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We specialize in Western Canadian Native and Historical information, but maintain files on over 4000 tribes. Our files are the most comprehensive on-line files on the history of Indian Tribes, the Fur Trade and Aboriginal /Fur Trade genealogies and biographies.
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Researchers can now order data from Heritage Consulting, or do their own research in the Heritage Consulting Databank located in Mirror, Alberta. This databank is the largest databank dealing with Western Canadian aboriginal history and genealogy To date we now have - over 2,000,000 pages of information - biographies/histories on 1,000,000 westerners from before 1890 - comprehensive histories of over 30,000 tribes and bands We expect to double our data in the near future. For more details click on the subjects in the adjacent box.
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D???, M. 1875 LLB D???, T. 1875 LLB D?ahin 1858 Oon D?ahin, (Mrs.) 1863 Oon D?ahin, O Misima. 1879 Oon D?ahin, O Ka Sisa 1879 Oon D'Aigremont, de Clairambault 1680 FRA>QUE>FRA D'Ailleboust see Dailleboust D'Ambault, Jacques Duchesneau... see Duchesneau, Jacques D'Aoust see also Daoust D'Aoust 1795- >RdR D'Aoust, Alexis 1784 CAN>FDP> D'Aoust, Baptiste 1784 CAN>FDP> D'Aoust, Joseph 1844 MIC D'Aoust, Malvina 1864-34 MIC>ME D'Aoust, Mary (Indian) 1800- RdR D'Aoust, Virginie (Labrosse) 1850 MIC D'Artigue, Jean NWMP 1854 NWMP/MAN>ALB/FtE>TCr D'Eau, B. see Dion, Jean Baptiste D'Eau, Jean Baptiste see Dion, Jean Baptiste D'Eglise, Jacques 1771 FRE>MAN D'Esterhazy, Paul Count 1856 HUN D'Estine 1704 LOU>KAN/AZ> d'Entremonts see Mius d'Entremonts D'Iberville see Le Moyne D'Iberville D'Ocativo General 1788 NSP D'Or see also Oar, Orr D'Or Chief 1789 LRR D'Or, Billy see D'Or, William D'Or, Gabriel see Orr, Gabriel D'Or, Jean 1930 LRR/D'O D'Or, Merde Chief 1768 Ota/D'O D'Or, William 1940 LRR/D'O D'Orr 1795 IRL>QUE D'Orsonnens 1795 QUE>RdR D'Ours see D'Or D'Youville Da Keewin see White Buffalo Dablon Fr.SJ 1640 FRA>QUE>MIC/LaP>QUE Dachuk, Darcy 1973 FtV Daemen Fr. 1835 USA/OHI Daffern, Anthony 1942 ALB Daffern, Tony see Daffern, Anthony Dagenais see also Dagneau Daigneau Dagenais, Joseph 1785 CAN>RyL> Dagnault see Dagneau Dagnaux see Dagneau Dagneau see also Daigeau Dagenais Daigneau Dagneau 1713 QUE Dagneau, Alexander see Dagneau Douville Dagneau, Guillaume Francois 1747- QUE>MIC/Det Dagneau, Julie Dagneau, Louis see also Dagneau Douville, Louis Daigneau, Louis Dagneau, Louis Cesaire de Quindr1704-67 QUE>MIC/Det Dagneau, Margaret see Daigneau, Margaret Dagneau, Marie see also Dagneau Douville, Marie Dagneau, Marie (Lamy) Defond 1690 QUE Dagneau, Marie Anne (Paquette) Dagneau, Marie Joseph 1739- QUE Dagneau, Mary see Daigneau, Mary Dagneau, Michel de Quindre 1684 QUE Dagneau, Philippe Thomas 1700-58 QUE Dagneau, St. Pierre see Daigneau, St. Pierre Dagneau, Therese (Boyer) 1755 MIC/Det Dagneau Douville, Alexander Rene1698-74 QUE>ONT/Mic Dagneau Douville, Louis 1760 ILL/Mia Dagneau Douville, Marguerite 1744- QUE Dagneau Douville, Marie (Coulon)1705 QUE Dagneau Douville, Marie Louise 1734- QUE Dagneault 1988 Pas Dagnon 1988 Pas Daguin see also DeGuine Daguin, Francia 1864- Ath/LSL>Sas/StP Daguin, Isabell () 1864- PeR>Ath/LSL>Sas/StP Dahdona, Harry Sr. 1917 DET Dahdona, Harry Jr. 1945 DET/MeR Dahdona, Janice Lorelei 1996 DET Dahdona, L. 1974 DET/Bus Dahdona, Larry 1920 DET/Pet>Asu Dahdona, Lucy () 1971 DET Dahdona, Marjorie 1980 DET/MeR Dahdona, Melvin 1974 DET/Asu Dahdona, Narcisse 1912 DET Dahdonna see Dahdona Dahdonnah see Dahdona Daiglo, Marie see Daigneau, Marie Daignault see Daigneau Daigneau see also Dagenais Dagneau Daigneau, Daniel 1859 ILC>FtE/EdS Daigneau, David 1851- Kat>ILC>FtE>MET Daigneau, Emerance 1878 ILC/FtE> Daigneau, Gebert 1867- FtE Daigneau, Isaac 1807- FtE>Kat>ILC Daigneau, Josephte 1806 Sas>Sad Daigneau, Julia () 1821- FtE Daigneau, Julie (Larance) 1838 Kat>ILC Daigneau, Julie 1860 LSA/FtE>MuS>Kis/Mem>EdS> Daigneau, Louis 1850- FtE Daigneau, Louis 1861- RdR>FtE Daigneau, Margaret 1888- FtE Daigneau, Marie (Morin) 1855- RdR>ILC>FtE>MET Daigneau, Marie 1860 Daigneau, Marie 1879 ILC/FtE>MET Daigneau, Marie O Ka Sisa 1877 ILC/EdS Daigneau, Mary see Morin, Marie Daigneau, Mary () 1869- FtE Daigneau, Reshor 1807- FtE Daigneau, Richard 1785 CAN>FtE Daigneau, St. Pierre c1882- FtE Daigneau, Sara () 1860 FtE Daigneault see Daigneau Dailleboust, Francois see Denis, Francois Dailleboust, Marie F. de Manthet1710 QUE Dailleboust, Nicolas 1690 QUE Daines, Ethel Agnes (Niblock) 1918/97 ALB Daines, Snowdon 1914/82 ALB Dalhgren 1988 Pas Dallaire 1790 CAN>CAR> Dallas, Alexander Grant Gov. 1835 RdR Dally, Frederick 1846 >BC Dalrymple 1770 ENG Dalrymple-Clarke, E.D. NWMP 1853 ONT>MAN>SK Dalton, Jack 1890 USA>AK Daly, Thomas Cross Guns 1910 KAI Dames, Frank 1920 >ALB Damours 1650 FRA Damron, Clarence Franklin 1910 >ALB Danais 1925 DET/Bis>Asu Danais, Brett -2009 DET Danais, James 1979 DET/Asu/ClH Danais, Warren 1958 DET/Asu/Pet Danais, Warren father 1930 DET/Bis Dancing Bill 1848 >USA>IDA>ALB/FtE> Dancing Buffalo see Dancing Bull Dancing Bull 1865 FrL Dangling Foot Chief 1810/33 CRO Daniel, Alice La Belle Alice () 1890 FCh Daniel, Elizabeth () 1871- SK>FtE Daniel, Francois 1871- FtE Daniel, Griffith 1795- RdR Daniel, Jacob 1790- MAN/RdR Daniel, James 1770 CAN>RdR Daniel, Joseph 1784 CAN>FtE Daniel, Julia 1817- Ath>FtE Daniel, Louis see also Dienelle, Louis Daniel, Louis 1860- FtE Daniel, Madeleine () 1797- RdR Daniel, Madeleine (McKay) 1825- RdR Daniel, Magloire 1890 FCh Daniel, Pierre 1784 CAN>FtE Daniel, Yinard () 1860- FtE Daniels see also Ear, Flora Daniels, Arthur 1975 YeX Daniels, Benjamin 1858 >NWMP/SK/CyH> Daniels, Christine () 1939 CRE/Edm Daniels, Flora (Ear) YeX Daniels, Floyd 1995 YeX Daniels, Frank 1945 LSL Daniels, Glen Royce 1964- LoP Daniels, Janice (Ear) YeX Daniels, John c1900- LoP Daniels, Leanne 1978 SK Daniels, Leona Chief 1977 SnP Daniels, Louis 1858 >NWMP/SK/CyH> Daniels, Mary (Lavalle) 1926 Was/StL Daniels, Mary Emma (Halkett) 1930 Was/StL Daniels, Roger 1926 Was/StL Daniels, Ron 1930- LoP Daniels, Stanley 1939 MET/Edm Daniels, Thomas 1935 ALB/FiL Daniels, Vera () 1975 YeX Daniels, Vital 1926- Was/StL Dannis see Danais Denais Dennis Danyluk, Nancy Chief 1977 Wem Daoust see D'Aoust Darin, Bobby see Cassotto, Robert Darius Hystaspes Emp 500BC PER Darjineau 1854 FtE Darling Gen. 1820 ONT Darrell, Arthur 1700 ENG Darrell, Florence (Scotney) 1600 ENG Darrell, John 1600 ENG Dart, Isom 1883/03 USA/WYO Dat Le 1983- Cgy/Trn Dason see Masson Dassu 1752 QUE Daubrespay, Marie Louise (Dagneau) Daubrespay, Pierre Philippe 1744 QUE Daudelin, Therese Rose 1731 QUE Daunais, C.M. 1877 >SK/NoB> Daunais, Gregoire 1875 >FrL> Dauphin 1780 >FtE Dauphin, Francois de Laforest 1649-14 QUE>MIS>QUE Dauphin, Louis 1815 FtE>MNT>ATS? Dauphin, Louis, Fr.OMI 1862 >OnL> Dauphinais, Flavie Daupin, Francois see Dauphin, Francois Dauvet, J. Fr.OMI 1930 >FCh> Davenport Capt. 1835 >ALB> Davern, Edward Sgt. 1860 USA/MNT David, Edward Chief 1871 KUT David King 1060BC ISR David 1790 CAN>Sas/FtE>RMH David 1845 BPw David u/k, O Wa () 1860 >Sam David, Alexis 1726 QUE>ONT/Mic David, Basile 1784 CAN>WIS/FDL David, Edward Chief 1832/91 KUT/Aka David, Finch 1873 USA/NWY David, Michael 1948 STO/Chm David, Paul Chief 1852-34 KUT/Aka David, Therese 1661-27 FRE/MIC/Det Davidson 1843 >BC/SHU/Xat Davidson Capt. 1852 NOV Davidson 1877 >SK Davidson Col. 1880 USA/MIN>SK> Davidson 1988 Pas Davidson, John 1837 USA>MNT/FLA Davidson, Karen 1960 ALB/CRE/MET Davieaux, Angelique 1838- SSt Davieaux, Charlotte (Misay) 1811 SSt Davieaux, Hyacinthe 1805- SSt Davieaux, Hyacinthe 1833- SSt Davieaux, Joseph Hyacinthe 1830- SSt Davieaux, Josette 1836- SSt Davieaux, Therese (Cadotte) 1836 SSt Davies 1940 ALB Davies, Albert 1960 ALB Davies, Amanda 1980 ALB Davies, Connie (Fox) 1905 ALB Davies, Denise 1960 ALB Davies, Donald W. 1900 ALB Davies, Irene 1978 SK Davies, Ronald 1960 ALB Davies, Samuel 1727 ENG Daview Sgt. 1922 CAN>ENG> Davila, Pedro Arias 1500 SPN Davin, Nicholas Flood 1843-01>SK>ONT/OTT Davis 1850 >ALB Davis Sgt.NWMP1875 >ALB Davis, America (Reid) 1880 CHK Davis, Baptiste 1854 >SK Davis, Carol 1960 USA Davis, Charles E. I.A. 1885 USA/ND Davis, Charles 1929 KAI Davis, Daniel Peach Pie NWMP 1859- ONT>ALB Davis, Donald W. 1849-06>KAI/FiE Davis, F.W. Cst.NWMP1892/12 ALB/Cgy Davis, F.W. Cst.NWMP1892 ALB/Let Davis, Frank 1880 DAK Davis, Henry 1865 >YK>AK> Davis, Jack 1920 >ALB Davis, Jefferson 1880 CHK Davis, John 1565 ENG>GRN>NUN> Davis, Marguerite 1800- RdR Davis, Mattie 1910 CHK Davis, Maude 1870 WYO Davis, Peach see Davis, Daniel Davis, Peach Pie see Davis, Daniel Davis, Revenge Walker () 1842 KAI/FiE>Sca Davis, Rose (Smith) 1870 KAI Davis, T. 1986 >ILC Davis, 12-foot see Fuller, Henry Davis, William 1862 USA/MNT Davis, William 1870 >ALB Davison, John Capt. 1790 ENG>YkF>ENG Dawes 1877 USA/DC>OKL>DC Dawson, Andrew 1825 SCO>KAI/PIK Dawson, Charles 'Tagish Charlie'1876 TAG Dawson, George Mercer DLS 1851 ONT>ALB/BC>ONT Dawson, Howard 1975 YUK Dawson, S.J. DLS 1837 ONT>MAN>SK> Dawson, Shirley 1980 CAR Dawson Charlie see Dawson, Charles Day see also Kisikaw Day Pvt. 1860 USA>MNT Day, J.P.G. 1882 >SK/NoB> Day, John 1791 USA>ORE Day, John 1945 ALB Day, Joshua see Day, John Day Bow 1850/96 Sip/Swt>MNT/Ima Day Chief see also Daychief Day Chief Chief c1843-07 KAI/Sik/Apu Day Child see also Godin Kisikaw Asini Kisikaw Awas Inew Kisikaw Awasis Day Child 1780 Jat/Sih Day Giver f 1855 MMt>RoB Day Light see Ki Soum Day Light Woman see Daylight Woman Day Rider 1910 KAI Day Rider, Doreen 1940 KAI Day Rider, John 1930 KAI Day Star see Kisikaw Achak Day Stone see Kisikaw Asini Day Thunder 1850 >StB/Swt Day Walker see also Daywalker Day Walker 1904 FiH Daychief see also Day Chief Daychief 1910 O'C Daychief, Brian 1970 O'C Daychief, James 1930 O'C Daychief, Thomas 1930 O'C Daylight see Godin, Kisikaw Ki Soum Daylight Coming see Ki Soum Rider, Jonas Daylight Woman 1875- ALB/Sam>RoB Daylight Woman, O Ka Sisa 1887 Sam>RoB Daylight Woman, O Misima 1887 Sam>RoB Daytime Fat Man See Itittakoose, Samuel Daywalker see also Day Walker Daywalker, Marie Ann Chief 1977 O'K Daze, Hippolyte 1762 CAN>MiN De Alarcon, Hernando 1520 NSP>TEX>LOU>MIS>ALA De Anza, Juan Bautista Gov. 1755 NSP>NMX> De Batiscan 1720 QUE>ONT/Mic De Beauharnois see Beauharnois, Charles De Beaujeu, William GrMstr. 1750 Templars De Beaurain, Chevalier 1682 FRA>LOU De Belestre see Paquette, Francois Marie Paquette, Marie Ann De Belleborne, Margaret see Nicolet, Margaret De Boisguillot, Francois 1668 QUE De Bompard, Alexis see Lebompard, Alexis De Bonneville see Bonneville De Bretagne, Maurice Fr. 1909 >MAN De Bruieker, Emma 1865 BLG De Bruyne, Emma (De Bruieker) 1865 BLG De Bruyne, John Kamiel 1890- BLG>CAN/SK De Bruyne, Jrass Baptiste 1870 BLG De Cardenas, Don Garcia Lopez 1520 NSP>TEX>LOU>MIS>ALA De Carillon, Coline see Garneau, Oliver De Casson, Dollier, Fr. see Dollier, Fr. De Castro see Castro De Caze, Charles Count 1872 >ALB> De Caze, Constance 1881 >ALB> De Chambour, A. Fr.OMI 1869 >FCh De Charny, Geofrey 1330 FRA De Charny, Marguerite 1433 FRA De Chomedey, Paul 1755 QUE>ONT/Mic>QUE De Clair see also Clair De Clair, Robert 1183 FRA>TUR>SYR De Clairambault D'Aigremont 1680 FRA>QUE>FRA De Cobtroin see Desrochers De Cora 1940 RoB De Cora, Madeleine (Goodrunning)1940 Sun>RoB De Cora, Troy 1980 RoB De Corby see Decorby De Coutremanche see Legardeur de Courtemanche, Marie De Couyes, C. Ensign 1854 QUE>MAN/SK> De Figaro see Figaro De Fleurimont, Sieur de see de Noyelles, Nicolas Joseph De Gallegos, Baltasar 1519 SPN>FLO De Galinee Fr.Jes 1649 FRA>QUE De Gannes 1701 >ILL> De Garay see Garay De Gaze, Charles see De Caze De Gouine see Decoyne Degan Gouin Quinn De Gua see Demont De Haven, Edwin J. 1830 USA>NUN> de Joncaire, Louis Thomas Chabert see Chabert De La Beach Nichol, Mary see Nichol, Mary de la Beach De La Boishe see Beauharnois, Charles De La Chapelle see Passerat, Pierre De La Chauvignerie 1716 QUE De La Chenaie 1704 QUE>MIS>ARZ> De La Corne, Louise Luc c1703-61 QUE>SK/Nip>QUE De La Doussiniere et D'Ambault, Jacques Duscheneau see Duchesneau, Jacques De La Forest, Sieur see Dauphin, Francois De La Gimaudiere see Lagimodiere De La Harpe, Bernard 1691 FRE>LOU/OKL/ARK/NMX> De La Honta see De Lahonta De La Jeremais see DuFrost, Christophee De La Moth see De Mont La Mousse Lamarre, Antoine Lamouche De La Noue see Robutel, Zacharie De La Nouve see Robutel, Zacharie De La Pierre, Joe see Lapierre, Joseph De La Porte, Louis 1652-25 QUE>ONT/Mic> De La Riviere, Marie c1635- FRA De La Ronde, Billyjo 1975 MAN/MET De La Salle, Jean Baptiste FRA De La Salle, Rose FRA De La Saussaye, Philippe Thomas Dagneau see Dagneau, Philippe Thomas De La Tour, Francois Bheume Le Blanc see Leblanc, Francois De Lac, Perin 1782 NEB/NMX De Laforest, Sieur see Dauphin, Francois De Lahonta Baron 1670 FRE/QUE De Landa, Diego Bishop NSP/MEX De LaRue see L'Heureux Larue Le Roux De Lemos, Gayoso Lt.Gov. 1778 LOU>MIS> De Leon, Ponce 1493 SPN>FLO> De Leuw see also Deleuw De Leuw, Adrianus Joannes Maria 1903- HOL>ALB De Leuw, Alphonsus Maria Hubertus890- HOL>ALB De Leuw, Antonius Maria Hubertus1891- HOL>ALB De Leuw, Helena Margaretha Maria1895- HOL>ALB De Leuw, Hubertus Francisuis 1856-39 HOL>ALB De Leuw, Hubertus M. Wilhelmus 1897- HOL>ALB De Leuw, Jacobus H. Josephus 1893- HOL>ALB De Leuw, Johanna Josepha 1899- HOL De Leuw, Joanna Maria Huberdina 1887- HOL>ALB De Leuw, Johannes Josephus Corne1886- HOL De Leuw, Josephus Maria Adrianus1898- HOL>ALB De Leuw, Leo Adrianus Maria 1888-89 HOL>ALB De Leuw, Maria (Mathjissen) 1865 HOL>ALB De Liette, Pierre 1668 QUE>ILL> De Lorimer, Jean Baptiste Charle1797 CAN/RdR De Lorme, Norbert see Delorme, Norbert De Lorne, Marquis see Campbell, John Douglas Sutherland De Louargat, Perrin 1670/90 QUE De Loutre, Pied 1774 CAN>RdR De Louvier see De Louvierre De Louvierre 1700 FRE/QUE>RdR> De Louvierre, Louis D'Amours 1720 FRE/QUE>RdR> De Louvigny see De La Porte De Manthet, Marie Madeleine Francoise d'Ailleboust see Dailleboust, Marie Madeleine De Marque see La Marque De Mazenod, Eugene Bis.OMI 1782 FRA De Mers see Demer De Molay, Jacques Gr.Mstr.1287 Templars:FRA De Mont, Sieur 1585 FRA>NOV>FRA De Montbart, Andre 1098 FRA>ISR/Templars De Montigny see Demontigny De Montour see Couc, Louis De Monts see De Mont De Mun, Julius see De Munn, Julius De Munn, Julius 1795 FRE>MIS>ARK> De Navarez, Panfilo see Navarez, Panifilo De Niverville see Boucher, Joseph-Claude De Niza, Marcos 1510 NSP>NMX> De Nome see Denome De Noyelles, Nicolas Joseph 1694-67 FRA>QUE>OHI>ONT/Mic>RdR> De Noyon see Noyon De Pagie, Julia 1910 >ALB/LLB>Kik De Paludy, Alphonse de Tonti see De Tonti de Paludy, Alphonse De Paynes, Hugh see De Payns, Hugues De Payns, Hugues 1098 FRA>ISR/Templars De Penalosa Gov. 1640 NSP>NMX>FRA De Peyester see also De Peyster De Peyester Capt. 1820 ENG>USA/NYK> De Peyster see also De Peyester De Peyster Maj. 1758 ONT/Mic/GrL De Pofi 1960 SIK De Pofi, Niko J. 2000 SIK De Pontchartrain 1690 FRA>QUE>FRA De Pothiere, Bacqueville see Bacqueville de la Potherie De Quoine, Francois see Decoigne, Francois De Quinore see Dagneau, Guillaume De Quinte see Dagneau, Louis Cesaire De Rainville see Drainville Rainville Renville De Remy see Remy De Repentigny, Jean Baptiste Rene LeGardeur see LeGardeur De Riviera, Juan Maria 1745 NMX>COL>NMX De Roas see also De Roos De Roas, Louis Gov. 1615 SPN>NMX> De Roche See also Callihoo Des Roche Derocher Desroche Duroche Roche De Rocheblave see Rocheblave, Pierre De De Roos 1600 SCO De Roos 1957 QUE>NUN>AK> De Rottenburg, Frederick Col. 1834 ENG>CAN>ENG De Rudio Lt. 1855 USA>MNT> De. St. Omar, Geoffrey 1098 FRA>ISR/Templars De Seigneley 1661 FRA>QUE>FRA De Sevry, Peter Fd.Msh. 1250 Templars De Soto, Diego 1520-40 SPN>USA/ALA De Soto, Hernando 1500-40 SPN>NSP>FLO>PRU>SPN>FLO>ALA De Smet, Pierre-Jean Fr.SJ 1801-73>USA>MIS>MNT>MIS De Tailly, Jacques 1729 FRE/QUE>ONT/Mic> De Tonti de Paludy, Alphonse 1650-27 FRA>QUE>ILL> De Tonti, Henri Lt. 1649-04 FRA>QUE De Tonty see De Tonti De Troyes 1667 FRE/QUE>ONT> De Ulloa, Francisco see Ulloa, Francisco de De Ursua, Don Martin 1575 SPN>NSP/MEX>GUA> De Vaca, Alvar Nunez Cabeza c1490-57cSNP>NSP>PRU>FLO>TEX>NMX>MEX De Vargas, Diego 1670 MEX>NMX> De Varennes, Pierre Charbonneau see Charbonneau, Pierre De Varennes, Pierre see Gauthier, Pierre La Verendrey De Varnes, Pierre see Gauthier, Pierre La Verendrey De Velder, Jean Baptiste 1796 BLG>FRA>USE/WYO>MNT> De Verber, Leverett George Dr. 1860 ONT>NWMP/ALB/SK De Vercheres, Sieur see Jarret, Jean Baptiste De Vigne see also Lavigne De Vigne, Paul 1658 FRE/QUE>ONT>MIN>QUE De Villasur, Pedro 1700/21 NMX>WYO/NEB De Villazur, Pedro see De Villasur, Pedro De Villers 1700 QUE>ONT/Mic>QUE De Villiers, John Gr.Mst 1250 Hosp. De Villiers, Jumonville 1730 FRE/QUE>USA>PEN>QUE De Villieu, Charles Claude 1674 FRA>NOV>FRA De Wiel, Andrea 1950 ALB De Zayer, Monica 1949 ALB De Zutter, James 1948 ALB De Zutter, Leon 1942/08 ALB De Zutter, Lynn () 1948 ALB Deacon, Richard 1922- USA Dead Man see Wanchanaie Winchanae Deaf Man 1815/67 Pig/Chi Deaf Man 1827/47 WPT>BPw Dean see also Deane Deans Dean, Alfred 1885/44 ENG>ALB Dean, Bessie 1916- ALB Dean, Esther (Spencer) 1895 ALB Dean, Eva (Lyman) 1875 >ALB Dean, Frederick 1860/35cENG>ALB Dean, Henrietta (Martin) 1895 ALB Dean, Nancy 1917- ALB Dean, Robert 1920- ALB Dean, Stanley 1896/66 ENG>ALB Dean, Thomas 1880/65cENG>ALB Dean, William NWMP 1869-55cONT>ALB Deane see also Dean Deans Deane, Aurora Cavendish (Lewis) 1830 ENG>IND>ENG Deane, Henry 1825 ENG>IND>ENG Deane, Mary (Dennehy) 1860 ENG>CAN/ONT>SK>ALB Deane, May (Thyne) 1860/06 ENG>CAN/ONT>SK>ALB Deane, Richard Burton SuptNWMP1848-30 IND>GHA>ENG>CAN/ONT>NWMP>SK>ALB> Deans see also Dean Deane Deans, Effingham 1894-97 ALB Deans, J.F. 1865 >FtE Deans, Jeannie 1900 ALB Deans, John Gardiner 1853-16 SCO>USA>CAN/ONT>ALB Deans, John -1967 ALB Deans, Lucy c1882- ALB/Cgy> Deans, Mary (Meir) 1860 MAN>ALB Deans, Mary Margaret 1900 ALB Deans, Victoria 1900 ALB Deans, William 1887-13 ALB Dear Little Woman see Denig, Dearing, James 1751 ENG>YkF>CuH/Nip Dears 1808 >SHU/Kam Dease 1845-15 QUE>ORE>MAN Dease, Charles 1795- >RdR Dease, Genevieve (Benoit) 1797- FtE>TrM/COL>RdR Dease, Isabelle (Gladue) Dease, John 1766 ONT>Mic Dease, John Warren Sr. 1795- >FtE>TrM/COL>RdR Dease, John Warren Jr. 1825 COL>RdR Dease, Louise (Demontigny) Dease, Margaret 1818-12 FtE>TrM/COL>RdR Dease, Nancy 1825- COL>RdR/Pas>BlH Dease, Peter Warren 1788-63 ONT/Mic/Mac>Ota/Mac>NWT>QUE Dease, William 1847 RdR Deborah 1280BC JEW Dechamp see also Deschamps Dechamp 1862- >RoB Dechene see also Deschenes Duchene Dechene, Leon Milville 1871 QUE>ALB/StA Dechiel, Joe 1820 USA>PIK/Inu>CRE/FtE Dechiel, Lizzie (Monroe) 1822 PIK/Inu>CRE/FtE Dechouquette, Francois see Chouquette, Francois Decker, James Allan 1987- MAN/Wpg/MCo Decker, Samuel James 1982- MAN/Wpg/MCo Decoigne see Decoyne Decoine see also Decoyne Decoine 1988 Pas Decoine, Albert see Decoyne, Alice Decoine, Alice see Decoyne, Alice Decoine, Catherine () 1845- Ath Decoine, Christina see Decoyne, Christina Decoine, Lalouise see Decoyne, Alice Decoyne, Louise Decoine, Louise see Decoyne, Louise Decorated Child see Pascal, Lola Decorby, Jules Fr. 1857 >CyH/WMt> Decoteau see also Baton Descoteaux Decoteau, Alexander 1894-17 FtE Decoteau, Alexis see Baton, Alexis Decoteau, Marguerite Baton 1834- CHP>RdR Decouin, Louise see Decoyne, Lalouise Decoyne see also Decoine Decoyne 1988 Pas Decoyne, Agnes (Letendre Batoche)840- Sas/FrL>LLB>MET Decoyne, Albert c1954- FCh Decoyne, Albina 1938- FCh Decoyne, Alice c1937- FCh Decoyne, Annie 1890 LLB Decoyne, Archie 1937- FCh Decoyne, Catherine () 1845- Ota/Ath Decoyne, Christine c1939- FCh Decoyne, Edward Lawrence 1961- FCh Decoyne, Francois Tete Jaune 1775 IRO>FtE>SoB>Jsp>LSL>LLB Decoyne, Francois 1860 LLB Decoyne, Irene Bernadette 1963- FCh Decoyne, Isidor 1850- Ath/LLB>Ath Decoyne, Jacky Roy 1965- FCh Decoyne, Jean Baptiste 1820- LSL/Ath>ILC Decoyne, John 1970- FCh Decoyne, Josephte 1890 LLB Decoyne, Joyce Helen 1975- FCh Decoyne, Julia Cardinal 1870- Sas>MaW Decoyne, Ki Nakowa Na Chiwanok (1793 LSL>SoB>Jsp>LSL>LLB Decoyne, Lalouise 1837 LLB>Dum Decoyne, Lalouise c1875- FCh Decoyne, Louise see Decoyne, Lalouise Decoyne, Madeleine 1869- LLB/Pey>MET Decoyne, Marie Cardinal 1870 >MET Decoyne, Marlene Vina 1960- FCh Decoyne, Pelagie (Cardinal) 1862- LLB Decoyne, Pierre Jacob Cardinal 1840 LLB>Sas/FrL Decoyne, Suzanne 1807- LSL>SoB>Jsp>LSL>LLB>MET Dee, John 1340 ENG Deedza 1988 DET Deedza, Fred 1974 DET Deedza, Jean 1988 DET Deedza, John see Deedza, Jean Deedza, Laura 1979 DET Deedza, Maggie 1900 DET Deedza, Mary-Ellen 1951 DET/MeR Deer, Philip 1934 CRK Deer Little Woman c1817-89 Jat>FtU>RdR Deer Woman see Denig, Betsy Waskasew Iskwew Deerfoot c1860- SIK Deering, Edward 1850 ENG Deerness, Thomas 1861/64 FtE Deeshein 1940 ALB Deetline, Frederick Pvt. 1856 USA>MNT Defender see Sakatow, Wildman, Daniel Defond, Baptiste 1800 CAN/MIS>MNT/SHO>NAK Defond, Joseph 1745 QUE>ONT/MAN> Defond, Marie Lamy see Lamy, Marie Deforest 1742 FRE/NWB Defraisse see also Dufresne Defraisse, Baptiste Lafrele 1826 Sip Defraisse, Suzanne (Fitcol) 1826- FtE>AsW>Sip>FtE>MET Defresne see Defraisse Dufresne DeFroneut 1838 FtE DeFroneut, Marie (Boucher) Deft Hands see Nambe Esnun Degan see also DeGuine Decoyne Gouin Degan, Leostine 1851 RdR Degrace see Legrace Degray OKA/ DeGuine, Susan see Gouin Dehill, Charles 1857 USA/ILL>MNT>ILL Deichman, Kjeld 1847 >CAN Dejadon see also Dejarduil Desjardin Dejadon 1774 CAN>RdR DeJairiut see Desjarlais DeJairliut see Desjarlais DeJardiul, Jean Baptiste Sr. 1779 CAN>RdR DeJardiul, Jean Baptiste Jr. 1799- RdR Dejarlet, Antoine see Desjarlais, Antoine Dejarlois, Antoine see Desjarlais, Antoine DeJauliot see Desjarlais Dejoilais, Antoine see Desjarlais, Antoine Dejournal see Clemons DeJournal Delainey see Delany Delair see also Bellair Delord Delany see also Delainey Delauney Delauny Delonnie Delany, Anahario () Delany, Archibald Stansfield 1888-38 ENG>ONT>OJI Delany, John 1860/85>FrL Delany, Joseph 1791 USA/MIS>ORE Delany, Maggie 1880 FrL>OnL>CdL> Delany, Pierre 1791 USA/MIS>ORE Delany, Theresa 1865 ONT>ALB/FrL> Delassus 1784 FRE/LOU Delauney see Delany Delaval Bersford Lord 1880 ENG>MEX>ALB> Delaware, James 1860 USA/WIS>CAL>SHO>NEZ>FLA>WIS Delcoeur see Belcourt Delcour see Belcourt Deleon, Gabriel 1790 CAN/RdR DeLeuw see also De Leuw DeLeuw, Carol 1948 ALB DeLeuw, Coka () DeLeuw, Garry 1947 ALB DeLeuw, Harry DeLeuw, Jacqueline DeLeuw, Lorraine 1950 ALB DeLeuw, Mary Ann Delgadito Chief 1775/09 UTE/Mou Delgadito Chief 1845 NAV Delisle 1800 Delisle, Jacques 1727 QUE>ONT Delmas Fr.OMI 1880 >SK/NoB/Sip Deloge, Joseph 1750 FRE/QUE>ONT> DeLonnie, Marguerite see Cardinal, Marguerite DeLonnie see Delorme, Pierre DeLonnie see Delorme, Pierriche Delord see also Delair Delud Delord, Pierre 1784 CAN>EnR/MiN>TrM/COL Delorme see also Lemay Lemire Delorme 1780 CAN>MAN/Rat Delorme 1808 MAN>BC/Van Delorme 1855 PaK>USA/MNT Delorme 1988 Pas Delorme, A. 1978 ALB/Edm Delorme, Alex 1978 ALB/Edm Delorme, Alexander 1873-87 Jsp Delorme, Alexis 1878-87 Jsp Delorme, Alphonse 1860- LSA/Cal>MET Delorme, Ambrose 1900 Cow? Delorme, Angele (Bourassa) 1820 Sip>AsW>MET Delorme, Angele 1853 FtE/Jsp>LSA>MET Delorme, Art 1978 ALB/Edm Delorme, B. 1978 ALB/Cgy Delorme, Brigitte (Villebrun) Delorme, C. 1978 ALB/Edm Delorme, Carleton 1978 ALB/Cgy Delorme, Carol 1980 Delorme, Caroline (Roussain) 1880 Delorme, Caroline (Thomas) 1871 >RoB Delorme, Catherine 1834 RdR Delorme, Ceciel 1878- LSA>USA/MNT Delorme, Charles 1897- Delorme, Charlotte (Indian) 1775- PeR? Delorme, Charlotte (Indian) 1800- SOT Delorme, Charlotte Mistikus () 1811 SOT/Pes/Dum>LSA/Ase>MET Delorme, Charlotte (Gervais) 1840- RdR Delorme, Christine 1958 Ase/GrC>LLB Delorme, Cleophie (Gladue) 1875 Pas> Delorme, D. 1978 ALB/Cgy Delorme, D. 1978 ALB/Edm Delorme, D. 1978 ALB/Edm Delorme, D. 1978 ALB/Edm Delorme, D. 1978 ALB/Edm Delorme, D. 1978 ALB/Led Delorme, D. 1978 ALB/RdD Delorme, D. J. 1978 ALB/StA Delorme, Daniel 1869-87 Jsp Delorme, David Ralph 1978 ALB/RdD Delorme, Dean 1978 ALB/Edm Delorme, E. 1978 ALB/Cgy Delorme, E. 1978 ALB/Edm Delorme, E. 1978 ALB/Edm Delorme, E. 1978 ALB/Edm Delorme, E. Woody 1978 ALB/Cgy Delorme, Edward 1876-87 Jsp Delorme, Eliza 1930 LSA Delorme, Elizabeth 1856- Cal/LSA Delorme, Erin 1978 ALB/Edm Delorme, Francis 1865 SK>MNT/RoB Delorme, Francois 1767- QUE>MAN/PoP Delorme, Frank see Delorme, Francis Delorme, Frank Jr. 1895 USA/MNT Delorme, G. 1978 ALB/Edm Delorme, G. 1978 ALB/GrP Delorme, George 1900 ALB Delorme, Gerald 1955 ALB/Edm Delorme, H. 1978 ALB/Cgy Delorme, Henry 1885- FtE/LSA Delorme, I.D. 1978 ALB/Cgy Delorme, Isabella 1871-72 Jsp> Delorme, J. 1978 ALB/Cgy Delorme, J. 1978 ALB/Edm Delorme, J. 1978 ALB/Ono Delorme, J. A. 1978 ALB/Edm Delorme, Jack 1978 ALB/Cgy Delorme, Jacques 1978 ALB/Cgy Delorme, James 1884- LSA/Cal Delorme, James 1893- USA/MNT Delorme, James 1912- Cow Delorme, James 1978 ALB/Cgy Delorme, Jean Baptiste Lemay 1768 CAN>EnR/MiN>TrM/WAS Delorme, John 1978 ALB/Edm Delorme, Joseph 1799- CAN>NWT Delorme, Joseph 1895 USA/MNT Delorme, L. D. 1978 ALB/Cgy Delorme, L. M. 1978 ALB/Edm Delorme, L. P. 1978 ALB/Cgy Delorme, Larry 1978 ALB/Cgy Delorme, Leo 1978 ALB/Cgy Delorme, Linda 1960 ALB Delorme, Lisette c1826- Pes/Dum>LSA/Ase>Dun>LLB>LSL>PeX> Delorme, Louis 1795- MET/NWT Delorme, M. 1978 ALB/Edm Delorme, M.Y. 1978 ALB/Cgy Delorme, Maggy () 1870 LSA/Cal Delorme, Marguerite (Cardinal) 1793 Sas>Pes/Dum>LSA Delorme, Marguerite (Callihoo) 1846 Cal/LSA>MET Delorme, Marie 1838 RdR> Delorme, Marie Kakotistaw (Piche)856- Dum/Keh>Sip>MET Delorme, Marie () 1868- LSA/FtE Delorme, Mary (Cardinal) see Cardinal, Marguerite Delorme, Mary (Callihoo) 1827-55pMET/Jsp/PeR/Cal Delorme, Mary May 1896- USA/MNT Delorme, Mike 1978 ALB/Cgy Delorme, Mike 1978 ALB/Edm Delorme, N. 1978 ALB Delorme, Nancy 1865 FtE Delorme, Noel 1865- FtE/LSA Delorme, Norbert 1855 MET/SK/PaK>MNT Delorme, P. 1978 ALB/Cgy Delorme, Paul E. 1978 ALB/Cgy Delorme, Peter c1838- Pes>Cal/Jsp/LSA>MET Delorme, Peter 1881- Cal/LSA/Jsp>MET Delorme, Phillip 1885- Jsp>MET Delorme, Pieriche see Delorme, Pierrich Delorme, Pierre Sr. 1770-53 QUE>MAN>SK>Ota>Pes/Dum>LSA Delorme, Pierre 1792 QUE Delorme, Pierre Chief 1860 LSA/FtE/EdS Delorme, Pierre 1861 LSA/Cal>Jsp> Delorme, Pierre 1900 Delorme, Pierrich 1813- Sas>Pes>LSA/CAl/Jsp>MET Delorme, Pierrish see Delorme, Pierrish Delorme, Purriche see Delorme, Pierrich Delorme, R.D. 1978 ALB/Cgy Delorme, Rick J. 1978 ALB/Cgy Delorme, Robert A. 1978 ALB/Cgy Delorme, Roger Henry 1895- USA/MNT Delorme, Rosalie (Bruneau) 1819 Pes/TZC>FtE>Jsp> Delorme, Rosalie () 1865 LSA/FtE/EdS Delorme, Ross 1978 ALB/Edm Delorme, S. 1978 ALB/Edm Delorme, S. 1978 ALB/Edm Delorme, Suzanne (Joachim) 1867 Jsp> Delorme, T. 1978 ALB/Edm Delorme, T. 1978 ALB/Edm Delorme, Urbaine Sr. 1857 Sip>MET Delorme, Urbaine Jr. 1877- >Sip Delorme, Urbel 1865 PaK/Bat>USA/MNT Delorme, W.H. 1978 ALB/Cgy Delorme, Wayne; 1978 ALB/Cgy Deloume see Delorme Deloutre see De Loutre Delud see also Delord Delud, Louis 1785 CAN>RyL Delver, Alphonse 1940 Sad Delver, Catherine () 1929- Sad/FrL Delver, Edward 1914- Sad Delver, Louis 1950 Sad Delver, Norris 1910- Sad Delver, Solomon 1929- Sad>FrL Delver, Veronica 1908- Sad Delver, William 1885 >Sad Demara, Emab 1845- ONT/FRE Demarais see also Demarre Demars Demeurant Desmarais Demarais 1650 FRE/QUE>ONT> Demarais, Baptiste see Desmarais, Baptiste Demarais, Charles see Demuis, Charles Demarais, Leonard see Demarre, Leonard Demarais, Louis see Desmarais, Louis Demarais, Nancy 1978 SK Demarre see also Demarais Demarre, Leonard 1980 LLB Demars see also Demarrais Demarre Demer Demoran Demars, Nicolas 1755 CAN>CuH/Nip Demay see Le May Dement, Roy 1953 ALB Demer see also Demars Demer, Modeste see Demers, Modeste Demerce see Demers Demers see also Demarre Demers 1920 >ALB/FMc> Demers 1852 ALB Demers, Baptiste 1872- FtE/AmW/Sas Demers, Charles see Demuis, Charles Demers, Mary () 1872- FtE/AmW/Sas Demers, Modeste Fr.OMI 1818 RdR>USA/WAS Demeurant see also Demarre Demeurant, Marie Charlotte () 1760 OJI/SSt Demeurant, Mary 1780- MET/SOT/SK>PoP Demit, Francois 1755 CAN>CuH/Nip Demont, N. see Dumont, N. Demontigny see also Dumont Demontigny 1758 CAN>RdR Demontigny 1776 QUE>ONT>USA/NWY>ORE Demontigny 1777 RdR Demontigny, Catherine 1778- NWT/NEH Demontigny, David 1797- RdR Demontigny, Josephte (Faignant) 1805 RdR Demontigny, Louis 1797- NWT/NEH Demoran, Mary see Demeurant, Mary Dempsey, Hugh 1940 >KAI Demuis, Charles 1852 FtE Denais 1930 DET/Kot>Asu Denais, Jack 1971 DET/Asu/Pet Denais, Mary () 1971 DET Denault see also Dene Deneau Deneault Denieu Donaus Denault, Antoine see Deneau, Antoine Dene, Bruce Joseph 1966- FCh Dene, Joseph 1923- FCh Dene, Katie () 1940- FCh Dene, Margie see also Dene, Marguerite Christine Dene, Margie c1945- FCh Dene, Marguerite Christine 1957- FCh Deneau see also Denault Deneault Denieu Donaus Deneau, Albert 1755 CAN>CuH/Nip Deneau, Antoine 1784 CAN>EnR/MiN Deneau, Charles 1727 FRE/QUE>ONT>CuH/Nip Deneau, Francois 1727 FRE/QUE>ONT>CuH/Nip Deneau, Francois 1764 CAN>FtE Deneau, Joseph 1755 CAN>CuH/Nip Deneault see also Denault Dene Deneau Denieu Donaus Deneault, Frank 1977 SHU/Nes Denecheze, Abel 1943 CHI/Hat Denecheze, Boniface 1943 CHI/Hat Denecheze, Mary Anne 1978 CHI/Hat Denechoan, Frank 1980 DET Denechoan, Harry 1930 DET>Zam Denechoan, Harvey Sr. Hdm 1930 DET>Zam Denechoan, Harvey Jr. 1994 DET Denechoan, Marie () 1971 DET Denechoan, Thomas 1957 DET Denechoan, Willie 1927 DET>Zam Deneron 1910 DEH/DET/FtL/Pet Denieu, Joseph see Deneau, Joseph Denig see also Denige Denig, Alexander 1852- MET/NAK/Jat>RdR Denig, Augustus 1825 USA/OHI Denig, Betsy Deer Little Woma()c1817-89 Jat>FtU>RdR Denig, Edwin T. 1812-58 USA>PEN>ND>MNT/Jat>RdR Denig, George 1797 USA/PEN Denig, Ida 1854- MET/NAK/Jat>RdR Denig, Johan Peter 1728 DEN>USA/PEN Denig, Sarah 1844- MET/NAK/Jat>RdR Denige see also Denig Denige, Laurent 1730 CAN>RdR> Dening see also Denning Dening, C.E. see Denny, Cecil E. Denis see also Dennis Denis 1781 CAN>Wap Denis, Alexander 1727 FRE/QUE>ONT Denis, Clodomir 1899 FRA>NCA Denis, Clotaire 1899 FRA>NCA Denis, Francois Denis, Heloise (Bon) 1870 FRA>NCA Denis, J.H. 1862 >SK> Denis, Leon 1865 FRA>NCA Denis, Maria 1899 FRA>NCA Denis, Marie 1899 FRA>NCA Denis, Raymond 1897- FRA>NCA Dennet, Alexander 1870- ALB>FtM Dennet, Florence () 1879 ALB>FtM Dennet, George 1862 FtE Dennet, Isabella Dennet, Sophia (Ballentine) 1791- Yrk?> Dennet, Sophia 1846-17 Yrk?> Dennet, William 1780- SCO/ORK>Yrk Dennett, George see Dennet, George Dennett, Sophia see Dennet, Sophia Denning, Harry 1868 ENG>ALB/HiR Denning, Jane (Beck) 1868 ENG>ALB/HiR Dennis see also Denis Dennis 1780 CAN>Wap Dennis, Cecile (Gallneaux) 1880 DAK/PiR Dennis, Edward 1880 DAK>PiR Dennis, J.S. Col. 1843 ONT>MAN>SK>ONT Dennis, J.S. 1855 USA/MNT>ALB> Dennis, James 1948 TAL/Klu Dennis, O. 1855 USA/MNT>ALB> Dennis, Trevor 1981 SHU/Nes Dennison 1837 >ClL Dennison 1920 ALB Dennison, Madeleine 1857 ClL Dennt see Dennet Denny, Alex Gr.Chf 1940- MIC/Esk Denny, Alexander 1872- Was>RoB Denny, Cecil Ebenezer,CptSirBar 1850-28 ENG>MAN/NWMP>ALB Denny, Eleanor Johnson 1980 MIC/Esk Denny, Janet 1950 MIC/Esk Denny, Louise (Guardipee) 1875 SK>MNT/RoB Denny, Walter 1929 RoB Denny, William 1862 >FtE Deno see Denault Denome Denome see also Denomme Desnomie Dunomais Nomee Denome, Benjamin Aitken 1838 DAK Denome, Charles 1727 QUE>ONT Denome, Francois 1727 QUE>ONT Denome, Henriette S. (Campbell) 1838 DAK Denome, Pierre 1764 CAN>FtE>Pes>FEl/RdR Denome, Xavier 1851 CyH/WMt Denomer Desrosiers 1790 FtE Denomie see Denome Denomme, Joseph 1794 CAN/RdR Denomme, P. see Denome, Pierre Dent, Julia USA/MIS>DC DePenser, W. 1870 >ALB Deranger, Donald 1972 FCh Deranger, Donna c1952- CHI/Ath Deranger, Isadore 1909- CHI/Ath Deranger, Jimmy 1943 CHI/Fon Deranger, Rose Marie c1952- CHI/Ath Deranger, Therese () 1919- CHI/Ath Derbet 1704 FRE/QUE>MIS>ARK Derksen see also Doerksen Deroche See also Callihoo Des Roche Derocher Desroche Duroche Larocque Roche DeRoche, Richelle 1990 PIK? Derocher See also Callihoo Des Roche Deroche Desroche Duroche Larocque Roche Derocher 1650 QUE>ONT Derocher, Ioset 1840- FtE Derocher, Louis 1861- FtE/StA Derocher, Madeleine 1850- FtE Derocher, Magdeleine see Derocher, Madeleine Derocher, Olive () 1863- FtE/StA Derocher, Philip Brien 1820 FtE Derocher, Vern Donald 1970/10 DEH/HyR>CRE/Lap Derosiers, Francois see Desrosiers, Francois Derrickson, Genevieve Carol 1996 OKA/Wst Derrickson, Larry Allen 1996 OKA/Wst Dersch 1988 Pas Des Colombiers, Charles Roger 1642 FRE/QUE Des Sault see Desault Desault, Pierre 1850 FtE Desautels see also Desault Desautels 1867 >ALB/Hob> Desautels, Gilbert Lapointe 1685 >MIC/Det> Desbarres StSgt 1875 >NWMP/SK/Was Descardonnets, Angelique (Pepin) Deschambeau see also Deschambeault Deschambeau, Flora see Deschambault, Flora Deschambeau, George 1879 FtE>LLB Deschambeau, Mary Tannie () 1883- FMc>FtE>LLB Deschambeau, Tannie see Deschambeau, Mary Deschambeault see aslo Deschambeau Deschambeault 1808 >ILC Deschambeault, Flora 1959 LLB/Imp Deschambeault, Pierre 1879 >ALB/PeR>Ath> Deschamp see Deschamps Deschamps 1783 >FtU Deschamps 1813 >FtU Deschamps 1830 >USA/MNT Deschamps 1862- >USA/MNT/RoB Deschamps 1865 >MNT/RoB> Deschamps 1988 Pas Deschamps 1993 Sam Deschamps, Adelaide 1873-86 LLB/Pey/FtE>Kis Deschamps, Annie 1855 >FtE>MET Deschamps, Baptiste see Deschamps, Jean Baptiste Deschamps, Baptiste 1876 RdR?>MET Deschamps, Caroline (Desjarlais/Malaterre/Morin) 1854- MIN>FtE/LSA/Pas/MuS>EdS>Kis>MNT>MET Deschamps, Catherine (Vandal) 1860 >AsW>Was Deschamps, Cecile 1868 >CyH> Deschamps, Christine (Desjarlais)855- LLB/Pey>FtE>Kis>MET Deschamps, Elaine 1970 Sam Deschamps, Francois Sr. 1765 CAN>FtE Deschamps, Francois Jr. 1784 CAN>FtE Deschamps, Francois 1875-94 Pey>Kis Deschamps, Jean Baptiste Sr. 1785- CAN>Ath>AsW> Deschamps, Jean Baptiste Jr. 1858 >AsW>Was>MNT/RoB> Deschamps, Joseph 1831 RdR Deschamps, Joseph Gros Tete 1852 FtE Deschamps, Joseph Sr. 1853 LLB>Kis Deschamps, Joseph Jr. 1877- Pey>Kis Deschamps, Joseph 1980 LuB Deschamps, Josephte 1809- Deschamps, LaLouise 1851- RdR>Qu'>Was Deschamps, Lewis 1890 Kis>MET Deschamps, Madeleine 1845 Sip Deschamps, Magdeleine 1878- AsW>Was>MET Deschamps, Marie (Wilkie) 1837 RdR Deschamps, Marie Josephine 1878- AsW>Was Deschamps, Melanie 1884-90 Kis Deschamps, Virgil 1980 LuB Deschatelin, Basile Descheneau see Descheneaux Descheneaux 1830 >MNT/FLA Descheneaux, Joseph 1870 >MuS/Duh> Descheneaux, Marguerite (Beaudry)802 LSL Descheneaux, Marguerite (Bouri) 1802 GSL Descheneaux, Pierre 1796 CAN>GSL/LSL Descheneaux, Pierre 1816- GSL/LSL>RdR>MET Descheneaux, Sarah (Petit Couteau870 FtE/Alx>MuS/Duh> Deschenes, R. 1940 FCh Deschump see Deschamps Descoteaux 1830 >MNT/FLA Descoteaux, Alexander 1892 FtE>SWE>FtE Descoteaux, Alexis see Baton, Alexis Descoteaux, Elizabeth 1900 QUE>ALB/LSA Descoteaux, Joseph see Baton, Joseph Descoteaux, Joseph 1774 CAN>RdR Descoteaux, Josephte 1794- RdR Descoteaux, Leocadie 1880 QUE>ALB/LSA Descoteaux, M. 1764 CAN>EnR/MiN Descoteaux, Marguerite see Baton, Marguerite Descoteaux, Victoria 1900 QUE>ALB/LSA Descoteaux, Virginia (Chonkolay)1955 DET/Bus> Descotteaux, M. see Descoteaux, M. Desericers see Desrosiers Desersiers see Desrosiers Desforges, Marie-Anne (Cardinal)1713- QUE Desforges, Pierre 1713 QUE Desforges St. Maurice, Pierre see Desforges, Pierre Desguilars 1808 ONT>BC Desgrosseillers see Chouard, Medard Deshayes, Elisabeth 1710 FRE/LOU Desherbiers Gov 1719 FRA>NOS>FRA Desjarlais 1763 QUE Desjarlais 1776 CAN>RdR>LLB Desjarlais 1786 CAN>RMH Desjarlais 1988 Pas
Desjarlais, dtr. 1790 LLB>Sas/FtE>RMH Desjarlais, A. 1875 LLB Desjarlais, Alexander 1866- LLB Desjarlais, Alcide 1896 ONT Desjarlais, Alice 1980 LLB>BeL Desjarlais, Ambroise 1881- LLB Desjarlais, Anne Hawk 1869- Gdf>BlQ>MET Desjarlais, Antoine 1776 CAN>RdR>LLB Desjarlais, Antoine 1794- RdR>LLB Desjarlais, Antoine 1800 LLB>Ale/LLB Desjarlais, Antoine Hawk Morin 1834 MIN>MuS Desjarlais, Antoine 1858- LLB Desjarlais, Baptiste see Desjarlais, Jean Baptiste Desjarlais, Benjamin 1870 LLB>MET Desjarlais, Betsey (?) 1865- LLB Desjarlais, Beverly MLA 1984 CuH Desjarlais, Calvin 1980 CRE/MET/Edm Desjarlais, Caroline Morin 1854- MIN>FtE/LSA/Pas/MuS>Kis>MNT>MET Desjarlais, Catherine (Allary) 1795 >LLB Desjarlais, Catherine (Kaketew) Desjarlais, Catherine Hawk () 1862- LLB Desjarlais, Charlotte 1870 LLB Desjarlais, Christine 1855- LLB/Pey>FtE>Kis>MET Desjarlais, Colin 1909-89>BeL Desjarlais, Daniel 1850 Ale Desjarlais, Daniel Hawk 1867- Gdf>BlQ>LLB>MET Desjarlais, Darlene Chief 1972 Stu Desjarlais, Eliza 1858- >WMt/Mis>MET Desjarlais, Eliza Hawk 1862- Gdf>BlQ>MET Desjarlais, Emma Hawk 1867- Gdf>BlQ>MET Desjarlais, Emmanuel 1870 LLB Desjarlais, Eugene 1910- >CdL Desjarlais, Euphprasine (Auger) 1830 LLB>BeL Desjarlais, Euphrosine 1860-44 RdR Desjarlais, Felix c1915- Con Desjarlais, Florence 1955 LLB Desjarlais, Francois 1795- RdR> Desjarlais, Francois Peyasis 1824- LLB/Pey/BeL>FtE>AsW/Kis>MET Desjarlais, Francois 1870 BeL> Desjarlais, Frank Max 1980 ALB/MET Desjarlais, Frederick Hawk 1833 LLB>Gdf>MET Desjarlais, Frisine see Desjarlais, Euphrosine Desjarlais, Genevievia see Desjarlais, Genevieve Desjarlais, Genevieve 1827- LLB>FCh Desjarlais, George Chief 1972 BC Desjarlais, Germaine see Chateauneuf, Germaine Desjarlais, Gloria 1985 ALB/MET Desjarlais, Harvey John Bull 1932 SK Desjarlais, Hawk Kekek 1824 LLB/BeL>Gdf>BlQ Desjarlais, Isabell 1880 BeL> Desjarlais, Isabelle (Gladue) 1859- Pas>BeL/Pey Desjarlais, Isidore 1903-95cKeh Desjarlais, James Arthur Hawk 1890 Gdf>MET Desjarlais, Jean B. Nisi Hikapaw1775/11 CAN/RdR>LSL>RMH>TrM>KUT Desjarlais, Jean Baptiste 1790-71 LLB>Kat> Desjarlais, Jean Baptiste 1795- RdR>LLB>Kat> Desjarlais, Jean Baptiste 1809 LLB/LSL>AsW/TwD>Lar Desjarlais, Jean-Baptiste 1840 >RdR Desjarlais, Jean Baptiste 1875 LLB Desjatalis, Jean-Marie 1868 PeX Desjarlais, Jocelyn Margaret Wood986-04 Sad Desjarlais, Joel Corey 1970 Edm/STW Desjarlais, John Bull see Desjarlais, Harvey Desjarlais, John 1912- >CdL>Con Desjarlais, Joseph Ladouceur 1784 CAN>FtE/Sas>AmW>FtE>LLB>FtE>RdR Desjarlais, Joseph 1809 BeL> Desjarlais, Joseph 1858- LLB Desjarlais, JoSeph 1900 LLB Desjarlais, Josephet see also Desjarlais, Josephte Desjarlais, Josephet (Cardinal) see Cardinal, Josephette Desjarlais, Josephet Chartrand Desjarlais, Josephet (Gladue) 1875 BeL/Pey>Pas Desjarlais, Josephette (Cardinal)800 Sas>AmW>FtE>LLB>FtE>RdR Desjarlais, Josephite 1802- RdR Desjarlais, Josephte 1831 LLB Desjarlais, Josephte (Fleury) 1846 RdR Desjarlais, Josephte 1870 LLB Desjarlais, JoSepth see Desjarlais, JoSeph Desjarlais, Judie 1837 LLB>Vic Desjarlais, Julia () 1850- BeL> Desjarlais, Julia c1852- BeL Desjarlais, Julia 1890 BeL> Desjarlais, Julie (Chartrand) 1835 Desjarlais, Julie 1851- Desjarlais, Kekek see Desjarlais, Frederick Hawk Desjarlais, Hawk Desjarlais, Leo 1850- LLB/Pey/BeL Desjarlais, Leo Wood 1972-72 Sad Desjarlais, Leonard 1974- HeA/Nom Desjarlais, Lizette 1870 FtE>MET Desjarlais, Louis 1831 Desjarlais, Louis 1884- LLB Desjarlais, Louise (Vallee) 1840 MIN>MuS Desjarlais, Louise 1870 LLB Desjarlais, Madeleine (Klyne) 1861- Jsp/RdR Desjarlais, Madeleine (Roy) 1810- MET/RdR>LLB/Pey Desjarlais, Madeleine 1830 BeL> Desjarlais, Madeleine 1870 LLB Desjarlais, Maggie see Desjarlais, Margaret Desjarlais, Marcel see Desjarlais-Laderoute Desjarlais, Margaret (Lewis) Desjarlais, Margaret () 1868- LLB Desjarlais, Margaret Hawk 1876- Gdf Desjarlais, Margaret 1910- HtL>LLB Desjarlais, Marguerite 1800 >MaA/Ale/Pas>LLB Desjarlais, Marguerite Robinson 1812 LLB Desjarlais, Marguerite 1816 LLB>BeR/LLB/LLB Desjarlais, Marguerite 1870 LLB Desjarlais, Marguerite (Cardinal)890 Desjarlais, Margueritte (Lamirande) Desjarlais, Maria 1824- LLB>FtE/Sas>AsW Desjarlais, Maria () 1850 CRE Desjarlais, Maria Hawk (Howse) 1864- RdR>Gdf Desjarlais, Maria () 1874- LLB Desjarlais, Mariah 1980 LLB Desjarlais, Marie see also Desjarlais, Maria Desjarlais, Mary Desjarlais, Marie (Kakatew) 1796 LLB/BeL Desjarlais, Marie (Alexis) 1800- SwG>LLB Desjarlais, Marie Louise c1825- LLB>WIS>RdR Desjarlais, Marie (Fleury) 1840 RdR>BeL>AsW>MET Desjarlais, Marie C. (Kakitew) 1850 BeL Desjarlais, Marie 1858 >LSA>AsW>TrM/FLA>MuS Desjarlais, Marie 1860 >MuS>AsW/Kis Desjarlais, Marlene (Mountain) Desjarlais, Mary (Bernard/Hunter)833- Oon/Gdf>Lap/Sad>MET Desjarlais, Mary 1834- BlQ Desjarlais, Mary Friesen 1850 RdR>CyH>MET Desjarlais, Mary 1860 >BeL Desjarlais, Mary () 1920- CHI/HtL>CdL Desjarlais, Minnie (Gignac) 1925 ONT Desjarlais, Nellie Hawk(Whitford1870 Sad/Gdf Desjarlais, Norah 1910- Cow Desjarlais, Olivier 1850- LLB/Pey Desjarlais, Paulette 1890 Desjarlais, Philomene 1852- LLB/Pey> Desjarlais, Pierre Hawk 1859- LLB Desjarlais, Raymond Antoine 1916- ONT Desjarlais, Richard 1960 Keh/CdL Desjarlais, Ruth 1950 ONT Desjarlais, Sally-Ann Mountain 1965 LLB/BeL Desjarlais, Sarah Hawk 1874-75 Gdf>MET Desjarlais, Shane Wood 1982-89 Sad Desjarlais, Shannon 1958 Sad Desjarlais, Sherry 1980 >Jsp Desjarlais, Shirley 1980 >NWT/TAT/Yel Desjarlais, Simon Morin Hawk 1875 Gdf>BlQ>Sad Desjarlais, Suzanne 1875 BeL/Pey>Pas Desjarlais, Suzanne Mountain 1965 LLB/BeL Desjarlais, Suzette (Cardinal) 1800 Sas>LLB Desjarlais, Theresa 1909- Min Desjarlais, Therese () 1870- LLB/Pey/BeL Desjarlais, Thoddeur Hawk 1872-74 Gdf Desjarlais, Thomas 1875 RdR Desjarlais, Tulibee 1785 CAN/OJI>LLB/LSL>Sas/FtE> RMH>AsW/TwD>Lar Desjarlais, Victor Blair 1952-05 MAN>ALB Desjarlais, Wilfred H. 1942-05 Desjarlais-Laderoute, Marcel 1963-04 ALB Desjarlaix see Desjarlais Deslard, Pierre see Delord, Pierre Deslodges 1730 QUE>WIS/Mac Deslorier, Pierre 1728 CAN>RdR> Desmarais 1650 QUE> Desmarais 1765 FRE/MIC/Det>RdR Desmarais 1775 CAN/RdR Desmarais 1820 MIN Desmarais 1769 FRE>RdR/Pem>RdL Desmarais 1782 CAN>Wap Desmarais 1794 CAN>FtE>ORE Desmarais, Baptiste 1830 RdR Desmarais Canon 1870 QUE>LSA Desmarais, Charles King 1808- RdR Desmarais, Francois 1784 CAN>RdR Desmarais, Jean Baptiste 1779 CAN>RdR Desmarais, Joseph 1794 CAN>ORE Desmarais, Josephte (Rochon) 1840 SOT/RdR Desmarais, Josephte 1855 >CHP/SOT>WMt Desmarais, Julie 1820 Sas/FtE/FtP Desmarais, King see Desmarais, Charles Desmarais, Louis 1785 CAN>RyL Desmarais, Madeleine see Desmarais, Marie Desmarais, Marie (McGillis) Desmarais, Mary see also Demeurant, Mary Desmarais, Mary 1804- RdR Desmarais, Michel 1835 SOT/RdR Desmarais, Sophie (Erasmus) 1830 RdR Desmarais Sister 1870 QUE>LSA DesMarchais 1765 FRE/MIC/Det>RdR Desmarois see Mesmarais Desmarois, Madeleine see McGillis, Marie Desmarrais see Desmarais Desmois, Louis 1784 CAN>ORE Desmoulins, Jeff 1974 OJI/Pic Desnomie see also Denome Denomme Desnomie, Bernice () 1950 FiH Desnomie, Henry Patrick 1934- SK Desnomie, Jean 1965 FiH Desnomie, John Louis 1922- Cri>CHI/Jan Desnomie, Leo 1945 FiH Desnomie, Leona (Genaille) 1940 SK Desnomie, Roberta 1979 SK Desnoyer see Desnoyers Noyer Desnoyer, Alexander 1872- Was>Sip/TuL>Kis>MET Desnoyer, Emma Jane 1880 Was>Sip/TuL>Kis Desnoyer, John 1884-85 Was/Sip/TuL>Kis Desnoyer, Joseph 1882- Was/Sip/TuL>Kis>MET Desnoyer, Josephte 1880 Was>Sip/TuL>Kis Desnoyer, Maggie 1873- Was>Sip/TuL>Kis>Sip>MET Desnoyer, Marguerite 1880/80 TuL Desnoyer, Marie () 1854 Was Desnoyer, Marie (Morin) 1863- TuL>Was>Kis>Sip>MET Desnoyer, Regis 1850- Was>Sip/TuL>Kis>MET Desnoyer, Virginie 1885- Was/Sip/TuL>Kis>MET Desnoyers 1786 CAN>Sas/FtE Desnoyers, Jean Baptiste 1701 FRE/MIC Desnoyers, Louis Sr. 1820 Was Desnoyers, Louis Jr. 1840- Was Desnoyers, Louisson see Desnoyers, Louis Desnoyers, Marianne see Desnoyers, Marie Anne Desnoyers, Marie Marg. (Laroche)1710 FRE/MIC Desnoyers, Marie Louise (Leduc) 1740 FRE/MIC/Det Desnoyers, Marie Anne (Beaudry) 1837 StW>FtE>Was Desnoyers, Pierre 1721- FRE/MIC/Det Desnoyers, Regis 1850- Was>MET Desottelai 1786 >ALB/Dun>TZA/L'H Desoucher, Madeleine 1740 QUE Desportes McKay, Jean Baptiste see McKay, Jean Baptiste DesRivieres, Eustace Ignace T. 1727-99 MIC/Mac>ND>RdR>Nip Desrivieres, Francois Beaubien 1754 CAN>RdR/BHo> Desrivieres, Jean Noel 1721-65 FRE>RdR Desrivieres, Pierre Julien Tro. 1719-77 FRE>RdR Desrivieres, Trotier see Desrivieres, Jean Noel Desroche See also Callihoo Des Roche DeRoche Derocher Desroche Desrochers Duroche Laroche Larochelle Larocque Laroque Roche Desroche 1650 QUE> Desroche, Cindy 1990 Desroche, Clarence 1950 Desroche, Irene Mary (Gulka) 1955 Desroche, Louis 1726 QUE>ONT/Mic Desroche, Pierre 1729 QUE>ONT/Mic Desroche, Sherry 1990 Desroche, William H. 1990 Desrocher see also Desroche Desrocher, Andrew 1875 LLB Desrocher, Francois Marsac de Cob706 MIC/Det Desrocher, Jacob Marsac de Cobtro667-47 QUE>MIC/Det Desrocher, Jacques de Marsac de C725 MIC/Det Desrocher, Jean 1726 QUE>ONT/Mic Desrocher, Marie Anne (Chapoton)1735 MIC/Det Desrocher, Therese (Campeau) 1715 MIC/Det Desrocher, Therese (David) 1675 MIC/Det Desrochers see also Desrocher Desrochers Sister 1940 >FCh Desrochers, Catherine (Parent) 1837 FtE>Was Desrochers, Frederic 1851- FtE/Was>MET Desrochers, Helene (Gouin) 1866 FtE>Sad>MET Desrochers, Jean see Desrocher, Jean Desrochers, Louis see Desroche, Louis Desrochers, Olive see also Deroche, Olive Desrochers, Olive (Dion) Desrochers, Philippe "Petit" 1831 CAN>FtE>Was Desrochers, Sara 1880 Sad>MET Desrochers, Xavier 1862- FtE/Was>Sas/Keh>FtE>MET Desroches see also Desroche Desroches, B. Fr. 1873 >ALB Desroches, Charles 1822 QUE>WAS>SAL Desroches, Kilemniks 1828 SAL Desroches, Louis see Desroche, Louis Desroches, Pierre Desrosiers, Francois 1784 CAN>EnR/MiN>SoB>RMH>TrM/COL Desrosiers, Marguerite 1785- MIN/PCh>RdR Destroyer see Peguis Detaye, Pierre 1891 CAN>ORE Detweiler, George 1844 USA>BC>ALB> Detwiten, George see Detweiler, George Deucalion I King GRK Devereaux, Jeff 1853 USA>MNT Devile, Edouard 1864 ONT Devillers see De Villers Devolder, C. 1937 LSA Dewdney, Edgar Lt.Gov. 1850 ONT>MAN>ONT Dewdney, Edward see Dewdney, Edgar Dewey, Lucretia 1755 USA/VA Dewey, Scott 1920 ARA/Nor/Wnd Dezane, Louise 1948 CHI/BlL Dhanjoon, Randeep Singh 1976- Cgy Dhitheda, Louis Chief 1908- CHI/Eth/StR Diamond, Eliza (Dumont) Diamond Jim see Colosimo, James Diamond R. Brown see Brown Diang, Stephanie 1981- ALB/Cgy Diaz, Bernal 1510 SPN>NSP/MEX Dibble, C.F.K. DLS 1879 >ALB> Diche, Maria () 1878- Ath/Ale Diche, William 1869- Ath/Ale Dick see also Dyck Dick 1877 TZA/FSJ Dick, Amelia 1901 SHU Dick, Arthur 1980 KWA/Alt Dick, Sarah 1900 SK Dick-David, Basil Chief 1886 SHU/Bon Dickens, C.H. "Punch" 1908 ALB Dickens, Charles Sir 1830 ENG Dickens, Francis J. Insp. 1850 ENG>ONT>MAN/NWMP>ALB>SK Dickens, Punch see Dickens, C.H. Dickenson, Anna () 1879 TLN/TSM/Lyn Dickenson, George 1879 USA>TLN/Lyn Dickerson 1873 USA/NWY>ALB> Dickie 1886 >ALB Dickieson, M.G. 1854 ONT>SK>ONT Dickinson Cst.NWMP1874 >ALB/Let Dickinson, R. 1955 >AK>NWT>NUN> Dickman 1839 USA/MIN>ALB>BC Dickson 1800 ONT Dickson 1816 USA>SD/YNK Dickson 1864 >ALB Dickson 1990 Edm Dickson, Edward 1875 MAN/DAK/Oak Dickson, Edward 1884 >ALB Dickson, R. 1787 QUE Dickson, R.C. RNWMP 1875 SK/PaK Dicuil Monk 760 IRE Dideena Didiatsie, Etsindsin 1836 DET/FtV Didiatsie, Jacques Etsindsin 1856/91 DET/FtV Didiatsie, Marguerite Chalode 1876- DET>CHP/CRE/FtV Didiatsie, Marie (Atsitsie) 1862 DET/FtV Didsiatsie see Etsindsin Didymus, Job 1857 Vic>Gdf Didymus, Martha 1857 Vic>Gdf Didzeena see Didzena Didzena 1967 DET Didzena, Anna 1929 DET>Asu Didzena, Baptiste 1971 DET Didzena, Carl 1967 DET/Asu Didzena, Frederick 1988 DET Didzena, Gabriel 1971 DET/Asu/Pet Didzena, Gabriel father 1935 DET/Pet>Asu Didzena, Harry 1947 DET Didzena, Hilda 1950 DET/Asu Didzena, Joseph 1971 DET Didzena, Louie 1990 DET/Asu/ClH Didzena, Nora (Bassa) 1971 DET/Asu Didzena, Pearl 1974 DET/Asu Didzena, Pious 1974 DET Didzena, Regina see Didzeena, Virginia Didzena, Steve 1980 DET Didzena, Thomas 1971 DET Didzena, Virginia 1948 DET/Asu Diefenbaker, John PriMin 1930 SK>ONT/Ott> Dienapo, Bayon Chief 1954 MAL/BOZ Dienelle, Louis 1781 CAN>ORE Dientecito Chief 1785 UTE/Sou/Mou Diep, Dat Le Tan Than 1985 Cgy/Trn Diesel () 1940 ALB/SwH Diesel 1950 LLB Dieter, Charles DLS 1865 >SK>ALB> Dieter, Inez () 1925 Pip Dieter, Walter 1916- Pip Dietrich King 454/526BGOT/OST Dietrich, Marlene 1897-87 GER Different Cutter 1850 KAI/Cho Different Iron f 1875 KAI/FiE Different Person 1872 KAI/Sik Difficult She Stands see Ayamok Kamepawit Dige RNWMP 1877 >SK Dill, George 1865/85>FrL Dillon 1860 OnL Dillon Sister 1864 >StA Dillon 1980 INU/CaB Dillon, Cecile (Deschamps) 1868 >CyH> Dillon, Jack 1862 >CyH> Dillon, John NWMP 1860 >SK Dillon, Madeleine 1882- CyH>MET Dillon, Norman Pat 1948 OnL Dillon, Randy 1958 OnL Diment, Roy 1953 ALB Dimick, Horace A. 1823 USA/MIN Dindon see Flett, Duncan Dinelle, Louis see Dienelle, Louis Dinger see Smyrnington, Herbert A. Dinnelle, Louis see Dienelle, Louis Dinsmore, Frank 1867 USA>AK>YUK Dinwiddie see also Dinwoodie Tanacharison Dinwiddie Gov 1730 USA/VA Dinwoodie, Marian 1978 SK Diodorus Siculus 480BC GRK Diome, Pierre see Denome, Pierre Dion, Pierre Dion see also Blandion Dionne Denome Mondion Dion, Aime 1865 ONT>ALB>ONT Dion, Alphonse 1918-48 Keh>FrL Dion, Amable 1730 CAN>RdR> Dion, Angelique 1806 AmW>RdR Dion, Annie Blondin (Whitford) 1860 Vic/Sas>Alx Dion, Antoine Blondin Chief 1813 Jsp/FtE/AmW>Sas/Psk Dion, Antoine Blondin 1833- Jsp>MET Dion, Arthur 1865 QUE>ALB>QUE Dion, Arthur Blondin 1874- FtE>Keh>OnL>MET Dion, Billy 1933- Keh Dion, Blind c1859-82 Keh>BlQ Dion, Blyan Blind see Dion, Blind Dion, Catherine Blondin (Berland)813- Jsp/LSA Dion, Charlotte Marougou () CRE Dion, Delma 1981 Keh> Dion, Dewey Frank 1938-08 Keh>FrL Dion, Eliza 1855 Jsp/LSA/Alx> Dion, Eliza (Patenaude) 1877- FrL/Sas>Keh>OnL Dion, Elizabeth (Cunningham) 1912 >Keh Dion, Felix Blondin 1859- FtE>Vic/Sas>LSA>MET Dion, Francis see Dion, Joseph Francis Dion, Gustavus 1849-33 Keh Dion, Isabelle (Calder) 1848 Alx/FtE>AmW> Dion, J.O. 1868 ONT Dion, Jean Baptiste 1790 CAN>FtE/AmW Dion, John Blondin 1854 Alx/FtE>Keh>MET Dion, Joseph Francis 1888-60 Keh Dion, Joseph 1880 Keh>BgB>Keh Dion, Joseph 1942 Keh Dion, Josephte 1810 RdR Dion, Lena 1907- Keh>CdL Dion, Lillian 1980 Sam Dion, Louis Blondin 1839 Keh/LoL Dion, Maggie 1919- Keh Dion, Marcelline Blondin 1864- LSA/Alx>Vic>MaW>MET Dion, Maria Blondin (Desjarlais)1824- LLB>FtE/Sas>AsW Dion, Maria Blondin (Supernault)1840-70 LSL>ChT/Alx>MET Dion, Marie (Grey) 1795- LSL>FtE Dion, Marie 1844-70 Sas>PCh>Keh Dion, Marie (Dumont) 1851- Dum>FrL/Keh>LLB>MET Dion, Mary (Big Bear) 1860-10 BgB>Oni>Keh Dion, Mary 1940 Keh> Dion, Nancy 1880 Vic/Sas>FtE/LSA>MET Dion, Narcisse 1870 ChT/Alx/FtE>AmW>Sas>Keh Dion, Olive Blondin(L'Hirondelle)860 Dion, Olive 1862- ChT/Alx/FtE>AmW>Sas>FtE>MET Dion, Oliver 1854- Keh> Dion, Omeswes (Badger) 1840 >Keh Dion, Paul 1870 Keh Dion, Peter Richard 1934- Keh Dion, Pierre see also Dion, Peter Dion, Pierriche Dion, Pierrus Dion, Pierre Blondin 1792- IRO/Sas>LSL>FtE Dion, Pierre Blondin 1836- Jsp/FtE/LSA/Alx>MET Dion, Pierre Blondin Wapiskaw 1847 FrL/Keh>MET Dion, Pierre 1876 Keh>MET Dion, Pierriche Blondin 1836- Jsp/FtE/LSA/Alx>MET Dion, Pierrus see also Dion, Pierre Dion, Pierrus -1870 Keh Dion, Rosalie Blondin 1830 Keh/Sas>MET Dion, Rosalie Blondin Wapiskaw 1842 Alx/Keh>Dum Dion, Sarah 1912- Keh Dion, Susan 1856 Keh Dion, Susan 1920 Keh Dion, Thomas Edeline Dion, Thomas Keh Dion, Timothee 1785 CAN>FtE/AmW Dion, Tina 1972 Keh Dion, Virginie Blondin 1857- ChT/Alx>Was>MET Dion, William 1880 Vic/Sas>FtE/LSA>MET Dionne see also Dion Dionne, Joseph 1958 TuM Dionne, Olympia 1876 >MET Dionne, Timothee see Dion, Timothy Dirt See Askis Dirt Child see Askis Awas Asis Dirty Blanket see Ki Anaskew Askis Dirty Mike 1930 ALB Discovery HMS 1607 Discovery HMS 1776 Dislisici 1880 TZA/FSJ Disola 1827- >RoB Disraeli 1870 MnL>Bfd Dit Oni Chak A see Runner, Roger Ditchburn-Clark 1900 ONT/BC Dittrich, Anthony Fr. c1930- >ALB Dives Under Water 1901 PIK/SoP/Api Dixon 1988 Pas Dixon, Annie 1916-03 BPw Dixon, Christine (Powderface) Chi> Dixon, Debbie (Poor Eagle) 1966 SIK>NAK/BPw Dixon, Delena (Applegarth) 1988-08 Sam Dixon, Dianne 1950 BPw Dixon, Dorothy 1935 YeX Dixon, Edna 1950 >BPw/EdV Dixon, Ella 1950 YeX Dixon, Esther 1916-95 BgH Dixon, Faron 1966 NAK/BPw Dixon, Frela Karen 1958-98 BgH Dixon, Harold B. 1860 ENG>ALB>ENG Dixon, James One Eye Chief 1840 BPw Dixon, James Stevens 2000/04 EdV Dixon, Judea 1910 EdV Dixon, Kathleen 1938-96 BgH Dixon, Lawrence 1950 YeX Dixon, Lazarus 1871 BPw Dixon, Lillian 1936 Sam>ONT Dixon, Malvina Carol BgH Dixon, Marg (Runner) 1996 >YeX Dixon, Margaret 1950 YeX Dixon, Marline Joan 1951- Sam/ONT Dixon, Melena 2007- Sam Dixon, Neil 1950 YeX Dixon, Rachelle -1980 BgH Dixon, Rose 1947-02 EdV Dixon, Sandra BgH Dixon, Stuart 1950 YeX Dixon, William L. 1960-86 BgH Dixon-Lagrelle, Frela see Dixon, Frela Djure, Julianna 1929 CHI/FDL
Do Hong 1983- Cgy/Trn Doane, Gustav Lt. 1850 USA>MNT> Dobbs, Archibald F. 1906 ENG Dobbs, Arthur 1600 ENG Dobelin, Louis 1725 QUE>WIS/Mic Dobie, Richard 1731-05 QUE Dockery 1929 >Alx> Docket 1822 USA>MIN>WYO>CAL>ORE> Doctor 1760 StW Doctor Etenahpenah 1828 DAK>HID Dodds Dr. 1860 >ALB Dodge 1840 >SHU/Kam Dodge, Henry Col. 1800 USA>ARK> Dodging Horse See also Dodginghorse Dodging Horse 1878 TSU/Ute Dodging Horse, Anthony 1900 TSU/Ute Dodginghorse see also Dodging Horse Dodginghorse 1930 TSU Dodginghorse, Angela see Simeon, Angeline Dodginghorse, Angeline (Simeon) 1970 TSU Dodginghorse, Diane () 1978 TSU Dodginghorse, Donald 1978 TSU Dodginghorse, Ida Mary (Makinaw)1960 CRE/Erm>TSU Dodginghorse, Lyle 1978 TSU Dodginghorse, Marie (Boucher) 1950 CRE/Keh/Sad/Sas>NAK>TSU Dodginghorse, Randy 1950 TSU Dodginghorse, Robert Lawrence 1927-03 TSU Dodginghorse, Robert 1970 TSU Dodginghorse, Ronald 1978 TSU Dodginghorse, Sarah (Boucher) 1935 CRE/Keh/Sad/Sas>TSU Doerksen see also Derkesen Doesn't Own Nice Horses See Low Horn, Jack Dog see also Atim The Dog Dog 1869 DAK/Hun/SiB Dog 1878 TSU/YBu Dog Chief KAI Dog Child 1869/48 KAI/MTu Dog Eagle 1850/70 DAK/Tet Dog God see Manito Atim Dog In The Shade see Shade, Duncan Dog Ribs KAI Dog Spirit see Manito Atim Dog With A White Spot see Young Pine, Joseph Doghead, Joseph 1880 Sad Doherty Capt. 1860 ONT>ALB>ONT Dolci, Danielo 1949 ITA>Sic Dolinsky, Andre 1896/16>ALB Dollier de Casson Fr.SJ 1649 QUE>ONT/SSt>QUE Dometian Vespasian Emp ROM Dominey Fr.OMI 1929 >ALB/DET/Asu> Dominguez 1755 >NMX>COL>UTA>NMX Dompier, David P. 1836 ORE Dompier, Marie G. (Soulier) 1815 >ORE Dompierre see Dompier Don Juan Myth YAQ Don Tomas 1730 UTE/Cap Don Vito Cascio Ferro 1864 ITA/SIC/Maf Don't Lace His Shoes 1880 KAI Donaghie, Laverne 1950 ALB Donaghie, Linda 1952 ALB Donahue see Donohoe Donald f 1900 LSA Donald 1910 ALB Donald 1988 Pas Donald, Alice (Bellerose) 1920 ALB Donald, Annue 1863 Sas>Cal>MET Donald, Bethsy (Brass) 1840 NoH Donald, Elizabeth () 1834- FtE Donald, George 1816- FtE Donald, George 1834 NoH Donald, Isabella 1857 FtE Donald, Isabella () 1874- FtE Donald, Joseph 1863- FtE Donald, Joseph 1906 ALB Donald, Maggie 1854- NoH>Sas/Sis>OnL>MET Donald, Marais () 1875 ALB Donald, Mary 1939 Sad Donald, Peter 1861- RdR>FtE Donald, Robert 1870- MuS Donaldson, Samuel J. NWMP 1859 >SK/Qu' Donaus, Albert see Deneau, Albert Donawauk Chief 1885 TLN/Chl/Dye Dondaine, L'Hire 1785 LSL/LLB>RMH Donecz, Andrew 1915 >ALB Donehogawa see Parker, Ely Samuel Dong see Duong Donham 1760 IRE>SCO>USA/NJE Doniphan Col. 1821 USA>NMX Donnacona Chief 1525 HUR Donnard, Anne 1948 CHI/DeS/BlL Donnellan, Daniel 1863 >ALB Donnelly 1865 ONT Donnelly, Ignatius Saint FRA Donnelly, John J. 1845 IRE>USA>ND/Fen>VMT>MNT Donohoe see also Donahue Donohue Donohoe, John 1804-79>ONT/Pen Donohue see also Donahue Donohoe Donohue, Cathy 1979 PIK/SoP Donovan 1860 >FtE Donovan W.O.I 1924 CAN>ENG>CAN Donovan, Anne (Kelly) 1865 FtE Donville, Joachim 1768 CAN>RdR Dool, J. 1962 AK>NWT>NUN> Door of the Grizzly Bear Lodge see Moise, Antoin Doore, Erica (Waterchief) 1980 SIK Doore, Judy (Catface) 1950 SIK Doore, Judy 1996 SIK Doore, Karl 1980 SIK Doore, Kenneth 1950 SIK Doore, Loretta 1978 SIK Doore, Rosa 1940 SIK Doore, Ruby 1976 SIK Dorais Fr. 1876 >LSA Dorans, James 1974 OJI/PcM Dorchester Gov/Lrd 1867 ENG>CAN>ENG Dorchester, Thomas 1940 ALB Dore see Doore Dorgan, Byron 1985 USA/ND Dorion see also Gladue, John Dorion Dorion, Francois 1749 CAN>MAN Dorion, Jean Marie 1720 QUE Dorion, Holy Rainbow () 1735 YAN Dorion, Louis 1791 CAN/ORE Dorion, Marie Therese (LeNormand1726 QUE Dorion, Marie Aioe (Laguivoise) 1787- ILL>ORE>IDA>WAS Dorion, Pierre 1740-10 MIS>YAN Dorion, Pierre c1781-14 YAN>ORE>IDA Doris God GRK Dorsey, George A. 1870 USA/DC Dorus King GRK/DOR Dorval f 1832 >ALB Dorval, John 1710 QUE>CRE/Mst Dorval, Onesime f 1845- QUE>MAN>ALB>SK Dosnoir, Louison Hd.Chf 1869 CHI/DES/FtR Dorval f 1832 >ALB Dorval, John 1710 QUE>CRE/Mst Dorval, Onesime f 1845- QUE>MAN>ALB>SK Dosnoir, Louison Hd.Chf 1869 CHI/DES/FtR Doten, Edward see Doty, Edward Dotty see Doty Doty, Darius 1863 >FtE Doty, Edward 1600 ENG>USA/MAS Doty, James 1833 USA>MNT>ALB> Double Barreled Scissors 1868 BLK Double Goes Together Woman 1900 SIK Double Gun Woman 1896 PIK/NoP/BDS Double Runner Chief 1860 PIK/SoP/NoE Double Spy 1880 PIK/NoP/BDS Double Strikes Woman 1849 PIK/Nit Double Strikes Woman 1850 PIK/SoP Double Victory Calf Robe 1880 KAI Double Victory Woman 1904 KAI Double Walker see Maksa Kitapi Doubling 1877/97 PaK/1Ar Doucet see also Doucette Ducette Poucette Doucet 1888 CAN>ALB Doucet, Eugeenie 1850 QUE>ENG Doucet, Leonard Fr.OMI 1849 FRE>LSA>CRE/AsW/Kis/Cgy Doucette see also Doucet Poucette Doucette 1773 CAN>FCh>BC>FCh Doucette, Benoit Doucette, Carmene (Piche) Doucette, Charles 1765 CAN>Dau>Ota Doucette, Joseph 1787 CAN>FtE> Doucette, Norman 1982- MIC/Esk Douceur Fr.OMI 1879 >CHI/FDL> Douchouquette, Francois see Chouquette, Francois Dougal, Charlie 'Quick Lunch' 1890 ONT/OJI Dougherty, John 1807 USA>ND Douglas Chief UTE Douglas StSgt 1850 ONT>MAN Douglas, C.H. Maj. 1910 ENG>ALB Douglas, David 1798-35 SCO>ALB>HAW Douglas, Howard 1887 >ALB Douglas, James Sir 1764 SCO/GUY/Mul>BC Douglas, James LordSir 1803-77 SCO/GUY/Mul>CRE>CAR>Noo Douglas, Jane Queen 1550 ENG Douglas, Roy 1878 >ALB Douglas, Thomas Thomas Earl 1771-20 SCO>ENG>CAN>MAN/RdR>ENG Douglas, Thomas Premier 1920 Doupe, Joseph DLS 1873 >ALB> Douquette see Duquette Dousman, Hercules 1807 MIN>MAN/RdR Douville de Quindre, Louis Dagneau see Dagneau Douville de Quindre, Louis Dove, Billie 1900- USA Dowel, John 1865 >FtE Dowland, William Dowler, Mary () Dowling, Donaldson Bogart DLS 1864 >ALB> Dowling, Graeme Dr./M.E.1976 ALB Downes, P.G. 1910 >SK>NWT> Downie, Gordon 1980 ONT Downing, Catherine (Guess) Dowwoning, Edward Downing, Joseph Downing, Lucile Downing, Maud Downing, Nancy Downing, Sequoyah Doyle 1867 >ALB Doyle, Ernest Doyle, Hannah (Sande) Doyen see also Beaulieu, Francois Doyen 1780 CAN>RMH Draco Tyr 620B GRE Dragging Him 1890 Pia Drags Behind 1885 PIK/SoP Drags His Robe 1876 PIK/SoP Drain, William 1865 >SK/PaK Drainville, Mary 1775 QUE Drake, Alexander 1557 ENG>NA>CAL>ORE>ENG Drake, Francis Sir 1557 ENG>NA>CAL>ORE>ENG Draper, Thomas Sr. 1871 >ALB Draper, Thomas Jr. 1891 >ALB Dreaver see also Dreever Dreaver 1810 >SnP Dreaver, Christina (Robertson) 1860 SnP Dreaver, Ellen (Linklater) 1860 SnP Dreaver, Frederick 1860 SnP Dreaver, Isabelle (Arcand) 1860 >SnP Dreaver, James Sr. 1830 SnP Dreaver, James Jr. 1860 SnP Dreaver, John 1860 SnP Dreaver, Joseph 1885 SnP Dreaver, Margaret (Belanger) 1820 SnP Dreaver, Margaret 1860 SnP Dreaver, Samuel 1860 SnP Dreever see also Dreaver Drever Dreever 1878 >GrL> Dreever, Peter 1910 Was Drefs, Michelle 1974 DET/Asu Dresser 1850 DAK/Tet Dressy Man 1850/90cPap>OnL Dreuelle, Louis Drever see also Dreaver Dreever Drever, George 1877 >FCh Drever, Margaret 1847-10 Drever, Mary J. 1857 MAN/RdR>ALB Drew, Ernest Hdm. 1986 MAN/Wpg/Hel Drew, H. 1865 >ALB/HiR Drewry, W.S. 1867 >ALB Dried Geese See Wetah, Andre Drifter see La Fleur, Pima Asiwin Drinking Water see Le Boeuf Qui Boite Drinkwater, C. 1863 ONT Dripps, Andrew 1814 USA>MIN>WYO>MIN Drips, Andrew see Dripps, Andrew Driscoll 1864 ONT Driscoll 1904 >ALB/RMH Driscoll, Alfred 1901 >ALB Drolet, J. see Dienelle, Louis Drollette, Josef 1818 >FtE Drollette, Margaret c1838- FtE Drops Two 1870 DAK/Tet Drouillard 1784/10 CAN>MIN>ND>MNT Drouin see also Drouine Drouin, E.O. Fr.OMI 1909 >ALB>LSA Drouin, Louis 1884 CAN>EnR/MiN Drouine see also Drouin Drouine 1778 CAN>LLB Drucour () 1730 QUE Druilette See Drollette Druilletts Druillard see Drouillard Druilletts See also Drollette Druilette Druilletts Fr.SJ 1845 FRA>QUE>Inn Drum 1875 TSU Drum Beater see Ichabu Drumm, Jakob 1930 GER>CAN/ALB Drumm, Katrine () 1935 GER>CAN/ALB Drumm, Kristal 1950 GER>CAN/ALB Drumm, Margaret 1955 GER>CAN/ALB Drummond 1939 SK Drummond, Thomas 1804 >ALB> Drums In The Water 1890 KAI/KnO Drunken Chief c1870- SIK Drunken Chief, Arnold see Drunken Chief, Arol Joseph Drunken Chief, Arol Joseph 1958-01 SIK Drunken Chief, Clement 1956-05 SIK Drunken Chief, Dorothy 1950 SIK Drunken Chief, Dwight Lindsy 1958-03 SIK Drunken Chief, James 1938 SIK Drunken Chief, Jane 1933 SIK Drunken Chief, John 1960/98cSIK Drunken Chief, Maggie 1930 SIK Drunken Chief, Matthew 1990 SIK Drunken Chief, Patricia 1935 SIK Drunken Chief, Patrick 1930 SIK Drunken Chief, Randall 1990 SIK Drunken Chief, Victoria (Wolf Col945 SIK Drunken Cow see Tastas Keeskway Drunken Woman see Kiskwew Iskwew Drusilla see Livia Drusilla Dry Bone 1871- WPT/FtB>Car Dry Hill see Pastaw Wachisewes Dry Hole see Hunter, Vernon Dry Pumpkin 1796 HID Drygeese See Andare Wetah Drygeese, Susie Chief 1893 TAT/TLI/Wul Dryhurst, Margaret Croall 1889-72 Drynan, Craig Thomas 1976- Du Boishoe, Pierre see Berland, Pierre Du Chesne see also Duchesne Du Chesne, Baptiste des Cedres 1729 QUE>ONT/Mic Du Chesneau See Duchesneau, Jacques Du Frost see DuFrost Du Gauche see Gauche Young Gauche Du Lac, Francois Maire Perrin see Perrin du Lac, Francois Marie Du L'Hut see Greysolon, Daniel Du Lhut see Greysolon, Daniel Du Mont see Dumond Dumont Du Nord, Antoine 1778 CAN>LLB/BeR>FtE>RMH> Du Pays See also Dubay Dube Dubie Dupe Du Pont Duchambon, Jeanne (Mius)1690 MIQ Du Pont Duchambon, Louis Gov. 1685 FRA>NFR/NS Du Roy see Roy Du Sault see Dusold Glinel, Julien Leblanc, Joseph Du Smet see De Smet Duaime, Louis 1784 CAN>FtE Dubay 1764 CAN>Was Dubay 1885 >ALB Dube see also Dubay Dube Dubeau Dubie Dubois Dubray Dubreuil Dubue Dupe Dube 1764 CAN>Was Dube 1885 >ALB Dube, Agathe 1786 QUE Dube, Glayde () 1855- AsW/Kis>Cgy Dube, Helen (Bailey) 1910 ALB Dube, Joseph 1773 CAN/RdR>HID/MAN Dube, Louis 1783 CAN>FtE Dube, Louis 1852- QUE>ALB/Cgy Dube, Robert 1885 >ALB Dubeau see also Dube Dubi Dubeau, Cecilia () 1855- ONT/Pen Dubeau, Edouard 1877- ONT/Pen Dubeau, Eunice 1879- ONT/Pen Dubeau, George Sr. 1845- ONT/Pen Dubeau, George Jr. 1875- ONT/Pen Dubeau, Joseph de St. Michel 1729 QUE>ONT/Mic Dubeau, Lous see Dube, Louis Dubie, Marie 1829- OTT>MIC Dublenko, Aaron 1974 Edm Dublin see Doubling Dubois see also Dube Dubois 1704 QUE>MIS>ARK> Dubois 1797 CAN>ORE Dubois, Angelique (Lariviere) 1780 RdR>Crn Dubois, Francois 1775- CAN>RdR>Crn Dubois, Gabriella 1903-69 Was Dubois, James S. 1884 USA>ALB>BC Dubois, Jean Baptiste 1768 CAN>FtE/Sas>RdR Dubois, Jessica 1987 ALB Dubois, Joseph 1778 CAN>FtE/Sas>TrM/COL> Dubois, child 1809 Sas/FtE> Dubois, wife 1795 Sas/FtE> Dubois, Marie 1826 Sas/RdR Dubois, Matthew 1987 Dubois, Ramona 1904-08 ALB Dubois, S. () 1886 USA>ALB>BC Dubray see also Dube Dubreuil Dubu Dubray 1930 PIK/SoP Dubray, Sara (Lewis) 1930 CRE/Sam>PIK/SoP Dubrespay, Marie Louise (Dagneau) Dubrespay, Pierre Phillipe see Daubrespay, Pierre Phillipe Dubreuil see also Dubray Dubreuil, Jean Baptiste 1791/49 CAN>MIS>IDA>ORE Dubreuil, Louis 1770 FRE>MIS Dubreuille see Dubreuil Dubue see also Dube Dubue, J. 1850 MET/MAN Dubue, Lucien 1775 >ALB/Edm Duburiel see Dubreuil Duc-Vagaso, Carrie 1999 DAK Ducette see Doucette Ducharme 1758 LOU>MIS Ducharme 1800 >RdR Ducharme 1830 >RdR Ducharme 1988 Pas Ducharme, Adelaide 1877-85 AsW/Kis Ducharme, Albert 1859 LSA>Pas> Ducharme, Anne (Gladue) 1865 MaA/Ale/Pas> Ducharme, Antoine 1780- RdR>FtE Ducharme, Antoine 1805 RdR>FtE Ducharme, Carolyne 1975 FtV Ducharme, Catherine 1675 CAN/ Ducharme, Catherine (Saulteaux) 1801 SOT Ducharme, Catherine 1868 AsW/Kis>EdS>Pas>Lap>MET Ducharme, Catlierine 1850 RdR Ducharme, Charles 1815 Was Ducharme, Charles Charlebois 1865 FtP/Sip Ducharme, Charlotte () 1816 SOT/RdR Ducharme, Cherry 1975 FtV Ducharme, E. see Ducharme, Pierre Etienne Ducharme, Etienne see Ducharme, Pierre Etienne Ducharme, Francois 1794 CAN>RdR Ducharme, Genevieve (Gladue) 1820 LSL>RdR Ducharme, H. 1780 CAN>Wap Ducharme, James 1880 DAK Ducharme, Jane (Lambert) 1810 RdR>FtE Ducharme, Jane (Monkman) Ducharme, Jean Baptiste Marie 1723-07 FRE/QUE>ONT/Mic>MIS> Duchamre, Jeannine 1975 MAN Ducharme, Jonas 1845- Was Ducharme, Joseph Sr. 1810 CAN>SOT/RdR Ducharme, Josephte (Richard) 1787- FtE Ducharme, Louis 1875-90 MuS>AsW/Kis Ducharme, Louise 1805- RdR Ducharme, Madeleine 1801- RdR Ducharme, Madeleine 1830- RdR>ILC>FtE>Kis>MET Duchamre, Margaret 1880 DAK Ducharme, Marguerite 1825- RdR>FtE/Lap>FtE>CyH>Kis>MET Duchamre, Marie L. (Rivet) 1800 RdR Ducharme, Marie 1834- RdR>LSA>MET Ducharme, Marie (Desjarlais) 1860 >MuS>AsW/Kis Ducharme, Mary 1839- RdR>FtE Ducharme, Olivier 1814 CAN>RdR Ducharme, Olivies see DuCharnie, Olivies Ducharme, Pierre Etienne 1776- QUE>Wap Ducharme, Pierre 1820 SOT Ducharme, Pierre Lanouche 1850 >MuS>AsW/Kis Ducharme, Pierre Jr. 1880-96 AsW/Kis Ducharme, Rene 1975 MAN Ducharme, William 1950 FtV DuCharnie, Olivies 1761- CAN>RdR Ducharquette, Francois see Chouquette, Francois Ducharsne, Charles see Ducharme, Charles Duchene see also Dechene Deschene Duchesne Duchesneau Duchene, Joseph La Prairie 1774 OJI/RdR Duchene, Joseph La Porte see Laporte, Joseph Duchene, Pimi Kisikokwa () 1780 OJI/RdR Duchene, Pierre 1784 CAN>FtE Duchene, Valorie 1953 ALB/HiL Duchesne see also Dechene Deschene Duchene Duchesneau Duchesne, Benjamin 1794 CAN>ORE Duchesne, Joseph Piroguelon see Duchene, Joseph Duchesneau, Jacques Int. 1645/96 FRA>QUE>FRA Duchouquette see also Chouquette Duchouquette, Francois 1794 CAN>ORE Duck see also Kiski Sisip (Cree) Pahanda (Nakoda) Sisip (Cree) Sisip Pimotewiw Duck 1860- WPT>FPk Duck, April Disney Character Duck, Dabney Disney Character Duck, Daisy Disney Character Duck, Daphne Disney Character Duck, Dewey Disney Character Duck, Donald Disney Character Duck, Downey Disney Character Duck, Eider Disney Character Duck, Elvira () Disney Character Duck, Gladstone Gander Disney Character Duck, Gus Goose Disney Character Duck, Hortense Disney Character Duck, Huey Disney Character Duck, June Disney Character Duck, Louie Disney Character Duck, Mathilda Disney Character Duck, May Disney Character Duck, Morley 1974 GdL Duck, Quackmore Disney Character Duck, Scrooge Disney Character Duck Chief see also Chef de Canard Duckchief Duck Chief Hd Chf 1865-48 SIK/Wes/Bit Duck Chief, Deanna see Cardinal, Deanna Duck Chief, Rosario see Duckchief, Rosario Duck Head 1885 PIK/SoP/Brv Duck Necklace see Dog Chief Duckchief see also Dog Chief Duckchief, Ann 1946 SIK Duckchief, Deanna (Cardinal) Duckchief, Emily () 1935 SIK Duckchief, Gabriel 1950 SIK Duckchief, Rosario 1931 SIK Duclos 1663-81 FRA>QUE Ducoigne, Francois see Decoigne, Francois Dudevoir, Barbara Elizabeth 1720 FRE/MIC/Det Dudevoir, Claude de Lachine 1698 FRE/QUE>ONT/Mic Duf???, E??? 1875 LLB Dufault see also Dufond Dupond Dufoe Duford Dufurd Dufault, Agatha (Janbeau) Dufault, J. 1780 CAN>MAN/Dau Dufault, Nicholas Dufaut, J. see Dufault, J. Dufferin, Earl Of 1855 BC Duffusne 1794 CAN>ORE Dufoe see Dufault Dufond Dupond Dufoe Duford Dufurd Dufond see also Dufault Dufond Dupond Dufoe Duford Dufurd Dufonds, Joseph 1740 QUE>MAN Duford see Dufault Dufond Dupond Dufoe Duford Dufurd Duford, Mary 1860- OTT/MIC/StP Duford, Tristan 1999/08 CHP/LGR Dufour, Mary see Duford, Mary Dufrain, Henry 1865 FtP/Sip Dufresne see also Defraisse Dufresne Sieur 1725 QUE>ONT/Mic Dufresne, Andre 1781 CAN>ORE Dufresne, Edouard Francois 1880 FCo/Nip Dufresne, Fanny see Dufresne, Mary Dufresne, Francoise 1861 FtP/Sip>FrL Dufresne, Marguerite (Mondion) Dufresne, Marie see Dufresne, Mary Dufresne, Mary c1900- FCo/Nip Dufresne, Otto 1864 FtP/Sip DuFrost, Christophee de la Jerema711 QUE>MIS>QUE>ONT/RyL> Dugay, Jeanne see Duguay, Jean Duggan 1860 >FtE Duggan, John 1888 >ALB Duguay, Jean 1691-78 QUE>MIC/Det Dugumbe 1851 AFR Duhamel, Joseph Thomas Bish 1852 >RdR Duhkpitsahoshee see Red Bear Duke of Argyle 1820 ENG Duke of Savoy 1558 ITA/Sav Duke of Wellington see also Potikapoots Duke of Wellington 1720 ENG Duke of York 1773 ENG DuLignon, Josephe Marguerite see DuLignon, Josette Marguerite DuLignon, Josette Marguerite 1747- >MIC/Mac>RdR>Wap Dull Knife Chief 1845 CHY Dull Knife Chief 1868 DAK/Ogl Duluth see De Loutre Greysolon, Daniel Dumais see also Dumas Dumont Dumais 1988 Pas Dumais, Caroline 1866- LSA>MET Dumais, Charles 1835 >RMH>LSA Dumais, Marie (St. Arnaud) 1840 >RMH>LSA Dumais, Marie Susanne Salois 1880 LSA Dumais, Monique 1855- RMH>LSA>AsW>MET Dumais, P.C.T. DLS 1870 >ALB> Dumas see also Dumais Dumont Dumas, Francois c1810- RdR Dumas 1838 FtE Dumas, Charles 1840- RdR Dumas, Esidore See Dumas, Isidor Dumont, Isidor Dumas, Francois c1810- RdR Dumas, Isidor c1850- RdR>SK Dumas, Joseph 1879- >ALB/MtM Dumas, Marie (Gervais) Dumas, Michel 1860 >PaK>MNT> Dumas, Pierre 1790 CAN>RdR Dumbulin, Severe Fr. see Dumoulin, Severe, Fr. Dummond see Dumont Dumond see Dumont Dumond, Francois see Dumont Dumond, Katherine see Dumont Dumond, Louison Nabair see Dumont Dumond, Suzanna (Lussier) see Dumont Dumont see also Demontigny Dumais Dumas DuMont 1611 FRA>USA/NWY Dumont 1640 FRA>USA/NWY>NWJ>MIC Dumont 1650 FRA Dumont 1670 QUE DuMont 1700 USA/NWY Dumont 1705 QUE>ONT Dumont 1730 QUE Dumont 1750 QUE>ALB Dumont 1759 QUE>ONT Dumont 1769 FRA Dumont 1775 QUE>MAN Dumont 1812 FRA Dumont 1815 CAN>USA/MIC Dumont 1841 USA/MIC Dumont 1844 CAN>USA/MIC Dumont 1852 HOL>RSA Dumont 1900 ONT Dumont 1900 MAN Dumont 1988 Pas Dumont, Adelaide 1850- Dum/Pig/LSA>Kis>FtE>MET Dumont, Adelaide 1873- Dum/Sip>MET Dumont, Alexander c1839- Pes>Dum Dumont, Alexander Dennt 1870- Dumont, Alexis 1873 Was Dumont, Ambroise 1870 Dum/LSA>Kis>MaW>MET Dumont, Angele 1851- LSA/Dum/Pas>MET Dumont, Angelic c1834- Pes>Dum>FtE Dumont, Anne (Callihoo) 1859 FtE> Dumont, Anne (Gullion) 1859 FtE> Dumont, Annie 1860 Dum/RdR>Was Dumont, Antoine 1850 Dum>Sip>Kis> Dumont, Antoinette () 1940 Dumont, Askikamentat () Dumont, Baptiste 1836- Pes>Dum Dumont, Betsy (Berland) 1852 Jsp/LSA>Dum Dumont, Caroline 1827 Dum>Ale/Pas Dumont, Catherine (Demontigny) Dumont, Catherine (Gladue) Dumont, Catherine 1888- MuS/TCr> Dumont, Cecile 1785- FtE/Sas>Pes/Dum>USA Dumont, Cecile c1837- Pes>Dum> Dumont, Cheryl 1975 MAN Dumont, Cicile see Dumont, Cecile Dumont, David Capt. 1924 SK>EUR>SK Dumont, Dawn 1985 O'K Dumont, Donald Georges 1927-56 PeR>USA/IDA/NEZ Dumont, Donald 1950- MET Dumont, Dunwoodie 1838- Dum>FtE/LSA Dumont, Edouard 1840/85 AsW/Dum>RdR>Sip>Was Dumont, Elise 1870-85 Sip>Kis> Dumont, Eliza Diamond 1868- Dum> Dumont, Elizabeth 1820 Pes/Dum>RdR>Sip>Was Dumont, Elizabeth 1857 RdR>WMt/Fro>MET Dumont, Elizabeth 1895- MuS/TCr> Dumont, Fanny (Piche) c1838- Pes>Dum Dumont, Feleman 1858- Dum/FtE>MuS/TCr>MET Dumont, Felonie f 1884- MuS/TCr> Dumont, Felix 1846- Dum>LSA>MET Dumont, Floria 1893- MuS/TCr> Dumont, Francois 1784 CAN>RdR Dumont, Francois 1820- Sas>Pes>Dum>LSA/Pas Dumont, Francois 1875 Was Dumont, Gabriel the Elder Chief 1800 >TD?>Pes>Dum>LSA>Was Dumont, Gabriel, Mrs.(Sarcee) 1805 TSU>CRE/TwD Dumont, Gabriel Jr. 1811 TSU/CRE/TD?>Pes>Dum> Dumont, Gabriel 1837- AsW/Dum>RdR>Sip>RdR>Was Dumont, Gabriel 1875- Sip>LSL>MET Dumont, Georges 1907 PeR Dumont, Grustine see Nault, Justine Dumont, Guy 1956- MAN Dumont, Irene () 1925-07 Dumont, Isabella 1880 Sip>Kis> Dumont, Isabelle (Grey) 1840 LSL>Kis>Sad>MET Dumont, Isabelle () 1848- >Dum Dumont, Isidore Hi Kapaw 1810-85 TD?>Pes>Dum>RdR>Sip>RdR>Was Dumont, Isidore 1834/85 Pes/Dum>RdR>Sip>Was Dumont, Jacob see Dumont, Jacques Dumont, Jacques 1838-70>TD?>Pes>Dum/Pig>LSA Dumont, James 1825 Pes>Dum Dumont, James 1834- Pes>Dum Dumont, Jean Baptiste I c1770-36cCAN>CRE/TD?>Pes>Dum Dumont, Jean 1820/28 Dum Dumont, Jean Baptiste II 1821- Pes/Dum>Dum>Pas Dumont, Jean c1840- Pes>Dum Dumont, Jean Baptiste III 1852- Dum/Pas>Kis>Sad>MET Dumont, Jean Baptiste IV 1873-76 Kis Dumont, Jean Bilone 1810- RdR Dumont, Jean Gerald Joseph 1955-05 Dumont, John see Dumont, Jean Dumont, Joseph 1880- Kis/MuS/TCr>MET Dumont, Joseph 1880- Kis>MET Dumont, Joseph 1935 Dumont, Josephine see Dumont, Seraphine Dumont, Josette (Sarcee) 1770 NWC>TZA>CRE>Pes>Dum Dumont, Josette Kakiyew Wapamit()855 Dum>Sip>Kis> Dumont, Jutches () 1868- MuS/Duh Dumont, Kanahow 1836 Dumont, Ka Nipew see Dumont, Isidore Dumont, Kanipew see Dumont, Isidore Dumont, Katherine 1820 TwD?>Pes>Dum Dumont, Katrine (Demontigny) Dumont, Katrine c1827- Pes>Dum Dumont, Katrine (Gladue) c1827- LSL>FtE>Wab>Dum/Pas Dumont, Lalouise (Decoyne) Dumont, Leleet c1836- Pes>Dum Dumont, Lizet 1824- Pes>Dum Dumont, Louis c1834- Pes>Dum Dumont, Louisa 1891- MuS/TCr> Dumont, Louisa () 1945 MET Dumont, Louise (Laframboise) 1819 Pes>Dum>RdR>Sip>RdR>Was Dumont, Louison Durand Nabes 1835 Pes>DuM/Pig Dumont, Madeleine (Wilkie) Dumont, Margaret 1841 Pes>Dum Dumont, Margret 1882- MuS/TCr> Dumont, Marianne (Bruneau) 1838 Pes>Dum/Pig>LSA>Kis Dumont, Marianne (Berland) 1844- Jsp>FtE/LSA>MET Dumont, Marie (Askis Kamik Menika802 FtE>AsW>Pes/Dum/Pig>MaW Dumont, Marie Koostsakoopew () 1835 Pes>Dum/Pig Dumont, Marie Anne (McKay) 1838-74>Pes/Dum>LSA>MET Dumont, Marie 1848- Dum>LSA Dumont, Marie 1851- Dum>FrL/Keh>LLB>MET Dumont, Marie 1868 >Kis>Erm> Dumont, Marie 1870 Dum/LSA>Kis>MaW>MET Dumont, Marie Louise 1885/85 Kis Dumont, Marilyn 1980 Dumont, Marjorie 1980 Dumont, Marshall 1884 Edm>AFG> Dumont, Mary () 1856- Dum>FtE/LSA Dumont, Mary 1880 Dumont, Mary Rose 1886- MuS/TCr> Dumont, Mary () 1918-00>Cgy Dumont, Modeste 1831 Dum Dumont, N. 1854 FtE Dumont, Nabair see Dumont, Napew Dumont, Nabais see Dumont, Louison Dumont, Napew Dumont, Nancy (Gladue) 1837 Pas>Dum Dumont, Nancy (Cadieux) 1860 Sip Dumont, Napew Chief c1809- Pes>Dum/Pig Dumont, Pascal see Dumont, Paskel Dumont, Paskel 1863- Dum>MuS/Duh Dumont, Patricia Carol 1969-05 Dumont, Pelagie c1835- Pes/Dum>RdR>Sip>Was Dumont, Petit Jean see Dumont, Jean Dumont, Philomene (Annance) 1856- FtE>Jsp>AmW>TCr/Kis>MET Dumont, Pierre 1704- QUE>ONT>MAN/RdR Dumont, Pierre (Mrs.) 1760 Sas/TwD> Dumont, Rose 1950 Dumont, St. Pierre 1843- Dum>LSA>Cal>MaW>MET Dumont, Seeseel c1837- Pes>Dum Dumont, Seraphine c1860- AsW/Kis>Ale>USA/MAI Dumont, Sonya Greenwood 1960 Dumont, Susan () 1815 Sas>Pes> Dumont, Susana see Lussier, Suzanna Dumont, Susana 1834 Pes>Dum Dumont, Susanna see Lussier, Suzanna Dumont, Susanne see Lussier, Suzanna Dumont, Susanne 1783- >TwD?>Pes>Dum Dumont, Susanne Kotak Apit 1840 Sip>MET Dumont, Susanne Durand 1855- Dum>MaW>MET Dumont, Suzanne (Lussier) 1805 Sas>Pes>Dum>LSA>Kis Dumont, Theresa see Dumont, Therese Dumont, Therese Dumont, Therese (Chartrand) 1935 MAN Dumont, Therese 1840- Pes>Dum Dumont, Thimothe 1870 Dum/LSA>Kis>MaW>MET Dumont, Thomas 1794 CAN>ILC> Dumont, Veronique 1870 Dum/LSA>Kis>MaW>MET Dumont, Willi 1935 MET/MAN Dumont, William 1878- FtE/MuS/TCr>MET Dumont, William 1906- Oka Dumont, Yvon 1952- MET/MAN Dumoulin, Severe G. Fr.OMI 1798 >RdR Dumouriez Gen. 1760 FRA Dumuy de Laprairie 1732 QUE>MIC/Mac Dumuzi King 2700BC SUM/Urk Dunard see Du Nord Dunbar, W. 1840 >ALB Duncan 1940 ALB/Cgy Duncan, Barbary 1811- USA/NCA Duncan, Jennifer 1980 DEH/ Duncan, Lawrence 1949 >ALB> Duncan, Lonnie see Duncan, Lawrence Duncan, W.H. 1865 >SK/PaK Dundas 1940 BC Dundas, H.A.L. 1868 >ALB/Cgy Dundas, Henry M.P. 1774 ENG Dungas, Catherine 1780- MET/ALB Dunlop 1865 >ALB Dunlop, Georgina (Grandjamb) 1946- CHI/FMy Dunlop, Stephen 1938-99>CHI/FMy> Dunlop, Thomas 1860 >ALB> Dunmore Lord 1736 ENG>USA/VA Dunn see also Dunne Gunn Dunn, A.R. see Dunn, Alexander R. Dunn, Alexander R., V.C.Lieut. 1836 ONT Dunn, Carrie 1985 DET Dunn, Nellie 1875 >ALB Dunn, Thomas 1842 >RdR>FtE> Dunne see also Dunn Dunne RNWMP 1877 >SK Dunne, James 1877 >ALB/Edm Duno see Denault Denomme Dunomais see also Denome Dunomais, Benjamin Aitken 1820 USA/ND Dunomais, Pierre 1764 CAN>FtE>Pes Dunomais, Pierre 1839 FEl>Qu' Dunord, Antoine see Du Nord, Antoine Dunsmuir, James 1893 BC Dunsmuir, Robert Baron 1866 >BC Duong see also Dong Duong, Lily Tran 1983-06 Edm Dupays see also Dube Dubie Dupe Dupouis Dupe see also Dube Dupe Fr. 1899 >ALB Dupin, Joseph Fr.OMI 1853 >ALB>LSA> Dupirer Fr.OMI 1980 >CHI/DeK/FtR Dupis see also Dupuis Dupis 1988 Pas Duplessis, Amiot 1784 CAN>FtE Duplessis, Joseph 1727 QUE>ONT Dupoins see Dupois Dupois see also Dupays Dupuis Dupois, Francois 1784 CAN>MAN/LWp Dupois, Marguerite see Arcand, Marguerite Dupond see also Dufault Dufond Dufoe Dupont Dupond 1790 CAN>FtE/Sas Dupont see also Dupond Dupont, Jacques 1770 CAN>MAN/LWp Dupont, V.H. DLS 1879 >ALB> Dupouis, Marguerite see Arcand, Marguerite Dupre see also Dupree Dupre 1660- QUE> Dupre 1980 USA Dupre, Cal 1945 DAK>EUR>USA>ALB> Dupre, Francois 1784 CAN>FtE Dupre, Francois 1784 CAN>MiN/EnR Dupre, J.M. Fr.OMI 1879 >Gro> Dupree see also Dupre Dupree, Fred 1861 USA/ND Dupuis 1988 Pas Dupuis, B. 1784 CAN>FtE Dupuis, Charles 1784 CAN/Kam Dupuis, Louis 1670 QUE>OTT Dupuis, Louis 1784 CAN/NIP Dupuis, Marguerite (Arcand) 1800 Sip>FtE DuPuis, Marie () 1800- RdR Dupuis, Menard 1825 QUE>SAK Dupuis, Thomas c1851- SAK Duquesne de Menneville Marquis 1732 FRA Duquet see also Duquette Duquet, Pierre 1643 QUE>INN/Mis>QUE Duquette see also Chouquette Duquet Duquette 1819 Pes Duquette 1854 FCh Duquette f 1860 FCh> Duquette 1988 Pas Duquette (Mrs.) 1864 EdS>Pas>Lap Duquette, Angelique 1845- Was Duquette, Charles see Chouquette, Charles Duquette, Jane () 1855 FtE/EdS Duquette, Jenneve 1841- RMH/Pes/Was> Duquette, Joseph 1825 Was Duquette, Joseph 1920 Was Duquette, Marianne (Beaudry) 1831 Was Duquette, Michel 1821 MET/CRE>RMH/Pes/Was>PIK Duquette, O Ka Sisa 1879 EdS>Pas>Lap 1864 Duquette, Pesew Iskwew (Piche) 1800 Pes>Jsp/Pau/Alx>Sas>PIK Duquette, Rosalie () see Last Strike Woman Dural, John C. see Duval, John C. Durack, John 1825 USA/MIS>MNT>MIS Duran 1869 Duran see also Durand Durant Duran 1869- >RoB Durand see also Dumont Duran Durantaye Durand, Achille 1890 TSU/AsW/Sip>MET Durand, Alexis 1851 Sip>MET Durand, Alexis 1890 TSU/AsW/Sip>MET Durand, Antoine 1890 TSU/AsW/Sip>MET Durand, Catherine 1823- TSU/AsW>LSA>MaW>MET Durand, Cecile 1890 TSU/AsW/Sip>MET Durand, Isabelle 1 1890 TSU/AsW/Sip>MET Durand, Isabelle 2 1890 TSU/AsW/Sip>MET Durand, Joseph de Chateauguay 1729 QUE>ONT/Mic Durand, Joseph 1780- CAN>FtE>Ath>FtE>RMH>TrM/COL Durand, Josephte () 1782 TSU>AsW/FtE Durand, Josephet () 1785- Sas>FtE>RMH>TrM/COL Durand, Lizette 1890 TSU/AsW/Sip>MET Durand, Louis 1765 CAN>Sas>FtE Durand, Louison Dumont 1890 TSU/AsW/Sip>MET Durand, Catherine (Annennoutauk) see Arendakohi, Catherine Durand, Catherine (Arendakohi) 1645 HUR> Durand, Jean 1642/70cQUE>HUR Durand, Marie Catherine 1684 QUE Durand, Marie Askis Kamik Menikat802 >Pes/Dum/Pig> Durand, Marie Kakotistaw (Piche)1859- Dum/Keh>Sip>MET Durand, Paul 1796- CRE/AsW/TSU>FtE>Sip>MET Durand, Paul 1831 CRE/TSU/Pes/Dum Durand, Paulette 1776 CAN>Was>AsW>TSU>FtE Durand, Sophie 1857-77 TSU/AsW/Sip>MET Durand, Susanne Kotakapit Dumont1840 Sip>MET Durant see also Durand Durant, Catherine 1640 >FRA>QUE Dureault 1886 QUE>MAN Durien Fr.OMI 1833 >ORE>OKA> Durieu see Durien Durivage, J. 1718 QUE>RdR Durocher See also Callihoo Des Roche Desroche Roche Durocher 1988 Pas Durocher, Catherine (Parent) Durocher, Francois 1864 IRO/MET/LSA Durocher, Frederic 1876 Sad>MET Durocher, Giles Daniel see Durocher, Joseph Jules Durocher, Gillian Durocher, Irene 1935 QUE Durocher, J.B. 1755 QUE Durocher, Joseph 1915 >FMc Durocher, Joseph Jules 1951- QUE Durocher, Josephte 1861 GrL>ILC>MET Durocher, Laurent 1770 QUE>USA/MIS Durocher, Petit see Desrochers, Philippe Durocher, Philppe see Desrochers, Philippe Durocher, Sara 1880 Sad>MET Durocher, Shirley Chollette 1970 ALB Dusenbury 1988 Pas Dusome see also Jessaume Dusome, Alexandre Says 1840- Mac/DEN>CuH>MET Dusome, Esther (Fousseneuve) 1854 >CuH Dusome, Francis 1820- RdR>ONT/Pen Dusome, Laurent 1820 MET/Mac Dusome, Marie () 1825 DEH/DEN Dusomme, Joseph 1915 MNT Dusseaume see Dusome Dussiaume see Dusome Dusty Dress c1895- P'D/Kal Dustyhorn 1988 Pas Dustyhorn, Joseph 1975 CRE/SK Dutch see Tarchee Dutch Charlie see Smith, Charles Dutch Charley see Smith, Charles Dutch Fred see Wachter, Fred Dutch Henry See Myers, Henry Wachter, Fred Dutch Lena 1883 >MNT Dutchie 1907 >ALB Dutchman see also Wachter, Fred Dutchman 1845 >FtE Dutchman, Mrs. () 1845 FtE/EdS Dutchman, Mary 1870 >FtE/EdS Dutemp see also Dutemps Dutemp, Michel -1828 FtA/FtE Dutemp, Margaret 1827 FtA Dutemps see also Dutemp Dutemps, Michel 1835 Ale/FtE Dutemt, Margaret see Dutemp, Margaret Dutton, Daniel 1805 USA>MIS>MNT Dutton, Sarah Ann 1920 BLK Duval see also Duvall Laval Lavallee Duval, Alexis 1795- NWT Duval, Elizabeth Lavalle 1790-61 CRE/SHU/RMH/SNK>CRE> Sip>MiN>Wes>CAR>USA Duval, Francois 1785 CAN>RyL Duval, Francoise () 1800- MET/NWT Duval, Jean Baptiste Jr. c1770- MET>Sip>MiN>Wes> Duval, John C. 1853 MET>USA/MNT Duval, Mike 1860 MET/RdR/Rie>MNT> Duvall see also Duval Laval Lavallee Duvall, David 1885 PIK/SoP Dvorak, Ann 1925 USA Dvorak, Wenzel 1918 >BC Dwinger, Ludwig 1895 >SK/PaK Dyck 1988 Pas Dyck, Armin 1943 ALB Dyck, Miranda 1981 SHU/Nes Dyer 1868 >ALB/Cgy Dyer, D.B. 1868 USA>OKL/CHY Dyer, John 1841 >IDA Dylan, Bob see Zimmerman, Robert Dynomme, Benjamin see Denome, Benjamin Dyon see Dion Dzadih see Cha Teh, Francois Dzenlioun, Jimmy Sr. 1943 CHI/HaL Dzenlioun, Jimmy Jr. 1978 CHI/HaL Dzenlioun, Modeste 1998 CHI/HaL Dzeylion, Bart 1998 CHI/HaL Dzieddin, Laurent Tzadi Hdm. 1860 CHI/FDL EEE
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