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We specialize in Western Canadian Native and Historical information, but maintain files on over 4000 tribes. Our files are the most comprehensive on-line files on the history of Indian Tribes, the Fur Trade and Aboriginal /Fur Trade genealogies and biographies.
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Researchers can now order data from Heritage Consulting, or do their own research in the Heritage Consulting Databank located in Mirror, Alberta. This databank is the largest databank dealing with Western Canadian aboriginal history and genealogy To date we now have - over 2,000,000 pages of information - biographies/histories on 1,000,000 westerners from before 1890 - comprehensive histories of over 30,000 tribes and bands We expect to double our data in the near future. For more details click on the subjects in the adjacent box.
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Cabanel Rev. 1893 ALB Cabanna, John B. see Cabanne, John B. Cabanne, John B. 1805 USA>NEB Cabegon Chief 1843 PAI/UTE/UtM Cabeza Blanca Chief 1850 UTE/UtM Cabot, John 1461 ITA>ENG>NA>ENG Cabot, Louis 1483 ITA>ENG>NA>ENG Cabot, Santius 1485 ITA>ENG>NA>ENG Cabot, Sebastian 1481 ITA>ENG>NA>ENG Caboto, Giovani Motecataluna see Cabot, John Cabral, Pedro Alvares Admir. 1480 POR>BRZ Cabrial, Judith 1860- USA/ND/Pem Cabrillo, Juan Rodriquez 1520/43 POR>SPN>NSP>CAL Cadd 1860 USA>SK/WMt> Cadien see also Cadieu Cadieux Chian Petit Couteau Cadien, Alexandre see Cayen, Alexandre Cadien, Jessy see Cayen, Jessy Cadien, John 1830 Pes Cadien, L. see Cadieux, L. Cadien, LaLouise Cayen see Cayen, LaLouise Cadien, Meyo Iskwew see Lussier, Meyo Iskwew Cadien, Paul see Cayen, Paul Chian, Paul Cadien, Petit 1828 Pes>Sip>RdR>PaK Cadien, Pierre Cayen see Cadieu, Pierre Cayen, Pierre Cadieu see also Cadien Cadieux Petit Couteau Cadieu, Delphine see Cadieux, Delphine Cadieu, Elizabeth see Cadieux, Elizabeth Cadieu, Marguerite (Menard) 1630 QUE Cadieu, Paul see Cayen, Paul Cadieu, Pierre 1627 QUE Cadieux see also Cadien Cadieu Chian Petit Couteau Cadieux 1988 Pas Cadieux, Alexandre see Cayen, Alexandre Cadieux, Delphine 1840- CRE/CHI/DEN/FtR>MET Cadieux, Elizabeth () 1826 FCh>CHI/DEN/FtR Cadieux, Ernest E. 1928-57 LLB Cadieux, Gary 1940 LLB Cadieux, Isabel 1860 FtR Cadieux, J.B. 1784 CAN>LkW Cadieux, Joseph 1853 >Ota>CHI Cadieux, L. 1782 CAN>PeR/Dun Cadieux, Madelaine 1873- CHI/Ota>MET Cadieux, Marie A. 1803 RdR Cadieux, Nancy Ann 1859 FtE>Bat>MuS>LSL>MaW>MET Cadieux, Paul 1820 FCh>CHI/DEN/FtR Cadieux, Velma () 1940 LLB Cadieux, Ward E. 1900-60 LLB Cadine Blanc 1759 Ath/FCh Cadot see Cadotte Cadote see Cadotte Cadotte 1650 QUE>NIP>CHP Cadotte 1776 NIP/CHP>RdR>Dun Cadotte, Alexander 1760 NIP/CHP>RdR Cadotte, Angelique () 1837 Cadotte, Archange see Cadotte, Archangle Cadotte, Marie Archange Cadotte, Archangele Julia 1798- NIP/CHP/WIS/RdL>StM Cadotte, Augustin 1728-18 NIP>CHP>RdR Cadotte, Augustin 1784 NIP/CHP>RdR>Dau>PeR/Dun Cadotte, Augustine see Cadotte, Augustin Cadotte, Betsy (Thomas) 1810- RdR Cadotte, Charles 1826 CHP/StM Cadotte, Etienne 1784 NIP/CHP>LkW Cadotte, Genevieve (Picard) 1825- FtE>RdR>MET Cadotte, Ikwesens see White Crane, Madeleine Kwesewen Cadotte, Janette see Cadotte, Marie Janette Cadotte, Jean Baptiste Sr. c1723-03 CAN>NIP/CHP/StM>MIN>CuH/Nip>RdR>FDL Cadotte, Jean Baptiste Jr. 1761-18 NIP/CHP/StM>ONT>MAN>SK Cadotte, Jean Francois 1693-43 QUE>ONT/NIP> Cadotte, Joseph 1825 CHP>RdR Cadotte, Josephte 1780 NIP/CHP/ONT/RdR Cadotte, Kwesewen see Cadotte, Madeleine Cadotte, Laurent Sr. 1747- NIP/CHP/StM>MiN Cadotte, Laurent Jr. 1777- NIP/CHP/StM>MiN>RdR Cadotte, Le Petit 1776 NIP/CHP>Dau>Dun Cadotte, Little Girl see White Crane, Madeleine Kwesewen Cadotte, Louis 1800 NIP/CHP/StM Cadotte, Madeleine Kwesewen (White Crane) Cadotte, Marie Jeanette (Paquette770-50 Cadotte, Marie Archange 1797- NIP/CHP>RdL> Cadotte, Marie 1800- NIP/CHP Cadotte, Marie Catherine (Durand) Cadotte, Mathurin Poitevin 1649-29 QUE>NIP Cadotte, Michael see Cadotte, Michel Cadotte, Michel I 1729-84 CAN/NIP/CHP/StM>CuH/Nip> Cadotte, Michel II 1764-37 NIP/CHP>CuH>Lee>LaP Cadotte, Michel III 1786-56 NIP/CHP>MIN>RdR>Dun Cadotte, Pierre 1808 CAN>ND/FtU Cadotte, Rene 1699- QUE>ONT Cadotte, Sussette 1820- PR?>RdR Cadotte, Suzanne 1780- NIP/CHP/RdR Cadotte, Theresa 1830 StM Cadzeau, Paul see Chian, Paul Cadzow, D.A. 1900 USA Caen, Paul see Chian, Paul Caer Fr.OMI 1840 FRA>ALB/LSA>FRA Caesar, Augustus Caesar, Julia Caesar, Julius Emperor 70BC ITA/ROM>FRA>ENG>ITA Cahcoosis see Kokosis Cahen see Chian, Paul Caigan, Josette 1891- CHI/FMc>FMy Caiheewine see Kehewin Caille 1046 FRA/NOR>ENG Caille, A. 1794 CAN>TrM/ORE/WAS Caille, Toussaint 1784 CAN>MiN Caillioux see Calahaisen Calihou Calistrois Callihoo Calliot Calliou Cain Leg/Bib Cairns, Hilda () 1910 ALB Cairns, Richard 1980 ALB Caisse, Angele (Catpot) 1871 ILC Caisse, Anna (Ross) 1876- ILC>MET Caisse, Annie 1910 ILC>MET Caisse, Charles 1816 ILC/BiC Caisse, Emmanuel 1887- ILC>MET Caisse, Gabriel 1784 Can>MiN>ILC/BiC> Caisse, Jeremie 1873- ILC>MET Caisse, Louis 1863- ILC>MET Caisse, Mary (Sinclair) 1822 OxH>ILC Caisse, Mary 1837- ILC> Caisse, Rosa 1910 ILC>MET Caisse, Sophie (Lariviere) 1871 ILC Caisse, Veronique 1860- ILC>MET Cake Cake see Kake Kake Calahaisen see Calahison Calahaison, Olivier see Calahison, Olivier Calahison see also Cailloux Calaison Calaizon Calihou Calistrois Callihoo Calliot Calliou Gallifer Galliot Niyas Calahison 1800 LSL Calahison, Aimee Rita (Courteoreille) Calahison, Alfred 1897- LSL/Gro Calahison, Annie (Gladue) Calahison, Annie c1895- LSL Calahison, Annie Augustine (Gladue) Calahison, Anny (Gladue) see Gladue, Annie Calahison, Baptiste Niyas c1826- LSL/Niy/LSA Calahison, Bella 1881- LSA Calahison, Catherine (Gladue) Calahison, Catherine Niyas 1815 Niy> Calahison, Charles Chalifoux 1878- Ale>LSL/PeX Calahison, Charly Calahison, Daniel 1892- LSA Calahison, Edouard 1889- LSA Calahison, Francois c1818- LSL/Niy Calahison, Frank Ariel 1948- LSL Calahison, Gabriel Alexander 1916- LSL Calahison, Ignace 1798 IRO>FtE>LSL Calahison, Iosette () 1802 FtE>LSL Calahison, Irene Calahison, Jane 1821- Niy> Calahison, John-Jean Wapi 1858 Niy>Ale Calahison, Joseph 1858 Niy>LSA>LSL/Gro Calahison, Josephine (Auger) Calahison, Josette 1821 Calahison, Julie (Gladue) Calahison, Julie c1860-35? Calahison, Julie (Courtoreille) 1864 LSA>Niy Calahison, Kathleen Ruby 1942- LSL Calahison, Ki Niya Awasis 1830 Niy Calahison, Lewis Keith Frederick1966- LSL Calahison, Lizet () 1806 FtE/Sas>Niy Calahison, Lucie (Auger) 1839- Alx>Niy/Alx Calahison, Margaret Irene 1936- LSL/Ati Calahison, Maria 1902- LSL>Lap Calahison, Marianne c1822- IRO/LSL/Niy Calahison, Marie Mistik 1845 Niy>LSL Calahison, Marie Francoise 1878- Niy/LSL/Gro Calahison, Marie Rose 1905-06 LSL/Gro Calahison, Marie Madeleine 1938- LSL/Ati Calahison, Mary Elizabeth 1924- LSL/Ati Calahison, Nancy (Auger) 1864 Niy>Niy/Ale Calahison, Nancy (Auger) Calahison, Niyas Chief 1801 IRO>FtE>LSL/Niy Calahison, Nora Florence 1940- LSL/Ati Calahison, Oliver see Calahison, Olivier Calahison, Olivier 1899- LSL>Ati Calahison, Pearl MLA 1980 LSL Calahison, Pierre c1881- LSL Calahison, Rose see Calahison, Mary Rose Calahison, Scholastique (Halcro)1876- PeX>Ale>MET Calahison, Sophie (Auger) 1839 LSL Calahison, Sophie 1853- LSL Calahison, Therese 1865- Ale/Cal>FtE>MET Calahison, Veronique 1887- LSL Calahison, Walter Gordon Morin 1900 Lap Calahison, William c1821- IRO/LSL/Niy Calahison, William Chalifoux 1835-99 Niy>Niy/Ale Calahison, William James 1933- LSL/Ati Calahoo see Callihoo Calais Fr.OMI 1921 >MaW Calaison see Calahison Calaizon see Calahison Calamity Jane 1885 USA/MNT> Calder, Amelia 1853- FtE>AmW>MuS/TCr/Kis>MET Calder, Betsy 1877- FtE>TCr>MaW/MuS Calder, Connie 1975 ALB Calder, Edward 1840 Calder, Elisabeth 1808- RdR Calder, Elizabeth 1808- RdR>FtE Calder, Emelia see Calder, Amelia Calder, Frank 1924 BC Calder, Horatio Nelson 1816 RdR>TrM/ORE Calder, Isabelle (Lussier) 1835- Pes>FtE>MET Calder, Isabelle 1848-17 Alx/FtE>AmW>Vic>TCr>MuS>MET Calder, J. 1828 RdR Calder, James 1785- >RdR Calder, Jeanie see Kanawach, Jane Calder, John 1785- >RdR Calder, John 1809-50 RdR Calder, John 1856- >LSA Calder, Louise 1847- Calder, Madeleine () 1856- FtE Calder, Marcus 1790- >RdR Calder, Margaret () 1795- RdR Calder, Marguerite () 1869- SK>LSA Calder, Mary 1848- RdR Calder, Nancy () 1786- RdR Calder, Nancy (Budd) Calder, Peter 1820 FtE>Pes>FtE Calder, Sarah (Humphrey) 1786- RdR Calder, Sarah (Pamareau) 1804 RdR>FtE Calder, William 1785- RdR>FtE Calder, William 1838- FtE Calder, William 1850- FtE>Dun>FtE Caldwell, Connie 1970 Caw Caldwell, George Yellow Wolf HCf1870 ARA Caldwell, James 1774 ENG>QUE>RdR Caldwell, Quesesis Chief 1870 Caw Caldwell, Robert Chief 1930 Caw Caldwell, Sheldon 1950 Caw Caldwell, Sherman Coolige 1870 ARA Caldwell Thomas C. Sr. MP 1870 ONT Caldwell, Thomas C. Jr. 1892 ONT>ALB> Caldwell, W.B. Maj. 1818 ENG>RdR> Caldwell, William Madwayosh Chf.1890 Caw Caldwood, June 1938 ONT Caleb 1380BC EDO Calf 1900 SIK Calf, ??? f 1925 SIK Calf, May (?) 1923 SIK Calf, Peter 1920 SIK Calf Boss Ribs, Pat 1964 PIK/SoP Calf Bull Chief 1840 SIK>ATS>SIK/StR Calf Chief 1820/38 KAI Calf Chief 1890 KAI Calf Chief 1853/76 PIK Calf Chief, Albert see Chief Calf, Albert Calf Chief, Brown 1895 KAI Calf Child see also Crawler, Hector Mark, Paul Calf Child c1840- SIK/StR Calf Child 1880 KAI Calf Child, u/k 1900 SIK Calf Child, Annette 1990 SIK Calf Child, Florence (Catface ?)1930 SIK/StR Calf Child, Joseph Chief c1870-42 SIK/StR Calf Looking see also Nista Sami Calf Looking 1810 PIK/SoP Calf Looking 1870 PIK/SoP Calf Robe see also Onesta Calf Robe 1830 PIK Calf Robe Chief 1840/91 SIK/CaR/StR Calf Robe 1850 KAI/AkP? Calf Robe, Andrew 1960 SIK Calf Robe, Benjamin Augustine 1890- SIK Calf Robe, Darrell 1968-04 SIK Calf Robe, Edward 1964 SIK Calf Robe, Hugh 1943/73cKAI Calf Robe, Joseph 1960 SIK Calf Robe, Josephine () 1910 SIK Calf Robe, Marvin 1970 TSU>CRE/Sad Calf Robe, Teena (Auger) 1970 CRE/Sad/TSU Calf Shirt Chief 1820/73 KAI/Nit Calf Shirt Chief 1840/90 KAI Calf Tail Hd.Chf. 1853/89?KAI/NoK/Apu Calf Tail 1870 KAI Calhoun 1800 USA/DC Calhoun, James Lt. 1856/76 USA>NEB>MNT Caliaux, Michel see Callihoo, Michel Caliaux, Peggy see Callihoo, Peggy California 1848 USA>CAL>MNT>ALB>MNT California Huntress see Smith, Lillian Californy see California Calihoo see Callihoo Calihoos see Callihoo Calihou see Callihoo Calio see Callihoo Caliou see Callihoo Calistrois, Michel see Callihoo, Michel Callaghan NWMP 1861 >ALB> Callahoo see Callihoo Callan see Georgieu, Costas Callen, Thomas J. Pvt. 1856 USA>MNT> Calliere, Hector 1680 FRA>NFR/QUE Callihoo see also Calahaisen Calahison Calliou Caraconter Gayou Geyer Gullion Callihoo Chief 1805 IRO/Cal Callihoo f 1825 IRO/Cal>FtE>MET Callihoo, Adam 1850 Cal Callihoo, Adolphus Joseph see Calliou, Adolphus Joseph Callihoo, Albert 1865 Cal/FtE Callihoo, Alexis 1838- Cal/LSL Callihoo, Angelique () 1820 LSL>Cal Callihoo, Angelique 1841- Cal/LSL> Callihoo, Angelique (Gaucher) 1870- LSA>Cal>MET Callihoo, Anne 1858 Cal/FtE>MaW>MET Callihoo, Anne (Donald) 1863 Sas>Cal>MET Callihoo, Anne (>Lap157) c1879- Cal>Lap Callihoo, Annie Victoria (Belcour861-66 LSA/SwG>Cal Callihoo, Baptiste 1816 IRO/CRE/Jsp/Cal Callihoo, Baptiste 1900 Callihoo, Caroline see also Calliou, Caroline Callihoo, Catherine 1867- Cal/LSA Callihoo, Cecile 1825- IRO/PeR/Cal>LSA>MET Callihoo, Cecile 1830- Cal Callihoo, Dennis Callihoo, Dolphus see Calliou, Adolphus Joseph Callihoo, Elizabeth () 1851- LSA/FtE>Cal Callihoo, Elizabeth 1870 Cal> Callihoo, Elizabeth 1871- >Cal Callihoo, Felix Chief 1900/31cCal Callihoo, Francis 1854/63 FtE/Cal Callihoo, Francis 1960 Cal Callihoo, Francois Sr. 1814/63cMET/Sas>Jsp/PeR>LSL/Cal Callihoo, Francois Jr. 1834- Jsp/LSL/Cal Callihoo, Frederick Chief 1901/58 Cal Callihoo, Helene 1846 Cal> Callihoo, Ignace see Calahison, Ignace Callihoo, Jack Roy 1931-02 Cal Callihoo, James see Gullion, James Callihoo, Jane 1856- Cal/LSA Callihoo, Jean Francois 1855- Cal/LSA Callihoo, Jeanette 1811- MET/Sas>Jsp/PeR>LSL/Cal>MaW Callihoo, John see Guillion, John Callihoo, John 1884-57 Cal Callihoo, Joseph see also Calliou, Adolphus Joseph Callihoo, Joseph 1780 IRO>Sas/FtE>TrM/COL>Jsp> Callihoo, Joseph 1845- SwG>LSL>Cal Callihoo, Joseph 1930 Lap Callihoo, Josephte Callihoo, Louis Caraconter Chf. 1782-54 IRO/Kan>FtE/Sas>PeR>GrC Callihoo, Louis Chief 1854- Cal>MET Callihoo, Maggie (Foley) 1920 FtE>Cal>Lap Callihoo, Marguerite (Gladue) Callihoo, Marguerite 1846 Cal/LSA>MET Callihoo, Marguerite 1856- Cal/LSA Callihoo, Marie (Finlay) Callihoo, Marie (Patenaude) 1811 MET/BlM>FtE/Sas>Jsp/PeR/Cal Callihoo, Marie (Savard) 1826- Ath/LSL>Cal Callihoo, Mary see also Finlay, Marie Callihoo, Mary 1825-55pMET/Jsp/PeR/Cal Callihoo, Mary 1853- Cal/LSA Callihoo, Michel Chief 1805/10 IRO/CRE/Cal Callihoo, Michel 1856- Cal Callihoo, Peggy () 1871- LSA>Cal Callihoo, Peter 1890 Cal>MET Callihoo, Philomene Gaucher 1883- Jsp>MET Callihoo, Pierre -1854 Cal Callihoo, Roderick Chief 1915-58cCal Callihoo, Sarah () 1811 >Cal Callihoo, Sarah 1847- Cal>MaW Callihoo, Susanne 1815 MET/Sas/FtE>Jsp> Callihoo, Tama 1805 IRO/CRE/Cal Callihoo, Thomas 1836/90pCal Callihoo, Veronique (Gladue) Callihoo, Victoria (Belcourt) 1861-66 LSA>Cal Callihoo, William 1870 Cal>MET Callihoo, William 1980 MET/Cal Callihou see also Callihoo Callihou, David 1940 Cal>MET/FiL Callihou, Theodor 1940 Cal>MET/FiL Callihou, Thomas 1940 Cal>MET/FiL Calling Bull see also Ka Kitowiw Mostos Calling Bull, John 1891 OnL Calling Bull, Touissant 1865 Sik/OnL Calling First 1880 KAI Calling High 1900 KAI Calling Last, Adrian 1988 KAI Calling Last, George 1905 KAI Calling Last, Violet 1934-99 KAI>SIK Calliot see also Calahaisen Calahison Calahoo Calihou Calistrois Callihoo Calliou Guilliot Guilvieu Gullion Calliot, Mary see Finlay, Mary Calliot, Thomas see Callihoo, Thomas Calliot, Victoire see Callihoo, Victoria Calliou see also Calahaisen Calahison Calahoo Calihou Calistrois Callihoo Calliou Galleon Guilliot Gullion Calliou 1960 KeL Calliou 1988 Pas Calliou, Adolphus Joseph c1897-72 Cal Calliou, Allen B. 1930 Cal>MET>FiL Calliou, Betsy see Callihoo, Elizabeth Calliou, Brenda 1960- FiL Calliou, Caroline 1870 Cal>LSA Calliou, Dolphus see Calliou, Adolphus Joseph Calliou, Elizabeth see Callihoo, Elizabeth Calliou, Evelyn 1950 MET/Kik>FtV> Calliou, Felix see Callihoo, Felix Calliou, Francis see Callihoo, Francis Calliou, Helene 1816 IRO/NAK/Cal Calliou, Irene see Anderson, Irene Calliou, John see Callihoo, John Calliou, Joseph see Calliou, Adolphus Joseph Calliou, Kyle 1976-96 MET/Kik Calliou, Louis 1870 Cal>GrP Callieu, Louis 1982 Edm Calliou, Mark 1974-96 MET/Kik Calliou, Mary see Callihoo, Mary Calliou, Michel see Callihoo, Michel Calliou, Patsy 1986 SuC Calliou, Peggy see Callihoo, Peggy Calliou, Ruth 1990 SuC Calliou, Terry see Calliou, William Terry Calliou, Troy 1981 MET/Kik>FtV>Kik Calliou, William Terry 1970 SuC Calls Back f 1865 KAI/HTK Calmels, Auguste 1841 >OKA Calverly, H.W. 1867 >ALB> Calvert, Alex 1882 >ALB Calvert, F. 1940 >NUN>NWT>AK> Caly, Paul 1720 QUE>Tim Camarade a Soulier 1785 Sas/BeR Camarade de Paulette 1750 Kat/Ass/RdR Cambell see also Campbell Cambell 1910 SK Cambridge, Duke of 1850 ENG Camegusgunnoot see Kamekaskwanoot Camequasquanoot see Kamekaskwanoot Cameron 1745 >PoP Cameron 1760 >MIN>RdL Cameron 1800 ENG>ONT/FtC Cameron 1800 USA/NWY>ONT/GtL Cameron Dr. 1815 ENG>MoF Cameron, Son 1820 ONT/FtC>StM Cameron, Miss 1830 USA/NWY>ONT/GtL Cameron 1837 >FtE Cameron 1860 FtE Cameron 1974 OJI Cameron 1988 Pas Cameron, Aeneas 1770 Dau Cameron, Agnes Dean 1890 ALB/PeR Cameron, Bonnie 1980 ALB Cameron, Cheryl 1990 Bdy Cameron, D. 1862 >ALB/HiR Cameron, D.R. Maj-Gen 1840 ENG>CAN> Cameron, Donald 1755 QUE>CuH>MIN/RdL> Cameron, Dougal 1770- NWT>NIP Cameron, Duncan 1765 >NIP>RdR Cameron, Helen 1806- NIP?>RdR> Cameron, Hettie () 1940-00 ALB Cameron, Irene 1974 OJI/NWA Cameron, J. 1865 FtE Cameron, John Dugald 1779 SCO>MAN/LkW>NIP>SCO Cameron, John 1869 Was Cameron, Joseph Dugald see Cameron, John Dougal Cameron, Leonard 1936/03cALB Cameron, Margaret (Chatelain) 1869 Sip>Was/Atk>MET Cameron, Marie (L'Esparance) Cameron, Ronald 1779 >NIP> Cameron, William 1863 >ALB Cameron, William Bleasdale 1865 >FrL> Camile, Jennifer 1977 SHU/Nes Camion, William see Campion, William Camp Cryer see Crier Eyanpaha Campbeau see also Campeau Campbeau Bro.OMI 1946 >LSA Campbell see also Lacombe, Auguste Campbell 1790 Sas/FtE Campbell Dr. 1815 QUE Campbell 1860 MAN>ALB Campbell 1875 LSA>GrP Campbell 1911 SK Campbell 1914 SK Campbell 1988 Pas Campbell, Allan 1980 CHI/FCh Campbell, Alexander 1767 ONT Campbell, Andrew 1973 CHI/FCh Campbell, Anitta 1955 ALB Campbell, Archibald Comm. 1839 USA>MNT> Campbell, Archibald Chief 1977 CHI/EnR Campbell, Catherine (Demontigny)1785- RdR Campbell, Clifford 1930 >ALB Campbell, Colin 1767 ONT Campbell, Colin 1787- ONT>PeR/Dun>FMc>RdR Campbell, Colin 1793- DAK>CRE/Lar Campbell, Dee 1959- MIC/She Campbell, Duncan see also Campbell, John Duncan Campbell, Duncan 1775- Campbell, Duncan 1780- RdR Campbell, Duncan 1802- MIN/ND>DAK Campbell, Duncan J. NWMP 1858 NWMP/MAN>ALB Campbell, Elizabeth (McGillivray)801- MiN>Dun>FMc> Campbell, Flora 1905- USA/OKL Campbell, Frank 1886 >ALB Campbell, George c1829- DAK Campbell, Glen Col. 1895 MET/DAK>EUR> Campbell, Helena 1828 Dun>FMc>CuH>RdR>TrM/ORE Campbell, Henry Jackson 1885 >OKL Campbell, Henriette S. 1824- DAK Campbell, J.J. 1863 >ALB Campbell, James 1840 RdR>TrM/ORE Campbell, Jean Chief 1977 CHI/TuL Campbell, Jenny c1823- DAK>MET Campbell, Joey see Campbell, Joseph Campbell, John Archibald 1781-18>DAK Campbell, John Archibald 1775-08>DAK Campbell, John Duncan 1775- >FtE>MiN>FCh>ENG>CAN Campbell, John Douglas Sutherland861 ENG>CAN>ALB>ENG Campbell, John V. 1832- Dun>FMc>RdR>TrM/ORE Campbell, John 1884 LOU/YUK>BC>ENG>BC Campbell, John c1965- CHI/FCh Campbell, Joseph Cardinal 1970-04 Edm/Ban Campbell, Joseph S. 1827-69 MET>DAK Campbell, Lawrence 1910 USA/OKL Campbell, Lonnie see Campbell, Lawrence Campbell, Lonnie 1950 >ALB Campbell, Louisa (Ranson) Campbell, Magdalena (Van Slice) Campbell, Margaret 1834 RdR>TrM/ORE Campbell, Margaret 1839-23 Campbell, Mary 1818-44 DAK Campbell, Mary 1823 Dun>FMc>RdR>TrM/ORE Campbell, Mary Ann () 1832 DAK Campbell, Mary Eliza (Ranson) Campbell, Meg see Campbell, Margaret Campbell, Nancy see Campion, Nancy Campbell, Nancy 1794- FtE>MiN> Campbell, Nancy c1820- DAK>FtU>RdR Campbell, Nancy 1856- Campbell, Neil 1855 USA>MNT>ALB/SIK Campbell, Oliver see Craite, Oliver Campbell, P.D. 1877 FtE Campbell, Pat Chief 1978 CHI/EnR Campbell, Paulette 1850 Jsp Campbell, Peter Black Head Rev.1827 RdR>FtE>Vic> Campbell, Richard 1790/12 Dun Campbell, Robert 1805 USA>DAK? Campbell, Robert 1828 SCO>CAN>NWT/FtN>YUK/GWI/DeL> Campbell, Robert E. 1871- ONT>ALB Campbell, Robert 1930 >ALB Campbell, Roderick 1857 FtP/Sip Campbell, Scott 1790-51 DAK/MET Campbell, Sophie 1975 DET Campbell, Therese () 1805 DAK Campbell, Therese (Gaucher) 1856 Jsp Campbell, Thomas c1780- CAN>USA/VMT Campbell, Thomas 1966 CHI/FCh Campbell, Tracy 1947 DET Campbell, Vera Campbell, William c1824-55 DAK Campeau see also Campbeau Campeau, Calvin 1974 Sap Campeau, Jacques 1677-51 CAN/MIC/Det Campeau, Jeanne Cecile (Catin) Campeau, Pierre 1784 CAN>MiN Campeau, Therese Cecile 1714-46 CAN/MIC/Det Camper, C.J. Rev. >SK Campion, Adolphus 1885 MuS/Duh>MET Campion, Dolphus see Campion, Adolphus Campion, Etienne Charles 1740/94 ONT/Mic>RyL>SK Campion, Joseph Sapin 1812 Jsp>LSL>LSA Campion, Julien 1861- LSA Campion, Marie Marguerite (Nip)c1780 NIP>Jsp>LSL>Ale Campion, Marie () 1867- RdR>LSA Campion, Nancy Sapin 1832- LSL>Jsp>LSA>MET Campion, Philomene () 1838- Ath/Jsp>LSA Campion, William 1816 Jsp Campion, William 1837- Jsp/Ath>LSA Camsell, 1900 DEH/FtS Camsell, J.S. 1880 CHI/DES/FtR Camsell, Philip 1879 >CHI/FCh Camsse, Pierre 1755 CAN>CuH/Nip Can Kuna see Chan Kuna Can???, u/k f 1865 EdS Canada see also Cawandawa, Pierre Canada 1778 IRO>FtE>Jsp Canada, Angelique (Pangman) 1812 Sip/Sas>RdR Canada, Charles 1812 IRO>RdR Canada, Doris 1975 OxH Canada, Marie 1849 RdR Canadien, Priscilla 1981 DEH/FPr Canaswarel, Thomas 1794 >TrM/ORE Canawappaw see Kona Wapa Canawatiron, Ignace 1785 IRO>RyL Cancre 1765 TZA/FCh Cankuna see Chan Kuna Cannepotato, George 1978 OnL Canning, William 1781 USA>ORE Cannon, William see Canning, William Canoe see O'See Cantara see Cantarat Cantarat see also Catare Cantarat, Josephte 1790 Ass/RdR> Cantarat, Louis 1785 CAN>RyL Cantaraut see Cantarat Cantin, Arthur 1943 LSA Canuck, Janie see Emily Murphy Canute II King 1OOO DAN/ENG Cany Attle Chief 1836 UTE/Mou Caouette, Jeannine 1939 QUE>ALB Capa see Chapa Capalette see also Caplette Chaplet Capalette, Angelique (Guiboche) 1780- RdR>LLB/Lar>RdR Capalette, Angelique 1810 LLB/Lar>RdR Capalette, Antoine 1799- LLB/Lar>RdR Capalette, Christine (Poitras) 1858- RdR>CyH/WMt>NoB>MET Capalette, Jean 1710- CAN>MIC/Det Capalette, John 1862- ND>RoB Capalette, John Marie 1881/81 CyH Capalette, Joseph 1778- CAN/Det>RdR>LLB/Lar>RdR Capalette, Josephine () 1865- ND>RoB Capalette, Marie Therese 1883- CyH/WMt>NoB>MET Capalette, Paul 1858 CyH/WMt Capalette, Sara 1884-87 CyH/WMt>NoB Capalette, Suzette 1805- RdR>LLB/Lar>RdR Capelete, Jean see Capalette, Jean Capilo 1860 KUT/Akm Caplette see also Capalette Chaplet Caplette, Joseph see Chaplet, Joseph Capolette see Capalette Capone, Al 1905 ITA>USA/ILL Capopentier, Louis see Caraconter, Louis Charpentier Capot see also Capote Capot-Blanc 1988 Pas Capot D'Orignal Chief 1780 TSU/BrG Capot-Vert see Capotvert Capotblanc see Capote Blanc Capote see also Capot Capote Blanc Chief 1805-80cLar/TwD>Jsp/SHU/Tek>Kam Capote Bleu See Le Capote Bleu Capotvert Chief 1820 LSL Capotvert, Bigstone see Bigstone, Joseph Capotvert, Catherine (Gladue) 1845 LSL Capotvert, Isabelle Kekenetakew 1846- LLB>MET Capotvert, Iskwew 1865 LSL Capotvert, Joseph Pasikos Nehiw see Bigstone, Joseph Capotvert, Julienne (Gladue) 1875 LSL Capotvert, Kinikwanehutam 1859 LSL Capotvert, Margueritte 1859 LSL Capotvert, Maskwa Meyi 1820 LSL Capotvert, Nabesis see Capotvert, Nape Asis Capotvert, Nancy Napesis 1885 LSL/Gro/Bld> Capotvert, Nape Asis 1859 LSL/Gro>Bld>Stu Capotvert, Napesis see Capotvert, Nape Asis Capotvert, Therese 1859 LSL Cappo, Ka Miyo see Cappo, Kameo Cappo, Kameo 1967 CRE>KAI Captain see also Brett, E.S. Captain Chief 1869 LSL/Stu Captain Caukaukes see Kakakew Captain Charlie Chief 1840 SHU/Sod Captain Corn see Corn Captain George 1859 USA>MNT Captain Jack Kintpuash Chief 1853/73 UTE/Yam Captain John 1820 NEZ Captain Metweash Chief 1782 CHP/NWA/LcS Captain Swan see Swan Wapisiw Captive see Stolen Person Captured see Sarcee, Mary Ann Otinew Cree Stolen Person Yuza Captured The Gun Inside see Red Crow Captured Woman see Winu Capuchin Gov. 1732 SPA>NSP/NMX Caraconter see also Callihoo, Michel Capopentier, Louis Charpentier Caraconter Chief 1673 IRO Caraconter 1778 IRO>ALB>SHU/Jsp>CRE/Jsp Caraconter, Catherine (Joachim) 1851- Jsp>Dun>MET Caraconter, Dieudonn 1872- LSA Caraconter, Dominik 1780 IRO>ALB>SHU/Jsp>CRE/Jsp Caraconter, Edward 1959/89 ALB Caraconter, Elise 1879- Dun>CaL Caraconter, Ignace 1784 IRO>ALB>SHU/Jsp>CRE/Jsp Caraconter, Louis see Callihoo, Louis Caraconter, Louis Callihoo Chf. 1782-54 IRO/Kan>CRE/Jsp Caraconter, Louis 1839 IRO/CRE/Jsp Caraconter, Marguerite (Joachim)1845 Jsp>Dun Caraconter, Marie see Joachim, Marguerite Caraconter, Napoleon 1859 Jsp>Dun Caraconter, Rosalie () 1848- Jsp/LSA Caraconter, Simon 1850 Jsp Caraconter, Veronica (Jacknife) 1959 ALB Caramarie 1720 QUE>ONT/Mic Carbery, James 1952 SK Carberry 1895 USA/MNT Carcajou 1868 BgB Card, Charles Ona 1862 USA/UTA>ALB Card, Charles Ora see Card, Charles Ona Card, Gerald Rev. 1890 >NWT>FtS Card, James Ora see Card, Charles Ona Cadrile, Susan Cardin see also Cardin-Francoeur Cardin 1670 QUE> Cardin, Alice Cardin, Nicolas c1594-23cFRA Cardin, Nicolas c1635-67cFRA Cardin, Nicolas c1648-08cFRA Cardin-Francouer, Madeleine see Petit-Bruneau, Madeleine Cardin-Francouer, Pierre 1710 QUE Cardinal see also Cardinel Lacombe Le Cardinal Cardinal 1730 QUE>WIS/Mac Cardinal 1785 >PeR/Dun> Cardinal 1829 >Kat Cardinal 1860/85 Gdf/Sad Cardinal>Jacobs 1880 MET/Erm>CaL Cardinal 1930 FtV/Car/LCr Cardinal 1988 Pas Cardinal, Abraham 1870- FtE/Wrd>MET Cardinal, Adam 1890 Pas>Lap> Cardinal, Adelaide (Boskoyous) 1863 Wab>Ale/Pas>Lap Cardinal, Adelaide Pitekwenew 1865 LLB>CaL Cardinal, Adelaide 1870 >CHP/SOT>WMt Cardinal, Adelaide 1870 Cardinal, Adele 1870 >CHP/SOT>WMt Cardinal, Adele () 1950 SIK>CRE Cardinal, Adeline 1900 BeL> Cardinal, Agathe 1866- Sas>FtE/AtL>MET Cardinal, Agathe 1870 >MET Cardinal, Agnes () 1835- LLB>FtE>MET Cardinal, Agnes 1912- Sad Cardinal, Albert 1895 Sad Cardinal, Albert 1899-73 BeL Cardinal, Albert J. 1904-70 BeL Cardinal, Albert 1913- Sad Cardinal, Albert J. 1923- BeL Cardinal, Alex see also Cardinal, Alexis Cardinal, Alexander 1861- Keh>TCr/MuS Cardinal, Alexander Asham 1865 Sas>MET Cardinal, Alexander c1865- BeL>Lap>BeL Cardinal, Alexander 1876 >MET Cardinal, Alexander 1880 Lap/BeL>BeL Cardinal, Alexander c1880- LLB Cardinal, Alexander 1903 >MET Cardinal, Alexander 1940 LLB Cardinal, Alexanderian () 1881- LLB Cardinal, Alexandre 1873- FtV>FCh Cardinal, Alexis 1820 Alx Cardinal, Alexis 1828-75cAmW>LLB>LSA>AsW/Kis Cardinal, Alexis 1836 BeL Cardinal, Alexis 1856- BeL Cardinal, Alexis 1870 >MET Cardinal, Alexis 1870 FtE>MET Cardinal, Alexis 1890 MuS/Hob Cardinal, Alice 1945 Sad Cardinal, Allen 1956- SuC Cardinal, Allison 1970 CaL Cardinal, Alphonse 1980 LSL Cardinal, Alvin 1977 SuC Cardinal, Alvina (Mountain) 1956 BeL> Cardinal, Amelia () 1875- LLB Cardinal, Andre Sr. 1829- Pes/Jsp/SwG>LSA/Pau>Sas>MET Cardinal, Andre 1855 Cardinal, Andre Jr. 1870 >MET Cardinal, Andrew 1840- FtE/AmW>Lap Cardinal, Andrew Asham 1885- Sas Cardinal, Andrew 1932 Lap Cardinal, Angel 1994 Cardinal, Angele (BlQ1) c1854-26 Sas/Oon>Swt>BlQ Cardinal, Angele 1870 Ale>MET Cardinal, Angele (Tsitson) 1874- FMc>LLB>MET Cardinal, Angelic see Cardinal, Angelique Cardinal, Angelique 1824- CHP/RdR Cardinal, Angelique (Finlay) 1845 Ath Cardinal, Angelique (>BlQ1) c1854-26 Sas/Oon>BlQ>Sad Cardinal, Angelique son (>BlQ1) 1886 Sas/Oon>BlQ>Sad Cardinal, Angelique 1870 >MET Cardinal, Angelique (Tastawits) 1850 PeX>MET Cardinal, Angelique 1910 Dun/PeX> Cardinal, Anita () 1990 Sad/Edm Cardinal, Ann (Gladue?) 1870 FtE/Ale/Pas>MET Cardinal, Ann Soldat 1870 SwG/FtE>Sas/Sad>MuS>MET Cardinal, Ann 1884- Keh/TCr/MuS> Cardinal, Anna Mountain see Mountain, Sheila Cardinal, Anna () 1925- Keh Cardinal, Anne (Phanseque) Cardinal, Anne (Quintal) see Quintal, Nancy Ann Cardinal, Anne 1880 Jsp/SwG/Pau>Ase Cardinal, Annie Evan 1920 Alx Cardinal, Antoine c1795- Sip/Sas>RMH/Pes>Jsp/SwG>LSA/Pau Cardinal, Antoine 1828- LLB Cardinal, Antoine 1832 Gdf>FtE>MET Cardinal, Antoine 1854 SwG/Pau Cardinal, Antoine 1870 RdR>MET Cardinal, Antoine 1870 Ale/Pas>LLB>MET Cardinal, Antoine 1870 Cardinal, Antoine 1870 Cardinal, Antoine 1870 RdR>MET Cardinal, Antoine 1882-88 MuS/MaW Cardinal, Antoine 1888 Cardinal, Archie 1965 LiB Cardinal, Archie 1980 BeL Cardinal, Arsen 1888-64 LLB Cardinal, Asham see Asham Cardinal, Ashlely Mountain see Mountain, Ashley Cardinal, Auborne ? 1831- Pes/Jsp/SwG>LSA/Pau>Sas> Cardinal, August 1930 Owl/LLB Cardinal, Auguste see also Clarke, Auguste Cardinal, Augustin 1710-00 QUE Cardinal, Augustin 1856- MaA/Ale/Pas>LLB>MET Cardinal, Augustin 1864- FtE>LLB/MET Cardinal, Augustin 1870 Pas>LLB/MET Cardinal, Augustin 1890 FtE/Pas>MET Cardinal, Baptiste 1870 >MET Cardinal, Baptiste 1870- Dun/PeX>FtV Cardinal, Barbe 1696- QUE>MIC/DET Cardinal, Barner 1912- Sad Cardinal, Basile 1830- BeR/LLB>MET Cardinal, Basile 1834- LLB>MET Cardinal, Basile 1845-71 Sas/Keh Cardinal, Barner 1912- Sad Cardinal, Bella see also Cardinal, Angelique Cardinal, Isabell Cardinal, Bella Angelique c1860-47cSas>Was>FtE Cardinal, Bella 1879- LLB/Ath/Ale/Pas>Lap>CaL Cardinal, Bella 1910 Dun/PeX> Cardinal, Benjamin 1888 Cardinal, Benjamin 1960 CaL Cardinal, Benjamin R. 2000 MET Cardinal, Bernard 1870 Kat Cardinal, Bertrand 1719 LOU Cardinal, Betsy see Cardinal, Betty Cardinal, Betsy see Cardinal, Elizabeth Cardinal, Bethsy (Piche) see Piche, Betsy Cardinal, Betsy 1870 CRE>MET Cardinal, Betsy 1870 >MET Cardinal, Betsy 1890 FtE Cardinal, Betsy 1909- Sad Cardinal, Betty () 1905 IRE>LLB Cardinal, Betty 1930 LLB Cardinal, Blackfoot Woman 1830 BLK>NAK/Alx/Pau>MaA>Oka Cardinal, Bonaventure see also Cardinal, Jean Baptiste Cardinal, Bonaventure 1870 >MET Cardinal, Boyie 1950 FCh Cardinal, Brent Wesley 1987 Cardinal, Bridget Cardinal, Butchie see Mountain, Elizabeth Cardinal, Caroline (Dumont) 1827 Dum>Ale/Pas Cardinal, Caroline (Johnston) Cardinal, Caroline (Savoyard) Cardinal, Catherine see also Asawa Asis, Catherine Cardinal, Catherine 1828- Pes/Jsp/SwG>LSA/Pau/Pig>RdR>Kis>MET Cardinal, Catherine 1841- GdF>TCr/Kis> Cardinal, Catherine 1841- Jsp>AmW>TCr/Kis>MET Cardinal, Catherine (Louis) 1846 FtE/MaW>Sas/Sad Cardinal, Catherine () 1847 MaW>MET Cardinal, Catherine 1859 LSL Cardinal, Catherine 1868- LSA/LLB>Pas> Cardinal, Catherine (Sakapuran) 1870 >MET Cardinal, Catherine 1870 RdR>MET Cardinal, Catherine 1870 >MET Cardinal, Catherine 1884 Cardinal, Catherine 1888 >MWR Cardinal, Catherine 1890 >MET Cardinal, Catherine 1904 MET Cardinal, Catherine 1908- BeL Cardinal, Catherine 1912- Sad Cardinal, Catherine 1939 Sad Cardinal, Cecile (Labonne) Cardinal, Cecile (Boucher) 1838 Gdf>FtE>MET Cardinal, Cecile () 1857 Sas/Keh/Sad>MET Cardinal, Cecile 1870 FtE>MET Cardinal, Cecelia 1944- FMc Cardinal, Celestine 1916- Sad Cardinal, Celine 1670-71 QUE Cardinal, Charles 1694-810QUE Cardinal, Charles 1732-48 QUE>MIC/DET Cardinal, Charles 1850 >CHI/SOT>WMt Cardinal, Charles Charlo 1840 LLB>Keh/LoL>Sad Cardinal, Charles 1901- Sad Cardinal, Charles c1955- FCh Cardinal, Charles 1965 LSL Cardinal, Charlo see Cardinal, Charles Cardinal, Charlot see Cardinal, Charles Cardinal, Charlotte 1801 LLB>Kat> Cardinal, Charlotte (Takochin) 1861- Pas/LLB Cardinal, Charlotte (Tastawits) 1867- FSJ>Dun/PeX>MET Cardinal, Charlow see Cardinal, Charles Cardinal, Chasty Lynn (Bearchief1982-97 SIK/CRE Cardinal, Christine see Mountain, Christine Cardinal, Christine () 1870 >MET Cardinal, Clara 1923 BeL> Cardinal, Clarence 1980 BeL Cardinal, Clark 1908- Sad Cardinal, Clifford 1980 CaL Cardinal, Clinton 1980 MET Cardinal, Clinton 1978-06 Sad Cardinal, Collin see Cardinal, Kingsley Collin Cardinal, Connie 1962- LLB Cardinal, Cory see Mountain, Cory Cardinal, Cory RCMP 1980 LSL Cardinal, Cory 1980 CaL Cardinal, Cynthia (Papin) 1980 Lap Cardinal, Daniel 1870 Ale/Pas>Lap Cardinal, Daniel 1890 Cardinal, Daniel 1974 SuC Cardinal, Darren James 1962-06 Gdf Cardinal, David 1868- Ale/Pas>LLB>MET Cardinal, David 1910 Dun/PeX> Cardinal, David Arpin 1980 Sad Cardinal, Dawn 1987 FtE Cardinal, Dean 1983 FtE Cardinal, Deanna Fawn 1975-05 CRE>SIK Cardinal, Dennis 1941- Keh Cardina, Dewey 1975 FoV Cardinal, Diana 1945 Sad Cardinal, Dominique 1870 FtE>MET Cardinal, Donald 1965 LLB Cardinal, Dora 1905- Sad Cardinal, Dwayne Auger Cardinal, Dwight 1980 CRE Cardinal, Earl 1980 CaL Cardinal, Earlene 1980 SIK/CRE Cardinal, Edouard Cardinal, Edward 1882- Sad Cardinal, Edward 1890 Sad Cardinal, Edward 1909- Sad Cardinal, Edward 1920 Sad Cardinal, Edward 1975- Alx Cardinal, Eleonore 1860- MaA/Ale/Pas>LLB>MET Cardinal, Elias 1954-98 FMc Cardinal, Elisa (Morin) -1890- Lap>BeL Cardinal, Elise see also Cardinal-Thomas, Elise Cardinal, Elise (Caraconter) Cardinal, Elise 1870 RdR>MET Cardinal, Elise 1888 Cardinal, Elise 1900 Sad/Keh Cardinal, Elise 1910 Lap/BeL Cardinal, Eliz see Mountain, Elizabeth Cardinal, Eliza 1852- Gdf>LLB>MET Cardinal, Eliza Hawk (Desjarlais)862- Gdf>MET Cardinal, Eliza (McGillis) 1870 Cardinal, Eliza 1870 RdR>MET Cardinal, Eliza 1914- Sad Cardinal, Eliza (Steinhauer) 1940 Sad>FMc Cardinal, Elizabeth see also Cardinal, Eliza Cardinal, Elizabeth see Deshays, Elizabeth Cardinal, Elizabeth see Mountain, Elizabeth Cardinal, Elizabeth () 1860- RdR>LLB Cardinal, Elizabeth () 1860- ALB/LLB Cardinal, Elizabeth () 1965 LSL Cardinal, Ellen 1910 Dun/PeX> Cardinal, Elmer 1984 LSL/Edm Cardinal, Emile 1880 LLB/Pey Cardinal, Emile Scott Chief 1950 BeL Cardinal, Emilie () 1880 Cardinal, Emma 1890 Pas>Lap> Cardinal, Emma 1906- Sad Cardinal, Erastus 1911- Sad Cardinal, Eric c1973- Edm Cardinal, Ernest 1950 LLB Cardinal, Etienne 1663-01 QUE Cardinal, Etienne c1940- Lap Cardinal, Euphrasine 1833- LLB/Pey>RdR>MET Cardinal, Euphrosyne see Cardinal, Eupharsine Cardinal, Eva 1975 FoV Cardinal, Felix c1915- LLB>FoV Cardinal, Felix 1945 LLB Cardinal, Flora Pinona 1906- Sad Cardinal, Flora 1980- Sad Cardinal, Florence (Auger) Cardinal, Florence (Ladouceur) Cardinal, Florence see Mountain, Florence Ruby Cardinal, Fox 1965 Sad Cardinal, Francis see also Cardinal, Francois Cardinal, Francis see also Cardinal, Frank Cardinal, Francis 1890 Pas>Lap> Cardinal, Francis 1911- BeL Cardinal, Francis 1945 LLB Cardinal, Francis see Cardinal, Frank Cardinal, Francois-Marie 1693-43 QUE Cardinal, Francois 1790- Cardinal, Francois I Ka Osawaskay821 Pes/Jsp>Dum>Alx/Pas Cardinal, Francois 1825 Sas/Keh>MET Cardinal, Francois II Osawa Yamen849- Dum>LSA>MET Cardinal, Francois Moise 1852- LLB>MET Cardinal, Francois 1855 Sas Cardinal, Francois 1870- LLB>Wab Cardinal, Francois 1940 CaL Cardinal, Frank 1916- Sad Cardinal, Frank 1965 DET Cardinal, Fred 1926 Sad Cardinal, Fred 1945 Sad Cardinal, Fred 1955 SIK/CRE Cardinal, Frederick 1870 Ale/Pas>MET Cardinal, Frederick 1890 Pas>MET Cardinal, Frederick Cyrill 1905- FMc Cardinal, Frederick 1907- Sad Cardinal, Freddie 1936- FMc>Jan Cardinal, Gabriel 1660-88pQUE>USA Cardinal, Gabriel Batoche 1846/85 Sas/Gdf/Sad>MAN/Kee Cardinal, Gabriel 1870 >Sas/Sad/Keh> Cardinal, Gabriel 1974 Gdf Cardinal, Garcilthe 1873- Sas Cardinal, Gary 1970 Cardinal, Genevieve (Pelletier) Cardinal, Genevieve 1870 RdR>MET Cardinal, Genevieve () 1872- LLB>MET Cardinal, Genevia 1827- LLB/BeL Cardinal, George Rupert 1850 Alx/Pau>MaA>PCr>Kee Cardinal, Guisims 1850 Alx/Pau>MaA>PCr>Kee Cardinal, Gilbert 1950 CaL Cardinal, Harold 1900 Sad/Keh Cardinal, Harold 1910 Lap/BeL Cardinal, Harold 1945- Suc Cardinal, Harold D. 1953 Sad Cardinal, Harold 1976 LLB/Kik Cardinal, Harold 1978 SK Cardinal, Harry 1910 Sad Cardinal, Harry 1926- Sad Cardinal, Helen (Tastawits) 1867 Dun/PeX Cardinal, Helen 1909- Sad Cardinal, Helen 1912- Sad Cardinal, Helene Soldat 1870 >MET Cardinal, Henry 1855-82 Jsp/SwG/Pau Cardinal, Henry 1911- Sad Cardinal, Hyacinthe 1870 Ale/Pas>MET Cardinal, Ida 1950 FoV Cardinal, Ignace 1859- LLB/Keh/LoL>Sad Cardinal, Ilona 1965 Sad Cardinal, Irene Ruby see Mountain, Irene Ruby Cardinal, Isaac Hdm. 1830 LLB/Pey/BeL Cardinal, Isaac 1840- Sas/SwG>Sas/Sad>MET Cardinal, Isaac 1876 Cardinal, Isaac 1880 Cardinal, Isaac 1890 BeL>RdR Cardinal, Isabel see also Cardinal, Isobel Cardinal, Isabel 1980 Sad>Jsp Cardinal, Isabell () 1864- >TCr/MuS Cardinal, Isabella see Cardinal, Isabelle Cardinal, Isabelle 1837- Pes/Jsp/SwG>LSA/Pau>Sas> Cardinal, Isabelle (Capotvert) 1846- LLB>MET Cardinal, Isabelle 1859- MaA/Ale/Pas>LLB>MET Cardinal, Isabelle () 1860 LSA Cardinal, Isabelle 1870 >MET Cardinal, Isabelle 1889 Pas>Sas Cardinal, Isabelle (Monias) 1880 HtL>LLB Cardinal, Isobel 1907- Sad Calder, Jeanie see Kanawach, Jane Cardinal, Jacco see Cardinal, Jacques Cardinal, Jack see Cardinal, Isaac Cardinel, Jack Cardinal, Jacko see Cardinal, Jacques Cardinal, Jacob see Cardinal, Jacques Cardinal, Jacob see Cardinal, Peter Jacob Cardinal, Jacob Joseph Sikak 1850- Sas Cardinal, Jacob 1862 >MuS/MaW Cardinal, Jacques c1637-70cQUE Cardinal, Jacques 1640-24 QUE>MIC/DET Cardinal, Jacques 1659-24 QUE>MIC/DET Cardinal, Jacques 1685-63 MIC/DET>QUE>MIC/DET Cardinal, Jacques c1699-55cQUE Cardinal, Jacques Chief 1767/39 CAN>Sas>RMH/Pes>Jsp>SwG Cardinal, Jacques 1790- Sas>LLB Cardinal, Jacques 1797- Sas>LLB/Pey Cardinal, Jacques 1807 Pes> Cardinal, Jacques 1808 LLB Cardinal, Jacques 1820 Alx Cardinal, Jacques 1840 PeR/Car/FoV Cardinal, Jacques 1841- FtE/Sas>MaW>MET Cardinal, Jacques Mostatip 1842 Vic>Kis>Sad/Keh Cardinal, Jacques 1870 >MET Cardinal, Jacques 1890 Cardinal, Jacques 1977 QUE Cardinal, James Soldat 1870 >MET Cardinal, James 1920 LLB Cardinal, James Albert 1973- Alx Cardinal, James 1975 LRR Cardinal, James 1978-06 Sad Cardinal, James 1999 Cardinal, Jamy 1870 >MET Cardinal, Jane see Mountain, Jane Cardinal, Jean see also Cardinal, Francois Ka Osawaskayew Cardinal, Jean 1654- QUE Cardinal, Jean c1687- QUE Cardinal, Jean Baptiste 1690-64 QUE>MIC/DET Cardinal, Jean Baptiste 1730- QUE>MIC/DET Cardinal, Jean B. Bonaventure p1839- Pes/Jsp/SwG/LSA/Pau>Niy/Pas Cardinal, Jean Baptiste 1851- LLB Cardinal, Jean 1870 LLB Cardinal, Jean Marie 1870 FtE>MET Cardinal, Jean Baptiste 1890 FtE Cardinal, Jean Marie 1917- Keh Cardinal, Jean Baptiste c1940- FCh Cardinal, Jean 1941- FMc>Jan Cardinal, Jeanne see Duguay, Jeanne Cardinal, Jeanne 1717- MIC/DET Cardinal, Jennie see also Cardinal, Jenny Cardinal, Jennie 1922- Sad Cardinal, Jennie 1929- Sad Cardinal, Jenny see also Cardinal, Jennie Cardinal, Jenny 1870 FrL Cardinal, Jeremie 1797- RdR Cardinal, Jerome 1833- LLB>MET Cardinal, Jerome 1870 >MET Cardinal, Jerome c1900- FCh Cardinal, Jessie 1835- Sas>SoB>Vic>MET Cardinal, Joan see Mountain, Joan Cardinal, Joan 1965 LLB Cardinal, Joey see Campbell, Joseph Cardinal, John see also Cardinal, Francois Ka Osawaskayew Cardinal, John see also Nipiteham, Johnny Okimaw Cardinal, John 1826- LLB>LSL/Atk>MET Cardinal, John 1837- LLB Cardinal, John 1854-70 Sas/Keh Cardinal, John 1870 >MET Cardinal, Johnny 1870 RdR>MET Cardinal, Johnny Sunday 1887 Sad Cardinal, John 1900 Sad Cardinal, John 1910 Dun/PeX> Cardinal, John Peter 1919- Sad Cardinal, John 1920 Keh Cardinal, John 1955 Sad Cardinal, Johnny see Nipiteham, Johnny Okimaw Cardinal, Johnny 1945 Sad Cardinal, Joseph see Campbell, Joseph Cardinal, Joseph Machi Pakos 1766- CAN>QUE>ILC>Sas>LLB Cardinal, Joseph Soldat 1790 Sas>Sad Cardinal, Joseph 1819 Pas>MET Cardinal, Joseph c1820- Sas>FtE/LLB>MET Cardinal, Joseph 1834 Sas/Oon>Sad Cardinal, Joseph 1844 MaA/Ale/Pas>MET Cardinal, Joseph 1846 Sas Cardinal, Joseph 1850 LSA/FtE>Lap Cardinal, Joseph 1852- LLB>MET Cardinal, Joseph 1858- LLB>MET Cardinal, Joseph 1859- Sas Cardinal, Joseph 1865- Ale/Pas>LLB>MET Cardinal, Joseph 1870 FtE/Pas>MET Cardinal, Joseph 1876- LLB Cardinal, Joseph 1870 QU' Cardinal, Joseph 1870 Pas>MET Cardinal, Joseph 1870 >MET Cardinal, Joseph 1884-90 MuS/MaW Cardinal, Joseph 1890 Cardinal, Joseph c1890- LLB/Lap/BeL>BeL Cardinal, Joseph 1910 LLB Cardinal, Joseph P. Chief 1913- Sad Cardinal, Joseph 1925 BeL> Cardinal, Joseph Patchakes 1921- Sad Cardinal, Joseph 1950 Wab>FoV Cardinal, Joseph 1974 Lub>Wdl/LiB Cardinal, Joseph 1980 BeL Cardinal, Joseph 'Joey' Jeremy 1989 Sad
Cardinal, Josephette () 1800 Sas>AmW>FtE>LLB>FtE>RdR Cardinal, Josephine () 1853- LLB Cardinal, Josephine 1866- LSA/Jsp/FtE/Alx>FtE Cardinal, Josephine 1870 >MET Cardinal, Josephine 1870 QU' Cardinal, Josephine 1870 >MET Cardinal, Josephine 1882 Cardinal, Josephine (Letendre) 1910 Lap>MET Cardinal, Josephte see also Cardinal, Josephine Cardinal, Josephte (Bernard) Cardinal, Josephte () 1792- Sas>LLB/Pey Cardinal, Josephte () 1800 Sas>AmW>FtE>LLB>FtE>RdR>MET Cardinal, Josephte 1800- Sas/LLB>MET Cardinal, Josephte (Daigneau) 1806 Sas>Sad Cardinal, Josephte () 1814 LLB Cardinal, Josephte 1835 LLB Cardinal, Josephte (Chalifoux) 1839 Niy/LLB/Ath>LSA/Ale/Pas Cardinal, Josephte 1855 Jsp/SwG>RMH/SwG Cardinal, Josephte (Desmarais) 1855 >CHP/SOT>WMt Cardinal, Josette 1780- CHP>MIN>RdR Cardinal, Judith see Cardinal, Judy Cardinal, Judith see Cardinal, Julia Judith Cardinal, Judy 1965 Sad Cardinal, Jules 1870 >MET Cardinal, Julia Judith 1824 CHP>TuM>WMt> Cardinal, Julia 1894 Keh>BeL Cardinal, Julian 1850- LLB Cardinal, Julian c1897- FCh Cardinal, Julie 1870- LLB/Sas/FrL/MaW>MET Cardinal, Julie 1900 CRE>MET Cardinal, Julie (Sapo Kisiska P)1860 Wab>Pas Cardinal, Julien 1862- LLB>MET Cardinal, Juliet c1875- LLB/Pey Cardinal, Justine see also Cardinal, Marie Justine Cardinal, Justine c1885- BeL/Lap>Was>MET Cardinal, Ka Osawaskayew see Cardinal, Francois Cardinal, Kakenoos see Kakenoos Cardinal, Katherine (Lightning) 1869 Gdf> Cardinal, Katherine (Sakapuran) Cardinal, Kathleen 1920 LLB>BeL Cardinal, Keeseekoose Chief 1845 Alx/Pau>MaA>PCr>Kee Cardinal, Kepeztah 1815 >SoB> Cardinal, Kinglsey Colin 1985 Edm Cardinal, Koosahwanaskayo see Cardinal, Ka Osawaskayew Cardinal, Kyle 1988 Edm Cardinal, Lalouise see also Cardinal, Louise Cardinal, Lalouise 1846- Vic/Sad>SPC>StA>LoL>StA>FtV>Ath>StA>MET Cardinal, LaLouise (Deschamps) 1851- RdR>Kat>Was Cardinal, LaLouise 1870 FtE>MET Cardinal, Laventure see also Cardinal, Jean Baptiste Cardinal, Laventure 1840 LLB/Ath/Ale Cardinal, Laventure 1846 Kat Cardinal, Laverne 1950 FoV Cardinal, Leah Allen see Allen-Cardinal, Leah Cardinal, Lena 1980/00 BeL Cardinal, Leon 1955 LLB/SyL Cardinal, Leon 1980 FiL>Edm> Cardinal, Leonard N. J. 1949- Sad Cardinal, Leslie Johnathan 1980- Edm Cardinal, Lester 1968/06 BeL>Edm Cardinal, Lewis 1980 Edm Cardinal, Lilian see Cardinal, Lilly Cardinal, Lilly 1907- LLB>HtL Cardinal, Lily Joan 1985/05 LSL/SwR Cardinal, Lisa see Mountain, Lisa Cardinal, Lizette () 1783 Msk/SwG>Sas/AmW>LLB Cardinal, Lisette 1835- Pes>Jsp/SwG>LSA/Pau>Sas> Cardinal, Lizette see also Cardinal, Lisette Cardinal, Lizette () 1821 Sas>SoB> Cardinal, Lizette (Desjarlais) 1870 >MET Cardinal, Lloyd 1903- Sad Cardinal, Lorelei (Stamp) Cardinal, Loretta (Big Crow) Cardinal, Lorne 1960 SuC Cardinal, Louis see also Cardinal, Louison Cardinal, Louis see also Piche, Louis Lambert Cardinal, Louis -1800 CAN>Sas/Sip Cardinal, Louis c1835- Pes/Jsp/SwG>LSA/Pau>Sas> Cardinal, Louis 1840- FtE>Dun/PeX>FtV Cardinal, Louis Thomas Chief 1859-05 Ath>Dun/PeX>MET Cardinal, Louis 1870 Ale/Pas>LLB/MET Cardinal, Louis 1874- LLB>FtE>MET Cardinal, Louis Decoyne 1875- LLB>Sas>FrL>MaW>MET Cardinal, Louis 1880 FoV Cardinal, Louis 1945 Sad Cardinal, Louisa see also Cardinal, Mary-Louisa Cardinal, Louisa (Huppie) 1910 LLB Cardinal, Louise see also Cardinal, LaLouise Cardinal, Louise-Joseph c1727-28 QUE Cardinal, Louise (Frobisher) 1772- CuH>Sas>AmW>LSA>LLB Cardinal, Louise Soldat () 1810 Sas/Sad Cardinal, Louise c1837- Pes/Jsp/SwG>LSA/Pau>Sas> Cardinal, Louise (Arrive) Cardinal, Louise see Piche, Louise Cardinal, Louise (Adam) Cardinal, Louise 1870 >MET Cardinal, Louison see also Cardinal, Louis Cardinal, Louison 1849- LSA>LLB Cardinal, Louison 1855 LLB Cardinal, Louison Thomas Chief 1859-05 Ath>Dun/PeX>MET Cardinal, Louison Batoche 1864 Gdf>MAN/Kee Cardinal, Louison 1870 RdR>MET Cardinal, Louison Chief 1899 PeR Cardinal, Lucas 1945- Sad Cardinal, Machille () 1864- Sas Cardinal, Madeleine see also Cardinal, Marie Madeleine Cardinal, Madeleine 1890 Cardinal, Madeline 1955 Sad Cardinal, Maggie 1870 Kat Cardinal, Maggie 1890 Pas>Lap> Cardinal, Magloire 1897-82cJan>LLB Cardinal, Manches 1900 Sad/Keh Cardinal, Manches 1910- Lap/BeL Cardinal, Marcelina 1864- Ale/Pas>LLB>MET Cardinal, Marcelline see Cardinal, Marcelina Cardinal, Margaret (Lewis) Cardinal, Margaret Wapi Ostikwan see Cardinal, Marguerite Cardinal, Margaret ? 1835- Pes/Jsp/SwG>LSA/Pau>Pas Cardinal, Margaret () 1845- Ath>LLB Cardinal, Margaret () 1850- LLB Cardinal, Margaret 1901 Pas> Cardinal, Marguerite 1793 Sas>Pes/Dum>LSA Cardinal, Marguerite (Plumerea) Cardinal, Marguerite (Richards) Cardinal, Marguerite (Robinson) Cardinal, Marguerite (Desjarlais)800 LLB>MaA/Ale/Pas>LLB>BeR/LLB Cardinal, Marguerite Wapi Ostikc1820 LSA/LSL>LSA/Pas Cardinal, Marguerite Soldat 1870 >MET Cardinal, Maria () 1846- Sas? Cardinal, Maria (Okistat) 1860 SwG/Pau Cardinal, Maria Okimaw 1874- SwG/Pau Cardinal, Maria 1895 MuS/Hob Cardinal, Marianne see also Cardinal, Mary Ann Cardinal, Marianne (Berland) 1850 LSA>Sas Cardinal, Marianne 1870 RdR>MET Cardinal, Marie see also Cardinal, Marguerite Cardinal, Marie (Wilkie) Cardinal, Marie-Catherine (Matou) Cardinal, Marie-Jeanne (Galareau) Cardinal, Marie Justine see also Cardinal, Justine Cardinal, Marie-Louise (Massiot) Cardinal, Marie-Therese (Brunet-Latang) Cardinal, Marie 1710 MIC/DET Cardinal, Marie-Anne 1728 QUE Cardinal, Marie-Joseph 1733-63 MIC/DET Cardinal, Marie Morin (Comtois) 1795- FtE>Jsp>FtE>MET Cardinal, Marie () 1826 Sas/SwG Cardinal, Marie () 1828 Pas Cardinal, Marie 1831- Pes/Jsp/SwG>LSA/Pau>RdR Cardinal, Marie (Bisson) 1840- Dun/PeX>FtV Cardinal, Marie 1841 MaA/Ale/Pas>MET Cardinal, Marie () 1846 FtE/Alx Cardinal, Marie (Dumont) 1848- Dum>LSA Cardinal, Marie 1850 Cardinal, Marie Anne (Berland) 1850 LSA>Sas Cardinal, Marie Rose 1860 FtE>MET Cardinal, Marie 1870 >BlQ Cardinal, Marie 1870 FtE>MET Cardinal, Marie Madeleine 1870 FtE/Lap>MET Cardinal, Marie 1870 LSA>MET Cardinal, Marie 1870 Kat Cardinal, Marie 1870 RdR>MET Cardinal, Marie 1870 >MET Cardinal, Marie Ann (Lacombe) 1870 >MET Cardinal, Marie Justine 1870 >MET Cardinal, Marie Rose 1870 >MET Cardinal, Marie 1870- Kis/Sad/Keh>MET Cardinal, Marie 1888 LSL Cardinal, Marie 1890 Pas>Lap> Cardinal, Marie 1895 MuS/Hob Cardinal, Marie 1900 >Lap/BeL>BeL Cardinal, Marie 1945- Sad Cardinal, Marie 1965 Sad Cardinal, Marlene see Mountain, Marlene Cardinal, Marlene (Many Guns) 1982 SIK/CRE Cardinal, Mary see also Cardinal, Marguerite Cardinal, Mary (Mountain) Cardinal, Mary Soldat Cardinal, Mary () 1820 FtE Cardinal, Mary 1840 Lap Cardinal, Mary () 1852- LLB>MET Cardinal, Mary () 1860- LLB Cardinal, Mary 1870 RdR>MET Cardinal, Mary Ann (Lacombe) 1870 >MET Cardinal, Mary 1870- PeX/Car>FtV Cardinal, Mary-Louisa 1889- BeL Cardinal, Mary-Louisa 1898- BeL Cardinal, Mary Monica 1902- Sad Cardinal, Mary 1905 BeL> Cardinal, Mary Rose 1906- Sad Cardinal, Mary 1919- Sad Cardinal, Mary Jane 1945 Sad>Hob Cardinal, Mathew see also Cardinal, Matthew Cardinal, Mathew 1970- Hob Cardinal, Mathilda 1940 Sad Cardinal, Matiel (Tremblay) 1888 Cardinal, Matthew see also Cardinal, Mathew Cardinal, Matthew 1880 Sad Cardinal, Matthew 1916- Sad Cardinal, Maxim 1918- Sad Cardinal, May () 1955 FoV Cardinal, Meenoomen see Cardinal, St. Paul Cardinal, Melanie 1856- MaA/Ale/Pas>LLB>MET Cardinal, Melanie 1868- Kat Cardinal, Menook see Cardinal, Mi Minahik Cardinal, Mi Minahik (Memnook) 1865/85 BlQ Cardinal, Michael Landry c1860- Keh Cardinal, Michael 1870 Lap/BeL Cardinal, Michael 1950 CaL Cardinal, Michel Garnier see Garnier, Michel Cardinal, Michel Ooskins 1820 Pes/Jsp/SwG>LSA/Alx/Pau>Oka>MET Cardinal, Michel 1850 Jsp/LSA Cardinal, Michel 1870 >MET Cardinal, Michel 1875- Keh/Sas>MET Cardinal, Michel 1944- FMc>Jan Cardinal, Michelle see also Cardinal, Michael Cardinal, Michelle see also Cardinal, Michel Cardinal, Michelle Garnier see Garnier, Michel Cardinal, Mike see Cardinal, Michael Cardinal, Mildred see Cardinal, Victoria Cardinal, Modest c1900- FCh Cardinal, Modest 1930- FMc>Jan Cardinal, Moise Sr. 1850 MaA/Ale/Pas Cardinal, Moise Jr. 1867- Ale/Pas>LLB>MET Cardinal, Moise 1870 >MET Cardinal, Monique 1870 FtE/Lap>MET Cardinal, Morris 1911- Sad Cardinal, Moses 1924- Sad Cardinal, Muches see Cardinal, Manches Cardinal, Nancy ? 1826- Pes/Jsp/SwG>LSA/Pau>Sas> Cardinal, Nancy Ann (Quintal) 1830 LLB/Pey>Msk>Kak Cardinal, Nancy (Beaudoin) 1840 FtE/LSA Cardinal, Nancy (Joachim) 1840 Jsp>SwG/Pau Cardinal, Nancy 1900/74>Vic/Sam>MET Cardinal, Nanette 1825 >Atk> Cardinal, Nanwes 1910 Sad/Keh Cardinal, Narcisse 1834 LLB>MET Cardinal, Narcisse 1869- Ale/Pas>LLB>MET Cardinal, Narcisse 1870 >MET Cardinal, Nellie (Blaine) 1890 >Lap/BeL>BeL Cardinal, Neyomonpekinam 1855 >MaA/Ale/Pas>LLB Cardinal, Norbert Soldat 1830-76 Sad Cardinal, Norbert 1890 Pas>Lap> Cardinal, Norman see Mountain, Norman Cardinal, O'Soup Chief 1855 BLK/NAK/Alx/Pau>MaA>PCr>O'S Cardinal, Octavie 1870 >CHP/SOT>WMt>Kat>MET Cardinal, Olive 1890 Pas>Lap> Cardinal, Olivier 1890 Pas>Lap> Cardinal, Ollivier Wapi Ostikwan1859- Pau/Niy>Pas>Lap> Cardinal, Pamela 1973 FtV Cardinal, Patricia 1973 FtV Cardinal, Patrick 1870 >MET Cardinal, Patrick 1900 BeL> Cardinal, Paul 1851- LLB Cardinal, Paul Mountain 1966/06 LLB>Edm Cardinal, Paula 1973 FtV Cardinal, Pearl 1965 FtV>Edm Cardinal, Pearl 1985 Lap Cardinal, Peggy (Ward) 1858 Lap>FtE>MET Cardinal, Pelagie 1862- LSA/LLB>Pas>LLB Cardinal, Pelagie 1870 RdR>MET Cardinal, Penny 1973 FtV Cardinal, Percy 1865 FtV Cardinal, Perry 1965 FtV>MaW Cardinal, Pesew Iskwew (Piche) 1800 Pes>Jsp/SwG>LSA/Pau>Sas> Cardinal, Peter Jacob Decoyne 1840 LLB>Sas/FrL Cardinal, Peter 1891- Sad Cardinal, Peter 1940 FtV Cardinal, Peter Arnold 1971- Edm Cardinal, Philip 1865- LLB Cardinal, Philip 1990 Alx Cardinal, Philomene 1847- LLB/Pey>MET Cardinal, Philomene (Auger) 1890 Cardinal, Pierre 1665-19 QUE Cardinal, Pierre 1729- MIC/DET Cardinal, Pierre 1810 BeR/LLB/LLB Cardinal, Pierre 1820 Sas/SwG Cardinal, Pierre 1834- LLB>FtE>MaW>MET Cardinal, Pierre 1870 >MET Cardinal, Pierre 1872- FtE/Lap>MET Cardinal, Pierre 1880 Cardinal, Pierre Machamis see Cardinal, Pierre Mata Mina Cardinal, Pierre Mitchominis see Cardinal, Pierre Mata Mina Cardinal, Pinona Flora c1903- Lap/BeL>Sad Cardinal, R. 1784 QUE>MIN/FDL Cardinal, Rachel 1920- Sad Cardinal, Raymond 1940 LLB/BeL>CHI/HtL> Cardinal, Raymond Chief 1945 Lap Cardinal, Richard Carlyle 1983- Hob Cardinal, Rita 1947 SuC Cardinal, Rita c1953- FCh Cardinal, Robert 1969-03 Sad Cardinal, Robert James c1972- FCh Cardinal, Robert 1988- SIK/CRE Cardinal, Robin 1960-04 Sad Cardinal, Ronald 1981 FMc Cardinal, Rosalie (Dion) 1830 Keh/Sas>MET Cardinal, Rosalie (Berland) 1835- Jsp>SwG/LSA Cardinal, Rosalie (Courteoreille)870 >MET Cardinal, Rose (Cris) 1785 Sas>AmW>LLB Cardinal, Rose 1878- FtV/Car Cardinal, Rosie 1913- Sad Cardinal, Roy Joseph 1948- Keh Cardinal, S. 1784 QUE>MIN/FDL Cardinal, St. Luc Pierrot 1839- MaA/Ale/Pas>LLB>MET Cardinal, St. Luc II 1859- MaA/Ale/Pas>LLB>MET Cardinal, St. Paul Chief 1846 RdR>Keh/Sad>MET Cardinal, Sally () 1830 >Oka Cardinal, Sally 1889- Sad Cardinal, Sam see Cardinal, Solomon Cardinal, Samuel 1870 Ale/Pas>MET Cardinal, Samuel 1940 FiL/ALB Cardinal, Samuel 1980 Sam Cardinal, Samuel 2000 SIK/CRE Cardinal, Sandra 1960 CaL Cardinal, Sarah () 1880- MuS/Hob Cardinal, Sarah 1895 MuS/Hob Cardinal, Sarah Lena 1975 LLB Cardinal, Sawino 1910 Sad/Keh Cardinal, Scholastique 1888 Cardinal, Sharlo 1851 Sad Cardinal, Sheila Anna see Mountain, Sheila Cardinal, Solomon Big Chief 1915-44 Gdf Cardinal, son 1811- Sas Cardinal, Sophia 1945 BeL> Cardinal, Sophie 1865 Keh>Was>MET Cardinal, Sophie 1870 LSA>MET Cardinal, Susanne 1870 >MET Cardinal, Susette 1834- LLB>MET Cardinal, Suzanne Lafrance 1790- >Jsp>RdR Cardinal, Suzanne c1837- Pes/Jsp/SwG>LSA/Pau>Sas> Cardinal, Suzanne (Collin) 1839 Sas Cardinal, Suzanne D. 1857- >MET Cardinal, Suzanne 1870 >MET Cardinal, Suzanne 1910 Dun/PeX> Cardinal, Suzette 1800 Sas>LLB Cardinal, Sylvestre 1912- Sad Cardinal, Theresa 1826- Sas/LLB>JkF/LLB/Pey Cardinal, Theresa 1929- Sad Cardinal, Therese 1826- Sas/LLB>JkF/LLB/Pey Cardinal, Therese 1870 >MET Cardinal, Therese 1890 Cardinal, Theris 1884- TCr/MuS> Cardinal, Therise 1820 Pes/Jsp/SwG>LSA/Pau Cardinal, Thomas 1839 Ath Cardinal, Thomas 1945 ALB Cardinal, Troy 1983- SuC Cardinal, Valorie Glynnis Lee (Hall) Cardinal, Viann (Thompson) 1965 LLB Cardinal, Victoria () 1873- Ath>LLB Cardinal, Victoria Mildred 1938- LLB Cardinal, Virginie 1880 LLB Cardinal, William Wapi Ostikwan Cardinal, William 1850 Alx/Pau>MaA>PCr>Kee Cardinal, William 1870 RdR>MET Cardinal, William 1880 LLB Cardinal, William 1910 BeL> Cardinal, William Jason 1925- BeL Cardinal, Xavier 1852- LLB>MET Cardinal, Xavier 1890 Cardinal, Yellowhead 1850 Alx/Pau>MaA>PCr>Kee Cardinal, Yvonne () 1945 Sad Cardinal-Quintal, Philomene 1847- LLB/Pey>MET Cardinal-Thomas, Elise Cardinault see Cardinal Cardinel, Jack 1969 SHO Cardoma, Xavoer see Cardinal, Xavier Careless 1888 >ALB Carew Chief 1151 NOR/IRE Carey, Daniel 1844 >PeR>RDR>PeR>BC/HuH>FtV> Carey, Edward 1850 >FtE> Carey, Francis 1870 FtE Carey, Josette (Sarcee) Caribou, Marie Chabot see Chabot, Marie Caribou Carifel see Carrifelle Carifel, Little 1836/56 FtU Carifelle see also Carifille Carrafille Carrifelle Gallifair (?) Carifelle 1988 Pas Carifelle, Albert 1885 LSL Carifelle, Apisasis LeMisquet see Carrifelle, Apisasis Carifelle, Augustin I see Carrifelle, Augustin I Carifelle, Augustin II 1885 LSL Carifelle, Betsy see Carrifelle, Betsy Carifelle, Caroline (Noskiye) see Noskiye, Caroline Carifelle, Dwayne Douglas 1967- SuC Carifelle, Eliza 1885 LSL Carifelle, Francois see also Carrifelle, Francois Carifelle, Francois 1818 IRO>ALB Carifelle, Isabelle 1842 IRO/ALB Carifelle, Jean Baptiste 1885 LSL Carifelle, Julian 1885 LSL Carifelle, Katrine see Carrifelle, Katrine Carifelle, Lafille see Carrifelle, Lafille Carifelle, Leo 1885 LSL Carifelle, Lisa (Martens) Carifelle, Rosalie (Chalifoux) c1830- LSL>Niy/LSA>Pas/LSL Carifille see Carifelle Carrifelle Carling, John Min. 1861 ONT/OTT Carlos IV King 1760 SPN Carlouche, Christine Vivier 1853 Sip>LLB Carlson, Albert 1857-42 SWE>USA/SD>ALB Carlson, Albin 1900 USA/SD>ALB Carlson, Alfred 1930 MET/Edm Carlson, Annie 1900 USA/SD>ALB Carlson, April Mountain c1983- BeL Carlson, Carl 1913 ALB Carlson, David 1900 USA/SD>ALB Carlson, Donna 1973 SK/RdL Carlson, Edna (Mountain) 1960 BeL Carlson, Elmer 1927 MET>Sad> Carlson, Joseph 1900 USA/SD>ALB Carlson, L.R. 1944 ALB Carlson, Nellie (Makokis) 1927- Sad> Carlson, S.E. 1944 ALB Carlson, Samuel 1960 MET/Edm Carlson, Swed 1927 >ALB/Jsp Carlson, Treana Theresa 1945-09 Edm Carlson, Wayne c1942- SK Carlton, Jane 1740 Carlyle, Thomas 1826 ENG/BRT Carmack, George Washington 1876 USA>TAG Carmack, Kate (Mason) 1880 TAG Carmel 1840 Wap Carmel, O Misima 1860/78cWap Carmer, George 1876 >FtV> Carmichael, Fred 1980 GWI Carnagie see also Carnegie Carnagie, James Earl of So1827-05 ENG>ALB>ENG Carnarvon, Lord Min. 1840 ENG/Lon Carnegie see also Carnagie Carnegie, Andrew 1883 ONT/Tor Carney, Edward 1874 >FtE Carney, Katakwamat 1870 >OnL Caro, Joseph 1998 SAL/KuI Carolus 1900 DEH/Lrd/TrL Carolus Magnus see Charlemagne Caron see also Chadron Caron 1855 MET/Bat Caron, Adolphe Min. 1860 ONT/OTT Caron, Agatha 1814- RdR> Caron, Angelique (St. Germain) 1788- Ath/Mac>RdR Caron, Antoine 1783- MET/RdR Caron, Claude 1715 QUE>WIS/MET Caron, Claude 1731- FRE>RdR Caron, Eustache 1773 CAN>RdR Caron, Francois 1785 RdR/LWp Caron, J.H.P.M. Lt.Gen. 1970 CAN Caron, Jean Nicholas 1780 CAN>RMH> Caron, M. 1780 CAN>Sas>RMH Caron, Olimpia 1885-43 LLB Caron, Thomas 1785 CAN>MIN/FDL Carondelet Gov.G. 1765 FRA>LOU Carpenter 1895 OnL Carpenter, Michael Chief 1985 Ata Carpini, Johannes de Plano 1227 ITA>MON>ITA Carr NWMP 1853 MAN>ALB/FSk>MuS Carr, Emily 1871-45 ONT>BC Carr, Eugene Col 1866 USA/AZ Carr, Ezilda Jane (Kimble) 1872 USA/MIC Carr, Henry Riley 1886- USA/MIC Carr, Madge Elizabeth (Mitchem) 1920/77 USA/MIC Carr, William Henry 1866 USA/MIC Carrafille see Carrifelle Carrier see also Carriere Carrier, Albert 1935- Pia Carrier, Andre see Carriere, Andre Carrier, Antoine 1952- MAN Carrier, Clifford 1978 Pia Carrier, Damase 1859 MET/Bat Carrier, Edgar 1928- MET/MAN Carrier, Elie see Carriere, Elie Carrier, Elmire (Landry) Carrier, Jean see Celier, Jean Carrier, Josephete see Carriere, Josephete Carrier, Marie (Gladue) Carrier, Michel see Carriere, Michel Carrier, Yule see Carriere, Yule Carriere, u/k 1785 CAN>Sas Carriere, Andre 1773 CAN>Sas>RdR Carriere, Andre 1841 RdR Carriere, Angelique (Dion) 1806 AmW>RdR Carriere, Damase see Carrier, Damase Carriere, Elie 1821- FtE>RdR Carriere, Elmire (Landry) 1846 RdR Carriere, Joseph 1785 CAN>Sas/FtE Carriere, Josephete 1825- RdR Carriere, Louis 1927-05 Pau Carriere, Marie (Gladue) 1845 RdR Carriere, Martin 1957- ALB>ONT Carriere, Michel 1785/12 CAN>ORE Carriere, Ralph RCMP 1969 >FtV Carriere, William 1918- CuH Carriere, Yule 1873 CAR>ALB Carries a Knife see also Packs a Knife Carries a Knife 1884 KAI Carrifelle aka. Carifelle Carifille Carrafille Gallifair (?) Carrifelle, Apisasis LeMisquet 1830/56 CAN>LSL Carrifelle, Augustin I 1854- LSL>MET Carrifelle, Betsy 1858 LSL>Pas>Cal>LSL>MET Carrifelle, Caroline (Noskiye) 1860 LSL Carrifelle, Dwayne Douglas see Carifelle, Dwayne Carrifelle, Francois 1798 IRO>LSL Carrifelle, Francois c1818- IRO/CRE/LSL Carrifelle, Isabelle 1842- IRO/LSL Carrifelle, Katrine (Apistak) c1822- LSL Carrifelle, Lafille () 1805 LSL Carrifelle, Leo see Carifelle, Leo Carrifelle, Lisa (Martens) 1976 >Suc Carrifelle, Rosalie (Chalifoux)c1830- LSL>Niy/LSA>Pas/LSL Carrinal, Alex see Cardinal, Alex Carrington, Henry Beebee, Gen. 1824- USA/WYO Carrit 1880 >ALB Carritt, Fred Peppin 1890-53 IOW>ALB Carritt, John Charles 1864-51 IOW>ALB Carroll, u/k 1830 USA>MNT Carroll 1894 BC/CAR Carron see Caron Carrothers, E.H. 1891 >ALB/PeR> Carry the Kettle Chief 1816-23 WPT>LBB>CTK Carry You To Shore see Niya Kenemene Carryer, Yule see Carriere, Yule Carson, Alexander 1789 USA/LOU>ORE Carson, Alice Singing Wind 1815 ARA>NMX Carson, C.N. 1860 >FtP>OnL Carson, Charles 1845/65>WYO>IDA>MNT Carson, John 1865 >SK> Carson, Kit 1809- USA/NMX Carter see also Cartier Carter Cpl.NWMP1875 >ALB/Let Carter, Kit 1814 USA>UTA>WYO>NMX Carter, Alfred 1865 ALB/Cgy>RdR Carter, Betty 1938- USA Carter, John G. 1870 >ARA Carter, Mason Lt. 1858 USA/MNT Carter, Sylvia (Quinney) 2004 Carter, Wilfred 1930 CAN Cartier see also Carter Certier Chartier Cartier Hd.Chf. 1771 FLA>WAS Cartier 1785 CAN>MiN>Sas/FtE>RMH>TrM/ORE Cartier 1800 CAN>LSL Cartier, Claude 1790 USA>MNT Cartier, Claude 1885 CAN/MAN/Rat Cartier, Emma 1810 ALB Cartier, Emma 1870 LSL Cartier, Francois 1834 LSL Cartier, George Etienne 1849 ENG>ONT>RdR Cartier, Ignace 1770 CAN>MiN Cartier, Isabelle 1810 LSL Cartier, Jacques 1492- FRA>SA>FRA>CAN>FRA Cartier, Jean Baptiste see Cervier, Jean Baptiste see Chartier, Jean Baptiste Cartier, Joseph 1746 CAN>CuH>MiN Cartier, Joseph 1780 CAN>MiN>Sas/FtE>RMH>TrM/ORE Cartier, Julie Louise (Indian) 1840 LSL Cartier, La Louise see Cartier, Louise Julie Cartier, Lafille Gladue Cartier, Louise Julie 1854- LSL Cartier, M. 1785 CAN>MiN Cartier, Marie 1821- LSL>Atk>MET Cartier, Mary see Cartier, Marie Cartier, Mokuman Hi Kapaw 1870 LSL Cartier, Mokumanikapiw see Cartier, Mokuman Hi Kapaw Cartier, Rene 1685-67 QUE>RyL>RdR> Cartier, Rosalie Lafille (Gladue1800 LSL>Pas Cartier, Rose (Gladue) 1800 LSL>Pas Cartouch 1833 FtE Cartwright see Courtright Carty, John see McCarthy, John Carver, John 1600 ENG>USA/MAS Carver, Johnathan 1746 USA>ONT/Mic>MIN>MAN> Carver, William 1880 TEX Carwoes, Joseph see Calahison, Joseph Cary see also Carey Cary, William 1841 USA>ND>MNT Casault LtCol 1850 QUE>MAN>QUE Casaway, Travis 1988- Edm Case Rev. 1795 ONT Caselest, Hypolite 1767 USA/MIS Casey, James S. Capt 1857 USA/MNT Casgrain DLS 1864 ONT>ALB> Casgrain, J.P.B. DLS 1864 ONT Cashman, Nellie 1900 ALB Cashore Min. 1975 BC Casimir, Petit Chief 1880- CHI/Bar Casino Chief 1794 SAL/Wil Casriphone GRK Cass see also Casse Cass, Lewis 1798 USA>ONT>USA/D.C. Casscasscou see Piche, Lambert Kaskaskow Casse see also Cass Casse, Charles 1703 CAN>MAN Casse, Francoise (Paquette) 1703- MAN Casse, Jean Baptiste 1750/70 CHP/MAN Casse, Therese (Boyer) 1755 CHP/MAN Cassidy, Butch see Parker, Robert Le Roy Cassidy, George see Parker, Robert Le Roy Cassils, Charles 1841 QUE>ALB Cassils, William 1861 QUE>ALB Cassotto, Robert 1936- USA Caste, Eugene 1905 ALB/Cgy Castel see also Castle Castel 1930 Puk Castel, Alice 1982 Swp/Puk Castel, Harry 1974 Swp/BlS Castel, Maureen 1974 Swp/BlS Castel, Robert 2005/07 Swp/Puk Castel, Shirley 1950 Swp/Puk Castel, Toni 2005/07 Swp/Puk Castel-Lappensee, Robert see Castel, Robert Castel-Lappensee, Toni see Castel, Toni Casteleoni Count 1842 SAR>ALB> Castenada, Carlos 1950 Casterman, L. Fr.,OMI.1930 >CHI/FCh Castilian Joe see Arana, Joseph Castel, Alfred 1907 USA/HAW>ALB>USA/HAW Castor see also Beaver Castor, Elisa see Beaver, Elisa Castor, James 1920 CHI/FCh Castor, Jean Baptiste see Beaver, Jean Baptiste Castor, Nancy see Beaver, Nancy Castor, Simon Nabesis see Beaver, Simon Nabesis Castor, Solomon 1930 CHI/FCh Castro, Diego de 1521/41 USA/FLO Caswell 1875 SK Cat see Poosa Cat Face see also Catface Cat Face 1876- SIK Catare see also Cantarat Catare 1821 Catare, Francois 1841 >ClL Catare, Marie 1861- ClL>BiC>MET Catch The Bear 1869 DAK/Hun Catching Amongst 1888 KAI Catching Another Horse see Only Handsome Woman Catchistahwayskum see Arcand, Alexander Catenoire, Michel 1795 CAN>Sas/FtE>RMH>TrM/ORE Catface 1876- SIK Catface, Alexandra 1950 SIK Catface, Alfred 1930 SIK Catface, Andrew Francis Rex 1946-07 SIK Catface, Andrew Standing Alone 1970 SIK Catface, Ann (McMaster) 1930 SIK Catface, Annie (One Gun) 1930 SIK Catface, Annie 1930 SIK Catface, Birdie 1950 SIK Catface, Bridgette 1960 SIK Catface, Carolyn 1970 SIK Catface, Catherine () 1930 SIK Catface, Cheryl 1950 SIK>NAK Catface, Connie () 1930 SIK Catface, Darren 1970 SIK Catface, David Lloyd 1944-07 SIK Catface, Debbie 1970 SIK Catface, Dennis 1960 SIK Catface, Dickie 1970 SIK Catface, Donna Joy Weaselchild 1950 SIK Catface, Dori 1970 SIK Catface, Dorothy (Drunken Chief)1950 SIK Catface, Evelyn (Weasel Head) 1930 SIK Catface, Florence (Bk Ft/Clf Chld)930 SIK>KAI Catface, Grayson 1990 SIK Catface, Harold 1930 SIK Catface, Holly () 1970 SIK Catface, Isabel 1960 SIK Catface, Jackie 1970 SIK Catface, Joseph 1904 SIK Catface, Judy 1950 SIK Catface, Kathy 1960 SIK Catface, Lena 1950 SIK Catface, Lorissa 1970 SIK Catface, Lorna Daisy 1944 SIK Catface, Madeline 1960 SIK Catface, Marlon 1970 SIK Catface, Michael 1924 SIK Catface, Molly 1970 SIK Catface, Norma (Cayen) 1929 CRE>KAI>SIK Catface, Raphael 1960 SIK Catface, Ruby Standing Alone 1970 SIK Catface, Rylee 1990 SIK Catface, Shay 1990 SIK Catface, Theresa (Standing Alone)950 SIK Catface, Wanda () 1970 SIK Catface, Warren 1970 SIK Catface, Yvonne 1960 SIK Catfish 1866 BgB Catherine (#24 Pas>103 Lap) 1861 Ale/Pas>Lap Catherine, O Ka Sisa 1887 Pas>Lap Catherine, O Misima 1 1885 Pas>Lap Catherine, O Misima 2 1887 Pas>Lap Catholic, Madeleine 1963 CHI/Des/DeK/FtR Catholique 1977/10 CHI/Des/DeK>Edm Catin see also Catis Catin, Antoine 1747/91pQUE>MIC/Det Catin, Jeanne Cecile 1681-15 MIC/Det Catin, Marie Anne (Martin) 1750 QUE>MIC/Det Catin, Therese 1775 QUE>MIC/Det Catis see also Catin Catis, Joseph 1729 QUE>ONT>WIS Catlin, George 1810/72 USA>ND>MIS>MNT Cato see also Petit Coteau Cato, Veronique (Faignant) 1872- Sas/AmW>Kis>LSL>MET Catschistahwaskum see Arcand, Alexander Cattle Owner 1880 NoB Cattleman, Eileen 1950 Mnt Cattleman, Flora (Saddleback) 1950 Sam>Mnt Cattleman, Leo Chief 1939-05 Mnt Cattleman, Melissa 1975 CRE/Mnt>SIK Cattleman, Michael 1990/05 Mnt Cauahhachapew see Kanahachapew Caudle Sgt.NWMP1871 >ALB/Let Cause, The Rich Man 1890 ENG>LSA Cautley, Richard DLS 1896 ONT>ALB> Cavalier, Rene Robert La Salle 1649 QUE>MIC>WIS Cavelle, Edith 1896 ENG>FRA Cavendish, Aurora Lewis 1830 ENG>IND>ENG Cawandawa, Pierre Commandant 1778 IRO>ALB/FtE>RMH>Jsp Cawood, Val 1978 SK/DIAND Cawsey, Robert 1970 ALB Cayalle, A. see Caille, A. Cayen Cayan see Cayen Cayen see also Cadieux Cayene Cayenne Chian Cayen 1793 CAN>Sas Cayen, A. see Cayalle, A. Cayen, Adelaide Marie (Arcand) 1814-94 Sas>Pes>Was Cayen, Adelaide Marie (McGillis)1835 RdR>Was>MuL Cayen, Alexandre Kito Wehaw Chf 1834- Was/MuL>MET Cayen, Becky 1990 DEH/HyR/Wpf Cayen, Evelyn () 1935 CRE Cayen, Francois 1813- NWT>RdR Cayen, Henriette 1835- >RdR>MET Cayen, Isidore 1860 Was>MET Cayen, Jean Baptiste Lafraise 1813-79cSas>Was>MuL Cayen, Jessy Chian c1842- Pes>Msk/TZ*>Pig> Cayen, John 1909 CRE Cayen, Joseph Sr. 1823 CAN>CHI/Des/FSm Cayen, Joseph Jr. 1843- CHI/Des/FSm/FCh>MET Cayen, Julia see Cayene, Julia Cayen, La Louise Cadien 1841- Pes/TZC Cayen, Little 1828 Pes>Dum>RdR Cayen, Louison 1815 Cayen, Margaret see Cayen, Marguerite Cayen, Marguerite 1846- Sas>Was Cayen, Marguerite 1853- Was>MET Cayen, Marguerite Peggy Chian 1853-38 TZ*>Pig/Sam>TCr>MET Cayen, Marie () 1800 Sas Cayen, Marie (Munroe) 1828 Sas Cayen, Marie (Sutherland) 1832 Was/PaK Cayen, Marie () 1839 SwG>Pes>Msk/TZ*>Sam Cayen, Mary Jane () 1915 CRE Cayen, Miyo Iskwew (Lussier) 1826 Pes Cayen, Norma 1929 CRE>KAI>SIK Cayen, O Kisikaw 1840 Pes/TZC>Pig>Alx Cayen, O Kisikaw Iskwew 1840 Pes/TZC>Pig>Ale Cayen, Paul Chian Sr. 1802 MET>SwG>Pes>Msk/TZ*>Sam Cayen, Paul Chian Jr. 1834 Pes>Msk/TZ*>Pig>Sam>LuB Cayen, Paul Jr. c1846- Pes/TZC Cayen, Peggy see Cayen, Marguerite Peggy Cayen, Pete 1930 CRE Cayen, Petekwake Chief 1856 Was/MuL Cayen, Pierre Boudreau 1814 >Was Cayen, Pierre Cadien 1820 MET/FtE>Pes>TZC Cayen, Petit 1828 Pes>Dum>RdR Cayen, Pierre Boudreau 1814 >Was Cayen, Pierre Cadien 1820 MET/FtE>Pes>TZC Cayen, Pierre Hdm 1856 Was/MuL/SnP Cayen, Samson O Wa see Chian, Samson O Wa Cayen, Sophie 1846- CHI/Des/FSm>MET Cayen, Susanne (Ennethechap) 1829 CHI/Des Cayen, Wendy 1990 DEH/HyR/Wpf Cayene see also Cayen Chian Cayene, Jerry 1960 CRE ALB Cayene, Julia c1890- SnP>ONT/StF Cayene, Marguerite Peggy see Cayen, Marguerite Peggy Cayene, Marie () see Cayen, Marie Cayene, Pat () 1960 CRE/ALB Cayene, Peggy see Cayen, Marguerite Peggy Cayenne see Cayen Cayenne, Paul see Chian, Paul Cayenne, Peggy see Cayen, Marguerite Peggy Cayley, Hugh S. 1865 >ALB/Cgy Caze, Constance De see De Caze Cecil, David 1900 Erm Cecil, David 1956 Erm Cecil, Eveline (Labelle) 1936 Chi>Erm Cecil, George 1862-39 Chi>Kis>Sam>Erm Cecil, Jacqualine Ruth 1976-05 Erm>Chi Cecil, Jennie 1892-74 Erm Cecil, Joan (Powderface) 1940 NAK/ALB Cecil, Marie 1886 Erm>Lap> Cecil, Mary () 1835/12>Erm Cecil, Mary () 1849/12 Kis>Chi>Sam>Erm>Chi Cecil, Mary 1890/29 Erm>Hob Cecil, Moraha (Lazyback) Cecil, Noah 1844 TZC/Chi>Kis>Sam>Erm Cecil, Samuel 1868-07 Chi>Kis>Sam>Erm Cecile Cecille see also Cecile Cee cow is see Sikawis Cekpa see Chekpa Celestine 1910 MET/MiN Celibeta, David Hdm 1900 DEH/Ech/Lrd Celier, Jean Sr. 1622 FRA>QUE Celier, Jean Jr. 1640 FRA>QUE Celier, Barbe (Halle) 1654 QUE Cenault, Mary () 1865 Cal Center Speaker see Iron Centre of a Bird's Tail see Nanawananan Centsous, Marianne 1816 LSL/Jsp Cephren see Khafre Cerre see also Cirre Cyr Sayer Sire Cerre 1758 >LOU Cerre 1810 >WYO Cerre, Joseph A. see Sire, Joseph A. Certier see Cartier Certier, Mary see Cartier, Marie Cervier, Jean Baptiste see Crevier, Jean Baptiste Cetan see Chetan Ch???t, Maggie 1815 EdS Cha cha mos kun see Chachamoskan Cha cham mos kum see Chachamoskan Chachamoskam see Chachamoskan Cha Chukew see Chachakew Cha Teh, Francois Chief 1850/01 DET/Asu Chaba Seyachage 1803 CAN>ChT>Pes/TZC Chaba Seyachage, Benjamin c1823- Pes/TZC Chaba Seyachage, George 1837- Pes/TZC Chaba Seyachage, Mary 1835- Pes/TZC Chaba Seyachage, Pazagaootoo () 1808 SwG>Pes/TZC Chabazainchagge see Chaba Seyachage Chabert, Louis-Thomas c1670-39 FRA>QUE>FRA Chabin see Beaver, Job Chable, Charles 1842- FRA>CAN>FtE Chaboilez see Chaboillez Chaboiller, Charles see Chaboillez, Charles Chaboillez, Charles Jean B. 1736-09 CAN>CHP/Mic/GrP>RdR>SoB>QUE Chaboillez, Charles Jr. 1772-12 MET/CHP>SoB/CuH>ILC>RdR Chaboillez, Marguerite 1780 MET/CHP/SoB>QUE Chabonard see Charbonneau, Baptiste Chabot, Joseph Chabot, Madeleine (Coloumbe) Chabot, Marie Caribou Chacachas see Chakachase Chacha Wachi 1843 Sip/Swt Chachakew Chief 1750 OPa Chachamokan 1844 Swt>Kis> Chachamoskam see Chachamoskan Chachapew see also O Chachapew Asis Rook Chachapew 1826 LSA/SwG Chachapiskan see Chachapiskas Chachapiskas 1825 Oon Chachapiskas Wiyan 1830 Oon>FtE Chachapiskayweeam see Chachapiskas Wiyan Chachasaa see Chajacksine Chachees 1855 SnP>ThC/BgB Chachees, Betty 1880 Was/SnP>ThC/BgB>LPi Chachen, Larry 1975 YeQ Chacheses 1840 Was/SnP> Chachinahaw 1749 CHI/Eth/Chu Chachwachiw see Chacha Wachi Chachwachiw 1843 Sip/Swt Chacopschamacase see Chakops Chamakase Chadi 1860 ARB>CAN>FCh>LLB Chadron see Chardon, Francois Chadwick 1875 USA/KTY Chaheechopes see Four Wolves Chahkta see Chat Ka Chahtka see Chat Ka Chajackseene see Chajacksine Chajaksine 1820 WPT>BPw>TZC Chajaksine, Edwin 1840- BPw/TZC Chajaksine, Mary (Wakanzagaja) 1825 WPT/BPw>TZC Chajaksine, Mary 1844- BPw/TZC> Chajacksseene see Chajaksine Chakache see Chakachase Chakachak 1879/99 Bld Chakachase Chief 1750 Kat Chakagin see Carry The Kettle Chakase 1930 O'C Chakastapaysin see Chakastapesin Chakastaypaysin see Chakastapesin Chakastapesin Chief 1840 >Was/Cha Chakewapokees 1865 BgB Chakops Chamakase 1845 FiH/Cot/CyH>FiH Chakta See Chat Ka Chakwayis 1816 Sip Chala, Carl 1986 DEH Chalciope 1470B GEO/AEA Chalefou see Chalifoux Chalifoux see also Challifoux Challivoux Gallifair Chalifoux 1810 USA/NMX/CAL Chalifoux 1987/07 Edm Chalifoux, Albert 1990 DET Chalifoux, Angele (Delorme) 1852- FtE/Jsp>LSA>MET Chalifoux, Angelique 1810- NWT/RdR Chalifoux, Anne 1900 LSL Chalifoux, Baptiste see Challifoux Chalifoux, Bella (Rowand) 1867- FtE/Pas/Niy/LSL>MET Chalifoux, Bella 1900 LSL Chalifoux, Brian 1974 DET/MeR Chalifoux, Charles Joseph 1786 MET>LSL/Ati>Niy/LSA Chalifoux, Charles Calahison 1878- Alx>LSL/PeX Chalifoux, Charles Chief 1975 SwR Chalifoux, Charly see Calahison, Charly Chalifoux, Curtis 1990 DET Chalifoux, Elizabeth (Collin) Chalifoux, Elizabeth 1842- LSL/Ati/Pas Chalifoux, Frank Gilbert 1983 SwR Chalifoux, Genevieve () see Challifoux Chalifoux, George 1842- LSL>Niy/LSA>MET Chalifoux, Henry C. Chief 1976 SwR Chalifoux, Iosette () 1810 LSL>Niy/LSA Chalifoux, Iosette c1824- LSL>Niy/LSA Chalifoux, Jane see also Challifoux, Jane Chalifoux, Jane 1821- IRO/NAK/Niy>Alx Chalifoux, Jane 1890 CRE>DET Chalifoux, Jessy 1836- LSL>Niy/LSA Chalifoux, John-Jean 1900 LSL Chalifoux, John 1971 DET/MeR Chalifoux, Joseph see Chalifoux, Charles Joseph Chalifoux, Joseph 1839- LSL>Niy/LSA Chalifoux, Joseph 1851- Ath/Niy>LSA Chalifoux, Josephine (Auger) Chalifoux, Josephte 1834 Niy/LSA>FtV>RdR>MET Chalifoux, Josephte Peyischek 1839 Niy/LLB>Ath>LSA/MaA/Ale/Pas Chalifoux, Julie see also Courtoreille, Julie Chalifoux, Julie 1810 Chalifoux, Julie 1842- Ath/FtE/LSA> Chalifoux, Julie 1900 LSL Chalifoux, Leon Chief 1985 SwR Chalifoux, Lester 1974 DET/Bus Chalifoux, Lizette () 1806 Sas>Niy Chalifoux, Madeleine () 1853/83 LSA Chalifoux, Marguerite (Petit Cout)53/80 LSA>MET Chalifoux, Marie (Cartier) 1821- LSL>Atk>MET Chalifoux, Matthew 1990 DET Chalifoux, Michel 1757- IRO>NWT/RdR Chalifoux, Nancy (Auger) 1864 Niy>Niy/Alx Chalifoux, Nepowis Niyas 1801 IRO>Niy Chalifoux, Niyas 1801 IRO>Niy Chalifoux, Paul see Challifoux Chalifoux, Pierre Joseph 1806- LSL/Ati>MET Chalifoux, Rosalie c1830- Niy/LSL>MaA/Ale/Pas/LSL Chalifoux, Rosalie 1853 Niy>Pas/LSL Chalifoux, Scholatique (Halcro) 1876- PeX>Alx>MET Chalifoux, Suzette () 1792 LSL/Ati Chalifoux, Suzette 1876 Jsp/LSA>Jsp>MET Chalifoux, Therese 1900 LSL Chalifoux, William Calahison 1835-99 Niy>Niy/Alx Chalifoux-Fischer, Marlene 1974 DET/Bus Challand, Terry 1900 >ALB Challifoux see also Chalifoux Challivoix Challivoux Challifoux 1780 IRO>RMH>Sas/FtE>RMH>TrM> Challifoux, Amelia c1920- PeR/Keg Challifoux, Angele (Delorme) 1852- FtE/Jsp>Niy/LSL>LSA>MET Challifoux, Baptiste 1822 >LSL Challifoux, Baptiste c1827- LSL>LaF Challifoux, Elizabeth (Collin) Challifoux, Elizabeth see Chalifoux, Elizabeth Challifoux, Emerance (Daigneau) 1880 FtE>MET Challifoux, Genevieve () 1850- >LSL>FtA/LSA Challifoux, George 1842- LSL>Niy/LSA>MET Challifoux, Iosette () 1810 LSL Challifoux, Iosette c1824- LSL Challifoux, Jessy 1836- LSL>Niy/LSA Challifoux, Jane 1920 DET Challifoux, John 1865 >Ath>FtE Challifoux, Joseph 1804 LSL Challifoux, Joseph 1839- LSL>Niy/LSA Challifoux, Marie 1780 CHP/GrB Challifoux, Mary (Cartier) 1821- LSL>Atk>MET Challifoux, Mary 1895-60 LSA/FtE>LLB Challifoux, Michel see Chalifoux, Michel Challifoux, Paul 1833- LSL>Niy/LSA Challifoux, Pierre Joseph 1806- LSL/Atk>MET Challifoux, Rosalie see Chalifoux, Rosalie Challifoux, Susan see Chalifoux, Suzette Challifoux, Susan (L'Hirondelle) Challivoix, Baptiste see Challifoux, Baptiste Challons 1704 USA/MIS>ARK>MIS Chalmers Dr. -1847 Chalmers 1828 >BC/SEK Chalmers, Adamina 1900 Sam/MET Chalmers, Donald see Chalmers, T.W. Chalmers, Flora (Whitford) 1875-63 Vic/TCr>Sam>MET Chalmers, Joseph 1860 ALB>HiR/Kis>MuS Chalmers, Rosie 1900 Sam/MET Chalmers, T.W. DLS 1867 >ALB/Edm> Chalmers, Thomas Sr. 1856-40>ALB>HiR/Kis>MuS Chalmers, Thomas Jr. 1900 MET/ALB Chalode see Etsindsin Chalode, Marguerite 1876- DET>CHP/CRE/FtV Chalot see Etsindsin Chalosis see also Chalou-Legrand Chalosis 1825 >FtE Chakiu-Le Grande see also Chalosis Chakiu-Le Grande ONT>CRE Chamailant 1762 Chamakesis, Betsey () 1813 TwD>Pes>Kis/TZC>Bev Chamanada Chief 1765 COM/Yup Chambaud, Charles 1974 DET Chambaud, Colin 1990 DET Chambaud, Dennis 2000 DET Chambaud, Sidney 1990 DET Chambaud, Willi 1957 DET/MeR/Kwo Chamberlain 1871/05>KUT Chamberland, Jean 1862- MET/LSA Chamberland, Sarah () 1862- MET/LSA Champagne 1900 CHI/Ath Champagne, Alexander 1848-58 MNT>FtU Champagne, Angelique 1801- ONT/CHP/StM/Pen Champagne, Baptiste Gaurin 1868 SOT/TMt/LiS Champagne, Cleophas 1854 SOT/PCr>WMt Champagne, Elise (Lafournaise) 1860 >WMt Champagne, Emmanuel 1834- SOT/PCr>WMt Champagne, Marie (Letendre) 1840 >PCr>WMt Champagne, Marvin 1978 Mic>Edm Champagne, Sheila (Mountain) 1975 BeL>Edm Champlain, Charite 1630 Mst Champlain, Charity see Champlain, Charite Champlain, Esperance 1630 Mst Champlain, Faith see Champlain, Foi Champlain, Foi 1630 Mst Champlain, Helene (Dubray) Champlain, Hope see Champlain, Esperance Champlain, Jean Baptiste 1791 >ARA>MAN>COL/WYO Champlain, Samuel de Gov. 1580/35 FRA>CAN Champoux, Pierre Jean 1900 ONT/Bis Chan Deisi 1853 APA/SnC Chan Kin 1670 YeX Chan Kuna 1774 DAK/Bru>Ogl/Mat Chancellor, Richard 1520 ENG Chandelle, Paulette Hdm 1880 CHI/Edj Chang, Chueh 130 CHN Change Camp 1865 PIK/SoP Chango Tonga see Great Road Chankuna see Chan Kuna Chantler, Elizabeth 1824 ONT>NIP>CRE/Vic>FtE Chantler, John 1842 ONT>RdR>Vic Chaos see Occult Chapa 1789/10 USA>DAK Chapacoup, Marie (Paquette) Chapacoup, Simon-Jean Chapasin Sinja f 1825 Pes/TZC Chapasinsinja see Chapasin Sinja Chapassisit, John 1950 CRE/Ouj Chapert, Charles 1794 >TrM/ORE Chapert, Stanislas 1767 CAN>ILL Chapin 1840 CER/PoP Chapleau, J.A. 1864 ONT/OTT Chaplet see also Capalette Chaplet, Angelique see Capalette, Angelique Chaplet, Joseph see Capalette, Joseph Chaplin, Geraldin 1955 CAL>ALB/NAK/Mor>CAL Chapman 1895 >ALB Chapman, Arthur 1841 >MNT>NEZ/Jos Chapman, Benjamin 1900 >ALB Chapman, Cloe Chapman, Harry 1920 DAK Chapman, Harry Richard 1920 DAK Chapman, Howard 1857 >NEZ Chapman, Ethel Mae 1920 DAK Chapman, Luke 1803 MIS>MNT Chapman, Peter Hdm 1845 CuH>PCh Chapman, Raymond 1900 BC Chapman, Robert see Chapman, Harry Richard Chapo Mexico see Crowfoot Chapoton, Jean 1700 QUE>DET Chapoton, Marie Anne 1725 CAN/DET Chappell, Edward, Lieut., R.N. 1795 ENG>CAN>ENG Chaput see Chapert Charboneau see also Charbonneau Charboneau, Daniel 1980 SIK Charbonneau see also Charboneau Charbonneau 1611-52 FRA>QUE/CAN>ORE>WAS Charbonneau, L'Orignal 1789 QUE>NWY>WAS Charbonneau Bro.OMI 1895 >FtC Charbonneau, Augustin 1730 CAN>RdR> Charbonneau, Baptiste see Charbonneau, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, Jean Baptiste 1797- CAN>ILC Charbonneau, Jean Baptiste 1805- CAN/SHO/HID>COL/UTA Charbonneau, Joseph 1680 QUE Charbonneau, Joseph 1777- CAN>NWT> Charbonneau, Louise (Boucher) Charbonneau, Margaret (Lamoureaux) Charbonneau, Menard 1756 CAN>MAN Charbonneau, Michel 1668 QUE> Charbonneau, Pierre de Varennes 1725 QUE> Charbonneau, Sacajawea 1783 SHO>MAN>SHO Charbonneau, Toussaint 1758- FRE/DAK>CRE/Wap>Pem>MAN>SHO>MAN/HID> Charcoal 1856-97 KAI/FiE>Cho Charcoal, Bertha 1880 KAI/Cho Charcoal Bull Chief 1716 KUT/KaA Chardon, Bolivar 1854 DAK/MET Chardon, Francis A. see Chardon, Francois A. Chardon, Francois A. 1813/48>DAK>MNT Chardon, Sand Bar () f 1820 DAK> Charette see also Jarret Charette 1749-00 QUE>MAN>ND Charette 1753 CAN>TZA/HuH Charette, Adelaide 1849- CyH>Pem/RdR>MET Charette, Alex Charette, Alexandre 1841- >CyH> Charette, Angelique (Petit) 1827 >CyH> Charette, Baptiste see Charette, Jean Baptiste Charette, Bridget (Cardinal) Charette, Jean Baptiste 1826 ONT/StM> Charette, Jean Baptiste 1821 >CyH> Charette, Marie 1804- RdR Charette, Monique 1800 QUE Charette, Pierre 1784 CAN>FtE/Sas Charette, Ronald 1965 TZA/Boy Charette, Ruby 1965 TZA/Boy Charette, Simeon see Charette, Simon Charette, Simon 1774/06 CAN>RdR Charged Ahead Crowfoot see Crowfoot, Charged Ahead Charger, Martin 1830 DAK/MIN Charging Ahead Crowfoot see Crowfoot, Charged Ahead Charging Bear 1850 DAK/Tet Charging Last 1760 KAI/FiE Charlade see Etsindsin Charland, Adeline () 1919- CHI/CdL Charland, Daniel 1905- CHI/CdL Charland, Francis 1912- CHI/CdL Charland, Gertrude () 1925- CHI/CdL Charland, Leo 1918- CHI/CdL Charlebois see Ducharme, Charles Charlebois 1762 QUE>MAN>QUE Charlebois, Peter 1917 MET/MiN Charlebois, Raymond George 1937-97 Charles see also Carlos Charlie Mikwa Tawakak, Charles Charles of Salerno & Anjou Prin.1255 FRA/ITA Charles King 1507 FRA Charles, The Young Pretender 1725 FRA Charles 1778 IRO/Kan>Wes>TrM/ORE/CRE/TrM Charles Prince 1957 ENG Charles I King -1649 ENG Charles II King 1631 ENG Charles IV see Carlos IV Charles V King 1507 SPN Charles Of Lorraine -1690 FRA Charles 1790 ENG>ILC> Charles, A. -1899 ALB Charles, Abel 1938 LLR Charles, Amos Chief 1859 LLR Charles, Becky 1980-95 LLR Charles, Benjamin c1870- MET/SOT/Mck>FtV Charles, Cathy 1948 LLR Charles, David 1915 Charles, Eliza 1948 LLR Charles, Elizabeth 1948 LLR Charles, Ida 1935 StL Charles, James Hdm 1869 LLR Charles, John 1813 >ILC>FCh Charles, Kinley 1821-61 USA/ILL/Chi Charles, Leon 1985 LLR Charles, Many () 1831-79 USA/ILL/Chi Charles, Mary () 1920 Charles, Murdoch 1948 LLR Charles, Sandy 1993 LaR Charles, T. 1875 LLB Charles, William 1835 >ORE/WAL/NEZ Charles, William Childs 1850 ENG>SOT>Mck>FtV Charles, William Chief 1859 MoL Charley, Walter 1865 MAN>ALB Charleyboy, Ervin Chief 1970 TSL/Tsi Charlie see also Captain Charlie Charles Charly Charlie 1870 MET/CAR/SHU Charlie, Barbara 1936- Charlie, John 1900 FLA Charlo see also Charles Etsindsin Gladue, Charlot Charlo Hd.Chf. 1830-10 FLA/Vic Charlo, Alexis 1900 THL/Wul Charlo, Antoine see Charlot, Antoine Charlo, Elizabeth () 1845 FLA Charlo, Martin HdChf 1856-35 FLA Charlo, Paul HdChf 1915/57 FLA Charlo, Rosalie 1873/07 FLA>CRE/MaW Charlo, Victor see Victor Charlosis 1825 FtE/LSA Charlot see also Charlo Charlot, Antoine 1841 CAN>StB Charlot, Nakishi () 1848 StB> Charlotte see also Pruden, Charlotte Small, Charlotte Charlotte 1846 Sip Charlotte, Antoine 1862 CAN>StB Charly, Jacques 1720 QUE>NIP Charly, Louis 1703- QUE>Tim Charon see also Caron Chadron Charron Charoux, Charles 1785 QUE>RyL Charpentier 1808 RdR>FSJ>Vic> Charpentier, Gabriel 1721 MIC/DET Charpentier, Genevieve A. Favel 1741- MIC/DET Charpentier, Jean 1645 QUE Charron see also Caron Chadron Charon Charron 1780 CAN>Sas>RMH/Bow Charron 1860 MAN Chart???, Joseph 1875 LLB Charter OKA/ Chartier see also Cartier Chartier, Jean Baptiste 1725 QUE>MIC/Mic Chartiez, J.J. 1850 FtE/LSA Chartland see Chartrand Chartrand 1804 MIN Chartrand, David 1981 MET/MAN Chartrand, J. f 1790- RdR Chartrand, Joseph see Chart???, Joseph Chartrand, Josephet Kito Chikan 1776 >LSL>LSA/MaA/Ale/Pas Chartrand, Lionel 1955- MET/SK>TPa Chartrand, Therese Chaschaskiskwas see Tastas Kiskweyin Chaschaskiskwis see Tastas Kiskweyin Chase 1821 ORE Chase, Almyra (Blood) 1880 Chase, Ernest 1892- Chase, John 1872 Chase, Margaret (Harrison) 1900 Chase, Opal -1913 Chase, William 1872- Chase, William 1895 Chase The Tiger 1840 DAK/Tet Chasjacksseen see Chajackseene Chasmu Wapta 1849 BPw Chasse 1960 CAN Chasseur see also Hunter Ki No Mon Kwayew Lechasseur Chasseur, Catherine Poitras 1829- RdR>MET Chasseur, Henry Poitras Sr. 1807 Wap/RdR>MET Chasseur, Henry Poitras Jr. 1825- RdR>MET Chassin 1875 ONT>SK Chassihiws see Sarcee Chastelain see also Chatelaine Chastellain see also Chatelaine Chastellain 1770 CAN>SK Chastellain 1830 Jsp/AsW Chastellain, Louis see Chatelaine, Louis Chastellan see Chatelaine Chat Ka c1781- DAK/OGL/Mat Chat Ka HdChf c1772-56cWPT>BPw Chat Ka, Abigaile 1845 BPw> Chat Ka, Alice 1842- BPw> Chat Ka, Jane () 1755/44cWPT>BPw Chat Ka, Jane 1845 Chat Ka, Janey () 1823 WPT>BPw> Chat Ka, Jenny see Chat Ka, Janey Chat Ka, Maria 1838- WPT>Pes>Dum>Pig> Chat Ka, Marianne c1830- WPT>Pes>Dum>Pig> Chat Ka, Marie see Chat Ka, Maria Chat Ka, Ningabe () Chat Ka, Ooyaotan () Chat Ka, Sarah () 1830/61>BPw Chat Ka, Sarah 1845/70 BPw> Chat Ka, William 1842- BPw Chat Kah see Chat Ka Chataway Cst.NWMP1875 >ALB/Let Chateauneuf, Alberta (Quintal) 1900 QUE Chateauneuf, Germaine 1918- QUE Chateauneuf, Henry de 1714 LOU>ARK Chateauneuf, Theophile 1898 QUE Chateh, Francois see Cha Teh, Francois Chatelain 1796 >PeR> Chatelain, Achak Akopa see Ahtakakoop Starblanket Chatelain, Ahenakew see Ahenakew Chatelain, Antoine Wape Mostosis1789 SoB>Str Chatelain, Archange G.(Savoyard)1814- RdR>Lar>Sip>LSA>MET Chatelain, Basil 1880 RdP Chatelain, Henry c1816- >WYO/DAK/Ogl/Tru Chatelain, Henry wife 1826/46 DAK/Ogl/Tru Chatelain, Jacob 1849 Sip Chatelain, Josephte 1826 Sip>PaK>FtE Chatelain, Josephte 1840 Wap Chatelain, Ka Miyo Awas Asis see Chatelain, Miyo Awas Asis Chatelain, Louis 1742- >SoB>GrP> Chatelain, Louis (Mrs.) 1750 >SoB/BlM/Str Chatelain, Louis Sr. 1765 MET>SoB>Sip>LSA>MET Chatelain, Louis (Mrs.) 1780 Sip/SoB/BlM>SoB> Chatelain, Louis Jr. 1814 MET/SoB>Sip>LSA>MET Chatelain, Margaret 1869- Sip>Was/Atk>MET Chatelain, Marie 1823- Sip>FtE> Chatelain, Marie (Kakake Okimaw)1853 Sip Chatelain, Mehoawasis see Chatelain, Miyo Awasis Chatelain, Miyo Awas Asis 1880 RPh Chatelain, Star Blanket Chief 1847 SoB>Str Chatelain, Tawapisk Hi Kapaw 1856 RdP Chatelain, Tawapiskikapow see Chatelain, Tawapisk Hi Kapaw Chatelaine see Chatelain Ahenakew, Chatelaine Chatelaine 1880 Chatelaine, Archange G. see Chatelain Chatelaine, Josephte see Chatelain Chatelaine, Louis see Chatelain Chatelaine, Marie see Chatelain Chatellaine see Chatelain Chatillon see Chatelain, Henry Chatique see Chachakew Chatka see Chat Ka Chato chief 1863 APA/Chr Chattellain, Louis see Chatelain, Louis Chaurette see Charette Chauteau see Chouteau Chauvette 1780 CAN>ALB/RMH Chauvette, M. f 1942 >FCh Chauvin 1781 USA/MIS>OKL> Chavez, Angelico Fr. 1925 NMX Chavis, Jules 1860- MET/FtE Chavis, Louise () 1861- MET/FtE Chawchinahaw see Chachinahaw Che... see also Chay... Chee... Chi... Tcee... Tchey... Tci... Tschi... Tshee... Che Pa Ta Ko Ki Huw see Nokusis, Alex Che Yan see Littletent, James Cheadle, Walter B., Dr. Lord 1842 ENG>ALB/FtE>BC/Vic>USA/CAL>ENG Chean see also Chian Chean 1843 Pes/TZC Chean Wapea see McDougall, John Checheiskawswian see Chachapiskas Wiyan Chechepiskas see Chachapiskas Chechepiskaw see Chachapiskas Chechepiskwas see Chachapiskas Chee cha see Chicha Cheealthluc see Frazier Cheechak Chief 1850 Kat Cheecham FMc>Clw Cheecham, Albert 1981 FMc Cheecham, Emily 1901- FMc Cheecham, John 1884 FMc Cheecham, Joseph 1905- FMc Cheecham, Leon 1914- FMc Cheecham, Margerate 1885- FMc Cheecham, Michael Chief 1981 FMc Cheecham, Roy 1977 CHI/FtM/Clw Cheecham, Sophy 1908- FMc Cheechew see also Cheechoo Mountain, Irene Cheechoo see also Mountain, Irene Cheechoo, Charles 1980 MoF Cheecuk see Cheechak Cheema, Sukhbir 1977- Edm Cheeman 1852 FtP/Sip/Pey Cheepaythakasoon see Lambert, Isabella Cheesakay see Chisaakay Cheesbrough, A. Const 1880 NWMP/LSL Cheese Box see Kaskamin, John Cheesikay see Chisaakay Cheezie, Arsene 1938- CHI/Ath Chef des Canard 1781 JAT/WAT/FEl Chehleskaiyimi see Cheleskaiyimi Chekpa 1792 DAK/Ogl/Mat Cheleskaiyimi HdChf 1760 FLA Chellefoux, Marie see Challifoux, Marie Chemallawais 1855 RuH Chemeskin see Chamakesis Cheneka see Chiniki, John Chenekwe 1851 ClL Chenekwe, Caroline 1871- ClL>BiC>MET Chenekwe, Madeleine (Dennison) 1857 ClL Chenette, Joseph 1784 CAN>FtE> Chenette, Louis 1785 CAN>RyL> Chenevert, Julia 1838- WIS>MIN>StP Cheney-Echoe, Paul 1784 IRO/Kan>Wes>CRE/Ath Cheng, Fei 1990 CHI Chenier, Ignace 1779 CAN>MIN/FDL Chenier, Joseph 1863 >ALB/FtE Chenier, Louis 1779 CAN>WIS/Mic Chequagig, Ann 1910 Cheops Pharaoh 2565/20BEGY Chepart, Sieur 1689 FRE>LOU Chepatakokihaw see Nokusis, Alex Chephren Pharaoh 2540B EGY Chepiskawkapaw see Tipiskaw Hi Kapaw Pwat Chepoostequan see Chipos Ostikwan Chequagig, Annie 1890 WhB Chester 1794 >ORE Chetan c1780 DAK/OGL/Mat Cheun see Chean Chian Chevalier 1776 MET>RdR Chevalier, Fr. see Le Chevallier, Jules, Fr., O.M.I. Chevalier, Jean Baptiste 1775 CAN>NIP Chevier, Georges, Fr., O.M.I. 1925 >LSA> Chevigny 1891 >LLB Chevigny, Albert, Fr., O.M.I. 1883- StA> Chevigny, Alfred 1865- StA Chevigny, Clemence () 1875- StA Chevigny, David 1860 StA Chevigny, Edward 1876 StA Chevigny, Louis 1860 StA Chevrier, Fr. see Chevier, Georges, Fr. Chewechkan see Frazier Cheyan see Chian Cheyenne Woman - Generic name for a woman from the Cheyenne tribe Cheyenne Woman 1835 CHY Chi see also Che Chee Tce Tche Tchi Tci Tsche Tschi Tse Tsi Chi Ana-ka see Chiniki, John Chi Eda see Chieda Chian see also Cayan Chean Cheun Cheyan Simo Chian see Chian, Paul Sr. Chian 1816 WPT>BPw/TZC Chian, Amelia c1827- Pes>Msk/Chi>Pig>Sam Chian, Antoine c1839- Pes>Msk/Chi>Pig>Sam Chian, Iskwew 1850 Pes>Msk/TZ*>Pig>Sam Chian, Jessy see Cayen, Jessie Chian, Marguerite Peggy Cayen see Cayen, Marguerite Peggy Chian, Marie Cayen () see Cayene, Marie Chian, Paul Sr. 1802 CAN>SwG>Pes>Msk/TZ*>Sam Chian, Paul Cayen Jr. see Cayen, Paul Chian, Peggie see Cayen, Marguerite Peggy Chian, Samson O Wa see Chian, Iskwew Chian, Umoe () 1808 SwG>Pes>Msk/TZ*>Sam Chian Iskwew see Chian, Iskwew Chiatlo Chief 1862 DEH/Klo Chicag see Sikak Chicane, Paulette 1816 Jsp Chichamask f 1770 Sas Chichamask, Mary 1785 Sas>Lap/Oon/Gdf Chichi 1816 LSL Chichi f 1871 Erm>Sam>Erm Chichi, Katrine c1839- LSL Chichi, Marie 1836- LSL Chichi, Misaw Wakopew () 1824 LSL Chichikes 1813 YkF Chichikes, dtr 1833 YkF Chichila ("Little Bug") see Pesla Chichimew see Morin, Chichimew Chicken, George Bell VC 1837 ENG>IND>ENG Chickeness 1855 Chp Chickeness, Antoine 1914 Chp Chickeness, Clara 1915 Chp>BeL Chickeness, Harry 1875 Chp Chickeness, John 1900 Chp Chickeness, Larry 1965 Chp Chicot, Lloyd Chief 1980 DEH/Kak Chieda f 1868 >Sam Chief see also Okimaw Chief, Daniel 1948 OnL Chief, Donald 1948 CHP/RuR Chief, Ernest 1885- Was/GrR Chief, James 1964 OnL Chief, John 1861- StP>Was>GrR Chief, John 1882- Was/GrR Chief, Lloyd 1948 OnL Chief, Margaret Sisikw(Patenaude1857- Wap/Sis>GrR Chief, Maria 1868 GrR Chief, Michael Roy 1977 OnL Chief, Peter 1948 OnL Chief Bear 1849 DAK/Hun Chief Beaver see Amisk Okimaw Chief Bird see King Bird Chief Blackbird see O Chachapiwakis Chief Blind see Thomas Chief Body, Joseph 1935 KAI Chief Bull see Iron Shield Chief Calf see Calf Chief Chief Calf, Albert 1895- KAI/LoF Chief Calf, John 1959 KAI Chief Child see Okamaikan Awasis Okemaisis Oonahatmenahoo Chief Coward -1862 PIK Chief Crow see Crow Kakake Okimaw Chief Day Woman see Okimaw Kisikaw Iskwew Chief Eagle see Piapot, Emile Chief Douglas 1860 UTE/Yam/WhR Chief Goes Out c1865- SK/CHP/CRE/RoB Chief in Timber see Weaselhead Chief Joseph see Joseph Chief Man see Okimaw Wi Iniw Chief Moon 1859- KAI/FiE Chief Moon, Harold 1910 KAI/Cat Chief Mountain 1874 KAI Chief Moon, Mary (Wells) 1940 CRE>SIK Chief Mountain see also Mountain Chief Rowand, John Chief Mountain 1874 KAI Chief of the Earth see Allamakhum Stole Luch Chief of the Ravens see Atokien Chief of the Waters see Sipays Chief OK see Nahpesis Chief Sitting 1857- CRE/ToH>RoB Chief Woman see Okimaw Iskwew Chief's Woman see Okimaw Iskwew Chiefson, Henry 1868 Gdf Chien Fou Chief 1768 Wap Chies 1790 ATS Chihuahua Chief 1817 COM Chikastesimowin see Shadow Chikatew 1852 LSA/LSL Chikesis see Gladue, Chikesis Chila, Wayne 1973 SNG/Tsy Child see Nahpesis Okemaisis Child of the Hawk see Kekek Awasis Child's Penis see Sluka Childs, William Charles 1850 ENG>SOT>Mck>FtV Chile 1823 >CAL Chile, Albina c1944- FCh Chillihitzia, Martha 1975 OKA/UNi Chilton, James 1600 ENG>USA/MAS Chimachase 1856 EdS Chimachase (wife) 1862 EdS Chimachase, O Ka Sisa 1 1878 EdS Chimachase, O Ka Sisa 2 1879 EdS Chimachase, O Misima 1 1878 EdS Chimachase, O Misima 2 1879 EdS Chimakan Chief c1790- Chi Chimakan 1843/73 Sip/BgB Chimakan Opin see High Lance Chimakanakes f 1820 >Lap Chimakanis see Rowand, Pierre Shemagnis Chimakisamos see Chimakanakes Chimaskos see Poundmaker Chimaza Chief 1844 CHI/FtP/CdL Chimeroo 1873 TZA Chimnak see Mountain, Edna Chin see Ekien (Nakoda) Iku (Sioux) Chinan 1850 MET/ALB Chincha Peta 1820 Upp/Jat Chinchapee see Chincha Peta Chinehas see Chiniki, John Chiniki see also Chiniquay Chiniki, Isdenam (Piche) 1835 Pes>Kis>Chi Chiniki, John Chief c1815-05 TwD>Pes>Kis>TZC>Chi Chiniki, Kathleen see Chiniquay, Kathleen Chiniki, Mac see Chiniquay, Mac Chiniki, Tom Chief 1880 Chi Chiniki Wiyan 1840 Pes>Kis>Chi>BPw Chiniquay see also Chiniki Chiniquay 1890 ALB Chiniquay, Brigette 1980 Chi Chiniquay, Cassie Chi Chiniquay, Charles Chi Chiniquay, Darren 1980 Chi Chiniquay, Doreen Chi Chiniquay, Elisa 1980 Chi> Chiniquay, Eunice 1907-97 Chi Chiniquay, Frank 1960 Chi Chiniquay, Georgie () 1960 >Chi Chiniquay, Helen () 1960 >Chi Chiniquay, Helene see Chiniquay, Helen Chiniquay, John Chief c1815-05 TwD>Pes>Kis>TZC>Chi Chiniquay, John 1929/91 Chi Chiniquay, Kathleen 1933 Chi Chiniquay, Lawrence 1960 Chi Chiniquay, Mac 1960 Chi Chiniquay, Margaret 1960/93 Chi Chiniquay, Marjorie () 1960 >Chi Chiniquay, Paul 1954 Chi Chiniquay, Pauline 1971/71 Chi Chiniquay, Philip 1980 Chi Chiniquay, Samantha () 1980 >Chi Chiniquay, Shara (Mark) 1940/96>Chi Chiniquay, Sharon (Rollinmud) 1954-07 BPw/Chi Chiniquay, Walter 1960 Chi Chiniquay, Wilfred 1960/92 Chi Chiniquay, Winnie 1960 Chi Chinn Major 1830 USA/WAS Chinneck, Geraldine 1890/74 USA/MIC/Det>ALB Chinook legendary spirit Chionllier, Adelaide c1857- CHP/StM/Pen Chionllier, Catherine c1850- CHP/StM/Pen Chionllier, Josett () 1827- QUE>ONT/StM/Pen Chionllier, Louis 1810- USA>CHP/StM/Pen Chipakook see Arcand, Marguerrite Chipecheets see Lussier, Chipechits Chipechits see Lussier, Chipechits Chipewa Speaker see Chippewa Speaker Chipeewyan see Chipewyan Chipewyan Chief 1837/81 Chp Chipoostikwan see Chipos Ostikwan Chipos Ostikwan 1822 LSL>Pig/ChO>Lap Chipos Ostikwan Chief 1868 ChO/Pig>Lap Chipos Ostikwan, John see Sharphead, John Chipos Ostikwan, Lisette 1842 LSL/Alx>Pig> Chipos Ostikwan, Sasawasew () 1828 LSL/Alx>? Chipos Ostikwan, Snowcloud 1870 ChO/Pig>Gst Chipouashurbotice 1880 MIN/OTT Chippecheets see Chipechits Chippewa Speaker c1837- CHP/SK>MNT/RoB Chipwach Kista Tewepiw 1835 CHP/SOT/LSL Chipwach Kista Tewepiw, Luci 1855 CHP/SOT/LSL Chiquito 1828 UTE/Mou Chirouse, Casimir Bro.OMI 1827 >WAS Chisaakay 1927 DET Chisaakay, Ama () 1937 DET Chisaakay, Charlie 1955 DET/Asu Chisaakay, Francis 1947 DET Chisaakay, George 1957 DET/Asu/She Chisaakay, Holly 1977 DET/Asu Chisaakay, Paul 1980 DET/Asu/Pet Chisakay see Chisaakay Chisholm see also Chism Chisolm, Donald 1774 >RdR Chisholm, W.J. 1866 >SK/NoB Chiskin f 1829 >LSA/Pas Chism see also Chisholm Chism, Edna 1940 CRE Chisolm see Chisholm Chissakay see Chisaakay Chitto Chief 1804 SEM Chivington Col. 1834 USA/WYO Chiwaten Hdm. 1849 PAI/UTE/UtM Chocab see Chokap Chocan 1845 Sip Chocan, Wilfred 1906- Sad>OnL
Chokap Chief 1810 Kat/Kak/Cho Chokase 1853 NAK Chocolate, Madeline 1960 THL>LLB> Chokowa 1855 >Msk>WMt>TMt Cholette, George 1951- QUE Cholette, Giles David 1951- QUE Cholette, H.A. 1865 QUE Cholette, Irene see Durocher, Irene Cholette, Joseph Jules see Durocher, Joseph Jules Cholette, Shirley see Durocher, Shirley Chompagne, Alexander see Champagne, Alexander Chonchuk, Steven 1971 DET Chonkolay 1885 DET Chonkolay, Angela 1947 DET/Bus>CRE Chonkolay, Angus c1959- DET/Bus Chonkolay, Elizabeth () 1910 TZA>DET/Asu>Bus Chonkolay, Ernest 1980 DET/Asu/Kot Chonkolay, Fabian 1930 DET/Pet>Asu/Chn/Pet Chonkolay, Felix 1940 DET/Asu Chonkolay, Harry Sr. Chief 1907- DET/Pet>Asu>Bus Chonkolay, Harry Jr. 1920 DET/Pet>Asu Chonkolay, Jane (Chalifoux) 1890 CRE>DET Chonkolay, Jean see also Chonkolay, Jenny Chonkolay, Jean 1948 DET>TZA/Boy Chonkolay, Jeff 1990 DET Chonkolay, Jenny 1948 DET/Bus>FtV Chonkolay, John 1920 DET/Asu>Bus Chonkolay, Leonard 1974 DET/Asu Chonkolay, Louison 1930 DET/Asu>Bus Chonkolay, Madeleine (Freeman) see Chonkolay, Magdelene Chonkolay, Madeline 1957 DET Chonkolay, Magdelene (Freeman) 1930 DET/Bus Chonkolay, Madge 1950 DET/Bus Chonkolay, Maggie (Deedza) 1890 DET Chonkolay, Margaret (Mercredi) 1890 FtV>DET Chonkolay, Marge 1948 DET/Asu>Bus Chonkolay, Marguerite 1945 DET Chonkolay, Marie 1930 DET/Asu Chonkolay, Marlene see Chonkolay, Mary Chonkolay, Mary 1929- DET/Pet>Asu Chonkolay, Mary 1930 DET/Asu Chonkolay, Mary c1950- DET/Bus Chonkolay, Melvin 1960 DET/Bus Chonkolay, Nape 1965 DET/Bus Chonkolay, Peter 1914 DET/Pet>Asu Chonkolay, R. 1974 DET/Bus Chonkolay, Rosemarie 1940 DET/Asu>CRE/LSL Chonkolay, Sharon 1958 DET/Bus Chonkolay, Victor 1920 DET/Asu>Bus Chonkolay, Victor 1970 DET/Bus Chonkolay, Virginia ## c1956- DET/Bus Chonkolay, Wilfred 1974 DET/Asu Chonkolay, William 1991 DET Chonkolay, Willy 1930 DET/Asu Chonkolay, Wilma 1960 DET/Bus>CRE Choo-Wah-Nos-Kee see Guess, Choo-Wah-Nos-Kee Choochi see also Choosy Choochi 1816 >Pes Choochi, Ekenkwo () 1820 >Pes Choochi, Ekenquo see Ekenkwo Choochi, John 1836- Pes Choosi see also Choochi Kaquitts, Tranadine Mariangela Choowahnoskee see Guess, Choo-Wah-Nos-Kee Choquette see also Chouquette Choquette, Charles 1791 NWY>ORE> Choquette, Ed 1823 BeR Choquette, Pierre 1809 >ORE/StP Choquette, Wayne 1947 ALB Chorney, Betty Mary (Blackface) Choteau see Chauteau Chouard, Medard Sieur De. Grosseilliers 1640 FRA>QUE>NS>MIN>ONT>MAN/YkF Chouchi see Choochi Chouinard, F. >CAN/NWT> Chouquette see also Choquette DeChouquette Duquette Chouquette, Charles c1829- MET>KAI/FiE Chouquette, Francois 1791 CAN>ORE Chouquette, Jenneve Chouquette, Marie Louise (Piche) Chouquette, Marie Louise Epsin-aka840 MET/KAI/FiE Chouquette, Michel see Duquette, Michel Chouquette, Pesew Iskwew see Piche, Iskwew Chouquette, Sid 1880 ALB/MET Chouquette, Rosalie see Last Strike Woman Chouquette, Wayne 1947 ALB Chouteau Chouteau, Auguste Pierre 1750- USA/MIS>COL Chouteau, Charles Pierre 1822 USA/MIS>ENG>USA/MIS Chouteau, F.A. 1814 USA/MIS>WYO>MIS Chouteau, M.M. 1730 USA/LOU>MIS Chouteau, Pierre 1750- USA/MIS Chouteau, Pierre, Jr. 1789-65 USA/MIS Chowek Hdm 1852 Kis Chrestienne, Marie-Madeleine Ouebadinskoue, Marie Chretien, Jean P.M. 1940 QUE>ONT/Ott>QUE Chrimes, Mary 1890 FtE Chripo 1873 CHI/FMc Christ, Jesus of Nazareth b5-30AD ISR Christian II King 1500 SWE Christian IV King 1580 DEN Christian, Pa 1896 >PeR Christian, William Col. 1760/86 USA/KTY Christian She Stands see Ayamok Kamepawit Christiansen, Jean 1984 BC Christiansen, Randy 1982 BC Christie 1860 FtE Christie, Alexander 1785 SCO>MoF>RdR>SCO Christie, Anne (Thomas) 1804- MoF>RdR Christie, dtr. 1850 FtE Christie, Henry 1970 TPa Christie, James 1849 MET/RdR>ALB/Cgy Christie, Marguerite 1851- RdR>FtE> Christie, Mary (Annal) 1837 RdR>FtE> Christie, Mary 1874-54 SCO>ALB Christie, Ned 1887 CHR Christie, William J. 1824-86 MoF>RdR>FtE> Christiensen, Ole 1945-75cALB>ETH>AUS/NG Christina Queen 1624/45 SWE Christine 1908 CHI/FMy>FCh Christodoulou, Charlie 1945 GRE>ANG Christmas Woman see Cayen, O Kisikaw Iskwew Chubb 1985 NoH Chubb, Eric 1975 NoH Chubb, John 1975 NoH Chubb, Olivia c1976- NoH Chubby Nakoda see Pitikopew Pwat Chuck, Charlie 1903 CHN>CAN/ALB Chuck A Chuck see Chakachak Chulifour, George see Challifoux, George Chunka Yuha 1909- DAK/M'D Church Chief see Prince, Jean Marie Churchward, James 1900 ENG Chushaneta Chief 1900 SEK/FiL Chuwe 1802- DAK/Ogl/Mat Chuwikauaka see Man Who Took The Coat Chuwoopah Chief 1830 PAI/UTE Cichie see Chichi Cine, George 1794 >ALB/Sas/FtE> Cinnitza see Capote Blanc Cinq-Mars, Jacques 1955 ALB Circe GRK Cire see Cyr St. Cyr Citoleaux, Antoine see Langevin, Antoine Clair see also Clare LeClair Lightning Clair 1827 >FtE> Clair, Christina 1863- ALB>USA>ALB/FMa Clair, John see Lightning, John Clairmont, Mary Louise 1920 Clamorgan, Jacques 1770 USA/MIS Clamorgon see Clamorgan Clapham, M.L. see Renaud, M.L. Clare see also Clair Clare 600 FRA Clare, Christina 1863- ALB>USA>ALB/FMa Clark see also Clarke Dalrymple-Clark Clark 1872 SK/FtW Clark, u/k 1878 Ath/Ota Clark 1900 BC Clark, Archie 1929 >ALB/Ase Clark, B. 1954 BC/OKA Clark, Benjamin 1790 USA Clark, Bertha 1980 MET/ALB/Ath Clark, Captain c1808- MET/NEZ Clark, Charles 1848 FtE Clark, Edmund Dalrymple see Dalrymple Clark, E. Clark, George Rogers 1760 USA/OHI Clark, J.S. 1902 BC Clark, John see Clarke, John Clark, Karl A. Dr. 1900 >ALB/FMc Clark, Lawrence see Clarke, Lawrence Clark, Philo see Clar, Willaim Philo Clark, Richard 1600 ENG>USA Clark, Roberta Okemaw see Okemaw-Clark, Roberta Clark, W.P. 1861 USA/SD Clark, Walter 1872- Low/FPk Clark, Walter 1977 FPk Clark, William 1783 USA/MIS>ORE>D.C Clark, William White Hat Lt. 1859 WYO Clark, William Philo 1860 USA/MNT/WYO> Clarke see also Clark Dalrymple-Clarke Clarke Bro. 1820 ENG Clarke, Augustus Peter Warren 1867- FtL>Was>FtV>MET Clarke, Bobby 1980 NoH Clarke, C.F. Lawrence 1832-90 IRE>Was Clarke, Catherine (McKay) Clarke, Cutting Off Head Woman()1830 PIK Clarke, Dale 1930 MET/SK Clarke, Darren c1965- FCh Clarke, Douglas 1953/73 FCh Clarke, Edna 1902-06 MET/SK Clarke, Elizabeth 1890 CyH>FiR Clarke, Ethel () 1885 Clarke, Franklin Rev. 1920 >DEH/FtS Clarke, Frederick 1899- FtV>MET Clarke, George 1910 FtV>MET Clarke, H.J. Hon. 1873 ReL Clarke, Harold 1865 ALB/HiR Clarke, Henry 1910 FtV>MET Clarke, Horace 1850 PIK/MET Clarke, James 1930 MET/SK Clarke, Jane (Bell) 1854 Was Clarke, Jane 1910 FtV>MET Clarke, Jessie 1910 FtV>MET Clarke, John 1785 >Mac/KAW/FtN>TZA/FtV> FSJ>TrM/ORE>QUE> FCh>FtV>PeR>RdR> QUE Clarke, John 1881 MET Clarke, Kate see McKay, Catherine Clarke, Larry 1930 RnL Clarke, Laurence see Clarke, C.F. Lawrence Clarke, Lawrence see also Clarke, C.F. Lawrence Clarke, Lawrence 1910 FtV>MET Clarke, Liza (Lizotte) 1868- FtV>MET Clarke, Malcom Four Bears 1825/70>MNT/PIK Clarke, Maureen 1952 FCh Clarke, T.M. 1879 FCh>FMc> Clarke, Thomas Rev. 1863 ENG>Bfd> Clarke, Thomas 1947 FCh Clarke, Thomas Chief 1974 GdL Clarteau, Josephte 1774- RdR Clarteau, Louisage 1755 FRE/QUE>RdR Claxton, Dana 1979 DAK/WMt Claustre, Jean NWMP 1854 >MAN/NWMP>FMc> Clauswitz, Wilhaelm von 1790 GER Claveau 1876 >ALB/LSA> Clawed Woman see Thunder Woman Clawson see also Klassen Clawson, Huldrid () 1883- ENG>ALB/RdD Clawson, John 1872- MET/RdD Claxton 1866 >ALB/Cgy Clay, Clement Gov. 1825 USA/ALA Clay, Hannah Leeman 1858 USA/MIC>ALB Clay, Henry Sen. 1810 USA/DC Claybourne, Shirley (Shingoose) 1960 CRE Claybourne, Thane 1960 >CRE Clayton 1870 ENG>ALB Clayton, Annie 1890 ENG>ALB Clayton, Lester 1935 ALB>BC Claywalker, Mary Strikes the Ree () see Strikes The Ree, Mary Clear Blue Sky see Maukautojanjon Clear Sky see also Clear Blue Sky Clearsky Clear Sky, Margaret Techomehgood1780-51 CRE/BlM/PLP/KaM/Sip>RdR Clearsky see also Clear Sky Clearsky Sgt. 1895 CAN/ONT Clearsky, Murray Chief 1977 CHP/Way Cleary, Mary 1851 IRE>ALB/FtE>FSk Clegg 1843 USA>BC/SHU/Kam> Clement, Antoine 1779 CAN>ALB>KUT>CRE/Sas>RMH Clement, wife 1783 AsW>Sas>RMH Clement, Child 1 1807 AsW/Sas>RMH Clement, Child 2 1808 AsW/Sas>RMH Clement, Deb 1967 CRE>KAI Clemons DeJournal, Ferdinand 1873 >ALB/RdD>YUK>USA/CAL Clemons DeJournal, Marcella 1889/93 ALB/RdD Clench see also Clinch Clench, Joseph Brant Supt. 1810 ONT/Ott Cleomene I King 510B GRK/Spr Cleopatra VII f Pharaoh EGY Clermont, Charles 1720 QUE>ONT/Mic Clermont, Edourdina c1870- ONT/CHP/StM Cleveland Lt. 1924 Van>ENG Cleveland, Grover Pres. 1855 USA/DC Cliff, James 1925 ALB Clifford, Harry 1887 >ALB/GrP> Clifford, Maud 1887 >ALB/GrP> Clignancourt, Sieur de 1715 QUE>ONT/Mic Clinch see also Clench Clinch, Duncan, General 1815 USA/FLA Cline see also Klein Klyne Cline, Adele see Amyotte, Adele Cline, Frank 1865 >MET Cline, J. see Klein, John Klyne, John Cline, Marie see Klein, Marie Cline, Michel see Klein, Michael Clinker Scott see Krenger, Scott Clipperton 1930 QUE>ALB Clipperton, Penelope 1950 ALB Clive, Kenny 1925 ALB Cloakey, George 1874 >ALB Clonallen, Lord Moutgarrett 1735 IRE Clopp Cpl.NWMP1875 >ALB Close Shooter see Red Crow, Frank Clot of Blood see Kuyotis Cloth Woman SIK/Bit Clothes 1850/00cPap>OnL Clothilde see McDonald, Clothilde Cloud see also Cloud Old Man Cloud Breaking see Etowiki Zikowins Cloud Old Man 1821 NAK/EaH Clouded Horn 1859 DAK/Tet Clough, Clarence Alexander 1979 OKA/Wst Clouston, James 1799 QUE>INN/FCh/Kok Clouston, Jessie (Ross) Clouston, John 1798 SCO/ORK Clouston, Nancy () 1804- FCh Clouston, Robert Sr. 1793- >FCh Clouston, Robert Jr. 1808 FCh>NoH> Clouthard, R.W. 1892 >ALB> Clouthier see also Cloutier Clouthier Fr. 1866 MAN Clouthier, Antoine 1832- RdR/WAL Clouthier, Catherine (Walla Wa)c1810- RdR>WAL Clouthier, Kim Chief 1980 NtW Clouthier, Zacharie 1779 CAN>ONT/GrP Cloutier 1810-21 CAN/ONT>USA/MIN see also Cloutlier Clouthier Watt-Cloutier Cloutlier see Clouthier Cloutrie see Clouthier Courtoreille Cloven Hoof 1780 SHU/HMV Clover, Alexander 1842 >FtE Clover, Thomas H. 1809- USA>CAL>BC>ALB/FtE>ND Cloverttin 1821 >FtE> Clown Woman see Strikes The Ree, Mary Club see Pakamakan Club Foot see Moses Solomon Clubman 1856 DAK/Ogl Clut Bish.OMI1840 >FCh> Clyman, James 1803 MIS>MNT>WYO Coah, James 1794 >ORE> Coal Chief see Frazier Coal Tyee see Coal Chief Coale, John Lt. 1860 USA Coalhurst, Lyle see Brazeau, Lyle Coalhurst, Regina (Raw Eater) Coaster see Courter Coat of Mail see Iron Jacket Iron Shirt Leather Jacket Coates, James 1810 >CRO> Coats, Daniel 1951- USA/IND Coats, James see Coates, James Cobb, John 1774 >RdR/Dau> Cobel see also Cobell Cobel, Joseph 1850 USA>MNT> Cobell 1830 >MNT> Cobham, Billy 1952 - USA Coboway Chief 1788 CLA Coboway, Kilakotah Marguerite 1808- CLA Cochin, Louis Fr.OMI. 1865 >SK Cochram see also Cochran Cochram, G.W. 1885 Alb Cochram, Minnie () 1885 Alb Cochran see also Cochram Cochran, Barry Sgt. 1985 ALB/Cgy Cochran, Henry 1784- NWT>RdR Cochrane see also Cochran Cochrane, Archdeacon c1760- >RdR Cochrane, Barry SSgt. 1985 ALB/Edm Cochrane, David 1862 >ALB> Cochrane, E.B.H. 1867 ONT>ALB> Cochrane, John Chief 1850 CuH Cochrane, Lorne Chief 1969 CHP/FiR Cochrane, M.H. 1861 ONT Cochrane, W.F. 1861 ONT>ALB> Cochrane, William 1880 >ALB Cockian, Henry see Cochran, Henry Cocking, Agathas Misko Okimaw Isk782-53 YkF>CuH>Sip>YkF>RdR Cocking, Aggathas see Cocking, Agathas Cocking, Annie Coon 1901-02 Cocking, Annie Coon 1903-07 Cocking, Annie Tucker 1909-12 Cocking, Apistaw Iskwesis () 1765 CuH> Cocking, Betsy Kichi Chowich 1775-35 CuH>Sip>Chu>RdR Cocking, Emmalina 1905-89 USA/CON Cocking, Henry 1784- CuH>Sip>Chu>RdR Cocking, Jane (Carlton) Cocking, James 1720 ENG Cocking, John Martin 1914-86 USA/CON Cocking, Kechechowich see Cocking, Betsy Kichi Chowich Cocking, Kechechowecomecook see Cocking, Betsy Cocking, Kechecowecomecoo see Cocking, Betsy Cocking, Kichichowecomecook see Cocking, Betsy Cocking, Kichikowekomekoo see Cocking, Betsy Cocking, Leloescom () 1760 CuH> Cocking, Mary see also Cocking, Agathas Mary Cocking, Mary 1818- Cocking, Matthew 1743-99 ENG>YkF>CuH>ENG Cocking, Matthew 1907-69 USA/CON Cocking, Matthew Maddern Bottrell875-40 USA/CON Cocking, Romilly 1970 ENG Cocking, Richard 1723 ENG Cocking, Selina (Bottrell) 1725 ENG Cocking, William 1917-00 USA/CON Cockings see Cocking Cockram, Minnie see Cochram, Minnie Cockran, William 1813 RdR>PoP Cockras, William Rev. 1804 >RdR Cocoa, Lord King 672-734MAY/Tik Cococh Chief 1842 CyH Codd, Alfred 1854 >SK Cody, Buffalo Bill see Cody, William Cody, William Buffalo Bill 1852 USA>NEB> Cogewa 1950 MET Coggle, Cecil Coggle, Cicero W. see Coggle, Cecil Coggle, Houstan Coggle, Lucile (Downing) Coghill 1988 Pas Cohan see Chat Ka Cohen see also Cohn Cohen, Philip 1948 >ALB/HiL Cohn see also Cohen Cohn, Martin see Nordegg, Martin Coirrtepatte see Courtapatte Cokah see Chokab Cokamanakiwiwh see Kokamanakiwiw Colby, Ronald 1967 >CAN/NWT> Cold Weather see Takayo Coldwell 1840 RdR Cole see also Coles Fitcol Cole 1845 USA/WYO Cole 1988 Pas Cole, J.H. 1900 >EGY> Cole, John 1747/79 QUE>CuH/Nip>EaH Cole, Mary Idella 1883 USA/CAL>ALB Colebrook, Sgt. 1870/95 RNWMP/Was Coleman Insp. 1900 >MNT> Coleman, A.P. 1852-39 ONT>ALB/Mor>ONT Coleman, D.C. 1950 QUE Coleman, I.O 1870 ONT>ALB/Mor>ONT Coleman, James 1860 >FtE Coleman, Lucien 1870 ONT>ALB/Mor>ONT Colen see also Colin Coline Collin Collins Colen, John see Colen, Joseph Colen, Joseph 1755 ENG>YkF>ENG Coleret, Michel 1775 >RdR Coles, John 1790 NYK>ORE Collette see also Collen Collette Collin Collette 1810 >Jsp Collette, Lissette 1833 Jsp Colin see also Colen Coline Collin Collins Colin, Olivier Garneau, de Caril1660/90 QUE>IRO Colin, Olivier Garneau, de Caril1706- QUE>CHP/Tim Coline see also Colen Colin Collin Collins Coline, Oliver see Garneau, Oliver Collas 1786 CAN>PeR/Dun> Collen see also Collins Collen, Jane see Collin, Jane Collen, Sophie see Collin, Sophie Collette see also Collen Collette Collin Collette, Lisette 1833 Jsp Collie, J. Norman 1876 ENG>IND>ENG>CAN/ALB> Collie, Norman J. see Collie, J. Norman Collin see also Colen Colin Coline Collins Collin 1894 >BC>CAR/FtG> Collin, Antoine 1779 CAN>ONT/GrP Collin, Antoine 1780- RdR>Jsp Collin, Elizabeth 1760- NWT Collin, Genevieve (Bruyere) 1801 IRO/Jsp>CRE/Pas Collin, Henry 1853- ALB/FtE Collin, Isabelle 1789- NWT Collin, Jane 1837- Jsp>LSA>Pas Collin, Jean Baptiste Wapi Ostik1838- CRE/Pas/FtE Collin, Jean Baptiste Wasikotoskw850 CRE/Pas/FtE Collin, Joseph 1800 RdR Collin, Louise 1820- RdR Collin, Marie Anne Otinew 1850 TSU>CRE/Pas/FtE Collin, Marie Anne (Lapointe) 1850 TSU>CRE/Pas/FtE Collin, Marie Anne Otinew(Sarcee)850 TSU>CRE/Pas/FtE Collin, Maureen (Big Plume) Collin, Misaw (Wayers) 1800 RdR>Jsp Collin, Olivier Garneau, de Carillon see Colin, Olivier Collin, Otanow (Lapointe) 1850 TSU>CRE/Pas/FtE Collin, Pierre Wapi Ostikwan 1818 CRE/Pas/FtE Collin, Richard 1795 Jsp>Pas Collin, Simon 1870- CRE/Pas/FtE>MET Collin, Sophie Wapi Ostikwan 1815- Jsp/LSA/FtE/MaA/Ale/Pas Collin, Steve see Collins, Steve Collin, Suzanne 1836 >RdR>Was Collin, Suzanne 1839 Sas Collin, Wenamaten (Berland) 1824 CRE/Jsp/SwG>Pas/FtE Collins see also Collen Collin Collins HBC 1860 >SEK/FtG Collins, Albert 1862-63 USA>ALB/Keh Collins, Alma see Collins, Irma Collins, Clairisse (Bethune) 1885 SK Collins, Clares (Bethune) Collins, Dick see Collin, Richard Collins, Dorris (Hunter) Collins, Dorris (Rollinmud) 1940 BPw>Chi Collins, Felicien see Collins, Frances Felicien Collins, Frances Felicien 1880 SK Collins, Frank 1940 ALB/MET/Elz Collins, Henry see Collin, Henry Collins, Herman 1939/02>YeX/BPw Collins, Hervina 1950 LoL/Sad/BeL Collins, Irma 1910 SK Collins, Jean Baptiste see Collin, Jean Baptiste Collins, John 1823 KTY>MNT/FtU Collins, John 1853 >ALB>CRE/Kis>KUT Collins, John 1865 >FtE Collins, John 1921- LoL Collins, Joseph 1784 CAN>Dau>RdR Collins, Joseph 1940 ALB/MET Collins, Laura 1847- >DEH/Nah Collins, M. 1858 USA/CAL>ALB Collins, Maggie 1919- LoL Collins, Margaret (Gaucher) Collins, Margaret (Ka Miyotan Ko)855- FtE>PeR>LSL>MET Collins, Margaret c1893 LSL>MET Collins, Marie Anne Otanow (Sarcee) Collins, Mary Ann see Ward, Marianne Collins, Maryann (Ward) 1861- RdR/Wrd>Kis/CyH>MET Collins, Maureen (Big Plume) 1950 TSU>CRE Collins, Olivier 1855 LSL Collins, Otano (Lapointe) Collins, Otanow (Lapointe) Collins, P.C. Little Chief 1799 ONT/StM/Pen Collins, Philomene (Gadwa) Collins, Pierre see Collin, Pierre Collins, Richard see Collin, Richard Collins, Rose (Anderson) Collins, Shannon 1988 Edm Collins, Steve 1950 TSU/Bld Collins, Thomas 1858 NWMP Collins, Thomas 1887 >ALB Collins, Wenamaten see Berland, Wenamaten Collinshaw, Raymond 1895 CAN Collinson, Richard 1830 >CAN/NWT> Collot 1776 USA/ARK Colnett, James Capt 1765 ENG>CHN>BC/TSI> Colo-Chonkolay see Chonkolay, Harry Colongeard, Frederick 1850 StA Colombe see Columbus Colombo, Cristoforo see Columbus, Christopher Colombo, John S. Chief 1974 BlS Colored Cloud see Isna Wahin Numpa Colorow Chief 1868 UTE/Yam Colosimo, James 'Diamond Jim' 1890 ITA>USA/ILL Colosimo, James 'Diamond Jim' 1940 ALB Coloumbe, Madeleine see also Coulombe Colpman, A.W. 1865 USA>MaW> Colt 1833 USA Colter see also Coulter Colter, John 1785 USA>MNT/WYO Colterman, Harry 1870 >ALB Columbus, Christopher 1451-06 ITA>SPN>NA/SA Columbus, Fernando -1506 ITA>SPN>NA/SA Colvile see also Colville Colvile, Andrew Wedderburn 1785 ENG Colvile, Eden Wedderburn 1800 ENG Colville see also Colvile Colville 1839 RdR>BC> Colville, Andrew see Colvile, Andrew Comandant see Commandant Come Forward see Hiyedoo Come Quickly see Wakon Goze Comeawait Chief 1780 SHO/Lem Comes In Sight Chief 1856 DAK/Tet Comeyuks see Scomiaks, James Comfort, Charles 1930 ALB Comin, Lou 1960 NWT Coming Day 1880 Sip/Swt Coming Forward see Hiyedoo Coming Morning 1880 OnL Coming Over The Hill see Osakachiwew Coming Running c1875- PIK/SoP/HTP? Commanda see also Commandant Commanda, Earl 1984 ANI Commandant, u/k 1816 Jsp Commandant, Louis 1834- Jsp Commandant, Nancy () 1850 EdS Como, Stanley c1872- KUT/Akm Comowin see Komowin Complois, Margret () 1856- RdR>Sas Complois, Yilkers 1845- RdR>Sas Comptois see Comtois Contois Courtoreille Comtois see also Complois Contois Courtoreille Comtois, Sieur de 1710 QUE Comtois, Josephte (Faignant) 1841 Jsp> Comtois, Marie Morin 1795- FtE>Jsp>FtE>MET Comtois, Marie 1807-75 FtE>Jsp>FtE>MET Comtois, Siour 1841 >Jsp> Comtois, Siour Etienne Morin 1777- CAN>TSU>AmW Comtois, Suzette Morin (Godin) 1780 Jsp Comula, Joseph 1868- ALB>Pas Comula, Maraina () 1868- Pas Conawapa see Kona Wapa Concomely 1768 CHP/Con Concomely, Dtr 1788 CHP/Con>CRE/Sas>AsW>TrM/COL Condor see Inihen Kinyen Cone, George 1891 >ORE Coneache Chief 1830 UTE/Mou Conneequese 1750 CHI/Eth/Chu Conger, George Capt 1840 USA Coningham see Cunningham Conjouring Old Man see Chat Ka Conklin, William 1863 >ALB Conn, Louis 1862 >ALB> Connelly, Amelia Lady Douglas 1812- NoH>LSL>QUE>RdR>BC/Vic Connelly, James 1808 >CAR/FJs>QUE Connelly, John 1820 NoH>LSL>QUE>RdR Connelly, Julia (Woolrich) 1811 QUE Connelly, Suzanne (Pas-de-nom) 1789 RtP>NoH>LSL>QUE>RdR Connelly, William Sr. 1788/49 IRE>RtP>NoH>LSL>QUE Connelly, William Jr. 1803- RtP>NoH>LSL>QUE>RdR Connolly see Connelly Connor 1844/66 RdR>Vic>LLB Connor 1880 USA/WYO Connor, C.W. Rev. 1876 >ALB> Connor, George Corp. 1859 NWMP/WMt> Connor, James 1847 RdR>Vic>Pig> Connor, Patrick General 1840 USA/SD/WYO Connor, Ralph see C.W. Connor Connors Const. 1877 NWMP/Reg Connotaucaurius see Washington, George Connoyer 1820 PIK/Mot Connoyer, Black Bear Woman () 1835 PIK/Mot> Connoyer, Caroline Kipataki 1840 PIK/Mot> Connoyer, Willie 1840 PIK/Mot> Conquering Bear Chief 1825/55 DAK/Bru Conquering Wolf Chief 1812 DAK/Bru Conquit, Thomas 1950 CRE/CAN>AUS Conrad 1878 FLA Conrad, Angela 1990 KAI Conrad, Charles H. 1840 USA>MNT/PIK Conrad, Elyia 1858- RdR>CyH>LLo Conrad, John 1841 USA>MNT/PIK Conrad, Walter C. see Conrad, Willaim Conrad, Warren 1890 ALB Conrad, William C. 1841 USA>MNT/PIK Conrad, Yvonne (Black Kettle) 1947 SIK Conroy, H.A. 1879 >ALB/LSL> Constans, Duke of Cornwall 50 ENG Constant 1808 OPa Constant, Bernard Hdm. 1846 JaS Constant, Betsi see Constant, Marie Constant, Betsy see Constant, Marie Constant, Charles Chief 1977 OPa Constant, Joseph 1784 CAN>Sas/FtE Constant, Julie (Saulteaux) 1834 SOT>OPa Constant, Louison 1828 >OPa/MET Constant, Marie Betsy 1848- OPa>Ale/Pas>LSL>PeX>MET Constantina of Austria 1590 OST>HUN Constantine II King 1940-73 GRK Constantine, C. 1865 NWMP/AFF/ALB/FtE>FSJ Container of Salt see Siwi Asiw, Louis Content 1871 >ALB Content 1880 >ALB/TCr Content, Michel 1755 CAN>CuH/Nip Contois see also Comtois Contois, Brian 1958- MAN/War Contrary see Fromhold, Willi Odin von Contrary Woman see Strikes The Ree, Mary Contre, Genevieve 1817- NWT> Coocoochee 1950 IRO/Moh Cook see also Cooke Three Legs Cook 1766-00 ENG>CAN/MAN> Cook 1800 RdR>PeR Cook 1840 USA/OHI>SHU/Kam Cook 1877 MET/Was Cook 1878 >ALB Cook, Agathas (Cocking) Misko Ok1782-53 YkF>CuH>Sip>YkF>RdRg Cook, Betsey see Cook, Betsy Cook, Betsy Kichi Chowich (Cockin775-35 CuH>RdR Cook, Caroline 1823-04 RdR>CyH> Cook, Caroline 1869 RdR/PoP/WMt/LLo>MET Cook, Catherine (Sinclair) OxH>Wap>RdR>SCO>ORK Cook, Catherine Kitty Cathy c1815- OxH>Wap>RdR Cook, Catherine 1834-07 RdR Cook, Cathy see Cook, Catherine Kitty Cathy Cook, Charles Cook, Charles 1806-81 Cook, David Sgt.RCMP1975 >DET/Asu> Cook, Edward 1840-18 Cook, Elizabeth 1840 RdR Cook, Frances Fanny -1840 Cook, Francis 1960 MET/CRE/DET/Bus Cook, Frank 1930 MET/CRE>DET/Bus Cook, Genevieve (Picard) 1825- FtE>RdR>MET Cook, George General see Cook, Philip St. George Cook, George 1817 USA/D.C Cook, George Cook, Harold D. Chief 1977 LLR Cook, Helen Chief 1977 Blv Cook, Henry 1817-97 RdR Cook, James Capt. 1754 ENG>ENG Cook, James 1807 Cook, James Rev. 1836- Cook, Jane 1784- Cook, Jane Jennie 1788-45 MET/MoF>BrH>CuH>RdR>ILC Cook, Jennie see Cook, Jane Jennie Cook, Jeremiah 1800- Cook, John see also Cook, Joseph Cook, John 1833-50 Cook, John Hdm. 1860 LLR Cook, John 1930 CRE/DET Cook, John 1947 >HiL> Cook, John 1948 CHI/BlL Cook, John 1960 MET/CRE/DET/Bus Cook, Joseph 1786- MET/MoF>BrH>OxH>PeR>RdR>SCO/ORK Cook, Joseph 1819- RdR Cook, Josiah see Cook, Joseph Cook, Ka Napawanakan () 1810 Cook, Kitty see Cocking, Agathas Cook, Catherine Kitty Cathy Cook, Lester c1960- MET/CRE/DET/Bus Cook, Letitia 1830 Cook, Lydia 1830 Cook, Margaret 1787-27 Cook, Mary (Cocking) Cook, Mary-Polly 1810- Cook, Mary 1810- Cook, Mary 1825-17 FPe>Was Cook, Mary () 1930 CRE/DET Cook, Matthew 1802 >MuS> Cook, Matthew 1838-12>MuS> Cook, Meline () 1940 CHI/BlL Cook, Minnie (Fletcher) Cook, Miskoo Okimaw Iskwew (Cocking) Cook, Nancy 1785-76 NWT Cook, Owen Cook, Philip 1831- Cook, Philip St. George, General1835 USA/SD Cook, Ronald Chief 1977 ShR Cook, Samuel 1798-64 Cook, Samuel 1860 OnL/Sik Cook, Sarah c1800- Cook, Sarah Sally 1810- Cook, Sophia 1827-88 Cook, Tammy see Cook-Searson, Tammy Cook, Thomas Rev. 1819- Cook, W.D. 1873 MuS> Cook, Washesoo Iskwew see Cocking, Agathas Cook, Waskesew Iskwew see Cocking, Agathas Cook, William Cook, William Cook, William David 1873 MuS> Cook, William Hemings 1766-39 ENG>MoF>BrH>RdR Cook-Searson, Tammy Chief 1978 LLR Cooke 1834 USA/NMX Cooke, Blake 1975 ONT Cooke, Francis 1600 ENG>USA/MAS Cooke, Lorne 1974 ALG/LoP Cooke, M.A. 1924 CAN>HOL Cooke, William Winer Lt. 1846-76 CAN>USA>MNT Cooley, D.N. 1846 USA/D.C Coolige, Sherman see Caldwell, Sherman Coolige Coombs, Louie 1880 FLA Coombs, Mary Ann (Pierre) 1880 FLA Coon Come, Mathew Chief 1974 QUE/JBy Cooney, G. 1965 NoB Cooper, A. Sis. 1907 FCh Cooper, A.W. Rev. 1868 >ALB/Cgy Cooper, Bathurst F. 1879 >FCh Cooper, Betty see Archie Comics Cooper, Eliza 1876 ALB/FMa Cooper, Jack 1890 >ALB Cooper, James Fenimore 1816 USA Cooper, M.B. 1885 >MiN/EnR Cooper, Robert 1894 >ALB Cooskanoombabe see Twoyoungmen Coosquanoombabbe see Twoyoungmen Coot, Casey Coot, Clinton Coot, Elvira Cootsoo see Stamp, William Copance, Samuel 1974 OJI NWA/#37 Copeland IRE Copeland 1940-75 ENG>ANG Copelin, John G. 1844 USA/MIS/StL Copely see also Copley Copely, John 1865 MAN>ALB Copely, Joseph 1865 MAN>ALB Copithorne, Clarence 1930 ALB Copithorne, Edna Avis (Brown) Coplet see also Capalette Coplet, L. 1865 MET/NoB Copley see also Copely Copley, George Vancouver 1893 BC Coppington Lt. Col.1865 USA/MNT Copson Coquin see Petit Coquin Coquitts see Kaquitts Corbeau, Josette see Sarcee, Josette Corbeil, Albertine () Corbeil, Mac Corbett, Abigail (Butt) 1737 NWT Corbett, G.O. 1730- NWT Corbin, Henry C. Capt. 1855 USA/MNT Corcoran, Bert Chief 1976 RoB Corcoran, Thomas 1807 Alb>RdR Corcoran, Thomas 1974 Coren, Eric see Koren, Eric Corey, T. 1758 QUE>RdR Corke, Ben 1936/64 BC>SHU/FtW Corlgaf, Philippe 1858- MET/ALB Corless, Richard 1911 BC/PeR Cormac see Mathson, Cormac Cormack, John 1886 >ALB> Cormelly Const. 1825 SCO>RdR Corn see also Wagmiza Corn, Captain Chief 1776 BHo/CaC Corne, Chevalier de la 1725 QUE>SK/Nip Corneil Sgt. 1877 NWMP>Kat Cornelius 1570 >CAN/NWT> Cornett, Talbot 1879 >ALB> Cornil 1946 ALB/Alx Cornish, F.C. 1865 >ALB Cornish, F.E. 1855 MAN/RdR/Wpg Cornnoyer see also Cornoier Cornoyer Cournoyea Cournoyer Cornnoyer 1820 >MNT>PIK/Mot Cornnoyer, Caroline () Cornnoyer, Caroline Kipataki c1845-50 PIK/MET/Mot> Connoyer, William 1840 PIK/MET/Mot Cornoier see also Cornoier Cornoyer Cornnoyer Cournoyea Cournoyer Cornoier, Nellie 1986 INU Cornoyer see Cornoier Cornnoyer Cournoyea Cournoyer Cornwall, Duke of 1881 ENG Cornwall, James K. 1879 >ALB/PeR Cornwallis, Earl Charles, Lord 1771 ENG>USA>CAN>ENG Cornwallis, Edward Gen. 1713-76 BRI>NOV Coronado, Francisco Vasa de 1516 MEX>SW Coronelli, Vincenzo 1678 ONT Corps Rouge see Lacombe, Red Skin Corrigal, Catherine (Flett) 1803 YkF Corrigal, Hannah (Anderson) Corrigal, Jack 1796 >ALB> Corrigal, James 1794- SCO/ORK>YkF Corrigal, Margaret () 1803- YkF Corrigal, Sarah (Sutherland) 1803 YkF Corrigan, Edward 1877 >ALB/FtE Corriveau, G. 1875 >ALB Corry, Thomas see Curry, Thomas Corryell, J.A. Lt. 1865 >ALB> Corston, James 1864- Corston, Jane 1862- Corston, John 1854-47 Corston, Louisa Isabella Corston, Margaret 1858- Corston, Mary c1850-38 Corston