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Now available from as BOOK or download complete with codes
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G???, Julie 1863 EdS Gabillon, Victorin Prosper FrOMI1856- FRA>ALB>StA>MaW> Gabot see Cabot Gabourie see Gaboury Gaboury see als Gadoury Gaboury, Charles 1739 QUE Gaboury, Jean Baptiste 1780 QUE>RdR> Gaboury, Marie-Anne (Tessier) 1775- QUE>RdR Gaboury, Marie-Anne 1780-85 QUE>RdR>FtE>CyH>FtE>RMH>RdR Gaboury, Martin f 1775- QUE Gaboury, Reine 1806- RdR Gabriel see also Dumont, Gabriel Gabriel 1786 CAN>RMH Gabriel 1890 CAN>Sas/FtE>RMH Gabriel, Anne () 1840 Dum/LSA Gabriel, Baptiste see Gabriel, Jean Baptiste Gabriel, Jean Baptiste 1828 Dum>LSA>EdS Gabriel, Jean Baptiste 1838 Dum>EdS Gabriel, Justine () 1850 Dum>EdS Gadbois see Gadwa Gadd, Benjamin 1970 ALB Gaddy, Alexander 1846 PoP Gaddy, Alexander James 1866- PoP>CrL>MET Gaddy, Angeline (Beaulieu) 1846 Gaddy, Catherine 1789- Sas/Sip>PeR>RdR>MET Gaddy, James 1772- >Sas/Sip>SoB> Gaddy, James 1860 CrL/Kak Gaddy, Jane 1863- PoP>CyH>LoL/FrM Gaddy, Margaret 1857- RdR>CyH>Pia Gaddy, Marie Rose (Lavallee) 1871 CrL>MET Gaddy, Mary () 1775- Sas/Sip>SoB> Gaddy, William 1861- PoP>CyH/LoL/FrM Gadois see Gadwa Gadon see Gaudin Gadoua see Gadwa Gadoury see also Gaboury Gadoury 1988 Pas Gadsby 1944 ALB Gadsby, James Sr. 1847-32 ONT>NMX>BLK>CRE/MaW/MuS Gadsby, James Jr. 1885- MaW/MuS>MET Gadsby, Mary (Rowett) 1872 >MaW/MuS Gadwa see also Godin Gooda Gadwa, ??? 1804 RdR>RMH/Pes>MaA Gadwa 1878 Keh Gadwa, Frank 1929/68 Keh>FrL Gadwa, Gordon Chief 1961 Keh Gadwa, Gustave 1918- Keh Gadwa, Henry 1915- Keh Gadwa, Irene (Anderson) 1949 BeL>Keh>FrL Gadwa, Joseph see Godin, Joseph Gadwa, Louisa see Gooda, Louisa Gadwa, Mary 1921- Keh Gadwa, Nancy 1820 FtE>Sas Gadwa, Paul see Gooda, Paul Gadwa, Philomene 1903- Keh Gadwa, Pierre 1883- Keh Gadwa, Simon 1890 Keh Gadwa, Theresa Chief 1921- Keh Gady see Gaddy Gaea myth GRK Gaetz, Annie 1870 >ALB Gaetz, Leonard Rev. 1851 >ALB Gaetz, Raymond Leonard 1871 >ALB Gage, Bette (Coultis) Gage, W.J. 1864 >ALB Gagne see also Gagner Gagnon Ganex Gagne, Carissa Rene Chrissie 1978- Edm Gagne, Chrissie see Gagne, Carissa Gagne, David 1960 Ale Gagne, Elsie (Turnbull) 1930 >Ale Gagne, G. see Gagnon, G. Gagne, Hector 1924- Ale Gagne, Joseph see also Gagnon, Joseph Gagne, Joseph 1800/19 FCh>NWT Gagne, Rene see Gagne, Carissa Gagne, Samuel see Gagnon, Samuel Gagne, Thadde 1904 >Ale Gagne, Virginia (L'Hirondelle) 1910 Ale Gagnion, Joseph see Gagnon, Joseph Gagnon see also Gagne Gounon Gagnon 1785 CAN>PeR/HuH Gagnon Insp. 1850 >MAN/NWMP>FtE>Was Gagnon Bro. 1907 FCh Gagnon 1994 MET/CHP Gagnon, Ambroise 1792- QUE Gagnon, Catherine 1815- FtE/TrM Gagnon, E. Sis. 1942 FCh Gagnon, Ernest 1974 CHP/Aro Gagnon, Firmin 1793- QUE Gagnon, Francois 1791- QUE Gagnon, Francois 1794- QUE Gagnon, G. 1850 >StA Gagnon, George 1833- QUE>ALB/FtE/L'H Gagnon, Isaac 1867 FtE/LSA Gagnon, Isaie 1880 FtV Gagnon, Jacques 1796- QUE Gagnon, Josehn 1850 RdR Gagnon, Joseph see also Genou, Joseph Gagnon, Joseph 1768-72 QUE Gagnon, Joseph Sr. c1776- NWT>RdR Gagnon, Joseph 1778- CAN>FtE>RMH>KUT>FLA Gagnon, Joseph 1790 CAN>Sas/FtE Gagnon, Joseph 1791- CAN>RdR Gagnon, Joseph Jr. c1813- TrM/Sas>RdR Gagnon, Joseph 1860 FtE/StA Gagnon, Josephte (Lapierre) Gagnon, Josephte 1828 Gagnon, Laurent 1870- FtE/StA Gagnon, Louis 1791- QUE Gagnon, Maria Sis. 1947 FCh Gagnon, Nancy (Cunningham) Gagnon, Pierre see also Genou, Pierre Gagnon, Pierre 1786 CAN>RMH>FLA>Sas/FtE Gagnon, Pierre 1789- QUE Gagnon, Pierre 1795- QUE Gagnon, Samuel 1871 FtE Gagnon, Sarah see Gonan, Sarah Gagnon, Simon 1787- QUE Gagnon, Sonny 1974 CHP/Aro Gagnon, Virginie (Belcourt) 1867- Jsp/FtE/LSA Gagnon, William see Gonon, William Gahsemoan see Wells Gahimangku see Crow Chest Gahr 1988 Pas Gaignard 1753 FRE>LOU>TEX> Gaillard 1704 QUE>MIS>ARK> Gaillard, A. Bro. 1910 SWI>ALB/FCh Gailloux see Guilliou, Joseph Gainer, Karen 1974 ALB Gainsborough, Thomas 1727- ENG Gairdener see also Gairdner Gairdener, Anne 1880 Cal Gairdener, Elizabeth (Callihoo) Gairdener, George 1840 SCO>FtE/Cal Gairdner 1988 Pas Gairdner see also Gairdener Gairdner, Floria () 1856- Ath/StP Gairdner, William 1856 WIN>ALB/Ath>StP Gaiun, Francois see Cayen, Francois Guoin, Francois Gaius Agrippa Gen. 100 ROM Galarnaut 1842 >BC/SEK>FtE/StA Galarneau, Marie-Jeanne 1706 QUE Galbraith 1841 >BC/KUT Galbraith, John 1844 >IDA>BC/KUT Galbraith, R.L.T. See Braithwaite, R.L.T. Galbraith, W.S. Dr. 1866 >ALB Gale, Freda Marie (Skaley) 1936- ALB Gale, Maria (McKay) Gale, Valerie Marie 1954- ALB Galifer see Gallifer Galileo 1591 ITA Galinee Fr.SUL 1649 FRA>QUE>ONT/SSt>QUE Galipeau, Joseph 1784 CAN>EnR/MiN Gall Chief 1846 DAK/Hun Gallagher 1860 >MAN/NWMP>ALB/FtE>MNT Gallant 1937 DET Gallant, Edwin 1960 DET Gallant, Henry 1925 DET>InC> Gallant, Isador 1960 DET Gallant, Marie 1954 DET Gallatin Sec. 1780 USA/DC Gallegos 1780 NSP>NMX Galleon see Calliou Gallifair see Gallifer Gallifer see also Callihoo Carifelle Chalifoux Galliman Guiliot Gallifer 1811 LSL Gallifer, Augustin 1830 LSL Gallifer, Betsi 1858 LSL>MaA/Ale/Pas>LSL Gallifer, Jeanette see Callihoo, Jeannette Gallifer, Marie 1882 LSL>Pas/LSL>Gro Gallifer, Rosalie L. (Gladue) 1811 LSL>MaA/Ale/Pas>Gro Galliman 1838 FtE Gallion see Gullion Gallipeau, Joseph 1784 CAN>EnR/MiN/ILC Gallipot see Gallipeau, Joseph Gallneaux see also Calioux Callihoo Gallneaux, Cecile 1880 DAK/PiR> Gallneaux, David 1840 DAK>PiR Gallneaux, Lynx Woman 1840 CRE>DAK/PiR Gallneaux, Therese 1860 DAK>PiR Galloway 1980/04 ALB Gallup, Lena 1946 CRE>Cgy Gallus, Aelius Gov. 50B ROM>EGY Gallut Min. 1690 NSP/MEX Galpin, Charles E. 1836 USA>ND/NAK>MIS Galquahgihke Lihuhneta see Fields, Seven Galt, A.T. 1850 ENG>ONT>ALB Galt, Elliot J. 1860 >SK/CyH>ALB Galt, Elliot T. A/Com 1860 ONT>SK/CyH>ALB Gamache, Fortunat Fr.OMI 1920 >ALB/LSA>ILC Gamblin 1890 >ALB/LSA Gamble, Alvin 1825 ALB Gamble, Anna (Harvey) 1896 >ALB Gamble, Blaire 1987- Bdy Gamble, Cheryl (Cameron) Gamble, Clarence 1825 ALB Gamble, Ferrell 1825 ALB Gamble, Flora 1967 >Bdy Gamble, Florence 1913- ALB Gamble, Grace c1911- ALB Gamble, Hilliard 1967 Bdy Gamble, Ira 1890/53>ALB Gamble, Ivan Rev. 1825 ALB Gamble, James Rev. 1825 ALB Gamble, John 1825 ALB Gamble, Mary 1825 ALB Gamble, S.W. 1860 >ALB Gamble, Walter Rev. 1825 ALB Gamble, William 1825 ALB Gambler 1720 Ass/Fou Gambler 1797/12 KAI Gambler 1835 PIK Gambler 1840/55cKAI Gambler 1870 KAI Gambler 1988 Pas Gambler, Earl 1986- CaL Gambler, Faith 1990- CaL Gambler, Jean Baptiste 1858-57 CaL Gambler, Joseph 1945 KAI Gambler, Lambert 1987- CaL Gambler, Sandra (Cardinal) 1960 CaL Gambler, Travis 1980- CaL Gambler, Vincent 1984- CaL Gambler de Goblets see Joueur de Gobelets Game Counter see Hamiton, Harvey Gamelin see also Hamelin Gamelin, Ignace 1718 QUE>RdR Gamelin, Louis 1704- QUE>RdR Gamsby 1861 USA>ALB Ganahan see Garneau Kanehen Ganenhen see Kanehen Ganex 1880 NAK/SoN Gang Chief 1775 RdR/BrH Gani See Shagin Gano see Garneau Gueno Guneau Guno Gantt D.A. 1727 USA/MIS Gantt, John Baldhead Capt. 1810 USA/COL/ARA Garakonthie see Caraconter Garahau see Gareau Garneau Garaheau see Gareau Garneau Garao see Gareau Garneau Garau see Gareau Garneau Garay, Francisco de Gov. 1499 SPA>JAM> Garcia 1793 NSP>NMX>UTA>NMX Garcia Gen. 1950 ANG/FNLA Gardar 680 VIK/SWE Gardiepied, B. see Guardipee, Jean Baptiste Gardiner see also Gardner Gardiner 1790 USA>IDA Gardiner 1820 USA>MIS>IDA> Gardiner, Archie 1900 >SEK/FtN Gardiner, James 1794 ENG>EnR/MiN/ILC Gardiner, Katie 1910 ALB Gardiner, Richard 1600 ENG>USA/MAS Gardipie see Gariapy Guardipee Gardipy see Gariapy Guardipee Gardner see also Gardiner Gardner, Alexander Gardner, Archibald see Garner, George Archibald Gardner, Archie see Gardner, George Archibald Gardner, Donald 1947 ALB Gardner, Elizabeth I. (Gladue) 1913 Stu Gardner, Elizabeth (Gladue) 1954/64 LSL Gardner, Flora 1859- MET/Ath>LLB Gardner, George Archibald 1913 Stu Gardner, Marguerite 1853- MET/ALB>SK>ALB/StA Gardner, William 1925 ALB Gardpie see Guardipee Gardy, Alex see Guardipee, Alex Gareau see also Garneau Garreau Gareau 1774 FRE>RdR Gareau 1784 CAN>FtE Gareau, Andrea 1975 MAN Gareau, Jean see Garreau, Jean Garett, Trisha (Simeon) 1980 TSU Garfield, James A. Gen. 1852 USA/MNT Garfunkle, Arthur 1947 USA Garhchibin Thaba see Stephens, Harold Gariapy see also Gariepi Gariepy Guardipee Guarduppy Gariapy, Philip 1858 MET/PaK Gariapy, Pierre 1865 MET/PaK Gariepi, Joseph H. 1863 >ALB/Edm Gariepy see also Gariapy Gariepi Gariepy Guardipee Guarduppy Gariepy 1885 USA/MIC Gariepy, Baptiste 1837 TuM>WMt> Gariepy, Celina 1857- RdR>TuM/NAK>MET Gariepy, Charles 1857 >FtE/Alx>Was Gariepy, Eleanor (Leveille) 1878- RdR/CyH>MuS>MET Gariepy, Eli 1857- TuM>WMt>MNT Gariepy, Eupgrisine 1825- NWT Gariepy, Francois 1837 RdR Gariepy, Helene (Poitras) 1843 RdR Gariepy, Jean Baptiste 1795- CAN>ORE>NWT/SOT Gariepy, John 1878 RdR/CyH>MuS>MET Gariepy, Judith see Cardinal, Julia Judith Gariepy, Julia Judith (Cardinal)1844 >TuM>WMt> Gariepy, Louis 1831 RdR Gariepy, Louise 1800- RdR Gariepy, Marguerite () 1805 SOT Gariepy, Marie (Cardinal) 1831- Jsp>RdR Gariepy, Pierre see Gariapy, Pierre Gariepy, Virginie (Dion) 1857- FtE/Alx>Was>MET Garneau 1834 StM Garneau 1879 >TMt Garneau 1879 >RdL Garneau 1927 ALB Garneau, Agatha Victoria 1869- CHP/StM>RdR>FtE Garneau, Alexander 1890 CHP/FtE>StP>MET Garneau, Archange see Garneau, Philomene Archange Garneau, Archange (Cadotte) 1824 OJI/LaP Garneau, Chile 1894 CHP/FtE>StP> Garneau, Edward 1874- CHP/FtE>MET Garneau, Eleanor (Thomas) 1850-12 SOT/RdR/Peg/HPr>FtE>MET Garneau, Jane 1826- OJI/LaP>StM Garneau, Jean Baptiste 1742 CAN>OJI Garneau, Joseph 1860 StM Garneau, Larry see Garneau, Lawrence Jr. Garneau, Laurent see Garneau, Lawrence Sr. Garneau, Lawrence Sr. 1840-21 CHP/StM>RdR>FtE>MET Garneau, Lawrence Jr. 1874- CHP/FtE>StP>MET Garneau, Louis 1762- OJI/MET Garneau, Louis 1790- OJI/LaP>StM Garneau, Louis 1872-59 CHP/SOT/RdR>FtE>MET Garneau, Oliver Coline de Carill1670/90 FRE/QUE Garneau, Oliver Coline 1706- QUE>Tim Garneau, Philomena Archange 1876- CHP/FtE>StP> Garneau, Sowayquay see Garneau, Sowe Iskwew Garneau, Sowe Iskwew () 1748 OJI Garneau, Victoria see Garneau, Agatha Garner, Elizabeth (Gladue) see Gladue, Elizabeth Garner, G.E. 1875 >YK> Garner, George Archibald see Gardner Garner, Nellie 1880 >YK> Garnett 1860 >ALB Garnett, Billy 1876 DAK/Ogl Garnett, George L. 1880 >ALB Garnett, John 1874 >ALB Garnett, Richard 1856 >DAK/Ogl Garnier 1784 CAN>SD Garnier, Claude 1727 QUE>ONT Garnier, Michelle 1636 FRA Garnot see also Garneau Garnot, Phillip 1865 MET/PaK Garrard, Lewis H. 1826 USA>COL Garreau see also Gareau Garneau Garreau, Jean 1727 QUE>ONT Garreau, Joseph 1778 MIS>MAN>RdR/Ass> Garreau, Oliver Garneau 1706- QUE>ONT/TIM Garreau, Pierre 1831 ARI Garret 1754 ENG>YkF>CuH> Garrioch, Peter 1830 >RdR Garrioch, Sydney Chief 1997 CRE Garson, David -1868 >FtE Gatrou, Rose 1979 CHI Garret 1754 ENG>YkF>CuH> Garrett, Pat 1880 USA>ARZ Garrett, Trisha (Simeon) Garrett, Walter 1879 >ALB Garriepy see Gariepy Garrioch, Alfred C. Rev. 1854 RdR>FCh>FtV>Dun Garrioch, Flora 1854 Qu' Garrioch, John 1834 PoP Garrioch, Nancy (Cook) 1790 RdR Garrioch, Peter 1830 >RdR Garrioch, Sydney Chief 1977 Crs Garrioch, William 1779- SCO>RdR Garripe see Gariapy Gariepi Gariepy Guardipee Guarduppy Garrison 1848 USA>MNT Garson 1865 >Was> Garson, David -1868 >FtE Garter Snake see Zuzuecha Garveau see Gauvreau Garza, Juan de la 1640 NMX>MIN>NMX Gas'in See Crooked Gaskell, Wilson 1884 >ALB Gaspard 1704 QUE>NMX> Gaspe see also Garneau Gass, Patrick Sgt. 1785 USA>MIS>MNT>ORE> Gassilin see Gosselin Gaste Fr. 1848 >ALB> Gates, John Sgt. 1849 USA>MNT Gatchi Mohkamarn see Kichi Mokaman Gatrou, Rose 1924 CHI/FDL Gauche see also Chat Ka Gaucher Gauthier Gauche Chief 1774 Gau Gauche Chief 1776 WPT Gaucher see also Gauche Gauchie Gauchier Gauthier Gouchey Gaucher 1880 IRO/LSA>GrP Gaucher 1988 Pas Gaucher, Albert 1882 Jsp>MET Gaucher, Alexis 1855 >PeR>CaL>LSL Gaucher, Alphonse 1877- USA/MAS Gaucher, Angelique 1870- LSA>Cal>MET Gaucher, Antoine Thomas 1861- LSA>GrP/Dun>StL>MET Gaucher, Baptiste 1816 IRO/Jsp Gaucher, Bernard 1868- Jsp>MET Gaucher, Clarise 1872-84 Jsp>MET Gaucher, Colette see Gaucher, Collette Gaucher, Collette 1810 >Jsp Gaucher, Collette 1847- Jsp>Pas>MET Gaucher, Eliza (Dion) 1855 Jsp>LSA/Alx> Gaucher, Emilie (Favilau) Gaucher, Emillien 1877- PeR>LSL>MET Gaucher, Flora 1882- Jsp/LSA/Alx> Gaucher, Genevieve 1873- Dun>Cal>MET Gaucher, Ignace 1839 LSA Gaucher, Isabelle 1873 LSL>MET Gaucher, Jean see Callihoo, Jean Gaucher, Jean Baptiste 1877- Jsp>MET Gaucher, Jeannette 1910 USA/MAS Gaucher, Joseph 1830- IRO/Jsp>LSA>MET Gaucher, Joseph 1873 LSL>MET Gaucher, Joseph 1874 LSL>MET Gaucher, Joseph 1875/95 Jsp Gaucher, Laurie 1873 LSL>MET Gaucher, Laurie 1977 ALB Gaucher, Lissette (Collette) 1833 Jsp Gaucher, Louis 1879- Jsp/LSA/Alx>MET Gaucher, Louise see Richards, Louise Gaucher, Louison 1874-77 Jsp>MET Gaucher, Madeleine 1884- Jsp/LSA/Alx>>MET Gaucher, Margaret Witko see Witko, Margaret Gaucher, Margaret (Ka Meyotan Ko)855- FtE>PeR>CaL>LSL>MET Gaucher, Marguerite (Beaudry) 1845 FtE>LSA>Was>MET Gaucher, Margueritte (Giroux) 1865 LSL>MET Gaucher, Marie Colette 1847- Jsp>Ale/Pas>MET Gaucher, Marie 1860- Jsp>LSL>MET Gaucher, Marie 1877-89 Jsp/LSA/Alx>MET Gaucher, Martin 1869-84 Jsp>MET Gaucher, Martin 1875- Jsp>MET Gaucher, Mary see Gaucher, Collette Gaucher, Mary 1849- Jsp>LSL>MET Gaucher, Michel 1845 Jsp>MET Gaucher, Michel 1872 LSL>MET Gaucher, Modeste 1892 PeR>CaL>LSL>MET Gaucher, Narcisse 1859 LSL>MET Gaucher, Narcisse see Gauthier, Narcisse Gaucher, Olive Braden 1885- Jsp/LSA>MET Gaucher, Paschal 1892 PeR>CaL>LSL>MET Gaucher, Paul 1879- Jsp>MET Gaucher, Paulette (Chicane) 1816 Jsp Gaucher, Philomene Callihoo 1883- Jsp>MET Gaucher, Pierre 1778 IRO>TrM/FLA>CRE/Jsp Gaucher, Pierre Jean 1827 FLA>CRE/Jsp Gaucher, Rene 1977 ALB Gaucher, St. Pierre 1865- Jsp>MET Gaucher, Therese 1872 LSL>MET Gaucher, Thomas 1850 LSA>MET Gaucher, Victore 1873 LSL Gaucher, Victoria 1859- LSA>Was>MET Gauchie 1880 IRO/LSA>GrP Gauchier see also Gaucher Gauthier Gauchier 1988 Pas Gauchier, Louise see Richards, Louise Gaudet 1920 DEH/FtS Gaudet, F.C. 1880 >CHI/FtR Gaudet, Flore Sis 1942 FtC Gaudet, Fred 1879 >FtC Gaudet, George 1895/28 USA/NWY Gaudet, John R. 1924-97 USA/NWY Gaudet, Mary (Welch) 1901/28 PIK>USA/NWY Gaudin see also Godin Gaudin 1783 CAN>MAN/Dau>Wap Gaudin 1988 Pas Gaudin, Theobald see Gaudin, Thibaud Gaudin, Thibaud Com. 1245 JER/Temp Gauding, Thibaud see Gaudin, Thibaud Gaudry see also Boudrie Gaudry, Josephte 1780- CAN/NWT Gaudry, Robert V-P 1975 MAN/MET Gauin see also Gaudin Godin Gouin Quinn Quinney Gauin, A. 1865 StA Gaul, Joseph see also Paul, Joseph Gaul, Joseph 1755 CAN>CuH/Nip Gaulat see Goulet Gaulat, Alexi see Goulet, Alexis Gault, Hamilton 1884 QUE Gaultier, Pierre see Gauthier, Pierre Gaurin, Baptiste Champagne see Champagne, Baptiste Gauthie 1890 IRO Gauthier see also Gaucher Gauchie Gauthier 1780 CAN/IRO>FtE>ORE Gauthier 1815 IRO>Jsp Gauthier 1825 KUT/FLA>Jsp Gauthier 1850 LSA/StA Gauthier 1870 LSA>GrP Gauthier 1879 LSA Gauthier, Aime 1975 MAN/MET Gauthier, Andre 1678- QUE>ONT>MAN Gauthier, Artem Joseph 1883-58 LSA>Edm Gauthier, Athanese 1755 QUE Gauthier, Bella (Andrews) Gauthier, Bella () 1819- >LSA/FtE Gauthier, Betsy (England) Gauthier, C. 1860 StA Gauthier, Charles La Verendredy 1719 QUE>KaM>RdR>GrR Gauthier, Charles 1770 CAN>WIS/LcF Gauthier, Charles 1794 CAN>ILC Gauthier, Charles 1841- LSL>LSA/FtE>EdS Gauthier, Charles 1939 >Sad Gauthier, Claudelle 1980 Sad Gauthier, Darcy 1969- Sad Gauthier, Delma 1959-04 Sad Gauthier, Francis Exazier see Gauthier, Francois Xavier Gauthier, Francis Xavier see Gauthier, Francois Xavier Gauthier, Francois 1715-97 QUE>KaM>RyL>RdR>TPa>NIP>QUe Gauthier, Francois Xavier 1846- CHP/NOD>FtE Gauthier, Francois 1794 CAN>ORE>Jsp/FtE Gauthier, Francois Xavier 1846- CHP/ND>FtE>LSA Gauthier, Glenn 1959-04 Sad Gauthier, Isabel () 1977 ALB Gauthier, Jacques Rene La Verend1677-57 FRE/QUE>NIP Gauthier, Jean Baptiste Saguriou1640 ALG Gauthier, Jean Bapt. Sakingoara 1669- ALG/QUE>ONT Gauthier, Jean Baptiste de La Ve1713-36 QUE>RyL>RdR Gauthier, Jean-Louis de La Verendrey see Gauthier, Louis Joseph Gauthier, Joe see Gauthier, Joseph Gauthier, Joseph see also Gauthier, Louis-Joseph Gauthier, Joseph Saguriou 1640 ALG Gauthier, Joseph Sakingoara 1672-49 ALG/QUE>ONT>RdR Gauthier, Joseph 1727 QUE>ONT Gauthier, Joseph 1790- USA/WIS/LaP Gauthier, Joseph 1835 CHP Gauthier, Joseph 1875/95 Jsp Gauthier, Kim 1990 ALB Gauthier, Lea (Ouimette) 1850-19 NOD>ORE>FtE Gauthier, Louis see also Gauthier, Jean Louis Gauthier, Louis Joseph 1717-63 QUE>KaM>RyL>RdR>TPa>NIP>QUe Gauthier, Louise see Richards, Louise Gauthier, Lumia () 1852 USA/ND>FtE>LSA Gauthier, Marianne see Gladue, Marie Emelie Gauthier, Marie Madeleine (Monet) Gauthier, Marie (Boucher) Gauthier, Marie Emelie (Gladue) 1874- Gauthier, Marie Alexazina 1888- CHP/ND>ORE>FtE>LSA> Gauthier, Mary Alexazina see Gauthier, Marie Alexazina Gauthier, Michael Stanislaus 1850-34 CHP/ND>ORE>FtE>LSA Gauthier, Narcisse see Gaucher, Narcisse Guathier, Noel 1977 ALB Gauthier, Peggi (Andrews) 1851/00 LSL>Pas>LSA Gauthier, Pierre see also Gaucher, Pierre Gauthier, Pierre Sr. La Verendrc1685-50 FRE/QUE>NIP>LOW>RdR Gauthier, Pierre Paul Jr. 1714- QUE>RyL>RdR> Gauthier, Rene see also Gauthier, Jacques Rene Gauthier, Rene 1665/89 QUE Gauthier, St. Pierre 1861- LSA Gauthier, Theresia (Miskwa Kwado1801- CHP/CoO/MIC Gauthier, Wayne 1961-04 Sad Gauthier, William RCMP 1974 >FtV> Gautier, Joseph see Gauthier, Joseph Gauvreau, Eva 1890 ONT/Ott Gauvreau, J. 1865 >QUE>ALB>QUE Gauvreau, N.B. 1871 BC Gauvreau, P.V. 1890 ALB Gavahau see Garneau Gayen, Marguerite see Cayen, Marguerite Gayou see also Geyer Gayou 1784 CAN>PeR>RyL> Gearhart, Daniel 1950/76 USA>ANG Geddes see also Gedes Geddes 1773 SCO/ORK Gedes see also Geddes Gedes 1862 >ALB Geddes, J.D. 1850 ONT Geertsma, Hilda 1950 ALB Gegwetch, Harry 1986 CHP/Wpg Geiger, George Sgt. 1856 USA>MNT Geillieoux, Joseph see Guilliou, Joseph Gelz, Linda 1980 ALB Gemblin see Gamblin Gemerais see DuFrost, Christophee Gemmill 1865 ONT/Ott Genaille, Basil 1922 OPa Genaille, Leona 1945 OPa Genaille, Stella 1928 OPa Gendron see also Genthon Gendron, Angelique (Lussier) 1800-79 Sas>Pes>FtE>LSA>MET Gendron, Daniel 1950 ALB/HiL Gendron, Francois 1795- FtE/Sas>RMH>Pes Gendron, Gaten 1950 ALB/HiL Gendron, Gaetane 1950 ALB/HiL Gendron, Joseph 1770 CAN>MAN/Dau Gendron, Marguerite Papin 1844- FtE/LSA>RdR>MET General see The General General Chief 1834 CRE General Chief 1881 PIK General China 1930 KEN/Mau General Crook 1850 ARA/NoA/Spu Generaux see also Genereux Jenerou Generaux, Leona 1962 ALB/Cgy Genereux see also Cheney-echoe Gareau Genereaux Genou Giroux Guilliou Jenerou Le Roux Genereux Sgt,NWMP1865 >ALB/FoM Genereux, Charles 1849- OTT>StP>USA/MIC Genereux, Charles 1858- OTT/MIC Genereux, Charles Alexander see Jenerou, Charles Alexander Genereux, Lawrence see Jenerou, Lawrence Genereux, Madge Elizabeth see Mitchem, Madge Elizabeth Genereux, Maggie (Mitdurn) Genereux, Margaret (Mitchem) 1889- OTT/ Genereux, Marie (Dubie) 1829- OTT/ Genereux, Marie-Anne 1805 CHI/Edj Genereux, Mary (Duford) 1860- OTT/ Genereux, Minnie 1864- OTT/ Genereux, Sylvia Pauline see Jenerou, Sylvia Pauline Genereux, T. Calvin see Jenerou, T. Calvin Genereux, William Martin see Jenerou, William Martin Genereux, William 1845- OTT/ Generou see Genereux Jenerou Generou, Madge Elizabeth see Mitchem, Madge Elizabeth Generous Woman Chief 1780 PIK/Ipo Genevieve Sist. 1855 >LSA/StA Gengis Temujin Khan Ka-Khan 1167-27 MON Genin, Jean Baptiste Fr. 1850 >DAK>ONT>DAK/Sit Gennivera 1865 EdS Genou see also Gagnon Genereux Ginan Gioux Genou, Antoine 1784 CAN>FtE Genou, Joseph see Gagnon, Joseph Genou, Pierre 1786 CAN>FtE Genron, Joseph see Gendron, Joseph Genthon see also Gendron Genton Genthon, Marie (Jerome) 1800 RdR Genthon, Maxime 1791- RdR Gentil 1704 FRE>MIS>ARI> Gentille, Nicola 1933 USA/MAF Gentleman Joe see McKay, Joseph Genton see also Genthon Genton, Joseph 1856 Qu' Gentry, Abraham 1865 >DAK> Gentry, Gail 1980 USA Gentry, Thomas Robert 1900 USA George see also Makokis, George Umbi Ska Nehnoe George 1794 >HAW>ORE George 1828 YkF George 1848- TZC/Chi George 1916 CHI/EnR/Pat George 1920 CHP/StP George 1928 CHI/Buf/ILC George 1934 SEK/KAS/FtW George III King 1734 ENG George IV King 1800 ENG George V King 1895 ENG George VI King 1919 ENG George, Arthur 1944 Och George, Dudley 1970/95 CHP/Ket/StP George, Frederick 1787 CAN>RdR George, Glen 1975 CHP/Ket/StP George, John 1950 CRE George, Joseph 1785- NWT>RdR George, Joseph 1950 CRE George, Josephte () 1893 RdR George, Josette Indian 1787- NWT>RdR George, Judas see George, Ronald George, Lloyd 1895 ENG George, Mabel 1926- CAR George, Marie (Chatelaine) 1801 RdR George, Marie 1807- RdR>MET George, Maynard T. 1978 CHP/Ket/StP George, Pierre 1795- RdR George, Ronald 1978 CHP/Ket/StP Georgekish, Edward 1977 Wem Georgieu, Costas Col. 1951- GRE>ENG>IRE>ANG> Gerard, Frederick Franklin see Girard, Frederick Gerbrant, George 1974 ALB/LCr Gerlus 1948 MAN>HoW> Germain see also Jeremie St. Germain Germain Chief 1900 THL/Det Germain, Jacques 1785 CAN>RyL Germaine See Germain Jeremie St. Germain Gerneau see Garneau Gerome see Jerome Geronimo Chief 1829- APA/Chr/Bed Gerry f 1903 ALB>LoL> Gervais see also Giva Jarvis Gervais 1773 CAN>MAN/Wap Gervais 1788 CAN>PeR>SEK Gervais 1790 CAN>Sas/FtE>RMH> Gervais 1820 RdR>MIN/StP Gervais, Basile 1821- FtE>RdR Gervais, Cleophas 1840 Sas>Kis>MET Gervais, Culbert see Gervais, Cuthbert Gervais, Cuthbert 1846- RdR>StL>AsW/Kis/MtM Gervais, Eliza (McGillis) 1838- DAK/RdR>Sas/Sad/Sip>Kis>MET Gervais, Francoise (Leddoux) 1824- RdR Gervais, Jean Baptiste 1790- RdR>FtE/Sas>RMH>Mis Gervais, Joseph 1791 CAN>ORE Gervais, Joseph 1879- SK/StL>AsW/Kis/MtM Gervais, Justivie see Giva, Justivie Gervais, Louise 1847- RdR Gervais, Madeleine (Bonneau) 1800 RdR>FtE/Sas>RMH>Mis Gervais, Marie Francoise 1824 RdR Gervais, Martha 1838- NWJ>MIN/StP Gervais, Mary () 1836- RdR>StL>AsW/Kis/MtM Gervais, Ouire see Gervais, Marie Francoise Getchell, F.O. I.A. 1881 >ND/TMt Gets Wood See Getting Wood at Night Getting Dark see Tipiskaw Tipeskaw Kapaw Pwat Getting Good Things 1960 KAI Getting Wood at Night MedM 1885/35cKAI Getty, Don Prem 1960 ALB Geyer see also Gayou Guilliot Geyer Gov. 1660 ENG>YkF> Gezo King 1850 DAH Ghandi, Indiara PrimeM 1948/84 IND Ghandi, Ranjeet 1970 IND Ghengs Khan see Gengis Khan Gheur, Ernest 1890 >ALB Gheur, Marthe () 1890 >ALB Ghost see Wanchanaie Winchanae Ghost Chief 1890 KAI Ghostkeeper see also Richards Ghostkeeper 1880 LSL/Gro Ghostkeeper 1988 Pas Ghostkeeper, Granny () 1900 LSL/Gro>PPr Ghostkeeper, Ralph see Richards, Ralph Ghostkeeper, Robbie 1984 Lap
Giant see Mistapew Giant 1910 Sad Giant, Sophie 1924- Sad Giaoux see Callihoo, Joseph Giasson Sieur 1730 QUE>ONT>Mac Giasson, Ignace 1799 IRO>ALB/PeR>BC Gibb see also Gibbs Gibb, John 1911-69 ALB>FtV Gibbon, John J. see Gibbon, John Murray Gibbon, John Murray 1875-52 Gibbons, C. 1865 FtE Gibbons, James 1839-28 USA>BC>ALB/Vic>MAN>FtE Gibbons, John Gen. 1850 USA>MNT Gibbons, William 1595 ENG>NUN>ENG Gibbot See also Gibeau Gibot Gibush Guilbault Janbeau Jebeaux Gibbot, Lloyd see Guilbault, Lloyd Gibbot, Rosa 1923- FCh Gibbot, Thomas see Gibot, Thomas Gibbs see also Gibb Gibbs, W.H. Jr. 1865 Gibbs, Walter 1785 >ALB Gibbson, James see Gibbons, James Gibeau See also Gibbot Gibeau Gibot Gibush Guilbault Janbeau Jebeaux Gibeau 1808 CAN>SEK/FSJ Gibeau, Joseph 1784- QUE>EnR/MiN Gibeau, Leonard Pierre see Jebeaux, Leonard Pierre Gibeau, Lloyd see Guilbault, Lloyd Gibeau, Louis Sr. 1754 CAN>EnR/MiN Gibeau, Louis Jr. 1784 CAN>FtE Gibeau, Maria Indian 1790- EnR/MiN Giboche see Guiboche Gibot See also Gibbot Gibeau Gibot Gibush Guilbault Janbeau Jebeaux Gibot 1854 FCh Gibot, Angelina () 1925- FCh Gibot, Charles Louis 1900- FCh Gibot, Charlot 90 1883- FCh Gibot, Ernestine (Fortin) 1920 FCh Gibot, Felix Sr. 1893 FCh Gibot, Felix Jr. 1913- FCh Gibot, Francis Geraldine 1964- FCh Gibot, Francois 1910- FCh Gibot, Frank 1939 FCh Gibot, Iris Jane 1966- FCh Gibot, Jane see Gibot, Iris Jane Gibot, Julia c1953- FCh Gibot, Leon 1913- FCh Gibot, Lloyd see Guilbault, Lloyd Gibot, Maria c1944- FCh Gibot, Mary 1903- FCh Gibot, Mary Agnes 1960- FCh Gibot, Mary Jane 1911- FCh Gibot, Nora c1939- FCh Gibot, Patrice 1919- FCh Gibot, Peter Collin 1962- FCh Gibot, Sammy 1921- FCh Gibot, Therese 1948/68 FCh Gibot, Thomas Hdm. 1874 FCh Gibotte see Gibbeau Gibbot Gibeaux Gibot Guilbault Janbeau Jebeaux Gibotte, Louis see Gibeaux, Louis Gibson 1834 RdR>ORE Gibson 1834 USA>ORE Gibson 1838 >FtP>ORE Gibson 1865 >SK/Qu' Gibson 1900 ALB/Edm>RMH Gibson, Angelique (Challifoux) 1810- LSL Gibson, George Supt. 1810 USA/DC Gibson, Guy 1880 >ALB/Mor Gibson, Hugh 1790- SCO/ORK>FtE Gibson, Rex 1927 >BC> Gibson, Silas 1870 >AK> Gibson, W.W. 1945 USA/CRE/Neh Gibush see also Gibeaux Gibot Jebeaux Waden Gibush 1758 QUE>Was Gideon Judge 1238BC ISR/JEW Gideon, Nan 1924 ALB Gignac, Minnie 1900 ONT Gignac, Olive () 1884 ont Giffard, Robert Sieur 1614 FRA>QUE Gilbert 1784 CAN>FtE Gilbert, James 1978 SK Gilbert, John Chief 1977 CHP/CRE/LiS Gilbert, Percy 1881 >ALB Gilbertson, Gilbert 1853- MaW/MuS Gilbertson, Rosalie () 1864- MaW/MuS Gilbosh see Jebeaux Gilchrist, William Campbell 1865/85>ALB/FrL Giles see also McGilles Giles 1878 >OnL Giles, Marguerite 1900 OnL Giles, Victoria (Gaucher) Gilgamesh King 2670BC SUM/Uru Gill, Jaideep Singh 1987 Edm Gill, Robert Lt. 1922 USA>ALB>BC>YK> Gillard, Auguste BC Gillespie Gillespie, Louisa 1970 INU/Res Gilliat, Neil W.W. 1928- ENG>ONT>ALB Gillespie 1900 ALB Gillis see also McGilles Gillis 1869 >ALB Gillis, William 1886 >Kis>MET Gilman 1845 USA/KAN Gilman, Daria H. 1866 USA/NWY Gilmar, Larry 1959 >ALB Gilmor see also Gilmar Gilmour Gilmor, Robert 1810 USA Gilmor, Thomas 1948- Gilmour see also Gilmar Gilmor Gilmour 1864 >ALB/Cgy Gilpin, William 1826 USA/COL Gilvay 1909/29>NWT/NAH Gin See Shagin Gindiby The Arab Chief 873BC BED/ARA Gingold, Erma 1935 >KAI Gingra see Gingras Gingras 1869 QUE Gingras, Antoine Cuthbert 1794 CAN/CHP>ORE>QUE>MAN>ND Gingras, F. 1866 Was Gingras, Madeleine (Trottier) 1808/79 CAN/CHP/QUE>MAN>ND Gingras, Marguerite Madeleine see Trottier, Madeleine Gingras, Marie (Lightning) 1880- Kis>MNT>MET Gingras, Pierre 1720 QUE>ONT/Mic Ginan see Gagnon Ginther 1988 Pas Giorda, Joseph Fr. 1842 USA>MNT Giottier, Andri see Trottier, Andre Gioux 1785 CAN>LSL> Giradin see Girardin Girard 1820 FRA>USA Girard, Carl see Tewell, Carl Augusta Girard, Frances see Tewell, Frances Girard, Frank see Girard, Frederick Franklin Girard, Frederick Frank Big Legg1833-49 DAK/CHY/SiB> Girard, Jean Baptiste 1804 CAN>EnR/Mic Girard, Joseph 1830 FRE>RdR>CyH Girard, Lewis H. see Garrard, Lewis H. Girard, Many Horses (Sitting Bull) Girard, Margaret (Vaughan) Girard, Marguerite (Jackson) 1836 RdR>CyH Girard, Pierre 1850- RdR>CyH Girard, Raymond 1949 MET/PaP Girard, Rosetta c1886- DAK Girard, Rosie see Girard, Rosetta Girard, Sophie (Jannies) Girardin see also Girard Girardin 1780 Wap Girardin, Jean 1881 SIK>CRE/LSA Girdenon 1822 LSL Girdenon, Kiyekwapew () 1828 LSL Girdenon, Mary 1842- LSL Girl See Eskwesis Iskwesis Iskwew Asis Little Girl Girl Chief 1834 WiY Girly see Tuccaro, Margaret Rose Giroux see also Gioux Jerault Jerraw Giroux 1783 CAN>RdR>Dau/Wap> Giroux 1785 CAN>LSL> Giroux, Alexis 1840 LSA Giroux, Allen 1960 Dpl>Cgy Giroux, Alma (Piyetapanwesimow) 1860 LSL Giroux, Angele 1860 LSL/Dpl Giroux, Angelique (Gladue) 1830/77 LSL>Pas>LSL Giroux, Baptiste Kiwastimow 1874 LSL/Dpl Giroux, Cecile 1880- LSL/Dpl>StL Giroux, Craig Steven 1987 Cgy Giroux, Dominique 1845 LSL Giroux, Elaine 1985 SwR Giroux, Esther 1960 SwR Giroux, Felix Hdmn. 1864 LSL Giroux, Felix 1864 LSL Giroux, Francois 1755 CAN>CuH/Nip Giroux, Francois 1825 LSL Giroux, Francois 1844 LSL Giroux, Genevieve (Gladue) 1920 Dpl Giroux, Helen (Hamlin) 1876 LSL/Dpl Giroux, J.B. Henri Fr.OMI 1879 >LSL Giroux, J.R. 1979 Dpl Giroux, Jean Baptiste 1860 LSL/Dpl Giroux, John Wapi Piyesies 1869 LSL/Dpl Giroux, Louis Wapoosisitis 1859- LSL/Bld/Dpl Giroux, Louis 1866- LSL/Dpl Giroux, Magloire Mistak 1874 LSL/Dpl Giroux, Marguerite (Napacham) 1859 LSL/Bld>Dpl Giroux, Margueritte 1864- LSL Giroux, Marie (Gladue) 1863 Pas>Dpl/LSL Giroux, Marie Anne 1885 LSL/Dpl/Pas>Lap Giroux, Mary Mathilda 1836- ONT/Man Giroux, Misas Kehew Awasis 1840 LSL Giroux, Nancy 1884 LSL/Dpl> Giroux, Olivier see Giroux, Louis Giroux, Paula 1974 Dpl Giroux, Pierre 1880 Dpl/Gro Giroux, Pierre 1967- Dpl>Edm Giroux, Rene 1978 Erm Girr, William 1864 >ALB> Gist see also Guess Gist, Betsy see Wureth Gist, Catherine see Guess, Catherine Gist, Choo-Wah-Nos-Kee see Guess, Choo-Wah-Nos-Kee Gist, Crawfish see Guess, Crawfish Gist, Eyagu see Guess, Eyagu Gist, George see Guess, George Gist, Girty see Guess, Girty Gist, Gu-U-Ne-Ki see Guess, Gu-U-Ne-Ki Gist, Joseph see Guess, Joseph Gist, Lydia see Guess, Lydia Gist, Mary see Guess, Mary Gist, Nathaniel 1740 USA Gist, Rebecca (Bowles) Gist, Richard see Guess, Richard Gist, Polly see Guess, Polly Gist, Sallie see Guess, Sallie Gist, Teesey see Guess, Teesey Gist, U Ti Yu see Guess, U Ti Yu Gist, Utiyu see Guess, Utiyu Gist, Wahlaloo see Guess, Wah-La-Loo Gist, Wahlanetah see Guess, Wah-La-Ne-Tah Gist, Wokteeyah (Langley) Giuboche, Louis see Guiboche, Louis Giva, Angelica () 1861- FtE Giva, Justive 1856- USA>ALB/FtE Give It To Me see Pitekwenew Given Away f 1840 PIK Gives To The Sun 1860 SoP/HTK Giving Man see Lacombe, Fr. Albert Glad, Jerome see Gladue, Jerome Gladas, Saidoria see Gladue, Saidora Gladden 1978 ALB/Edm Gladders 1978 ALB/Edm Gladeau see also Gladien Gladieu Gladu Gladue Gladeau 1865 Pas/Kis>MNT Gladeau, B. 1977 ALB/Edm Gladeau, B. 1977 ALB Gladeau, D. 1977 ALB/Edm Gladeau, Henry 1977 CHP/LiS Gladeau, M. 1977 ALB/Edm Gladeau, S.J. 1977 ALB/Edm Gladeau, Susan 1977 ALB/Gro Glader see Gladue Gladiau see Gladue Gladien-Quinn, John see Quinn, John Paspasche Gladieu 1988 Pas Gladieu, Charles see Gladue, Charles Gladieu, Edward see Gladue, Edward Gladieu, Francis see Gladue, Francis Gladieu, Francois see Gladue, Francis Gladieu, George see Gladue, George Gladieu, Margaret see Gladue, Margaret Gladieu Quinn, John see Quinn, John Paspasche Gladieu-Quinn 1988 Pas Gladish, C.L. 1977 ALB/Edm Gladstone 1872 >KAI Gladstone 1978 ALB/Edm Gladstone, Hariet (Leblanc) 1835- Pes>Kis>FtE>Kis>MtM>MET Gladstone, Harriet 1859- TZC>FtE/LSA>AsW/Kis>MtM>MET Gladstone, Jack T. 1880 AsW/KAI/MtM>BC Gladstone, James 1919 CRE/AsW/MtM>KAI Gladstone, Marie 1858- FtE>AsW> Gladstone, Marie Rose (Johnston)1872- BgB/LoM>KAI>MET Gladstone, Mary 1864- Kis>MtM>MET Gladstone, Mary A. () 1875- AsW/Kis>MtM Gladstone, Robert 1867- FtE>AsW/Kis>MtM Gladstone, William J.S. 1832-12 SCO/QUE>FtE/LSA>AsW/Kis>MtM Gladstone, William 1878- AsW/Kis>FMa Gladu see also Gladeau Gladien Gladieu Gladu Gladue Gladu 1988 Pas Gladu, Albert Chief 1926- FCh Gladu, Amable (Belcourt) Gladu, Charles see also Gladue, Charles Gladu, Charles 1914- Sad Gladu, Charles Robert 1952- FCh Gladu, Charlotte see Gladue, Charlotte Gladu, Christine See Gladue, Christine Gladu, Clifford Joseph 1955- FCh Gladu, Francis 1936- BeL Gladu, Francois see Gladue, Francis Gladu, Fred Ernest c1958- FCh Gladu, Fred John 1951- FCh Gladu, George 1922- BeL Gladu, George 1964- FCh Gladu, Georgina Louise 1960- FCh Gladu, J.V. 1977 ALB/Edm Gladu, Joe 1919- BeL Gladu, Joe Lewis 1922- BeL Gladu, Joseph See Gladue, Joseph Gladu, Josephine See Gladue, Josephine Gladu, Jules Gilbert 1957- FCh Gladu, Julian see Gladue, Julian Gladu, Lena 1918- BeL> Gladu, Leo Roy Tommy 1963- FCh Gladu, M. 1977 ALB/Edm Gladu, M. 1977 ALB/Edm Gladu, Madeline 1930- FCh Gladu, Marguerite see Gladue, Marguerite Gladu, Mary Beatrice 1962- FCh Gladu, Miles 1977 ALB/GrP Gladu, Patrice 1928- Sad Gladu, Raymond Henry 1959- FCh Gladu, Robert 1977 ALB/Edm Gladu, Vera (Landstrom) 1927- BeL Gladu, Violet 1977 SwR Gladue see also Gladeau Gladien Gladieu Gladu Glenday Gladue 1781 CAN>RMH Gladue 1820 LSL>LSA Gladue 1850 >Sip>BgB>FrL> Gladue 1850 LSA Gladue 1865 >LLB Gladue 1865 Pas/Kis>MNT Gladue 1866 >Cal Gladue 1880 LSA>GrP Gladue 1886 CRE Gladue 1890 IRO Gladue 1988 Pas Gladue, A. 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, Abraham 1860- Ale/Pas> Gladue, Adam 1872 LSL/LSA/Pas>LSL Gladue, Adelaide 1870- Ale/Pas>Pau Gladue, Adelaide 1897- LSL/Gro> Gladue, Adele (Lafournaise) Gladue, Adolphus see Gladue, Dolphus Gladue, Adson 1882- LSL Gladue, Albert see also Gladu, Albert Lamouche, Albert Gladue, Albert 1925 CRE Gladue, Albert Chief 1972 CRE Gladue, Albina (Andrews) Gladue, Alexander 1863-72 Ale/Pas> Gladue, Alexander 1870- BeL Gladue, Alexis Louison c1813- LSL Gladue, Alexis 1844-81 MaA/Ale/Pas> Gladue, Alexis 1876-76 Ale/Pas Gladue, Alfred 1877- Ale/Pas> Gladue, Alfred 1905- LSL/Gro/StL Gladue, Alice 1863-43 Pas>MET>LLB/BeL Gladue, Amable (Belcourt) Gladue, Amborise 1896 LSL Gladue, Ambrose c1830-46 LSL>MaA Gladue, Ambrose 1830- LSL>Pas Gladue, Ambrose 1834- MaA/Ale/Pas> Gladue, Ambrose 1835- MaA/Ale/Pas Gladue, Amelia 1904- Sad Gladue, Andre c1801- LSL>LSA/MaA/Ale/Pas Gladue, Andre 1803 LSL Gladue, Andre 1865 Gladue, Andrew 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, Angele see Gladue, Angelique Gladue, Angelic () 1809 LSL Gladue, Angelique 1814-76 LSL>MaA/Ale/Pas> Gladue, Angelique 1830 LSL>Pas>LSL Gladue, Angelique () 1857 LSA/LSL Gladue, Angelle 1860 MaA/Ale/Pas>MaW Gladue, Ann see Harris, Anny Gladue, Ann see Piche, Ann Meminowatow Gladue, Ann 1851- BeL>MET Gladue, Anna () 1871- LSA>Pas/MET Gladue, Anne see also Gladue, Nakwewin Beaudoin, Marie Harris, Anny Gladue, Anne 1865- MaA/Ale/Pas>LSA>MET Gladue, Anne (Piche Meminowatow)1876 Kis/Mem/Ale>Pas Gladue, Anne 1880 MAN Gladue, Anne c1946- ALB Gladue, Anne 1950 FtV> Gladue, Annie see Harris, Anny Gladue, Annie 1911- LSL Gladue, Annie Augustine 1911 LSL Gladue, Annie 1945 BeL> Gladue, Annie 1977 LSL/SwR Gladue, Anny see Gladue, Annie Gladue, Anny (Harris) Gladue, Anthony 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, Antoine c1800- LSL>LSA/MaA/Ale/Pas Gladue, Antoine 1836- RdR>MET Gladue, Antoine 1856 >BeL/Pey> Gladue, Antoine 1875 Pas>BeL/Pey>Pas Gladue, Antoine 1883- LSL/Gro Gladue, Archer 1939- CRE>CHI/Jan Gladue, Arnold 1964- ALB/Edm/Red Gladue, Audrey 2000 SuC Gladue, Augustin 1854- MaA/Ale/Pas>MET>BeL Gladue, Augustin 1861- Ale/Pas> Gladue, Augustine 1885-87 Pas>MET>BeL Gladue, B. 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, B. 1977 StL Gladue, B.H. 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, B.M. 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, Baptiste see also Gladue, Jean Baptiste Gladue, Baptiste 1845 Ale/Pas> Gladue, Baptiste 1885 Pas>MET Gladue, Basile 1824/24 LSL>FtE Gladue, Bateau see Gladue, Charlot Bateau Gladue, Batis Sorel see Gladue, Baptiste Gladue, Bella (Manito) 1880 FtE>MET Gladue, Bella 1892 CRE Gladue, Bella () 1925 LRR>FtV Gladue, Benjamin see Landstrom, Waldie Gladue, Benjamin 1950 CRE Gladue, Benjamin 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, Benoit 1857- Ale/Pas>Jsp>LSA Gladue, Bertha Nicole ## c1951- LRR/Wab/FtV>ONT>NYK>FMc>LSL> Gladue, Betsi see Constant, Marie Gladue, Betsi (Gallifer) Gladue, Betsy (Constant) 1848- OPa>Ale/Pas Gladue, Betsy (Carrifelle) 1858 LSL>Pas>Cal>LSL>MET Gladue, Beulah () 1925 LRR>Wab>FtV Gladue, Bienvenue Dieudonne Lamouche 1885- Dun>Gro Gladue, Blair 1974- CaL Gladue, Brendon 2000 SuC Gladue, Byron 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, C. 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, C. 1977 ALB/GrP Gladue, C.A. 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, C.M. 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, C.R. 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, C.T. 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, Caroline 1831- CRE Gladue, Caroline 1863-70 MaA/Ale/Pas Gladue, Caroline 1885- Pas>MET>BeL Gladue, Caroline c1889- LSL/Wab/CaL Gladue, Carolyne () 1908 LLB/BeL Gladue, Casimer 1874- LSL Gladue, Catherine see also Gladue, Katrine Gladue, Catherine Kwesisiwit c1827- LSL>FtE/MaA/Ale/Wab Gladue, Catherine 1833- LSL>LSA/MaA/Ale/Pas>Pau>Pas>MET Gladue, Catherine Rose 1841 LSA/MaA/Ale/Pas Gladue, Catherine A. (Hope) 1844- RdR>LLB>MaA/Ale/Pas>Kis>Pas>MET Gladue, Catherine 1869-47 Ale/Pas>LSL/Gro/Dun Gladue, Catherine 1875- LSL Gladue, Catherine 1885 Pas>MET Gladue, Cecile (Belcourt) 1858- LSA/Cal>MET Gladue, Cecile (Giroux) 1880- LSL/Dpl>StL Gladue, Cecile 1882- LSL Gladue, Cecile 1895 CRE Gladue, Celestin 1859- MaA/Ale/Pas> Gladue, Celestin 1885- Pas> Gladue, Celestine 1884-85 LSL Gladue, Cendrion see Gladue, John Dorion Gladue, Charles see also Gladu, Charles Gladue, Charlot Gladue, Charles 1776- RdR Gladue, Charles 1799- RdR Gladue, Charles Quinn Bateau Hdm see Quinn, Charles Gladue, Charles Quinn 1847- LSL>MaA/Ale/Pas Gladue, Charles c1860- Ale/Pas>MET Gladue, Charles 1869- Ale/Pas>Kis>Pas>MET Gladue, Charlot see Auger, LeRose Nanmikut Gladue, Charlot 1799- CAN>RdR>LSL>LSA/MaA/Ale/Pas Gladue, Charlotte 1800- LSL Gladue, Charlotte 1900 LSL Gladue, Chas see Gladue, Charles Gladue, Chikesis Gladue, Christina see Gladue, Christine Gladue, Christine 1850- MaA/Ale/Pas Gladue, Christine 1861- Ale/Pas/LLB>Kis>MNT>MET Gladue, Clara 1957 LLB/Cas Gladue, Clare 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, Cleophie 1876 Ale/Pas> Gladue, Colette see also Gladue, Marie Colette Gladue, Colette (Gaucher) 1863 >Pas>MET Gladue, Colin 1906- ALB Gladue, Constance Sokaskamitukina850 LSL>LSA/MaA/Ale/Pas>LSL Gladue, D. 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, D.M. 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, Damase 1874 RdR Gladue, Daniel 1885- LSL Gladue, Daniel 1885-87 LSA Gladue, Daniel 1893-16 LSL/Gro Gladue, Daniel Wilfred Sr. see Lamouche, Daniel Wilfred Gladue, David 1878 LSL Gladue, David 1885 CRE Gladue, David 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, Dennis 1950 SuC Gladue, Destiny 2000 SuC Gladue, Dieu-Donne 1880-92 LSA/Pas Gladue, Dolphus 1900 LSL Gladue, Dominique 1905 LSL/StL/Bld Gladue, Doreen 1955 Sad/Pas Gladue, Douglas 1963- FCh Gladue, Douglas 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, Dwight 1986 Lub Gladue, Dylan 2000 SuC Gladue, E. 1977 Ati Gladue, Edouard see also Gladue, Edward Gladue, Edouard 1842 MaA/Ale/Pas> Gladue, Edouard 1847-09 MaA/Ale/Pas>Gro>Dun>LSL Gladue, Edward see also Gladue, Edouard Quinn, Edward Gladue, Edward see also Gladue, Edouard Gladue, Edward 1849- RdR>MaA/Ale/Pas/RdR>Pas/LSA/FtE Gladue, Edward 1868- Ale/Pas>Kis>Pas>MET Gladue, Edward 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, Eileen () 1950 SuC Gladue, Elise (Metia) 1785- RdR Gladue, Elise (Malaterre) 1876 Ale/Pas> Gladue, Elise 1876 CRE Gladue, Eliza see Gladue, Elizabeth Gladue, Elizabeth Isabelle Gladue, Elizabeth see also Gladue, Lisette Gladue, Elizabeth 1883-87 LSL/Dun/Gro Gladue, Elizabeth 1890 CRE Gladue, Elizabeth Isabelle 1896-64 Gro>SwR Gladue, Elizabeth 1900-79 BeL Gladue, Emelie 1850-53 MaA/Ale/Pas Gladue, Emelie 1865-71 Ale/Pas> Gladue, Emelie Madeleine 1882- Pas/LSA Gladue, Emilienne (Moses) Gladue, Ennis 1980 SuC Gladue, Ernest see Gladu, Fred Ernest Gladue, Eugenie (Lariviere) 1920 CRE Gladue, Eulalie (Riel) Gladue, Euphrosine 1800 RdR Gladue, Euphrosine 1865- FtE/Ale/Pas> Gladue, Eustace 1850- LLB/BeL Gladue, Eva c1941- FCh Gladue, F. 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, F. 1977 ALB/PeR Gladue, F. 1977 Ati Gladue, Fern Louise (Oliver) Gladue, Fiddle see Chartrand, Josephet Kito Chikan Gladue, Flora 1871- LSL/Gro/PeX Gladue, Flora 1901 CRE Gladue, Flora 1907-15 LSL/Gro/StL Gladue, Flora 1909- FDu Gladue, Flora 1925 CRE Gladue, Flora 1945 BeL> Gladue, Flora 1977 LSL/Gro/SuC Gladue, Florence 1856 MaA/Ale/Pas/LSA Gladue, Floyd 1980 SuC Gladue, Francis see also Gladu, Francis Gladue, Francois Gladue, Francis Bateau Hdm. 1841- MaA/Ale/Pas>LLB>Kis>Pas Gladue, Francis Chief 1977 Wab Gladue, Francis 1976- Wab Gladue, Francois see also Gladue, Francis Gladue, Francois Sr. Namew 1773- CAN>RdR>LSL>LSA/MaA/Ale/Pas Gladue, Francois Jr. c1803- LSL>LSA/MaA>LSL Gladue, Francois c1830- MaA/Ale/Pas Gladue, Francois 1839 CRE Gladue, Francois Bateau see Gladue, Francis Gladue, Francois Okinee Hdm. 1864 Ale/Pas> Gladue, Francois Chief 1950 Wab>FCh Gladue, Francoise 1844? CRE Gladue, Frank see Gladue, Francis Bateau Gladue, G. 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, G.R. 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, Gabriel 1870-74 Ale/Pas Gladue, Gabriel 1900 LSA Glasue, Gabriel 1900-72 LSL/Gro/StL Gladue, Gary C. 1980-00 SuC>FMc Gladue, Gary J. 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, Genevieve (Grey) 1810-76 LSL>LLB>FtE>Wab>MaA/Ale/Pas Gladue, Genevieve 1820 LSL>RdR Gladue, Genevieve 1846- LSL>MaA/Ale/Pas>MET Gladue, Genevieve 1899 LSL/Dpl Gladue, George see also Quinn, George Gladue Meechin Gladue, George see also Gladu, George Gladue, George 1811- LSL>FtA/MaA/Ale/Pas>BeL Gladue, George 1855- MaA/Ale/Pas> Gladue, George 1909- LSL/Dun/Gro Gladue, George 1922- see Gladu, George Gladue, George Miyew 1955 BeL Gladue, George c1965- FCh Gladue, George 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, Georges see Gladue, George Gladue, Gerald Michael 1972- ALB/Edm Gladue, Glen 1980 SuC Gladue, Gloria 1900 Wab/CaL/LSL Gladue, Gordon c1949- CRE Gladue, Greg 1980 SuC Gladue, Gurlie (Yellowknee) 1910 Wab>LSL/Dun/Gro Gladue, H.M. 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, Hank 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, Helen (Louis) 1940 Sam Gladue, Helene 1847-48 MaA Gladue, Henri 1857-73 MaA/Ale/Pas Gladue, Henriette 1885- LSL Gladue, Henry 1891- Pas/Edm Gladue, Iosette see also Gladue, Josephete Gladue, Iosette (Tourbillion) 1776 >LSL>LSA/MaA/Ale/Pas Gladue, Iosette () 1799 LSL>LLB>FtE>Wab>LSA/MaA/Ale/Pas Gladue, Iosette 1810 LSL>LSA/MaA/Ale/Pas Gladue, Iosette 1835 CRE Gladue, Iosette 1842- LSL Gladue, Irene Esther () 1939- CHI/Jan Gladue, Irene Coun. 1979 Pas Gladue, Isabel see also Gladue, Isabelle Gladue, Isabel () 1869- BeL Gladue, Isabelle see also Gladue, Isabel Gladue, Isabelle 1840 RdR Gladue, Isabelle 1 1848-56 MaA Gladue, Isabelle 2 1854-56 MaA Gladue, Isabelle 1859- MaA/Ale/Pas>BeL/Pey Gladue, Isabelle 1875- Ale/Pas>Pau Gladue, Isidore 1920 Wab>LRR>FtV Gladue, Ivan 1977 ALB/Edm
Gladue, J. 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, Jacques 1860- LSA/MaA/Ale/Pas Gladue, Jake 2000 SuC Gladue, James c1862- Ale/Pas>Kis>Mem>EdS>Pas Gladue, James 1915 MET/Elz/FiL Gladue, James 1977 Ati Gladue, Jane (Collin) 1837- Jsp>LSA>Pas Gladue, Jane () 1848- MaA>Ale/Pas>LSA Gladue, Jane 1856- MaA/Ale/Pas>LSA Gladue, Jane Mary 1877-87 LSL/Gro>Dun Gladue, Janvier 1879- FtE/Pas> Gladue, Jean see also Gladue, Jean Baptiste Gladue, John Gladue, Jean Baptiste Lamouche c1807- RdR>LSL>MaA/Ale/Pas Gladue, Jean Baptiste 1815 LSL>Pas Gladue, Jean Baptiste 1835 MaA/Ale/Pas> Gladue, Jean Baptiste 1840-81 LSL>MaA/Ale/Pas>PeX Gladue, Jean Marie 1843-86 MaA/Ale/Pas>LSL/Gro Gladue, Jean Baptiste 1844- MaA/Ale/Pas> Gladue, Jean Baptiste Lamouche 1849- MaA/Ale/Pas>PeX Gladue, Jean Felix Darwin 1855- MaA/Ale/Pas/FtE> Gladue, Jean Baptiste 1856 MaA/Ale/Pas Gladue, Jean Pierre 1860 IRO/Wes Gladue, Jean Baptiste 1865 CRE Gladue, Jean Felix Jr. 1870 Ale/Pas/FtE Gladue, Jean Felix 1893- LSL/PeX Gladue, Jean 1906- LSL/Gro/StL Gladue, Jennieve (Grey) Gladue, Jennie (Thomas) 1855 >MaA/Ale/Pas Gladue, Jeremie Pierre 1857- MaA/Ale/Pas> Gladue, Jeremie 1879-60 Pas>MET>BeL Gladue, Jerome 1882- Pas>MET>BeL Gladue, Jody 1977 ALB/PeR/HiP Gladue, John see also Gladue, Jean Gladue, Jean Baptiste Gladue, Vital John Gladue, W. John Gladue, John Dorion 1835- FtE>Wab>LSA/Ath/MaA/Ale/Pas Gladue, John 1868- Ale/Pas>FtE Gladue, John 1870- Ale/Pas/LSL Gladue, John 1875- PeX/Gro Gladue, John 1889 BeL Gladue, John 1894 FCh>ENG>FCh Gladue, John 1877 Dpl/StL Gladue, John Chief 1982 Wab Gladue, Johny see Gladue, Jean Felix Darwin Gladue, Joseph 1833- FtE>Wab>LSA/MaA/Ale/Pas Gladue, Joseph 1847-49 MaA Gladue, Joseph 1854- RdR Gladue, Joseph 1871- RdR Gladue, Joseph 1894/18 BeL>ENG Gladue, Joseph 1900 Gladue, Joseph 1919- see Gladu, Joe Gladue, Joseph Lewis 1922- see Gladu, Joe Lewis Gladue, Joseph Chief 1932 Lap>KOR>Lap Gladue, Joseph 1933 BeL>KOR>BeL Gladue, Josephet see Gouin, Marie Josephte Gladue, Josephet Kito (Chartrand)776 >LSL>LSA/MaA/Ale/Pas Gladue, Josephet (Tourbillion) 1776 >LSL>LSA/MaA/Ale/Pas Gladue, Josephet (Desjarlais) 1875 BeL/Pey>Pas Gladue, Josephine (Cardinal) Gladue, Josephine see Gouin, Marie Josephte Gladue, Josephine () 1852- RdR>Pas>Sas/MET Gladue, Josephine 1860- MaA/Ale/Pas/FtE>Lap Gladue, Josephine 1866- Ale/Pas> Gladue, Josephine 1882 CRE/NAK Gladue, Josephte (Chalifoux) 1839 Niy>LSA/MaA/Ale/Pas Gladue, Julian 1892-86 LSL>LSA Gladue, Julie see also Gladue, Julienne Gladue, Juliette Lariviere, Eugenie Gladue, Julie 1887- Gro/Dun Gladue, Julie (Knott) 1890-22 Gro>StL/Bld>PeR> Gladue, Julie 1904- Gro>Ati Gladue, Julienne (Willier) Gladue, Julienne 1868 Ale/Pas>LSL Gladue, Juliette 1885 Pas>MET Gladue, Kas??? () 1861 Ale/Pas>MaW Gladue, Katrine Matusk c1827-92 LSL>FtE/MaA/Ale>Wab>Dum/Pas>Gro Gladue, Katrine 1880 Gladue, Kevin 1877 ALB/Edm Gladue, Kito Chikan see Chartrand, Josephet Kito Chikan Tourbillion, Iosette Gladue, Kitochikan see Chartrand, Josephet Kito Chikan Tourbillion, Iosette Gladue, L. 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, L. 1977 Gro/StL Gladue, La Louise see also Gladue, Marie Louise Gladue, La Louise (Cartier) Gladue, La Louise 1865- Ale/Pas> Gladue, Lalouise 1880- LSA/Pas Gladue, Lamouche see Gladue, Baptiste Gladue, Larose Nanmikut (Auger) 1804 >LSL>LSA/MaA/Ale/Pas Gladue, Laura 1867- Ale/Pas> Gladue, Lawrence G. 1977 LSL/HiP Gladue, Leandre 1851-53 MaA Gladue, Lena 1945 BeL> Gladue, Leo 1977 LSL Gladue, Leonie 1900 LSL Gladue, Lewis see Gladue, Louis Gladue, Lisette 1806- LSL>MaA/Ale/Pas> Gladue, Lisette () 1850 MaA/Ale/Pas Gladue, Lorna 1977 LSL Gladue, Louis see also Gladue, Louison Gladue, Louis 1856 BeL/Pey>MaW/MuS Gladue, Louis 1866- Ale/Pas>Wab/CaL/LSL Gladue, Louis 1871- Ale/Pas>MET>MaW Gladue, Louis 1882- Pas>LSA Gladue, Louisa see also Cardinal, Mary Louisa Gladue, Louisa 1867- Ale/Pas>LSL>MET Gladue, Louise 1830 LSL>MaA/Ale/Pas>Bld/StL Gladue, Louise 1849 MaA/Ale/Pas>Wab/CaL/LSL Gladue, Louise 1863- Ale/Pas> Gladue, Louise 1865- Ale/Pas> Gladue, Louise Julie (Cartier) 1865- CRE Gladue, Louison 1798- CAN>RdR>LSL>LLB>FtE>Wab>LSA/Pas Gladue, Louison 1840- MaA/Ale/Pas>LSL>MET Gladue, Louison 1874- LSL/Ale/Pas>Gro Gladue, Louison 1875 CRE Gladue, Lucie see also Gladue, Lucille Gladue, Lucie 1873-74 FtE/Ale/Pas Gladue, Lucie 1900 LSA/Pau Gladue, Lucille see also Gladue, Lucie Gladue, Lucille 1855- LSA/Cal/MaA/Ale/Pas>Pau Gladue, Lynn 1980 LSL Gladue, M. 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, Madeleine (Laurent) Gladue, Madeleine (Poitras) Gladue, Madeleine 1809- LSL Gladue, Madeleine c1831- MaA/Ale/Pas>Lap Gladue, Madeleine 1847- MaA/Ale/Pas>LSA Gladue, Madeleine 1857- MaA/Ale/Pas>LSA Gladue, Madilene (Jackson) Gladue, Magdeleine see Poitras, Madeleine Gladue, Malcom 1945 CRE Gladue, Margaret see also Gladue, Margarette Gladue, Marguerite Gladue, Margrette Gladue, Margaret 1808 LSL/MaA/Ale/Pas> Gladue, Margaret 1828 MaA/Ale/Pas> Gladue, Margaret 1865 Ale/Pas Gladue, Margaret 1940 BeL> Gladue, Margarette (Cardinal) 1840 AmW>Lap Gladue, Margrette 1842 MaA/Ale/Pas> Gladue, Marguerite see Amyotte, Marie Marguerite Gladue, Marguerite see Wapi Ostikwan, Margarette Gladue, Marguerite 1814 LSL>MaA/Ale/FtE>RdR Gladue, Marguerite 1820- LLB>FtE/MaA/Ale/Pas>Wab>ILC Gladue, Marguerite 1843-43 MaA/Ale/Pas Gladue, Marguerite 1850- MaA/Ale/Pas>RdR Gladue, Marguerite 1864-64 Ale/Pas Gladue, Marguerite 1868- Ale/Pas>Cal Gladue, Marguerite c1872- LSA/Ale/Pas>Cal Gladue, Marguerite 1879-87 Dun Gladue, Marianne see also Gladue, Marie Emelie Gladue, Marianne () 1861- >Pas>LSA Gladue, Marie see also Gladue, Mary Gladue, Marie (Beaudoin) Gladue, Marie Amable (Belcourt)c1835- FtE/L'H>Pas Gladue, Marie (Bourassa) Gladue, Marie (Galifer) Gladue, Marie (Kaskawan) Gladue, Marie (Powder) 1864- Sip>BgB>LLB>MET Gladue, Marie C. (Short) Gladue, Marie (Wanutch) Gladue, Marie (Wilkie) Gladue, Marie see also Gladue, Jean Marie Gladue, Marie Margaret (Ross) 1788- RdR Gladue, Marie Rose c1800- LSL Gladue, Marie Charlotte c1805- RdR>FtE/MaA/Ale/Pas Gladue, Marie 1830 LSL>FtE>LSA/MaA/Ale/Pas Gladue, Marie 1831 LSL>Wab Gladue, Marie Tawayik Iskwewpiw 1839-86 LSL/Gro>Dpl Gladue, Marie 1840 MaA/Ale/Pas> Gladue, Marie 1842 LSL/MaA/Ale/Pas>Gdf/Sad Gladue, Marie Colette (Gaucher) 1847- Jsp>Ale/Pas>MET Gladue, Marie Betsy (Constant) 1848- OPa>Pas Gladue, Marie 1849- MaA/Ale/Pas/RdR>Pas/LSA/FtE Gladue, Marie Louise 1851- MaA/Ale/Pas>Wab>LSA Gladue, Marie 1852- MaA/Ale/Pas> Gladue, Marie 1856 MaA/Ale/Pas> Gladue, Marie Margu. (Kaskawan) 1860 CRE Gladue, Marie Josephte (Gouin) c1861- RdR>LSA/Ale/Pas>MET>BeL Gladue, Marie 1865 Ale/Pas> Gladue, Marie 1870-70 Ale/Pas Gladue, Marie (Auger) 1872 LSA/LSL Gladue, Marie Emelie 1874- Ale/Pas>LSA Gladue, Marie Louise 1874- RdR Gladue, Marie 1878 Ale/Pas> Gladue, Marie 1880- Pas>MET>BeL Gladue, Marie Marguerite 1892 CRE Gladue, Marie 1899 StL/Bld Gladue, Marie Louisa 1925 CRE Gladue, Marie 1939- Gro/PeX Gladue, Martha see Gladue, Martine Gladue, Martin 1868- Wab>CaL>Pas/LSL Gladue, Martin 1881-87 Gro/Dun Gladue, Martin 1900 LSL Gladue, Martine 1869- Ale/Pas>LSA/Jsp Gladue, Mary see also Auger, Marie Gaucher, Collette Gladue, Marie M???ias, Mary Gladue, Mary Louisa (Cardinal) Gladue, Mary (Ross) Gladue, Mary 1835 CRE Gladue, Mary 1880- Pas>BeL/MET Gladue, Mary Lamouche 1880- LSL/Dun/PeX Gladue, Mary Albertine 1900 LSL Gladue, Mary Louisa (Cardinal) 1925 BeL Gladue, Matusk Catherine see Gladue, Katrine Gladue, Melanie 1866- Ale/Pas> Gladue, Melanie (Savoyard) 1885 FtE>MET Gladue, Michel 1800 RdR Gladue, Michel 1885 Wab>CaL> Gladue, Miyew see Gladue, George Gladue, Moise see also Gladue, Moyse Gladue, Moise Ostimow Kanittowit1841- FtE>Wab>LSA/Pas>LSL/Gro Gladue, Moise 1846-46 MaA Gladue, Moise 1857- MaA/Ale/Pas> Gladue, Moise 1872 CRE Gladue, Moise 1892 CRE Gladue, Morrison 1935- >FrL Gladue, Moyse 1902- LSL/Gro/StL Gladue, Nabes see Gladue, Piere Napew Gladue, Nakwewin 1814- LSL Gladue, Namew see Gladue, Francois Gladue, Nancy (Beaver) Gladue, Nancy (Nabesis) Gladue, Nancy (Dease) 1825- COL>RdR/Pas>Bld Gladue, Nancy 1835- MaA/Ale/Pas>Dum>MuS> Gladue, Nancy 1844- RdR/MaA>LSL/Bld Gladue, Nancy 1853- MaA/Ale/Pas/FtE> Gladue, Nancy 1879- LSA/Pas Gladue, Nanmikut see Auger, Larose Nanmikut Gladue, Napoleon 1898/18 BeL Gladue, Narcisse 1872- Wab Gladue, Nathan Charles 1981-05 Wab Gladue, Nelson 1980 SuC Gladue, Nicole see Gladue, Bertha Gladue, Nipakataw () 1804 LSL>LSA/MaA/Ale/Pas Gladue, Norl c1823- LSL Gladue, Okinee see Gladue, Francois Gladue, Olive Louise 1861- Ale/Pas> Gladue, Oliver 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, P. 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, Pat 1977 ALG/Edm Gladue, Pakusiyagan see Auger, Larose Nanmikut Gladue, Paul see also Gladue, Paulet Gladue, Paul 1837 CRE Gladue, Paul 1889- LSL Gladue, Paul 1977 Lab Gladue, Paulet 1837-20 Wab>LSA/MaA/Ale/Pas>LSL>MET Gladue, Pauline 1977 StL Gladue, Peggie (Bruneau) 1851- FtE/AmW>Ale/Pas>MET Gladue, Peggi (Paul) Gladue, Peggie see also Gladue, Peggy Gladue, Peggie (Bruneau) Gladue, Peggy see also Bruneau, Peggie Paul, Peggi Gladue, Peggy 1841- LSL>MaA/Ale/Pas Gladue, Peggy 1892 CRE Gladue, Peter 1875- LSL Gladue, Peter R. Jr. 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, Philomene (Hamelin) 1885 FtA/FtE>MET Gladue, Philomene 1905- BeL Gladue, Pierre 1787 CAN>RdR Gladue, Pierre c1806- LSL>MaA/Ale/Pas>RdR>Bld Gladue, Pierre 1840 Pas>AmW>Lap Gladue, Pierre Sawisisis 1850 LSL Gladue, Pierre Piyew 1866 CRE Gladue, Pierre 1875- LSL/Gro/StL Gladue, Pierre 1875- Ale/Pas>LSL Gladue, Pierre 1885 Pas>MET Gladue, Pierre 1895 LSA Gladue, Pierre 1898 CRE Gladue, Pierre Chief 1902 BeL Gladue, Piwatiskokapawiw see Auger, Piwatiskokapawiw Gladue, Polly 1977 Ati Gladue, R. 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, R.R. 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, R.R. 1977 GrP Gladue, Randy 1980 SuC Gladue, Rayana 2000 SuC Gladue, Richard 1885- Jsp/LSA Gladue, Richard Chief 1977 FDu Gladue, Rick 1977 LSL Gladue, Rita 1925 BeL> Gladue, Robin Serene 2000 SuC Gladue, Roenell 2000 SuC Gladue, Roger 1977 LBu Gladue, Romeo 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, Ronald 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, Rosalie see also Gladue, Marie Rose Gladue, Rosalie Gladue, Rosalie (Carifelle) Gladue, Rosalie Lafille 1811 LSL>MaA/Ale/Pas>Gro Gladue, Rosalie Lafille 1816- LSL>MaA/Ale/Pas>Gro Gladue, Rose see also Gladue, Rosalie Gladue, Rose (Normand) Gladue, Rose 1830-99 LSL>FtE>LSA/MaA>Wab>Pas Gladue, Rose F. () 1868- >Pas> Gladue, Rose 1916- LSL/Dpl Gladue, Ryan 1980 SuC Gladue, Saidora 1871- Ale/Pas>FtE Gladue, St. Paul see Gladue, Pierre Gladue, St. Pierre see Gladue, Pierre Gladue, Sammy 1977 LRR Gladue, Samuel 1869-75 LSA/Ale/Pas Gladue, Sandra 1980 SuC Gladue, Sandra 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, Sandrion see Gladue, John Dorion Gladue, Sarah 1872-77 LLB/Pas>Kis Gladue, Shauna 1980 SuC Gladue, Shirley Mountain 1955 BeL Gladue, Sophie (Niyanskipimatew) Gladue, Sophie (Wapi Ostikwan) Gladue, Sophie Wapi Ostik(Collin)815- Jsp/LSA/FtE/MaA/Ale/Pas Gladue, Sophie F. () c1870- Pas>MET/Kis Gladue, Susan () 1853- LLB/BeL>Pas Gladue, Susanne see also Gladue, Suzanne Gladue, Susanne 1840 LSL>MaA/Ale/Pas> Gladue, Suzanne see also Gladue, Susanne Gladue, Suzanne (Roy) 1840 RdR>LLB/Pey Gladue, Suzanne (Desjarlais) 1875 BeL/Pey>Pas Gladue, Suzanne 1888- Dun/PeX/Gro Gladue, Tarresse see Grey, Therese Gladue, Tchikesis see Gladue, Chikesis Gladue, Theresa see Grey, Therese Gladue, Therese (Grey) 1812- LSA>LSL>LSA/MaA/Ale/Pas Gladue, Thomas 1864 LLB>MET Gladue, Tony see Gladue, Anthony Gladue, Toussaint 1852 LSL Gladue, Tracy 1980 SuC Gladue, Treena 1977- FMy Gladue, Tyrell 2000 SuC Gladue, Urbain 1877- Ale/Pas> Gladue, Ursule Marie 1882-83 CRE/IRO/NAK/LSA Gladue, V. 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, Vera (Landstrom) Gladue, Verna 1977 Ati Gladue, Veronique 1857- MaA/Ale/Pas> Gladue, Veronique () 1869- >Ale/Pas>Lap>MET Gladue, Veronique Quinn 1869- Ale/Pas>Lap>MET Gladue, Veronique 1880 LSL/Wab/Cal Gladue, Veronique (Paul) 1880 >LSL Gladue, Veronique 1885 Pas>MET Gladue, Veronique 1895 LSL Gladue, Veronique 1900 CRE Gladue, Victoria 1875-87 PeR/Dun Gladue, Virginie 1870 Ale/Pas> Gladue, Virginie Dorion 1865-70 MaA/Ale/Pas/FtE> Gladue, Vital John 1907- LSL/Dun/Gro Gladue, W. John 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, Wabistikwanis see Richards, Sophie Collen Gladue, Waldie see Landstrom, Waldie Gladue, Wesley 1980 SuC Gladue, Wikimaweyinow 1830 LSL>LSA/MaA/Ale/Pas Gladue, Wikkimaweyimow see Gladue, Wikimaweyinow Gladue, Wilbert see Landstrom, Wilbert Gladue, William 1858-41 MaA/Ale/Pas>RdR> Gladue, William -1861 MaA/Ale/Pas Gladue, William 1864 Oni Gladue, William 1865-72 Ale/Pas Gladue, William 1870-80 Ale/Pas Gladue, William 1877- LSL/Ale/Pas> Gladue, William 1900-23 BeL Gladue, William 1977 ALB/Edm Gladue, Willie see Landstrom, Waldie Gladue, Wilson 1977 StL Gladue-Quinn, John See Quinn, John Paspasche Gladue-Quinns, Peggie (Bruneau) 1851- FtE/AmW>Ale/Pas>MET Glancing Arrow 1840 PIK/SoP/Inu Glass 1813/33>FtU Glass, E.B. Rev. 1865 >ALB>Hob> Glass, Hugh 1795 >LOU>MIS>MNT> Glass, Jason 1985 ALB Glass, Patrick Sgt. 1785 USA>MIS>MNT>ORE> Glass Eye see Paskapisis Glauce Prncs GRK/SAL Glaudue see Gladue Glaudue, Andre see Gladue, Andre Glaudue, Angelic see Gladue, Angelic Glaudue, Francois see Gladue, Francois Glaudue, Jennieve see Gladue, Jennieve Glaudue, Katrine see Gladue, Katrine Glaudue, Louison see Gladue, Louison Glaudue, Norl see Gladue, Norl Glavinski, Albert 1855 USA/MNT Glazeer Capt. 1860 ENG>YkF Gleason 1875 >ALB Gleason, Sofia 1895 >ALB Gledu see Gladu Gladue Glen, J.A. Min 1920 ONT Glen, Jack 1910 ALB/GrC Glen, John see Glenn, John Glenday 1813 >FtU> Glenn, Adelaide (Belcourt) 1859 LSA>AsW/Kis>MET Glenn, Emile 1960 ALB Glenn, Hugh Col. 1800 USA/MIS>COL>ARK Glenn, Jerry 1960 ALB Glenn, John 1833- IRE>BC>LSA>AsW/Kis Glenn, Julie 1960 ALB Glenn, Lucy () 1880 ALB>Kis/HiR Glenn, Marie (Quinn) 1925 ALB Glenn, Patricia (Cayene) 1960 ALB Glenn, Patrick 1874- Kis/HiR>MET Glenn, Robert 1919 ALB Glenn, Rose Marie 1960 ALB Glenndenning, Dennis 1935- ONT Glenndenning, John 1908 ENG>ONT Glinel, Julien du Sault 1727 QUE>ONT Gloale, Stephen RCMP 1980 NS Glooscap Myth Glouchester, Richard ENG Glounen, Angeline () 1861- FtE/Ale/Pas> Glounen, Batish 1856- >Pas> Glove Man see Eagle Plume, William Glover, Thomas Sgt. 1857 USA/MNT/WYO Glutton see Oma Kasakeyas Glyde, H.G. 1940 ALB Gnato Warjila see Goodman, G. Cody Gnuska see Pesla Go To see Tuti God's Hand see Nambe Wakan God's Otter 1870 Sip Godbout, Lucien Fr.OMI 1924 >EDM>LSA> Godbout, Marguerite 1700 QUE Godan see Godin Goddard 1742 OJI/OTT/MIC>ONT>MAN Goddard, James S. 1746 CAN>MIN> Goddard, Nicola 1986/06>AFG> Goddin see Godin Goddin, Charlotte see Godin, Charlotte Goddin, Emma see Godin, Emma Goddin, John see Godin, John Godfrey, Alec 1906 JaS Godfrey, Edward S. Capt. 1853 USA/MNT Godfrey, W.E. 1925 OTT>SK> Godike, Frederick 1780 CAN>Wap>PeR/Dun Godin 1760 CAN>Nip>Jsp> Godin 1800 CAN>FtE/AmW/KaM>Lap Godin 1800 Sas>TrM/ID/SHO Godin 1890 AsW/Kis/MET Godin, Achak Wiyan () 1812 StW/KaM/Lap>See Godin, Angelique 1800- RdR Godin, Antoine Kisikaw Awas Asis1820- AmW>KaM>Lap>AsW/Kis/Cgy>MET Godin, Antoine Ka Na Awas Asis 1859- Lap>AsW/Kis>MET Godin, Augustin 1856-70 KaM>Lap Godin, Catherine (Mallatte) 1862- RdR>ILC>FtE/Lap>Kis/Cgy>MET Godin, Catherine (Ducharme) 1868 AsW/Kis>MET Godin, Charles Kisikaw Awas Asis1854- FtE/KaM/Lap>Kis/Cgy>MET Godin, Charlotte 1845- KaM>Lap Godin, Emma 1841- AmW>KaM>Lap Godin, Genevieve 1852-70 KaM>Lap Godin, George 1884- AsW>MET Godin, Isabelle CRE Godin, Iskwew () -1872 FtE/KaM/Lap Godin, Jean Baptiste -1870 Lap Godin, John 1842- KaM>Lap Godin, Joseph 1850-70 KaM>Lap Godin, Joseph 1860- Lap> Godin, Josephine () 1805 FtE/AmW/KaM>Lap Godin, Kanahwasis see Godin, Antoine Ka Na Awas Asis Godin, Kisikaw Awas Asis 1800 CAN>FtE/AmW/KaM>Lap Godin, Kisikaw Awasis see also Godin, Antoine Kisikaw Awas Asis Godin, Kisikaw Awas Asis Godin, Thomas Godin, Louisa () 1866- FtE/Lap> Godin, Maria 1855- RdR Godin, Marie 1850 FtE/AmW/KaM>Lap>Kis>Ale Godin, Marie Kisikaw Awasis 1859- AmW/Lap>Sas/LLB>CaL>MET Godin, Mary () 1869 >Lap Godin, O.P. 1910 SK/BiR Godin, Paul 1864- Lap> Godin, Piyetewahm 1820- FtE/AmW/KaM>Lap Godin, Sara (Kisikawa) CRE/NAK Godin, Sophie () 1830 FtE/AmW/KaM>Lap Godin, Susanne (Bruneau) 1836- Pes>AmW/KaM/Lap>Kis>MET Godin, Suzanne 1820 FtE/AmW/KaM>Pes>TZC>PCh Godin, Suzette Comtois 1780 Jsp Godin, Thomas Kisikaw Awasis 1880 FtE/Lap>AsW/Kis/Cgy>MET Godin, William c1836-65 FtE/Lap Godon see Godin Godreau see Goudrie Godsal, F.W. 1875 >ALB Goedike, Frederick see Godike, Frederick Goes After f 1845- SK>MNT/RoB Goes First f see Farwell, Mary Goes Quickly see Esen Goes To the Bear 1887- CyH>RoB Goes To War See Asuk Goforth see also Going About Goforth, Aubrey 1945 Pip Goggin, David James 1849-35 ONT>MAN Goggles, Bejnamin 1930 ARA/NoA Goggles, Mike 1900 ARA/NoA Going About 1904 ToH Going Grizzly Bear Chief 1730 KUT/Fla Going Out To Meet The Victors f 1840 SIK>Bit Going Quickly see Esen Going To Bear Chief 1855 SIK/GTB Going Up The Hill see Budd, Henry Going With The Wind see La Fleur, Pima Asiwin Goings 1876 DAK Goings, Nettie (Brazeau) 1876 DAK Gold, Axel 1893 >BC>CAR/SEK Gold, Joseph 1978 CaL Gold, Shannon 1965 KAI Gold, Timothy 1965 KAI Gold, Tracy 1977- USA Gold, Valerie (Soup) 1950 KAI Gold Seeker see Hunter, Edwin Golden 1988 Pas Golden Thunderbird see Standingready, William Goldfrank, Esther 1920 NWY>ALB/KAI>NWY Goldin, Theodor Pvt. 1856 USA>MNT Goloris of Cornwall Duke 50 ENG Golosky, Donald 1918-19 FMc Golosky, Douglass 1927-29 FMc Golosky, Edna 1919-19 FMc Golosky, George 1895 >ALB/FMc Goman, Vladimir 1975 USSR Gomes, S. Capt 1965 >NWT>NUN> Gomez, Esteban Capt 1504 POR>NA/FLA>NWF>POR Gon, Henry Chief 1974 TLI/Rae Gon, Mary 1974 TLI/Rae Gonan see Gonon Gounon Gonner Fr.SJ 1698 >QUE>ONT/NIP Gonneville see also Bonneville Gonneville see Bonneville Gonon see Gounon Gontier see Andrews, Bella Boisgontier Gauthier Gonzague, Louis De, Pigeon 1754 CAN/MIC/DET Good 1840 ENG>BC>USA>BC Good, Baptiste 1830 DAK/Bru Good, Ron 1986 ALB/PeR Good, Veronica 1955 ALB Good Arrow see Atoos Good Bear Chief 1850 DAK Good Bird Chief 1855 DAK/Bru Good Child see Miyo Awasis Good Crow Chief 1850 DAK Good Dagger, Annie () 1950 KAI Good Dagger, Blaise 1939-99 KAI Good Eagle, Ann Marie () 2000 SIK Good Eagle, Daphne 1996 SIK Good Eagle, Edna 1996 SIK Good Eagle, Joanne 1996 SIK Good Eagle, Joe 1910 SIK Good Eagle, Kelly 1976 SIK Good Eagle, Leonard 2000 SIK Good Eagle, Leroy 1978 SIK Good Eagle, Mervin Glen see Black Kettle, Mervin Glen Good Eagle, Nathan Jonas Robinso1983-04 SIK Good Eagle, Paul 1910 SIK Good Hands Woman see Nape Waste Winyan Good Horse Rider see Maksa Kitapi Good Hunter f 1860 PIK/NoP/BgS Good Kill 1896 PIK/NoP/BDS Good Looking see Good To Look At Handsome Woman Ki Iskwew Chinakos Ki Nakowa Na Chinawak Pretty Woman Good Looking Man see Machenum Good Looking Water Bird see Water Bird Good Looking Woman see Good To Look At Handsome Woman Ki Iskwew Chinakos Ki Nakowa Na Chinawak Pretty Woman Good News 1900 CRE/MnL Good Rider see also Goodrider Good Rider, John 1910 SIK Good Rider, Martha () 1920 TSU>SIK Good Singer see Isaacs, Mary Good Stander 1900 CRE/MnL Good Stoney see Kichipwat Good Striker see Goodstriker Good To Look At see also Handsome Woman Ki Iskwew Chinakos Ki Nakowa Na Chinawak Pretty Woman Good To Look At f 1850 CRE/Ups Good Woman see Meyo Iskwes Good Young Man 1840/54 SIK Good Young Man 1860/70 PIK/Nit Good Young Man 1870 PIK/NoP Good Young Man 1890 KAI/FiE Gooda see also Gadwa Godin Gooda, Joseph see Godin, Joseph Gooda, Louisa () see Godin, Louisa Gooda, Mary see Godin, Mary Gooda, Paul see Godin, Paul Goodale, Elaine see Eastman, Elaine Goodale Goodall, J.D. 1945 >DEH/FtS Goodall, John W. 1945 >DEH/FtS Goodall, Natalie () Goodall, Thomas Goodard, G.E. 1868 >ALB/Cgy Goodeagle see Good Eagle Gooder, Alfred 1970 >NAK/Gst Gooder, Amelia 1995 Gst Gooder, Daren 1995 Gst Gooder, Davina () 1995 >Gst Gooder, Deborah 2000 Gst Gooder, Denise (Davies) 1995 >Gst Gooder, Everett 2000 Gst Gooder, Perry 1995 Gst Gooder, Rachel 2000 Gst Gooder, Ron 2000 Gst Gooder, Veronica (Hunter) 1970 Gst> Gooder, Wanda 1995 Gst Gooderham, George C. 1919 >SIK> Goodeyes 1870 Pas Goodfellow 1877 >SK> Goodfellow, Florence Goodfellow, Violet 1974 DET/Asu Goodin see Godin Goodman, G. Cody 1878 DAK/PiR Goodman, J.H. 1913 >ALB Goodman, John 1600 ENG>USA/MAS Goodrich, H. see H. Goodridge Goodrider see also Good Rider Goodrider, Charles 1890 KAI Goodrider, George 1910 KAI Goodridge, H. 1871 >ALB/FtE Goodridge, L.R. 1880- FtE Goodrunner see Goodrunning Goodrunning 1910 Sun Goodrunning, Harry Chief 1976 Sun Goodrunning, Madeleine 1940 Sun>RoB Goodrunning, Melvin Chief 1979 Sun Goodsir, Robert 1929 ENG>NUN>NWT>ENG Goodstoney see Kichipwat Goodstriker 1887 KAI Goodstriker, Beth (Weasel Fat) 1920 KAI Goodstriker, Duane 1970 KAI Goodstriker, Gordon 1950 KAI Goodstriker, Jason 1985 KAI Goodstriker, Joyce (Raw Eater) 1990 KAI Goodstriker, Lorraine (Raw Eater1990 KAI Goodstriker, Rufus Hd Chf 1924- KAI Goodswimmer, Dallas Antoin 1982- CRE Goodswimmer, Melvin Chief 1972 StL Goodtrack, William Chief 1977 DAK/WMt Goodvoice, Alfred 1897- CRE/CTK Goodwill, Alayne 1983 Edm Goodwill, Bryon 1974 DAK/StB Goodwill, Frank 1894 DAK/StB Goodwill, Jessie () 1894- CRE>DAK/StB Goodwill, John 1909-69 DAK/StB Goodwill, Joseph 1889 DAK/StB Goodwill, Leon 1974 DAK/StB Goodwill, Stella (Okut) 1919 DAK Goodwin, Jenny (Cook) 1775 BrH Goodwinn, Robert 1768 ENG>Yrk>Osn>RdR/BrH> Goodwin, William 1885 Alb Goodyear, Miles 1827 USA>UTA Goon, James 1953 ALB Goon, Linda () 1953 ALB Goose 1835/53 PIK Goose Chief 1885 KAI/Cho Gooseberry see Chouard, Medard Gopher 1839 Ass/RdR>WoM/LBB>JkF Gopher 1870 MnL>JkF Gopher, Alex 1934 Sau Gopher, Annie 1934 Sau Gopher, Bill see Gopher, William Gopher, Clara () 1934 >Sau Gopher, Ely see Pooyak, Ely Gopher, Gabriel 1910 Sau Gopher, Gabriel 1997 Sau Gopher, Horn Woman () see Horn Woman Gopher, James 1934 Sau Gopher, John 1859- ALB>CyH/LBB>RoB Gopher, John 1885 JkF Gopher, Michael 1960 RoB Gopher, Mimikowas see Mimikowas Gopher, O Ta Sisa see Ayandawais, O Ta Sisa Gopher, Richard 1934 Sau Gopher, William 1934 Sau Gopher Shooter 1880 CyH/LBB>JkF>Sip Gordon Sgt. 1860 NWMP/Bfd> Gordon 1994 CRE Gordon, Andrew 1978 Psq Gordon, Ben 1934 Lap Gordon, Chinese 1855 ENG>EGY/SUD Gordon, Christina 1868 >ALB>FMc Gordon, Eric 1974 Psq Gordon, George Ka Niya Naska.Chf1847 Gor Gordon, Julie Denise 1985- >Edm Gordon, Walter 1950 Gor Gordon, William 1863 >ALB>FMc Gordon-Murdoch, Anita 1978 SK Gore, George 1830 ENG>MNT>ENG Gore, William S. DLS 1851 >ALB> Gorgentiere, Chevallier de la 1865 >ALB/StA Gorman, George 1910 ALB Gorst, Gary 1979 MeL Gosche 1988 Pas Gosnell, Joseph Chief 1976 NIS Gossard 1790 >Keh> Gosselin 1786 CAN>Dau>PeR/Dun> Gosselin 1876 CyH/WMt Gosselin, Angelique (Faignant) 1886- Kat/WMt>MET Gosselin, Antoine 1784 CAN>Dau Gosselin, Bob see Gosselin, Robert Gosselin, Gabriel 1672 QUE Gosselin, Madeleine (Pichet) 1678 QUE Gosselin, Maguerite (Indian) 1796- NWT Gosselin, Marie Rose (Faignant) 1876- Kat/WMt>MET Gosselin, Michel 1776- CAN>NWT Gosselin, Robert 1959 MAN>ALB>BC Gostevskyh, Alexander 1976 ALB Got Wet c1802- PIK>CRE/Pes>PIK/NoP/LMt/BHd/Ipo/BDT Gottfriedson, Carol Ann 1999 TSU Gotmi, Mahammad Abdul see Coutney, Frank Gouchey 1988 Pas Gouda see also Godin Gouda 1988 Pas Gouda-Okeynan 1988 Pas Goudlaugsen, Craig 1948 >ALB/HiL> Goudreau see Goudrie Goudrie see also Beaudry Gaddy Godin Goudrie, Alexander see Beaudry, Alexandre Goudrie, Amelia see Beaudry, Amelia Goudrie, Baptiste see Beaudry, Baptiste Goudrie, Elise see Beaudry, Elise Goudrie, Janette see Beaudry, Janette Goudrie, Joseph see Beaudry, Joseph Goudrie, Karorawaste () see Karora Waste Goudrie, Laleet see Beaudry, Laleet Goudrie, Louis 1816- RdR Goudrie, Louise see Beaudry, Louise Goudrie, Marianne see Beaudry, Marianne Goudrie, Nanly see Beaudry, Nancy Goudrie, Narcisse see Beaudry, Narcisse Goudrie, Susanne see Beaudry, Susan Gouet Fr. 1907 FRA>NWT/DEH/FtL Gough, Barry M. 1758 ENG>NA>BC/NOO>ENG Gouiltan, Pierre 1755 CAN>CuH/Nip Gouin see also Gauin Quinn Quinney Gouin, Adelaide 1856- StP Gouin, Antoine 1819 CAN>FCh Gouin, Antoine 1820 QUE? Gouin, Antoine 1822 LSL>FtE Gouin, Antoine 1833 RdR>LSA/StA Gouin, Antoine 1836 Sip> Gouin, August 1860 LSA>MET Gouin, Augustin see Gouin, August Gouin, Augustin 1853- LSA>AsW>Vic/Sad Gouin, Charles 1864/85>FrL Gouin, Charlotte (Auger) 1835 Gouin, Claude Montendre Sieur 1710-76 QUE>ONT/Mic Gouin, Emelie (Monroe) 1875 PIK/NoP>CRE/AsW>LSA>MET Gouin, Francois Cayen 1813- NWT>RdR Gouin, Francoise () 1828 LSL>FtE Gouin, Gus see Gouin, August Gouin, Helene 1866 FtE>Sad>MET Gouin, Jean Baptiste 1835 QUE? Gouin, Jenny (Cardinal) Gouin, Josephine see Gouin, Marie Josephte Gouin, Josephte see Gouin, Marie Josephte Gouin, John 1831 CRE Gouin, Marguerite (Paul Hus) 1825 QUE? Gouin, Marie (Ducharme) 1834- RdR>LSA/StA>MET Gouin, Marie Josephte c1861- RdR>LSA/Ale/Pas>MET>BeL Gouin, Marie 1878 CRE Gouin, Omer 1871 LSA/StA Gouin, Sara see Quinn, Sarah Gouin, Sara (Kissiokowa) 1777- OHI Gouin, Susan 1821- FtE/Pas>Sas Gouin, Susanne 1826- FtE/RdR Goulet see also Gaulat Goulette Goullet Goulet 1988 Pas Goulet, Adelaide (Gladue) 1899 LSL/Gro Goulet, Alexis 1828 RdR Goulet, Augustin de St. Sulpice 1723 QUE>ONT/Mic Goulet, Emilie (Wentzel) 1832 LRR/Ota>CHI Goulet, Jacques 1784 CAN>Ota Goulet, Joseph 1893 LSL/Gro Goulet, Leo 1924- LSL>EUR>LSL/Ati Goulet, Louis 1840 MET/RdR>TCr>Sip>FrL Goulet, Louison 1832 CHI/FCh Goulet, R. Comm. 1869 >SK> Goulet, Roger 1843 RdR Goulet, Rose 1910 BLK??? Goulette 1850 FtE Goulle see Goulet Gounon see also Gagnon Gounon, Bella 1868- Sas Gounon, Cleophas 1868- Sas Gounon, Francis 1869- Sas Gounon, Jarmina 1868- Sas Gounon, Joseph 1780 ONT Gounon, Margaret 1800- ONT>RdR Gounon, Sara () 1833- RdR>Sas Gounon, William 1823- SCO/ORK>ALB/Sas Gourneau see also Garneau Gourneau, Clemence see Garneau, Clemence Gourneau, Roxanne 1977 DAK/NAK/FPk Gournon see Gounon Gouthier see Gauthier Gow, Duncan Dr. 1860 >ALB/Cgy Gowanlock, John Alexander 1860/85>FrL Gowanlock, John C. see Gowanlock, John Alexander Gowanlock, Mary Theresa 1860 >FrL> Gowanlock, Theresa see Gowanlock, Theresa Gowler 1850 >MNT Gowler, Oliver 1840- RdR>Vic Goyette, G. Sis. 1940 >FCh Grabber see Brazeau, Frank Graburn, Marmaduke NWMP 1859/79>SK/CyH Grace, Edward 1853 >MNT Grady see Gaddy Graham 1820 >FtE Graham 1988 Pas Graham, Andrew Gov. c1733-15 SCO>YkF>ENG>SCO Graham, Andrew dtr. 1770 YkF>ENG>SCO Graham, Anne H. (House) 1871- Vic>TCr/MuS>MET Graham, Donald 1852 >RdR>FtE>MNT Graham, Frank 1863 ALB>TCr/MuS Graham, Harold 1870 >ALB/Mor/YeX Graham, Jack 1888 >CAR/SEK Graham, James A. Comm. 1830 >RdR Graham, John 1796 SCO>FtE Graham, W.M. 1883 >SK/FiH Grahame, James see Graham, James A. Granath, Carl 1960 >FCh Granboise see also Grandbois Grandboise Granboise, James 1957 DAK/NAK/FPk Grand Batard 1790 Sas Grand Jambe see Grandjamb Grand Nepissing see Nipissing, Ignace Commandant Grand Grand Nipissing see Nipissing, Ignace Commandant Grand Grand Picota 1778/99>LLB Grand Pierre Chief 1787 IRO>ALB>IDA>ORE Grand Quete Chief 1811 KUT/Upp/AkN Grand Soteau Chief 1754 >AmW Grandbois 1886 USA/MIN>MAN>USA/ND Grandbois, Agnes 1900- CHI/CdL Grandbois, Angelique (Cadotte) 1837 RdR Grandbois, Chad 1989- Vancouver Grandbois, Edward 1908- CHI/CdL Grandbois, Jean Marie 1911- CHI/CdL Grandbois, Jerremie 1851- RdR Grandbois, Joseph 1900- CHI/CdL Grandbois, Justine 1911- CHI/CdL Grandbois, Louis 1831 RdR Grandbois, Margaret 1895- CHI/CdL Grandbois, Rosalie 1870 RdR Grandbois, Virginie 1870 RdR Grandboise see Granboise Grandbois Grandfather see Little Shell Grandin, Henry Fr.OMI 1860/23>LSA>FRA Grandin, Joseph 1876 ILC Grandin, Louis 1768 CAN>EnR/MiN Grandin, Margaret (McCallum) 1876- ILC Grandin, Vital J. Bish.OMI1829-02>RdR>LLB>ILC>Mac>LSA Grandjamb see also Grandjambe Grandjamb 1860 >FMc>FMy Grandjamb, Albert 1893- FMc>FMy Grandjamb, Andrea Tracy 1971- CHI/FMy Grandjamb, Andrew Darryl 1968- CHI/FMy Grandjamb, Bernard Joe 1953- CHI/FMy Grandjamb, Betty Ruth 1956- CHI/FMy Grandjamb, Bill Gordon 1965- CHI/FMy Grandjamb, Brenda Marie 1962- CHI/FMy Grandjamb, Christopher Gordon 1968- CHI/FMy Grandjamb, Donna Amy 1975- CHI/FMy Grandjamb, Doris Marlene 1962- CHI/FMy Grandjamb, Elizabeth Madeline 1959- CHI/FMy Grandjamb, Florence 1923- CHI/FMy Grandjamb, Georgina 1946- CHI/FMy Grandjamb, James 1921- CHI/FMy Grandjamb, James Richard 1966- CHI/FMy Grandjamb, John B. 1918- FCh Grandjamb, Josephine 1961- CHI/FMy Grandjamb, Leona Ann 1967- CHI/FMy Grandjamb, M. Rosine (Boucher) 1900- FMy Grandjamb, Magloire 1931- CHI/FMy Grandjamb, Marie 1952- CHI/FMy Grandjamb, Mary () 1923- CHI/FMy Grandjamb, Mel see Grandjambe, Mel Grandjamb, Mildred 1956- CHI/FMy Grandjamb, Patrick see Grandjambe, Patrick Grandjamb, Pete 1948- CHI/FMy Grandjamb, Philip 1977- CHI/FMy Grandjamb, Philomene 1960- CHI/FMy Grandjambe, R. 1970 CHI/FCh Grandjamb, Rita () 1944- >CHI/FMy Grandjamb, Robert M. CHI/FMy Grandjamb, Rosie 1954- CHI/FMy Grandjamb, Rosine see Grandjamb, M. Rosine Grandjamb, Suzanne Madeline 1956- CHI/FMy Grandjamb, Thomas Stephen 1968- CHI/FMy Grandjamb, Wilfred 1937- CHI/FMy Grandjamb, William see also Grandjamb, Bill Grandjamb, William 1929- CHI/FMy Grandjamb, William Michael 1959- CHI/FMy Grandjambe see also Grandjamb Grandjambe, Antoine 1977 >DEH/KAW/NoW Grandjambe, Athena () 1985 DEH/KAW/NoW Grandjambe, Barbara 1980 FCh Grandjambe, David 1974 LRR Grandjambe, Doreen 1979 LRR/GaR Grandjambe, Flora 1980 Edm Grandjambe, Henry 1974 LRR/J'D Grandjambe, J.J. 1983 FCh Grandjambe, James see also Grandjamb Grandjambe, James 1968- FCh Grandjambe, John B. 1918- CHI/FMy>CRE/FCh Grandjambe, M. Rosine (Boucher) see Boucher, M. Rosine Grandjambe, Marianne Imalda 1963- CHI/CRE/FCh Grandjambe, Mary 1941- FCh Grandjambe, Mel Chief 1965- CHI/FMy Grandjambe, Orville John 1961- FCh Grandjambe, Patrick 1953- FCh Grandjambe, Patrick 1963 FCh Grandjambe, Paul Steven 1976- FCh Grandjambe, Robert ## 1940 FCh Grandjambe, Robert Sr. ## 1970 FCh Grandjambe, Robert Jr. 1983 FCh Grandjambe, Robert Jr. 1986- MYTH Grandjambe, Robert G. 1980 FCh Grandjambe, Rose Mary 1965- FCh Grandjambe, Vivian Frances 1958- FCh Grandjambe, Vivian Rose 1976- FCh Grandjambe, William 1941- CHI/FMy>CRE/FCh Grandjambe, William 1963- FCh Grandmother Chakwayis see Chakwayis Grange, E.B. 1887 >ALB Granger, Hormisdas 1864 MET Granli, Emma 1892 >ALB Grant, Alexander 1780 ONT Grant, Atin Awas Asis () 1775- Wap>Nip>RdR Grant, Bethsy (McKay) Grant, Charles 1750 CAN>CuH> Grant, Charles 1818 QUE Grant, Charles A. 1869- RdR>ALB Grant, Clothelde (Bruneau) Grant, Colquhon see Grant, W. Colquhon Grant, Cuthbert Sr. c1770-99 MET/CuH/Nip>Ota>Wap>RdR Grant, Cuthbert James 1793-54 Wap>SCO>CRE/Kat>RdR Grant, Cuthbert Beris 1868 TMt/LiS Grant, Cuthbridge see Grant, Cuthbert Grant, David 1773 >RdR Grant, David 1884 >ALB Grant, Elizabeth (McKay) Grant, Elizabeth (Landry) 1800 >QUE Grant, Elizabeth 1825 FLA Grant, Euphrosine (Gladue) Grant, Frederick 1798 RdR>QUE Grant, Gabriel 1976 PIK/SoP Grant, George M. 1850 ONT> Grant, George 1860 ONT>ALB>ONT Grant, Helen (McDonald) 1811- SCO/CRE/FtE>P'D> Grant, Ian 1985 Hel Grant, Isabel 1759 USA/NWY>ONT Grant, Isobel (Hardisty) 1839 CRE>EsB/Nas/LAB>RdR Grant, Jack 1886 >ALB/Mor Grant, James 1772 >RyL>FDL>FtW> Grant, James 1795- MAN>QUE> Grant, James 1815- Wap>RdR Grant, James 1832 >EsB/Nas/LAB> Grant, Jenelle 1960 PIK>CRE/Erm Grant, John Francois see Grant, John J. Grant, John J. 1831- CRE/FLA/Kal>RdR>ALB Grant, Josephte 1790- Wap>RdR Grant, Julia (Dent) Grant, Margaret 1818 CRE Grant, Marguerite 1769 Nip>FCh>Wap>RdR>MET Grant, Marguerite 1775-66 Nip>Ota>Wap>RdR>QUE>RdR Grant, Marguerite 1788- >RdR Grant, Marguerite 1790- NWT Grant, Marguerite 1793- NWT Grant, Maria 1820/36cRdR>FtE Grant, Marie-Anne see Grant, Maria Grant, Marie (Desmarais) Grant, Marie (McGillis) Grant, Marie 1794- NWT Grant, Mary-Anne see Grant, Maria Grant, Mary 1794- Wap>RdR Grant, Nancy 1830 CRE/DAK/RdR Grant, Peter 1764-48>Nip>Ota>Wap>RdR>RyL>RdR Grant, Ray 1960 PIK Grant, Richard 1806- MET>FtE>TrM>FLA>FtH/KAL Grant, Robert 1758/99 ENG>QUE>Was>Wap> Grant, Susan 1836 RdR Grant, Ulysses S. Pres. 1828 USA/MIN>DC Grant, W. Colquhon Capt 1825 >BC> Grant, W.S. I.A. 1880 ALB>Hob Grant, William 1770 >Mic>QUE Grass Head see Cardinal, Oliver Grass Woman 1860 EaH/RdP>Pou Grass Woman 1860 DAK/Hun/BlM Grasshopper see also Gnuska (Sioux) Pesla (Nakoda) Papakeynes(CREE) Woga (Nakoda) Grasshopper 1850 Pas Grasshopper 1858 TSU/Alo Grasshopper, Agnes () 1890 >TSU/Alo Grasshopper, Edith 1950 TSU/Alo Grasshopper, James Simeon 1908- TSU/Alo Grasshopper, Patricia 1973 TSU/Alo Grasshopper, Patrick Sr. 1885 TSU/Alo Grasshopper, Patrick Jr. 1905 TSU/Alo Gratiot 1770 USA/MIN Gratot see Gratiot Grattan see also Gratton Grattan 1877 >ALB Grattan Lt. 1835 USA>NEB Gratton see also Grattan Gratton, P. 1784 CAN>FtE/Sas Gravel see also Gravelle Gravel, Michael see Gravelle, Michael Gravel, Real 1939 ALB>Alx> Gravell, Michael see Gravelle, Michael Gravelle, Ambrose Chief 1944 KUT/Aka Gravelle, Elizabeth Chief 1940 KUT/Aka Gravelle, Joseph 1877 LSA Gravelle, Michael 1805 Sou/FtU Gravelle, Nicholas Chief 1930 KUT/Aka Gravelle, Rosalie (Rocque) 1880 LSA Graves 1758 ENG>QUE>Was Gray see also Grey Gris Gray 1772 >ORE> Gray, Alfred 1874- >Pas/LSA Gray, Ambrois see Grey, Ambroise Gray, Ambrose see Grey, Ambroise Gray, Andrea see Grey, Andrea Gray, Bobby see Gray, Robert Gray, C. () 1900 FtV Gray, Earl Col.Sec.1825 ENG Gray, Earl 1905 >ALB Gray, Gifford 1935 BC Gray, Harry see Gray, Herbert Gray, Herbert Bish. 1865 >ALB/Cgy>Edm Gray, Herbert Min. 1945 >ONT Gray, Joseph see Grey, Joseph Gray, Josephine see Grey, Josephine Gray, Leonard 1886- ONT>ALB/FMl Gray, Linda see Grey, Linda Gray, Magloire see Grey, Magloire Gray, Nancy (Gladue) 1879- Pas> Gray, Nancy see Grey, Nancy Gray, Rhonda see Grey, Rhonda Gray, Robert 1755-06>BC> Gray, Robert 1908 >LRR>FtV> Gray, Sarah Jane () 1865 ONT>ALB/FMl Gray, Sydney 1889 ONT>ALB/FMl Gray, Thomas see Grey, Thomas Gray, Vallee () 1908 FtV> Gray, Viola 1905 >ALB Gray, W.H. Rev. 1810 >ORE>MIN>QUE>ORE Gray, William 1863 ONT>ALB/FMl Gray, William 1910 LRR>FtV> Gray Bull 1880 NAK/SoN/FPk Gray Eagle see Grey Eagle Gray Owl see also Grey Owl Gray Owl 1803 MAN Gray Woman 1860 KAI/FiE>PIK/NoP Grayham see Graham Grayham, Frank see Graham, Frank Grease see O Pimew Pimew Great Beaver TZA/MYTH Great Blanc see Gros Blanc Great Bonaparte see McKenzie, Alexander Great Chief see Bayfield, Henry Rotten Belly Great Count see Roger I "of Sicily" Great Crow's Foot see Crowfoot Great Day Woman see Cayen, O Kisikaw Iskwew Great Hero see Henry, George Great Leader Hd Chf 1710 KAI Great One 1827 >Msk> Great Prophet see Nogah Great Rain see Rainy Chief Great Red Chief see McDonald, Finan Great Road Hd.Chf 1745 NAK/GtR/Sih Great Swan see Big Swan Old Swan Swan Great Trail see Great Road Great White Father see McGillivray, William Great White-Headed Chief see McLaughlin, John Great Wonder f 1812 Msk/Mis/FtU Greathouse 1909 >PeR>NAH> Greatwalker, Joseph 1890 SOT/Wew Green 1854 >MNT>ALB> Green Sgt. 1877 >NWMP>SK Green, Abbie 1869 Gdf Green, Adam Paul 1983 Edm Green, Carol (Powder) Green, Dennis 1968 Sam Green, Dorothy 1930 IRO/GdR Green, Eli 1960 Sam Green, Eliza 1869 Gdf Green, Francis 1884 >MAN/LWp Green, H.J. 1891 >ALB Green, Howard 1945 ALB Green, James Const. 1866 >NWMP>ALB/Cgy Green, Nancy 1940 BC Green, Sylvester 1944- StA>Van Green, Tanya (Powder) Green, Thomas DLS 1868 >ALB> Green, Thomas 1892 IRO>ALB> Green, Tyson 1987- Edm Green, William Sportswood 1868 >BC> Green, William 2001 DAK Green Grass f 1786 CRE Green Grass Bull 1869 KAI Green Grass Bull 1867 PIK Green Horn 1744- COM/Yam Green Leaves see Sipikwas Kokapaw Green River Renegade see Thomas Hardwick Green Snake Woman 1895 PIK/NoP/BDT Green Stockings 1809 CHI/GSL Greene, Brian 1950 DAK/SAN Greene, Howard see Green, Howard Greene, Janes 1987 ALB/StA Greene, Sherry 1967 CRE>KAI Greene, Sylvester 1944- StA>Van Greenland, John 1922/78 SIK Greenland, Marjorie 1942 >SIK Greenough, Horatia 1810 >ITA> Greenwood 1855 ALB Greenwood, Alfred 1835 USA/DC>ILL>DC Greenwood, Caleb 1795 USA>COL/CHY Greenwood, Howard 1848- NS>FtE Greenwood, Marie () 1857- FtE Greenwood, Sonya Dumont 1960 CRE Greer, Robert 1938 ALB Greer, W.B. Capt 1840 USA>MNT Greer, William 1977 ALB Gregg 1889 >ALB Gregg, Josiah 1811 USA>ARK> Gregg, Mary 1910 ALB Gregoire 1808 >ALB Gregoire, Archille 1887-48 CHI/HtL>LLB Gregoire, Francois 1778 CAN>RMH>TrM/SAL Gregoire, Ida 1894-63 CHI/HtL>LLB Gregoire, Jeremie 1867-70 FtE/Pas Gregoire, Louis 1837 >FtE/Pas>MET Gregoire, Marie (Boucher) 1840-70 FtE/Pas Gregoire, Mary 1900 CHI/HtL Gregoire, Rosana 1922-34 CHI/HtL>LLB Gregoire, Suzanne 1860-70 FtE/Pas Gregoire, Vital 1869-83 FtE/Pas Gregor, Arthur D. 1870 >ALB Gregory, James Capt 1850 >ALB> Gregory, John 1740 QUE>ONT/Mic>QUE Gregson, Arthur Douglas 1870 >ALB Gregson, Percy 1872 >ALB Greinyea see Grenier Grenier see also Garnier Grenier 1784 CAN>ND/MAN/HID Grenier, Claude see Garnier, Claude Grenier, Michelle see Garnier, Michelle Grenier, Rose see Belcourt, Rose Grey see also Gray Gris Grey, Ambroise 1865- LSA Grey, Andrea 1975/99 Ati Grey, Augusta () 1900 SOT/Msk Grey, Clarise (Faillant) 1872- LSA Grey, Donald 1864 >HiR Grey, Earl see Gray, Earl Grey, Genevieve 1810-76 LSL>LLB>FtE>Wab>MaA/Ale/Pas Grey, Genevieve () 1850- LSA Grey, Genevieve 1879 LuL/Ati Grey, Isabelle 1838 LSL>Kis>Sad>MET Grey, James Ironeagle 1916- Msk Grey, John 1805 IRO>IDA Grey, Joseph 1809- IRO/NIS/Jsp>LSL>LSA>MET Grey, Joseph 1858- LSL>LSA Grey, Josephine () 1869- LSA Grey, Josette () 1868- LSA Grey, Linda 1975 Ati Grey, Magloire 1849- LSL>LSA Grey, Marguerite 1829 CRE Grey, Marie (Nipissing) c1780- NIP>Jsp>LSL>Ale Grey, Marie 1795- LSL>FtE Grey, Mary 1844 LSL Grey, Muskow 1896 Msk Grey, Rhonda -1999 CRE Grey, Susanne (Callihoo) 1815 Jsp> Grey, Therese 1812-73 LSA>LSL>LSA/MaA/Ale/Pas Grey, Thomas 1775 CAN>LSL>LSA Grey Back Woman f 1852- Jat Grey Broad Head 1770 KAI Grey Broad Head 1866 KAI Grey Bull 1840 CRO Grey Cloud See Aird, Grey Cloud Wape Sa, Grey Cloud Grey Eagle 1856 DAK/Hun/Sit Grey Eye see Luke Grey Eyes see Greyeyes Les Yeux Gris Oosichekwan, Emma Grey Eyes c1830- Sip/JkF>EaH/Pou Grey Owl see Delany, Archibald Grey Thunder f c1777- CHY Greyeyes 1922 MuL Greyeyes 1988 Pas Greyeyes, David Chief 1938 MuL Greyeyes, George Chief 1895 MuL Greyeyes, Joseph Chief 1942 MuL Greyeyes, Richard Chief 1952 MuL Greyeyes, Spencer 1978 MuL Greysolon, Charles 1650 QUE Greysolon, Daniel Du Lhut 1639-10 QUE>ONT/Mic>NIP>MIN> Greysolon, Le Maistre, Sieur De 1650 QUE>ONT/SSt>MIN Greystone see Greysolon Gribbon, John 1880 >ALB Grierson 1865 >ALB Grierson 1870 >Edm Grierson, Ernest 1871 >ALB Griesbach, Arthur H. Insp. 1858 NWMP>FtE Griesbach, William A. 1878- FtE> Grieve, Catherine 1846- OxH Grieve, James 1828 OxH Grieve, Mary () 1834 OxH Grieves, Bonnie 1978 OxH Grieves, Cathy 1978 OxH Griffen, Annie (Flying) Griffen, Joseph Griffen, To-du-gi-yo-sti () Griffin, Charles 1865- >FtE Griffin, H. 1800 RdR Griffin, Joy () 1940 >AK Griffin, Mary () 1866- RdR>FtE Griffith 1847-12 USA/VIR Grignon, Charlotte (Pemonica) 1787 >MEN/WIN Grignon, Fanfan see Grignon, Pierre Antoine Grignon, Louise Domatid(Langlade1760 MEN/WIN Grignon, Marie (Challifoux) 1797 >MEN/WIN Grignon, Pierre 1740-95>MEN/WIN Grignon, Pierre Antoine Fanfan 1777- MEN/WIN Grigsby, George 1841 >IDA> Grillo, Gustav 1948 ARG>ANG> Grimaceu Chief 1794 CRE/NAK Grimaudiere, de la see de la Grimaudiere Grimshaw, M.E. Dr. 1890 >ALB Grinde, Jane (Marshall) 1890 >ALB Grinde, John 1886 >ALB Grinnell 1830 USA>NUN>USA Grinnell, George Bird Pinutuyeis1860 >PIK> Grinnell, Mattie 1868-75 MAN Gris, Thomas see Grey, Thomas Grigiers 1785 LSL/Gro Grizzly See Arbell, Louie Grizzly Bear Mato Grizzly Bear Hd.Chf 1800/58 TSU/Ute? Grizzly Bear Far Away See Louis Vanderburg Grizzly Bear's Head Chief 1852 Sou/CyH/GBH Groat 1927 Jsp Groat, Charlotte (Spence) 1809- RdR Groat, George 1799- SCO>RdR Groat, Kenneth 1950 ALB Groat, Louis see Groult, Louis Groat, Malcom 1839- >FtE Groat, Mrs. (Christie) 1850 FtE Groat, Thomas 1876 >Jsp Groesbeek 1747 Mic>LoW Grogan 1856 >NWMP>MNT>SK> Grondin, Louis see Grandin, Louis Gros Blanc Chief c1750-10 SIK/Mot/Cld Gros Francois see Le Gros Francois Gros-Louis, Francois 1820 HUR/Wen Gros Tete see Deschamps, Joseph Grosse Tete Sanderson, Ka Tipiskowat Gros Ventre Boy see also Calf Robe, Darrell Gros Ventre Boy 1919 KAI Gros Ventre Boy, Mabel 1940 KAI Grosco, Curtis 1952 >DET>CRE/HiL>THL/Rae Grosco, Lance 1955 ALB/HiL> Grosco, R. 1979 THL/Rae Gross Blanc Chief 1773/10 KAI Grosse Gorge 1791 PIK/BlB Grosse Guelle see Grosse Quelle Grosse Quelle Chief 1771 OJI/SdL Grosse Terre see Cardinal, Oliver Grosse Tete see also Bighead Deschamps, Joseph Grosse Tette Grossetete Sanderson, Ka Tipiskowat Grosse Tete, La Chief 1760 CHI/ILC Grosse Tete, Isabelle see Piche, Isabelle Grosse Tette see Bighead Deschamps, Joseph Grosse Tete Grossetete Sanderson, Ka Tipiskowat Grosse Toque see Tail Bearer Grosseilliers, Sieur De see Chouard, Medard Grossetete 1877 HtL Grossetete, Isabelle see Piche, Isabelle Groteau, Pierre 1784 CAN>EnR/MiN Grouard, Elizabeth 1740 LSL>USA/MAS Grouard, Emile Bis.OMI 1842 QUE>ALB/FCh> Grouard, Frank see Brazeau, Frank Grouard, Mahala Self () see Mahala Self Grouette, Antoine 1795- QUE>RdR Grouette, Catherine (Mader) 1775- QUE Grouette, James 1770- QUE Grouette, Madeleine (Nolin) 1805 RdR Groult, Louis 1784 CAN>FtE Ground 1870 KAI Ground, Ben 1971 Lap Ground, Jerry 1921 Lap>ENG>Lap Ground Diving Woman 1868- KAI/FiE Groux see also Grue Groux, Charles 1785 CAN>RyL Grover, J.M. 1861 MAN Grover, William 1736 ENG>YkF Groves 1801 ENG Growing Thunder Chief 1847 ChH Growler, Oliver 1847 ONT>ALB/Vic Grue see also Groux Gruhn, Ruth 1945 ALB Grundy, Ernest 1877/97>SK/PaK Gu-U-Ne-Ki see Guess, Gu-U-Ne-Ki Guardipee see also Gariapy Gariepi Gariepy Guardipee, Alex 1855 MET>MNT>ALB Guardipee, Francois 1792 CAN>ORE>SAL/Spo Guardipee, Gene 1964 CRE/PIK Guardipee, Jean Baptiste 1791 CAN>ORE/StP Guardipee, Leonide 1850- RdR>WoM/CyH>LoL>RoB Guardipee, Louis 1784 CAN>RdR Guardipee, Louise 1875- WoM/CyH>LoL>RoB Guardipee, Samuel 1883- CyH>LoL>RoB Guarduppy see Guardipee Guay, F.X. Rev. 1864 MAN Gubatayao, Max 1938 TLN Gudlaughsen, Craig see Gudlaugson, Craig Guemes, Martin Miguel de 1800 ARG Guenet see Guenette Guenette, Adrien 1910 >LSA Guenette, Antoine 1794 CAN>ORE/StP Guenette, Paul 1910 >LSA Gueniere see Hamelin, Charles Francois Hamelin, Jacques La Vallee, Antoinette Sauteux, Marie Athanase Guennivere Queen 100 ENG Gueno see Gano Gerneau Gounon Guneau Guno Guernon see also Gagnon Guernon, Francois 1790- QUE Guertin, Anna c1950- FCh Guess see also Gist Guess, Betsy (Wureth) Guess, Cathrine Guess, Choo Wah Nos Kee () Guess, Crawfish 1850 Guess, Eyagu Guess, George Sequoyah Chief 1760- CHE Guess, George 1833 Guess, Gertrude () 1849 Guess, Girty see Guess, Gertrude Guess, Gu-U-Ne-Ki Sixkiller Guess, Joseph Guess, Lydia 1851 Guess, Mary 1853 Guess, Nathaniel see Gist, Nathaniel Guess, OooLooTsa Guess, Polly 1851 Guess, Polly c1853- Guess, Rebecca (Bowles) 1816 Guess, Richard Guess, Sallie (Waters) 1760 Guess, Sallie c1865- Guess, Sally (Benge) 1815 Guess, Teesey 1789-67 Guess, U Ti Yu () Guess, Utiyu Guess, Wah-La-Loo 1851 Guess, Wah-La-Ne-Tah 1851 Guess, Wokteeyah (Langley) Guest, Mary see Guess, Mary Guest, Walaloo see Guess, Wah-La-Loo Guimond, Pierre 1784 CAN>Ath Guiboche, Angelique 1780- RdR>LLB/Lar>RdR Guiboche, Edward 1791- RdR Guiboche, Louis Sr. 1765 CAN>RdR Guiboche, Louis Jr. 1785- RdR Guiboche, Marie (Larocque) Guibocho, Louis see Guiboche, Louise Guidon 1826 SSt Guignard 1690-20 QUE Guilbault see also Gibeau Gibot Gibbot Guilvieu Jebeaux Guilbault, Joseph 1784- QUE>EnR/MiN Guilbault, Lloyd 1940 FCh Guilbault, Maria (Indian) 1790- EnR/MiN Guilbeault see Gibeau Guiliano, Salvatore 1925/50 ITA/SIC Guiliano, Pisciotta 1925 ITA/SIC Guillaume, Pierre 1827 RdR Guillemin 1700 FRA Guillion, Anne Marie Mitchell 1910 USA>BRZ>MEX>USA Guilliot see Callihoo Geyer Guilvieu Guilliou see Callihoo Geyer Guilvieu Guilliott, Alexis 1842 CRE Guilliott, Angelique 1842 CRE Guilliott, Angelique 1842 CRE Guilliott, Francois 1842 CRE Guilliott, Francois 1842 CRE Guillory, Antoine 1714 QUE>ONT Guilmont see also Guimond Guilmont, Louis 1785 CAN>RyL Guilvieu, Jeanette see Callihoo, Jeanette Guimond see also Guillmont Guinn see also Gouin Guion Quinn Guinn, Alfred see Guinn, Alvin Guinn, Alvin 1890 ALB Guinn, Richard 1930 ALB Guion see also Gouin Guion Quinn Guion Capt. 1850 >NWMP>ALB/FtE Guirney, G. Supt. 1860 ONT Guiscard, Robert Count 1000 ITA Guitard, Joseph 1900 NS>MIC Guitard, Mary Theresa 1920 MIC/MET Guitard, Sara (Pete) 1900 MIC Gulka, Irene Mary 1933-96 ALB>MET Gulka, Mary () 1915 >ALB Gulka, Mike 1913 >ALB Gullion, Anne see Callihoo, Anne Gullion, Elizabeth 1870 FtE Gullion, Flora (Fraser) 1849 FtE> Gullion, George 1844 SCO>RMH>FtE Gullion, James 1843- FtE Gullion, John see also Callihoo, John Gullion, John George 1868- RMH>FtE>MET Gullion, Margaret (Brazeau) 1844- FtE>Jsp>RMH>FtE>MET Gullion, Shane 1971- Wab Gun, Joseph Hdm. 1876 CHI/EnR Gunatayao, Max 1958 TAG Guneau see also Juneau Gunflint see Hunka Chaka Guni See Shagin Gunn 1834 >WAS/WLW>ALB/PeR>LSA Gunn, Benjamin 1914 ALB Gunn, Bess see Gunn, Elizabeth Gunn, Bessie see Gunn, Elizabeth Gunn, Donald 1797- SCO>RdR Gunn, Elizabeth 1900 LSA Gunn, George 1842 RdR>FtE Gunn, Hugh see also Gunn, John Hugh Gunn, Hugh 1897 ALB Gunn, John 1750 SCO Gunn, John Hugh 1790- RdR Gunn, John 1896 LSA Gunn, Isabelle 1790 SCO/ORK>YkF>RdR>Alb>MoF>ORK Gunn, Louis 1905- Cow Gunn, Margaret (Swain) 1812 RdR Gunn, Peter 1850-27>Dun/GrP>LSA Gunnell 1905 >BC/FtN Gunnfjord 876 VIK/ Gunning, Andre 2003- CAR/Fra Gunning, Berna 1945- CAR/Fra Gunning, Joe 1965- CAR/Fra Gunning, Renee Lynn 1985-05 CAR/Fra Gunnison Capt 1830/53 USA>UTA Gunny see Crow, Jack Gunny Crow, Alice see Bullbear, Alice Gunny Crow, Jack see Crow, Jack Guno see also Gano Garneau Gerneau Gounon Gueno Guneau Guno Guno, Francis 1715 USA/MAS Guno, Sarah (Belchar) 1715 USA/MAS Gunsollis Capt. 1830 USA/MIS>MNT>MIS Gustaf I Vasa King 1503 SWE Gustaf II King 1591 SWE Gustaf III King 1751 SWE Gustaf IV Adolf King 1772 SWE Gustaf Vasa see Gustaf I Gustavson, Corinne Punky c1996-03cEdm Gustavson, Karen (Vallette) 1980 Edm Gustavson, Punky see Gustavson, Corinne Gustavson, Roseanne 2000 Edm Gustavson, Roy 1976 Edm Gustavus Adolphus see Gustaf IV Adolf Gustlee 1800 CAR Gut 1866 MaO>Sam Gut, O Ka Sisa 1 1886 MaO>Sam Gut, O Ka Sisa 2 1887 MaO>Sam Gut, O Wa () 1872 MaO>Sam Guth, Joe 1918- USA/WAS>ALB Guy Bish. 1900 ALB Guy II Count 1255 ITA/Hsp>LEB Guy, Jean Baptiste 1784 CAN>EnR/MiN Guyari see Guillory Gwaltney, Henry 1890 >ALB Gwrgan WEL Gyllenberg, Beata (Seglorin) 1680 SWE Gyllenberg, Brita Cristina Fromh1770-64 GER Gyllenberg, Carl Fromhold Maj. 1726-04 GER Gyllenberg, Cristina (Udd) Gyllenberg, Cristina (Berg) 1735 GER Gyllenberg, Gustav Capt. 1675/10 SWE Gyllenberg, Gustav Adolph Capt.c1695-68 SWE Gypsie see Fitler, Gypsie
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