert 1850 MAN Lambert Bro. 1861 StA>MaW> Lambert 1955 TZA/FtV Lambert 1985 Pas Lambert, Angelique (Beaulieu) 1801 FCh>PeR Lambert, Antoine 1782- CAN>SOT Lambert, August 1819 >Pes>Kis Lambert, Augustine see Lambert, August Lambert, Betsy (Hondre) 1810 PeR>RdR Lambert, Catherine (Gaddy) 1789- CRE/Sas>PeR>RdR>MET Lambert, Cecilia (Belcourt) Lambert, Clarissa 1994- TSU Lambert, Constance Brenda 1961-98 MaW/Sam>TSU Lambert, Dave 1866 >KAI> Lambert, Elise (Lizotte) Lambert, Elsie see Lizotte, Elise Lambert, Etienne 1795- CAN>RdR>PeR>MET Lambert, Fanny () 1840 FtE>AsW/Kis Lambert, George Tuck 1866 >ALB>USA/MNT>AK Lambert, Isabella Blue Flash of 1856-35 FtE>AsW/Kis> Lambert, James 1895 FtV Lambert, Jane 1810 RdR>FtE Lambert, Jean B. Robillard 1768 CAN>RdR Lambert, John Sr. 1848- RdR>FtV>FCh>FtV Lambert, John Jr. 1876- FtV>FCh>FtV Lambert, Josephine () 1930 FtV Lambert, Justine (Appelgarth) Lambert, Katherine () 1925 Lambert, Katie () 1790 FtV Lambert, Katrine (Piche) c1820- Pes>Kis> Lambert, Katrine see also Lambert, Katherine Lambert, Louis see also Piche, Louis Lambert Lambert, Louis 1790- CAN>FCh>PeR Lambert, Louis Piche 1870 Kis>MET Lambert, Louis 1878- FtV>FCh>FtV Lambert, Louis 1940 MaW Lambert, Maggie () 1901/95cFtV Lambert, Margaret (Favel) 1800 RdR Lambert, Margaret 1846- RdR>MET Lambert, Margaret 1889- FtV Lambert, Marguerite 1825- RdR>Lap>CyH>Kis>MET Lambert, Marianne 1845 Kis> Lambert, Marie 1800- Ath/PeR>RdR Lambert, Marie (Saulteaux) 1803 SOT/ Lambert, Marie 1839- Pes>Kis> Lambert, Marie (Lizotte) 1855- FtV>FCh>FtV Lambert, Mary see Lambert, Marie Lizotte, Marie Lambert, Michel 1792- RdR Lambert, Narcisse 1881 FtV Lambert, Pierre 1775 CAN>RdR>FSJ Lambert, Robert 1780 CAN>Ath/PeR Lambert, Shirley 1955 FtV>TZA Lambert, Thomas 1831 >FtV Lambert, Thomas 1919- MAN Lambert, Tuck see Lambert, George Lambert, William John Cheecham 1851- RdR>FtV>FCh>FtV Lambert, William 1935 FtV Lambert, Yolanda (Jacobs) 1998 TSU Lame Bull Hd.Chf. 1803 PIK/HTK Lame Bull Hd.Chf. 1816 ATS/LaB Lame Cree see Shiyo Huste Lame Deer Chief 1846 DAK/Min Lame Man see Lameman Lamelise see Lamalice Lameman see also Layman Lameman 1856 Pey/BeL Lameman 1988 Pas Lameman, Alphonse Chief 1943- BeL Lameman, Flora () 1923- BeL Lameman, Isadore 1918-80 BeL Lameman, Joanne 1970 BeL L(ayman?), Marianne 1865 EdS Lameman, Pierre see Lameman, Pierriche Lameman, Pierriche 1905-81 BeL Lameman, Ron 1980 BeL Lameman, Rose Chief 1979 BeL/Pas Lameman, Victoria 1925- BeL Lamirande, Louis 1794- CAN>RdR Lamirande, Marguerite (Davis) 1800 RdR Lamirande, Margueritte 1932 MAN Lamisquet see Carrifelle, Apisasis LaMisquet Lammerarande, Mary () CHP Lamoelle, Vital Hdm. 1880 CHI/Edj/FtR Lamonte -1851 AsW/Pes>Kis>FtE LaMotte, John 1849 USA/MNT>ALB Lamouche see also Gladue, Bienvenue Gladue, Jean Baptiste Gladue, Mary Gladue, Vital John La Mousse Lamarche Lamouche Lamousse Lanouche Yellowknee (Gladue), Gurlie Lamouche, Albert 1930 LSL Lamouche, Daniel Wilfred Sr. 1913-04 Lamouche, Julienne () 1920 Lamouche-Gladue, Julie see Gladue, Julie Lamoureaux see also Lamoureux Lamoureaux, Julie 1860- DET/Bis> Lamoureaux 1865 ALB/Cgy Lamoureux, ?eal (Mrs.) 1864 EdS Lamoureux, Agnes 1911-72 LLB Lamoureux, Emmanuell 1801 QUE>ALB Lamoureux, Jean Baptiste 1790 CAN>FtE/Sas>RMH>Jsp>ORE Lamoureux, Jean Baptiste 1840 CAN>FSJ>Dun Lamoureux, Joseph 1845 QUE>MNT>FtE/LSA Lamoureux, Julie c1860- Dun>FtV Lamoureux, Louise (Courteoreille)846 >FSJ>Dun Lamoureux, Margaret 1780- >ILC Lamoureux, ?eal (Mrs.) 1864 EdS Lamoureux, Rose 1860 FSJ>Dun>DET Lamoureux, Theophile 1869 LSA Lamousse see also Gladue, Baptiste Gladue, Bienvenue Gladue, Jean Baptiste Gladue, Mary La Mouche La Mousse Lamouche Lamousse Lampron see Lacharite Lamson 1895 >FCh>FtS> Lamy, Adele Sist. 1835- QUE>MAN>LSA>StA Lamy, Marie Defond 1690 QUE Lance see High Lance Chimakan Landa Bish. see De Landa, Diego Landais Bro. 1876 >LSA Landale 1909 >ALB/Mor Landell, Dalhousie 1817 QUE Landell, Eliza (Thompson) 1829- QUE Landell, Stanley 1845 QUE Lander, John 1810 ENG>AFR/NIG> Lnader, Richard 1810 ENG>AFR/NIG> Landerville 1794 CAN>ORE>ONT Landerville, Red 1905 ONT/Bis Landrie see also Landry Landrie 1782 CAN>RdR>PeR/Dun Landrie, Catherine Landrie, Elemir see Landry, Elemir Landrie, Francois see Landry, Francois Landrie, Joseph see Landry, Joseph Landrie, Linda (Pelly) 1996 SOT/ Landrie, Louis see Landry, Louis Landrie, Louis 1782 CAN>RdR Landry see also Landrie Landry Bro. 1861 LSA Landry, Alexandre Sr. 1810-77 RdR>PeR>LSA>FtV>LLB Landry, Alexandre Jr. 1877 PeR>LSA Landry, Augustin 1773-73 MIC/Det Landry, Charlot see Landry, Firmin Landry, Elemir 1829 RdR Landry, Firmin Charlot 1753 CAN>MIC/Det Landry, Francois 1881 CAN>USA/MIS>ORE Landry, Isabelle (Richard) 1845 RdR>CyH> Landry, Jean Baptiste 1790- Landry, Joseph see also Landrie, Joseph Landry, Joseph 1765 QUE>Dau>CuH/Nip>Ota>Ast Landry, Josephte () 1799- Landry, Julien 1798- Landry, Julienne 1877 PeR>LSA Landry, Louis see also Landrie, Louis Landry, Louis 1795- RdR Landry, Margaret (Indian) 1794- Landry, Margaret 1877 PeR>LSA Landry, Marguerite (Siouse) Landry, Marie Anne (Martin) 1811- RdR Landry, Marie (Tastawits) 1826 PeR>LSA>Was>MET Landry, Marie Anne 1877 PeR>LSA>Lap Landry, Mary McDonell 1760 CAN Landry, Mary 1855 PeR>LSA>Was Landry, Mary Issac 1885 >LiS/TuM Landry, Narcisse 1877 PeR>LSA Landry, Peter see Landry, Pierre Bouton Jr. Landry, Pierre Bouton Sr. 1839 RdR Landry, Pierre Bouton Jr. 1859- RdR>CyH>PIK>Fro>MET Landry, Vitaline (Ward) 1872-91 Lap>Kis> Landry, William 1775 CAN>RdR Landstrom see also Langstrom Landstrom, Benjamin Gladue 1950 BeL Landstrom, Vera 1927- >BeL Landstrom, Waldie Gladue 1950 BeL Landstrom, Wilbert Gladue 1950 BeL Landstrom, Willie Gladue 1950 BeL Landusky, Powell Pike 1849-94>USA>MNT Lane HBCo 1820 FtE Lane 1839 RdR>ALB>RdR Lane HBCo 1843 >SHU/Kam Lane, ??son 1830 >FtE Lane, ??son O Ka Sisa 1850 >FtE/EdS Lane, Angelle () 1863 FtE/EdS Lane, George 1862 >ALB/HiR>USA/MNT Lane, Mary (McDermot) 1830 RdR/SOT>ORE/SPa Lane, Richard 1828 >RdR>ORE Lang, Harry 1870 ENG>ALB Langan, Henry 1912- Cot>ENG>Cot Langan, Mary Louise 1800 USA/ND>RdR Lange, Joseph 1853 USA/MNT Lange, William Arthur 1857-45 USA/IOW>CAN/ALB Langelle, Len Blackey 1927 RUS>ALB/Jsp Langevin BisOMI 1865 >RdR Langevin 1888 >ALB/StP Langevin, Antoine 1795- >RdR Langevin, Antoine Citoleaux 1803/23 SD>MAN Langevin, Genevieve (Sutherland)1800 RdR Langford, Miss 1825 ENG Langford, James 1865 MAN>ALB Langford, Ted 1940 >LLB Langlade, Charles 1724 FRE>MIC/WIS>QUE>ILL Langlade, Louise Dometide 1759- CAN/MIC> Langlais, Jean Baptiste 1865 >ALB>MET Langley, Wokteeyah Langlois 1852 >ALB/LSA Langlois, Jean 1643 FRE/QUE>Mis>QUE Langlois, Eustache 1785 CAN>RyL Langlois, Michael 1780 CAN>Ree Langston 1800 Langston 1910 SK Langstrom see also Landstrom Langtin, E. 1782 CAN>ORE Languedoc, Auguste 1784 CAN>FtE/Sas>RMH Lanouche see Ducharme, Pierre Lamouche Lanphier, L'Enfer 1800 ONT Lansing, Mildred (Bruneau?) 1945 ALB Lanson, Michel 1791 USA>ORE Lanti, Ernie 1940 >HiL Lanti, Ted 1945 >HiL Lao Tze CHN Laomedon King GRK/Try Lapatac see Lapotac Lapatak see also Lapotac Lapatak Chief 1822 FtE/KaM/Lap Lapatak, Clara 1917- Sad Lapatak, Julian 1910- Sad Lapatak Iskwew see Pitak Iskwew Lapatak Morin see Morin Lapataque see Lapotac Lapataque Morin see Morin Lapatate, Jaanne see Lapotac, Jane Lapensee see also Laposse Lapensee, Basile 1791/11 NWY>ORE Lapensee, Ignace 1791/11 NWY>ORE Lapensee, Olivier Roy 1791/14 NWY>ORE Lapensee, Pierre see Le Camse, Pierre Lapensee, R.O. see Lapensee, Olivier Roy Lapetet see Lapatak Lapiere see Lapierre Lapierre see also La Pierre St. Pierre Lapierre 1761 QUE Lapierre, Antoine 1781- CAN>FtE>TrM Lapierre, Baptiste 1810 IRO>CAR Lapierre, Bethsy (Cree) 1816 FtE Lapierre, Catherine (Gagnon) 1815- FtE/TrM Lapierre, Eugenie 1865 MET/LSA>HyL Lapierre, Joseph 1779 CAN>Sas/FtE>TrM/ORE Lapierre, Joseph 1781 CAN>NWY>ORE Lapierre, Joseph 1860- ALB>SIK Lapierre, Josephete (Indian) 1797 Sas/Sip/FtE Lapierre, Josephte c1785- Sas/Sip/FtE Lapierre, Josephte 1809- CAN Lapierre, Josette 1790- MET/Sas/FtE>Lar Lapierre, Louis 1798 CAN>Sas/FtE Lapierre, Marie Louise Marsen 1829 QUE Lapierre, Peter 1854 Qu' Laplante see also Plante LaPlante 1830 >MNT LaPlante 1870 MET/USA/MNT/FBk LaPlante 1782 CAN>Voy/Thomps Laplante, Antoine Sr. 1822 Laplante, Antoine Jr. 1842- >WMt/CyH>RdR>MET Laplante, Cathy 1995 Laplante, Isidore 1892 MET/MAN>SK Laplante, John 1995 LaPlante, Joseph 1784 CAN>EnR/MiN Laplante, Josephte (Lapierre) 1809- QUE Laplante, Josephte (Gagnon) 1828 Laplante, Josephte (Roy) 1851- >WMt/CyH>RdR>MET Laplante, Louis 1792- MET>Sas/FtE>TrM/ORE> Laplante, Madeline 1912-59 MET/SK Laplante, Pauline () 1962 QUE Laplante, Philomene (Trottier) 1892 MET/SK Laplante, Pierre 1893 SK LaPlante, Rose 1772- RdR>LSA>MET Laplante, Rose 1825- RdR>LSA>MET Laplante, Sylvain 1982/07 QUE>ALB Laplante, Sylvia 1995 Lapoine, Adeline Sist. 1860 >FPr>FCh> Lapointe see also Desautels, Gilbert Lapointe 1930 DEH/FtS LaPointe 1985 Pas Lapointe, Jean Baptiste Peokis 1835-36cSip>Wap/RdR>MuS/Duh Lapointe, Julia () 1871- MaW Lapointe, Julie (Cardinal) 1870- LLB/Sas/FrL/MaW>MET Lapointe, Louis 1755 CAN>CuH/Nip Lapointe, Louis 1872- AmW/RdR>MuS/MaW>MET LaPointe, Margaret () 1811 LaPointe, Margaret 1825 Lapointe, Marie Anne Otin(Sarcee1850 TSU>Pas/FtE Lapointe, Marie () 1852- Sip>Wap/RdR>MuS/Duh Lapointe, Otanow see Sarcee, Mary Anne Otinew LaPointe, Suplice 1805 Laporte, Joseph Duchene Maskotew1790 CAN>OJI Laporte, Joseph Jr. 1810 OJI Laporte, Pimi Kisikowa () 1796 OJI Laposse see also Lapensee Laposse, Otiskwawin 1846 Was>Kis>MaW Lapotac see also Labatoche Lapatak Lapotac Chief 1820 FtE/KaM/Lap Lapotac 1886 Pas>Lap Lapotac, Alexander Hdm. 1879 Lap Lapotac, Chimakanakes () 1820 >Lap Lapotac, Christopher 1973-04 Lap Lapotac, Clara see Lapatak, Clara Lapotac, Daniel Morin 1870 Lap Lapotac, Daniel 1986 Lap Lapotac, Emma Morin 1840-78 AmW/KaM/Lap>Vic Lapotac, Enoch Morin Chief 1859/91 Lap Lapotac, Enoch (Mrs.) 1865 >Lap Lapotac, Enoch O Misima 1879 Lap Lapotac, Flora Morin 1870 Lap Lapotac, Iskwesis see Lapotac, Iskwew Asis Lapotac, Iskwew Asis () 1840 FtE/KaM/Lap Lapotac, Jacob Morin 1850-71 AmW/Lap>Vic Lapotac, James 1842- FtE/KaM/Lap Lapotac, James 1926 Lap Lapotac, Jane Morin 1840 FtE/KaM/Lap>MET Lapotac, Job Morin 1859 Oon>Lap Lapotac, Job (wife) 1864 Oon/Lap Lapotac, Job O Ka Sisa 1879 Oon/Lap Lapotac, Job O Misima 1879 Oon/Lap Lapotac, Joseph see also Morin, Joseph Lapotac, Joseph Morin I 1821/61 AmW/Lap>Vic>Lap Lapotac, Joseph Morin II 1843-70 AmW/Lap>Lap>Vic>MET Lapotac, Julian see Lapatak, Julian Lapotac, Ki Chief 1862 LIL Lapotac, Lazarus Morin see Morin, Lazarus Lapotac, Leroy 1952 Lap Lapotac, Marguerite 1827 FtE/KaM>PIK/CrE>CRE/Lap Lapotac, Maria Kitema K. (Moses)1825 Pig>AmW>Lap>Vic>Lap>MET Lapotac, Marie 1840 FtE/KaM>PIK/CrE>CRE/Lap Lapotac, Mary 1845- FtE/KaM/Lap> Lapotac, Maxine 1996 Lap Lapotac, O Ka Sisa 1879 Oon/Lap Lapotac, O Misima 1879 Oon/Lap Lapotac, Pierre 1883 Mem/Lap>Lap Lapotac, Simon Morin 1870 Lap Lapotac, Sisip see Meminowatow, Sisip Lapotac, Susan Morin 1845- FtE/KaM/Lap>Vic Lapotac, Thomas Chief 1842-83 Oon>Pas>Lap Lapotac Morin see Lapotac Lapotak see Lapotac Lapotaque see Lapotac Lapoudre see also Black Powder Powder Makitoo Muckithay Muketoo Lapoudre, Abel 1853- Sip/JkF>BeL Lapoudre, Albert Bernard 1853- Sip/JkF>BgB>LLB/Pey>MET Lapoudre, Big Bear see Big Bear Lapoudre, Catherine (Bostonais) 1863 BeL> Lapoudre, Christiana (Boucher) 1870 BeL> Lapoudre, Margueritte 1876 BeL>LSL Lapoudre, Paul 1848- Sip/JkF>BgB>BeL> Lapoudre, St. Pierre see Powder, St. Pierre Lapoudre, Therese (Cardinal) 1826- Sas/LLB>JkF/LLB/Pey Lapouse see also La Prise Lapense Lapouse, Simon 1917- CHI/Jan Lapowinsa 1660 LEN Lapp, Eula C. 1900 >ALB Lappensee, Robert see Castel, Robert Lappensee, Ronald 1982 Puk Lappensee, Toni see Castel, Toni Laprade see also LaPratt Laprade, Alexander 1794 CAN>ORE>SHU/Kam LaPratt see also Laprade LaPratt 1988 Pas Larabelle, Joseph 1729 QUE>Mic Laramee see also La Rame La Ramie Laramie Larammee Laramee 1806 CAN/ONT/Pen Laramee, Florence (Umpherville) 1890 Laramee, Jacques see La Rami, Jacques Laramee, James see Larammee, James Laramee, Joseph 1890 Laramee, Paul 1830 ONT/CHP/Pen Laramee, Rosette-Josephet 1818 ONT/CHP/Pen Laramie see La Rame La Ramie La Ramme Laramee Larammee Larammee, James 1826- ONT/CHP/StM Larance see also Lafrance Laurence Lawrence LaRance, Jean Baptiste see Lafrance, Jean Baptiste Larance, Julie 1838 Kat>ILC Larant see Larante Larant, Regis see Laronde, Regis Larante see also Lerat Larond Laurent Larante 1808 ONT>BC/Van Larante, Regis see Laronde, Regis Larche, Charles 1740 QUE Larenaudiere see also LaRiniere Larenaudiere 1704 QUE>NMX> Larence see Larance Laurence Lawrence Large see also Kaquitts, Jane Misah (Cree) Misaw (Cree) Mischaw (Cree) Mistahik (Cree) Mistapew (Cree) Tonge (Nakoda) Large, Eric J. Chief 1970 Sad Large, Jean Marie 1901- Sad Large, Joseph 1970 Sad Large, Louisa 1900- Sad Large, Louisa 1909- Sad Largent see also L'Argent Largent, John 1842 USA/MIN>MNT Largest see Mistahik Larimer, William 1838 USA>COL LaRiniere, Francois 1806- RdR LaRiniere, Smaveulise 1786 CAN>RdR Larivee 1729 QUE>Mic Lariviere see also La Riviere Lariniere Larivee Larrivee Lariviere, Angelique 1775- RdR Lariviere, Angelique 1862 CnL/ILC Lariviere, Anna see Mountain, Sheila Lariviere, Arthur 1900 DoL/ILC/ClL Lariviere, Ashley see Mountain, Ashley Lariviere, Cecille 1835- EnR/DEN>MET Lariviere, Charles see Souris, Charle Lariviere, Elizabeth (Mountain) Lariviere, Emilie (Wentzel) 1822 Ath/DEN>MiN>RdR>MET Lariviere, Eugenie Julie 1910 LSL Lariviere, Francois Sr. 1786 CAN>EnR/MiN> Lariviere, Francois Jr. 1838- EnR/MiN>RdR>MET Lariviere, Gabriel 1948 CnL Lariviere, Guy Chief 1975 CnL Lariviere, Jacques see Lariviere, Jack Lariviere, Jacques 1947 >Edm Lariviere, Jonas 1907- CnL>ILC>CnL Lariviere, Joseph Chief 1977 CnL Lariviere, Julie see Lariviere, Eugenie Lariviere, Louis 1885 >ALB/StP Lariviere, Marguerite (St.Germain)24 MiN> Lariviere, Obichon see also Obichon Lariviere, Reine Desanges 1804 QUE Larkman, Marion 1929- CHP/RiL Larpenteur, Charles 1810 USA>FtU> Larnalici see Boucher, Paul
Laroche see also La Roche La Rocque La Roque Larocque Laroque Rocque Laroche 1650 QUE>ONT>MIN/MAN Laroche 1820 CAN>MIN Laroche 1871 >ALB/FtE LaRoche, Augustin 1826 StM LaRoche, Augustus 1801 StM LaRoche, David 1948- Laroche, Jean 1673 QUE LaRoche, Joseph Rose f 1764 CAN/MIC/Det Laroche, Marie Marguerite 1693- QUE Laroche, Mathurin 1703 QUE>RdR Laroche, Pierre 1673 QUE LaRochelle OKA/ Larochelle, Michel 1625 FRA>QUE Larocque see also La Pierre La Roche La Rocque La Roque Lapierre Laroche Larocque Laroque Pierre Rocque St. Pierre Wape Akos Piyesis Larocque 1767 CAN>WIS/DAK Larocque 1784 CAN>RyL Larocque Chief 1804 FtU Larocque 1805 TwD>Pes/Lar Larocque 1900 LLB Larocque 1988 Pas Larocque, Agatha () 1784- DAK/FOX> Larocque, Albert see Laroque, Albert Larocque, Andrew Cyprie 1926-05 ALB Larocque, Andy see Larocque, Andrew Larocque, Angelique (Says) 1821- RdR/SOT>ToH>FtE>Kis>MET Larocque, Angelique () 1851- Lar/Kis>FtE Larocque, Antoine 1864 MuS Larocque, Archange G. (Savoyard)1814- RdR>Lar>Sip>LSA>MET Larocque, Asini 1670 CRE/DAK/DeL>BC Larocque, Asini c1715-40cYNK/NAK>CRE/AsW/TwD>Lar Larocque, Asini Wachi see Capote Blanc Larocque, Augustin see also LaRoche, Augustin Larocque, Awas Inew 1790 YNK/NAK>CRE/AsW/TwD/Lar>RdR Larocque, Augustin c1775-46 CAN>IOW Larocque, Augustus see LaRoche, Augustus Larocque, B. 1865 FtE Larocque, Baptiste see Lapierre, Baptiste Larocque, Catherine (Lafournaise) Larocque, Catherine see Larocque, Katherine Larocque, Charles 1777- Lar Larocque, Edna Margaret MAN Larocque, Elzear 1857- RdR>FtE>AsW>MET Larocque, Ernest 1940 LLB/ImM Larocque, Felix 1889-67 MaW/LuB>BeL> Larocque, Flora (Deschambault) 1946 LLB/ImM Larocque, Francis 1784 CAN/Swa/PoP Larocque, Francois Waskochiw Pac1790-60 RdR>ToH>FtE>Pes/Lar>Kis>LLB/MET Larocque, Francois Antoine 1797- QUE>RdR>ND/MAN>MNT> Larocque, Francois 1906 Larocque, Fred Wapi Akos Piyesis1790 YNK/NAK>CRE/AsW/TwD>Lar Larocque, Fred Wapi Akos Piyesis1930 MuS>BeL Larocque, Genevieve see Savoyard, Archange Larocque, Isidore 1882 CRE/SOT>MNT Larocque, Izear 1853- Msk>LuB Larocque, Jean Baptiste 1764 CAN>EnR/MiN Larocque, Jean Baptiste 1770 YNK/RdR>FtE Larocque, Jean 1783- QUE>MAN Larocque, Jean Baptiste 1860- Msk>LuB Larocque, Jean Baptiste 1868- LuB? Larocque, John 1882-90 Kis>MET Larocque, Joseph Rose see LaRoche, Joseph Rose Larocque, Joseph 1717 QUE>YNK Larocque, Joseph Felix 1777 CAN>PeR>SHU/Kam>CRE/FtA> Larocque, Josephte 1790- AmW>Lar/Pes Larocque, Josephte (Kamistis) 1805 AmW>Lar/Pes Larocque, Josette see Larocque, Josephte Larocque, Julie see also Larocque, Madeleine Julie Larocque, Julie 1870 >WMt>MNT Larocque, Kakakew 1790 YNK/NAK>CRE/AsW>Msk>BeL>Lar Larocque, Kakakew -2002 LuB/Lar Larocque, Katherine (Lightning) 1870- Kis>LuB Larocque, Katherine Bull 1870- Kis>LuB Larocque, Kathleen see also Larocque, Katherine Larocque, Kathleen c1910- BeL>LLB/LuB> Larocque, Kekek see also Larocque, Pierre Larocque, Kekek c1680- YNK/NAK> Larocque, Kekek c1740- YNK/NAK>CRE/AsW/TwD>Lar Larocque, Kekek c1760-30 YNK/NAK>CRE/AsW/TwD>Lar Larocque, L. 1865 FtE Larocque, Lawrence 1980 LuB Larocque, Louis Sr. 1820 FtE>FtU>DAK>RdR Larocque, Louis Jr. 1850- FtU/CRE/DAK>RdR>FtE Larocque, Lucille () 1935 >Cgy Larocque, M. f 1846- Kis?>LuB Larocque, Madeleine Julie 1845 RdR>FtU Larocque, Madeleine (Dillon) 1882- CyH>MET Larocque, Maggie 1884- Kis>MET Larocque, Margaret (Piche) 1800- Pes>Lar Larocque, Marianne (Lightning) 1866- >Erm>Gdf>LuB Larocque, Marie 1795- CAN>RdR Larocque, Marie 1858- RdR/ToH>FtE>Kis>MET Larocque, Marie Lar Larocque, Marie (Reid) 1897 BeL>LLB>LuB> Larocque, Mary see also Laroque, Mary Larocque, Mary 1820- Lar>Msk>LuB Larocque, Mary D. see Laroque, Mary D. Larocque, Mary () 1911 Larocque, Mary (Cardinal) 1920 BeL> Larocque, Moise 1831- Lar>Sip>Lar>MET Larocque, Nancy (Campbell) c1821- DAK>FtU>RdR Larocque, Nancy Ann (Quintal) 1830 LLB/Pey>Msk>Kak Larocque, Nose Takwanaw 1770 YNK/NAK>CRE/AsW/TwD>SHU/Tek/Jsp>Kam Larocque, Oliver 1797- YNK/NAK/SOT>CRE/AsW/TwD>Lar Larocque, Ouabachas (Wape Sa) 1730 YNK Larocque, Pierre see also LaRoche, Pierre Larocque, Pierre 1811 Lar>RdR>Lar Larocque, Pierre 1814 RdR>Lar>Sip>LSA>MET Larocque, Pierre -1838 Pes/Lar>Sip>Lar Larocque, Pierre 1848 LSA Larocque, Pierre Kekek Hdm. 1860 RoR Larocque, Rosalie () 1871- MaW/LuB? Larocque, Rosalie 1881 BeL Larocque, Samuel 1885- Kis>MET Larocque, Shirley 1963 LLB Larocque, Sophie 1825- Pes/Lar>PCh>Alx/LSA>MET Larocque, Sophie 1838 Lar>Sip>Pas Larocque, Sophie (Nipissing) 1859- Pau>Kis>MET Larocque, Therese see Larocque, Therise Larocque, Therise Sr. 1799 NAK>ILC> Larocque, Therise Jr. 1813- NAK/SOT/CRE/ILC>RdR Larocque, Ursule (Beauregard) 1845- Cal/FtE>Sip>FtE>MET Larocque, Veronique () 1861 Vic/LuB Larocque, Veronique 1876- LuB Larocque, Vital Piyesiw 1850-15 RdR>AsW/Kis>MaW Larocque, Wapi Akos Piyesis see Larocque, Fred Larocque, Waskochiw Piyew see also Larocque, Francois Leclair, Waskochiw Piyew Larocque, Waskochiw Piyew c1790- YNK/NAK>CRE/AsW/TwD>Lar Larocque, William 1900 Kis>LuB Laronda see Laronde Laronde see also Larante Laurent Laronde 1808 MAN>BC Laronde, Jean Baptiste 1768 CAN>Sas/FtE>ORE Laronde, John 1858- NWT Laronde, Louis 1796- CAN>Ath/PeR>RdR>NWT>Was Laronde, Madeleine (Boucher) 1810- Ath>RdR Laronde, Mary () 1866- NWT>MaW Laronde, Regis 1829 >RdR Laroque see also La Roche La Rocque Laroche Larocque Laroque 1900 LLB Laroque, H.J. 1880 >FtV> Laroque, Jean Baptiste see Larocque Laroque, Mary see Cardinal, Mary Laroque, Mary D. () 1905-70 BeL Laroque, Rosalie see Larocque LaRose 1780 CAN>Wap Larose 1780 CAN>RMH Larose 1856 ALB LaRose 1880 >MET Larose, Antoine 1710 QUE>ONT Larose, Baptiste 1774 CAN>Was Larose, Emma 1877- QUE>SK Larose, Eva 1868- ALB/FtE Larose, Francois 1826 StM Larose, George 1873- ALB/LLB LaRose, Harriet Maud (Kirk) 1884- ONT>ALB Larose, Hector 1949 Larose, John 1884 ALB/RdW LaRose, Joseph Neneva 1884- ONT>ALB LaRouque see Larocque Larpenteur, Charles 1810 USA>NE/FtU>MIS>MNT>MIS Larrabee 1853 USA>NMX> Larrivee see also Lariviere Larrivee, Andre MET>DAK/CyH/StB Larsen see also Larson Larsen 1846 NOR>ALB/Vic Larsen, Fritz 1890 >ALB>Keh> Larsen, Henry RCMP 1920 >NWT>NUN>NWT> Larue see also de LaRue L'Herueux La Rue Larue Le Reux Le Roux Lerous Leroux Lerow LaRue, de Sieur 1658 FRE/QUE>WIS/MIN> LaRue 1870 LSA Larue Fr. 1870 ALB Larue, Sandy see Larue, Stanley Larue, Stanley 1863 >ALB/FtE Lasagna 1970 IRO/Moh/Kan Lasalle see La Celle La Salle Lasard see also Lessard Lasard 1808 CAN>MAN>BC Lascombe see Lacombe LaSerdure see also La Verdure LaSerdure, Alex 1745- MET>RyL>RdR Lash, J.B. 1865 >SK/Was> Lashmore 1949 ALB Lasseter, Ethyl Elizabeth (Brink)900 >CHK/OKL>TEX Lasseter, James Hill 1879- CHK/OKL>TEX Lasseter, Mattie (Davis) 1890 >CHK/OKL Lassiseraye, Francois 1729 QUE>ONT Lassiseraye, Pierre 1726 QUE>ONT/Mic Last Buffalo see Kaquitts, Benjamin Last Bull see also Hind Bull Last Bull 1834 PIK Last Diver 1895 PIK/NoP/BDS Last Dressed 1890 KAI Last Gun see White Calf, James Last One To Swim Under The Willo1895 PIK/NoP/BDS Last Rider 1877 PIK/ Last Rifle Woman 1850 KAI Last Star, Theodor HdChief 1900 PIK/SoP Last Strike Woman 1831- KAI>PIK Last To Get Angry see Trollinger, Joseph Laswisse, Pat 1974 DAK/SBu Latelpo, Johnathan 1970 ALB Lately Gone see Red Crow Lately Tome see Red Croe Latham, William 1600 ENG>USA/MAS Latif, Abdul see Abd Al-Latif Lativiere, Angelique see Lariviere, Angelique Latour, Charles NWC 1750/05 CAN>MAN/Dau>RyL Latour, Francois NWC 1794 CAN>Dau>RyL>ORE Latour, Louis NWC 1784 CAN>Dau>RyL>Kam Latourelle see also Latreille Latourelle 1745 CAN>MAN Latourelle, ??? 1760 CAN>RdR>CuH>MiN Latourelle, Jean Baptiste 1784 MiN Latreille see also Latourelle Latreille 1730 QUE>WIS/Mac Latreille, Alexandre 1850- RdR Latreille, Charles 1710 QUE>WIS Latreille, Felix 1830 CAN>RdR Latreille, Jacques 1710 QUE>WIS Latreille, Jean Baptiste see Latourelle, Jean Baptiste Latreille, Joseph 1877- MNT Latreille, Marguerite (Jolibois)1835 RdR Latreille, Moise 1852- RdR>MNT Latreille, Napoleon 1870 RdR>MET Latreille, Suzanne (Morin) 1858 RdR>MNT LaTreste, Joseph Fr.OMI 1889 >Dun>FtV> Latt, Herbert 1869 >ALB/Cgy Latt, Stephen 1849 >ALB/Cgy Latta, Samuel N. 1841 USA>MIS>ND> Latulippe, Ada 1875 >ALB/Hob> Latulippe, Louis 1720 QUE>Tim Latulipe f 1885 LSA Latzie Chief 1800 THO Laurie, John 1924 CAN>NAK/YeX/TSU/KAI Lauden, James 1855 >ALB/FtE Laudette, Louy 1718 QUE>RdR>MAN> Lauer 1922 GER Lauer, Horst 1942 GER Laugh see Papiw Laughing Hunter see Ka Pa Onohat Papew Laughing Man see Belanger, Laughing Man Laughing One see Papiw Laughlin, J.E. 1878 >ALB Laughton, Catharine (Harson) 1775 ONT Laughton, Gilbert HBC 1775 ENG>YkF>Sas> Laughton, John Betton 1790- ONT Laughton, Peter 1770 ONT Laundry, Julien see Landry, Julien Laurence see also Larance Laurent Lawrence Laurence, Agatt (Salahome) 1812 >Jsp Laurence, Baptiste 1877- Wrd/Kis>MNT>MET Laurence, Bazill 1795- CAN>Jsp Laurence, Betsy (Ward) 1861 Wrd>Kis> Laurence, Charles c1829- Jsp> Laurence, Francis 1821- WIS>MIN/StP Laurence, Geneva see Laurence, Genevieve Laurence, Genevieve L. 1818- MIN>RdR/Pem>RdL>StP Laurence, John 1857 >Kis> Laurence, Joseph c1840- Jsp> Laurence, Julia 1826- Jsp> Laurence, Louis c1838- Jsp> Laurence, Martin 1980 ONT Laurent see also Larante Larond Laurent 1794 CAN>ORE> Laurent, Jean Baptiste 1768 CAN>Sas/FtE> Laurent, Joseph NWC 1751 CAN>MAN> Laurent, Josephte 1800- Sas Laurent, Madeleine 1804- Sas> Laurent, Stan 1967- FMy Laurie, Catherine () 1869- MuS/MaW Laurie, John 1924 CAN>NAK/YeX/TSU/KAI Laurie, Joseph 1867- MuS/MaW Laurier, Wilfred PM, Sir 1860 ONT Laurin see also Laurent Laurin Bro.OMI 1906 >FCh Laurisen, Len 1928 >ALB/HiL Laut, Agnes 1820 >ALB> Laval see also De Laval La Vallet La Valley Laval Lavallee LeValle Levailler Leveiller Laval Bish.SJ 1630 FRA>QUE>FRA Laval, Elizabeth Duval see Lavallee, Lizette Laval, Lizette see Lavallee, Lizette Lavalee see Lavalle Lavalle see also La Vallet La Valley Laval Lavallee LeValle Leveiller Vallee Lavalle 1845 RdR>SK Lavalle 1885 >ALB/StP Lavalle, (Mrs.) 1776 SHU>CRE/SoB>MiN>Wes> Lavalle, Antoine see Lavallee, Antoin Lavalle, Antoinette La Gunnier 1700 QUE Lavalle, Baptiste 1778 CAN>LLB>TrM/ORE Lavalle, Catherine () 1846- RDR>LLB>MET Lavalle, Elizabeth 1790-61 CRE/SHU/RMH/SNK>CRE> SoB>MiN>Wes>CAR>USA Lavalle, Eugenie 1909- Pia Lavalle, Iosette () 1825 Was Lavalle, Louis see also Valle, Louis Lavalle, Louis 1781 CAN>ORE LaValle, Louis 1837- RDR>LLB>MET LaValle, Louis 1860/35>OJI>MIN>DAK>ALB>SK/Was>MoL Lavalle, Margueritte see Lavallee Lavalle, Marianne see Vallee Lavalle, Mary 1910 Was/StL Lavalle, Melanie 1870 >LLB>MET Lavalle, Michel Sr. 1819 Was Lavalle, Michel Jr. 1839- Was Lavalle, Terry W. Chief 1977 Cow Lavallee see also Lavalle Lavallee 1800 >RdR Lavallee, Angelique 1820- FtE Lavallee, Antoine 1784 CAN>FtE Lavallee, Guy Fr.,OMI 1970 Lavallee, Harold 1979 Pai Lavallee, Ignace 1768 CAN>MiN Lavallee, Jacques 1713 QUE>RdR Lavallee, Jean Baptiste Sr. 1753 CAN> Lavallee, Jean Baptiste Jr. c1770- MET>SoB>MiN>Wes> Lavallee, Jean Baptiste 1795- MiN>RdR Lavallee, Lizette see Lavalle, Elizabeth Lavallee, Lizette 1834 LSA Lavallee, Louise see Lavalle, Louis Leveille, Louis Vallee, Louis Lavallee, Louise (Ducharme) 1804 RdR Lavallee, Marguerite 1788 >FtE Lavallee, Marie Rose 1871 CrL>MET Lavallee, Pierre see also Leveiller Lavallee, Pierre 1784/28>RdR>MiN>FtE Lavallee, Suzanne () 1805 FtE Lavalley see Leveilleur, Pierre Lavallier see Leveilleur, Pierre Laveiller, Pierre see Leveiller Laventure see Cardinal, Jean Baptiste Laver 1823 LSL>LLB Laverdure 1774 QUE>RyL Laverdure, Alexis 1756- QUE>MAN Laverdure, Angelique (Montour) 1762 MAN Laverdure, Joseph Riquerin 1784 CAN>EnR/MiN> Laverdure, Suzanne 1824 RdR>MET Lavieller, Pierre see Leveiller Lavigne, Antoine see Bouvier, Antoine Lavigne, Augustin 1796 CAN/Ass/SoR LaVigne, Pierre 1755 CAN>CuH/Nip LaVigne, St. Jean 1755 CAN>CuH/Nip Laviolette 1799 >CHI/Ath Laviolette 1874 >CHI/Ath Laviolette, Alexander Chief 1869 CHI/Ath Laviolette, Philomen 1884- CHI/Ath Lawrence see also Larant Laurence Laurent Lawrence, Albert G. Gen. 1850 USA>MNT Lawrence, Anthony Lawrence, Catherine () 1865- MET/StA Lawrence, E.J. Sheridan 1859 >FtV Lawrence, H.H. 1860 >FtV Lawrence, Herbert Big Kidney 1890 KAI/ Lawrence, I.W. 1900/19cFtV>ENG Lawrence, J.E. see Lawrence, E.J. Lawrence, Julia () 1865 >FtV Lawrence, Sheridan see Lawrence, E.J. Lawrence, Stevie 1986 Edm/IPo Lawrence, Thomas Sir 1800 ENG Lawrence, Victor 1863- MET>StA Lawrence, William 1861 QUE Lawrick 1988 Pas Lawrie, John HBC 1926 >MiN/CrL Lawson, Patricia 1947- ALB Lawson, Patrick 1947- ALB Lawton, Ernest 1978 SK Lawyer see also Loyer Lawyer Chief 1824 NEZ Lay, Elzy 1875 USA/WYO Lay, Maude (Davis) 1875 USA/WYO Lay, Marvel 1897- USA/WYO Layland, Jane (McDougall) 1824 RMH>RdR Layland, Mary McDougall c1838- RMH> Layland, Richard 1818 >RMH>RdR Layman see Lameman L(ayman?), Marianne 1865 EdS Lazard 1885 ENG Lazare, Richard 1978 MaW Lazarus see also Witikokan, Lazarus Lazarus 2005 Ksh Lazy Bear Chief 1830 DAK/San/Red Lazy Boy 1830 PIK/NoP? Lazy Edward see Bum Edward Lazy Going Man 1872 KAI/ Lazy Husband 1885 PIK/Ink/Brv Lazy Woman 1850 NAK>KAI/FiE>NAK/BPw Lazy Young Man see Charcoal Lazyback, Moraha 1870 MaW>YeX/Chi Le, Dat 1983- Trn Le, Fay 1990 Trn Le, Ving 1990 Trn Le Barbe see La Barbue Le Barge see Laberge Le Blanc see Blanc Leblanc Le Blanch, Louis see Leblanc, Louis Le Boeuf, Pierre 1670 QUE>ONT Le Boeuf Assis see Sitting Bull Le Boeuf Blanc Chief 1780 NAK/Sih Le Boeuf Qui Boit Chief 1779 KAI/ Le Bonte see Lebonte Le Borge see Le Borgne Le Borgen see Le Borgne Le Borgne see also Dixon, James McDonald, John Leborgne One Eye Petit Borgne Le Borgne 1780 IRO>FtE Le Borgne Chief 1779 HID/LeB Le Borgne Chief 1785 PIK/ Le Boucan see Laboucan Le Boucon see Laboucan Le Bourgeouis, Marin 1595 FRA Le Bre, Pierre Marie Fr.OMI 1903 >LSA>GrL> Le Calvez, Victor Fr.OMI 1918 >LSA>LLB> Le Camerade De Mandeville Chf 1803 CHI/Edj/FtR Le Campbell see Campbell Lacombe, Augustin Le Camse, Pierre 1794 CAN>ORE Le Capote Bleu Chief 1810 FtU Le Cardinal 1790 RMH>TrM/KUT>CRE/AsW Le Chevallier, Jules Fr.OMI 1853 >SK/PaK> Le Clair see Laclair Leclair Lightning Le Clerc, Charles 1772 CAN/RdR>EnR/MiN Le Clerc, Francois 1790 CAN>NWY>ORE>MIS Le Clerc, Giles 1895/13 CAN>ORE>IDA Le Clerc, Louis 1730 QUE>RdR Le Clerc, Narcisse 1811 CAN/RdR>MNT>MIS Le Comble see Lacombe, Augustin Le Compte, Alexis 1791 CAN>ORE Le Corbeau see also Crow Raven The Crow Le Corbeau 1850 DAK/LiK/BlM Le Corneille 1811 IRO>KUT/FLA Le Coteau 1860 Pap>LPo> Le Coup see Arcand, Joseph Le Coup Fort 1784 BrH Le Croix, Hubert 1750 QUE>ONT Le Croup de Pheasant see Pheasant Rump Le Doussal see also Ladouceur Le Doussal, L.M. 1879 >FCh Le Duan, Pierre 1852 FtE Le Duc see Leduc Le Enfant du Fer see Pe Wapiskaw Asis Le Faux see La Faux Le Feu see La Feu Le Fleur see La fleur Le Flor Le Flor, Delia 1948 SOT/TuM Le Frain see Frain, Fr. Le Frene 1775 CAN/RdR/Ass Le Fromboise see Laframboise Le Gardeur de St. Pierre see La Verendrey, Pierre Le Goff, Laurent Fr.OMI 1848 >CHI/CdL Le Grand see also Chalou-Le Grand Le Grande Le Grand Diable see Big Devil Le Grand Jeune Homme see Le Grande Jeune Homme Le Grande see also Chalou-Le Grand Le Grand Le Grande Jeune Homme Chief 1810 CHI/DeK/Buf Le Gras see also Legrace Le Gras 1716 QUE>Kam>LoW Le Gros Francois Chief 1770 Jat Le Gross, Charles see Charles Legrace, Charles Le Jeune Fr.SJ 1603 FRA>QUE>INN>QUE Le Jeunesse see La Jeunesse Le Joli Jeune Homme 1776 MiN/ILC Le Lourd, Mary () 1820 FtP Le Maistre see Greysolon, LaMaistre Le Marchand Fr.OMI 1876 QUE>LSA> Le Marie des Deux Jolie Chief 1780 CAN>TZA/DET/LeM Le Mercier, Francois Fr.SJ 1646 FRA>QUE Le Moyne, Bienville 1695 QUE>MIS>QUE Le Moyne D'Iberville et d'Ardilleres, Pierre 1661-06 QUE>YkF>QUE Le Moyne, Pierre see Le Moyne D'Iberville Le Page see also Lepage Le Page 1770 QUE>CHY>MAN Le Page, A. AbbeOMI 1899 ITA>LSA> Le Patac see Lapotac Le Patate see Lapotac Le Pensionnaire 1734 WPT Le Pere De Grimaceu Chief 1770 NAK/Eas Le Petet see Lapatak Le Petit Boeuf Chief 1786 CHI/ Le Petit Soldat Chief 1804 WMt Le Plume Caille see Pepas Mikwone Le Plumet Caille see Pepas Mikwone Le Pourie see La Pierre Le Pourrie see La Pierre Le Premier see also Red Thunder Toka Keanonot Le Premier Chief 1763 Low/Jat/Qu' Le Premier Qui Volle see Tokah Keanonot Le Pretre see Lepretre Le Ramer see La Ramme Le Ramme see La Ramme Le Reux see L'Herueux La Rue Larue Lerous Leroux Lerow Le Reux see Lereux, Laurent Le Robe De Vent Chief 1809 Waz/Min Le Roc, Mary see Larocque Le Rocque, Piere see Larocque, Pierre Le Roux see L'Herueux La Rue Larue Lerous Leroux Lerow Le Roy see also Lerow Leroy Roy Le Roy 1759 QUE>RdR>MIN Le Roy, Francois see Roy, Francois Le Serpent see Wo'a Sicha Le Seur, Jacques see Le Sueur, Jacques Le Seur, Pierre see Le Sueur, Pierre Le Sieur see Le Sueur Le Sonnant see Ka Michet O Kehew-wak Le Sonnat see Ka Michet O Kehew-wak Le Sucre Chief 1745 CHP/RdL/Lee Le Sucre 1815/36cJat Le Sueur 1876 >ALB Le Sueur, Jacques 1675 QUE>MIS/DAK> Le Sueur, Pierre Levasseur L'Esp1672-04 QUE>MIS/YAN/DAK> Le Sueur, Marie see L'Esparance, Marie Le Sueur, Toussaint 1750 CAN>CuH>ILC/LaR Le Temps see also Letendre Le Temps 1778 QUE>MIN/RdL Le Tems see Le Temps Le Tendre see Letendre Le Tout Pique see Rossade Au Con Tout Pique Le Treste Fr.OMI 1877 >Gro> Le Valet see Lavalle Le Veneur de Tilliers Bishop 1500 FRA Le Vrault, Jean Baptiste 1732 QUE Le Vrault, Marie M. (Dailleboust1739 QUE Lea, L. Comm. 1829 USA Lea, Suzanne see Lee, Suzanne Leacock, W.P. 1863 >ALB Leader, Ross 1978 SK Leaf see Cardinal, Joseph Peyak Kokwas Leafast see Rowand, Leafast Leak, Billy 1871 >AK Lean see also Lean Man Sikachim Skinny Man Skinny Stoney Lean, Alexander 1771 ENG Lean Man see also Sikachim Skinny Man Skinny Stoney Lean Man Chief 1840 LBB>LiD>EaH/LnM Lean Man 1857 Pou Leaning Over Butchering see Black Plume Learoyd, Doug 1924 ALB Leary, Carl AFS 1942 ALB Leask, Mary (Cook) Leask, William 1795- RdR> Leather, Amos 1918 SIK/ Leather, Andrew 1990 SIK Leather, David L??? 1860 EdS>SIK? Leather, Debbie (Catface) 1970 SIK Leather, Edna (Jerry) 1938 SIK/ Leather, Evangeline (Bullbear) 1960 SIK Leather, Gerald 1965 SIK Leather, Joe 1960 SIK Leather, Larry 1950 SIK Leather, Lillian Hilda 1938-05 SIK/ Leather, Mary 1903 SIK/ Leather, Sam 1898 SIK/ Leather, Sarah (Water Chief) 1944- SIK Leather Jacket Hd. Chf. 1755 COM/Kot Leatherdale, Brian 1948 ALB Leavenworth Col. 1795 USA>NEB/SD Leaves Big Lodge Campmarks 1832 PIK Lebas, Lucien 1942 ALB Lebeau, Jean Baptiste 1740 QUE Lebeau, Marie Joseph (Reaume) 1746 QUE Lebeau, Marie Louise 1760 QUE Lebert see Lebret Leblanc 1692 QUE LeBlanc 1988 Pas LeBlanc, Adrienne Alice (Roy) Leblanc, Angelic see Vallee, Angelique LeBlanc, Angelique (Vallee) 1826 >Pes/TZC>LSA Leblanc, Cadien see Blanc, Cadien Leblanc, Charles 1727- QUE>ONT Leblanc, Cornelius Sr. 1846- Pes/Kis>LSA>Kis>MtM>MET Leblanc, Cornelius Jr. 1874- Kis>MET LeBlanc, Dtr 1810 TwD>Pes> Leblanc, Daniel 1960 Leblanc, Euphrodie-M. (Nicolette1636 QUE Leblanc, Francois see also Leblanc, Pierre Leblanc, Francois Bheume de la T1692 FRA>QUE Leblanc, Francois Bheume Sasweec1712- CAN>CHP>SK>ONT/StM>MIC Leblanc, H. 1845/23 FtP>StA Leblanc, Harriet 1835- Pes/TZC>LSA/FtE>Kis>MtM>MET Leblanc, Henry 1845/23 FtP/Sip>FtE/StA>MET Leblanc, Isabella (Donald) 1857 FtE Leblanc, Jean 1630 QUE LeBlanc, Jean Baptiste 1787 MIC/Det>ONT Leblanc, Joseph du Sault au Reco1726 QUE>Mic Leblanc, Josette see Jouradin, Marie Josephe Leblanc, Josette () 1777 TwD>Pes Leblanc, Kyle 2008 CRE/MET Leblanc, Larose (Macdonald) 1990 CRE/MET LeBlanc, Louis c1795- CHP/CRE/Sas>TwD>Pes/TZC>LSA LeBlanc, Margaret 1840- Pes/TZC>LSA Leblanc, Marie Josephe (Jourdain)730 OJI/CHP>SK>ONT/StM>MIC Leblanc, Marie 1795- TwD>Pes Leblanc, Marie (Lamarche) 1945 Edm Leblanc, Mary (Favel) 1860 Sas>Kis Leblanc, Mary Georgina 1883- FtE>MaW>MET Leblanc, Mary 1885 >Kis Leblanc, Pierre Francois 1773- MET/CHP>CRE/TwD>Pes Leblanc, Robert -1864 FtE Leblanc, Ronald Sgt. 1972- CRE/MET Leblanc, Salway 1761 MET/CHP>CRE/TrM>FLA Leblanc, Susanne 1777- MET/CHP/CRE/Nip>ONT Leblanc, William 1985 CRE/MET Lebompard, Alexis see Labombarde, Alexis Lebmopard, Axis see Labombarde, Alexis Leborgne, John see Le Borgne Lebrecque, J.J.A. Dr. 1885 >SK> Lebret, Bazile 1851 CAN>Dum> Lebret, Isabella (Piche) 1856- Dum>Kis>MET Lebret, Marie 1874- Kis>MET Lebrun, Catherine Ni Tanis 1852 AsW/Kis Lebrun, Felix -1864 FtE LeBrun, Marguerite 1864 >MET Lebrun, Marguerite 1865- AsW/Kis>MET Lebrun, Marie -1863 AsW/Kis Lebrun, Pierre 1845 Pes>Kis Lechambre, Jacques 1940 LSA Lechance 1940 >Lap Lechasseur, Adele 1856 Gro Lechat Chief 1800 UTE/Mou Leckenby, Dereck 1943- ENG Leclair see also Clare Clair Laclair Lightning Leclair 1830 >MNT Leclair, Awas Inew 1770 CRE/NAK/RdR/BlM>AsW/TwD>Lar>StP Leclair, Batard 1810 >AsW/TwD>Lar Leclair, Jean Baptiste 1771 MIC/Det Leclair, John see Lightning, John Leclair, Joseph 1796- QUE>RdR Leclair, Pierre 1785 CAN>RyL Leclair, Therese (Catin) 1777 MIC/Det Leclair, Therese (Huppie) 1802 RdR Leclair, Waskochiw Piyew 1770 CRE/NAK/RdR/BlM>AsW/TwD>Lar>Kis Leclant, Jean 1980 FRA>EGY>FRA Leclede see Laclede Leclerc, Charles see Le Clerc, Charles Leclerc, Giles see Le Clerc, Giles Leclerc, Louis 1730 CAN>RdR> Leclerc, Narcisse 1811 MIS>MNT/ND>MIS Leclerc, Peter 1935 ALB LeComble see Lacombe LeCoup see Arcand, Joseph Lecroix, Jacques see Hubert, Jacques Lecrois, Marie see Cardinal, Marie Lecuyer see also Lucier Lussier Lecuyer, J. see Lucier, J. Lecuyer, Philip Bro.OMI 1895 >FCh Leddeux see Ledoux Lederle, Joe 1963 >NWT> Ledoux see also Leduc Leroux Ledoux, Arthur 1978 SnP Ledoux, Francoise 1824- RdR> Ledoux, Gilbert Chief 1980 MuL Ledoux, Joseph Chief 1913 MuL Ledoux, Josephte (Boissel) 1745 QUE Ledoux, Leonard Chief 1958 MuL Ledoux, Michel 1745 QUE Leduc see also Ledoux LeDuc 1776 CAN>RdR Leduc 1988 Pas Leduc, Hippolyte Fr.OMI 1847 >StA>MET Leduc, Jean Baptiste 1714 QUE>Mic Leduc, Marie Louise 1734- QUE>MIC/Det Leduc, Philippe 1725 CAN>Ced>RdR Lee 1888 >ALB Lee, Bruce 1980 Erm Lee, Christine (Gladue) 1879 Pas Lee, Clarence 1945 >HiL Lee, Daniel see Lee, David Lee, David Rev. 1813 USA>MAS>MIS>IDA>ORE Lee, Flora (Bull) 1869 Gdf> Lee, Gordon Chief 1956 Erm Lee, Henry 1874- Erm Lee, Ike 1890 >ALB Lee, James 1825 USA>ND/FtU> Lee, Jason 1804 NMX>UTA> Lee, Jason Rev. 1813 USA>MAS>MIS>IDA>ORE Lee, John 1849- MEX>ALB>LuB> Lee, John 1859- MIC>ALB>Pas Lee, Mary () 1880- MET/Erm Lee, Mary c1940- CtL Lee, Nancy Washy Lemay () 1863 FtE/EdS Lee, Robert E. Gen. 1835 USA/CSA Lee, Suzanne () 1820- FtE Lee, Tracy see Horse, John George Lee, W.H. 1848/82>ALB Lee, W.S. see Lee, W.H. Lee, Washy 1880 >FtE Lee, Wellington see Lee, John Lee, Willington see Lee, John Leek, Sybil 1945 USA Lees, W.R. 1860 >ALB>MtM Leesin see Leeson Leeson 1864 >ALB Lefebre see Lefebure Lefebvre Lefevre Lefebure see also Lefebvre Lefevre Lefebure, Antoine 1713 QUE>RdR Lefebure, Jean Baptiste 1729 QUE>ONT Lefebure, Marie 1642/72 FRA>QUE Lefebvre see also Lefebure Lefevre Lefebvre 1880 >WMt Lefebvre Bro.OMI 1881 >LSA Lefebvre, Isabel 1983 ALB Lefebvre, Jean Baptiste c1815-71 QUE>MIN Lefeivre see Lefebure Lefevre see also Lefebure Lefebvre Lefevre 1794 CAN>ORE Lefevre, Charles 1784 CAN>ONT/LeP Lefevre, Jacques 1784 CAN>MAN/Wpg Lefevre, Joseph 1784 CAN>ONT/Kam Leflare see also La Fleur Leflare, Sundown 1857 MNT Lefleur see La Fleur Lefoin, Paul Chief 1900 DEH/FtP/Ech Lefonte see also Lafontaine Lefonte, M. 1794 CAN>ORE Leforna, Deom 1870- ALB>MuS/Duh Leforna, Josie () 1873- ALB>MuS/Duh Lefreniere see Lafreniere Lefroy, John Henry SirDLS 1820 ONT>ALB> Left see also Chat Ka Gauche Nemachew Young Gauche Left Hand see also Chat Ka Gauche Lefthand Nemachew Young Gauche Left Hand 1845 BPw Left Hand 1855 CHY/WYO>FLA Left Hand 1877 ARA/Ugl Left Hand 1890 KAI/ Left Hand, Basile 1927 KUT/Fla Left Hand, Bob 1900 TSU/Alo Left Hand, George 1870 SIK/ Left Hand, Madeline () 1900 KUT/Fla Left Handed see Chat Ka Lefthand, Albert 1954 EdV Lefthand, Alice 1954 EdV Lefthand, Beverly 1990 EdV Lefthand, Brenda 1980 BPw/EdV Lefthand, Brenna (Bearspaw) 1990 BPw/EdV Lefthand, Delana (Applegarth) 1988-08 Sam>Bpw/EdV Lefthand, Delana Dixon 1988-08 Sam>Bpw/EdV Lefthand, Dorothy 1920 YeX Lefthand, Ezra 1899 EdV Lefthand, Ivy 1960 EdV Lefthand, John Sr. see Lefthand, Mark Lefthand, John Jr. 1939-03 EdV Lefthand, Larry 1954-01 EdV Lefthand, Levi 1990 Edm Lefthand, Maria 1980 EdV Lefthand, Mark 1919 EdV Lefthand, Mary () 1924 EdV Lefthand, Mary Jane (Wesley) 1960 Gst>EdV Lefthand, Mitchell Collins 1960-01 EdV Lefthand, Roland Berry 1968 Alx Lefthand, Sophie () 1904 EdV Lefthand, Susan (Smalleyes) 1940 >BPw Lefthand, Webster 1920 BPw/EdV Lefty see Gauche Young Gauche Leg see La Jambe Legal, "The Singing Frenchman" 1880 >SK Legal, Emile A/BsOMI 1860 >ALB>KAI/PIK> Legarde, Charles see Bellegarde, Charles Legardene, Jacques see Legardeur, Jacques LeGardeur, Jacques 1701-55 FRE>LOW>RdR LeGardeur, Charles 1677-49 QUE>ONT LeGardeur, Jacques 1701-55 FRE>LOW>RdR LeGardeur, Jean Baptiste de Repi1643 QUE LeGardeur, Jean Paul Sieur 1661-24 QUE>WIS/LaP LeGardeur, Jean Nicolet 1695 QUE>Mic LeGardeur, Jean Baptiste de Repi1695- QUE>OJI>RdR LeGardeur, Louis Cheval. 1727 CAN>MIC/Mnw LeGardeur, Margaret (Nicolet) 1700 CAN/Mic Legardeur, Marie de Courtemanche1691-60 QUE Legardeur, Pierre Paul 1657-36 QUE>MAN>SK>QUE Legardeur de St. Pierre see Boucher, Joseph-Claude Legardeur, Jacques Legare, Albert 1875 QUE Legare, Francois-Xavier 1821 QUE Legare, H. A/BsOMI 1950 ALB Legare, Jean Louis 1841-18 QUE>USA/RHI>MIN>SK/WMt Legare, Julie (Melancon) 1830 QUE Legare, Marie (Ouellette) 1850 >RdR>WMt Legasse see also La Gasse Legrace Legasse, L. 1860 >ALB/StA Leger see Bercier, Leger Legoff, Fr. see Le Goff, Fr. Legrace see also La Gassi La Grace Le Gross Lagace Lagrace, Antoine Legasse Legris Legrace 1715 QUE>ONT/LOW Legrace, Antoine 1780 MET>Sas>RMH>SAL>CRE/Was Legrace, Charles 1794 CAN>ORE Legrace, Jean Baptiste see Legraffe Legraffe, Jean Baptiste 1890 MET/AsW Legrande see Chalou-Le Grande Legrasse see Legrace LeGris see also Legrace LeGris 1830 >MNT Legs, Frank C. 1951 CRE/Nik>SIK Legs, Gordon Ross Poor Eagle 1980 CRE/Nik/SIK Legs, Karen 1980 CRE/Nik/SIK Legs, Linda Anne (Poor Eagle) 1951-06 SIK>CRE/Nik Legs, Pamela Poor Eagle 1980 CRE/Nik/SIK Legs, Sharon 1980 CRE/Nik/SIK Lehman, Henry E. 1820 USA/PEN Leiberman, Sam 1921 ALB>ENG Leif The Lucky see Erickson, Leif Leighton, A.C. 1900 ALB> Leitch, Adelaide 1920 NFL Leitch, George 1988 LIL Leitch, Prederik 1960 USA/MNT Leith 1802 SCO Leith, James XYC>HBC 1775 >PeR> Leith, Mary 1766 SCO Leland, Alfonso 1841 USA/ORE>IDA>ORE Leland, Alonso see Leland, Alfonso Leloescom 1760 CuH> LeMaistre see Greysolon, LeMaistre Leman see Lehman Lemas, Herbert HBC 1788 ENG>Yrk>FCh Lemay see also Delorme Lemay Bro.OMI 1895 FCh Lemay, Jean Baptiste NWC 1768 CAN>EnR/MiN Lemay, Moses 1860 FtE Lemay, Nancy () 1863 EdS Lemay, Nicholas see Lemmi, Nicholas Lemay, Pierre see Delorme, Pierre Lemay, Rosana 1865-38 LLB Lemey see Lemay Lemire see also Lamarre Lemay Lemire, Francois 1796 CAN>Ath/PeR> Lemire, Francois 1853 >Pas>MuS>NoB>MET Lemire, Gabriel 1893- MNT LeMire, James 1979 Edm Lemire, Louis 1784 CAN>FtE Lemire, Marie Louise 1873-74 Pas/MuS Lemire, Pierre 1873 >MNT Lemire, Susanne (Boucher) 1859 Pas>MuS>NoB>MET Lemire, Theodor 1921- MNT Lemmi, Nicholas 1915 RUS/SIB>SK/MdL>MiN Lemmon, Mark see Lemon, Mark Lemon, Jack see Lemon, Mark Lemon, Mark 1849 MNT>ALB>MNT Lemon, Robert H. 1840 USA/MIS>MNT>MIS Lend, Moses 1974 OJI/GrN Lennarson, Frederick 1955 ALB>LuL Lennie, Andrew see Flett, Andrew Lennie, Jane see Firth, Jane Lennie, John see Flett, John Lennie, Lucile see Gladue, Lucile Lennie, Lucille see Gladue, Lucille Lennie, William HBC 1845 >FtE Lennox, Ignatius T. 1865 ONT Lenny see Lennie Lenoir see also Du Noir Lenoir, Jean Baptiste WrChf 1868 CHP/LiS Lenoir, Marguerite (Morin) c1809- >RdR>Pem Lenoir, Mary Issac (Landry) 1875 >LiS LeNormand, Marie Therese 1726 CAN Lentz, John 1963 >NWT> Leon HBC 1828 >FtE> Leonaix see Lyonnais Leonard 1988 Pas Leonard, Jason 1874 >StA Leonard, Zenas 1814 USA/MIS>CRO> Leopard 1909 >YeX> Leopard f 1909 >YeX> Leopp, Francis E. Comm. 1890 USA/DC Lepage see Le Page Lepine 1714 QUE>MIS>KAN>NMX> Lepine 1865 FtC>FCh Lepine, Ambroise 1834 RdR>Bat Lepine, Ambrose see Lepine, Ambroise Lepine, Andre 1930 FCh/Mik Lepine, Bradley Edward 1972- FCh/Mik Lepine, Charlotte () 1794- SOT/ Lepine, Charlotte Marlene 1957- FCh/Mik Lepine, Christina Claire 1961- FCh/Mik Lepine, Christine M. 1937- FCh/Mik Lepine, Christopher 1966 FCh/Mik Lepine, Clarence Thomas 1964- FCh/Mik Lepine, Dale 1968 FCh Lepine, Dale James 1971- FCh/Mik Lepine, Edward Gabriel 1941- FCh/Mik Lepine, Emily Harriette Rose 1896- FCh/Mik Lepine, Francois 1893- FCh/Mik Lepine, Frank Ernest 1928- FCh/Mik Lepine, George 1910- FCh/Mik Lepine, Jane 1830 RdR>FCh Lepine, Jane c1944- FCh/Mik Lepine, Jean Baptiste 1792- CAN>SOT>QUE Lepine, Jean Baptiste c1880- >FCh/Mic Lepine, John c1920- FCh/Mic Lepine, Joseph 1799 CAN>EnR>YkF> Lepine, Julie () 1805- CAN/USA> Lepine, Marlene see Lepine, Charlotte Lepine, Margueritte 1980 FCh/Mic Lepine, Mary Hilda Elizabeth 1947- FCh/Mic Lepine, Mary Irene 1948- FCh/Mic Lepine, Mathew 1948- FCh/Mic Lepine, Maxime 1835 RdR>Bat Lepine, Melody Rose 1974- FCh/Mic Lepine, Nelson Allen 1965- FCh/Mic Lepoint see Lapoint LePretre, Ann 1845- Dun>LLB>LSL>PeX> LePretre, Benjamin 1847- Dun/LLB>LSL>PeX> LePretre, Eliza 1844- Dun>LLB>LSL>PeX> LePretre, Francois 1870 Dun LePretre, Jean Baptiste Sr. 1826 Ase/Dun>LLB>LSL>PeX>MET LePretre, Jean Baptiste Jr. 1840- Ase/Dun>LLB>LSL>PeX> LePretre, Josephte (Page) 1810 >Ase/Dun> LePretre, Judith c1850- Dun>LLB>LSL>PeX> LePretre, Lisette (Delorme) c1826- Pes/Dum>LSA/Ase>Dun>LLB>LSL>PeX> LePretre, Marie Joseph c1857- Ase/Dun/LSL>PeX> LePretre, Nitawaikichik see LePretre, Nitawekichik LePretre, Nitawekichik 1806 >Ase/Dun> LePretre, Peggie 1856- Ase/Dun/LSL>PeX> Lerat see also Larant Lerat, Alfred 1906- Cow Lerat, Daniel 1902- Cow Lerat, Kay 1978 Cow Lerat, Shaun 1998 Cow Lerat, Tammy (Twin) 1998 BeL>Cow>BeL Leraye 1795 FRE/LOU LeRoc see Larocque Leronde, Mary 1781- QUE>ONT/Pen LeRose 1988 Pas Lerous see L'Herueux La Rue Larue Lerous Leroux Lerow Lerous Bro.OMI 1891 >FCh Leroux see L'Herueux La Rue Larue Lerous Leroux Lerow Leroux, Guillaume 1791 CAN>ORE Leroux, Hybert 1750 QUE>ONT/GrR Leroux, Laurent 1764 CAN>Ota>CHP/Des>DEH> Leroux, Oliver Bro.OMI 1910 >FCh Leroux, Shirley (Durocher) Lerow see L'Herueux La Rue Larue Lerous Leroux Lerow Lerow, Alvin 1960 BLK Lerow, Clifford 1980 BLK Lerow, Sarah Ann (Dutton) 1980 >BLK LeRoy see Le Roy Roy Les Deux Coeurs 1775 WPT/Jat/Pre Les Prairies Kit/Fox Les Yeux Gris Chief 1830 Wic Lesage, Doreen 1975 OJI/GdR Lesage, Elaine 1975 OJI/GdR Lesage, Jean Baptiste QUE>ONT>MIC Lesage, Joseph QUE>ONT>MIC Lesage, Muriel 1975 OJI/GdR Lesard see Lasard LeSieur NWMP 1855 MAN>NWMP>ALB Lesieur, Toussaint 1772 CAN>MAN/BDL Leslie Lt. 1740 USA>MIC/Mic Leslie, James 1870 >SK>MAN Lesperance see L'Esperance Lespine see Lepine Lestanc, Jean Joseph M. Fr.OMI 1850 MET/RdR>WMt>StA> Lestanc, Jean Marie Fr.OMI see Lestanc, Joseph Lestang, Jean Baptiste see Brunet, Jean Baptiste
Letang see also Le Temps Lestanc Lestang Letendre Letang 1784 CAN>MIN Letang Fr. see Lestanc, Fr. Letang, Jean Baptiste see Brunet, Jean Baptiste Letang, Xavier see Letendre, Xavier Letcher 1885 >ALB Letcher, Nellie 1910- >ALB Letellier, Louis 1827 MET>PIK Letendre see also Batoche Letang Letendre 1854 FCh Letendre 1900 >LSL>LuL Letendre 1920 >KeL Letendre 1988 Pas Letendre 1980 KeL Letendre, Agathe 1800 RdR/CRO>Sas/FtE>LLB>FtE>Was Letendre, Agnes Batoche 1840- Sas/FrL>LLB>MET Letendre, Alexis 1869 Pas Letendre, Amelia 1952 LSA Letendre, Andre 1853/85>PaK/Bat Letendre, Angelle 1869- LSA Letendre, Annie 1950 LSA Letendre, Archibald 1935 LSA Letendre, Atikapo () 1792 FtE>LSA/AmW Letendre, Baptiste see Letendre, Jean Baptiste Letendre, Bernard 1862- Lap>Pas>LSA Letendre, Brandon Lee 1974 Edm Letendre, Brenda 1963- Edm>GrP Letendre, Caroline (Loyer ?) 1880- Pau>Pas Letendre, Celina 1882 LSA Letendre, Charles 1985 Alx Letendre, Christine (u/k) 1854- Cal>Lap/Pas Letendre, Clifford 1950 LSA Letendre, Constance 1875 Lap/Pas> Letendre, Daniel 1883- Pas>FMy>? Letendre, Daniel 1887 Cal/Ale Letendre, Danielle 1970- Edm Letendre, Dieudonne 1855 Lap/Pas>Pas Letendre, Domitille Sis.GrN 1856 >CHI/FtP Letendre, Eddie 1987- Edm/GrP Letendre, Edward 1885 LSA Letendre, Elisa 1890-16 Pas>Lap Letendre, Ferguson 1787 CAN>FtE/LSA/AmW Letendre, Flossie 1885 Pas/LSA Letendre, Helen 1856 Was>AsW/Kis/CyH Letendre, Isabelle 1869 Pas Letendre, Jacqueline 2005 Alx Letendre, Jean B. Batoche 1760 CAN>RdR/CRO>Sas/AmW>Mis>RdR>FtE Letendre, Jean B. (wife) 1770 CRO>RdR>CRE/Sas>AmW Letendre, Jean B. Batoche 1790- MET/RdR>Sas/AmW Letendre, Jean B. Moosewah 1807- MET/AmW>Lap>Pas Letendre, Jean Baptiste III 1853- Lap/Pas>Cal Letendre, Jean Baptiste 1876 MuS> Letendre, Josephine (Gladue) 1860- Pas>Lap Letendre, Josephine (Gladue) 1866- Pas Letendre, Josephine (Gladue) 1880 Pas>Lap Letendre, John 1939/49 LSA Letendre, John 1950 LSA Letendre, Josephine 1910 Lap>Pas>Lap Letendre, Julia see Batoche, Julia Letendre, Julie Batoche 1850 AmW>Ale/Pas>MET Letendre, Justine see also Wapos Ka Pemotesit Letendre, Justine 1869 Pas Letendre, Lee 1974- CRE/MAN Letendre, Leopold 1939/49 LSA Letendre, Lizzie 1890/16 Pas/LSA Letendre, Louis Batoche 1825 FtE>RdR>Wap/Bat Letendre, Madeleine (Gladue) c1831- Pas>Lap Letendre, Marie 1790- RdR>Sas/AmW>TrM>Was>MET Letendre, Marie (Hallet) 1831 >Bat Letendre, Marie 1840 >PCr>WMt Letendre, Marie 1875 Pas> Letendre, Marie Louise c1897- Pas/MET Letendre, Mariel () 1875- Cal>Pas Letendre, Maxime 1869 Pas Letendre, Melanie 1869 Pas Letendre, Millini see Letendre, Melanie Letendre, Ronald 1969-87 Edm Letendre, Rosalie Okimaw Wakam..1820 Sas/AmW Letendre, Rosalie 1875 Pas>Lap Letendre, Roy 1974 LuL>Wdl Letendre, Soloman 1876- Lap/Pas>Pau Letendre, Sophie 1846- Bat>CyH>Bat Letendre, Thomas see Batoche, Thomas Letendre, Wilfred 1950 LSA Letendre, William 1864- Lap/Pas>Cal Letendre, Victor 1952 LSA Letendre, Xavier Batoche 1850 >Was/PaK/Bat Letenore see also Letourneau Letenore, Angelique 1805- NWT Lethbridge, John 1705 ENG>HOL Lethbridge, Spotted Elk 1856 DAK/SiB>WMt Lethbridge 1880 DAK/SiB>WMt Lethbridge, Peter Spotted Elk 1900- DAK/WMt Lethbridge, Philip 1935 >Alx> Lethbridge, William 1860 ONT>ALB>ONT Letour see Latour Letourneau see also Letenore Letourneur Letourneau, Hubert 1925 LSA Letourneau, Leo 1930 ALB Letourneur see also Letourneau Letourneur Bro.OMI 1876 QUE>LSA Letts, W. 1904 >FtV Levailler see LaValle Levalle Levailler, Pierre see Leveiller Levasseur L'Esparance, Pierre see L'Esparance, Pierre La Seur, Pierre Leveille see also Lavalle Leveille, Adelaide (Beauchamp) 1869 >CyH> Leveille, Cecile (Lafournaise) 1868 RdR/CyH>MuS/MET Leveille, Eleanore 1878- RdR/CyH>MuS>MET Leveille, Eliza (Poitras) 1844- RdR>CyH>MuS>RdR>MET Leveille, Gabriel Sr. 1838/84cRdR>CyH>RdR>MET Leveille, Gabriel Jr. 1880- RdR/CyH>MuS>MET Leveille, Joseph 1882- RdR/CyH>MuS>MET Leveille, Louis c1813- RdR>SK>ALB/NWMP>CyH Leveille, Octavie 1872-73 RdR Leveille, Pierre 1851 Was>NWMP>CyH> Leveille, Pierre 1875-76 RdR/CyH Leveille, Rose 1883- RdR/CyH>MET Leveille, Theophile 1874-75 RdR Leveiller see also Leveille Leveiller, John J. CAN>USA/MIN Leveiller, Orin J. USA/MIN Leveiller, Pierre see Leveille Lever, Douglas 1852 >LSA Levern Fr. 1900 >KAI> Levert, Romeo Fr.OMI 1890-65>LLB Levesque Sis. 1942 >FCh LeVesque, Alice 1887 Levevre see Lefebure Lewes, John Lee see Lewis, John Lee Lewis see also Louis Lewis 1895 >BeL Lewis, Aurora Cavendish 1830 ENG>IND>ENG Lewis, Bessie see Lewis, Elizabeth Lewis, Betsy see Lewis, Elizabeth Lewis, Catherine see Louis, Catherine Lewis, Dwayne 1985 CHP/RdL Lewis, Eliza see Lewis, Elizabeth Lewis, Elizabeth 1893 MuS> Lewis, Elizabeth (Gladue) 1900 BeL Lewis, Frances 1812- ILC/LLB>CuH>RdR>MET Lewis, Frank 1875- OJI/MIC Lewis, George 1981- BeL Lewis, Jane (Ballentine) 1802- Yrk>NoH>StF Lewis, James 1790 USA/NWY>ORE Lewis, John J. 1791- ENG>ILC>LLB>StF Lewis, John Lee 1791- ENG>ILC>LLB>StF Lewis, John Sir 1829 ENG Lewis, Joseph see also Louis, Joseph Lewis, Joseph -1820 ILC/LLB>FtE Lewis, Joseph 1895 MuS>Sam Lewis, Margaret () 1792- ILC>LLB>StF Lewis, Margaret Louis 1806- see Louis, Margaret Lewis, Margaret () 1860 >MuS> Lewis, Meriweather 1885 USA/DC>DAK>ORE>USA Lewis, Milton Peters see Peters, Milton Lewis Lewis, Morris 1914- OnL Lewis, Percy 1950 BeL Lewis, Philo NWC 1789 ONT>Cha Lewis, Pierre 1915- OnL Lewis, Ray 1958 Sam Lewis, Reuben 1806 DAK/ Lewis, Ruth (Fromhold) Lewis, Ruth (Peters) Lewis, Salvester 1877- OJI/MIC Lewis, Sara 1893- MuS>Sam> Lewis, Shirley Louise Robin Peters see Peters, Shirley Lewis, Shirley (Gladue/Mountain)1955 BeL Lewis, Turkey Head 1808 DAK/ Lewis, Waneta 1830 DAK/ Lewis, William 1842-97 ILC>FtE/LSA>MuS>Sam Lewis, William Sr. 1949 Lewis, William Jr. 1969 Lewis William see Ludwig Wilhelm Lhommecourt see also Shortman Lhommecourt, Annie () 1929- CHI/Ath Lhommecourt, Nobert 1922- CHI/FCh>Ath Liard see also Concomely Liard Gov. 1850 >ALB> Libby 1988 Pas Lichtenstein 1583 OST Lichtenstein, Franz Josef II Pr.1907- LIC Lichtenstein, Friderich Franz 1840 LIC>USA Lichtenstein, Gina () 1920 LIC Lichtenstein, Hans Adam Pr. 1680 LIC Lichtenstein, Hans Adam Pr. 1940 LIC Lichtenstein, Marie () 1940 LIC Liddel, Francis Rev. 1777 SCO/Ork Liester, Edward 1600 ENG>USA/MAS Liette see De Liette Lieutenant Tinnewabano Chief 1730 OJI/Osn/Alb Ligan, Robert 1781- MET/RdR Liggio, Luciano Chief 1935 ITA/Sic/Maf Light see Iyozansan Light, Douglas W. 1900 SK>ALB Lght Hair see McClintock, Walter Lightening see Lightning Lightfoot 1870 Was/SnP Lightfoot, Gordon 1845 ONT Lighthek, David see Lightning, David Lighthek, Isabell see Piche, Isabella Lightman, John 1860- MaW Lightning see also Leclaire Lightning Chief 1838 EaH/KaW Lightning, Albert c1880/84cErm Lightning, Alfred 1900 Erm Lightning, Caroline 1883- Pas>Kis>MNT>MET Lightning, Christiana see Gladue, Christine Lightning, Christine (Gladue) 1861- Pas/LLB>Kis>MNT>MET Lightning, David 1866-18cSam Lightning, Isabella (Piche) 1861- Kis>Sam Lightning, John 1860- Pas>Kis Lightning, Katherine Bull 1870- Kis>LuB Lightning, Keith Jason 1976- MaW Lightning, Louis Pisikwe 1862 Kis>Erm> Lightning, Marcella 1950 Sam Lightning, Maria see Lightning, Marie Lightning, Marianne 1866- >Erm>Gdf>LuB Lightning, Marie (Dumont) 1868 >Kis>Erm> Lightning, Marie 1880- Pas>Kis>MNT>MET Lightning, Nancy 1882- Kis>MET Lightning, Richard 1955 Erm Lightning, Richard 1978 Erm Lightning, Rick 1985 Erm Lightning, William James see Lightning, Wm. John Lightning, William John 1885- Pas>Kis>MNT>MET Lightning Boy see Payapwat Lightning Killing 1888 KAI/ Like A Pine Tree see Cardinal, Ka Minahikas Lil 1875 MNT Lillie HBC 1840 >Was> Limoges, G. 1865 >ALB/HiR Limping 1800 >ALB/MNT> Lincoln In.Ag. 1865 >FBk> Lincoln, Abraham Pres. 1840 USA Lincoln, Hope 2005-06>BLL Lincoln, Mary (Todd) 1840 USA Lincoln, Rae 1986- >BLL Lindberg 1988 Pas Lindberg, Ole 1908 >CRE>DEH/Lrd Lindeman 1865 >AK>BC Lindeman, Anna 1955/07 ALB Lindeman, Carl 1949 ALB Lindeman, Linda 1950 ALB Linderman, Frank Bird 1865 >MNT Lindley, Ivan 1975 OKA/UNi Lindop, Stu 1924 ALB>ENG>HOL> Lindry, Mary McDonell see Landry, Mary McDonell Lindsay, James Lt.Gen. 1835 ENG>ONT>ENG Lindsay, Neville K. Dr. 1860 >ALB Lineham, J. 1865 >ALB/Cgy Lineham, John 1875 >ALB Linke, Donald 1930 >ALB> Linklater, Archibald 1840 >SK/SnP Linklater, Caroline (McKay) Linklater, Christianna Elizabeth1885-90 Linklater, Elizabeth (Gullion) 1870 FtE Linklater, Ellen 1860 SnP Linklater, Elonore (Morris) 1840 SnP Linklater, George Archibald 1972-62 Linklater, Hugh 1781- >ILC>RdR Linklater, Isabella 1890 FtE Linklater, John Sr. 1774 ENG>BHo/RdR Linklater, John Jr. 1800- BHo/RdR>KUT> Linklater, John Richard 1867- Linklater, Letitia Margaret 1875-53 Linklater, Lydia Catherine 1878-48 Linklater, Maria (Horse) 1945 TCh Linklater, Mary Eliza 1870-57 Linklater, Mina see Linklater, Wilhelmina Linklater, Norman Chief 1977 Nel Linklater, Peter 1865 FtE Linklater, Sarah 1859-27 Linklater, Walter 1939- OJI/FtF>TCh Linklater, Wilhelmina Agnes F.R.1881-79 Linklater, William 1794 >ILC> Linklater, William 1832-20 Linklater, William 1974 CHI/CRE/Bar Linschoten, Jan. H. see Van Linschoten Lionais, Auguste 1764 CAN>FtE/Sas Liotard, Rose 1708 FRA Lirlande, Bazil Roel 1730 CAN>RdR> Lisa, Manuel 1779'20>MIS>OMA>MNT Lisa, Mitain () 1810 OMA Lisette see also Lizette Liske, Pierre Chief 1900 THL/Sou Lisotte see Lizotte Lissistsi see Wolverine Liton, Peter 1825 >FtE> Little see also Apisis Apischayis Apischiw Apisitiyas Small Stewart, Joseph Little, George T. 1870 >ALB> Little Assiniboine 1790 >AsW/TwD>Lar Little Assiniboine 1848- NAK>DAK/Hun/StB Little Bad Man see Imasees Machinas Little Baptiste see Baptiste, Little Little Bear see also Apistakos (Cree) Bear Child Bear's Child Fitcol, Alexis (Cree) Imasees (Cree) Little Bear (Cree) Maskwa Asis (Cree) Mato Chicha (Dakota) Tonweya (Dakota) Little Bear Chief 1770 PIK Little Bear 1845 Msk>Sip Little Bear Chief 1850 DAK/ Little Bear 1851 Wes Little Bear 1871/85 BgB> Little Bear 1869/45cKAI/ Little Bear 1910 O'C/Sun Little Bear, Isabelle 1873- BgB>Ima>FrL> Little Bear Woman see Apitas Iskwes Little Beard 1620 CAN>MAN/HID Little Beaver see also Chapa Chapa Chinchan Little Beaver 1820 Pes/TZC>GSt/Bea Little Beaver f 1837 RdP>Pou Little Beef see Petit Boeuf Little Big Man Chief 1850 DAK/Min Little Big Mouth 1845 ARA/Sou Little Big Person see Little Kichi Inew Little Bird see also Ipeyasis Peyasis Piche, Pierre Piyesis Piyesies Piyesis Little Bird Chief 1850 CyH Little Bird Woman 1852 PIK/HTK Little Black Bear see Akomos Kaskitew Maskoo Maskwa Little Black Bear, Akomos () see Akomos Little Blackfoot 1855 PIK Little Body see Stewart, Joseph Little Bow 1864 CRE/Oni Little Boy see also Cree, Francis Keawelauce Little Child Nahpesis Osimimiw Awas Asis Smallboy Youngman Little Boy, Isadore 1950 SOT/ Little Brave Chief 1830 DAK/Min Little Broken Knife see Broken Knife Little Buffalo see also Petit Boeuf Little Buffalo 1790 BeR Little Buffalo 1861 NAK/EaH Little Bug see Pesla Little Bull Chief 1852 DAK/Ogl Little Buttocks Little Canadian 1830 FtE Little Captain Chief 1775 BrH Little Caribou see Atik Asis Little Chief see also Big Plume-Small Face, Joseph Collins, P.C. Insula, Michael Little Chief Littlechief Okemaisis Okemasis Youngchief Little Chief Chief c1795- SHO/ Little Chief Chief 1817 TSU/ Little Chief 1820 PIK/Kin Little Chief Hd.Ch 1850 NAK/EaH>Upp/FBk Little Chief, Jane (Eagle Ribs) 1929 KAI>SIK Little Chief, Joe 1910 SIK Little Chief, Joseph 1900 SIK/ Little Chief, Philip 1929-04 SIK/ Little Chief, Roy Chief 1945 SIK/ Little Child see Cowesses (Ka Awasis) Little Boy Littlechild Peesetoose Nahpesis Osimimiw Awasis Sah Sapik Smallboy Little Chip see Peguis Little Chipewyan see Young Chipewyan Little Claw of a Grizzly Bear see Charlo Little Colt Chief 1845 ARA/Sou Little Crane 1900 PIK/Sou/HTK Little Creek see Kionama Little Crow Chief 1840 DAK/MIN/San Little Crow, Harry Chief 1900 DAK/MAN/San/MoW Little Crow, William Chief 1925 DAK/MAN/San/MoW Little Day see Kisikaw Asis Lacombe, Marguerite Little Deer see also Atik Asis Little Deer 1858/80 PIK/SoP Little Dog see also Apistatim Creighton, Percy Little Dog Littledog Little Dog Hd.Chf.c1800-67 PIK/BPM Little Dog 1830/38 WPT Little Dog 1835 KAI Little Dog Hd.Chf. 1835/86 PIK/BPM Little Dog 1845 >CyH Little Dog Hd.Chf. 1846 PIK/BPM Little Dog, Blue Eyes () 1886- CyH>RoB Little Dog, Joseph 1865- CyH>RoB Little Dog, Richard 1962 PIK/SoP Little Drum Chief 1840 TSU/LiD Little Eagle see also Apistew Kehew Little Eagle 1849 DAK/Hun/StB Little Eagle Ribs see Eagle Ribs, Joseph Little Ears 1875 PIK/NoP/EaT Little Ears 1892 KAI Little Englishman see Morrison, William Little Face 1856 CRO Little Felix 1879 Bld Little Fellow see Cheeman Little Fish see Hoge Chichan Little Fisher 1860 Neh/Pia Little Fox see Makai Asis Little Francois 1931- CHI/EnR/Pat Little George see Gerbrandt, George Little Giant see Kelsey, Henry Little Girl see also Bearchief, Leslie Dawn Eskwesis Iskwesis White Crane, Madeleine Little Girl Chief 1770 Wic Little Girl Chief 1786 TZA/Sou/Dun/LiG Little Girl f 1888- >RoB Little Gull see Kiaskoosis Little Hand Chief 1825 BLK Little Hawk Chief 1837 DAK/Olg Little Hawi With Bloody Claws see Bloody Hand Little Head Chief 1786 TZA/Sou/Dun/LiH Little Heaven see Keeseekoose Lacombe, Marguerite Little Hill 1865/25>Neh/Pia Little Hohe see Little Assiniboin Little Horn see La Corneille Low Horn (Blackfoot) Oken Okimaw Asis (Cree) Little Horse Chief 1856 CHY Little Horse 1857 DAK/Hun/StB Little Hunter see Hunter Lussier, Onocha Minahew Asis Onacha Minahew Asis Oonahatmanahoo Sayagamat Whitford, John Little Hunter, Baptiste Onacha M1840- Oon Little Hunter, Jane Onacha Minah1837- Oon> Little Hunter, John Onacha Minah1830- Oon/Gdf Little Hunter, Katowake () 1820 >Pes>Oon Little Hunter, Kehewew () 1830 Sas/Pes/TwD>Oon Little Hunter, Ketowekwanek () 1816 TwD>Pes>Oon Little Hunter, Marie 1899 CRE/Oon Little Hunter, Mary Onacha Minah1852 Oon/Gdf>Lap/Sad>MET Little Hunter, Onacha Minahew Ch1812 Sas>Pes>TwD>Oon Little Hunter, Susan Onacha Mina1846 Oon> Little Hunter Who Frightens Him see Lussier, Onocha Minahew Asis Sayagamat Little Iron Chief 1780 PIK/RMH Little Jesus see Moreau, Fr. Little John 1910 O'C/Sun Little Kettle 1856 SIK/BuE Little Kichi Iniw 1865 OnL Little Kijeyiniw see Little Kichi Inew Little Killer 1856 DAK/Ogl Little Knife Chief 1806 DAK/Hun/LiK Little Knife 1790 Sas Little Light see also Littlelight Little Light 1915 SIK Little Light, Bradford 1975/95 SIK Little Light, Dora 1950 >TSU/Bld Little Light, Leon SIK Little Loon see Makwakich, Louise Little Magpie see Ookeeweehow Samll Magpie Little Man see also Apischiw Nape Nahpesis Little Man 1880 ATS Little Moon Chief 1800 CHY Little Mountain see also Wachis Little Mountain Hd.Chf 1776 PIK/Ipo Little Mountain 1840 ARA/Sou Little Mountain Chief 1840/73 CRE/NAK/ChT Little Moustache, Alice 1984 PIK/NoP Little Moustache, Alphonse 1945 PIK/NoP Little Moustache, Bill 1965-05 PIK/NoP Little Moustache, Bonnie 1970 PIK/NoP Little Moustache, Wilma 1950 PIK/NoP Little Nice Face 1920 KAI/ Little One 1845- Bfd>RoB Little One Who Brings In The Buffalo see Lussier, Onocha Minaho Asis Little Original see Little Orignal Little Orignal 1778 BeR/LLB Little Owl see also Friday, Little Owl Hoohoosis Little Owl 1875 PIK/SoP/HTK Little Paul see Pones Little Peta see Ahbleza Peta La Little Pine see also Shinguacouse Young Pine Little Pine Chief 1835-85 KiK>LPi Little Pine, Joseph 1880 LiP>BgB>MNT Little Pipe see Ospawakanis Little Plume Hd.Chf. 1816-77 PIK/SoP/Wrm Little Plume 1845 PIK/SoP/Mtw Little Plume 1868 SIK Little Plume 1887 PIK/NoP Little Plume, Joseph Leon 1976- Edm Little Poplar Chief 1835-87 BgB>Pap>LPo>RoB Little Poplar, Alphonse 1950 SwG Little Poplar, Northern Woman ()1835- Sip>BgB>Pap>LPo>RoB Little Poplar, Old Crow Woman ()1837- CRO>CRE/LPo>RoB Little Poplar, Old Woman () 1835- >BgB>Pap>LPo>RoB Little Rattle see Sisikwanis Little Raven Chief 1784 MAN Little Raven, father 1795- ARA/Sou Little Raven Chief 1815 ARA/Sou Little Raven 1840 TwD>Msk>TZC Little Rebel see Little Assiniboin Little Red Fox see Makai Asis Little Red Head see Mikwa Ostikwanis Little Robe Chief 1817 PIK/Inu Little Rock see Asini Asis Little Round Man see Potikapoots Little Runner 1867 Sip Little Saulteaux 1854 SOT>DAK/Hun/StB Little Saulteaux 1880 CRE/SOT/1Ar Little Shell Hd.Chf 1840 SOT/TuM/LiS Little Shell, Taskwitsit Chf. 1860 SOT/TuM/LiS Little Shell, Thomas Chief 1950 SOT/TuM/LiS Little Shield 1870 KAI Little Sioux 1934 CRE/DAK/Pia Little Skunk 1880 PIK Little Slave see Chimaza Little Sluka see Slukila Little Soldier see Bernard, Chimakanis Chimakan Le Petit Soldat Rowand, Alexander Simaganis Wankanto Little Stick see Half, William Mistikoos Little Stoney 1830 ChT/FtE/Oke Little Strong Man see Kasokeo Little Thunder see also Piyesiwak Chak Thunder Little Thunder Chief 1825 DAK/Bru/CoB Little Thunder 1856 FtE Little Thunder, Angele 1877- FtE Little Thunder, Isabelle (Lambert856-35 FtE>AsW Little Turtle see Michi Kinikwa Little Voice 1883 Vic/TCr/Sam>MET Little Voice, Elizabeth (Whitford)83-52 Vic/TCr/Sam>MET Little Walker 1977 SIK Little Walker, Naomi 1915 SIK Little Walker, Paul Chief 1867-52 SIK Little White Bear 1800/34 CRO Little White Bull see Wapi Moostoosis Little White Cow Chief 1860 PIK/SoP Little White Man see Bent, William Linklater, John Little White Man Who Sees In The Dark see Stelfox, Henry Little White Weasel Calf see Dog Child Little William 1845 Pig/Sam Little Wolf see Mahikan Asis Little Wolf Chief 1845 PIK/SoP Little Wolf 1853 CHY/Nor Little Woman see also Apischis Iskwew Apitas Iskwew Crowfoot, Little Woman Little Woman, Eva 1860/40 COM>SIK/Moc Little Wounded 1852 DAK/Hun Little Young Man 1895 PIK/SoP Little Young Man, Beverly Mary 1943-99 PIK/SoP>SIK Little Young Man, Bonna () 1940 PIK/SoP Little Young Man, Jack 1925 PIK/SoP Little Young Man Woman 1855 PIK/Mot Littlebury, John A. 1860 >FCh> Littlechief see also Little Chief Littlechief, Andrew 1910 CRE/WpM Littlechief, Roy see Little Chief Littlechild see also Little Boy Little Child Littlechild Peesetoose Nahpesis Osimimiw Awasis Sah Sapik Smallboy Littlechild 1860 SK>Kis>Erm Littlechild 1880 FrL> Littlechild, Earl 1978 Erm Littlechild, Edward 1985 Erm Littlechild, Jenny (Cardinal) 1880 FrL Littlechild, Marvin 1978 Erm Littlechild, Thomas 1968 Erm Littlechild, Tyler Shawn 1984- Erm Littlechild, Wilton 1950 Erm Littledog see also Little Dog Littledog 1950 PIK/SoP Littledog, Richard 1950 PIK/SoP Littledog, Shirley 1980 PIK/SoP Littlelight see Little Light Littletent 1855 PoM Littletent, James 1900- PoM Littletent, Richard 1880 PoM Littlewolf, Eaglefeather 1981- >OnL Littlewolf, Elaine (Naistus) 1990 OnL Liver Eating Johnson see Johnson, Liver Eating Livernois, Jules-Ernest 1851-33 QUE Lives In A Bear Den see Askikowikit Livina Drusilla 59BC ROM Livingston see also Livingstone Livingston, Duncan NWC 1770/28 CAN>Ath>CAL Livingston, Henry F. 1850 USA>ND Livingston, Jane see Howse, Jane Livingston, Mortimer 1820 USA/MIS Livingston, Samuel see Livingstone Livingstone see also Livingston Livingstone 1850 AFR Livingstone, George 1870- Vic/Gdf>Kis>MET Livingstone, Jane (Howse) 1850 Vic/GdF>Kis>MET Livingstone, Samuel 1831-97 IRE>BC>Vic/GdF>Kis> Livock, W.T. 1860 ENG>Ota> Lizard Shoulder 1860 KAI Lizee, Zaphirin Fr.OMI 1866 >LSA> Lizette see also Lisette Pewapiskokapow, Lizette Lizotte Chief 1965 TZA/Boy Lizotte 1988 Pas Lizotte, Adeline 1876 FtV Lizotte, Agatha (Nadeau) 1805 >QUE Lizotte, Agnes 1876 FtV Lizotte, Alvina 1900 FtV> Lizotte, Auguste 1923 FtV/HiL Lizotte, Augustin Chilay 1876 FtV Lizotte, Cherry 1962 FtV Lizotte, Christine 1870 FtV Lizotte, Eileen () 1949 FtV Lizotte, Elise 1862- FtV Lizotte, Elsie see Lizotte, Elise Lizotte, Elizabeth (Laferte) 1884 THL/CHI/DeK/FtR>FtV>MET Lizotte, Elvina see Lizotte, Alvina Lizotte, Felicite 1868- FtV Lizotte, Francois 1784 QUE>MAN/LkW Lizotte, Gus see Lizotte, Auguste Lizotte, Hillaire 1940 DET/MeR>CRE/FtV Lizotte, Isabelle (Smith) 1873- CHI/MET/GSL>FtV Lizotte, Jean 1860 FtV>FCh>FtV> Lizotte, John see Lizotte, Jean Lizotte, Joseph 1784 QUE>MAN/LkW Lizotte, Joseph 1877- FtV Lizotte, Julie (Lamoureux) 1860 FSJ>Dun Lizotte, Julie (Mercredi) 1865 FCh>FtV Lizotte, Liza 1868- FtV>MET Lizotte, Loolooche see Lizotte, Michel Jr. Lizotte, Loulouche see Lizotte, Michel Jr. Lizotte, Louise (Flett) 1890 FtV Lizotte, Madeleine 1849- FCh>FtV>RdR Lizotte, Maria (Laferte) 1879 THL/CHI/DeK/FtR>FtV>MET Lizotte, Marie 1855- FtV>FCh>FtV Lizotte, Marie Joseph (LePretrec1857- Ase/Dun/LSL> Lizotte, Mary see Lizotte, Marie Lizotte, Nadrine Mariy Lizotte, Maurice 1857 FtV>LSL Lizotte, Michele Sr. c1820- FSJ>QUE>ALB/Ota>FtV Lizotte, Michele Jr. Loulouche 1858- FtV Lizotte, Michel III 1886- DET Lizotte, Nadrine Mary 1860 FtV Lizotte, Narcisse 1889-86 FtV Lizotte, Pierre 1805 QUE>PeR>FSJ>QUE Lizotte, Old 1840 FtV Lizotte, Pearl 1957 FtV/HiL Lizotte, Peggy 1952 FtV/HiL Lizotte, Pierre 1805 QUE>PeR>FSJ>QUE Lizotte, Pierre 1873 FtV Lizotte, Randy 1960 TZA/Boy Lizotte, Ruby see Charette, Ruby Lizotte, Rose 1876 FtV>MET Lizotte, Sophie (Tourangeau) 1831- FCh>FtV Lizotte, Sophie (Tourangeau) 1834- Wab/FCh>FtV Lizotte, Walter 1942 FtV Llanos, J.R. 2001 TLN/TSM Lloyd, George Exton Bish.ANG1870 >SK Lo???, Annie 1870 EdS Loagin see Logan Loane, Elizabeth 1970 DAK/SxV Loasby, Clarence Cst.NWMP1865 >FtP> Lobay, Fred see Lobley, Frederick Lobley, Frederick 1886 ENG>ALB Lobley, Ralph 1886 ENG>ALB Lobo 1970 >ANG>ZAI> Loche 1835 ENG>SK/FtP>ENG Locke, John 1670 ENG Locke, Thomas 1910 SK Locken 1892 >ALB Lockhart, Felix 1977 NWT Lockie, Mary J. 1840/08 ENG>ALB Loco see also Crazy Loco Chief 1860 APA Loco Horse see Welch, Hugh Eugene Loder 1869 >ALB Loder, Samuel Lt. 1855 USA/MNT Lodge, Inkin 1975- MIC Lodge Pole BLK Lodge Pole Chief Chief 1825 PIK/ATS/PIK/SoP Lodge That Will Be Written On see Wikiwam Ka Masinahikatew Loe, Ole 1909 >PeR>NAH Loft, F.O. Chf.;Lt.1894 IRO/Kan>ENG>ONT Loft, Michael 1953 IRO/Kan Lofthouse, Thomas 1665 ENG Logan (aka. WeaponX/Wolverine) ALB/PeR/FCh>USA Logan 1988 Pas Logan, Alexander 1852- RdR>FtE Logan, Annie () 1862- FtE/EdS Logan, Basil (orphan) 1875 RdR>FtE/EdS Logan, Catherine (???itt) 1840- >FtE Logan, Catherine 1859 RdR>FtE/EdS Logan, Claria 1879 FtE/EdS Logan, Curtis 1990 Edm/IPo Logan, Emma () 1877- FtE Logan, Harvey Kid Curry 1850 USA/WYO/MNT>ARG Logan, John 1875- MET/FtE Logan, Marie (Norris) 1852- Sip>Vic>FtE>MET Logan, Norma 1864- FtE Logan, Robert HBC 1790 QUE>ILC>RdR Logan, Robert 1852 >Vic>BeL>FtE>MET Logan, Robert 1878 ALB Logan, Sandy 1855 RdR>FtE Logan, Thomas 1820 RdR Logan, William Sir 1845 SCO Loge, Robert see Logan, Robert Loggie, Margaret 1910 >PeR/Dun Loguier see also Loyer Loisel, Regis 1776- SPA/LOU>ND>LOU Loiselle 1870 FRA>ALB Lolew 1800 >SHU/Kam Lolo see Lolew London, Jack 1875 USA/CAL> Lone Bear see Goodman, G. Cody Lone Bear 1920 ARA Lone Bull see One Bull Lone Charge Woman 1880 PIK/SoP/Nit Lone Chief see also Calf Robe, Benjamin Lame Bull Lone Chief Nataina Nitaina Lone Chief 1865 PIK/SoP Lone Child f 1880 WhB Lone Child, Stanley 1948 WhB Lone Cryer see Peyak Kokwas Lone Cutter 1834 PIK Lone Dog see also Long Dog Lone Dog Chief 1876 PIK/SoP Lone Elk 1802 PIK/SoP/Inu Lone Hill, Devonna c1976- DAK/PiR Lone Horn see One Horn Lone Invitation Caller 1875 KAI Lone Man see also Isna Johnston, Samuel The Only One Lone Man Johnston, Samuel Chf 1850 LLB>BiB>LoM Lone Man 1850 DAK/Hun/StB Lone Man 1878 P'D>KAI Lone Medicine Person War Chf 1849 PIK/SoP Lone Medicine Pipe Owner see Bobtail Chief Lone Ranger/Kemo Sabe Lone Sufferer see Peyak Kokwas Lone Thunder, Cecilia (Kakakewe)1915 WhB Lone Thunder, Irene 1974 WhB Lone Walker Hd Chf 1780 PIK/Inu Lone Wolf 1865- >RoB Lone Woman f 1750 SIK Loneman see Johnston, Samuel Lone Man Long 1873 >ALB/Let>MNT Long, Henry 1865 >FtE Long, John 1755 >NIP> Long, Murray 1978 >SK> Long, Oscar Lt. 1855 USA/MNT Long, Stephen H. Maj. 1795 USA/MIS>MIN> Long Balls 1849/69 DAK/Hun/StB Long Beard 1610 FRE/QUE>MAN Long Bow 1848 CRO Long Bull 1849/69 DAK/Hun/StB Long Dog Wr.Chf 1845 DAK/Hun Long Faced Crow see Robert N. Wilson Long Feather 1855 DAK/StR Long Ghost 1850 DAK Long Hair see also Brown, John George Custer, George Armstrong Long Haired Cree Long Haired Jim Sakapatwe Long Hair Chief c1757-23 CRO/Mtn/Ara Long Hair Chief c1800-50cCRO/Mtn/LoH Long Hair -1823 KAI Long Hair 1837 KAI Long Hair 1845- MMt>RoB Long Hair 1847 DAK/Hun/StB Long Hair 1886 PIK/NoP/BDS Long Haired Cree 1930 MiN/CrL Long Haired Jim see Gadsby, James Long Horn Chief 1846 DAK/Hun/LoH Long Horn Sitting Bull 1890 Kak Long Indian 1860 BgB Long John 1841 GdF Long Lance see Walsh, James Long Leg 1810 Was/Wds Long Lodge Chief 1837 WMt/LBB>LoL Long Man (Mrs.) 1859-24 Gor Long Mane see Ki No Mon Kwayew Long Neck 1830 MnL Long Nosed Crow see Wilson, Robert N. Long One see also Kapeya Kichi Pwat Kinwoskwanase Long One 1845 YeX Long Person see Big Long Person Long Standing Bear Chief 1980 PIK/NoP Long Tail see Englishman, John Long Teeth see De Smet Long Time Buffalo Woman 1840 KAI/FiE Long Time Chief see Ayoungman, Leo Long Time Gun Woman 1880 KAI Long Time Pipe Woman 1850 KAI/FiE Long Time Pipe Woman 1868-55 KAI/FiE Long Time Sleeping 1881 PIK/Nit Long Time Squirrel 1871 KAI/FiE Long Tom see Martin, Tom Long Tooth see Point, Fr. Longabaugh, Etta (Place) 1856 USA/NWY Longabaugh, Harold 1850/09 USA>ALB>ARG>BOL Longest One 1859/69 DAK/Hun/StB Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth 1830 ONT Longinus 10 GER>ROM>JUD>GER Longmoor, Robert see Longmore, Robert Longmore, John 1849- FtE Longmore, Robert 1754 ENG>YkF>CuH>Was/Sip>FtE Longmore, Rosalie 1854- FtE Longmore, Rowsey () 1854- FtE Lonklater see Linklater Longtaine, Andre 1794- CAN>USA/NWY>ORE Longtime see Long Time Lonnie 1864 >ALB Lonrangeau, Alexander see Rowand, Alexander Looking Back 1828 PIK/Kut Looking Elk 1855 DAK/Hun/StB Looking For Smoke 1887 PIK/SoP Looking For the Enemy see also Looks For the Enemy Looking for the Enemy 1876 DAK/AmH Looking Glass Chief 1835 NEZ Looking Horse, Arvol Chief 1955 DAK/Chy Looking Things over with a Looking Glass see Kana Wapa Lookout see Aswapew Looks For Enemies 1850 DAK Looks For Home 1850/69 DAK/Hun/StB Looks Like Black Hide see Low Horn, Paulus Loolooch see Lizotte, Michel Jr. Loon see Makwa Loon Spirit see Mnaja Wintko Loonskin, Betty 1945- >FCh Loonskin, Lily (Hamelin) 1985 FtV/Tal Loonskin, Rhonda Lynn 1985-95 LRR/FxL Loonskin, Ronald 1945 FCh Loonskin, Rose 1986 Tal Loose Leggings on the Thigh see Strikes Him on the Back Loosouameekwakn Hdm 1856 Yay Lopez, Lorenzo 2000 SIK Lord of the Ghost see Bibbson, Guy Lorie, Louise (Jackson) 1949 ALB Lorie, Rachel 1961 ALB Lorie, William 1945 ALB Lorimer, Laurent 1649 QUE Lorimier, Jean Baptiste de 1797 CAN/RdR Lorne, Marquis of 1860 ENG>SK>ALB>ENG Losey, Tim Dr. 1943 ALB Lost Feather 1830 PIK Lot 100 ENG Loth, Sarah 1925- CHI/CdL Lou 1880 USA>MNT Loud Voice see Heard Before He Is Seen Ka Kichiwew Loud Voiced Hawk Chief 1839 DAK/Hun/LVH Louden, J.D. Dr.NWMP 1857 MAN>ALB/FMa>Cgy Loudit see also Loutit Loudit, Frederick see Loutted, Frederick Loudit, Jane see Loutted, Jane Loudid, Low see Loutted, Low Loueaux 1730 QUE>ONT/Mac Loughborough, Lord 1800 ENG Lougheed, Bella (Hardisty) 1860 NIP>CRE/FtE>MET Lougheed, Edgar Peter 1885 MET/ALB Lougheed, Isabella (Hardisty) 1860 NIP>CRE/FtE>MET Lougheed, James Alexander 1854- ONT>ALB Lougheed, Peter see Lougheed, Edgar Peter Louie see also Louis Louie, Clarence Chief 1980 OKA/Oso Louie, Ricky Andrew 1984 Edm Louie, Robert Chief 1976 OKA/Wst Louie Naewasis see Louis, Natewasis Louis see also Callihoo, Louis Cardinal, Louis Leblanc, Louis Lewis Lewis, James Louis of Savoy Duke 1433 ITA/SAV Louis c1805- IRO>Jsp Louis 1815 CAN>MIS>WYO Louis 1820 BPw Louis 1822 LSL Louis 1852 Sip Louis Nachewasis Samson 1860 Sam Louis 1868 >Sam Louis 1872 CRE/ Louis 1885- Sam Louis IX King 1224 FRA>JER>FRA Louis XIV King 1650 FRA Louis XV King 1699 FRA Louis XVI King 1735- FRA Louis, O Misima 1 1885 Sam Louis, O Misima 2 1886 Sam Louis, O Misima 3 1887 Sam Louis, O Wa () 1873 >Sam Louis, Arnup 1947 Sam Louis, Bessie see Lewis, Elizabeth Louis, Betsy see Lewis, Elizabeth Louis, Betty 1950 Sam Louis, Catherine FtE>SwG>Sas Louis, Catherine 1846 FtE/LSA>Sas/Sad Louis, Cathy Louis, Cathy 1950 Sam Louis, Delford 1960 Sam Louis, Esther 1950 Sam Louis, Helen 1940 Sam Louis, Irene 1950 Sam Louis, Jacob Chief 1905-84 Sam Louis, John 1920 Sam Louis, Joseph 1900 Sam Louis, Louis 1860 Pig>Sam Louis, Margaret 1806- RdR Louis, Margaret 1950 Sam Louis, Mary Jane (Cardinal) 1965 Sad>Hob Louis, Melton Charles 1950 Sam Louis, Nache Awasis Samson 1960 Sam Louis, Napesis 1883 Lap Louis, Nate Awasis see Louis, Nache Awasis Louis, Pauline 1950 Sam Louis, Roy 1950 Sam Louis, Sara see also Lewis, Sara Louis, Sarah () 1910 Sam Louis, Sherman 1981- Sam Louis, Wilda 1950 Sam Louis B see Bouvier, Louis Louis Bull Chief 1850 Vic/LuB>Kis>MaW/LuB Louis Natchewysis see Louis, Nache Awasis Louise Princess1880 ENG Louison see also Gladue, Louison Mongrain, Louison Louison 1839 FtE Louison, Alexis see Gladue, Alexis Louison, Louison see Gladue, Louison Louison, Red Owl Chief 1885 FLA Loulouche see Lizotte, Michel Jr. Lournalist see Boucher, Paul Lousey 1807 NAK>HID>NAK/Wat Loutit see also Loutted Loutit, Edward 1746 CAN>MAN>CuH/Nip/Was/NAK> Loutit, Flora 1910 FCh Loutit, George 1879 >FCh Loutit, Jane (McDougall) 1822 FtE Loutit, Liza 1910 FCh Loutit, Low 1821 >RMH>FtE Loutit, Maria 1910 FCh Loutit, William 1887 >FCh Loutted see also Loutit Loutted, Frederick 1843- FtE Loutted, Jane see Loutit, Jane Loutted, John 1841- RMH>FtE Loutted, Low see Loutit, Low Loutted, Mary see McDougall, Mary Louzon, Josephte c1788- RdR Louvierre see De Louvierre Love, Charles 1835 USA/KTY>CAL>FtE Love, Timeolan 1840 >ALB/FtE> Loveland, C.A. 1837 SCA>ALB/FtE Lovell 1880 >SK/OnL Lovell, Nancy 1910 Edm Loves War 1855 DAK/Hun/StB Loving, Gunnar 1928/51>BC/SEK Low see also Loutit, Low Low, A.P. see Low, Albert Peter Low, Albert Peter DLS 1861-42>QUE>NUN> Low Dog Chief 1851 DAK/Ogl/Low Low Dog 1856 DAK Low Horn 1816 PIK/SoP Low Horn Chief 1826 KAI/Bit Low Horn Wr.Chf.c1826-56cSIK/Low Low Horn Chief 1828 SIK/BdG/Iya Low Horn 1890 KAI/ Low Horn, Albertine () 1917 SIK Low Horn, Alexis Jane 1953-04 SIK Low Horn, Antoinette Hilda 1931-00 SIK Low Horn, Brian 1990 SIK Low Horn, Evelyn 1990 SIK Low Horn, Gary 1947-01 SIK Low Horn, George 1990 SIK Low Horn, Grace 1990 SIK Low Horn, Henry 1953 SIK Low Horn, Hubert 1990 SIK Low Horn, Jack 1902 KAI/AkP Low Horn, Jack 1911 SIK Low Horn, James 1905 KAI/AkP Low Horn, Jeannie see Low Horn, Alexis Jane Low Horn, Juanita (Cutter) 1935 SIK Low Horn, Noella 1953 SIK Low Horn, Paulus 1915 KAI/AkP Low Horn, Rachel 1990 SIK Low Horn, Rosemarie 1990 SIK Low Horn, Terry 1990 SIK Low Horn, Violet 1990 SIK Lowe, Donald 1920 ALB Lowe, Martin 1967 USA/ILL Lowie, Robert 1880 USA>ALB/Mor>USA Lowman, Mary 1820 RdR Loyer see also Lawyer Loguier Loyie Noyer Loyer 1988 Pas Loyer, Adelaide (Gladue) 1871- Pas>Pau Loyer, Anastasia () 1860 Pau>USA/OHI Loyer, Angele () 1839- Ath>Pau Loyer, Baptiste 1883- Pau/AmW/Kis> Loyer, Caroline (Letendre) Loyer, Catherine 1829- Pau>Alx Loyer, Charles 1785 CAN>FtE>RMH>Jsp/Pau>Kis Loyer, Cyprien 1861- SwG/Pau>MET Loyer, Daniel 1865- Pau/Pas Loyer, Elzear 1866- Pau Loyer, Eustace 1860 Pau>USA/OHI Loyer, Genevieve 1840 Jsp/SwG/Pau>Kis Loyer, Isabelle (Gladue) 1875- Pas>Pau Loyer, Jenny Jasper (Howse) 1815 Jsp>SwG/Pau>Kis Loyer, Josephine () 1878- >Pau Loyer, Louis 1832- Ath>LSA/Ale/Pau Loyer, Marguerite (Annance) 1863- AmW>TCr/Kis>MET Loyer, Marie Rose () 1866- >Pau> Loyer, Martin 1858- Pau Loyer, Modeste 1863 Pau>Kis> Loyer, Samuel 1866- Pau/Pas Loyey see Loyer Loyie Loyie see also Loyer Loyie 1825 >FtE Loyie, James 1960 LSL>LLB> Loyolo see Standing Grizzly Bear Loza, Nicholas 1971 CAR/FrL Luboff, Norman 1917- USA Lubroi, Lester 1980 Lucarelli, Arturo 1928 >ALB Lucarz-Simpson, Joanne see Simpson, Joanne Lucas Bish. 1870 >FCh> Lucas, George 1944- USA Lucas, James 1947 ENG>ALB/Cgy Lucas, Samuel B. 1859 >MaW> Lucas, Trevor 1982 INU/Sak Luciano, Charles Lucky 1910 ITA>USA>ITA Luciano, Lucky see Luciaon, Charles Lucie see Lussier Luciea see Lussier Lucier see also Ecuyer Lussier Lucier 1650 QUE>ONT Lucier 1830 MET>MNT Lucier, Angelic see Lussier, Angelic Lucier, Francois see Lussier, Francois Lucier, Isabelle see Lussier, Isabelle Lucier, J. see Lussier, J. Lucier, Lisette see Lussier, Lisette Lucier, Toussiant 1866 Was/FtC Lucius 140 ROM Lucky Man see Goodstriker (Kainai) Papaway (Cree) Lucy 3,200,000BP AFR/Aus Lucy 1860 KAI>MET Lucy 1875- LIL Ludwig 1820 GER/BAV Ludwig II King 1839 GER/BAV Ludwig Wilhelm of Baden MkGrf 1670 GER/BAD Lugalbanda King 2700BC SUM/Uru Luitit see Loutted Luke Grey Eye 1815 USA/MIS>WYO>COL/UTA> Lunan, John 1938 ALB Lund, Andrew Lund, Mary 1946 ALB Lunn 1815 QUE Lupo see Saietta, Ignazio Lupson, Arnold Eagle Tail 1900/51>TSU/Ute Lupson, Maggie (Big Belly) 1895 KAI>TSU/Ute Lupton, Lancster P. Lt. 1815 USA>WYO> Luqaiot Chief c1831- SAL/KIT Luscier see Lussier Lusher see also Lussier Lusher 1815 QUE Lusier see also Lussier Lusier, Albert 1925 MAN Lusier, Anthony 1925 MAN Lusier, Arthur 1914-95 MAN> Lusier, Bert see Lusier, Albert Lusier, Emile 1925 MAN Lusier, Francois see Lussier, Francois Lusier, Lena 1925 MAN Lusier, Mary () 1920-78 MAN> Lusier, Robert 1925 MAN Lusk, Thomas c1835- USA/TEX>ALB Lusscier see Lussier Lussier see also Ecuyer Lucier Lusier Lussier 1650 QUE>ONT>MIN Lussier () 1786 SNK>CRE/Sas>Pes>FtE Lussier, Angelic (Tessier) Lussier, Angelique 1800-79 Sas>Pes>FtE>LSA>MET Lussier, Baptiste Onacha Minahew1840- Oon Lussier, Basile 1785 CAN>Sas>TrM>SAL/Spo>CRE/Pes Lussier, C. 1794 CAN>Sas>TrM/ORE> Lussier, Chipechits Fitcol see Lussier, Marie Lussier, Daryl 1947-05 CHP/RdL Lussier, Emilien 1792 CAN>TrM>FtE/KaM/Lap Lussier, Etienne 1790 CAN>ALB>KUT/COL>CRE/FtE>Pes> Lussier, Francois I Wa Wa 1776 CAN>Sas>Pes>FtE Lussier, Isabelle F. 1835- CRE/Pes>FtE>Kis>MET Lussier, J. 1751 QUE>MAN Lussier, Jane Onacha Minahhew As1837- Oon> Lussier, John Onacha Minahhew As1830- Oon/Gdf Lussier, Joseph 1784 CAN>Sas/FtE>Pes Lussier, Josephte (Lachevrotier) Lussier, Katowake () 1820 >Pes>Oon Lussier, Kehewew () 1830 Sas/Pes/TwD>Oon Lussier, Ketowekwanek () 1816 TwD>Pes>Oon Lussier, Lisette () 1810 Sas>Pes Lussier, Lisette 1834- Pes>FtE Lussier, Louise 1870 Was>MET Lussier, Marie Chipechits Fitcol1820 Pes>FtE/AmW Lussier, Mary Onacha Minahew Asi1852 Oon/Gdf>Lap/Sad>MET Lussier, Miyo Iskwew 1826 Pes>TZC Lussier, Onchaminahoos see Lussier, Onocha Minahew Asis Lussier, Onacha Minahew Asis Ch 1812/80 Sas>Pes>TwD>Oon Lussier, P. Bish. 1930 ALB Lussier, Snake Indian Woman () 1785 SNK>CRE/Sas>Pes>FtE Lussier, Susan Onacha Minahew As1846 Oon> Lussier, Suzanna 1805 Sas>Pes>Dum>LSA>Kis Lussier, Toussaint 1798- QUE Luther, Martin 1490 GER Lutit, Edward see Loutit, Edward Luxton, Norman 1876-61>NAK/YeX Luxton, W.F. 1855 >MAN/Wpg Lya Jan Jan see Iozanzan Lyajanjan see Iozanzan Lyall see also Lyelle Lyall, David Dr. 1833 ONT>ALB>ONT Lyasaskamikute see Niyas Askamikute Lye, Irene 1905 >ALB Lyelle see also Lyall Lyelle 1825 ENG Lyle, Curly 1920 >ALB/CdL Lyman, Eva 1875 >ALB Lyman, John 1860 >ALB/HiR>BLK> Lynch, Dorene 1952- SIK Lynch, Thomas 1850 USA>ALB/HiR Lynett, J.R. Rev. 1865 ONT/Pen Lynx see Pesew Piche Lynx Woman 1840 CRE/Pes>DAK/PiR Lynxleg, Melvin Chief 1977 CHP/VaR Lyon, George 1800 ENG>NUN>ENG Lyonais see Lyonaise Lyonaise Lyonaise, Olivia c1851-81 RdR>AsW Lyonnais 1790 CAN>Sas/FtE>Sas Lyons 1859 USA>MNT Lyons, Catherine Kitty (Cook) c1815- OxH>Wap>RdR Lyons, Daniel Col. 1840 ENG>ONT>ENG Lyons, James 1817- RdR Lyons, John c1785- RdR Lyons, Richard 1920 CRE>ENG> Lyons, Sophia 1807- RdR Lysotte see Lizotte Lyster, Andrew 1870 QUE>ALB Lyster, Ellora 1885 QUE>CON>ALB>BC>QUE Lyster, Isabell 1870 QUE>ALB Lyster, Reginald 1870 QUE>ALB Lyta, Josie 1980 INU/Kim Lytton, Bulwer 1830 ENG
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